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1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Punching Down Coffee Consoomer God Save The Kween Spider!
Reported by:

>Serial paedophile Sally Anne Dixon, 58, identifies as a woman but is legally male

>Despite controversy Dixon was sentenced as a woman and sent to female prison

>Shortly after arriving she had to be transferred to a different wing, after starting a relationship with a ‘vulnerable’ inmate with 'learning disabilities'

So he raped her, it's rape. Stop sugarcoating it.

The prisoner was vulnerable so we managed to get Dixon moved,’ said the source.

Um ALL OF THE FUCKING PRISONERS ARE VULNERABLE, what about their right to not be sexually harassed by a fucking sexual deviant?

Staff do not like it. The ones that come [trans prisoners] have a history of sexually abusing others, or they come with male genitalia. We just don’t have the capacity to ensure the safety of the women.’

Putting violent, mentall-unstable men in the same place as women. who would've fucking known?

This ought to be a non-issue. He is the worst kind of sex offender—the kind that preys on the most vulnerable among us—and I can't believe this is even up for discussion. What the FUCK did they expect when they let him unrestricted access to so many vulnerable women? Women who are incarcerated already have to cope with violent prison guards and other staff members who frequently rape them. Since male guards are still fucking permitted to work in women's jails, nobody ever did anything about the issue. This nonsense is now?


Wow everyone, what a real woman!

Train nootices:marseywrongthonk: the dramanaut bait:marseyoctopus4:

>u/sapphicradish: Nice try transphobe, this is bait to gain a violent reaction out of leftists in an effort to "reportmaxx" trans accounts. I saw this exact same post in multiple subreddits posted by different people, backtracked it, and found out a transphobe extremist site was the original propagator of this.

>This place hides a facade of LGBT friendliness but it doesn't take you long to find loads of transphobic posts and apoligism, don't fall for this person.

He's 13 years old... :marseypedo::marseygroomer2: A 13 year old :marseytrain: found you guys the fuck out and is telling the jannies, do better dramanauts. GET YOUR HEADS IN THE GAME!



OP was most likely a dramanaut playing both sides...


Reported by:

:marseybardfinn: Dad kicks :marseytrain: son out for jealously injuring daughter


So for context I am 45 and his father. My son is trans male to female. (Not why I'm kicking him out) I made a throwaway because I don't want this tied to my main account where I mostly just follow cars 🚗 and golf ⛳️ .:marseycountryclub:

So about 2 weeks ago I made the decision that my 22 year old son was leaving the house. My wife supported my decision and it isn't one that came easily but to be honest I can't take his toxic behavior anymore and neither can my 17 and 14 year old. (Boy and girl)

For some background at age 18 my son announced he was dropping out of school. As an adult I couldn't stop him so while I wasn't happy about it and thought it was a mistake I told him. "Fine then you're getting a job and contributing to the household." Which of course resulted in a meltdown about how I'm an shitty father because I refuse to provide housing and food for my adult son and let him play video games and jerk off all day.

Classic :marseytrain: behavior. :marseytrans2:If you have graduated from high school and are NEET, you have no business living at home. All this does is cause arrested development, not to mention it sets a bad example for younger siblings.

So during the start of the pandemic I gave him some grace and didn't try to make him get a job as much but around that time is when he transitioned. I'll be honest I was totally blindsided by it and while I'm not going to devalue anyone I really don't get it. My wife and I have tried to be as supportive as we can be but it's lead to A LOT of tension in our home and between my oldest son and his siblings. It's hard to get used to calling someone a different name and using different pronouns when you've called someone the same things for so long but we've all been trying.

Bingo. He wasn't doing anything productive so they allowed him to sit around watching sissy porn all day.

Well 2 weeks ago yet another fight broke out. My oldest son grabbed my daughter of 14 by the throat and slammed her into the wall and started beating her because she accidentally used his real name and when she got screamed at told my oldest son he’s not a woman and was just an ugly man. Which while I am not defending that or saying that's okay a 22 year old man choking and beating a 14 year old girl is so much worse. I had to pry him off of my daughter and pin and hold him to the floor until he calmed down.

My wife took my 14 year old to the hospital while I tried to keep my two sons from killing each other and yelling at my oldest son for doing this to his sister who is A CHILD.

She had a broken nose, broken eye socket needed stitches and was missing a tooth along with lots of bruises and swelling on her face and neck.

:marseydisgust: That piece of shit literally needs to DIE, who would do that to their own sister over a fetish?! He injured her so badly imagine if he chose to go further on that poor little girl.

My wife and I decided that my oldest son needed to go to prison move out. He found some friends to live with but of course there was another huge melt down that lasted for days and he keeps saying it's because I'm transphobic. I'm not transphobic. I have tried to be supportive for his entire life but I can't tolerate him beating our youngest child.

Edit: Yes we are pressing charges. I have a home security system that recorded the whole attack.


The people in the comments choosing to "respect the pronouns" of this abuser are making me physically ill. He beat a child, but you still don't wanna hurt his precious trans feelings. At what point are people going to seriously still stick with ‘transphobia causes these levels of psychological disturbance’ rather than maybe ‘agp and transition is a symptom of a wider psychological disturbance’.

But good on Dad for kicking him out and pressing charges.

Yup. It’s stuff like this that actuall just hurts the real trans people who have been whitewashed by overprivedged kids

REAL trans people aren't entitled, out-of-control assholes, no!

You can and always could, so long as it doesn't devolve into hating people for being trans. That's the thing, there is nobody who is going to defend this person's actions. That has nothing to do with anything. But as soon as somebody is trying to twist it around into being an excuse to crap on trans people in general, then you're going to get pushed back. Or act as though the actions were because she is trans, despite the same crap happening in a lot of screwed up families regardless of that and nobody paying it any mind. It's the same thing with dozens of other topics that people act like Martyrs because they "can't talk about it"... You can, just don't pretend to care about the issue and use it as an excuse to demonize a group you don't like. Do you want to talk about how men who have sex with men have a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases? Go for it. There are many interesting scientific discussions to be had about the epidemiology which is behind that. It's a civil discussion I've had frequently with people on Reddit when the topic comes up. Do you want to say "since gay people all have AIDS they shouldn't be allowed in public"? Then we're going to have a problem.

Yeah, trans has nothing to do with being trans! There's simply no connection between narcissism, personality disorders, hormone scrambling, pornography addiction, and violence in TIMs. Even though they practically all have at least two of those things! This comment, goofy pronouns not withstanding, it pretty insightful, though:

the problem is not if she's a real trans or not the problem is that she thinks, because she's trans, she has the monopoly on "being right" and then what happend because of it

Fundraising for h/MarseysAteMyFace

I'm fundraising to launch a new hole called /h/marseysatemyface


A mirror of /r/leopardsatemyface , this hole would be dedicated to posting and laughing at regretful people who suffer the unintended consequences of something they supported. rdrama has a handful of these posts and it would be nice to see it all in one place while encouraging others to post more sneed of this fashion.

If you donate 1k and/or pin this post you get to be a Janny








not a janny but thanks nontheless





Reported by:

  • Unbroken: The "3,200 girls received cosmetic breast implants " Stat isn't about trans people
  • chiobu:
More Trans Teens Are Choosing ‘Top Surgery’


twatter thread:

A few months after a sexual assault...she started taking testosterone."

"A few months after a sexual assault...she started taking testosterone."

"A few months after a sexual assault...she started taking testosterone."

How can no one connect the dots??


Around 3,200 girls aged 13 to 19 received cosmetic breast implants in 2020

:marseypedo::Nobody is doing surgeries on minors, bigot!

Who are these surgeons doing this? They need to be named and shamed just as much as the gender ghouls. I had no idea this was a thing. How could they ever do such monstrous things to young girls?

Reported by:

A chilling hospital training video of how to manipulate parents into transing their kid.


This came from Scott Newgent. Please look, PLEEEASE. It's a hospital training film on how to basically manipulate parents into approving child transgender transitions.

The idea of the sketch is a nurse talking to a teenage boy who is not eating in order to maintain his slim figure and appear more girlie. The nurse is praising him for being honest that he wants to be called Amanda after he passed out at school. The nurse and two other employees are discussing how they will approach mom in the following scene. To avoid frightening the mother, they decide to use the name Jacob and male pronouns at first. Despite the fact that they undoubtedly think Jacob is actually a girl.

So the first step is lying to parents about what you actually think and feel. Make them think you believe one way, and then reveal to them later that you actually feel the other way.

The mother is then taken by them all into a small, claustrophobic room where they speak with her.

Note that one of the ways they achieve so is by physically enclosing the mother. She is leaning against the wall as they are all standing on the doorside. They're all speaking to her in babytalk, and her seat is lower than theirs. All eyes were on her. She would have to cram past them if she wanted to go, which is frightening. She had to strain herself to hear the quiet, barely audible sounds.

They want the mother to feel small, unimportant, and stupid. The use of absuive control techniques here is repulsing.

They don't get into the details of what not eating will do to Jacob, just that it needs to stop at all costs. That way, they don't have to explain what genital mangling and artificial hormones will do at all.

Not until Janet already submits and commits to putting Jacob on that path. First they have to break her down or she'll never agree to it. If they give her information about puberty blockers and all that shit before and then let her make a decision, she'd definitely say no. This is not an acceptable outcome. It's not Woke and there's no money in it.

They pretend to offer Janet a choice. "We're definitely not saying this is what you have to do......blah blah blah word salad.....but we know, that not eating is just not an option anymore........"

This is to make Janet think that it's hormones or Jacob starves to death. The odds of this are extremely low. Anorexia is rare enough in girls, and even more rare in boys, and the odds that he would actively enter the death zone are very, very slim. The ramifications of artificial hormones and genital mangling are definite. They also make it seem like there's no other treatment for anorexia, which he doesn't even have. He doesn't think he's fat, he just wants to look girly.

Old man is beaten by :marseytrain:s for carrying a sign

Here´s the video of the attack, literally the only outlet covering this is LGB Alliance USA.

Gay rights legend & pioneer Fred Sargeant (74), one of the co-founders of the Gay Pride march in NYC and participant in Stonewall in 1969, was violently assaulted by trans rights activists at Burlington Pride this weekend. @LGBAlliance_USA condemns this unconscionable act.

The photo accompanying this tweet shows an old man on the ground surrounded by people holding trans flags, while a :marseytrain: yanks his cane away from him. Definitely click through to see it; it really speaks a thousand words.

He says "I went to Pride to protest their misogyny, homophobia, exclusionary policies and divisiveness. I was met by screaming, multiple assaults, ageist comments, shoving, slaps to the back of my head, pouring coffee on me and repeated attempts to steal my signs."

How are they going to spin it when they finally succeed in murdering a gay man or lesbian woman? Is the progressive establishment really going to go for it and play it as defensive? Will it slow the roll at all? Will anyone look up and think fuck what have I gotten into, I’m on the side of the gay bashers? Will they look up and see that the movement is 99% straight? Because I don’t think the “gender critical” right is about to come out in defense of gays and lesbians.

His statement continues: "Being unsuccessful in their attempts to disrupt my protest and drive me away, the mob pushed me to the ground"

He would later say, of attending: "Before I went, my husband asked why I was going to protest. I answered, if I don't who else should?"

Sadly, this despicable act was entirely predictable: activists at Burlington Pride had been distributing stickers like this, and violent rhetoric from that quarter has become so commonplace, they can even justify assaulting a man who needs a cane to walk.

(The sticker in question says "if you don't stand for trans rights, you won't be standing much longer".

These aren't fringe slogans, :marseytrain:s spew so much casual physical and sexual violence, that their "be kind" supporters would see if they actually listen to them.

Here's a short statement Fred Sargeant wrote on Facebook about being assaulted and mugged: ![](

Mugged at Burlington Pride So, I went to Pride to protest their misogyny, homophobia, exclusionary policies and divisiveness. I was met by screaming, multiple assaults, ageist comments, shoving, slaps to the back of my head, pouring coffee on me and repeated attempts to steal my signs. Being unsuccessful in their attempts to disrupt my protest and drive me away, the mob pushed me to the ground as the parade ended, further injuring me. They stole or damaged more than $550 worth of my property. This is the sign that the young trans/rainbow brownshirts in dresses went absolutely nuts over. (More photos tomorrow)

He posted more pictures and videos, including ones that clearly show the assailants.

You vampcels can´t get me now

I made sure to eat extra garlic bread this afternoon, take one bite out of me and you´ll die INSTANTLY

Reported by:

archive link:

I complained about it to human resources, and they didn’t take my complaint seriously. It was clear that the bitch I talked to had never had her identity questioned and had no empathy. She just didn’t care at all and completely minimised what I was feeling. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the TERF who put it up as she just didn’t see the problem. She just kept saying “its just a sticker” but its not just a sticker, its someone going out of their way to try and completely deny who I am and try and take away the rights of all trans people and deny are right to even pee. And that’s why I was fuming but it was clear from the onset she didn’t care. She was constantly minimising my experiences. She asked me sarcastically “what do you expect me to do” and when I suggested doing fingerprint scans she practically laughed me out the room.

It's amazing how completely unaware he is of how insane he sounds here. The actual police wouldn't sink time and resources into dusting for prints since it's not a crime scene; does he really expect his employer to bring in a private investigator because of a fucking sticker?:marseyglow:

she told me that I had male privilege and was rude to me. This is such an ignorant comment. Does she not realise I have spent my entire life in the closet pretending to be someone I am not? How can she say that that is a privilege?

:!#marseypass: Funny how the man complaining that someone else is ignorant can't tell the difference between "getting unfair social advantages due to being recognized as male" and "getting everything I imagine I want."

I went on a bit of an uncontrolled rant to her about the sticker and TERFs in general and why I thought she was a TERF. However she claimed to not even know what a TERF was. How can you not know what a TERF is in the UK in 2022? They are literally everywhere, even in the fucking government. Either she is completely oblivious and clueless about everything or she’s a lying TERF cunt. And I strongly suspect it's the latter. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve called her a TERF before and she seemed to understand what it meant then. But she claimed she thought it was a generic insult. She also just looked like she didn’t care and almost like she resented having to have this conversation and just wanted to go. It was clear she has no respect for me. Even if she is not a full out evil JK Rowling style TERF, she is still a TERF. I told her that if she wasn’t a TERF to tell me that trans women are women, as I know this is something no TERF would ever say.

>Throwing around “bitch” and “terf cunt” with impunity at a place of employment.

Tell me that you are a man without telling me directly that you are a man.

And she refused. I told her again to tell me that I was a woman. She then said that it would be meaningless as she would just be doing it for the sake of it. Which sorta made sense but its also exactly what a TERF would say

I fucking swear I'm living in the cartoon world, this shit is straight out of a tv show.

She seems so like some of those stuck up mumsnet cunts. I thought it was probably her who put the sticker up and I decided to confront her about this. I realise now that this was a bit impulsive and it was wrong to do this when I was so angry. I should have waited till I had calmed down. I went on a bit of an uncontrolled rant to her about the sticker and TERFs in general and why I thought she was a TERF.

... she then went to complain to HR about me and now I have been called in for a meeting with them tomorrow. Supposedly I have been accused of “harassment” which is just absurd. Especially considering she is a TERF. I realise that I probably shouldn’t have confronted her about this but I was just so angry and felt I had to do something. I literally never even touched her.

Can you imagine this guy cornering you and screaming:platyabused: at you about being a "terf" while flinging spittle in all directions? No wonder she complained of harassment! And telling that he thinks "terfs" don't have a right to go to and from work unmolested, that he has the right to terrorize them any way he wants, short of touching them, I suppose, simply because of what they believe.

Also she rarely wears any noticeable makeup which, although this may be a bit of a sexist stereotype, is a sign of a TERF. I don’t know why this is but TERFs normally don’t bother to wear makeup and so I thought this was a sign she was a TERF.

This is terribly amusing. This man sounds paranoid beyond belief.:!#marseyleftoidschizo:

And even if I were to get actual proof then because of that stupid Maya Forrester cunt’s ruling nothing could happen anyway which makes me even more fucking angry

Not only that but she then went to complain to HR about me and now I have been called in for a meeting with them tomorrow. Supposedly I have been accused of «harassment» which is just absurd.

:marseytrain:s refuse to take accountability of their own actions as usual. The purity of his male rage, aggression and entitlement is just chefs kiss 10/10 five stars, it almost sounds like a dramanaut wrote this one. Even when written from the perspective of a lunatic male trying to make himself look better, the way he describes interacting with her paints a picture of her being very unwilling to engage with him and him absolutely insisting that she accept being his scapegoat. He literally backed her into a corner:marseyscared: and demanded that she chant the mantra and accept blame because he was so psychotically enraged and fixated on her. If I were her I would be asking a friend to meet me at the end of my shift every day to try to discourage him from going through with any assault that he's is absolutely working himself up to committing.:!#marseybardfinn:

The cooments

One of the ways TERFs advance in discourse is by playing optics, gaslighting, and making transwomen look deranged.

They don't need to make :marseytrain:s look deranged, LOOK AT WHAT HE JUST DID!

I hate this fat fucking squirrel


Seriously, screw this douchebag. It's HORRENDOUS and UGLY. I hate it. This varmint is against nature, squirrels are supposed to be slim and healthy but what does this fucker decide to do? It chooses to STUFF ITS ASS FULL OF NUTS. I hate this stupid fucking squirrel, it´s pointless, it´s gluttonous, and it´s disgusting to look at. I want to go in the woods, find a fat squirrel, and stomp on that circular fuck until its body is unidentifiable from the filthy ground below it. People find these fat filthy creatures funny, cute even. But it´s not. Its gross and deserves to fucking die. It deserves to have it´s smug little fat fucking rat face smashed in with a brick.

Why is it so goddamn happy? You're a FAT FUCKING RODENT! You're repulsive, loathsome, grotesque and insupportable. I want to kill you, you have no dreams or aspirations, you will never accomplish anything in life apart from being a monster. When you die nobody will remember you, you shall end up like the other fat squirrels before you. If only a hawk could pick you up, pierce your head with its beak, and after smelling your rotten brain, let you fly for a moment before spitting your shameful bloody froth on the rocks of the canyon. May you choke on the disgusting physique that make me nauseous and convulse. You are unproductive, fat, and unhealthy. You are filthy, foul, vulgar, and repulsive. No animal is so repulsive or evil that it merits being compared to you; even the lowest, dirtiest, and most parasitic member of the animal kingdom serves a purpose in the ecosystem. You don't fill a void. The thousands of parasitic species would be harmed and defamed if you were called a parasite. Because vermin don't claim to be something they aren't, you are worse than them. You are genuine trash.

You have never been loved by anyone in this world, and no one ever will be, especially in light of what you just done. There is almost no chance that your stupid actions or, more importantly, your twisted soul, will ever change for the better. In fact, the exact reverse may be true. You have demonstrated to me that you are so completely useless that you will only become an even more foolish and miserable person by committing the error that you just made. No one in this world has ever loved you, and no one ever will, especially in light of what you just did. Your foolish behavior and, more crucially, your warped soul have absolutely little chance of ever changing for the better. In actuality, the exact opposite can be true. You've proven to me that you are so completely useless that making the mistake you just did will only make you a fool and a miserable person.

Reported by:

  • Pog: Preposterous amount of transphobia
Space Invaders
Teacher on Leave After Middle-Schoolers Track Him With 'Pedo Database':marsey4chan:

A group of Rhode Island middle schoolers thought their teacher was a "creep," so they kept a log of what they considered inappropriate interactions between him and girls in their class. The teacher is now said to be on administrative leave and under investigation.

A new report in The Boston Globe indicates the group of eight Davisville Middle School boys in North Kingstown started the log, which they dubbed a "pedo database," after watching their teacher ogle at girls in their class, give them nicknames like "sweetheart" and "sunshine," and ask them to dance for him.

The Globe interviewed one of the boys, now a 15-year-old high-school student, who told the publication that when the group tried reporting the situation, adults didn't take students seriously. The teacher himself had apparently even commented that he'd received complaints for decades without any action being taken against him, according to the Globe.

The teen told the Globe that the teacher's interactions with female students created uncomfortable situations.

"Sometimes they'd laugh. Sometimes they just kind of just sit there awkwardly," the boy said. "Even the ones that said he was 'creepy' laughed because they were obviously not trying to tick him off or anything. So they're just fake laughing, awkwardly laughing."

The group decided in January 2021 to keep written records on Discord to gather "evidence" of the teacher's behavior, according to the Globe.

"This is now the official chat that we will later use as evidence against (the teacher) about libertarianphilia in case anything does come up in the future and we do turn out to be right," one boy wrote in the group chat, according to the Globe. The teacher's identity hasn't made public, but the Globe said local teachers and students "know who he is."

The student said the Discord channel was updated in real time while school was held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic. In one instance, the channel said, he remarked everyone should be "in bathing suits tomorrow."


The boy told the Globe he felt bad for the girls "because sometimes it just seems like it was a humiliating thing."

"He'd play a song and he'd make one of them get up and dance," the student added.

In April of this year, the Globe said, the teacher was escorted out of school and placed on leave. The interim superintendent said an investigating was ongoing into allegations the teacher stalked a preteen middle-school girl he coached and had been inappropriate with other girls, the Globe reported. The family of the middle-school girl, represented by the attorney Timothy Conlon, said they reported the behavior to school officials and were met with "deliberate indifference," The Providence Journal reported. The teacher was removed from coaching middle schoolers in the area only after the family threatened to take out a restraining order on him, the Globe reported.

A representative for Conlon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

Once the public was asked to come forward with information, one of the middle-school boys told his mother about the Discord channel, and they contacted Conlon. The log has since been shared with the local US attorney's office; the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families; the state education department; and a lawyer conducting an internal investigation for the school, per the Globe.

I’m actually really impressed and proud of these boys, they saw a creepy libertarian and decided to do something about it. That’s more than the adult staff were willing to do or notice.

"I did not ever think this would actually be used as evidence, but we always had it as if it was," the teen told the Globe. "So I'm glad that we did, even though it might have seemed like slightly stupid at times."

thank you dramanauts

the date was awesome, a W for dramanaut kind. the encouragement helped

Mock me all you want, I will NOT STAND FOR this INNAPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR. I HATE THAT SHIT, I AM A NICE man but cannot tolerate DISRESPECT. YOU HATEFUL FUCKS pinned my post not because you agree, but BECAUSE YOU WISH TO MOCK ME. I only intended to post my opinion. MY OPINION. But No, you cruel human beings believe it's "hilarious" to make fun of people who have passed away. Although not infallible, my perspective is unquestionably respectable enough to merit an ACTUAL FUCKING RESPONSE AND GOOD FAITH DEBATE INSTEAD OF BEING CALLED A BOOTLICKER. I've never felt so wronged. That I could spend so much time contemplating and working on things while you shits mock the people of this world astounds me. Nobody really cares that your brain is too small and damaged to UNDERSTAND MY VIEWPOINT. Iknow what you people are, You people are trolls.

I have dealt with jerks and fools like you my entire life up to this point. I am familiar with your workflow. You all mistakenly believe that you are "epik trolls," but you are not. Do you think I'm enraged? NAH. YOU CAN SUCK IT. This is my completely honest opinion, free of any animosity. :marseyseethe:I'm composed and knowledgeable. I always decide to respond just to spite you when YOU SICK FUCKS MAKE CRUEL JOKES ABOUT FUCKING HER CORPSE. I won. I always succeed. I am not good at losing. So once you respond with "cope seethe" or "u furious bro," you've already proved to me that I've won. I live everyday growing stronger to fight you CRUEL HUMAN BEINGS and low level trolls who are probably 11 But digress. You people need to change your attitude or the worst will come for you.

strategy for dating other foids?

So this weekend I will be dating my gf for the first time but as the time approaches I´m starting to feel timid :marseybangfast:and nervous. i dont wanna mess this up guys, this might be a massive :marseyl: for the dramanaut race. Any words of advice/encouragement?

:marseyeggirl::marseytrain:s are literally pissing everywhere :marseycalvin:


This was the bizarre scene yesterday outside the headquarters of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in London. An exhibitionist representing a group called ‘Pissed Off :marseytrain:s’ stood, dressed in a ballgown and balaclava, began to wet himself. He then deliberately poured a bottle of urine over himself, while shouting: ‘The EHRC has blood on its hands and piss on its streets.’ All the while, his demure lady penis was visible under his sheer dress. As part of this ‘political action’, the small band of what might be termed ‘piss artists’ also filled 60 bottles with urine, which they then placed around the EHRC building.

:#marseyamazon: So women stage peaceful sit-ins to defend their rights and stand up for safeguarding children, while TRAs literally urinate all over public places whenever a government body doesn’t grovel hard enough. Men act out their urine fetish in the streets to protest not being allowed to invade women's bathrooms to act out their other fetishes. This is why more and more people have stopped taking these perverts seriously.

The activist, speaking to VICE on the condition of anonymity, described the dramatic action as “an extreme version of the public embarrassment that trans people experience on a daily basis, using the toilet that either doesn't fit with their gender or using the one that does, and then facing the backlash of people's judgement”.

Oh, poor things... time to start doing it at home all the time since doing it in public, no matter what, is soooooooooooo trumatic!!!!!!

A member of Pissed Off :marseytrain:s told Vice, the only outlet to cover the protest at the scene, that the point was to show ‘an extreme version of the public embarrassment that trans people experience on a daily basis, using the toilet that either doesn’t fit with their gender or using the one that does, and then facing the backlash of people’s judgement’. Essentially, this was a protest in favour of opening up women’s toilets, changing rooms and other spaces to males who identify as women.

"The activists of Pissed Off :marseytrain:s have done their opponents a huge favour. No one sane could look at the image of a man wearing a balaclava and urine-drenched ballgown and think: ‘Yes, that is exactly the kind of person who should be let into the ladies’ lavatory along with little girls.’ Indeed, most tolerant people would be prepared to accept that such performances have a place on niche fetish websites – but not in women’s changing rooms, toilets or hospital wards."


Turns out trains are unoriginal, A very similar stunt was done in 2017- five years ago! - as a piece of anti-Trump performance art called PISSED by a TIF TRA named Cassils,

PISSED is a collection of all the liquid excreted by the artist in the 200 days following the then US President Donald Trump’s administration’s 2017 rollback of an Obama-era executive order allowing transgender students to use the bathroom matching their chosen gender identities.

PISSED, which is now part of the permanent collection of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, a museum in NYC "dedicated to LGBTQ+ art and fostering the artists who create it," has a soundtrack too - and it's two hours long!

The glowing urine tank, PISSED, is contextualised by a four-channel audio installation that features the oral arguments from the case of Gavin Grimm, the transgender male teen who became the face of transgender rights in his fight to use the boys' bathroom in a school in Virginia. According to the artist, in the fall of 2017, Grimm’s case was accepted, and shortly thereafter rejected, by the Supreme Court— thus staying a decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals which prevents Gavin from using the boys' bathroom to this day. Over the two hours of the audio composition, the audience hears the ignorance of Bible-quoting adults juxtaposed with the crisp, simple clarity of Gavin’s plea to pee against a sonic landscape of water flowing and flushing. The artist worked with a sound artist to slowly submerge the arguments underwater.

AITA for telling my trans coworker she doesn’t really understand me?

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Me 26F, my coworker 29MTF let call her jessica, to make this short i was at work during my period and i was complaining to the girls about my cramps and how awful they were.

Jessica interrupted me saying “ girl i understand your pain, did you take paracetamol?”, i got mad to be honest given that she already know i went to the ER once to take morphine due to my period cramps > and i felt she reduct how awful my pain was.

I told her no you don’t, because you don’t have a uteruss that shed every month nor ovariess to cause a sudden change in your hormone levels.

She got mad and told me that i’m an AS for hurting her and she was just trying to help.

>So many comments saying nta, and that he can't know and it's okay for her to be upset but she could have been nicer and should apologize for hurting his feelings :marseyeyeroll: "You could have been nicer" is the last line of defense when men are forced to concede the argument to women.

There's plenty of things she can absolutely experience that can be considered feminine or part of womanhood given that she is female. Trans women may not be able to menstruate but they still get all the same other PMS and period symptoms that cis women get. Bloating, cramping, period poops, wonky moods, hormone swings.... All of it.

Not at all, no. The chemical cocktail youre pumping yourself with has nothing in common with a woman's hormone cycle. It's not even close to a hormonal cycle, so I'm not shocked that it will make you feel sick. The height of gaslighting and misogyny is this made-up TiM fantasy. It's also the simplest thing to argue against. Following hysterectomies and placement on estrogen replacement treatment, hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions?) of women do not continue to experience period discomfort and symptoms. Why? because they have no uterus! This alone shows how every single TiM who has ever claimed to have a "period" is lying and shows how it's just a messed up lie based on a fetishstic desire.

>The transwoman commenting says it would also be completely inappropriate for a ciswoman "who never experienced a period" to say this to her also. What does that even mean, do you know what a ciswoman whose never experienced a period is? Yeah, I thought so.

:marseyjanny:Looks like the mods weren't happy with people siding with the woman and jannied the post. :marseyjanny2:

Should I stop :marseytrain:posting?
It is too easy to siphon dramacoin out of you chuds by posting textwalls about how bad :marseytrain:s are and it makes me feel like im cheating hoollllly shiiii-
How to Raise The Rarest Kiwi - The Atlantic


When I first see the kiwi chick, I briefly wonder if I’m actually looking at a real animal. It’s a grapefruit-sized sphere of fluff with an adorably short version of an adult’s long beak. When it sits still in its dark, red-lit enclosure, it looks indistinguishable from some of the plush toys that fill New Zealand’s gift shops.


Unlike the chicks of most birds, the kiwi’s surprisingly mobile and self-sufficient, even though it hatched just six days ago. It’s too early to tell if it’s male or female, but it already has a name: Kami, after a Maori word that means “force of nature.” And it will soon have company. In the room next door, 22 more kiwi eggs are incubating in an artificial chamber.

Kiwi farming I can get behind.


No its not. Cis lesbians are the oppressors and there is no reason for them to have their own space. Its like arguing for white people to have their own space, or for straight people to have their own space. There is no reason for it. Yes cis lesbians and cis women are opressed but not by trans people and so no reason to exclude trans lesbians

In what ways do cis lesbians "oppress" transbians (sic) by barring them from areas where same-sex attracted females congregate? Making our own spaces and barring :marseytrain:s from having sex with women, how oppressive! The "oppression" of lesbians who do not wish to strip and sleep with these filthy males is the "cotton ceiling" that transgender people are fighting to transcend.

Being a trans woman is a material fact that requires the precondition of being born or assigned male at birth. ONLY those assigned male at birth can be in the category of trans women.

Maybe we should use this material fact that distinguishes trans women from actual women to define sex.... It makes little sense that being a woman is a "identity" while being a TIM is a "material conidtion." They claim that a woman cannot identify as a trans woman, yet this seems to be a claim made arbitrarily. If TIMS don't have an identity because they are born male, then women also don't have an identity because they are born female.

The paradox is caused by their constant need for confirmation as usual. They want to identify as women, but they also want the oppression that comes with being a "trans woman." Therefore, being a woman must be a free for all, but being a trans woman is not. However, "cis women" are not permitted to exclude "trans women".

:marseycop:Police remove Lesbians from LGBT March:marseysalutepride:

Lesbian woman: I want to make sure I understand, that you are removing lesbians from an LGBT march.

Police: Yes, that is what's happening.:marseypig:



martythemac: "What's the beef here between the groups?"

wsurfa: "Lesbians don't have sex with men. Men are angry."

Immediately in the comments they also admit this policy only exists because reddit as a platform will shut them down so quick if they allow violence on the sub.

Before anyone comes in here to complain about why it's okay for TERFs and so on to threaten us with violence but we can't: this is a rule that Reddit (the company) takes very, very seriously. If a subreddit is found to have people planning threats of violence against anyone they'll close down the subreddit. No discussion. End of.

Top Comment. They haven't grown any self-awareness about their own violence against peaceful female activists here. No. They're still spreading the ridiculous lie that we're violent, justifying the violence against us, and they'd do it again if they could.

Can I talk about self defense actions against TERFs? Would that be violence?

Yeah. Like when that 22 year old TIM hit the osteoporotic grandmother at speaker’s corner?

Please clarify. Will you be reporting expressions of violence from trans people towards the people who want to eradicate us to the police?



It's such a dramatic response to what is essentially them saying, "Hey, stop posting violent shit that you want to do" They’re trying to save their own skin rather than recognise that advocating for violence against “terfs” (women) is bad. So fucking typical. Can we start a campaign to reportmax :marseytrain: subs?

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Last week, I was viciously attacked by the media for raising awareness about Boston Children’s Hospital offering gender-affirming hysterectomies for young girls. Left-wing activists called for me to be banned from social media for drawing attention to a practice Boston Children’s Hospital was publicly advertising. The attacks lasted for a week. They gaslit the public and denied that these types of procedures were being performed on children. According to the media, I was baselessly stoking anti-trans outrage and therefore deserved to be silenced.

Undeterred, I decided to focus on finding out if other children’s hospitals were engaged in these barbaric practices, too. That’s when I stumbled across Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. Scrolling through their site, I came across a page which says the hospital treats young patients between the ages of 0 and 21 for gynecology care and gender-affirming medical treatments, including hysterectomies.

I thought perhaps this was just poor wording. Maybe they actually refuse to perform hysterectomies on minors under the age of 18, but failed to make that clear on this page. So I decided to call and find out. What Children’s National told me shocked me to my core. In the above audio recording, Children’s National confirmed that they do, in fact, perform gender-affirming hysterectomies on 16-year-olds and “much younger” children.

“Gender-affirming hysterectomy” is a fancy euphemism for the carving out of girl’s reproductive system because she’s confused about her identity. It is a permanent, irreversible procedure that makes it impossible for her to bear children later in life. These barbaric procedures on minors need to be criminalized. Instead, they’re being promoted and widely encouraged — at least until you draw attention to that fact. Then, the gaslighting begins and they assure you that no such thing is happening.

Children’s National must have seen the negative coverage about Boston Children’s Hospital because they modified their website the day after I took screenshots of it. “Gender-affirming hysterectomies” was no longer listed as a procedure available for minors. But you can see the archived version right here.

If you’re not quite ready to have your daughter’s uterus carved out, Children’s National has an entire gender program dedicated to providing your child with other life-altering medical treatments, such as hormone replacement therapy.

She brought receipts despite the fact that they deny this ever happened. According to gaslighters on her feed, it is photoshopped. They'll then move on to "Yes, it is taking place, but so what? It's a good thing; it's life-giving care. Now, bigot. You're committing genocide."

The TRA narrative that people who are bothered by TIMs in women's spaces are obsessed with genitals and pervs who want to see trans people's genitals is the ultimate cope.

Really starting to feel like "cancel culture" has reached its final form: Conservatives subjecting others to abuse and then playing victim when they experience a minor consequence.

You know you're on the side of morality and justice when you have to constantly lie to make people angry about things that don't affect them.

Ah yes. A man who believes that men invading our spaces have no effect on women. His accusers simply stated that the individual in question is a male who supervised girls undressing in the locker room. That is exactly what happened, but because the poster likely has gender delusion and thinks transwomen are women, he believes calling him a man is a lie.


The responses are predictable, with ignorant leftists yelling "conservatives, amirite?" and TRAs yelling "genital obsessed creeps."


Some of the most popular responses, most of which were written by seething men:

This is how the NY Post reported on this lady - like she's some sort of hero for sexually harassing an 18-year old girl who's just trying to do her job.

Yup. Frail, vulnerable, elderly women just love hanging out in locker rooms, hoping a man will walk in, so they can perv on him.

That “girl” is a male and a perv creeping on girls, who in a sane world would be safe from him in their locker room? You mentally fucked up autogynephile.


and then after telling me I wasn’t allowed to inspect the teenager’s genitals I was... excuse me [chokes back tears]... asked... to... leave [breaks into open sobbing]

Yup, ‘weirdo who is overly concerned about other people’s genitals then accuses harassment target of being a pervert’ is getting super old.


So there was a sexual predator in this story. It's just the person claiming to be the victim because they were very politely asked to be less of a monster in public. Interesting.

loony:marseytrain:s are the world's largest :marseyprojection:. They lie and accuse radfems of being violent, of being Nazis who enforce gender roles, of being in a cult or engaging in cult-like behaviors, and now they have to make up even more lies about "trans hating TERFs" allegedly sexually assaulting TIMs.

Twitter has banned the Gays Against Groomers account

This appears to be part of Esqueer's ongoing crusadde to catch Boston Children's Hospital in the act of child butchery. NBC and now Vice have picked up the story, naming several so-called "far-right accounts" while relying solely on Esqueer for comment. He has hinted that Billboard Chris, Christina Buttons, and the holy grail Libs of Tik Tok are next on his shitlist, following James Lindsay and Gays Against Groomers.

Taking down a twitter dedicated to preventing sexual violence against children is NOT a good look for the loony:marseytrain:s.

This is Esqueer: