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Trans rights!

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Trans rights!

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Bug Chaser Little Big Spender Low Roller Halloween 21 Alpha User Christmas 21
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Please give your love to NFT artist @John and show support to the FALLEN VICTVMS of the WHITE NATIONALIST Kylie RITTENHOUSE!


trans lives matter>

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Got addicted to caffeine again thanks to weightlifting, after reading this thread I'm quitting again.

I highly recommend jumping in, this one is still ongoing.

Reported by:

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Thread full of straggots complaining about "muh asian and white male" erasure, surprisingly unjannied.



pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza

They got jannied in May, but I assumed it was just because they'd turned into 90% bitching about masks at the gym and vaxxcels. Just tried checking again today and its still unavailable.

Anyone here who has access know why they're closed still? It was the only site other than rdrama that wasn't completely sterile.

Some more highlights:

Landchad reminds us to pay up:


Transpassing, but not trans:


More landchad seethe at lack of tips:


Mad at white libs:


Mad at white rightoids:


Mad at people who switched teams:


Mad at Biden:






Aznidentity posting?


BLM though?


Personal vendetta against 300 year old dudes:


FDS posting now:


Wait what did he mean by this?


Hello dramatards, good morning on this beautiful Saturday. Today I have a special gift for you, a case study on the life of the average r/antiwork user.

I'd like you to meet u/Bartheda. The name may sound familiar to you, as he has been featured on rdrama eons ago, but I desperately need dramacoins to pay off some debt so I am sharing more detailed research.

As you can see, he is a 38 year old male, tired of the bad actors trying to frame antiworkers as being r-slurred teenagers. He is here to let you know that they are, in fact, mature adults willing to stand against the man.


As a proud Kiwi, he enjoys hating the United States, as the US is a third world shithole where 300,000,000 people die every year due to our plague of gun violence, and shootings never happen in NZ (literal never, it's never happened before there because they banned guns).


He is a huge fan of capeshit, and other various fictional collectible stuff like Godzilla figurines. As a fan of superheroes, he likens himself as one and is an altruist.


He does love himself a good wank from time to time! In fact, its his primary source of joy and happiness, aside from his altruistic endeavors.


When his wife gave birth to their daughter, he sat in the waiting room and pretended to be Wolverine. He spent 11 months pretending to be an Xman then his daughter died. Sad!


Sadly, him and his wife haven't had sex in 10 years (since their daughter died). But he has his porn still, so its okay. I'm sure they find other ways to get along. Losing a child can kill a womans sex drive so its somewhat understandable, it says nothing about their commitment to each other.


Well it didn't actually kill her sex drive, there is a small stipulation to the whole situation...


In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my research and have achieved some enlightenment about the kind of people you are bullying. Many of them are the unsung heroes of our society, their good deeds lost to year old comment chains.

On a related note, r/covidvaccinated has infinite trolling potential. I report every single even slightly vax critical comment as vaccine misinformation and about half the time the j-slurs delete them no matter how innocent they are.

trans lives matter

admins can't sneed



No drama here, I just passionately hate bicyclists in this city and wanted to share this with someone.



I have nothing interesting to say about this, just wanted to share. I hope he pins pictures of it to r/subredditdrama.

Asians and curries dickslapping whitey in the comments.

Did you guys know that LinkedIn News is becoming the hottest source of drama? Self doxxing included free of charge!

Some highlights:

CEO/Eugenics enthusiast:

Edward Albe | Startup CEO | I create customers and profitable revenue for B2B companies that have market challenging innovations | MBA

let them quit...it will improve the business collective gene pool...natural selection at its finest.

Some government official christ posting:

Marc Harris | Alderman

My hope is in the Lord! I fear no tyrant CEO. Vivat Jesus!

Joker posting:

Nick Poetsch | Project Manager II - Security & Risk at Discount Tire

We all live in a society and if you choose to continue living in a society, which by definition includes order, there are going to be rules to play by and possibly some sacrifice of personal liberties which you may not agree with.

Terminally unemployed guy with a diverse skillset, literally replying to every comment:

Patrick Saah | Business, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science

I will gladly take the spots of employees who work in offices and don't want to take vaccines against Coronavirus.

Check the comment replies to see even more r-slurs duking it out with their full name, employment info, and often even phone number on full display.

Amazon Games (Yes, Bezos) developed some swordshit MMORPG called New World that just released today and did pretty much everything they could to piss off g*mers.

  • Staggered global release but global usernames, causing hundreds of thousands of burgers to login at the EU launch time to lock their usernames, eternally cucking EU players.

  • Despite being hosted on AWS, only enough servers for like 10% of the playerbase. People waiting in queues now for 8+ hours.

  • Unstable connections causing players to disconnect and get sent right back to the cuck queue.

  • Priority queuing for popular streamers.

  • Extremely repetitive grinding gameplay, so exactly what was expected, but people are still mad about it I guess.

  • Zero servers for SEA (asia), Asian hordes logging in to kangaroo servers making them unplayable.

  • Zero balance changes from an open beta they had.

  • Promised new weapons or some shit on launch, literally no new content from open beta.

  • Broken partying system, so the actual social aspects with friends are unplayable.

Bonus seethe:


Steam reviews feat. screaming manchildren and angry europoors:


Make sure you guys post some comments about how much you love playing the game and how quick the queue was for you, maybe suggest people upgrade their computers. Talking about how much you love Bezos is also a good idea.

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Goodnight, sweet prince.

Joan of Arc (1412-31) was an historical foid who lived during the Hundred Years’ War, a great conflict between France and England.

Born in the peaceful French village of Domrémy, Joan suffered from schizophrenic delusions since early childhood. At the age 17, she hallucinated that an evil spirit was instructing her to lead France’s army to victory over the English. She was so insistent about this that she was granted an audience with the royal court. Upon hearing her prophecy, the imbecilic King of France, Dauphin Charles VII, took her at her word and placed her in command of a battalion of soldiers.

Joan’s first military campaigns were successful. In 1429, Joan and her soldiers relieved the besieged French at the Siege of Orleans, earning her the title of “The Maid of Orleans.” In May, 1430, however, her fortunes changed dramatically and she was routed and captured by the English in Compiègne. After a short trial, she was sentenced to death by burning at for the crime of witchcraft.

Thousands of people witnessed Joan’s execution, and many accounts of her death survive to this day. As she burned at the stake, the following signs were observed:

  1. Her muscles contracted and tensed up.
  2. Her breasts became full and began to heave violently.
  3. She cast her eyes up to heaven, and her expression was not one of pain, but something approaching spiritual ecstasy. 4, In the instant before she lost consciousness, Joan moaned out Jesus’s name three times, loud enough to be heard over the roar of the flames.
  4. Joan’s vagina, in contrast to the dry kindling that burned around her, became lubricated and wet.

Individually, each of these signs do not point to a clear conclusion. But taken together, they indicate an undeniable certainty: as the flames enfolded and consumed her body, Joan of Arc was caught within the grips of a powerful orgasm.

Haha, Chad got OWNED!

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Marsey Request

Coomer marsey but this gif.

Double Helix Horseshoe theory strikes again.