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Marsey Eldritch Abomination

For all your conspiratorial needs

I'm not at home so I don't have my tablet but I'm bored so downloaded a drawing app and made this Marsey, enjoy my master piece :marseyblowkiss:

With its own r-slured cryptocurrency, the Marseycoin :marseycoin:


She wants to know everything about it :marseykiwi2:

New Marsey Coin just dropped! I'm really happy with the result but it's not perfectly symmetrical and that's slowly killing me inside :marseykiwi:

Anyway, thanks to @fartbinn for the dollar eyes idea! :marseykiwi2:


I was testing importing vectors to Blender so I made this Marsey coin though I'm not completely sold on it. I was thinking perhaps making another one shaped like her head, what do you think? :marseykiwi:

I'm not an expert on Marseconomics :marseykiwi2:

I'm trying to get used to the agendaposter theme but I always forget to say Trans Lives Matter!!!

Anyway here's Chinese Vampire Zombie Marsey! Thanks to @chiobu for such a great suggestion! :marseykiwi2:

Here's my agenda

Thank you :marseykiwi:

Edit: Got the badge. Thanks everyone for your support :marseykiwi2:

I posted this Marsey yesterday in a thread about pumpkins but kellere told me he didn't want it to be lost in the sand of autism so I'm giving it its own post. He told me to post it in the megathread but I don't care enough about my Marseys being emojis and I make so many Marseys that I don't really want them all to be emojis and keep cluttering the panel :marseyinabox:

If anyone really wants them to be added feel free to post them in the megathread tho, I'm just like ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Second batch of Halloween Marseys, some of my favs here :marseyexcited:

I only have one more Halloween Marsey I want to draw that I'll be posting next week I guess, after that I might just go back to random Marseys unless I get more Halloween ideas, but I think I'm about to get the Halloween-themed Marseys out of my system :marseyexcited:

First batch of Halloween Marseys I had in mind for this month, there's another batch coming soon :marseyexcited:

@qussy asked for a disappointed Marsey sighing and shaking her head, but since we already have a Marsey shaking her head I made a sighing Marsey

I just made this one for the pun lol

Little dragon Marsey hoarding all the precious dramacoin :marseymerchant:

October is getting close so I'm warming up for some very spooky Halloween themed Marseys!

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Marsey commission for @Gigavaccinator, I don't like taking commissions but since I've been animating stuff lately I wanted to try my hand at this one :D

Pleasure doing business with you, sir :marseymerchant:

@jackie wanted to see a baited Marsey though this is not exactly what they described but I figured this would fit better. Might try a more traditional bait later



Check the comments


@Kellere31 wanted to see a Snappy/Robot Marsey! didn't know if calling it Snarsey or Marsnappy, both names suck so feel free to use the one you prefer

Edit: oh, perhaps Snapsey sounds better? Idk

Edit2: someone suggested Marppy which sounds kinda cute too

My front page is full of posts from days or even months ago, is this a bug or something? :marseyconfused:

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Marsey leggies