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And not just that, is there a list of all formating gimmicks there are somewhere?

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Hey guys,

After my long absence I am finally back again to bless you with the next weekly p-dophilic japanese cartoons post!

I havent really watched much since last week, started jujutsu kaisen but so far it wasnt that great tbh. Hope you guys have more to tell than me! Fondled your p-dophilic japanese cartoons waifu mousepads breasts? Molested a 800 year old child on a playground? Bought a new かたな? Tell us all about it!

Also I might take some marsey requests if you post them here, no promises tho!

(You didnt really think you would get rid of me that easily, did you?)

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Drone Marsey

Basically this 🤏 emoji as Marsey. If you have a better name for it, Im open for suggestions.

Cheeky Marsey
This one is the best marsey: :marseysmug3:

Feel free to post your own favorites, just know that you are wrong.

Also whoever created it, could you upload a full sized picture pls?

:marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3:

Spooky Marsey
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Oops, seems like I misspelled spunky 😋

Lmao get dabbed on dramatards

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :tayhyperdab: :tayhyperdab: :tayhyperdab: :tayhyperdab: :tayhyperdab: :tayhyperdab: :tayhyperdab:

Can we get polls on here too?

Polls were the only good feature reddit ever added to their site, and Id like to see it added to too since dramatards are a very important demographic and a lot of serious polls could be made.

Capitalist pig marsey
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Disgusting capitalists STEALING the peoples marseys and trying to keep them to theirselves, I WONT STAND FOR IT!!!

EXPOSING LandlordMessiah

LLM recently asked me to create a marsey of him. Of course I, benevolent as I am, agreed to do it, for a small fee. Since he is so rich (in dramacoin at least), I asked for 5k dramacoin. This is where I started to get doubts in LLM:


Which rich person would haggle? Only larpers and jews. But still, I told him 4k was okay too. Maybe he was saving up to buy himself into a j-slur position or something idk.

Now, even 4k was apparently too much for him, as he completely canceled the deal! And this can only mean one thing: LLM is a massive LARPer. A jew would have tried to push the price down even more, but would never cancel a deal. I know, this might be hard to accept for some of you, and I am sorry you have to find out this way, but thanks to LLM stinginess you are missing out on a GREAT marsey, one of my most extravagant works yet. And you have @LandlordMessiah to thank for it.

Last p-dophilic japanese cartoons post has actually been exactly a week ago, how time flies, right?!?

Well sweeties, instead of sleeping I just watched 'The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace', and it was a wild ride. In fact I just finished it 10 minutes ago and it inspired me to make this post. It was a great p-dophilic japanese cartoons, at no point I felt bored, always something happening you wouldnt have predicted. I just hope a second season will come, and hopefully not only in 5 years (yes I know the source material is basically at the same point as the anime). I watched some other stuff too, but I think idaten was my favorite of the p-dophilic japanese cartoons I watched recently.

Anyways, enough about me, what did you guys watch this week? Found a new waifu? Bought a new p-dophilic japanese cartoons figurine with removeable clothes? A new pillowcase for your dakimakura? Tell us all about it in this great thread that everyone waited for and loves!

@Aevann pls sticky UwU


Reddit pls ban these disgusting brigaders, I cant believe you let this happen in current year + x

No need to thank me, guys.

Sleepless marsey

Mods please sticky as this is an important milestone for marsey creation and a historic event in the timeline. @Aevann @carpathianflorist

Gigachad Marsey

Sorry @Dahl_Fook, yours is still in the works, just made this one quickly in the bathtub 😎

Yes, I have already created 47 high quality marseys, and one more is coming up, but I feel like the 50th should be special, so I need some special ideas to give 50th marsey the specialness she deserves.

Weeb Marsey

Look kid, its nothing personal, but if you keep reporting the weekly p-dophilic japanese cartoons threads Im gonna come for you. Consider this your only warning.

Why cant they appreciate art smh

Also who tf is threatened by that? Does the snoo exist in real life?

Carp Marsey
Is there a collection of all the marseys in high quality?

@Aevann @carpathianflorist do you have the marseys that were added as stickers in hq versions? I cant find all of them with search sadly. Would be nice if we had all marseys in good quality in case we want to edit them or use them as whatsapp stickers for our family.