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I have met a Jewish person :marseyexcited:

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I like scotch, talk to me about scotch.

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House Racist Founder

I have met a Jewish person :marseyexcited:

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I like scotch, talk to me about scotch.

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User ID: 2081

Coins spent: 12000

True score: 6657

Winnings: 2900

1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Verified Email Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Christmas 21 Nword Pass Alpha User 1 Year Old ๐Ÿฅฐ

Just thought you guys might like to check out my new form of stress relief!

Lol, which one of you is this?


This is one of the most r-slurred posts I've seen in a while

Don't know if this has been posted or not, but frankly I don't care.

Basically a foid posted to /r/pettyrevenge and /r/amotheasshole about this dude that she met on a dating app. They started talking and he eventually started sending dick pics. She decided to do something horrifying: sending him gore from movies and TV shows.... :marseyunamused: :marseyunamused: :marseyunamused:

This shit literally didn't happen, it's something she came up with in the shower after having received some pee pee pics...

Here's the text:

I triggered someone on purpose. I (26 F) recently joined a dating app so I can have a reason to get out of the house a bit more and meet new people in my neighborhood. I met a guy on the app, let's call him J (36 M, according to his profile), who at the beginning was very pleasant to talk to. We made plans to meet up sometime in April and I was really glad to have encountered someone who seemed decent and great at conversations. Four days later, we were chatting initially about movies and he told me he had an aversion to gore. Later on though the topic drifted over to the sexual side of things. J had questions about my experience or lack thereof (I have only ever dated one guy long term and he was overseas for the most part of our relationship) so I was honest with him and things started to get pretty weird from there. J started making some inappropriate comments, which I tried to justify to myself, thinking maybe he was just joking around. I stopped responding for a bit since I felt a bit overwhelmed by the turn the conversation took, especially because in my dating app profile, I specifically mentioned I hate being the subject of lewd jokes or being propositioned in vulgar ways. Now, I'm not naive and I know some people are on these apps looking to hook up specifically, but I was very clear in my profile that I wanted to get to know someone first before considering a sexual relationship with them. I guess J was bothered by my sudden silence (at least three hours has passed since my last message at this point) and he started messaging me incessantly. Message after message, until I can't ignore them anymore because the notifications were piling up. I checked the app hoping to mute him only to be greeted by his messages, which were a bunch of dick pics. Not all of them could have been his since they were all different looking, but there were a lot of them. I started to get really pissed off, and remembering that he hated gore, I decided I won't let his actions go unpunished. I looked up photos of the nastiest, goriest, bloodiest, most messed up gore photos online, mostly screenshots from horror movies and horror tv series and sent them all to him, as many as I could find. His reaction was immediate and he was definitely upset. He started asking me to stop and telling me what I was doing was not okay, telling me it's a genuine phobia of his, before blocking me eventually. Part of me feels bad because I didn't stop the photos coming even as he said he had a real phobia, but I was really upset over his disrespect and the bajillion of dick pics he sent me without me ever asking for them or even implying in any way that I wanted them. I originally posted this on the AITA subreddit and people were mostly agreeing that I'm not the asshole, but others were saying that what I did was unwarranted and I should have just blocked and moved on. But to be honest? I don't think sexual harassment should just be ignored in any way, and though I do feel some remorse, it's not enough to to make me want to undo my actions even if I had the chance to do so. Edit: I kind of fell asleep after I posted this, but thank you guys so much for your witty comments and for all the awards. I didn't expect this post to blow up in this way at all. ๐Ÿ˜ญโœŠ๐Ÿฝ

I don't know, I just found this post very r-slurred and wanted to share.

The "men" at /r/LeftWingMaleAdvocates are angry about the whole Will Smith situation, but not because Rock got slapped, but because no one would care if a bald man got made fun of....

What bothers me is the double standard about this condition. Nobody's concerned by male baldness. And joking about it is considered as acceptable. It should be an issue for both gender.

Lol nigga, just grow some hair!

Guys get made fun of all the time for being bald, but if it happens to a woman suddenly it's called 'alopecia' and it's in bad taste.

Alopecia isn't real :marseycool2:

One guy is too much of a pussy to answer


Preferred dating latinx, enjoy Asian porn, married a black woman. (+18)

Asian porn.. a man of culture.(-14)

Ricecels on suicide watch

When people say Asian, they mean Asian women. Asian men are the most marginalized ethnic group when it comes to interracial dating.

Pinklets BTFO

Pink nipples are gross not my preference Edit: I can see I obviously hurt peoples feelings. But preferences are preferences. Sorry, but it looks like exposed flesh which freaks me out.

wtf bro

Everyone is entitled to their preference


Ben shapiros company - the daily wire, has started making movies. A few hours ago they announced a capeshit movie called The Hyperions. Redditors are noe happy that someone they dissagree with politically is making it.

Why is the Daily Wire producing this? This movie does not look like their brand.

What if it turns out the villain is a cultural marxist? . The daily wire? Why the fuck are they involved.


Oh fuck no, get this outta here


The Daily Wire of it all is really killing my interest in what should be a fun movie.


It's only been up for 2 hours so it might generate more drama. There might be other threads on reddit but I don't bother finding them.

This makes me very sad...

Look at the mug on the table... And the letters and stuff on the door to the right... It's so sad to think that there is a little kid who has a dad who posts on r/gooncaves....

The sub is very interesting in that I often wonder how their peers would react if they found out about their gooner hobby. What would happen if they stumbled across these pictures? Are the gooners ashamed of it? Do they try to hide it? The mind of the gooner is truly a mystery...


Reported by:

Or Spez x number of comments? If so, can I get one for free since it's my idea?

The least coombrained redditor

I would love to have your kind of setup!! Can I post it on my twitter account? I want to show other gooners your Temple

sure! thanks for asking

WTF? :marseydicklet:

Needs more cumstains on the wall.

haha I recently moved, I literally scrubbed cum stains off the last wall lmao. that and one time I was so horny I squeezed and whipped around a full lotion bottle as I came and lotion was on the ceiling, walls, blinds, dresser, computer, etc. I'm still finding lotion on random belongings...


This is so sad

I cry tears of cum

Gooners are so fucking weird man. I've been thinking about maybe doing a little trolling, maybe make a throwaway pretending to be a dude who has fallen in love with his goonbud and doesn't now what to do. I don't know...

Redditor asks the funko question

A video of a rentoid with a large funko collection gets posted to r/fixedbytheduet. Someone questions the reason behind funkos. Redditors respond.

And I still don't get it. Collect video games and you can play those, collect silverware and you can use those, collect movies and you can watch those, collect pocket pussies and you can fuck those, collect music albums and you can listen to those, collect comics and you can read those. If I spend over $100 for a collection of Funko Pops, what can I do with them besides stare at their plastic boxes?

Why is staring at them any less valuable? ... You can stare at them the way you'd stare at a work of art, it fulfills the exact same need: an aesthetic need.


soy overdose

4 words Let People Enjoy Things


I also found this king in a other thread where a queen with no tiddies makes fun of dicklets: https://old.reddit.com/r/fixedbytheduet/comments/sckejy/little_man/hu7xq3x

It's pretty funny. The whole thread has a bit if dicklet cope everywhere.

What do you guys prefer?Thank you for your help.









Sweaty posting and other shenanigans

An attractive foid (I prefer bussy, just stating a fact) has a big brained take like foids allways do. A person of cellulite comes with a response video.

Lots of drama in the downvoted comments. I also bait someone with sweaty-posting. I would link to some of the drama, but I'm tired and my baby is starting to act up so I'll finish up this thread before taking her to her mother to get breastfed.

post thumnail
Words to live by.

Cringetopia users doesn't seem to agree with this little nugget of wisdom


Backstory: Earlier, I made a post that started with the first-person pronoun โ€œIโ€ followed by the standard age in numbers followed by the M/F gender identifier in parentheses thing. A fairly common practice on Reddit if Iโ€™m not mistaken.

The post was talking about how I had been using an item for my entire life, so including my age (aka the length of my life) seemed relevant. I got some snarky backhanded comment saying: โ€œWhat does your gender have to do with anything? Upvote me cause Iโ€™m a wamen [sic]โ€

Good morning ๐ŸŒž

Edit: I am a cute twink and I love sucking dicks and eating bussy


Hysterical blue checks are seething about doomsday like usual :marseybluecheck:

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Cracks knuckles

I'll be right back.

Big brained take on centrists
IRememberStuff vs. Landlord_Messiah