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Pain :ragejak: (Story) (Huge Drama)

Haven't been very active on here recently, so I figured I'd bless you guys with a story.

This is the story of my personal drama, and how today, Man conquered nature.

For the past three days I've been fighting a stubborn hedge-wood corner post. At least 50 years old, with a few hundred pounds of cement on the bottom.

I made the mistake of hiring a retard to clear out a large debris pile, and fill a ditch near the corner post. This cute twink managed to slam the bulldozer into the post, dislodging it and toppling the fence attached to it. Luckily the fence he damaged connected to fields I already had opened up for cows to move between. My original plan was to take some post hole diggers (manual, not the faggy drills), open it up, pour some more cement down onto the base, and be done with it.

After a few minutes of digging, I hit the cement at the bottom. Turns out the retard that hit the post actually cracked it at the very base next to the concrete.

Now here's my dilemma. A lesser, weaker man would give up, cut the top of the post off, and bury the mess. I am not a lesser man. My grandfather instilled a few core values in me. One was to never waste a good hedge post. There may be entire rows of hedge trees on the fence line, but value every single post. There was no way I was going to leave that post in the ground.

So I dug all around the post, and around the cement laid years ago, all under the sweltering Southern heat.

I finally had the whole abomination exposed. I grabbed my digger bar, and I beat the shit out of it. I broke off the cement, and barely managed to yank the post out of the ground. I cut off the splintered end, successfully salvaging the post. Little did I know my work had just begun.

Now I had a few hundred pounds of cement sitting in a 4 foot deep hole. Again, I could have conceded, buried them, and dug a new hole right next to the original. But I'm not a quitter. I extended the hole so I could walk down into it, I broke the blocks into smaller pieces, and I lifted them all out.

These events happened over the course of two days. For some reason, the cows just didn't care about whatever I was doing. On the third day, that changed.

Before I entered the field, I had brought a few buckets filled with water and 400 pounds of cement mix. However, as I pulled into the field, I noticed a calf near the hole. Turns out the fucker had kicked one of the cement chunks back down into the hole. I had to get it out again.

Once I got it out, I started mixing the cement. A crowd of cows formed around me as I mixed. These cows hadn't been sprayed recently, as I was expecting the weather to cool sooner (It's 70 all this week in mid October, that's fucked up). These cows were infested with flies. Horn flies to be specific. The ones that burry themselves in the cow fur and suck their blood. 70 degrees feels like 90 when you're working, so I was wearing shorts rather than jeans.

Did you know that horn flies like human blood? I didn't until today.

My legs are eaten. Each bite has a 1/4 inch circle around it, and parts of my legs are so heavily bitten that the circles overlap in layers, as if they were constellations.

I finally got the cement poured, and I set the old cement chunks on top of the new cement to pack it down more. I sprayed the cows with DeLice. I poured hydrogen peroxide on my legs in a likely-futile and very painful attempt to stop infections.

I still haven't cleaned the cement off of me as I type this post. I'm 22 and I already feel like I'm too old for this shit. At least one of my rentoids paid early today.

What is the moral? Well there's a few. Don't hire retards. Wear jeans when you're near fly infested cows. Hire Mexicans to do heavy manual work. Hedge posts actually aren't that valuable.

inb4 whining about the length of my beautiful story.

rDrama Double Feature: MrBeast & The Holocaust

Twitter Drama 1: Children's Youtuber known for giving away money, MrBeast, announces an IRL Squid Game

Leftoids, Children, Minecraft stans, and average twittoids (extreme overlap between the 4 groups) give their takes.

Commies seething about... a wealthy man giving away most of his money

p-dophilic japanese cartoons pfp sneeding

The original announcement tweet itself, with plenty of literally who's begging for a morsel of attention

With all the poorcels, zoomers, and "influencers" that will inevitably join, I unironically hope he starts killing them like in the show.

Twitter Drama 2: A Radical Centrist school chadmin want teachers to consider "both sides" of the holocaust. Leftoids sneed uncontrollably.

I'm not even going to link individual drama, because the holocaust word search is just filled to the brim with leftoids smugposting and sneeding.

"Ash | 17 | MtF | HRT 27/04/19"

Moderator of these communities












Really activates the almonds :marseyhmm:

BTW the title is xer flair on r/MtF

No way this isn't :marseypedo:, right?

The Next Evolution in Pibbles

What do you guys think? The real pibble in the bottom of the screen cowers in fear.

If these robot dogs had a nanny dog program installed, and were fitted with teeth/jaws of some sort, would a normal pibble be able to beat them?

How much damage do you think is needed to disable one? Would some buckshot at center mass do the trick? Can they be armored?

If the mind of a pibble is uploaded into one, is it still protected by animal cruelty laws?

These are the questions pibble hunters need to be asking as we enter a new era of technological development.

I found Sneed's Feed and Seed near Springfield, Missouri
Reported by:

I can't believe Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's) was an hour drive from me all this time.

It's only rated 1 star though πŸ˜•

Saying Goodbye

I've been meaning to leave for a while, but I've been putting it off.

I'll leave until I finish my pibble guide, which will be my last post. Then I'll leave for good.

Here's a video explaining why I'm leaving in more depth + voice and face reveal

Later :marseywave:

Leftoids and History's Biggest Cucks Sneed Over a Long Dead Man

Natives are so pathetic. Should've forcibly integrated and genocided them, rather then push them into Oklahoma.

So many people on twitter seething right now. Columbus is a winner, so he gets a day. Indigenous people are losers, so they don't. Simple as.

People are also claiming that he fed babies to his dogs, which is starting to get into the "6 gorillion killed by masturbation machine" levels of bullshit. If it is real, Columbus may be the first recorded pitmommy.

Marsey Sadge

You've really upset her. Too far :marseygasp: :marseydisagree:

Marsey Crab (Real???)

Already posted in Kellere's thread a few days ago, but I want to milk as many updooterinos as possible for my "hard" work.

The Great Dramanaut Purge :marseyworried:

Seeing all the dramacels (who thought they got away with no consequences) getting y'alled by the chadmins was funny, but not nearly as funny as every single one of the banned users feeling the need to make a post about it.

You all got your plebbit accounts either permajannied or marked by the chadmins, and I know half of you are so retarded that you don't know how to make a new account.

Queen Penny always wins. :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

"Hasan is literally only making the bare minimum"
Idea for GIGAVAXXING Dramatards

This will take money, engineering skill, and the willingness to potentially commit crimes.

Find a large anti-vaxxer rally near you

Buy a large drone, with the capacity to carry a camera and decent amount of cargo

Get a C02 powered dart pistol

Fill darts with 2 doses of Pfizer/Modern Covid shots

Somehow makeshift the dart pistol to be semi-automatic, and fire remotely

Fly over the rally, and strafe it with darts

Do your part to eliminate the anti-vaxxer menace, dramatards. A good alternative if you can't get ahold of Covid vaccines is to simply contaminate the darts with Covid. This will force the anti-vaxxers to experience Covid, where they'll inevitably be put on a ventilator and beg for a vaccine.

The Zoomer Cutoff

Zoomers need to be redefined as being born after 9/11

It makes no sense for a giga-chad like me (and Need4Sneed) to be lumped in with literal children. I can buy guns, cars, tobacco, and alcohol, but I'm in the same group as 12 year olds. It's fucked up.

How the fuck do those online car buying websites work?
Reported by:

Seriously, I need your help. I'm trying to find a very specific (not super rare or expensive) car online and I just can't. Is there some secret to buying cars that I'm not aware of? I've been looking for this car online for over a month. I found one in California, and one in Florida, but I'm not willing to go that far for a car.

I know there's currently a car shortage, and this car in particular became popular in the last few years because of zoomer memes (That's not why I want it), but this is ridiculous.

At this point is my best bet just to drive to every dealership within 200 miles and hope I find it?

The best clip from any TV show, ever.

It has so many applications :marseylaugh:

It's sure to make fatties seethe if posted. His delivery of it is too perfect.

Anyone else watch Survivor?

I need someone to discuss this season with, nobody I know watches it anymore.

Chad Has A Final Solution to the Gay Question. Smug Redditors Sneed.
Look at how weird her head looks
The antiwork lolcows are complete retards, fall for snappy quotes.

Found the bootlicking fetish sub

My god I just checked your post history. There is no shaming you. This is literally your life. Just imagine how much you could accomplish if you weren’t addicted to Reddit. You’re making a difference, though!

You got triggered enough to look at my post history.🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑 People who are happy with their life don’t spend their time in other peoples post history. FYI

Okay, so first of all, you've just made a reply to me that is in two unrelated parts. The first is unrelated to anything I said. As long as you comport yourself in this manner, you will only be met with derision. It is a nonsense method of communication.

Whatever retard

Might have already been posted, there's been so much content from that sub it's hard to keep track.

The only thing more pathetic than making a video documentary longer than most movies to sneed at a random woman is the fact that over 800,000 people watched it.

I skimmed one of his shorter videos, and he just rambles on and on about shit you can easily find and read yourself on kiwifarms or twitter. If you'd rather see a smug looking p-dophilic japanese cartoons avatar wiggle around the screen with an even smugger voice ranting about pointless internet shit, than read it yourself, that's your problem.

The following are my live notes as I watch the first section of his video:

I started watching the intro, and he's talking about the bad events that have recently happened. It's been edited so news articles are flashing in the background as he's talking, and half of them are random celebrity deaths. Apparently the death of Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, and RBG are as bad as massive wildfires and the entire Coronavirus.

This guy talks like Bardfinn writes, but it's even worse because he's British.

Now he's circlejerking about how important Youtubers are, while clips of wokies talking about BLM play in the background.

Now he's humble bragging about twittoids liking him, and sneeding about being lumped in with Blaire White

Now he's sneeding over Blaire being a "social conservative" for not wanting children on puberty blockers or men LARPing as women for sports.

I'm only 3 minutes in and I can't take it any more. I give up. I'd unironically 41% if forced to listen to this whole thing.

Holesum 100 Reddit Comic "Artist" Draws Loli Porn

I'm sure most of you already know this, but it will never not be funny to me.

Saw the sub on r/all and had to post.

Did you know desperate shelters will basically give away dogs?

Absolute steal of a deal! My pittie was on clearance for $25! She'd been sitting there for 6 months and no one would adopt her.

Even better! If you're willing to butcher and eat dog meat, this is a steal.

I also got mine on clearance! $10 missing a few pieces (born without a kidney, a ear, and an eye) best money I ever spent

For $10 you can not only rid the world of a pit, but you also get to put it out of it's misery.

If you want to go even cheaper, there's usually at least a dozen pibbles for free on craigslist at any given point in time.

What did he mean by this?
Dramatards, why don't you keep your knives sharp?
Reported by:

  • UraniumDonGER: Weeb shit. Get a well proofed swiss knife with a pull through sharpener for 50$

Based on the wonderful discussion we had on my gumbo post, I'd figure I ought to do another post in a similar fashion.

It seems that many dramatards completely lack any semblance of knowledge when it comes to the kitchen.

Keeping your knives sharp is a necessity if you plan on cooking anything at home.

For 150 dollars, you can have a great knife, and everything you need to take care of it.

I'm willing to give knife advice to anyone who asks. I feel it's my duty to educate dramatards on (arguably) useful life skills.

Also, unrelated, but wtf is shave butter? I got a walmart online order, and they ran out of the brand of shaving cream I bought. Rather than swapping the brand of the product, they gave me their shaving butter. They were also out of Sam's Purified Drinking Water :marseygasp: