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He didn't make the distinction between mud slinging accounts on twitter (2nd most toxic social media) and the LGTBQ community in general. He goes out of his way to address the entire LGBTQ community explicitly in his gripes. He said that they act like minorities until they need to act white around Black people. He based this off of one bad personal experience. He said 'Trans people make up words to win arguments'. He said the trans are out to get him and he needs to look for adams apples

He used a huge platform to lie about the trans community. He said JK Rowling was cancelled for stating a biological fact. First, she wasn't cancelled. she's still with her publisher, still publishing books with cross-dressing characters who are murderers

If by cancelled he means that people were mean to her on twitter, the biggest backlash didn't come out until she lied about someone's contract being renewed for purposely not referring to people by their chosen pronoun. To be clear, not for making a mistake, but going out her way to be rude to people directly. JK Rowling lied and said she was fired for her opinions. It was so wrong and inflammatory Daniel Radcliff went out and made a statement about the whole thing.

He complained that the LGBTQ community is preventing him to from going after white people. He said that he had them on the ropes before the LGBTQ community stopped him. But it's Dave who keeps on dedicating his specials to them. When his last special was released there were no articles being written about his beef with them, no social media trends. And then he dedicated nearly his whole special to them

And if he wants to get conspiratorial about white people, race, and sexuality issues, look at what they did in India and the Philippines. They did a ton to demonize homosexuality in those areas. They always do. Like the Hindy/Muslim animosity and the Caste system in India (which existed before the British came, but they dialed that the knob up to 100% by codefying into law and making it a part of their educational system) and apartheid in South Africa, they are always pitting minority groups against each other so that they won't focus on their oppressor

And I don't see how this could be any more fucking glaring than that the anti-gay people and anti-trans people are the same ones who are anti-BLM. The same people who keep passing laws specifically targeting Black people from voting

He also complained that Dababy got cancelled for being homophobic but not for murder. First, it's always easier for celebrities to attack individuals over attacking minorities

The CEO of papa john got cancelled for using the N word. Roseanne got cancelled for telling a Black person she looks like a monkey. Kramer got cancelled for using the N word

Laura Bush got away with running over and killing someone. Chris Brown got away with beating Rihanna. Don King stomped a guy to death and went on to become boxing's biggest promoter. Robert Richards, heir to the DuPont company, was convicted of raping his daughter and served no jail time. Attacks on individuals don't elicit the media attention like racism and homophobia do. But this is somehow the fault of the LGBTQ community?

Furthermore, social media backlash isn't a strong indicator of the extent to which systemic racism and homophobia is being addressed in our society. There's a still record high killings of trans people. Police can still largely murder Black people and face no legal repercussions

Actual cancellations from social media backlash are when corporations stop doing business with a person because their image no longer brings in the same revenue as when they hired them. This never really challenges the root power structures and phobias in our society. It doesn't matter how many celebrities throw their careers in toilet, it won't affect systemic racism in policing

He complained 'to what extent am I obligated to participate in your self image'. He has none, but to what extent are they obligated to indulge in the idea that he is beyond criticism? To what extent should they suppress the fact that he is no longer a positive influence in their life

He complained about trans people using made up words to win arguments, but the majority of the terms that were coined for identifying phenomena regarding the marginalization of minorities came from the racial equality movements. It's mostly the anti-BLM people who criticize people for using terms like microaggressions

He blamed the LGBTQ community for taking away Kevin Hart's childhood dream of hosting the Oscars

First off, his old jokes were hurtful. Don Lemon did a great job of explaining why. I'm not going to link the youtube videos because that tends to get my comment deleted by the automod, but I'll just mention what to look up on youtube

Youtube Don Lemmon Kevin Hart

And Kevin Hart later acknowledges at much, saying that he has grown since

Youtube Kevin Hart apology

But the issue is that he was adamant in not addressing it twice. But he never apologized the first time. He never apologized in every single interview he did about his hurtful comments prior to the Oscars; he defended himself each and every time until

Google the article titled "Where Are Kevin Hart’s Past Apologies? An Investigation"

If hosting the Oscars truly was Kevin's childhood dream and giving an apology (and instead lying about previously apologizing) was a boundary, then he has a "Brittle-ass spirit" (Dave's phrase for LouisCK victims)

Btw by his own usage of the terminology, Dave tried to 'cancel' Don Lemon

Youtube Don Lemmon responds to Chappelle

Regarding his trans friend's death, he cited her arguments on twitter as a possible cause for her death. I'm just going to skip over the point that twitter arguments bring the worst out of people in general (and not just LGBTQ people), I'm not going to buy that story just because Chappelle said it. Maybe it's true and maybe someone else can confirm it, but from the way Dave lied about the Kevin Hart and JK Rowling backlash, I'm not going to believe his story purely from his take on her situation

Dave exclaims 'look how well the LGBTQ movement is going' as a comparison to the racial equality movement. There are instances where it may be useful to compare movements to better understand varying methods of minority marginalization, but this discussion is wholly incomplete without the discussion of areas where they are not comparable, because systems of oppression uses different tactics to oppress different groups. In Chappelle's own HOME STATE of Ohio they passed a law that allows doctors to deny LGBTQ people health care on moral grounds. In 27 states, there are no explicit statewide laws at all protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations. Which means in over half the country you can be fired or denied housing just for being gay or trans. Conversion therapy is legal in 30 states. Texas just banned a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youths

I don't think Dave was homophobic/transphobic in his initial specials. He had some cognitive biases which resulting in him saying some hurtful stuff. But his refusal to accept any criticism and the resulting backlash has resulted in a full blown fear -> phobia of LGBTQ people besides 'the good ones' who are his friends. It's similar to a type of racism many white people have today; they believe in the idea of equality in general, but think the Black community are people hateful to white people when the kneel for the Anthem and criticize the police. They use isolated incidents like looting and random youtube videos to characterize the whole Black community. They think the average Black person has more privilege than the average white person by pointing to people being cancelled by racism the way Dave points to people being cancelled for homophobia. They think Black people are misguided in how they address systemic racism, and I feel Dave feels similarly about how LGBTQ address systemic homophobia and transphobia

Dave wants full equality for LGBTQ people but he didn't want them to address the very hurtful comments made by Kevin Hart or JK Rowling. He doesn't want them to call out people for using slurs; he complained about not being able to use the F-word slur. He also implied that the idea of the LGBTQ calling themselves 'my people' is racist, but at the end of the special used that exact phrase to refer to his fellow comedians, 'Stop punching down on my people'

He always tries to pit the LGBTQ community against the Black community. He complains about why is it easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender than it was for Cassius Clay to change his name. Trans people EXISTED in the 60s, and throughout history. It wasn't easier, it took 50 years after the stonewall riots, which Dave actually referenced in his special. But why do this dumb game Dave wants us to play, does a person with cancer need to complain every time there's a breakthrough in AIDS research?

If his point is that the rich white power structures in our country are using LGBTQ issues to put down Black people, then he should go after the white power structures in our country directly and specifically. Maybe there are pockets of LGBTQ people putting down Black people like Peter Theil, but largely the white power structures strategy is to pit marginalized grounds against each other. The same people trying to put homophobia and transphobia into our school curriculum are the same ones who are trying to prevent Black people from voting

Dave says LGBTQ people act like minorities until it's convenient for them not to, but he's is doing exactly that with his cis/hetero/male privilege to wage with his fellow millionaire celebrities

Pretty solid bait. Idk what's up with the uptick in police bashing in the last week but it generates dramatic content so that's cool.

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Kinda thinking about driving down there and doing some looting ngl

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Micah, co-host of the Grillcast, spoke to Yang yesterday at his event and he actually quoted him on Twitter lmao

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Get ready for some words words words

There isn't actually that much drama but there are a ton of people seething hard that someone has money to spend in their hobby. The funny thing is this is only like $25k worth of stuff, it's not even that expensive, but from the way people are acting you would think he's showing off a gold plated Ferrari or something.

I'm actually not 100% sure whether it's bots of just people that are salty they missed the gains but everytime crypto drops by 1% you can find some midwit circle jerk on r/news about how it's all a big scam. Somehow missing out on completely predictable 300% gains in the last year makes you a genius. Tbh I'm pretty sure it's all a psyop.

Inspired by someone else's r/sexworkers post, I took a dive and came up with a gem. These hoes really be dumb as hell.

I've been meaning to do a write up about this for a while, and I think that this is the right venue.

I am a connoisseur of fight videos. I like watching big sweaty men get down and dirty. Bar fights, street fights, school fights, I love it. That being said, I grew up with a father who told me not to hit girls and frankly when I watch a video of some dude smacking the shit out of a chick it kind of kills my vibe. Unfortunately for some reason these videos are the top posts every day on /r/fightporn.

What's interesting about these videos is that the sub actually has its own memes to justify them, such as "equal rights equal fights", or "these hands bisexual". These comments show up on basically every video, and basically are saying "I'm a male feminist and I support beating up women". I've been crusading against these videos tarnishing my man-fighting sub for a few years, and am always called an "incel" or a "misogynist" for saying that men shouldn't hit women.

The denial is so deep I actually think the users themselves buy it. Most of these guys actually belong to left wing spaces on Reddit, they aren't just mra's in normie-face. At the same time, it is painfully obvious that these dudes have deep resentment towards women. Like I said, videos of chicks getting their skulls bashed in top the sub every day. They are fantasizing about smacking the shit out of the bitch that rejected them in highschool. But nobody will admit it, and they keep on repeating their "equal rights" justification. Frankly it's just a bizarre development.