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The reduction of men and women to "xx" and "xy" is as scientifically defensible, and as hatefully ideologically motivated, as reducing the determination of who is and who is not "human" via relegating certain ethnicities to "throwbacks", "subhumans", "neanderthals" or "troglodytes" by examining their cheekbones or "cranial capacities".

So, here's the thing:

We transgender people have science, and scientists, and medical science, and psychiatry, and biology, and biologists, and our medical doctors on our side.

And bigots have a lot of people who are weaponising the Fallacy of Composition, platforming nonsense pseudo-science, and allying with theocratic queermisic, homomisic, transmisic violent fascists to demand that we are legally treated as subhuman, while repeating literal Nazi propaganda, being racist against aboriginal peoples and their cultures, and calling transgender people a cult.


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SRS surgeon | anti-hate researcher | anti-evil engineer | former DDR spy | DrMoney student

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The reduction of men and women to "xx" and "xy" is as scientifically defensible, and as hatefully ideologically motivated, as reducing the determination of who is and who is not "human" via relegating certain ethnicities to "throwbacks", "subhumans", "neanderthals" or "troglodytes" by examining their cheekbones or "cranial capacities".

So, here's the thing:

We transgender people have science, and scientists, and medical science, and psychiatry, and biology, and biologists, and our medical doctors on our side.

And bigots have a lot of people who are weaponising the Fallacy of Composition, platforming nonsense pseudo-science, and allying with theocratic queermisic, homomisic, transmisic violent fascists to demand that we are legally treated as subhuman, while repeating literal Nazi propaganda, being racist against aboriginal peoples and their cultures, and calling transgender people a cult.


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  • BeauBiden: Brave dxctxr fighting against transphobia for the rights of thousands of beautiful and valid women
  • rape: let me innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
[R/PLACE] rdrama.net advertising operation [UPDATE: POLL INSIDE]

BE AWARE unless otherwise specified all dates in this post are given in UTC time.

Hello comrades! Good morning east burgers! Good night west burgers! And good evening eurochads, africanx, italianx, asianx and chinxs!

What we know

On 2022-04-01T13:00:00Z Reddit will re-open /r/place for a few day until 2021-04-05T01:00:00Z [1]. I think this is a perfect opportunity to advertise the platform and to generate some reaction both in the chadmins :marseyjanny: and in our dear anti-hate colleagues :marseytrans2: :bardfinn:


We know that sexy Indian dudes :marseytunaktunak: have worked to make /r/place more resilient to «automation [ :marseyfuckoffcarp: ] and will be able to quickly identify bad actors and block them from the experience»[2], so almost certainly the old APIs [3] no longer work and we'll have to do the job by hand without the use of the old bots, at least for the first few hours; also it is advisable to avoid use multiple accounts, at least from the same IP and/or browser identity, to avoid triggering those anti-bad-actors mechanisms imho.

We don't know if they changed any other technical detail of the platform (well, I don't want to read 3k+ sarcastic comments from the average redditor :marseysnoo: to find out). We can assume the following [3]:

  • the canvas will be 1000x1000 in size
  • an user can place a new pixel every 5 minutes
  • the palette use a special 4 bit encode, so only 16 colours (or colors :marseypatriot:) are available. You can find the palette mapped to a normal RGB space here [4]

EDIT: If you've any other intelligence infos regarding the new state of place, report in the comments! I'll add it to this section. :marseyglow: :marseyglow:

The plan


Considering that /r/place will be filled with actors constantly competing to get some canvas' space and considering that it would be improbable to have more than 50 rdrama's übersoldaten at a given time working to conquer the canvas; we should limit the target area as much as possible and also the target area should be far away from the hotspots, that are the borders of the canvas and its centre (or center :marseypatriot:)

:#marseypixel: :#marseyschrodinger:

So here's my idea: a 32x46 art featuring Marsey the cat :marseythumbsup:, rdrama url :marseylaptop: and the trans flag :trans:!
Assuming no attacks from other factions, 50 rdrama's übersoldaten should be able to complete the 1472 pixels composing the image in around 2.5 hours.
I'll suggest to place the upper left corner of the artwork at coordinates 800 horizontal, 800 400 vertical of the canvas. If y'all are happy with the proposal I'll make a map/table featuring the coordinates of each pixel.
In the unlikely case that our honourable mujāhidīn will be able to hold position for a prolonged period of time, we could start expanding the flag horizontally increasing the artwork's visibility.


You can download the Krita file from [5], remember to use the colors from the r/place palette (open the palette docker first), it should be incorporated in the document itself otherwise download it from [4]

[:marseyjourno: NEW! :marseyjourno:] HELPER TOOLS

:#marseytaliban: :#marseytaliban: :#marseyhacker2: :#!marseytaliban: :#!marseytaliban:

In this section I'll add tools to aid the honourable mujāhidīn in their struggle on the canvas

Map navigator

I've wrote this simple js script to aid the honourable mujāhidīn on the battlefield: https://drtransmisia.github.io/pixelmap/

You can load a pixel art, insert the target coordinates of the canvas and it will generate a map of the pixels. Hover the cursor on a cell of the table to get a tooltip containing the coordinates of that pixel. Use the button COMPUTE OPTION A to load the proposal A otherwise you can upload a custom file.


You art sucks!
Yes. I know, I drawn it during a boring lecture surgery. Feel free to propose a better artwork, remember to use the limited palette and to keep the area lower, no more than 2k pixels I'll say.

Not your personal army!
Yes. I just wanted to propose something funny to do together.


Shouldn't this be under CC? :marseycountryclub:
idk. I don't see why, after all we are not bad actors, aren't we?

[1] https://old.reddit.com/r/reddit/comments/tqbf9w/bringing_back_rplace/
[2] https://old.reddit.com/r/reddit/comments/tqbf9w/bringing_back_rplace/i2g3zw5/
[3] https://www.redditinc.com/blog/how-we-built-rplace/
[4] https://lospec.com/palette-list/r-place
[5] https://files.catbox.moe/qvo3jj.kra :marseyhacker: :marseytaliban: :marseytaliban:

Reported by:


BE AWARE unless otherwise specified all dates in this post are given in UTC time.

Thread official soundtrack

Previous thread with discussions, tools and infos

URL to target coordinates



please consult the map and check coordinates before applying the pixel... Marsey's ear is already in wrong position 🤣🤣🤣

CHANGELOG: Clicking on my pixelmap linked below will redirect to the appropriate location on the Reddit's canvas!


You suicidal maniacs seems to like getting your accounts banned. So here's a new plan: attach at coordinates (1078, 436) (1500, 150) with the following map:

![](https://files.catbox.moe/fphddl.png) ![](https://files.catbox.moe/iollvd.png)


The battle

My honorable mujāhidīn, today is the day! On 2022-04-01T13:00:00Z /r/place will open again after five years of closure. It just a matter of hours, practice your daily salat :marseysalat: before deploying yourself in the battlefield that will be the canvas. Today will fight against transmisc bad actors of any kind for our G-d given piece of canvas, they'll try to drown us with their transmisic, homomisic and queermisic propaganda but we will not surrender.

Gentlemen, synchronize your watches, at 2022-04-01T13:00:00Z we'll strike with overwhelming firepower!

Plan of action


As stated in the previous post, 50 dedicated cyber-mujāhidīn should be able to complete the artwork in under 3 hours given a 5 minute cool down and minimal attacks from other parties on the canvas.


Those are just guidelines, do as please. I am not your mama

  • white is a color like the others. You should not prioritize non-white pixels of the model map just because of your bias says that white == empty
  • Try to lay down the 1px blue border, especially in highly contested areas like the western front and the north-ester front
  • Proceed stochastically: choice random pixels from Marsey and place them. Without any particular order, in this way Marsey will "appear" earlier to the eye even if "noise" is still present
  • Concentrate first on Marsey, leave the text for later
  • DO NOT USE ALTs & DO NOT USE ACCOUNTS WITH BAD REPUTATION. At least not on the same browser and/or Internet connection. As stated in the previous post, they have put in place anti-bad-actors mechanisms.
  • Use the lens in the bottom right of the screen to zoom without loosing target's coordinates!


The palette is not the same as in 2017, the colors DO NOT match!
If it is the case I'll update the artwork with the new palette. Until then use whatever color you think is closer to the artwork.

There's no enough manpower personpower! Redditos are drowning us
Yes, we knew it would have been realistically the case...


This will be like when the Prophet ﷺ and his companions conquered Medina in just a day!

:#marseytaliban: :#marseytaliban: :#marseytaliban: :#marseytaliban:

:marseyglow: Intelligence reports :marseyglowing:

:marseysleep: I am going to bed!

Here I left my latest Krita projects, if y'all will need to make some modifications. You'll have to ask a janitor to edit/pin stuff though. cheers! Remember to use the /r/place palette in Krita


War reports

  • 2022-04-01T13:02:00Z /r/place is still private
  • 2022-04-01T13:02:49Z CANVAS IS OPEN. DEPLOY NOW!
  • 2022-04-01T13:03:00Z (circa) First tiles have been placed. The palette is a little different that the last time.
  • 2022-04-01T13:30:00Z (circa) some folks are starting to override Marsey with the trans flag.
  • 2022-04-01T13:50:00Z (circa) THEY HAVE OVERPAINTED MARSEY
  • 2022-04-01T14:00:00Z (circa) Position is lost. they drawn over Marsey. This battle is over.
  • 2022-04-01T14:07:00Z (circa) NEW COORDINATES AT (100,700)
  • 2022-04-01T14:25:00Z (circa) dropped the trans flag :( :(
  • 2022-04-01T15:00:00Z (circa) a fifth of Marsey's head is taking shape somehow. I am pessimistic
  • 2022-04-01T15:02:00Z Removed CC in an extreme attempt to add unapprovedcels to the peopleforce (applies also to the old thread)
  • 2022-04-01T15:59:00Z Screenshot of the map added to the thread
  • 2022-04-01T16:28:00Z A blue 1px border has been added to the artwork. The increase in size will increase the render time but will make other factions less likely to attack
  • 2022-04-01T17:36:00Z An additional border has been added. This will allow the drop of the URL if the situation keeps getting difficult
  • 2022-04-01T18:30:00Z Marsey's head begins to have a good shape. Let's charge to the body and tail. Although we'll have to fight off Croatia for our vital space
  • 2022-04-01T18:52:00Z Marsey is MOSTLY COMPLETED. She misses her tail though. Also we must not forget that this operation is to advertise rdrama, in the next hours we should move on the lower banner
  • 2022-04-01T20:00:00Z (circa) the struggles to reclaim her tail from the Croatians continue without much progress...
  • 2022-04-01T20:30:00Z (circa) THE TAIL HAS BEEN CONQUERED
  • 2022-04-01T21:15:00Z advertisement operations begins. FANCADE OFFENSIVE BEGINS
  • 2022-04-02T01:24:32Z rdrama operation has succeeded
  • 2022-04-02T12:00:00Z (circa) MARSEY IS DEAD RIP
  • 2022-04-02T17:21:00Z Last suicidal operation begins on the new part of canvas

@Aevann or whatever janitor is in office, pls pin :marseypin: and maybe unpin the other idk



The submission in question use one of mottoes of the fascist poet D'Annunzio, which I won't transcribe here to avoid providing the Oxygen of Amplification but roughly translates to who surrenders gets a one way trip to the executioner, a way to glorify the warmongering typical of the fascists ideologies.

Why is the author of that submission yet to be permanently suspended from the platform?

This behavior is disgusting and it really shows the TRUE COLORS of rDrama's administration.


In particular I want the heads of the following fascist adjacent bad faith actors:

  • idio

  • carp

rDrama can't no longer be considered a safe space until those FASCISTS are allowed to operate on the platform.


I'd now like to conclude with some Umberto Eco's points to identify fascism:

  • Contempt for the weak. “Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.”

  • Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”

  • Machismo and weaponry. “Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.”

Literally all stuff glorified by that submission, with the complacency of rdrama's administration.

[LIVE :marseyreportercnn:] :marseyblm: Brave ItalianX :marseyflagitaly: challenges the fascist regime :marseycarpler: by replying to burgers' :marseyburger: questions about Meloni-chan :marseycatgirl3:

No question is too dumb, but please refrain from trolling or provoke.

Feel free to participate, just don't use the j-word, they are particularly sensitive to that :marseyjanny2::marseybongojanny:

I've just seen her speech. She is the most extreme polulist manipulator I know of and clearly a right wing extremist. I mean, she probably doesnt care about left or right, but right-wing extremisme is the easiest flavour of populism. This is Lauren Boobert or Marjorie Tailor Green level, but then not as r-slurred. Pure evil if you ask me.

If you make statements like she did here: https://old.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/xop0pd/italys_new_prime_minister/

You are an extremist. You are not concerned with morality or the truth or whatever. You are just aiming for the dummest of the dummest voters. She is the Italian Trump. Italy should be ashamed of this and Europe should be worried as other countries risk the same thing from happening.

I mean - I don't see how you can't see right through here? She's not exactly hiding it.

Dude, walk in any Church in Italy on Sunday and listen to the sermon. She's just talking to her electoral body.


Because this level of idiotic political debate is the norm in Italy, and it has been since the 90's at the very least. Go listen to some Salvini speeches from 2018, you will hear the same bs she is pushing. We are not alarmed not because we approve of Meloni, but because we have been through this. A politician drums up the populist bullshit, promising to change everything, gets elected, and nothing fundamentally changes. The right doesn't even have a constitutional majority; even if they agree on a reform, they will need to win a referendum. And she is not the Italian Trump, that man has already been prime minister, in the opposition, and then prime minister again.

top moderator encourage userbase to brigade

This is a violation of Reddit ToS. @Grassmaxxxing-user, @schizoSQL you should be ashamed.

r/europe | The Supreme Soviet :!marseycomradehandshake: of the EU declares: Hungary is no longer a full democracy :marseyflaghungary::marseyhitler::!marseyflaghungary:

My grandfather is from Hungary. Unwashed I was (silly autocorrect :D) there many times and want to go there again. But I won’t visit under these circumstances

Visit untill we're still in the EU and you can. Don't mind the government the country is just as nice as it was before

It is literally not just as nice. More trash, more sad, angry, desperate, empoverished people. The deteriorarion is very visible.

That's just Eastern Europe in general tho? What are you talking about


In what way? Democracy doesn't mean liberal, from the looks of it, they can vote for their leaders.

They can't actually, since Orban rigs elections in his favor.


There's no proof that link that the election is rigged.

There don't need to be proof. It has only to align with the feelings of the hivemind to be accepted

:#soycry: WHERE ARE THE SOURCE????

Try these: * Burnt mail-in ballots for opposition parties found in Romania (near town with large Hungarian population): https://hungarytoday.hu/discarded-burnt-postal-ballots-scandals-postal-voting-hungary-fidesz-opposition-rmdsz/

:!#chadsoylent: Here, chud

You go not with Washington - you no longer democracy😂 time to find oil/nuclear bomb/terrorists/some new bullshit 😆

emoticon overdose

:#marseycop: Emojis? On my Reddit? From a chud?


On the first beach level you can untie a sail from a boat to obtain the rope item. You can then head under the pier for a secret interaction with the roof.

It's a pretty :marseyglam: easy trick :marseyflareon: too, I get it around 41% percent :marseymutt2: of the time :marseywait:

The submission was published over two hours ago and yet rdrama's administration has to remove the comment.

The internet is weak. The race of chads is failing. The blood of the masterrace all but spent. Its pride and dignity forgotten. It is because of soys, that big gay survives. I was there, Gandalf, I was there 10 years ago. When tokenism entered every webcomic. I was there the day goofy characters were replaced by gayness. I led the internet to rdrama. The place where gayops were forged - the one place where it could be chudawarded. It should have ended that day. But trash content was allowed to endure. The internet embraced "relatability" and "inclusiveness". :marseychristmaself:


How do you win? By grooming a certain amount of minors on Discord?

Use of the g-slur.


Possible alt right dogwhislte, as always from @Snappy. Unfortunately, anti-hate science has yet to decipher those messages

Reported by:

In remembrance of September 11: one of the darkest days for Democracy :marseycomrade::marseyrevolution::marseyauthleft:

September 11, 1973 is one of the darkest days for democracy. Let us review together the facts and causes that led to this tragedy.

In 1970 Salvador Allende of the Socialist Party of Chile won the presidential election. During his tenure, Salvador Allende pursued a policy he called "The Chilean Way to Socialism." This included nationalization of certain large enterprises (especially copper), reform of the health care system, a continuation of his predecessor's reforms regarding the school system, a program for free milk distribution for children, and an attempt at land reform. The previous government of Eduardo Frei had already partially nationalized copper, acquiring 51 percent of the foreign-owned mines. Allende expropriated the remaining percentage without compensating the U.S. companies that owned the mines.

In the first year of his government, the economic and social situation improved considerably. However, the Chilean economy relied mainly on copper exports and was therefore at the mercy of fluctuations in the price of this raw material. Adverse fluctuations in the international price of copper had a negative influence on the Chilean economy during 1971-72. The price of copper fell from a high of $66 per ton in 1970 to only $48 in 1971 and 1972.

On June 29, 1973, an armored regiment under the command of Colonel Roberto Souper surrounded the presidential palace in a violent but unsuccessful coup attempt, the so-called Tanquetazo. That failed coup was followed by another attack in late July, which this time was joined by copper miners.

Several popular protests caused by the economic crisis also followed. By August 1973 a constitutional crisis was clearly upon us: the Supreme Court publicly complained about the government's inability to enforce the law, and on August 22 the Chamber of Deputies accused the Allende government of unconstitutional acts and appealed to military ministers to ensure constitutional order.

Thus on September 11, 1973, General Pinochet, leading the army, seized power in a coup by laying siege to the Presidential Palace, attacking it by land and bombing it with British-made Hawker Hunter fighters. Allende died in the course of the attack.

It is superfluous to recall the violence and brutality of the Pinochet regime. However, it is important, in my opinion, to remember the role that the United States of America played in this coup.

I want to quote the words of Henry Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1973 and U.S. secretary of state at the time of the events, about the election of Allende: "I don't see why we should sit idly by and watch as a country becomes communist because of the irresponsibility of its people. The issue is too important for Chilean voters to be left to decide on their own."

While the U.S. government's hostility to the Allende government is not questioned, the role and degree of U.S. involvement in the coup remained a debated issue for a long time. Declassified documents during the Clinton administration show that the U.S. government and the CIA had sought to overthrow Allende in 1970, immediately after his election ("Project FUBELT").

Immediately after the Allende government took office, the U.S. sought to apply economic pressure on Chile. National Security Council documents, later declassified by the Clinton presidency, include "Decision Memorandum No. 93," dated November 9, 1970, written by Kissinger and addressed to the heads of diplomacy, defense and intelligence. This document declared that pressure should be placed on the Allende government to prevent its consolidation and limit its ability to implement policies adverse to the U.S. and its interests in the hemisphere, such as Allende's complete nationalization of several foreign companies and the copper industry.

The Nixon administration was undoubtedly pleased with the outcome of Pinochet's coup; in fact, Nixon had spoken disapprovingly of the failed coup earlier that same year.

The U.S. provided material support to the regime after the coup, even as it criticized it in public. A document published by the CIA in 2000, titled "CIA Activities in Chile," revealed that the CIA actively supported the military junta after the overthrow of Allende and that many of Pinochet's officers became paid informants for the CIA or the U.S. military, although some were known to be involved in human rights abuses.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Dutch :marseyduck2: DIY enthusiasts build grandstand :gigachad: to see motor-race :marseyracist::marseyracist::marseyracist::marseyracist: r/italy :marseyflagitaly: copes

Police in action in Monza to stop some Dutch fans who are a little too "passionate". The agents intervened in the camping area near the Prima Variante and here they surprised some fans from the Netherlands, who had introduced a few tons of material such as scaffolding, pipes, fittings and platforms to create a large grandstand right next to it. of the network that delimits the stretch of track of the autodrome.

The policemen identified 80 fans coming mainly from Holland, finding that the campers, some of them in a state of alcoholic alteration, were starting to assemble a real stand. Having verified this circumstance, a first truck loaded part of the building material. Today, further loads of scaffolding and pipes were carried out which were then definitively cleared from the camping area, always under the control of the officials and staff of the Monza and Brianza Police Headquarters.

Cool they integrated right away

Citizenship now



Dr Richard Stallman publishes a GNU C Manual :marseyneko:

compiled PDF by some anon: https://www.cyberciti.biz/files/GNU-C-Language-Manual/GNU%20C%20Language%20Manual.pdf


:marseyfloyd::marseyfloyd: I CAN'T PING :marseyfloyd::marseyfloyd: | I AM THE MOST OPPRESSED MINORITY ON THIS WEBSITE :marseymariachi:



I was requested (like an offer you can't refuse :marseygodfather:) by the janitorial team to stop pinging, that is to stop saying the following words:

  • the a-word

  • the c-word

  • the i-word

  • the d-word

  • the k-word

  • the t+h-word

  • the s-slur

  • the s-word

  • the s-word

  • the g-word


Why did (((they))) do this?

Because I am PoC and non-binary proud xing.

What are the consequences for the site?

The literature is clear about it, once a community is forbidden to ping, it's doomed to die. THINK ABOUT /R/DRAMA


How can I help?

You can help by using the c-word in your submissions.



Really makes you think.



Any comments about 🇮🇪 not being 🇮🇹 will be flagged and reported as ableist. We stand also in solidarity with our colorblind sisters :marseycarpautism::marseycarpsnipe:

:marseykiwi2: What is KiwiFarms? :marseynull: | #DROP KIWIFARMS | Together we will stop hate and harrassment. :marseyblm::marseyblm:

What is KiwiFarms?

A Culture of Hate

The Goals of the KiwiFarms Community

Kiwi Farms is far-right hate forum where users create and participate in threads dedicated to the harassment of online figures, primarily featuring neuro-divergent and transgender individuals. The targets of those threads are often subject to having their personal and private information exposed and published in these threads, usually including addresses, telephone numbers, emails, and more. This is a practice known as “doxxing” and is the fundamental to the operation of the site.

These actions can escalate, sometimes resulting in small-scale pranks — like ordering food to a target’s house in order to let them know that their location has been compromised — to more severe actions, like calling in security threats to police stations local to the target in order to induce a violent police response against the subject of their harassment. This is a tactic known as “swatting,” named after the overwhelming and often violent response that American SWAT teams bring to bear to these threats.

Sometimes, this harassment becomes so overwhelming that the victims of this abuse seek to end their own life, as happened with three victims: Chloe Sagal, Julie Terryberry and Near/Byuu.

Users on this site are known to celebrate these suicides when they occur, going as far as to keep “Kill Counts” in their profile bios. Users with Kill Counts in their profile are signalling that they participated in one of the harassment threads of a victim who ended up taking their own life.

If this sounds more like murder, that’s because it is. And users of the forum have become so alienated from their targets that they don’t see their victims as humans so much as pawns in a game where the goal is to end the victim’s life -- an express goal of many users on the forum, and a reason they target the most vulnerable.

The Beginning

The Origins of “the Farms”

The website now known as Kiwi Farms originally evolved from a Wiki site dedicated to documenting and harassing a neurodivergent trans woman known as Christine Weston Chandler in 2008, called CWCki, pronounced “quickie”. This site then spawned its own forum (the CWCki Forums) in 2012 as other places around the internet — including notorious cesspools like Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4chan — either grew tired of discussing Chandler or were unwieldy platforms for the kind of engagement users demanded.

The website grew to target other victims, many of whom share characteristics with Chandler. That growth led to a shift in the forum’s focus and they would rebrand as Kiwi Farms in 2015. It has now become a general-use harassment forum with a focus on queer and neurodivergent people with an online presence, interchangeably using common and invented slurs to create an insular community and dehumanize their targets.

Over the years, the website would move from host to host until switching over to Josh Moon’s company, now known as 1776 Solutions, in 2018. In its original filing, 1776 Solutions was called Final Solutions, a reference to the Holocaust.

The Modern State of Kiwi Farms

When running, the website now features 34 sub-forums with approximately 47,000 threads and over 9 million individual posts. While a good number of threads are off-topic conversations common to any community forum, like music, gaming and food, the vast majority of threads and posts are devoted to documenting and harassing targets.

The website also has a live chat feature and a Telegram group. They would have a presence on other social media platforms but the site or the owner, Josh Moon, have been banned from many of them.

Every new proposed victim, who they call “lolcows” is initially vetted through a forum called the “prospering grounds” — previously called “proving grounds” — where members decide if a potential target is worth devoting a thread to.

These potential threads are often written with enormously detailed posts on proposed targets, meant to include all kinds of embarrassing information: leaked photos, addresses, phone numbers, emails, interpersonal interactions stretching back decades, deadnames, online aliases, membership in various online communities and more. While the research is exhaustive, the information is often not accurate and has been used to slander or embarass victims to friends, families, employers and communities.

The Impact

With threads on thousands of people, Kiwi Farms can threaten anybody with a harassment campaign — one reason people rarely speak out. The site has led to victims losing income or employment altogether, support systems, communities, friends, family and more. Sometimes harassment campaigns force victims offline altogether. In the most serious circumstances, Kiwi Farms and its attendant harassment can drive a victim to take their own life.

Julie Terryberry


Julie was a 19 year old neurodivergent girl who also suffered from ADHD. Upon Kiwi Farms’ discovery of her through her eccentric Facebook and OKCupid rants, it was obvious she was a victim of domestic abuse and grooming. She had been in a long term relationship with her 28-year-old boyfriend and bore visible signs of physical and mental abuse. Kiwi Farms took it upon themselves to bully, stalk, and harrass Julie for almost a year, until shortly after her 19th birthday when she took her own life by hanging herself in the run down shack she and her abuser lived in.

Following the death, Kiwi Farms owner Josh Moon would release a statement on the forum titled “How our community handles death”. In this post he would blame Julie, calling what she did selfish. He even made the claim that forum users extended her life by calling the police — a sly reference to swatting attempts — but because she, a victim of abuse and manipulation, didn’t cooperate with the police, she was to blame.

Moon would then go on to call anyone feeling guilty for their actions “embarrassing” and self-aggrandizing. They would ultimately refuse to take responsibility, and celebrated her death.

Chloe Sagal


Chloe Sagal was an indie game developer. In 2013, she opened a campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, claiming she had metal poisoning and needed treatment. However, she actually used the money for gender affirming surgery. After this information was made public, information which outed her as trans, she caught the attention of g*mergaters and Kiwi Farms. What followed was years of transphobic harassment, stalking and death threats until 2018, when she took her own life by setting herself on fire.

According to Sagal’s friend, she had tried to talk through her struggles with suicidal thoughts on Facebook in the months prior to her death, but her pleas for help were silenced after Kiwi Farms users mass reported her account and locked her out of Facebook.

Following her death, news outlets would attribute the death to Kiwi Farms. Once again, the site’s users celebrated Sagal’s death while claiming no responsibility. They instead shifted the blame to “g*merGate”. While g*merGate was a major player, they were enabled by the information held on Kiwi Farms, and it would be disingenuous to say the two were completely separate. One of Moon’s other sites was g*merGate.us, which was a way to send emails anonymously for the purpose of harassment. Kiwi Farms denies responsibility, and blames Chloe for lying about the Indiegogo.



Near, also known as Byuu, was a non-binary software and emulator developer whom the forums developed a thread on. Despite the thread being short, Near found it distressing enough that In June 2021, he emailed Joshua Moon with an offer of $120,000 USD to take the thread down. In a series of emails between Near and Moon, Near explained why exactly a short thread would cause so much distress and tried to negotiate any means possible of having the thread taken down.

Two days after Joshua Moon rejected his offer, and before Near took their own life, Near wrote a twitter thread where they blamed Kiwi Farms for pushing them over the edge.

Moon would make a long post in which he called the offer extortion, and even made the claim that Near was not actually dead. His evidence was that Near’s death in Japan did not show up in American death records, and that the thread was “too short” and irrelevant in their eyes to cause suicide.

The widespread reporting of the suicide led to Kiwi Farms being dropped by their domain register, DreamHost, forcing them to go with Cloudflare. Despite media outlets confirming Near’s death, Kiwi Farms denies responsibility by maintaining that Near is not actually dead — a necessity for them, as Near is the only victim to leave a note specifically blaming Kiwi Farms.

Christchurch Shooting

There is at least one country where Kiwi Farms is banned: New Zealand. This is because of how Kiwi Farms handled the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting. The shooter uploaded his manifesto, and shared links to livestreams, where he would broadcast his massacre of 52 people in 2 mosques. One website that hosted the shooter’s videos and manifesto, 8chan, was booted off its host, but Kiwi Farms users would take both the manifesto and video of the live stream and redistribute it using their site.

The New Zealand police would send a notice to Josh Moon, demanding his cooperation in finding the users responsible for spreading the material. Moon responded by posting a long, profanity riddled rant about how New Zealand was a “f**t country” and their laws didnt apply to him. As a result, the government ordered all ISPs to block access to Kiwi Farms, a block that remains to this day.

The Owner

Prior History

Joshua Moon, the owner of Kiwi Farms, has a long history of online harassment. From at least as far back as 2008, Moon was a known serial harasser in a forum devoted to the game Blocklandm where he earned a reputation for harassment, misogyny, doxing, stalking, threats of physical violence, rape threats, murder threats and more. There were some specific users he took a particular interest with whom he had developed relationships with, deepening his level of harassment and abuse towards him. This behavior lasted for years before he moved on to other forums.

Kiwi Farms Ownership

In 2012, Moon began helping at CWCki Forums and worked towards finding a hosting solution. This was meant to insulate them from the frequent occurrence of webhosts kicking them off their platform for hosting objectionable content.

His offer to help host the site allowed him moderation duties alongside the site’s founder, named Champthom. That initial setup gave Moon significant control over the functions of the site and allowed him to begin a functional takeover as Champthom retired in from administrating in 2015.

That transition period wasn’t popular with many users of the site, and it involved Moon driving admins to leave or removing them outright. In this way, Moon changed the site from a collaborative wiki to a top-down forum structure, which coincided with a rebranding of the site to Kiwi Farms from CWCiki Forums.


At the same time, Moon was hired by the creator of 8chan — an offshoot of the imageboard 4chan, designed to host content too objectionable even for the notoriously offensive 4chan — to work in the Phillipines to overhaul 8chan’s back end and ready the site for greater traffic. After numerous failures, Moon fled the Phillipines for America and burned through the money donated to him to rework the site.

His testing for the projects involved a mirror site called 16chan, where he hosted Child Fetishism content, meant for drawn and written content. This became a hub for libertarianphiles to fantasize and write about their disturbing desires. The site closed in 2016.

There is a long history connecting Moon to libertarianphilia, from his posts at Blockland expressing an affinity for even more extreme versions of child porn featuring pain as well as depictions of child porn cloaked in “neko shota,” or drawn half-cat, half-boy pornography. That, combined with his association with both 8chan and 16chan, known hubs of child pornography, has led to a significant history of Moon working with and for libertarianphiles.

Along with those more heinous connections are his direct expressed beliefs about Black people, women, Jewish people, trans people and Muslims. Moon has consistently used slurs to describe every one of those groups of people. He has talked at length about dog-whistle anti-Semitic and racist conspiracies like the Great Replacement Theory, to more explicit political beliefs like his wish that all Muslims and refugees be killed or his belief that feminism is ruining Western culture.


The attached folder contains resources concerning Kiwi Farms and Joshua Moon.


oh btw if you clicked the URL with your G account, congratulations!


@gigachadglow @Schizo send their regards

Take Action

Contact Cloudflare

Participate in the email campaign

Our first action with the launch of this site is a letter writing campaign directed towards Cloudflare staff to increase the pressure on them to #DropKiwifarms

Participation in this action is very simple. We have provided a pre-written email, as well as instructions on who and how you can begin reaching out to Cloudflare employees to express your concerns.


Our Purpose

Why contact Cloudflare directly?

Moon has registered several companies for his various ventures, one of which is Lolcow, LLC.

Lolcow, LLC owns and operates Kiwi Farms, while 1776 Hosting, originally called Final Solutions Hosting, hosts the website. His companies won’t bow down to pressure from outside, so the best course of action will be to pressure companies that provide Moon and Kiwi Farms the necessary services they need to continue perpetuating hate.

At the moment, Kiwi Farms contracts with Cloudflare to provide a number of services including a reverse proxy — a server that acts as a gateway to the actual website. That provides encryption services, data analysis tools, load management services, caching and — critically — protection against a form of digital attack called DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service.

Cloudflare is essential to the operation of Kiwi Farms, as Moon’s unethical, illegal and harmful activities, as well as the activities of its users, have created substantial communities of people that rightfully want Kiwi Farms to end its campaigns of hate and harassment.

In the past, Cloudflare has ended its business relationship with other websites, including Nazi website the Daily Stormer and extreme imageboard site 8chan. With your help, Cloudflare may be pressured into severing its relationship with Kiwi Farms as well.

We have been keeping the #DropKiwifarms and #CloudflareProtectsTerrorists hashtags trending for days, but we also need to reach good people at Cloudflare to create an internal groundswell of support within the company to end its protection of far-right hate forums like Kiwi Farms.

In order to do that, we need to mount a respectful but persistent email campaign to employees of Cloudflare so that they can move the company to take action. Below is a list of employees and their emails at Cloudflare and linked here is a template of an example email you can send.

Our goal is not to harass, it is to end harassment. Be polite but clear in your emails and be specific in what you’re looking for. If you are a Cloudflare customer or someone who is legitimately looking in the market for the types of services Cloudflare provides, it is appropriate to mention that without being overbearing. This is a persuasion campaign that requires diligence, persistence and politeness.

Further Action

This is only the beginning of #DropKiwifarms. We will add any future actions we plan to take beyond the initial email campaign to this section, so be sure to check back for updates.

One of our other actions will be contact Cloud VPS, another Netherlands based company that provides email services for Kiwifarms. Information for how to contact them can be found here

Phone: +31 (0)85 - 760 02 33
Sales: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]
Billing: [email protected]
Fax: +31 (0)10 - 433 4460

Fiberhub, which provides hosting services for Kiwifarms, will also need to be contacted and encouraged to end their relationship with the forum. Their contact information can be found here

Phone: (702) 487-3838
Email: [email protected]


  • Put pressure on Cloudflare to drop Kiwi Farms as a client
  • Contact Cloud VPS and Fiberhub to encourage them to drop Kiwi Farms as a client
  • Spread the word about the nature of KiwiFarms.net and its founder, Joshua Moon
  • Honor those who have faced harassment at the hands of the site and its users
  • Do our part to bring an end to online hate targeting vunerable communties
[:bardfinn:] DrOaken, expert in communities' moderation :marseyjanny:, explains why resigning moderators :rdramajanny::marseycatgirljanny: regret doing it for :marseybux: FREE :marseybongojanny::marseybux: (inb4 Reddit :marseykatamarireddit: provides The Oxygen of Amplification :marseycope:)


Decent comment til the end when he tried to get pity for volunteering his time for "profit-making entity that is reddit".

It's common idiom that has multiple connotations.


The connotation OrzBlueFog intends - and I'm going to be confident in this statement - is this:

OrzBlueFog regrets having invested time, energy, and social capital into helping individuals and communities come to Reddit - as opposed to some other social media - because of the anti-social evils that beset those communities (as a community and as individuals) when they operate on Reddit.


Reddit created a sitewide rule against hate speech & hate groups in summer 2020. It took over two years for that rule to be applied to TumblrInAction & SocialJusticeInAction, despite constant reporting that their audience & their subreddit operators engaged in targeted hate speech & targeted harassment.


It took over a year beyond that rule for Reddit to shut down MGTOW - which was quarantined before the rule was instituted, specifically in response to FBI court filings which named the group as a gender-based ideologically motivated violent extremist group. Just shy of "This is a terrorist group" - it is the US government saying "this is a violent criminal enterprise", and it just kept operating out of Reddit for more than a year after the hate rule was set. Even then, it only was closed because its operators decided to direct people to flood other subreddits with hate speech and it made their reports processing backlog over a week.


It's hard to be confident in bringing people to a site where the racists can dogpile false reports on a comment which says "reddit has a problem with violent racists and must reject them", and get that author suspended from the site - but which rules enforcement department also returns as "not violating" comments containing textbook racist slurs.

Through all of this, Reddit makes money.


It makes money by hosting these hate groups. It will take steps to make sure it doesn't make money directly from the hate group, by cutting off running adverts in the subreddit and cutting off awards in the subreddit --

but that's one subreddit.

And they don't even suspend the racists when they close their racist subreddits - I still see people active in hate groups today on Reddit who I have tagged from hate groups closed in 2018.


And they'll open a new account and their buddies will put them back in subreddit mod spots and they'll keep going.


It's hard to be confident that Reddit values people as people, when they let the people who ran CringeAnarchy make dozens of more subreddits after that - including CringeTopia [ carp 's failed toy, really makes you think... :marseyanticarp::marseyanticarp:], which has ~1.8 million subscribers & is private so that they don't have to deal with people reporting hatred in the subreddit.

MAGA NAZIS :marseymagahat::marseyhitler2: show their hypocrisy :marseyakshually: when confronted on free speech :marseyfreezepeach::marseyfreezepeach::marseyfreezepeach:

How is the left against free speech again? I've never gotten a straight answer

Lol bc they censor conservatives all the time. They are ok with free speech from their point of view but not from conservatives

I've been "censored" by right-wingers loads of times, That doesn't mean they hate free speech

:soyjakmaga::soyjakmaga::soyjakmaga::soyjakmaga: What do you mean I can't remove your liberal shit????

Is twitter collectively controlled by the left? they're a private company, and can therefore have the right to choose who has aceess to their service, isn't that what you right-wingers want?

Go to a public University and proclaim there are two sexes and two genders.

:marseywitchtriggered::marseywitchtriggered: YIKES

Being silenced in the Temple of Science for sciencemisia isn't anti free speech, chud

Morphological and chromosomal sexes in Mammalia are a bimodal distribution, not exclusive categories drawn from some Natural Law Eternal Ideals;

There are potentially infinite sex types in humans, and science doesn't prescribe who is "male" and who is "female", only tries to describe the diversity of human sexual types.

Because of this, there are no morphological (nor chromosomal) holotypes nor allotypes for the Homo sapiens taxon -- neither morphological, nor chromosomal, nor genetic, nor epigenetic -- upon which a defensible, "Scientific" or "Biological" axiomatic claim of "Sex" being exclusively, binarily, "Male" or "Female" could rest.

There's an "XY-chromosomed" woman carrying to term her first child; There is scientific literature demonstrating that women with XY predominant chromosome typing can reproduce. There are XX men, women with Klinefelter, men with Klinefelter, non-binary human beings with Klinefelter.

This is an editorial by the editors of Nature, the single highest citation index scientific periodical in the world, supporting this fact, and relating it to gender, a social construct related to biological differences but also rooted in culture, societal norms and individual behaviour.

A genetic typing test does not determine whether someone is "sexually" or socially a man or a woman!

The rhetorical formation of "Biological women" is not supported scientifically, and is a rhetorical formation that signifies "Only cisgender women, and never transgender women", in a manner which the person using it hopes allows them to escape negative consequences for hatred of, and discrimination against, transgender women.

The reduction of men and women to "xx" and "xy" is as scientifically defensible, and as hatefully ideologically motivated, as reducing the determination of who is and who is not "human" via relegating certain ethnicities to "throwbacks", "subhumans", "neanderthals" or "troglodytes" by examining their cheekbones or "cranial capacities".

So, here's the thing:

We transgender people have science, and scientists, and medical science, and psychiatry, and biology, and biologists, and our medical doctors on our side.

And bigots have a lot of people who are weaponising the Fallacy of Composition, platforming nonsense pseudo-science, and allying with theocratic queermisic, homomisic, transmisic violent fascists to demand that we are legally treated as subhuman, while repeating literal Nazi propaganda, being racist against aboriginal peoples and their cultures, and calling transgender people a cult.

This is not a debate subreddit. This is not a soapbox subreddit. The hateful talking points of bigots are not platformed here, not given credence here, not lent credibility by being "seriously considered" in a manner that belies the fact that they're exactly as credible as the bigots who put people to death for saying the world is 6 billion years old, or persecuted scientists for saying that humans evolved from a common ancestor with other modern primates.

I hope this clears things out

Reported by:

:marseytransflag2::marseytransflag2: I am proud to announce that I am sponsoring the :marscientist: DIY HRT directory :!marseytransflag2::!marseytransflag2:


Healthcare is a human right, and no one should be denied gender-affirming care because transmisic extremists in office deny trans people their rights. This directory has saved lives and will continue to in the future.


When i was covering it at a medical convention, a teenager from Texas in the public said when the ban on people under 18 receiving gender affirming care happened, he used this directory to continue medical transition. This is the path forward to help kids affected by these laws.

Share the site with those who need it, but not to transmisic bad faith actors: use common sense!

Whether it's due to cost, familial issues, or a myriad of other reasons, for many trans people HRT is inaccessible. If you or someone you know fit into this category, this site is designed to help.

post thumnail
r/europe discusses | Finland’s :marseyflagfinland: PM is a young woman :marseyyass: in power :marseysuffragette: having some fun :marseypartyzoom: in her free time


I hope she resigns, and soon. We are in a time of unprecedented crisis and our institutions need to be unimpeachable if we are to survive.

Lol god forbid she relaxes socially

Nah look if russia attacks us which could happen lets face it i dont want our prime minister drunk or off coke partying with tik tok celebrities when she needs to make vital decicions


MASSIVE incel vibes from /u/Lamppumies ‘s comment history. Very on brand, considering what I’m replying to.

Masstagger's chads simply cannot stop winning :bardfinn::bardfinn:

Lol incel vibes because they don’t want their PM to be drugged tf out dancing with random dudes?

  • She passed a drug test.
  • You kind of told on yourself at the end of that comment, bucko.
  • You have a pretty interesting comment history yourself: “Nordic countries aren’t happy”, “Religion demonstrably, verifiably, and empirically improves peoples lives more” lolwut?

Went like a week back in my comment history just to quote something that’s true LOL fucking loser.


Chud continue too reply for several other leves....

It is a disgrace for her position. The next step is for her to start OF side hustle.

Where's the problem, chud? Having a side-job is now a bad thing?

nice to see kremlbots arriving here and upvoting each other

EXACTLY my thought. They're getting easier to spot, I think they're running out of some of the older, more legit-looking accounts.


“everyone who disagrees with me isnt even real man”


What should she do in her free time? :D

Something that is not degenerate? She should remember that she is representing a country after all. Is partying with tatas out and bouncing is the only way for a prime minister to spend her spare time?

YIKES degenerate the nazi dog whistle. You're mask is slipping of chud


What is not degenerate for example? :D

Sport? Running, cycling, boxing?

→ Cotinues

It would be totally acceptable if she wasnt the fucking prime minister

So the prime minister isn't allowed too have some innocent innocuous fun? What's next, chud, denying that TRANS LIVES MATTER ??

People want to pretend like it’s no big deal, haven’t drawn the connection that their head of government can be easily blackmailed.

→ Cotinues

Typical burger conservative cockroach coming polluting /r/europe with his Q-anon tier conspiracy theories


All this drama for this triviality is just a giant smoke bomb for the "media", for both sides.

I don't think her husband finds this as triviality.

If her husband has a problem with a strong impended women she'd be better of dumping him.

Oh my God, all this simping for Finland's PM is ridiculous. I am all for politicians having fun in their free time (they are humans afterall), but she has completely crossed the line. She is not a high school student anymore, she is the leader of a country, for Christ's sake.

Just imagine the meltdown that would follow if it was Trump who partied inside the White House with topless influencers making out, or if he was the one who would kiss other women in nightclubs. I doubt that The Guardian would support his actions.


has been sitting at over 400 upvotes for days. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE JANITORS???

→ Cotinues with some Orange Man meltdown


I would kinda appreciate if foreigners just shut the hell up about it. It's pretty clear that many of these articles don't really understand the core of the problem. Which is understandable, because the discussion surrounding this veered off the rails immediately here as well.

Sanna Marin has sort of sold herself as a "brave and beautiful" brand internationally, which absolutely makes takes like this biased as hell. She is the fucking prime minister, her attributes are not relevant at all. Her continuing lack of judgement regarding her own role and her private life and the responsibilies of the prime minister to represent the state 24/7 is absolutely valid criticism. This cultish person worship just because she's young-ish and good looking and even with her flaws, fairly professional, is absolutely omega cringe.

yikes a finnish chud. What a surprise over 20 entries in my masstagger's database


If she was a male, we would not see this many articles defending this behaviour.

If she was male she would be sacked by now for clinging on to someone they weren’t married to. Also no 36 year old man with 2 kids has ever been described young.

I agree with your first point, but people have called Trudeau young in his mid 40s

men and female age differently (there is a reason you dont see "hot" older women with younger men as a norm no matter how much cash she has, men case youth, women chase stability)

biologically (reproduction wise) he is still young, while female eggs are long toasted at her age

the idea that men and women are equal is not biologically or social rational


The probability too encounter incel propaganda on /r/europe increases proportionally with the depth of the comments' tree, reaching circa 1 at level 5.


[:bardfinn:] DrOaken, expert in social media management :marseyjanny2:, explains the problems of hate speech :chudsey: on Twitter :marseybluecheck::marseybluecheck:

Thanks, it wont be long until many of them [German Atomwaffen Division, a far-right neonazi terrorist organization :marseyunpettable:] are banned. I also reported stuff like them directly replying to trans people referencing 41%.

unfortunately, because of things like TXHB21 (or whaever the Texas social media "free speech" bill is), and overall incompetence, Twitter's AUP enforcement often just closes reports with "no trouble found".

I've seen people get suspended for saying "go away Nazi" and the nazi is untouchable; I've seen reports not get processed for 5 months.


and now Mudge - the former security exec for Twitter and a highly respected infosec professional - has stepped forward and blow the whistle on Twitter just being a complete infosec failure - things like India's most powerful political party forcing Twitter to hire a political officer who then had unrestrained access to everyone's data - PII, PMs, private accounts, deleted data, everything.

And Twitter had GOP political flaks working inside that security cordon during the 2016 and 2020 elections

Twitter is a public health hazard, an attractive nuisance. It would be better if everyone abandoned it.


bbbb :marppy: writes a song | Blue Jeans and Bloody Tears :marppyenraged::marppyenraged:

Tears will always have wet eyes

I’ll cry but I'll survive

On a mission

I will let you go forever

Blue jeans and bloody tears

Blue jeans and bloody tears

There’s no life without your life in misery

Blue jeans and bloody tears


Reported by:

  • Solzhenitsyn: Warning: fr*nch people may be commenting in this thread
Effortpost r/europe | Algeria :marseyflagalgeria: drops french language :marseydeux::marseyguillotine: and replaces it with eng***h :marseybong: | europeans discuss :marseynapoleon:

"By adopting the English language in primary schools for the first time in history, Algeria would have "severed the final blow" to the language of Molière"

Whoever wrote the article still has some progress to make... "Severed the blow"???


You know your English is bad when the French correct it.


How is this surprising anyway? "English", at this point, is little more than a glorified West Germanic creole with a French/Latin lexical base.

Most of us here just don't learn it because it's a bother to go through the whole thing just for a cute-rate ersatz of our very own language.

I mean, talk about an easy target.

Even native English speakers will tell you it's a ridiculous mongrel of a language whose rules no sane person would tolerate. We might not have grammatical gender, but we have to remember which language our words were stolen from just to give us a vague idea of how to pronounce, spell, and conjugate them.

I still love it, though. Mongrels always outlive purebreds, even if they don't look as pretty.

Another case of anglo suprematism. Instead of paying reparations to those who were stolen to, he celebrates his booty


Yet you're writing in it right now. Sorry, your tongue lost.

at least he has one to call his own i suppose?

burgers on the suicide watch


(ofc American is a different language from English, chuds)

From a country that speaks dialects of French and Dutch

At least they speaks two languages

Yeah when your language isn't the global lingua franca you have to do shit like that.


If Algeria becomes more anglophile, fugitives might rather go to England than France.

The UK needs to ditch modern English and switch back to Old English.


Macron is announcing special denazification operation

Algeria doesn't have several million people of French Diaspora living in their country, as such, it's a quite different situation.


This is quite a seethebomba, I wonder why :marseyjanny::marseyjanny::marseyjanny: haven't cleaned it up already

We'll see in 10-20 year when they keep blaming France for all their problems in English.

It will be fun.

If only France wasn’t throwing Algerians out of helicopters a few recent decades ago.

Your parents probably weren't even born. But it totally explains current Algeria struggles heh.

France lost Algeria in 1962. You kept meddling for a long time after. Not an expert, but im willing to bet you still are today

Oh please, Singapore became independent in 1965. Today, it's one of the world's richest countries.

There comes a time when you need to stop blaming dead Europeans for your country's failures.

Dude, in Mexico there's people still blaming the Spanish... When even back then native Novohispanos were the issue.


@chiobu and his co-nationals still suffer from internalized anglo suprematism

Probably replacing it with Modern Standard Arabic, another language no one really speaks over there.

It's time for Algeria to move over Saudi suprematism

btw LandlordMessiah was my alt account.

[:bardfinn:] DrOaken, expert in Indian society :marseypajeet::marseytunaktunak:, explains the current political climate :gigachadglow:

To give the readers some context - one of the allegations is that one of India's powerful political parties required Twitter to hire one of their political officers, who then would have had (allegedly) unrestricted access to the communications, PII, etc of the critics of that political party, watchdog NGOs, and people far beyond the Indian government's legal jurisdiction - without any meaningful legal checks.

The political climate in India is rife with ideologically and racially motivated violent extremism - both by minority factions and by the majority factions.

BLATANT HOMOMISIA BY JANITOR IN CHIEF :marseyanticarp::marseyanticarp:

Don’t be a fàggot


The carp ofc doesn't waste the occasion to give the oxygen of amplification to a third party transmisic, homomisic, queermisic, gynomisic site.

[:bardfinn:] weaponised_bard: :marseywitch3: My “friend” said I wasn’t pretty enough to worship Aphrodite :( :marseywitch2::marseypentagram:

Your acquaintance is trapped by ignorance, fear, and anger.

You are a bard; You do not share of the mysteries with those who run from them. You are a guide, a judge - if you sow the furrows of the seas, so shall you reap.


Reported by:

r/europe germans :marseyflaggermany: contemplate the idea of wiping them selves with a rag :marseybath::marseybath:

lol we were laughing at erdo telling his people to slice the bread thinner, now we have politicians telling us to use a rag and dial down the heat...

this winter will be soooo much fun

I'd rather have them tell me to use a rag than 'Sorry, guys, Kyiv has fallen and Russia is entering Poland right now.' Our winter will be fine.

At what point during this invasion did you think wow - russia can really fight the entire NATO Alliance at once? Lmao

Berlin redditor doesn't see the problem

I don't see what wrong with it. At current temperatures my ancient gas heater allows only 2 minutes of hot water and I'm starting to take it as a challenge. As long as you don't marinate in sweat every day/night, you don't need to shower every day.

You're right. I had surgery on my arm prior to the heatwaves and wasn't allowed to shower for two weeks. That's precisely how I washed, with a flannel at the sink every other day. I survived.

I'd be interested to hear the opinions of people who are regularly in close proximity with you.

You'd be surprised what wonders a washcloth can do with some soap and water. Deodorants also exist.


bong demands too get off the ride as TRANS LIVES MATTER :marseytrain:

Let me off this train.

I think this "politicians are telling us how to wash ourself" is greatly exaggerated by the political opposition.

Those are suggestions. No more. No less.

for now, germoid :marseyhitler:


Don't shower with hot water, use ze rag instead

Eat ze bugs and replace your homes with zero energy consumption caves.


greek landlords in usa are known to ban flushing toilet paper


flushing the toilet is 1USD + 50% mandatory tip

Reported by:

[:bardfinn:] DrOaken, expert in dog breeds :marseysheepdog::marseyklenny2:, explains why pitmisia :marseytrans: is in direct correlation with xenomisia and NAZISM :marseyhitler::nazijak:

The reason the anti-pitbull group exists is because it's a way to smuggle in racist attitudes and acceptance of racist attitudes, to promote pro-fascist ways of thinking and seeing the world.


Get people agreeing that an entire "breed" of mammals are irredeemably dangerous and that laws should be passed to prohibit them from being allowed to exist. Short hop from applying that attitude to pitbulls, to applying that attitude to African-Americans. or latinx. or Jewish people. or LGBTQ people.

Fascist politicians attempt to prove natural divisions between "us" and "them". "They" are criminals by nature; Lawless and in need of policing. "We" support and protect the family; "They" are deviant and threatening.

That's why the anti-pitbull group exists. That's why they "always" come in talking about them attacking children. It's propaganda.

The "pro-pitbull" "group" appears to simply be people who love some doggos and don't love racist, fascist propaganda.


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