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did nothing wrong.

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Trans rights!

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did nothing wrong.

22733 coins   2500 marseybux   16 followers   follows 13 users   joined 08 Jun 2021

Trans rights!

Awards received

x3 x1 x2 x7 x3 x2 x1 x1

User ID: 1784

Coins spent: 41181

True score: 57113

Winnings: -106

Alpha User Bug Chaser Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Low Roller All-Seeing Eye Christmas 21 1 Year Old 🥰 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor

Some of my favorites:

Name it SnappyGPT or something, feed in the title+text from each post and have it generate a response.

Would probably be like PizzaShill but significantly more cognizant of reality.

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Nikocado Hate Thread :marseyrage:



These videos make me irrationally angry.


tl;dr sexy Indian dude is upset that glue gorillas keep stealing his ideas. Excellent opportunity to push Indian supremacy and remind redditors that mayo monkeys are subhuman filth.

Lots of victim blaming as well that should be heavily downvoted and called out!

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It looks like some shit pol would have come up with, been seeing people driving around with it hanging out their windows all weekend.

I swear it HAS to be tongue in cheek, there's no fucking way people have so little self awareness.

The flag if you haven't seen it:


I guess its called the AFRICAN AMERICAN flag but its hilarious to me and I giggle every time a car drives by bumping drill music with this flag hanging out.

The weirdest part is I google "african american flag watermelon" and none of the top results link to any discussion of this topic when its so glaringly obvious the flag is a god damn watermelon.



Least obvious Reddit glowie. :marseyglow2:


GameStop CEO commits a wrongthink.

/r/GME discusses:


Not a big fan of this tweet. Pandering too much to the "covid does not matter at all" crowd.


Why? Should everything be for the, oh my God, my life will end if I don't wear a mask, or get 10 boosters, or leave my house, or hug my family, listen to the government after they have lied several times crowd??? Everyone is entitled to opinions but you can't change facts. Not wanting to hear them doesn't change them.

Yes and the facts are, that a lot of people died, a lot got severely ill and also a lot did not have any issue at all. But even more would have died without vaccines and restrictions. But I guess, these don't count as facts for you. Maybe you should ask around in the corona station of your local hospital how mild of an illness it is, if you do not trust the news, scientists, the government and what else.


Fuck this shit hole. And fuck my deceased family too I guess.

Redditors entire family died with covid. Sad!

Dramatards, why are you still not wearing 5.5in inseam shorts? :marseygondola:


  • Comfier in warm weather

  • Better style, makes you look like a high status gay man

  • Better knee mobility

  • Encouragement to prioritize leg day (if you cant squat 225 keep yourself safe)

  • Catch bitches mirin ur thighs in public

  • Catch more sunlight, get more vitamin D


  • Literally none

  • You'll have to throw out all your 7in+ inseam shorts once you make the switch


Before anyone asks, no its not a happy ending joint, its just one of those cheap foot massage places that is like $50 for 2 hours but still better than anything a mayo monkey can do for $500.

Anyway, I go once a week and see the same girl everytime. Today we started talking about movies and she asked if I knew any Chinese films.

I say "No closest thing I've seen is Rush Hour because it has Jackie Chan in it."

She literally slaps my back and says "YES THAT IS A CHINESE MOVIE. Filmed in China starring Chinese its a Chinese movie."

I say "Well it has Jackie Chan in it yes but is still American its from hollyweird."


I reply "Okay fair it was filmed in Hong Kong so I guess-"

I don't get to finish my sentence, no joke this bitch hits the back of my head and yells


At this point I'm like Jesus christ okay dude like I wasn't even IMPLYING that it wasn't part I was just specifying it was filmed in fucking Hong Kong.

I just conceded and laughed and said "yes okay fine whatever Rush Hour is a CHINESE MOVIE even though Chris Tucker is in it too"

"nonono still Chinese movie not American just because black man"

She rambled something in Chinese for like 15 seconds then just says "dumb how so dumb" and continues :marseyxd:

She's not even old, maybe like 25, said she hasn't even lived there since she was 18, but I honestly think she might be a sleeper agent or some shit. Lost her god damn mind just at a slight implication that a movie starring JACKIE CHAN (like the fuckin vanilla ice cream of asians) is not a CHINESE MOVIE.

Ugh, this infuriates me so much. Crutches have been around for thousands of years, the idea that they need to be so expensive that insurance covers them is so stupid. Good for you for being a light in a very dark situation - well done.

Fucking $18 https://www.amazon.com/Cardinal-Health-CA901AD-Axillary-Adjustable/dp/B00J3YKRKC/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3VBPUZYQ9LSG1


Tell me you’re in the United States without telling me you’re in the United States…

How many pairs of crutches do nationalized healthcare services provide? Why would someone need so many to begin with?

Oh right :marseychonker2:

jk, Canadians dont get crutches:

When I lived in Canada (Alberta), my parents couldn't afford crutches either. I just went without.

literally on Amazon for $18

More like screw our healthcare system that relies on for-profit insurance companies.

Overall FUCK money


And this is why most of make things, self-reliance. Can't even count of the people whom you pay money to help you in a time of need. Been there so many times....keep on brother. My wife is permanently disabled and I have made and learned to make so many things from necessity, don't count on soulless corporations for help, because they won't.




God I hate this website I'll figure it out myself.

Why do fat white people constantly clear their throats? :marseyraging::marseyrage::purerage::ragejak:

I have zero tolerance for repetitive breathing noises, nothing pisses me off more than this shit.

Coworker who has managed to bullshit his way into not showing up a single time to the office in two years came in today. Gained like 50lbs since I last saw him and is LOUDLY clearing his throat (that tick like UH UHHH sound) EVERY 15 SECONDS for 3 hours straight now.

That is all, no real drama, just need to complain about this. Had to close my office door and put headphones in which I never do so it probably looks weird but I'm going to kill someone otherwise.


Edit: Someone snapped and started making fun of him, all clear now. :marseyneet:




God damn this Kenobi show is terrible. Not as bad as Halo was, but I gave up already 39 minutes in.

Are Disney's writers fucking r-slurred?

No need to link to anything specific. Everyone is sneeding here.


[DramaStreetBets] GME earnings after close today.

Option volume today centered around the Jun3 176C and 126P with around 21k calls traded and only 4k puts.

Open interest on Jun3 calls is 52k and only 8k for puts. Retail seems confident. r-slurred, but confident.

Losses are expected so unless they did something catastrophically r-slurred my predicted outcome is max pain for option holders this week. Expect sneeding from apes who unironically are still expecting it to hit $300 and will blame short :marseymanlet: ladder attacks when it trades sideways before tanking again next week.

I'll be adding some of my favorite takes below:

Remember to not let a bad EPS frighten you. GME is a tech/growth stock now. They have to spend to pivot. I'd be worried if they were profitable right now instead of continuing to spend and develop.


I'm wondering what their intention is if they decide to drop the price again at earnings release? Drop it to 110 or 90 or 72 so then it becomes cheaper for us and we buy more? And then all the FTDs push it back up to 130 again. Why don't they just close their shorts? End the madness. Get out. Move on to your millions of other forms of corruption. Can't wait to buy the dip.


Fuck the SEC for its propaganda. Aren't they supposed to be neutral in all this? Why am I even bothering bitching about this. They're supposed to be a lot of things that they're not. Instead they're rich-dick-riding lap dogs


Edit: Results pretty much in line with expectations. Will probably close this week at $125 and all call and put holders will wake up to IV crush.

[DramaStreetBets] Just got nuked on $ANF earnings.

Thought I was safe just writing covered calls, down 30% before market open. Overall down $24k on one trade lmao. Probably the worst trade I've ever made, apparently these r-slurs are just throwing money in a pit and burning it.

How's your morning going?

Citadel claps back, LinkedIn-cel apes sneed.

Can't share the link.



Nvm here fuck jannies, add your own l:



I really have no idea whats going on it. It's like boomers discussing and sharing pictures of voles with nonsensical discussion. /u/bunhein is the mod and is a known boomer schizo, and bans pretty much everyone who posts there.

Most sane /r/teenagers post.
post thumnail


It's a day ending in Y and I'm here to bring you the freshest r-sluration out of my city.



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how do i get the anime girl off my screen

I want to see @jinxthinker art in the sidebar not whatever this shit is

Yesterday I put a few tail pixels down at like noon, that was it. Got bored and remembered I had a job.

4 years old, kind of funny because I've never even done anything wrong on it. I have a very niche professional background so I post 2-3 in depth answers per day for people on a couple niche engineering/finance subs and have also used it to purchase used equipment for work. Kind of gay because you get "trust" rep on those subs that's now gone I guess.

It had zero ties to /r/drama or anything.