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Redditor makes toast.

You have to scroll way too far to get past the heckin' wholesome empty platitudes that you expect from Redditors.


^(agree with everything else but) Fuck that, this needs to be screamed to the high heavens no matter what. Who cares who owns it, everyone needs to know this happened and it's unacceptable.

  • Broadcast this BS on social media. Yelp is surprisingly still useful for these kinds of things.
  • If it's a chain you should email HR, the Store Manager, and the Board directly.
  • If it's independent, email the Store Manager and any Shift Managers you can find directly.

I have a professional view on managing gyms from a previous life. /u/ecomember96 feel free to contact me with name/location of the gym and I will research relevant emails for you.


Also the friends that said it is a compliment. What if OP is still very young and the manager is old? He is just trying to groom her.

OP has 96 in their username, likely she is 26 years old. But we all know everyone who hits on someone younger than them is a groomer in redditland.

If you're feeling mischievous, you could request lots of insurance quote callbacks with his number, get some people to text him stuff like "hey [manager name] it's Jack. You gave me your number at that bar last night, remember?" and just do random shit so he learns not to give out his number unless it's consensual

As usual, great advice from AnExtraChromosome, he definitely won't know it was you :marseybrainlet:


41.6% comments removed. :marseyjanny:

i'm australian and i have epilepsy, and i don't really know what i want her to do. i know hearing the word makes me uncomfortable, but so does hearing any slur/derogatory term.

I'll never understand why these "people" get legitimately bothered by words. Absolutely pathetic. :marseyeyeroll:

Can I be 100% honest? I see people defending Australians and Brits using the words c*** and f** because with the former word, it's just not taken as seriously, and with the latter, it means something different (cigarette). Why is it that that can be defended, but when two black female musical artists use a word that frankly is not offensive in America, where both are from, all of a sudden that is worthy of Guardian articles shaming them?

"How can I make this about race and how can I make black people the victims?" :marseythinkorino:

Saying spaz isn’t part of African American culture though? Like that’s a bit of a stretch there

It is for sure slang that originated in black communities. If language isn't culture then what is?

Don't 👏🏿 appropriate 👏🏿 black 👏🏿 slurs.

Jesus Christ. If this is the shit that makes your heart sink then maybe re-evaluate your life. Especially considering the context of this word being a normal word where she is.


girl if this is why your "heart sank" then you probably weren't swimming to begin with 💀

All sensible comments are unsurprisingly [ removed ].

As a Bey fan, the word needs to be removed and an apology needs to be issued.

She's an international artist, marketed internationally, available internationally, so she needs to put the work in to not further alienate an already-oppressed sect of that international audience.

APOLOGIZE :marseytrollcrazy:

spaz is AAVE. i’m sorry and understand that in other parts of the world its a slur but in african american vernacular english its a totally different meaning. this album was solely targeted to black queer people so the opinions and hurt feelings of people outside that target audience are sadly irrelevant. sorry but that’s the cold hard truth 🤷🏾‍♂️


My[30M] friends are upset that I made my wife[27F] get an abortion

I've been with my wife for 3 years. For the last year or so I noticed that she was hanging out with a co-worker a lot. I had my doubts and snooped around and I found out that she was emotionally cheating. She didn't think it was but we showed the messages to her friends (anonymously) and everyone agreed it was emotional cheating. My wife was quite distraught and very apologetic but it broke me. It didn't matter that she claimed she didn't know (she definitely did) but I was truly hurt. Up until then I was filled with anxiety and I cried after finding the texts.

We were also intimate and my wife was 3 months pregnant. I was truly disgusted that she could text another man he looked handsome while laying in bed with me. I knew I couldn't be in a relationship with her, much less have a baby with her. I told her I loved her but I needed time to process things and that a baby was not good right now for us. I basically lied to her that I wanted to focus on our future. She finally agreed and she got the abortion.

I've already contacted a divorce lawyer. I was significantly richer than my wife coming into the marriage (house is mine) and I signed a prenup. We've only been married for a year and I'd be taking everything I came into the marriage with. I served her the papers in office and well she was hysterical.

My friends think I was wrong to trick her into getting an abortion but I don't think so. I was always going to leave her and having a child in such a situation would be messy for the child. They also think she truly misinterpreted the conversation (only my female friends think this). How do I make them see I was right and that I need their support. What do I do?

TL;DR My friends are upset I tricked my wife

Yeah, you’re a huge asshole. Tricking her under false pretenses to get an abortion was cruel and traumatic. This will scar her for life. Yeah, emotionally cheating sucks. What you did sucks 1000 times more. It’s actually evil to me. I would definitely drop you as a friend. The language you use makes my skin crawl. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were at bare minimum emotionally abusive in this relationship.

A mature adult would have co parented. Or given her all the information upfront, so she could make an educated decision on whether she wanted to go through with it alone. You’re giving sociopathic vibes.

Lmfao this cannot be real. :marseyxd: "yeah bro just co-parent the child with your whore wife! I'm sure that won't take a toll on you and be a burden for the rest of your entire life!" :marseybrainlet:

Take your win and accept that you’re not a good person in this situation. I’d be generous in the divorce, she due that.

Cheating whores deserve reparations! :marseyyass:

too cruel and manipulative..

don't act like you got her aborting the pregnancy because it was better for the kid nah it was better for your wallet.

Do these holes not understand the consequences of cheating on their partner? Oops sorry, I mean MAN BAD WOMAN GOOD :npc:

That was kinda fucked up. You don't treat people like that. In the end you got what you want I guess. But I would definitely not want to be friends with someone shady like that.

The wife? She coo tho. :marseyclueless:

I can see why she cheated on you.


Original link to thread here.

One of the top comments:

Edit: For those confused, tolerance is "I don't like veggie pizza, but those who can are welcome to enjoy it" not "I'm not coming to the pizza party if there's veggie pizza." It's also not "I'm tired of having veggie pizza shoved down my throat" because someone decided to order it.

What the fuck is up with Redditors and using dogshit analogies that don't even logically follow in the circumstances? Every. Single. Time. :marseybrainlet:

Read about the Paradox of Tolerance, then come back here once you know what you’re talking about.

:marseysoypoint: :marsoyhype::marsoy::soyreddit:tolerate deez nuts lmao

Imagine being so fragile that a pride flag in a fucking video game offends you so much that you waste your time and your account modding it out. How do these people handle life.

Says the Redditor seething over a video game mod xd. :soyreddit: :marseylaugh:

I played it on PS4 and had no idea the flag was even there. I'm sure most people probably miss it.

"You can barely see the flag bro! That's why it is super important you don't change it on your end!" :soyjak:

It's funny the LGBT community doesn't want people saying what they can and can't do in their own bedrooms but they can tell you what you can and can't do on your own computer fucking hypocrites


All the mod did was enable the Middle Eastern localization changes to the game. Sad to see reddit's islamophobia on full display.

-53 :marseysmug2:

May we all support these brave souls in their future endeavors. :marseyembrace:

Let's inspect the user of the person making the post...

All on a 7 week old Reddit account. Every deranged (usually man-hating) post on this shithole website will hit half or more of the same flags I mentioned above.

What is with the ubiquitous BPD foid menace on Reddit? I demand answers!

Edit2: 🚨 BONUS DRAMA 🚨

I planted the bait in two other subs

ActualPublicFreakout and ThatsInsane. :marseytroublemaker:

(still gaining traction) :marseytime:

>Everything seems ok to me .

>A man hit another man

>Maybe let them fight it out 1-1


It's an absolute bloodbath in the comments :marseytroublemaker:. Will probably be y'alld any minute now, get in while you can! :marseyjanny:

Edit: after 216 comments in 48 minutes the jannies swoop in to save the day 👉🔒

Use the Unddit link.

Edit3: lmao my Reddit account (6 months) got permad an hour after making this thread here, just for a 10 day old comment which essentially said "Google 'Penny Oakens kiwifarms' and click the first result." Shartfinn lurking here? :marseyworried:

Thread y'alld, of course. Bless thy jannies. :marseyjanny:

#transrights :marseytrans2:

Reported by:

But to be fair, I'm sure mocking someone's lifestyle can be considered violent if they are part of the 41% (or whatever the number is nowadays).

Dogshit CSS, eye-rape, music spam, animated crap, etc.

Ok bro nice joke I just won't use the site. Cya next year.

Part 1, backstory

Part 2, update with masterplan

Now, my new confession-

I still want to fuck her. Badly. So I found a loophole in the system. She offers video content for a certain amount of money per minute. So I made a OnlyFans account under a fake name- We'll call it "Brad"- and subscribed it to her account, and used a credit card she doesn't know I have. Then I DMed her about videoing some custom content, with a partner, and sent her the details on how "Brad" would like to see her get fucked.

10 minutes later, I get a text from her- asking if I'd like to be in a video, and spelling out all of the details that "Brad" just sent to her.

Sooo.... I'm not proud, but I am gonna get some wild-ass sex later, so that might help heal the pain.

And yes, it does point out an insecurity I have wherin she doesn't want to be intimate with me but when there's money involved she's down to go to pound town, and that makes me feel really crappy at the moment, but I doubt I'll be worried when I'm getting my dick sucked, so...

Merry Christmas to me?

Lmao this guy actually masterminded a plan to get 2 minutes of sex from his wife that clearly isn't attracted to him anymore. I've never seen something so absolutely based but cringe at the same time.

Eat da poo poo 💩😛
Reported by:

Her entire profile is full of selfies begging for attention, compliments, karma, etc. :drool:

Dude your cheekbones, you legit look like Gigi Hadid from this side

Edit: Apparently everyone online is assuming everyone is an asshole. I genuinely mean it, you have the same bone structure and look very pretty, disabilities be damned, you have every right to feel beautiful and confident!

Do foids realise how insincere this bullshit sounds? :marseysad:

Beautiful. You look like the kind of person who is serene and gracious, but can let loose with a wicked smart joke that no one’s expecting and it’s all the funnier for it.

Yes I can also tell one's sense of humor from a single picture.

Isnt it kind of patronising that this has so many awards and upvotes for just being a selfie + story + disability? If I get cancer or disfigured one day I hope my reaction isn't to post about it online, and I hope people don't patronise me with faux-compliments like I'm a child who just learned to read on my own lol

I had to scroll way too far for this.

This monstrosity's Reddit profile.

Image link.

Their selfies paint a picture. Most convincingly passing trans redditor.


Yeah, I actually feel like I belong here. Most trans spaces are all anime catgirls, dresses, and pop music.

I like punk rock, grunge, metal, cheap beer, violent video games, and watching skateboarding, UFC, boxing, horror movies and action movies. I'd rather boots go stompy than skirts go spinny. 😜

Ah you know... literally the most stereotypical guy stuff. But yeah, how feminine!

Partner [24FtX] humiliated me [21MtF] and I've been feeling shit since then

Lmfao. Absolute shitshow of a story with typical train melodramatics and exaggerations.


What the actual fuck is this pizza? Looks like a dog vomited on a plate. And apparently their girlfriend is a cook. Dios mio... :marseyno:


Who actually talks like this? Imagine dealing with this trainwreck every day. :marseysadcat:

That's all folks! I'm out :marseythumbsup:

With tears in my eyes, I drove away. I've had a fear of public bathrooms ever since.

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

Dealing with incels is just like that. If they're hurting you, you don't have to keep playing with them. Maybe get an authority involved if needed.

"Call 911 because an ugly dude talked to you." :gigachad2: