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everyone is my friend

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Verified Email Beta User Bug Chaser Idea Maker Halloween 21 Provider Sidebar Artist Christmas 21 Duterte's Most Wanted (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Certified LOSER Wagonfire Fart-Free SCAM Punching Down
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Here's where you can submit something you think they should cover. No idea if anything will come of this, but it would undoubtedly be dramatic if it does, not to mention, y'know, the actual moral benefits to society.

EDIT: Okay don't be absolutely r-slurred and spam them with random shit. Furries and mod drama isn't going to catch anyone's attention. We need stuff that is active now and being ignored by Reddit.

Spoiler: it's 99% literally nothing and also he almost said "jewish chad" one time. Enjoy all 63 posts in the thread!




THEN YOU GET TO JOIN MY SPECIAL CYTUBE RDRAMA MOVIE NIGHT!!! IT WILL BE AT 8:00 PM(EST) MAY 20th HERE: (if you join before that date it'll just be me testing various movies)

But first....


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speaking officially- someone pin lol? lmao?

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Okay the guy who used to post these is dead or something so here we go okay.

I played a game called 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim!!!! It is a visual novel that was 60 dollars which was too much so I stole it instead. It was pretty good, but I wish the gameplay had been more entertaining.

I also played a game called TUNIC. It's really the only game so far that I can actually say is a cross of Zelda and Dark Souls (with the postgame being like FEZ. Remember FEZ???). It's on Xbox Game Pass which you should just buy already because there are so many gud gaems on there.


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What is this shit

How come I don't get a sub

This is the story of Stella.

September, 2020. StellaIsAGoddess' first post is one of boundless optimism. A newly out and proud transgender woman, still in her 20s (for one more year, technically) and ready to embrace her new identity! 11 days sober! A supportive and caring mother! Hormone replacement therapy was to begin within the month! Things were looking up for Stella(previously Stevie) as she promised to quit smoking as well as get treatment for her hepatitis(see first post).

Less than four months later she made possibly one of the most depressing posts on r/cripplingalcoholism. She reveals that it was actually a fellow alcoholic who convinced helped her understand that she was transgender, and that every attempt to change her life had been met with miserable failure.

I thought that would make everything different now that I was on estrogen but it didn’t!

Unfortunately, estrogen wasn't enough to stop her from:

  • losing her job
  • getting evicted
  • developing severe stomach ulcers
  • being disowned by her father

All within the last month!!! At least her kind and loving mother, who Stella lied to in order to gain access to her home, would always be there for her. :marseysmug3:

The very next day... things are actually looking up! Stella, in her own words, "couldn't be happier" with her new job. She started smoking again, though.... The rest of the month would pass mostly without incident, although there may have been a one-off attempt at grooming venting with a suicidal teen(who, from what I can tell, may actually have killed themselves. Jesus Christ.)

February, 2021. Stella's loving mother has put her up in a hotel, where she sits and waits for her DoorDash money to arrive. There's really no summarizing this one in a way that makes it more palatable. Just know that her mother stopped paying for her hotel and has completely cut her off at this point. Probably due to the seizures and heart attacks and vomiting blood.

April. Stella now lives at home with her mother, who has supposedly began to constantly encourage Stella to commit suicide and steals her disability money(because of course she has disability money). She, by her own admittance, has no friends, being too degenerate for even her fellow trans people. How degenerate, you ask? Well, she wakes up so sick that she has to pour vodka up(or, well, down) her own asshole because she can't actually swallow it. Worst of all, her own mother attacks her with words like "slut" and "whore". But is there more to this story?

Yes. Of course there is. Stella is now responsible for two of the most depressing Reddit posts I have ever seen. There's some good backstory in there but the important stuff is this:

  • Stella is a Satanist(they're apparently very accepting!)
  • Stella is a camwhore(which is why her mother calls her mean, yet completely accurate names)
  • Somehow, Stella still considers her to "accept her for being trans [which is] her only redeeming quality"
  • Stella currently spends all her time calling other alcoholics on Discord
  • Stella's teeth are ROTTING OUT OF HER SKULL

I think that most of the insanity can be summed up by one quote from her:

I know what I’m doing to myself is bad but it’s really out of dysphoria that all this comes.

One week later.

I'm in major euphoria right now!!

I can’t believe it some random stranger who I don’t even know thought I was pretty and actually came out and send it to my face! I’m so ecstatic right now I got to go find a way to celebrate. Presumably by "celebrate" she means "drinking excessively". Still, it's somehow a positive uptick and further proof that Stella's entire identity, outlook, and wellbeing depends on how others perceive her and how well she "passes". She still hasn't quit smoking :(

"This morning my mom told me that I was a mistake and she wishes that I was never born." By June, Stella again has no money and no job. Fully prepared to die, she turns to r/randomactsofCA, which apparently will toss money to any asshole who posts their sob story. But even the charity of strangers isn't enough...

Well it’s happened y’all. I’ve officially lost it all. My job, family, friends, car and now my home.

The title really says it all. Several months pass by with little-to-no updates. She mentions wanting to post a picture of herself which I support because it would be extremely hilarious empowering

October 22 2021: The Bombshell drops, or: Shit Gets Kinda Sad. Dr. Drunklove or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace all my faults, insecurities and love my body. This pretty much explains everything in the saddest way possible. The long and short of it is: "Stella", as Stevie, was raped by a male babysitter at the age of 7. This turned him transgender, and then gay, and then transgender again. Or something. Stevie gets into various hijinx across the country that involve fucking various men for money, sometimes on camera, sometimes on camera in sex dungeons. Honestly, there's shit in here that's probably reportable to the FBI-not exactly what I had in mind when I started looking into this fellow. I mean, brave women. At this point it's obvious my commitment to pronouns is farcical. Did I mention she's had over 60 seizures, all from alcohol withdrawals?

One week later, Stella has a pretty good day, in her own words. Go Stella!

One month later, Stella gets raped at gunpoint. Jesus fucking Christ. I would like to say I briefly scrolled through this person's Reddit and saw the markings of a typical pathetic CA poster when I decided to write up a post about them. But this is just insane.

One day later..... Stella is doing better? She's eating a sandwich? What the fuck is happening?

In what can only be described as a karmic act, the pisser becomes the pissee.

The next several posts were mostly removed automatically, so there's no way to recover them as far as I can tell. She does have a post entitled "I think I wanna quit drinking..." which makes sense.

Her next unremoved post is about how she uses meth to get through the Suboxone withdrawals and she uses the Suboxone to get through the heroin withdrawals but she can't get the Suboxone because she's too damn drunk all the time. It's like an infinite recursion of terrible life decisions. After several posts about begging, Satan, and serial killers, we finally get to a major turning point.

You see, as of a month ago, Stella has embraced a new life as a "FSWW" or "full-service sex worker", which is a nice way of saying she gets assfucked regularly for cash. Of course, her local haunts just weren't happenin' as much as she would have liked, so it's OFF TO VEGAS, BABY!!! :#marseygambling: <----her average clientele.

Before she hits the road, she makes the move on her "dream girl" and all is going well- until she passes out(because of the alcoholism), pisses not only herself (because of the alcoholism) but also all over the "dream" "girl", scaring her off. Oh, and now she's vegan. Not that that's especially relevant, but it's another identity to add to the list.

Fast-forward to only 16 days ago. Stella is breaking into the scene, baby! Not content to piss all over just one girl, she's ready to find a like-minded :marseytrain: to cuddle with. Don't worry, it can be a cis girl too. How gracious of her.

What exciting adventures awaited Stella in Vegas? How much money was she making every day as the hundreds-nay, thousands of clients were lining up? Did she ever start a new life and "leave all the past trauma, pain, and hurt behind"?

Of course not. Less than 10 days after moving to Vegas, Stella has given up hope Begging for only "a few bucks, maybe around 30", this is the last we've seen of Stella(whoIsAGoddess) for about a week. This isn't really drama, I guess, but it's a bizarre look at the complete destruction of a person's life as they grow obsessed with their own self-image. Also, I really did miss most of that shit in the middle on my first glance through her profile, so I ended up writing that last-that's why there's such a weird tonal shift.

Guys I need some help here.

I've been thinking for a while that I need some kind of "shtick" to become a true rdrama poweruser. We have a schizo birdposter, a skeleton who keeps leveling up, a longposting leftoid.... but who am I? Who is Broble64 other than a username I only use on drama and drama-related sites?

Maybe my thing should be drunkp9sting. Im drink right now. Or weedposting? I love weedposting. Or maybe I could only post about topics related my degree in [REDACTED]. I know topics about card gqmes and sex with women and drinking alone. Poll below.

How do you do polls? Oh well. God I hate women. Just kidding.

Weekened drinkijg thread

What are you all drinking? I am at a party and my gf is here and my ex gf is here and a 🚂🚃🚃 is here who has gotten very fat since I last saw her(male).

I am drinking: vodka!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING???

Edit: I deleted tjis edit

How dare you, I'm offended, I can't believe it... et cetera. Just give me the downvotes, or the upvotes, and we can move on. I mean-


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  • -Guido-: Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

As a non-member, I feel like it's my duty to make using this site as easy as possible for my superiors. I see so many country club members that get so many comments, I figure you guys must be getting up to really important business. So I thought, hell, why not just start making the threads for them? I'm sure you guys appreciate not having to click a few extra buttons. Feel free to talk about all the usual stuff here. I won't be able to see any of it!

Is there anything else I can get you? A few upvotes, perhaps? Maybe a moist towelette? You know us plebians live to serve.

Your willing slave-


Broble64's party thread

Hey gys this us my offiicla tbread to update you as to the shit going on eight now.

@8:54- There is an ugly girl with a fat ass here. There was another girl who was hot wearing a short dress here earlier but she left. But she might come back soon. I have a girlfrien a. I want to fucc her. The ugly girl has a boyfriend who is also ere. I do not eant to fuck her.

Apparently rhere are more girls coming soon. I will update soon. I am drinking more alcohol.


When are all the women coming? I have been restricted to lemonade Trulys. We played beer poing qnd i was supoer goodo

@8:53- The ladies showed 7p. They are three hottiss. I am drinking more

@10:33- How did i go backeard in timr? There are 4 w9men here in totap here. I qm texting my gemoid but she is being a total cunt. I should kiss this twink instead at midnight

@10:38- 2hqt rhe fyck everyone sjowed up. Theres a dude who looks judt like michaael cera. What the fuck?

@12:40- O just kissed another man


Drinking!!! We love drinking. What are you drinking? Post here please.

I love drinking. I took a few shots of foreball and now I am drinking a screwdriger. Ehat are you drinking?

How did you know?

I love this man so much. I dare to dream that one day he will post here.

The highlight here is definitely how he takes one piece of media that has "Mirror, Mirror" and claims that this is the one piece that slipped through the cracks, so to speak. Be careful! If the "multiverse jannies" find out about it, they'll probably destroy the entire universe, or something.

my magiclal marsey christmas eiditon!!!!

what do you guys think of my new marsey, i call her marseychrimbus

she's filled with holliday spirit!