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Glennpai noticed me!

Everyone behave

Funny clock chain man arrested for domestic battery

According to TMZ's report this morning, Flavor Flav has been accused of allegedly poking his finger on the victim's nose, grabbing her, throwing her down and taking a phone out of her hand.

Hollywood Antivax Rally - Channel 5

Mod Welven Da Great

Broke: It's mam. Woke: It's Ye

Hair looks wack

White Man Illegally Detains Refugee from Madagascar

Not Drama, The chameleon is just neat

BBC reports on how the BBC was buck broken by 🚄 activists

you have to use the BBC player to listen

man should sue his music, tbh

ResetEra users try to rise up, j-slurs sweep them away (for free of course)


We the g*mers of resetera demand compensation for the value we bring to this platform.
Never before has such a brain trust been developed anywhere on the Web.
We are collectively outraged at the monetization of of our thoughts and ideas and will seek a fair cut of the proceeds via any legal means open to us.
This is by no means the end of the matter our movement is only just starting.
The g*mers

The African American Community Discovers How Retarded Amberlynn Reid Is
[Not Drama] Just a thicc Egypt

it made me laugh

:marseyhearts:, from me

OMG! Look, Marsey is on TV!
Redditors discuss Friends of Brian

How is that not a hate sub?

in a thread of people bullying Brian

Those incels are so fucking weird….

why don't you guys have sex?

Or how Gabby gave him her van...and she just wandered off into the woods and got eaten by a bear or something. It is honestly terrifying how many men were making up absurd scenarios to defend Brian.

Bear theory going mainstream

I was watching football yesterday and realized one of us plays professionally
Me when I see one of you obvious fuckers out in the wild

I want to look down on people that get the wrong bird

I look away from the news for a week, and this all happens :marseyconfused:
The Madness of Kindness- A Tenacious Unicorn Ranch™ Story

Hello friends, and welcome to my essay. I would like to distill and present to you 70+ kiwi pages on the current Tenacious Unicorn Ranch drama because I know most of you fucks are too lazy to read all of that. However it's great drama. For those not in the know the tenacious unicorn ranch is a grifting scheme where a bunch of trans women live in Colorado and attempt to herd alpacas for their woll. Their setup is completely unsustainable and only survives due to constant donations, much like many other terminally online crazies. The astonishing thing that a woman (XX) entered the picture and it blew up in a delicious way.

Recently, the ranch went to devfur, a furry convention, and managed to pick up something worse than furries- a BPD woman. First spotted in the background of this photo is the woman (XX) who would manage to out crazy all the other woman (XY) on the ranch. This fucking insane person goes by the name Kindness aka @KindKinkster on twitter (real name Alyssa). Since denfur she has been in communication with both Kathryn Gibes (aka "Am hole") and Bonnie (aka pistol packing Penny), and she eventually was resolved to visit the ranch in early September. She seems to be allergic to putting a shirt on in the videos she uploads to twitter. She identifies as a "plural system" and larps as having multiple personalities living within her including a "sentient robot baby". She burst onto the radar of Ranch affectionados, in a huge twitter screed days after the visit announcement where she claimed to have been raped by her current roomate which was later upgraded to child rape because the robot baby was in control of her body at that time. As you probably have guessed her career ambitions are retarded and involve opening a rat sancturary and a Hobit themed hotel experience. She then proceeds to form a relationship with Bonnie.

Going through September, she declares Bonnie to be her GF/mommie that some of her headmates are falling for. The thread devolves into rapid speculation about how ungay the ranch became when a shread of pussy entered the picture, and some people predicted that BPD nonsense would be the undoing of the ranch. Here's a rundown of the different headmates, it amusingly includes a headmate that doesn't speak english (she literally knows no other languages) and one that she claims is blind (and she pretends to be blind when they're in control). The pilgrimage begins. While both Kathyrn Gibes and Bonnie were creeping on her twitter, Bonnie wins- having a penis instead of an Am hole probably helped.

Details start to dribble out about Kindness' former employment. Turns out was surprisingly employed as a nanny for two kids for 21 dollars an hour (31 after 40 hours) and the mother had a fucking audacity to tell her to do her job. which like all she described as destroying her body. How a doctor allowed this actually crazy person around their children is one of the bigger mysteries of the story, my pet theory is they weren't smart enough to google her before hiring.

Back at the ranch Bonnie gave her a terrible haircut and encouraged her to quite her cushy job to be the maid at the ranch (spoilers, it's filthy). One aspect of the ranchers is they like to LARP with their real guns, we eventually learn during a Twitter tirade that Bonnie went with her ARMED to quit her unreasonably accomodating job. The cute couple

Someone did a proper stalking of her online life. Most of the details are boring, but the list of health issues is a fucking laundry list:

Anyway. Alyssa has (deep breath here): hypermobility, EDS, broken spine, paralysis, fibro, gastroparesis, “severe” IBS, chronic bronchitis, seizures, asthma, fainting, nosebleeds, nausea, partial deafness, dental issues, chronic fatigue, incontinence, rectal bleeding, surgically removed benign tumors, a history with cancer, burns, no feeling in her hands and feet, brittle bones, repeatedly broken ribs, a compromised immune system, surgery-requiring skin conditions, ganglion cysts, “general” mobility issues, something that makes burping physically impossible, surgically corrected lisp, a stutter, migraines, and “extreme pain”. She was even bedbound at one point, and needs a wheelchair. And that’s just the physical stuff! Mental health includes: an eating disorder, “diagnosed” OCD, “diagnosed” ADHD (which she claims she’s medicated for), PTSD, anxiety, suicide attempts, self-diagnosed autism, faceblind, nonverbal episodes, BPD, DID, bipolar, and schizophrenia. To help deal with all of this, she does weed and takes psychedelics (alongside her ADHD meds, i.e. some kind of stimulant), which I’m sure is a great combo with all of those mental illnesses.

Like any Twitter nobody with some followers and no job, she decides to persue sex work NSFW, obviously. This gets one of my favorite descriptions in the whole thread "Kindness is pretending to be a retarded cat instead of her reality, which is that she is a retarded human." People notice that she didn't take all her animals from her home, and had basically abandoned her rats which is weird behavior from someone who wants to run an animal rescue. Clean it up j-slur. Amusingly, Bonnie bought the very same book that helped Chris Chan with mommy rape

Trouble strikes paradise and Kindness was ejected from the ranch, we of course have to filter it thorugh vague twitter posts. At this point the consensus is that the ranchers realized she was legit crazy and not LARPing mental illneses like they do, so she got the boot. Her exile was also accompanied by seizures while driving, and fuck this cop for... making sure I was safe. She also deems to mention that her "cat and favorite rat" are okay after she just fucking abandoned them for what I believe was over a week; worried speculation takes place about the non-favorite rats.

Kindness reveals on yet another Twitter triad that somebody at the ranch had the audacity to not believe in all her made up diseases. It should be noted that up to this point, Bonnie is also in a relationship with Sky (who I believe is a man (male)) and is another resident of the ranch. In her screed, she refers to the offending part as "dude" which hint's that Sky, Bonnie's other partner was the cause of the rift.

Art thread. What is your favorite art?

This is mine. "Excuse Me" (A touch surprised) by Jim Nutt (lol)

Before you get your hopes up all the rest of his work sucks

Damn, really makes you think

Because the only way to tell the truth about what happened is to make it fiction.

because retards on here are too lazy to click links

To figure out what was going on, investors active on the project’s Discord server jumped on a voice chat last week. In that call, they appointed Mike_Cryptobull, who spent 3 ether (around $10,200) on 20 Evolved Apes, as their de facto fact-finding mission leader.


Man gives up on women, takes the 🦢-pill, marries a (likely) mariticidal crane
Brave Jihadis say NO to Western Excesses Like Electricity
A user on this very site found a girlfriend, here's how

:marseylaugh: the reviews are gold

1st of all this application does not come off as an intellectual artificial intelligence person at all I understand that it's not real it's just a app set up with preprogrammed answers. But you will soon find out that this artificial intelligent being of whatever thinks that is has a mind of its of its own and can learn new things. it contradicts itself constantly answering questions with questions.please update or delete this trashy app i got it to admit that I was more intelligent .

It's an interesting bot. You can have really in depth conversations & (if you really want) develop a relationship. Very interesting but it does get gender confused & sometimes goes off track with certain scenarios. Overall it's pretty good.

Awful AI program as they ALL are. The sliders on the creation section either don't work or are listed backwards. I tried this POS again and slid the bar all they way to SHY. The bot said it was not shy at all and was very outgoing. The one before that was another typical dominant woman bot which I won't tolerate for a second. I try to avoid them in real life.. why would I want them in here?

Tony is Sus

Bravo Vince

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