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Most influential thinker of this generation.


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Pitbull Guide (FULL RELEASE)

Racists IN!

I'm looking into racing sim wheel setups. Any of you dramatards vidya racists?

I don't want to spend an outrageous amount, but there's so much bullshit around sim accessories.

A couple main questions,

  1. Are there any real looking wheels you can throw on? All the wheel setups I've seen on amazon look like they're made for manlets/children

  2. Are there any setups that have handbrakes? Pressing a button for it is lame.

  3. When you have a stand to mount everything on, how adjustable is the stand?

  4. If you do use a stand, do you need a special chair to go with the stand, or will my normal office chair work?

Also, unrelated, but if you have experience importing cars from Japan please DM me.

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:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

Somehow the pit got loose and barged into this guys house. He shoots it and drags it outside. The foid owner has a copium overdose after her lovers death.

The comments

This woman’s deranged screams brought a smile to my face and brightened my day.

As she said "shot my baby" i knew he did the right thing.

That poor poor man. My sympathy goes out to you. Bullets are so expensive right now.


She was in a relationship with that beast.


Who could've imagined a subreddit for fans of a woke, middle-aged, fat jew would be filled with equally r-slurred fans?

That sub makes r/Politics look sane and reasonable.

I hate that so much I hope him and every one of his fans die slowly and painfully. One of the few groups that make me seethe.

GigaVaxxer's Ramen Review 3: Ottogi Kimchi Ramen

Flavor: 10/10

I like kimchi, and I prefer instant noodles with a good broth.

Customization: 4/10

Not much pairs with it, at least that I can think of. I just had a softboiled egg and cracked black pepper on top. I guess green onion could go well with it?

Price: 4/10

$7 for a 5 pack at my Asian market

Total Rating: 9/10

Very good ramen, but I'm a kimchi enjoyer. If you're a pussy ass bitch who doesn't like kimchi this isn't for you (obviously).


A 4-Part effortpost series is in the works

Basically I found some creepy coomer chatbot shit. First part is 1/3rd done.

Part 1 is going to be about the company and founders, part two will be about the product, part 3 will be about the people that use it, and part 4 will be about the coomers that use it. I'll try to keep each section under 1,000 words.

Be prepared for my neurodivergent writing "style", wordswordswords, and some genuinely depressing/hilarious shit.

Delayed the beef guide for this. I'll probably get that written after I try Akaushi, which will be a long while.

Schoolcel Dramautists Sneed, circlejerk about useless math

/tw: impressive autism and smugness in the linked thread. Read at your own risk.

It's almost depressing how much time and effort people have wasted learning completely useless shit. Taking advanced math classes is the ultimate :marseynerd: moment. Literally learning useless shit FOR FREE.

I was a :marseynerd: "gifted" student up until freshman year of highschool, when I stopped putting in any effort. My life instantly got better. I either skipped school or slept through class and I still passed with a C.

I know some of you had to put in effort, so you could get into a good college. Must suck to be poor :taygrimacing:

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I that I have your attention, why are you fucking monkeys updooting everything with LLM on it?

The literal entire front page is LLM drama "What did LLM have for breakfast" "LLM SHITS HIS PANTS IN AN ARBY'S" "LLM BANNED BY UNSTABLE POWERJANNIES (SHOCKING)" holy fuck nobody cares.










9 posts on the front page right now, all about LLM. He really is living rent free in our collective consciousness. I know I'm contributing to it, but at this point it's a drop in the bucket.

Giga's Beef Guide

I'm making a guide on how what to look for in beef.

Important terms, steak cuts, breed differences, the effects of different feeds, etc.

Hopefully will be done by the end of the year.

Habibi Beckham BTFOs CRINGE Homosexuals and Foids

#LEAVEBTSALONE :marseygasp: :marseycry:

Groundhog day (IRL DRAMA)

This fucker dug a hole under my commodity barn, and was eating my corn gluten.

Trapped him with cat food. When I went to shoot him he moved so I hit him above the nose. It was the last bullet in my truck pistol, and by the time I reloaded he'd bled out. Gave him another in the brain to be safe.

Fattest wild animal I've ever seen. He was at least obese.

I wasn't delicate with removing the meat, I left quite a bit on him. Still got around 2 1/2 pounds of deboned, trimmed, and skinned meat.

Rather than roasting him like you uncreative fucks suggested, I marinated him. Salt, pepper, chili powder, coriander, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, orange juice.

After three days in the marinade, I chopped up some pineapple, onion, and peppers. He made for some great kebabs. Cooked it to medium rare, and two days later I haven't gotten sick :marseyshrug:

Kind of tough. Not gamey at all. Tasted like a milder beef. Sort of like lamb, I guess.

What animal should I eat next? Try coyote again? Pibble? Bird of prey?

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  • tejanx: advertising site exploits

There's been an INSANE deal announced on the SECRET top-25 drama poweruser discord.

Sick of the shenanigans being pulled by @carpathianflorist, @Aevann has added a SECRET BUTTON TO STEAL HIS DRAMACOIN.

All you have to do is TRIPLE CLICK the "FOLLOW" button on Carp's profile, and 1,000 DC will be IMMEDIATELY deposited into your account.

The greedy (((powerusers))) intended to keep this stunning secret all to themselves and hoard his vast fortune.

HURRY, as of posting this he only has 15,000 DC left to steal!

Dumb Foid Takes the GVLDEN RETRIEVER-💊


I mean, think about it moids: why should ANY woman worth her salt choose a pathetic weak m*Le over a strong GVLDEN RETRIEVER? The GVLDEN RETRIEVER doesn't worry about silly things like "red flags" and "children" and "boob size" and "weight"; They see a tight, wet opening, they stick their dick in it, it feels good so they keep on going. They pound into your girlfriend with such force she is moaning, begging for more doggy cock. She is damn near pissing herself, but the GVLDEN RETRIEVER doesn't stop. His knot swells. Your girlfriend, mind blanked by orgasmic bliss, is bound to the GOLDEN BVLL for up to an hour while his Chad knot shrinks down, and her vaginal muscles milk every drop of GVLDEN RETRIEVER spunk. She will never look at you the same way again. Sex doesn't feel the same. She is "tired" most nights, yet you can hear the whimpering and moans from the bathroom when she takes Sparky in the bathroom to "take a shit with company". She tells you to go in the other room and "jerk it or something". You are ashamed. You are weak. You are crushed. But she will never love you again. Sparky plays with his chew toy.

Her stomach is swelling. That is strange, you think, as you two haven't had sex in about 4 months and you had just gotten a vasectomy, per r/childfree advice. She tells you it's hormones, but you see the worry in her eyes, the fear lying behind her nonchalant expression. Fucking Sparky, looks up at you and almost smiles. The fucking MUTT, having the nerve to smile at you. In a time like this? Why are you so fucking angry at this dog? What did he do?

5 more months has passed. The "bump" on her stomach is huge now. You worry it may be a freak-case tumor or something of the like, but you now are pretty sure she cheated on you at some point. With who? When? But most importantly, why? Sparky looks at you again, but this time, his face is blank. He shits on the floor.

It is now obvious she's in labor. She decided against going to the hospital, for reasons you were unsure of. Probably read a Reddit post on tub births or something. In any case, she is in pain, and you are doing as much as you can to help her birth the baby, even though you just know it isn't yours. That's okay though. When you find out who the father is you will kill them. How could he do this to your girlfriend? Why did she let him? Where is he? What is his race? Is his cock bigger tha-

The baby is born. Or, rather, 6 babies are born? They are... furry. And yellow. And their ears are quite large. Holy shit. The fucking dog. Sparky. They look just like him! Except, they have human characteristics. They are grotesque to look at, you are sick to your stomach. You want to scream, to cry, to beg her to kill them, but she doesn't. She isn't doing much of anything actually. Just staring at them, with cold, dead eyes. She holds two up to her swollen breasts. They suckle, and whimper. They are alive. Sparky shits on the floor.

Marsey Commission

Commissioned by @Dramarama

@Aevann give my nigga the patron badge

Carp Cancellation Post
Swarm of Pinkies Drive Dramatard to Suicide

Why are there so many pinkies in that thread :marseywtf2:

:ragejak: :marseyshooting:

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A photo which I believed I had lost forever when my phone was destroyed, turned out to be saved on my email this entire time.

My toad, Jimmy (pbuh) passed away nearly two years ago, 3 years after he was rescued near death from a pool.

The previous version of this image I had been using was a cropped and compressed version taken from another social media profile picture.

I'm unironically so happy right now.

@AkumuYume Appreciation Thread

@AkumuYume is a real one 💯💯💯

Imagine the smell :marseysick: :marseydizzy: :marseytrans:

That pibble ass is still the cleanest thing those thongs have ever touched

:marseychonker: vs. :marseytrans:
KKKringetopians support KKKyle, seethe at leftoid
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  • TrailerParkBride: Holy shit, just skin it and stew it like a porcupine or rabbit you useless fucking yokel
How to cook groundhog?

How to cook groundhog? @Wizdumb337 please help

Caught a fat one under my barn eating all my corn gluten