Has canonically eaten marsey https://rdrama.net/post/17219

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Coping at ur epic response rn

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Has canonically eaten marsey https://rdrama.net/post/17219

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Coping at ur epic response rn

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Are you doing your best to make our journ*list friend feel welcome?

His @ is @ZakJason

Be sure to be friendly ECKS DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE

Most subtle rightoid

Fucking brilliant

Its honestly kind of funny how its equally plausible its either an unironic rightoid or a glownigger


I strongly dislike carp for this


Thats what you get for misleading the rdrama population with undelivered promises of dramacoin.


Penis envy

Bottom text


That guys sounds like a total asshole. Indeed time to switch programs.


That entire paragraph sounded insecure to me. I think his feelings were hurt by the idea that someone didn't agree with him.


Wow! What a terrible way to respond to a customer, let alone a human being.


This is terrible. The assumption that women wouldn’t respect men that lift less is the most disgusting for myself. I do powerlifting and last weekend I brought my boyfriend to the gym to teach him some moves and he can’t lift the weight I do but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect him or see him like less of a man.

Foids of rdrama, do you respect weaklings? Correct answers only

He ends it with maybe you like weak men

I like men who are strong enough to handle constructive criticism about their microaggressions.

I can't squat 420 pounds or whatever, but strength doesn't require you to be an asshole. He'd probably call me a pussy for being a stay at home dad or for cycling instead of squatting for max power. But then I'd just respond that pussies are great and thank him for the compliment. I can guarantee my wife would drop me way faster if I fired off an email like that than if she could lift an arbitrary weight that I couldn't.


100% and everyone is strong. There many different types of strength. - "My girlfriend has internalized misogyny and really wants me to see her as 'one of the guys' so that I will respect her and see her as an actual human being..." Disappointed, deleting the app :(

- A Woman straight up lies

I'm 5 feet tall and was only 95 lbs in high school when I hit my personal best of 370. Just saying. This was after months of weightlifting class and gaining 12 pounds of muscle, because I weighed 83 lbs when I started the class.

That’s a 370 lb squat at 95 lbs? Or 370 total?

370 in weights and bar.

You are either low-key one of the greatest raw squatters of all time or mistaken about the weight you squatted, as the highest recorded squat in powerlifting for any -44 kg lifter, regardless of gender, drug testing, and wraps, is 160 kg, or 352 lbs. Only a handful of people at that weight have squatted 370+ and that was in multiply or equipped lifting. See these rankings on open powerlifting for more information. Many very strong people do not compete, but given this data I would be very interested in hearing more about what you did to achieve a 370 lb squat at that body weight, which is an incredible accomplishment.

A woman lies AGAIN

I started powerlifting with my coach in 2015. He's had me lift with men who can bench 800lbs. They are well over 300lbs. Never once has one ever said anything negative to me as a birthing person lifter. Even on bench day when we have to remove all plates to get back down to my working set of like 150lbs. Never even an eye roll. They have been the absolute pinnacle of inclusion.

790 is the current bench press wr btw

I just threw up in my mouth a little. All that answer is missing is some "well, achkually..." I mean sure, he's not technically wrong, but wow does he manage to sound like a jerk. 0/10 customer service too.


I wonder if humanity will ever move beyond the idea that being factually correct justifies any and all means of delivering the message. He's not wrong that on average the men are stronger than the women with equal training. Apparently the current consensus is that this is almost fully explained by differences in absolute lean tissue, rather than hormones, the magic Y chromosome or what have you. Dudes have more muscle at the same weight, muscle makes human strong. But he's being an entire dickhole about it and justifying his tone by bringing the opinion of a girlfriend into it - remember, women are a monolith - is simply bad rhethoric. By that logic, wait until he finds out that his opinion is invalid because I have plenty of manly male men friends who think toxic masculinity is real and should end because it harms society. Thank you actually for replying the way you did, we need to call out shit like that. The righteousness boner some people get from Being Right is appalling.

Wow. I may be wrong about everything. But at least i'm not RUDE

That's a lot of words for "I think women are inferior and I can't take any criticism whatsoever." 🤔 - yow, that's offensive. I'm tempted to suggest calling him out on twitter.


"If I liked weak dudes I'd be into you but here we are"

Foids posting shit they wouldn't dare say irl again i see


Every single sentence he wrote was an embarrassment to humanity. It never got better.


"All powerlifting men's records are higher than those of women" That's not even true, though. Marianna Gasparyan holds that all-time total record in the 123lb/56kg class, regardless of sex: https://openpowerlifting.org/rankings/56/by-total

Jesus chould you imagine a 56 kilo man?

just came here to say this is gross


I already thought his program kinda sucks but ew ew ew throw the whole man away. Thank you for posting this, and I'm sorry you had to experience that bullshit.


lmao, he should challenge women who do BJJ or Judo and see what happens

I would pay to see this but she HAS to crush him or he'll only become more insufferable

Foids and delusions. Name a better combo

Heres the "transphobic" part:

I don’t get how it’s transphobic. Also, isn’t Stronglifts for free so if you do it then you aren’t really supporting him are you?

The whole thing of saying a man is less of a man if he's not stronger than (a strong, well-trained, able bodied) woman. What does that imply about trans men? That they're inferior men because they have birthing person anatomy. That they're "abnormal and embarassing" if they can't lift like an able-bodied cis man. Also note how he switches from talking about genders (men, women) to sexes as if they were synonymous. Transphobic.As a general rule of thumb, the "men and women aren't the same, there's differences between the sexes" is a dogwhistle for transphobia.


Llm falls for the most obvious bait i have ever made.
Reported by:

Wow lmao

He and one of his nuthuggers (@_____or however many underscores it is) blocked me, so i want to ask you to tell him this for me:

Fucking loser.

Thats all

Reported by:

I said this a few months back when they changed it so dramacoin increases wether you upvote or downvote that llm was starting to be more open about his anti-trans views, but now you can buy out an agendaposter theme llm has really upped it with the agressive and rightoid seriousposting (registered democrat my tight bussy)

Some assorted examples:





Now the thing you may notice in common in all these threads is they are wildly unfunny and annoying to look at. I think we need to make a llm specific agendaposter theme that you can't buy out of so he stops shitting up the comment section.

Nurse slander reaches the front page. Nurses rush to defend their honour



If you don't work in those units you have absolutely no right to say those nurses are not overworked. You have no fucking idea what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Shut. The fuck. Up. You don't know what you're talking about. Nurses in most places are overworked. There are always lulls in work, however, and time to have fun before getting back into the thick of it. Nurses have had to work while covid positive themselves (in covid wings), with not enough PPE, underpaid, working long hours. Nurses are leaving their jobs in droves leaving behind too few who are expected to do as much if not more than a fully staffed nursing staff. We're in the middle of a fucking global pandemic, and you're trying to talk shit on the people that are actually trying to take care of the population? Of course, not all are great people, but the work is incredibly honorable and intense, especially right now.

Waah i had to work overtime a little pity me

Well thats certainly not true. There are so many more complicated aspects of nursing that you don't understand unless you take the classes for it. Nursing classes. Not high school bio. Give me a fucking break you don't even know what you're talking about.

As someone who was recently in hospital (recent enough to have clear memory) i can assure you all the nurses did was clean me up and pass gauze around.

Lots of people on here having opinions on the field of nursing and nurses specifically when they are not a nurse nor have they talked to a nurse to see what the fuck they're dealing with in the last two years.

Why would i talk to a nurse?

Yeah, comments here are pretty disappointing. The Pepperidge farm one about nurses doing tiktok dances is stupid. Because apparently having a moment to do something other than watch people die isn’t allowed.

Plus, they might have practiced the choreography during their time off.

Lol cope

I'm in healthcare. Yeah, this is true. Mostly in hospital settings with the newer generation of nurses. They grew up watching grey's anatomy and are constantly looking for drama. They like to hate on annoying patients more than understand them. They are usually from well off families too and tend to be conventionally attractive and have decent social media followings. American healthcare had a lot of problems...

Well if that isn't a gross generalization, I don't know what is.

If we want more or better nurses just match politician wages to nursing, not like they can say it's less important. You're welcome

Registered Nurses get paid, on average, $77,500 a year in the U.S. I don't think they're strapped for cash lmfao.

My girlfriend gets offered $80 an hour when they're busy. It's crazy. Like I'm happy for nurses but damn I chose the wrong profession

Heres a hilarious exchange with all the usual redditisms

Nurses are what people become when they don't know to do with their life tbeh

what is the navy?

Thank you Alex, I’ll take the correct versions of this guy’s moronic takes for 2000

I literally work in the hospital, and have got 5 years. I promise you I know more nurses than you have ever met or read about. This is very common knowledge inside of the hospital

No honey, no you don’t. I teach nursing. Go fuck yourself

Yes honey I do, and I've worked in a magnet hospital the entire time.So either you're lying or you've vastly over estimated how hard it is. I've done neuro icu, and psych. I taught new nurses trach care, and how to even out an end, and have been talking down patients for long enough to know where nurses come from and why they've come from it. Not to mention 90% of the nurses that I've met outside of the icu are so dumb they can't spell their names.


Ofc Reddit is mad about people telling embarrassing stories ANONYMOUSLY. Who the fuck cares?

What is confidentiality?

Think what you want, they vent about their patients or they suffer an aneurism and burn out. Nobody is meant to deal with the magnitude of bullshit that they do on a consistent basis.

"I need to keep making tiktoks or i'll have an aneurysm"

It’s SO disheartening how little respect nurses get. It doesn’t matter how much study we’ve done, where we practice, how competent we are. In the end all we get is “you’re too dumb to be a doctor” or “you just carry out orders”, like we’re mindless drones. And the anti-vax nurses have made it 10 times worse for the rest of us, who believe in science and DO think critically, and DO follow or even carry out research. The majority of nurses I work with have their masters, some have their PhD’s, some have multiple degrees in both nursing and chemistry/physics, whatever. It simply does not matter, we are all collectively labelled dumb. I’m sorry to rant, and this is obviously just my opinion, but I’m so over it. I’m at the end of my tether being a nurse. I’m actively looking to get out of it, mostly because people treat you like a trained monkey.

Be less dumb

I took a dive into youtube, came across this video and it spurred me to whore dramacoin start an official discussipn post. I remember briefly discussing this a while back, but it didn't get anywhere

Bottom line is that there is a working surgery to make you up to 3 inches taller.

There is a lot of funny comments there of the 5 foot 4 bitching but thats beside the point

What are the implications of this? The video says that it would take 12 months of surgery and quick research shows it would cost between 30 and 80 thousand dollars, which is a lot, but it would allow you to not be a little king, which is a perk on of itself. Unless you're a gay twimk sub, extra height will be useful for both gussy and plowing. Also, studies prove that tall people are more considered for jobs.

Dramatards, woukd you do it if you were short? Why or why not?

Superstraggots make people seethe 6 months after it was relevant


Highlights, featuring a denial that the joke was on them:

She’s a fat bitch now 😒🙄😤😡 /uj people angry that hot women don’t like them

Toxic incels should be burnt in garbage chutes and if that includes me then I give you permission to do the same to me.

It’s in reference to this really dumb tweet that took a satirical pic of the protagonist and was like, “yeah, this is how she should be presented, no ifs ands or buts!”

actual victims being oppressed edgelords: i sleep people dislike their made up sexuality based entirely around disliking trans people edgelords: NOOOO WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO

In my experience, most people who claim to be super straight make no distinction between pre-op and post-op

It's a "sexual orientation" invented on 4chan with the explicit purpose of appropriating and subverting inclusive language.

Are you saying something shitty, gross, and intentionally offensive poured out of the nightmare void that is 4chan? This is so shocking to me /s

These people make 4chan seem way cooler than it is

I don't judge personal preferences. There's a gigantic chasm between accepting and respecting people, and wanting to fuck them, and I think the latter is entirely personal. That being said: "Super straight" is way more problematic than just beyond what it claims to be. It's a transphobic talking point made as an appeal to ridicule at queer theory in general.

Nooo, somebody attacked the esteemed field of queer theory?

The logic behind the name "super straight" gives away that is really just avout trabsphobia. Their argument is they are "more" straight than other straight people because they are only attracted to "real" (i.e. cis) people. People are welcome to their preference, but basing your "sexuality" on transphobia is (obviously) extremely transphobic.

I mean, the 4chan post that is coined as origin for that made it undoubtedly clear that the Nazi-connection is more than a "coincidence"

Hey can i please see the superstraight modmail archives?

It's a transphobic propaganda campaign.

/uj It's literally an alt-right gambit to turn progressives against trans people who stand up for trans acceptance.

This has gotta be satire.. right?

Nah, it's transphobic propaganda made by alt-right dickweeds who think we're idiots

Can i just point out how much i hate reddit typing? I had to reformat so much shit because these retards put so many paragraph breaks it ruins me meme arrows

Retarded rightoids on rdrama fall for bait yet again
Marseyismywaifu unblocked me, commented this and promptly reblocked me


100 dramacoin to every man that spams him with the :marseycuck: marsey or otherwise bullies him and supplies evidence that they did. (Srs)

Ps 100 dramacoin implies before tax so any transaction tax will be covered by you i'm afraid

Edit: post this

You will never be a staple of drama culture. You have no humor, you have no bants, you have no funny memes. You are a homosexual newfag twisted by internetspeak and a desperate bid to fit in into a crude mockery of rdramas perfection. You have a mental illness called newfag syndrome

All the "validation" you get is two faced and half hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your felow dramanauts laugh at your unfunny schizoposts behind closed doors

Funny people are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of terminal internet use has allowed funny people to sniff out unfunny, dead-on-arrival jokes with incredible efficiency. Even your jokes that "pass" are cringy and forced. Your incessant repitition is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a curious newfag to look at you, he'll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased post history

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it's going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight

Eventually it'll be too much to bear. You'll stop making these "jokes" make a new account, and continue to pursue an even unfunnier "gag". Your fellow dramanauts will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the incessant schizoposts. They'll let your account fade into irrelevancy, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know there is an unfunny bandwagon hopper buried there. Your account will decay and go back to dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a (last active 12 years ago) that is unmistakably cringe

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

(Changelog) made the sending of ILLEGAL plans to BOMB THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT far easier and more streamlined


Test to see if (changelog) still works for all posts

Ahahahahahahaha wow

Get fucked cute twink

Post that did me in btw: https://rdrama.net/post/16272/marsey-cant-take-it-anymore/360767/?context=5#context





The biggest losers in history saltpost for 500 years straight.


Sort by controversial

I wont even post highlight this time, i'd be taking every single comment in the controversial tab

It is a certified(tm) screed of sneed



Highlights may be posted


The obvious racial ignorance is alarming, sure, but I'm also fairly perturbed about the dollar-store paper border around the whiteboard. OP said this was a university? Not a community college or a kindergarten?

This is actually what most men go through in Finland. Refuse to serve in the military and its either slavery for a year or prison for half a year. Maybe a little known fact but its true.

Fuck high school. I know people who were forced to defend slavery for history classes. Why on Earth .

But a bag over head and sell her to the highest bidder. Human trafficking is horrible. 1700 slaves even worse. SHAME ON HER.


If you didn’t say or throw anything. Fuck you

I guarantee that the Heritage Foundation or some other conservative think tank has had multiple meetings focused on this very issue.

These next two are from the same thread:

I mean, if the majority votes for it it’s called democratic socialism and it’s fine

Well, if a book written by paedophiles 3000 years ago says that it's okay, who are you to question the supreme authority of that book?

Sometimes I wonder how people don’t get their ass kicked after shit like this. Seriously.

This is him btw


Always one.

At this point just tell her to drop out. If she can’t do more research than explicitly asking her one racist uncle then she won’t be contributing to society outside of a min wage job. Might as well save herself 100k tuition

Redditors finding perfect advice for someone after glancing at a photo for 2 seconds

Shit like this is why they call y’all devils.


Dahl_fook posting his l's online

Lmao its over for me

Trans lives matter

Edit: developments on dramacord have revealed i was given the theme because a j-slur was trying to give one to @Straggot, missed, hit me and was too fragile to admit he misclicked

Snappy sentient posting has gone down the fucking drain

I remembered when we used to have standards for calling snappy sentient. They would have to post a relevant quote that directly relates to the post.

Now all snappy sentient posting is

@unpopularuser: some dumb shit

@Snappy: ur retard LOL


do better

Carp falls for /ourguys/ bait

A momentously sad occasion as our friendly and lovable dramanaut, carpathianflorist, was found falling for a shit tier bait on our official subreddit

it's not. Dude is fucking nuts

Oh carp, why? Why would you double down when presented evidence you're wrong like that?

Other users also scramble to be just as retarded, proving once again that this place is just smugposting redditors trying to be alternative

This is like when @Landlord_Messiah was revealed to be 5 foot 4 and not 6 foot 5 and gigachads younger brother all over again

Foid gigacoping


Hoes mad nobody wants they crusty ass

Btw the reason i posted a screenshot with link in comment instead of a direct link to drama is because fuck you i want pageviews


Age 30-35, 5'10+, not obese and makes more than 80k, any race and not married. According to statistical data, the probability a guy of the U.S. male population ages 30 to 35 meets your standards is 1.6% 4/5 delusional score... I just adopted a kitten last week and I catch myself talking to her all the time in a baby voice so I'm on track!!!

Do white girls fuck cats too?

also, reality is even worse than those stats because it doesnt factor in that he has to also want you too....lol

I set the age range to 26-56, said I would be happy with someone earning 5k, who has obese but unmarried yet the 6ft criteria sent me straight back into aspiring cat lady territories

Reminder that 10% of americans are 6 foot tall or above

Incels are misogynist sociopaths that failed to meet their own ridiculous standards of masculinity… and they are taking it out on all women, especially those that didn’t give up on themselves. This quiz isn’t even for women, it’s for them to live in the delusion that women are miserable without them.

the thing is, elliot rogers was good looking & he couldve gotten a baddie had he not had a sh!tty personality

As if cat lady is an insult. Pfft. At least cats are cute, unlike those incels

That’s what I’m saying. I know it’s all in fun over here but I refuse to give any of them website traffic. Because now he’ll use the “data” he gets from those using it to make some claim on any of his loser platforms. If he can make a website this is such a waste of time when he could made something more useful. It’s not designed to be helpful bc it’s designed to pretend that women can’t get the type of man they want and need. Men are way more unrealistic than women. There are already plenty of women with low standards and low self esteem out there for these incels bc not all women want to be mentally liberated. Why don’t these focus on the women who would date them? Why do they care what confident and empowered women want? honestly, it may take longer but what a woman wants is usually out there somewhere. These men get intimidated by standards not realizing some women have already met men who do meet the standards. It’s such a miserable existence for these men to pretend they’re happy when they really are filled with self hate that they project on women

Wow what a sad femoid or something idk i dint read

yawn more incel propaganda about how women should be scared of being alone. LOL we do not care. You're not needed to have a full affirming life that we want to live. Men are the ones that are lonely and maybe need to think about what they are validating in their own lives.

I'll stop there because im essentially posting every single comment i see. Its just mountains of seethe and cope everywhere



Oh nooo i got picked on waah

Highlights (only a few today)

That shit stays with you for life, too. I'm fucked up socially as an adult because of how much I got bullied as a child.

Thats a you problem nerd

I’m someone who’s “on the spectrum”, and my younger brother stood up for me when other kids teased me in public elementary school. I think it still might’ve given me self-esteem issues as I grew up.

Imagine needing your younger brother to stick up for you lmao these had to have been the weakest bullies ever

Kids aren’t evil, they just haven’t unlocked empathy in their skill tree yet

Anyone wanna guess why this guy got bullied?

Politically irrelevant losers sneed



Start having them watch some leftist YouTube videos then. PhilosophyTube, ContraPoints, Some More News, John Oliver, HBomberGuy. If they like podcasts, Behind The Bastards and Even More News (same people from Some More News and friends with BtB). Every single one of these channels have cited sources, if they need further proof. Good luck

You know what will deradicalise people? A bunch of even more smug and economically illierate millenials, but these ones weren't even important enough to get an actual tv show

Just tell her that ben Shapiro is a fucking loser like listen to that voice

Lmfao the irony

You're a literal NPC if you're unable to counter Ben fucking Shapiro. Lmfao seriously dude you're just pathetic. Better ignore talking about politics with people in the future.

I would chalk it up to the opposite. It’s a great disadvantage that leftists and Marxists have a long tradition of literature and learning. Ben Shapiro can just shit out something absolutely stupid that sounds right to conservative Americans and get their emotions riled up, whereas the opinions of a socialist require thought and knowledge and time to understand. Once someone is in the defensive state of mind that propagandists like Shapiro put them in, no amount of reasoning will pierce the veil. No doubt you have experienced this yourself.

Active in genzedong and okaybuddyretard

That is why Ben Shapiro should be censored.

Lmfao imagine needing censorship to stop fucking ben

I can’t wait for the broken American conception of “muh freeze peach” to go away forever

People on the left have fought for the enforcement of their right to free speech in the US in order to be able to spread socialist ideas. I think it's strange that some people on the left want to limit people's speech when all past experience shows that it will be the left who will bear the brunt of that.

I meant after the revolution. When those currently in power are in control of free speech, we get the kind of censorship that these tech megacorps dole out to leftist ideas while Shapiro and Alex Jones etc. get recommended. But after the revolution hopefully some kind of slightly more intelligent form of free speech protection can be instituted.

That reminds me? When is this revolution anyways? Better work quick chapo, the second the elites figure out how to attach guns to automatic drones it'll become readily apparent that they, in fact, can stop you all. You better move quickly and organize one. Has the working class stopped being overwhelmingly white and conservative yet? No? Well, how are the attempts to bring people over to the working class? looks at post. This is gonna be the worst revolution ever

I would bet money this isn't real

Nah bitch your ideas are just dumb lmao

You (And her) should watch The Alt-Right Playbook

If anyone took alt right playbook seriously after they unironically took the idea of finding different solutions to commonly agreed upon problems as an example of bad politics, they need to be sterilized

You really do need knowledge to parse politics. If you've got absolutely no idea how the world works, then you've got no frame of reference and any argument is as good as any other argument. >saying it wasn’t okay to force employers to pay a certain amount and that a job making $5/hr is better than no job at all. They needed to stop and think about this. And then learn some economics.

Ah yes, you, sir, are the beacon of truth and hope in figuring out this perverted, twisted world.

Its not your parents of course.

Its not the people who have lived and worked their whole lives in the world you know oh so much about..

Its not the people who were there in the events you sperg about online, the people who have physically watched and experienced and been awestruck by the rapidly changing world swirling back and forth between norms, both on a worldly and domestic scale, shaping the present and future with their prescence and forming the culture you bitch about today.

How could the generation that bridges the gap between the coldwar and the information ages possibly have any insight worth hearing?

No, my young communist friend, you are better than each and all of them. Why? Because i'm your favourite yes man on the internet. And i told you so

  1. Break up with your girlfriend. Dating people who don’t share your core values isn’t going to work out. 2) Accept that your family isn’t going to share your views. Appreciate your relationships with them for what they are and focus on the things you can share and enjoy together. 3) Seek out friends who DO share your values. 4) Don’t worry about “radicalizing” other people. Be honest about your opinions, do what you can to make the world better, and live your own life.

His girlfriend be like "noo please stop don't go."

Log onto her YouTube and search up a bunch of leftist youtubers so you destroy the algorithm and maybe she’ll stumble upon someone she agrees with on the left… it’s difficult when it’s family

Wtf lmao

You could show her all the awful batshit insane things Ben has said. “Arabs blow stuff up and destroy. Jews build and create”

Showing ben shapiro being right, that'll show em

Some people will buy “shit in a can”, if the salesman sounds sincere.

Or maybe ur just wrong about everything

It's not that you are not good, it's that you don't have the manipulative techniques. These people are very good at what they do, and their ideas have been ingrained in people for years. I've had that happend before, but it's been with religion, the brains don't just get washed, they are sanitized, and there is no amount of common sense you can put back in.

You're gonna figure this out on your own one day but you're a bad person

I could never date someone attracted to messages of hate and punching down.

Sure, THATS why you aren't getting any dates

I’ve had 10 years of trying to change my family from being right wing racists. What you’ve written is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve realised it’s pointless saying anything.

At what point do you start to think you might not have anything interesting to say?

It's reaching the points where only a violent silencing of propagandists and their sponsors will work.

The 48 kilo soy based lifeform is getting rather uppity, methinks

Wtf why