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Subject Matter Expert: White Identity Extremism

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Leaf nation 🍁 bans doublespeak
PSA to all transphobic rdrama.net users


[FRESH BAIT 🥇] Watch r/unitedkingdom complain about incel terrorism :marseyisis:

Context: https://rdrama.net/post/19382/marseymugshot-incel-culture-should-be-classed

Earlier back some enlightened human rights barrister says that the UK ought to consider incel culture as terrorism. Some dramacels made attempts to post the article linked above on r/news, r/worldnews, and others but unfortunately got their posts taken down. So, I decided to post on r/unitedkingdom to see what the bongs there have to say about this. And I did it with my u/AfghanistanIsTaliban account :marseylaugh:

Post [143 points, 78% upvoted :marseyexcited:]: https://old.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/q8vf87/incel_culture_should_be_classed_as_terrorism/

Seems reasonable enough to me if we are talking about those extreme groups with twisted world views and straight up promote misogyny and violence. Just please be careful not to start treating anyone that grumbles about their lack of romantic or sexual success or feels sorry for themself sometimes as a would be terroist.

Wow you surely act like you have a lot to lose if we mark incel culture as a terrorist movement. If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear

Or you know we could invest in mental health and stop these guys getting to the point that they feel this excluded from society with no future ambitions, but instead it seems like we're going the route of further excluding them that will only worsen their feelings and possible plans. Whilst also making the whole thing look even 'edgier' for people who are on the edges of inceldom and probably pushing them further into the mindset.

Well you can't cure autism no matter how much you invest in mental health sweety. Also are you really going to invest in the same fraudulent field that thinks trains are well-composed people who just happened to be born in the wrong body? Good luck getting anything out of that investment

4 types of - may Allah (SWT) forgive me for even uttering this word - R*dditors in this thread:

And I don't have the time to scroll through their post histories to uncover the Ls that they have posted on the internet purely for 5 seconds of drama-related pleasure


"Unskilled jobs" is a jewish lie made by the GOP elites - r/antiwork

Here's a "new" hot take from r/antiwork

This isn't what "unskilled" means. A skilled job is one that requires formal education and training. It's not something you can learn on the job or a task you simply perform. This is a pointless and distracting debate. You're getting mad over semantics of a term that simply means that the job is not one that needs in depth education or training for. This is not the hill to die on.

I would argue that many white collar jobs, like consulting, are also unskilled. They are never described as such though.

And you’d lose that argument.

why? Tell me how consulting is skilled work. Nothing you study in university matters for the job, unless you’re a specialist. This is why companies like McKinsey hire fresh grads of all majors, be it art history or engineering, as long as you got the degree from some prestigious university. Everything you need to know is learned on the job.

Do they even hire non-specialists? You still need to be a subject matter expert in a valuable field, just like how I'm a subject matter expert in White Identity Extremism. :marseycool:

Also suure art history grads are definitely valuable for the workforce when they can get mogged by anyone with at least half a brain (people who choose an employable major)

Exactly right! Unskilled my ass, takes a lot of self sacrifice to do a job that no one wants to do!

I've worked in a grocerie store, while I wouldn't say its absolutely 0 skill whatsoever its definitely way less skill requiring than any sort of computere science thing I may work on after uni

Different skills doesn't mean a lack thereof

This is such a braindead take like its not even funny. If my dumb ass can do something after an old ass unpedagogic grandma tells me how to for like 5 hours then you couldnt even possibly imagine thinking thats somehow a valuable skill compared to something that requires 5 years of full time studying. bonus meme: "its definitely way less skill requiring" and somehow you think I said there was no skill. How tf did you turn on reddit with that brain rot?

The fuck you even doing here with an attitude like that?

That's your response? Because I don't hold the same values as you I am not allowed in your safe space of circlejerkers?

You're allowed here fuckstick, the question is why bother? Just looking for attention and to start an argument? This sub is for pointing out we're all in this together, and making up these fake tiers between 'worker' and 'business owner' is stupid.

Just commented my thought on what I didnt exactly agree with bro. Also every business owner isnt fucking evil lmao there are obviously differences between them and putting them all under the same umbrella seems a bit ignorant...

When you come in and use words like 'circlejerkers', 'safe space', 'braindead', 'brain rot' And then 'i'm just sharing my thoughts on why I don't quite agree' and acting like you're just trying to hold a convo. There's a comic for what schmucks like you come here to do. http://wondermark.com/c/2014-09-19-1062sea.png

"theres a comic for x" lmao

So are unskilled jobs still unskilled?

Different skills doesn't mean a lack thereof

"I only know how to mop the floor" doesn't mean I have no valuable skill, it just means I have a different skill than other people and that's what makes me special


This sub is for pointing out we're all in this together, and making up these fake tiers between 'worker' and 'business owner' is stupid.

Yes, SWEs are definitely on the same level as a floor mopper. How can you tell?


I frankly do not know much about this "sealioning" but is it another excuse for failing to provide a rebuttal? Also congrats person who is arguing with this enlightened r*dditor, you just internet argued with a random walmart associate who collects disability for a living


"Jumanne" (the name shown on his tag) is an online influencer and subway worker. Recently r/iamatotalpieceofshit has discovered him and the burger-couch-cels have made some interesting reactions:

Subway Worker Walks on Food For Clout and Tags Himself Twice. (Usernames Censored).

I hope this guy gets the euthanasia - I mean help that be needs

Very rational behavior indeed. Same crowd that hates capital punishment and qualified immunity

Don't eat at shitty franchise fast food joints.

You'll say this now but then then you'll go grab a big mac from McDonald's.

Just going to assume you're taking an overprocessed lunch meat sandwich on white bread with too many preservatives to work tomorrow.

:marseyburger: :marseysoypoint:

Well it's not gonna make their food taste any worse

Subway is good tho

[currently -12 downvoted] Yeah, their chicken that is only 40% chicken and their wood chip bread filler is great. It’s one of the lowest quality shit places to ever eat at.

"Subway is good tho" Refuses to elaborate :gigachad2:

Here are more videos:

the same Subway worker who were stepping on food, now put food on the toilet

Food tampering: Subway worker drinks out of multiple bottles then puts them back in cooler for sale

Imagine eating cardboard sandwiches and being remotely surprised by this. The Q in subway stands for quality

PSA to the transphobic racist xenophobic rdrama.net users

Transphobes get the wall!

:marseyauthleft::marseymaoist: :karlmarxey:

Dramacel BTFO by r/MtF kween

Me-1, Transphobe-0


Astrologycels seethe at... Western science :marseygoodnight:

Honestly? Idk why astrology is considered a “pseudoscience” quite frankly idk why anything is considered a “pseudoscience” I feel like it’s an attempt to delegitimatize non western methods of collecting and understanding data

You hear that? B/c the yts made the "scientific" method, we need to reimagine it and decolonize it ✊🏿

Astrology is just ancient predictive statistics. We use statistics to predict human behavior and outcomes every day in modern society and no one bats an eye.

Yes because collecting experimental data and using it to construct a model is totally the same as soypointing at the sky and deluding yourself into thinking that you are going to get rich one day. Q predicted this

i 100% agree. this stems from the enlightenment era notion that western “logic” & “reason” are superior forms of knowledge, which falsely assumes western concepts are the only types of “legitimate” knowledge to exist & perpetuates erasure of non-western knowledge production.

Western philosophy since the classical era BTFO

Foundations of mathematics BTFO

Scientific method BTFO

"Logic" and "reason" now considered as jewish lies

as a social scientist, i see there is a major tendency to dismiss any method of data collection that isn’t quantitative, which is harmful, reductive, & obscures thousands of years of built knowledge via non-western frameworks (which ironically is the basis for STEM today anyway)

Anthropologist destroys the entirety of science in one (1) sweep. How will the church of Pfizer recover?


Anyways, I don't know a better method of data collection other than the "Western" one. Do I have internalized yt supremacy?

[not drama] Watch 30+ mice get baited by elaborate Japanese trap

Phase 0: trap is built with energy drink cans as rollers

Phase 1: trap filled with seed and feed

Phase 2: First batch of srdines gets too greedy and falls in

Phase 3: Mice see their friends eating sneed and get peer pressured enough to fall inside

Phase 4: Mice start freaking out and violently try to jump out but fail miserably


Which one of you made this


r/deviouslick - a TikTok trend for teenagers stealing school items

Welcome to r/shoplifting on steroids. This time, it's (usually) not for monetary gain, but for T*kTok clout.

School principal seethe (Crosspost on r/deviouslick)

Words words words from an anonymous angry student

R*dditor steals his "lunch room" wet floor sign and posts the video on the sub

Many such cases

Some freestyle pissing overlap: https://tiktok.com/@penkinsmarsy/video/7011222947914353926

This is what happens when you screenpost on rdrama.net


Now that I have your attention, r/MakeMyCoffin is a great subreddit for both IRL drama (homicide, accidents, etc) and R*ddit drama (13/50posting)

Here is the original thread btw: https://old.reddit.com/r/MakeMyCoffin/comments/pphdij/mmc_after_i_am_stoned_to_death_by_taliban/

US government is running out of money So much twitter seethe

ITT: people talking about muh reeefence budget, twitteroids, "print more" bait, "tax the rich", cryptobros :marseylaugh:, poorcels

Okay the US government :marseymerchant: prints more money when it runs out but when I do the same thing I get thrown in jail

“I will never apologize for standing up for LGDP [sic]… LGT [sic], LBCHI [sic]… LGBTQ2+ kids rights”

Chad trudeau vs whiny twitteroids. This will be turned into conservative and leftist hate fuel against the rightful King of the Leaftards His Majesty Justin Castro

[MASSIVE CUCKERY] Update on euro 2020 drama

Cheshire man sentenced for racist abuse of England players

Supporter convicted of online racial abuse of former Premier League footballer

Such behaviour will not be tolerated in football and will be prosecuted by the CPS. As this is a hate crime, we will apply for a harsher sentence to reflect that.

I would like to thank the witness for bringing Silwood’s post to the attention of West Bromwich Albion which then reported it to the West Midlands police.

Absolute cuckery. Getting thrown in jail because a fat foid on twitter reported you

Hate crimes such as these have a massive impact on players and their mental health. The CPS takes this kind of offending very seriously and this case shows that where offensive content is reported to the police we can successfully bring offenders to justice.

:quote: """justice""" :quote:

Tackling racism: How the CPS crack down on those who racially abuse footballers

What next? Getting thrown in jail cause you forgot to pay the telly loicense fee?

Every comment talking about the mayofoid's appearance (head tattoo, short hair, no shirt, FUPA, obnoxious fatfoid voice) gets replies by ppl making fun of the commenter's look ("ohh what are you? an incel?? a ytsupermacist?", "hurr durr neckbeard")

Since when did amazon hire literal whales (clowns?) to deliver parcels? Aren't physically fit people better for the job?

Also, since when did poorcels afford tattoos?

Incoming "She seems fun" comments :marseycope:


Look at that beached whale

Wow, those shorts and that bra 🤔😲, How can Amazon hire those people, with such a bad taste the way she dresses for work

They needa fire her for that damn uniform

[Reply] Is that not an appropriate uniform in which to deliver your mom's anal beads?

Absolutely destroyed. OP has no chance of recovering

Shes not wrong, but also not dressed to be doing her job. Wtf lol

[Reply] She’s delivering people’s dildos and other online order item, she isn’t addressing Congress. Relax.

:marseysoypoint: :marsoy: :marsoyhype: :soyjackwow: :soyjak: :soyjakfront: :soyjakhipster: :soyjakyell: :zoomersoy:

Well if we are giving out free advice I would suggest you don’t walk around in public with your fat fucking gut hanging out

[Reply] Are you mad she probably gets laid more than you?


And she has more confidence than I ever will. I had to a double take cause I thought she was rockin a sports bra. Hell yeah girl, it's hot as hell on the streets. I want to be her when I grow up.

Including the amazon driver part? 🤔🤔🤔

Someone should auto-tune this helpful little ditty.



The autotune is a dumpster fire. I don't even think you can autotune a foid who doesn't even know how to sing

Not all heroes wear capes. Some have head tatts.


Also I haven't heard of an MCU hero with face/head tats. Weird that redditors are obsessed with MCU and misfits but Hollywoodcels try their best to avoid putting redditors in their own films since it's so enraging just looking at them.

TV License "enforcement" 🤣🤣🤣

If you do not do any of the above, you can expect a visit soon.

Imagine being this cucked

Tariq nasneed obsessing over "bussy"
[Ancient drama] Metafilter.com reacts to 9/11 live as the events unfold


I'm looking at it right now (we can see the WTC from our office) and it looks like a second plane just hit the second tower (we just saw it happen). I can't confirm it but it's absolutely crazy...

This was no accident. No way.

All trading has been postponed 'indefinately' on Wall Street.


First dramatarded comment?

my greatest fear is how our government is going to respond. more erosion of freedom in the name of security. mark my words.

a close friend offers the following piece of advice to unix geeks around the world on this tragic, tragic day: rm -rf /bin/laden. In other news, Capitalism Magazine's coverage is available here. My condolances go out to all who are affected by this vicious attack on all that is good and decent.

It's over for Osama.

DON'T DRINK TAP WATER. My mother who is CEO of a hospital in upstate new york just got a biological warfare warning from the CDC. She told me not to drink bottled water (personally I was heading for the vodka figuring the alcohol would kill any microbes). The radio just mentioned that biological warfare has been suspected although there is no evidence. The only disease they have specifically named is anthrax, but still, better be careful. - miss-lapin

miss-lapin: Please provide a trustworthy, verifiable citation. I'm sure you trust your mother, but I'd rather hear it from CNN.



Leafcel police 🍁🐷 confiscates highly lethal 🔫 weapon. Tw*tter 🐦 reacts
Redditor posts heckin invalid post on the funny version of r/196. Seethe ensues