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  • AuntyAbortion: White men and black women absolutely deserve each other

Like they say, it's not enough to be not racist. You have to be anti racist.

Not my problem. :chad:

A lot of people do not deserve a black woman. Good luck bby

Correct. A lot of people do not deserve that torture.

With white men, yeah, the amount of emotional labor to try to get them to see our perspective on race and to be treated as they do WW is exhausting.

And incessantly rambling about race isn't draining on your partner either? :marseyconfused:

Can black women please stop echoing the nonsense "study" that says we're undesirable? It's complete nonsense.

:marseycope: lol

My soon to be adopted daughter is black and both my wife and I are white. This week I cut my sister out of my life because she had the audacity to laugh and say "at least I was close" after mispronouncing my daughters name.


I can testify, they [white men], are not [better].

There is so much education you have to give them for not even to get it after years of explanation!

Damn, that sounds like an extremely fun relationship to be in. Being schooled about race 24/7 is totally my jam.

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At first I thought it was a mistake so I tried to give the guy an out but I ended up blocking him after the third one. I didn’t watch them.

She watched them.

I feel bad that I didn’t censor the photo for them, yeah, but what’s done is done. Shit happens and then you die.

Foids truly are incapable of taking responsibility aren't they? :marseydoubt:

Your actions/response were 100% fine. The aunt needs to place the blame where it belongs — on her nephew.

Tell the aunt to deal with her internalized misogyny and leave you alone.

Not liking being sent a picture of your nephews erect dick is a heckin' internalized misogerino! :soyjak:

I don’t agree with most people here. I think he deserves to have his shit blasted to everyone. You didn’t create the content. He harassed you and his family should know what he’s up to.

But whatever let’s just let these dudes get away with it 🙄

Having families know what some deranged coomers do in their spare time would break them apart. Possibly based.

I agree with what you did. It's better that the family knows he's a an asshole. Ignore these prudes on here commenting that you victimized his family. His family can set him straight now.

"Billy can you stop sending pics of you jerking off to random people online?" :chadno:

EDIT: as some people have commented below, she posts her ugly nudes to reddit and has an onlyfans. :marseylaugh:

OPs post

My (28F) dog (1.5 MN)

EDIT: for those of you wondering "MN" and "FS" stand for "male neutered" and "female spayed".

Who the fuck types like this and why would it be relevant? 🧐

Today he told me that he liked my Hufflepuff sweater.

The memes write themselves, people.


JFC stop trying to vet-splain to me about neutering your dog.

Other comments

And not to mention he called your dog classy. The utmost of classy moves right there


Anyway, so far if I do compliment a guy, I usually will do so just as I am walking away and will be inaccessible, e.g. just before getting off a subway car that he is staying on. And I find that the expression, "Hey, looking sharp!" is pretty neutral (as opposed to something that is obviously a come-on, like, "Well, hello, handsome!"). But I would be interested if anyone else has ideas about a safe way to offer compliments to guys.

You know. Because all men are male feminists and will grope you if you casually compliment them.

I just love that you identified the dogs involved with age/gender/status! :)

Yep I'm done here.

This is the dumbest shit I've ever read. Knowing where to place things is a "privilege" to foids I guess, because they lack the lowly brain power imaginable to remember where they put shit.

JFC lmao

Big yikes. This post is why this sub gets the flak it does. It's both hyper-privileged and toxic at the same time.

If you choose to air out petty grievances to strangers on the internet, instead of communicating the issue with your loved one and attempting to resolve it, then you're just a pile of fucking drama. But to top that off with hiding crucial details of the story to make yourself sound superior... absolutely massive fucking yikes

Based. :marseyagree:

The housekeeper is recent. He, OTOH, had his entire married life to discover where the garlic press is.

And the foid didn't? :marseylaugh:

what do you mean, he is a very lucky man to be privileged enough not to know some tiny mundane detail of the kitchen arrangement.

you think she considers herself privileged for not knowing how to solder the all the components in her phone/computer together? Because there are factories filled with Chinese children who might consider her idea of what is privileged to be pretty damn privileged.

LMAO not living life on auto-pilot and actually remembering the most basic shit is actually a privilege I guess. Can't argue with that. :marseydicklet:

You will never pass.

They always downvote your replies instantly.

Why are foids like this? Are they averse to facts and logic?