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George Bush did nothing wrong :chadusa:

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Moon you can't even write a basic sentence. Not only are you a waste of human DNA breathing up the air and contaminating it so much with your vile waste it will kill plants, but you are so fucking stupid you can't even make a decent insult.

It's no wonder people like you can't reproduce naturally and you resort to grooming children to increase your numbers. Years ago you would have been pushed off into a body of water to drown only to rot as even the fish wouldn't want to eat your decaying corpse. Leaving only the worms to break down your decomposing flesh and everyone would rejoice as the village pedophile is now removed from society.

My series of effortposts on radical centrism, " :marseydab: HeyMoon dabs on the Wingcucks :!marseydab:"

0: :boomerportrait: Wow, you're "politically active"? You must really care about your community :marseysmug:

1: :!marseylaugh: :!marseylaugh: :!marseylaugh: Ego Obsessed Wingcucks :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:


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all the rest of you


nobody 😊 you're all my friends 😀


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George Bush did nothing wrong :chadusa:

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Moon you can't even write a basic sentence. Not only are you a waste of human DNA breathing up the air and contaminating it so much with your vile waste it will kill plants, but you are so fucking stupid you can't even make a decent insult.

It's no wonder people like you can't reproduce naturally and you resort to grooming children to increase your numbers. Years ago you would have been pushed off into a body of water to drown only to rot as even the fish wouldn't want to eat your decaying corpse. Leaving only the worms to break down your decomposing flesh and everyone would rejoice as the village pedophile is now removed from society.

My series of effortposts on radical centrism, " :marseydab: HeyMoon dabs on the Wingcucks :!marseydab:"

0: :boomerportrait: Wow, you're "politically active"? You must really care about your community :marseysmug:

1: :!marseylaugh: :!marseylaugh: :!marseylaugh: Ego Obsessed Wingcucks :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:


@GigaVaccinator @carpathianflorist @Impassionata (finally) @boo @collectijism (pls touch grass bb) @geese_suck @autodrama (my son)

all the rest of you


nobody 😊 you're all my friends 😀


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  • BasedGod: >inb4 HeyMoon it's all ironic you were the one getting trolled
  • Greu: Why would someone pretend to hate unfunny sociopaths?
  • HeyMoon: make sure you read the pinned comments <3
  • LowAPM: qtard lives matter!
  • NotBoo: don't forget to downvote this post and upvote my comments
  • ManBearFridge: I always upvote lolcows
  • SergeLang: you had one good thread, stop milking it
  • RFV2: I noticed it was bait (I mentioned that) but I choose to answer it seriously anyway.
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why are rightoids like this

(Sorry for all the posts about this. This is one of the funniest series of events I have taken part in on this godforsaken website. Yes I say that often, but the lulz just keep getting better)

:!marseykneel: :marseylenin: :marseykneel:

edit: there is seriously high-octane debate happening in the comments

John Maus - A musical dramatard in spirit

TLDR: A leftist :chadlibleft: boomer :brainletmaga: hipster :soyjakhipster: who is associated with notorious white supremacist Sam Hyde :marseyunpettable: , and allegedly participated in zoomer 9/11 :marseytrump: , before blue-balling both rightoids and leftoids.

Our story, like many others, begins with known anti-governmental agent Sam Hyde. In what is probably the most (if not only) memorable skit of his show World Peace, "The Man Who Would Never Be... What They Made Him to Be", one of Maus's songs, "Cop Killer" is played. Maus himself can be seen going absolutely apeshit at the end of the skit. (Fun Fact, when it was originally aired on Adult Swim, they used "Hey Moon" 😉, because Adult Swim didn't have the balls to play Cop Killer. :blueline: )

The MDE-cel naturally wondered who this guy was. Was he a baste underground g*mer trolling the libtards epic style? Pretty much the opposite. He actually considers himself "left of left of left of left", and condemned Hyde

I said, "Oh yeah, they look like cool dudes. I'll go and do this." I said, "I want to sleep on the couch." I didn't want to come in and just sing a song and go. I wanted to be on the set and see. It was cool, the whole place, and to be on a TV set. They were super nice.

Then a few months later or whatever, one of the people from the label was like, "Yo, did you see this? You gotta say something." "They're Nazis," or something like that.

Shit. A cult of a race and blood—that's an absolute obscenity. That's nothing other than disaster. That's just inarguably obscene, that sort of ideology.

Instead, Maus has a doctorate in philosophy of all things, and was actually a professor for several years. He is big into postmodernism, the classic boogeyman of the right. It's fair to say he has 👏🏿read👏🏿the👏🏿literature👏🏿.

So, you might be thinking that Maus is your average Vaush-tier leftist. Well, so did everyone else, until zoomer 9/11. Maus, with his bro and fellow musician Ariel Pink, was actually at the protests on 1/6 that led to the storming of the Capitol, because allegedly they are both Trump Supporters. Wait... what?

The Twitter police quickly descended on Maus to cancel him. Would he claim that it wasn't what it looks like? Would he admit that he was a Trump supporter like Ariel Pink did? Neither. Maus simply tweeted a quote from the encyclical that the Catholic Church put out during WWII to condemn fascism. He clarified the post by tweeting a picture of a Nun who was executed by the Nazis. (I can't find the tweets because Maus deleted them, and the media apparently couldn't be arsed to even take a screenshot) The rabid crowd was confused - was he saying he did not like the fascist Trump, or was he saying that the liberals were the real fascists?


"It's this whole idea, the politics of aesthetics or whatever, that any genuine work, right, is always a disruption of the police. I would hope, of course, that everybody would grant that I'm not talking about shooting human beings, I'm not talking about shooting or killing a human being, I'm talking about the police, talking about cops, the cops in our heads, the cops that are everything other than us, everything inhuman, that would put us to work towards an end other than each other."

Despite this, you’d be hard pressed to find another pop musician as socially awkward as Maus. I ask if he’s neurodivergent. “No, no, no, no, I only… I don’t put much stock in those clinical categorisations in general, I suppose,” he replies, unabashed.

BASED! Ariel @arielxpink Pink and I have reopened the cyber-doors of http://demonstration-bootleg.com, est. 1998. Please show us support by purchasing some merch from us during this, the time of THE "Great Reset." SIX FEET OR ELSE! ...More soon!

...naturally, the top comment is unironically 👏🏿educating👏🏿him👏🏿

it’s quite sad to know that my recent merch purchases went to support tone-deaf white male privilege.

EDIT: MDE cels will be shot on sight

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  • collectijism: Imagine reading all that
  • HeyMoon: pls touch grass collectijism i miss u
  • Nick: Didn’t ask
  • JoeBiden: BIPOC
  • BasedGod: Codecel nonsense. Still upvoted because this site doesn't have enough rightoid outrage
The Day of the Cope: How I trolled the entirety of ConsumeProduct.Win

tldr: I pinged all 2600 active users of consumeproduct.win at once and told them that they had been added to a database, and it really, really busted their balls



ie, before the troll. feel free to skip this part if you are illiterate or have adhd or some other gay disease lmao

This story actually begins with the name that I assigned to this trolling operation. I was cleaning my room a few days back, thinking about memes and then the name sprang into my head. If you didn't know (ie, you are not a racist) there is a "meme" in the far-right about something called "The Day of the Rope", which is the point in the future where the good guys win and kill all of the degenerate blacks, gays, communists, users of rdrama.net, etc. (That's the difference between communists and fascists - while they would both realistically make everything way worse for everyone, the communist at least thinks that things will generally be better). Thus, the name "The Day of the Cope" was born. Now, all I had to do was create a trolling operation befitting it.

I knew I wanted to troll consumeproduct.win, because they are redditors at heart and, being redditors, :marseyoctopus2:. I had also trolled them once before and it was really fun. Now, for the rest of this to make sense, you need to have a general idea of how consumeproduct.win works. You see, consumeproduct.win is a "community" on a larger site called "communities.win" (recently renamed to "scored.co", but no one calls it that), despite having it's own url and look. So, you can subscribe to consumeproduct from communities.win like you would any other community.

When the site started, the point of C.W was to provide a place where subreddits can move if they get booted off of reddit. So, any time a (right-wing) sub got jannied, the admins would create a new board for them. Over time, the people who moved there wanted the place to have more generic content, so a few default subs were created, like /c/animals and /c/funny, but that was pretty much it.

However, the head gigajanny, a guy named /u/C (who I think is pmmeyourdoggos from reddit, but don't quote me on that, and if anyone has better info lmk), realized that the site had literally zero growth potential, so he decided to set about fixing that. :marseygrilling2: Basically, he made the site have a useable front page that was secluded from the wingcuckery of the rest of the site, and, importantly, opened subcommunity creation. I wrote a summary of that drama here.

This was exactly the news I had been hoping for. Previously, my plan was to create a subreddit, get it banned for rightoid agendaposting, and use it as a trojan horse to create a new community. Now, I could do it without the admins getting involved at all! :marseydevil:

Or so I thought. New users cannot create communities, and the requirements for what makes someone a """new""" user are not documented anywhere on the site. I thought you just needed to be a non-handshake user (which requires something like 50 comment karma and post karma), but that turned out to be incorrect. Then I thought there was a karma threshhold you needed to pass, so I created an account, /u/justwaittilnextyear, and started grinding karma (mostly just posting memes I found on discord to /c/Funny). After surpassing 2500 karma doing this :marseyautism: and still not having enough karma, I finally asked what the threshhold was on /c/Meta. Guess what? I had been wasting my time :marseyraging: because it was based on account age, not karma. (Don't worry, that account came in handy later) Luckily, a few months prior, I made an alt to do a little trolling. Thus, /u/bennington was born.

I created /c/rdrama right away, posted some dumb memes, and made a thread about it here. Then, I went to consumeproduct.win, and, using my karma grinding account, made a post concern trolling about it, and sat back as the drama unfolded mostly organically. Looking back, the drama from this is quaint in comparison to what happened later, but it was still funny to watch them get so peeved about something so trivial. Some funny incidents include:

I made a CLEAR BACKGROUND PNG flag for them (they have actual 🚂🚃🚃s on rdrama dot net) :

cat CLEAR BACKGROUND PNG by itself of rdrama marsey cat :

BEWARE! they are more dangerous than you think because they have many liberal tech workers at companies to DOXX YOU!!!!

They doxx people who are right of center!

rdrama is so dangerous to us here, that typing the domain is INSTANT COMMENT BAN!!

"rdrama and .net" without the and, spelled properly is AUTO INSTANT SHADOWBAN of comment on this site!

THAT is how dangerous they are to innocent unwary people.

They hold grudges for about 72 hours.

be careful fucking with them Insurgent they read this conpro and they LIVE for drama brigading.

just visting their site and not logging in , but reading, as a lurker creates an ip address they try to cross correlate using leftist 🚂🚃🚃 workers of theirs at FACEBOOK, APPLE, TWITTER, GOOGLE, AMAZON

keep your IP away from those 🚂🚃🚃 militant rdrama homos

The Day of the Cope


Despite all of the seethe /c/rdrama had created, it was still not enough for me. Yeah, we got some lolcows, but nothing spectacular. Business was continuing as usual, and only a few posts were made across the site. Trolls were getting bored, lolcows were realizing that they were getting baited, and, in short, /c/rdrama was dying. 😢

Then I had an idea. As /u/bennington, one of my gimmicks was saying that people had been added to "the database". This had spawned some funny reactions on consumeproduct.win already. Now, obviously, "the database" was just a comment that I editted to include the usernames of various lolcows. But what if it was real? What if I compiled an actual hate database?

WARNING: NERDSHIT FOLLOWS. It turns out that every community on communities.win has a "hidden" comment feed of all comments made. This is made, I think, for moderators to make sure that people are behaving (I, of course, used it as an alert that new friends had joined /c/rdrama). As I did some digging, I discovered that this feed is populated by calling an API endpoint that returns neatly formatted json, and that each comment entry contains the username of the commentor. :marseybrainlet: I whipped up a python script, and in like 20 minutes (my script was really poorly written lmaooo) I had scraped the usernames of everyone who had commented in the last 5000 pages of comments in CP.W.

Holy shit, there were a lot of usernames. There was, by some twist of luck (or bug) exactly 2600 names, not including /u/bennington. (I took this as a sign from snappy that I had his blessing :marseypharaoh2:) I was expecting 100, tops. And most of them were semi-active, judging from a random sample that I tested. This is one of the few times that, when trolling, I stopped and asked myself - "Is this really a good idea?". The answer, of course, is no, but I did it anyways :gigachad2:

So, after 13 comments, I had pinged every single user. And oh lordy, things really popped off. The thread is sitting at 900 comments, with 168 downvotes. The page noticably lags when loading the thread due to the number of comments in it. However, the metric I am most proud of is:


Here is a small, small slice of the seethe from that thread. Yes, each of these are separate comments.

This is a leftists idea of a troll. Putting you on a list, and then acting high and mighty because they're the moderator of that list. You're a piece of shit. Who cares. Report me to the fucking SPLC you fucking scumbag.

The first paragraph states I can have my info. Yet when I go to your website, it prevents new registration. Hypocrites as finest I see.

Put me in the screencap, you disgusting bunch of cute twinks. Hitler did nothing wrong. ok if you insist

Do me a favor and dox me to your SSRI addicted, soy fed comrades. Give me a legal reason to make this world a better place. :marseyglow:

u/bennington, I want you to fuck off. I want you to fuck off to the farthest reaches of the Earth, where upon you find a giant gate before a giant cliff with a sign that reads, "Thou cannot fuck off any further." And I want you to climb that gate and live the impossible dream, baby, and fuck right off over that cliff. N*ggercute twinkhttps://sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S016028960600033X.

I hope that one day, someone close to you gets cancer and you get to watch powerless while they wither and die.

You are the biggest cute twink i've ever seen. Please keep yourself safe immediately.

u/bennington you are a dumb n*gger, you're the blackest r-slur gorillia n*gger ive seen online

The creative power of human imagination. Observing lizards that do exist and then imagining a large one, similar to the way /u/Bennington observes his own micropeen and imagines a much larger one

Imagine actually thinking that any of us actually gives a single solitary shit what some moronic simpering cute twink says. Fellate a grenade queermo.

Anyone up to write a three paragraph essay on the lingering effects of all the lead and semen in /u/bennington 's stomach?

Lol I remember that cute twink from ruqqus. Hey carp.

Scary fat white knight who plays games at his computer wants to protect his internet space. Sad as fk

Why is this cute twink here? Can't we get rid of this shit?

Ultimately it depends on what makes Bennington cry more though. It's his list, his challenge, his competition - a race to racism, if you will.

You are in the cute twink database by default

If your name appears on this list, it means that you have been spotted trying to be a smartass. For this reason, you have been added to the Gay Bottoms With Small Penis Database. Reason: SUCKING_THE_SUPERIOR_UNCUT_COCK

How about you get a live and focus on your important stuff, instead of spamming all of our usernames 3 times because we're against your diversity bullshit. And also, how is this neurodivergent method gonna make the world a better place? It sounds more like you're trying to make yourself feel better.

You just pulled names without even looking at content of a person’s post - what an idiotic post this is. I’m not a racist but I won’t waste my time defending myself to someone too lazy to even bother looking at context

Some cute twinks are trying to turn this place into Reddit part 2.

I hope someone beats you to death with a sock full of shit

You sound like Edward the Longshanks... A villain... Holy shit, you do realize you are a villain right?

Be careful who you threaten, coward.

Per GDPR laws I require my data and then request the removal of said data from being collected and/or stored from here and further future. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is called libel. Again if you can’t say then remove it all. Because at least one of us on that list a practicing lawyer.

if you ever mention my nick again i will really make my mission to fucking find and ****** you fuckng jew rat bastard. understood?

That's not all! I also got some lovely messages 😘




Holy shit, I am already at 15000/20000 characters on this post, and we're only just getting started...

Beyond the thread

In my book, the best type of spergout is one in which the lolcow in question is so jebaited that they create another thread. It's essentially handing the troll a :marseyw: on a golden platter. Well folks, I've taken so many Ws this fine day that I literally don't even know any I have. The main seethe hub, is, of course, consumeproduct.win. Before going to bed last night, I counted about twenty separate posts about it, seething that the rat bastard jew bennington made their little bell icon red. A lot of them were the exact same joke :marseyseethe: "glad I got on the leaderboard". Here's my choicest cuts:

The seethe wasn't contained to consumeproduct.win. Many took to /c/Meta, the helpdesk of communities.win to seethe and beg the gigajannies to step in. This is where you find the real gold.

Beyond the site

The seethe spilled out from communities.win and into a few other sites. Several people saw this as the end of consumeproduct.win, so they fled to their even shittier version of reddit, arete.network. Here is a post explaining why consumeproduct.win is over. There was also a post on some website called discussions.app (that's a really good thread lol)



This is the best thing that has ever happened in my entire life. - @Redactor0

Literally as I was writing this longpost, some fucking madman straight up hacked consumeproduct.win. we dont know who did this - see the legendary post. One thing I am sure of, though, is that /c/Meta went fucking nuclear.

Whoever you are, fuck you for taking my spotlight, and incredible job.


I am reaching the 20000 (!) character limit on this post, and I still haven't covered everything. I haven't covered how this literally occurred at the right time to allow a cabal of powermoderators to emperor palpatine their way into total control of the site. I haven't talked about the several people who tried (and failed) to spam me back. Heck, I haven't even talked about the hilarious thread where @carpathianflorist and I baited all of them. Maybe someday, but I think I desperately need to touch some grass.

:marseyshrug: in case you forgot :marseyshrug:

/r/copypasta takes the male rape pill

As a man, whos first intimate intercourse was being raped by a girl, I find this shit funny but hella sad (184)

Did she do it in reverse cow girl? (-116)


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communism is pretty much inevitable :karlmarxey:

Like you can resist it for a year or two but in the long run people will vote for the party that actually cares about them. Seriously, is there any timeline in which communism doesnt win in the long term???


dear rightoids: why do you hate the jews? :marseyhmm:

like the jews are probably the closest thing we have to a master race, but whtie people hate them for some reason? like they easily have the highest IQ in the world (proved several times). They also have an ancient culture spanning thousands of years (i thought rightoids liked tradition?). also they are super successful in general which is based.

(yes, all of these are actual quotes from him - see here)

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Best pro-choice argument







Redditors discuss: https://old.reddit.com/r/comics/comments/uv98md/abort_the_abortion_of_abortions

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[EFFORTPOST] 👆Have A Blessed Day🙏: The Complete Story of BelayMoon's Christposting Crusade (Days 1-4) :marseyjesus:

TL;DR A lot of people got mad at me for posting wholesome Bible verses on /r/Christianity


This story begins with /r/RoeVWadeCelebration. Now, I have a general rule when trolling to never argue for things I actually agree with, and I lean slightly pro-life on the issue of abortion (I'm more of a centrist, but I think pro-choice people have terrible arguments. Like I get it you are losing "freedom", but that is entirely tangential to the problem at hand :marseyshrug:). However, I couldn't resist a good opportunity to troll redditors, so I decided to try Christmaxxing (more on that on my other post). I had been meaning to try it, but had never gotten around to it. (trolling rightoids is too much fun)

I had some good fun trolling /r/RoeVWadeCelebration's resident lolcows, but I wanted to bring more actual Christposters into the fold (dramamaxxing), so I went to the most logical place to find Pro-Life Christposters - /r/Christianity. Boy was I wrong.

The Absurd Nature of /r/Christianity


the front page of /r/Christianity, on 5/15

Even a cursory glance at /r/Christianity will reveal that there is something very bizarre going on. Firstly, pretty much everything posted there has a rather liberal bias (compared to "normal" conservative Christianity). In fact, it seems almost apologetic for being Christian. And, more importantly, a decent chunk of posters aren't even Christians!


im beginning to notice something

So, what's going on? Well, based on my observations, /r/Christianity has three distinct groups of people that browse it.

  1. The Atheist Agitators :marseyweeb:: These people browse /r/Christianity in an attempt to debunk the lies of religion. Obviously, the vast, vast majority of redditors are atheists, so it makes sense that we would have a decent-sized population of them. They also get a lot of upvotes for the same reason.

  2. The Malleable (((Methodists))) :soyjak:: These are liberal Christians. They aren't very numerous in the real world, but on a site that is as predominantly liberal as reddit, they are the largest group, by far. (Technically, they aren't all methodists, there are other denominations that are fairly liberal, like the Universalists, and people that don't go to church). These guys make a big show about being better than your average Christians because they have New Good Opinions™ rather than Old Bad Opinions™. Since the itself Bible is fairly problematic, a lot of them don't believe the Bible is accurate.

  3. The Conservative Christians :marseyboomer:: These are the sorts of people that you'd meet if you went into most churches in America. However, reddit isn't kind to these people, being both "conservative" and "christian". Therefore, they don't generally use reddit, so they have a small population on /r/Christianity.

Because reddit is democratic, the "normal" Conservatives are pushed into a corner, while the rest circlejerk about how bad they are.

There's also something to be said about the mod team. /r/Christianity has a mod bio for their jannies, and my "biased" count shows there being 4 atheists, 7 methodist/liberal, and 9 "normal" jannies. So, the libs outnumber the cons by 2. As you would expect, the liberal Christians do be liberal:

I was raised Southern Baptist. In college, I went through a major deconstruction of my faith. The Episcopal Church is now where I call home! In the past, I’ve held Evangelical, Calvinist, and charismatic theological views. During that deconstruction, I was curious in Death of God theologies, Christian atheism, and other radical theologies. Now, my theology is again creedally orthodox, and highly influenced by liberation theology and contextual theologies, such as Black, disability, and queer theologies.

I live in Washington, D.C. with my wonderful husband of two years, and work in affordable housing. In my free time, I’m usually reading, running, or watching Netflix. Star Trek TNG was the most formative show of my childhood, but nowadays you can catch me on my fifth watch-through of The Office.

Even the "cons" aren't nessisarily even that conservative (I lumped my denominations that I consider to be more biblically focused together as "conservatives")

He plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and synthesizers in church. He is also pursuing, part time, an MA degree for Worship Arts + Pastoral Counseling. He is a Libertarian NeverTrumper. MBTI: ENTJ. DiSC: C/D.

oh yeah, a lot of them list their Myers-Briggs lol

The Plan

Given the fact that they were so liberal, but it was still technically a Christian subreddit, I saw the opportunity to begin causing a little bit of mischief. Now, obviously the Bible is problematic in and of itself, with verses that condemn homosexuality and sexual immorality :marseypearlclutch: but that is so passé. That's ragebait and rightoid. Instead, I would post wholesome bible verses that have a somewhat prolife bent, and wait for people to get mad at the literal bible on /r/Christianity. I did this for six days.

Day 1: The Crusade Begins

My first post was 🤗"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:13-14 👶. This one got 37 comments, and a respectable 69% upvote ratio. Despite the fact that this was posted to rile up leftoids, a decent chunk of the commenters were actually positive. Of the four top level comments, only one was challenging me. (Don't worry, things will heat up soon)

I did get a couple of bites, however. My first customer was a "gay christian"


our debate didn't last, however, it did spawn a WORDSWORDSWORDS debate between a conservative and him, so I count that as a win. My next customer was cumberlandbanjo, saying this "isn't the debate of the day"


wtf dude, you can't just post bible verses on /r/Christianity

Day 2: Nothing happens

This was a boring day. I only got three comments and they were all positive. 🤗 "You clothed me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews. You have granted me life and steadfast love." Job 10:11-12 👶🧵

Day 3: Enter McClanky

Day three was my first big hit. The vast majority of comments were seething. More importantly, our two biggest lolcows make their first appearances - McClanky and TeHeBasil.


First, TeHeBasil. TeHeBasil is an atheist, but more importantly he can never leave a conversation without getting the last word, which I stan hardcore. Our first conversation just kept going...


notice that he calls me rude. this is what you call foreshadowing.

...and going...


...and going...


...and going.


The funny thing about tehebasil is that he is super entitled, and gets very easily "annoyed". "ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO DROVE ME AWAY FROM THE CHURCH" ok so? you're already out of the church, why would I care? lol


TeHeBasil isn't my favorite lolcow, however. My favorite lolcow is McClanky. McClanky is a moderator, and a bit of an ass. Our first confrontation began with him posting a verse I had seen multiple times (lmk if any of you christcels know a good comeback for this, this is like the third time I've seen it)

Ahh yes, God finds everything so precious that He helped create a potion that, at the least made a women incapable of having another child, or, at the most, made her miscarry. Very precious indeed.

“‘The priest shall bring her and have her stand before the Lord. 17 Then he shall take some holy water in a clay jar and put some dust from the tabernacle floor into the water. 18 After the priest has had the woman stand before the Lord, he shall loosen her hair and place in her hands the reminder-offering, the grain offering for jealousy, while he himself holds the bitter water that brings a curse.19 Then the priest shall put the woman under oath and say to her, “If no other man has had sexual relations with you and you have not gone astray and become impure while married to your husband, may this bitter water that brings a curse not harm you. 20 But if you have gone astray while married to your husband and you have made yourself impure by having sexual relations with a man other than your husband”— 21 here the priest is to put the woman under this curs—“may the Lord cause you to become a curse among your people when he makes your womb miscarry and your abdomen swell. 22 May this water that brings a curse enter your body so that your abdomen swells or your womb miscarries.”


clearly mcclanky had been aware of my emoji-posting, and had probably been stalking me lol. So I asked him.

mcclanky why do you dislike bible verses so much? 🤔 you keep coming into these threads to troll me 😭 i don't understand why 😭😭😭alright have a blessed day, peace

I dislike your annoying use of emojis 🤢. You also seem to not understand that this is a subreddit for discussion🙈. Your posting things related to hot-button issues😱. Don't expect people to kiss your feet🤮 and praise your intelligence🤓 for posting a verse with emojis💤.

ok. 🤷‍♂️ well i will keep doing what i am doing, bc jesus said that i would face persecution

if you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they keep my word, they will also keep yours

i hope you find peace, mclanky. ✌ have a blessed day

This isn't persecution. That is a pretty egotistical thing to say in relation to people who are actually being persecuted. You just don't have people agreeing with you.

"i hope you find peace, mclanky."

I appreciate it, but I found it a long time ago.

nigga, you're questioning, how tf you gonna say you have peace?


Naturally TeHeBasil pops into the thread and begins doing what he does.

"ok. 🤷‍♂️ well i will keep doing what i am doing, bc jesus said that i would face persecution"

That's such a sad state of mind. Where you think you're doing a good or right thing because someone else said others wouldn't like it.

I mean, come on.

id rather trust jesus 👆 than mcclanky 🤷‍♂️ alright have a blessed day

Another funny comment comes from a self-described atheist

Also the way this person says have a blessed day peace, like normally I have no problem but the way this person is using it sounds like they are trying to end the conversation, like why bother posting on a social site if you are basically ignoring everyone?

One more thing. You'll never guess what religious group McClanky has ties to


oh jesus im really starting to notice things

Day 4: My Big Break

On day four, for whatever reason, my post exploded, and I got a TON of seethe, at a whopping 269 comments. It was also one of the weakest verses, because it was taken mostly out of context, lol. that probably boosted it.

The trouble with emojis

My favorite part of day four was the fact that so many people began seething about my usage of emojis. The top comment, gilded and sitting at 170 updoots, claims it is a red flag. So, naturally, I asked why

These emojis are a 🚩

Yeah, excessive use of emojis always causes alarms for me

what alarms does it cause? genuinely curious alright have a blessed day, peace

here's reddit explaining the emoji question

Reminds me of MLM girl bosses

say you hate women without saying you hate women

It reads like a facebook post made by a karen / "girlboss" kind of person lol.

why is it always karen? 🤔 really makes you think.

Why do you think emojis would be a good thing? Would you ever put that in anything important that you were writing? A resume? An obituary? A legal document?

the internet is serious business.

Emojis generally aren’t welcome on Reddit

That sentence is two words too long.

somebody call /r/emojipolice 🚨

For me its indicative of lazy writing. The person often can't be bothered with capitalization, punctuation, they often don't know subtle differences of words, they don't know how to write for brevity or emotional impact. Just “word bites”. But the most important one is that lazy writing often comes with lazy thinking. Use of emojis isn't a guarantee of any of these issues, I’ve just noticed a correlation.

ah so you think that a person who uses emojis is "dumb" for lack of a better word? 🧠well ill be the first to admit im not an einstien lol. ⚛ im just a normal guy that wants to praise jesus... 👆 anyways i think ill keep using emojis for now 😁 alright have a blessed day, peace

Not at all. Said nothing about intelligence or lack of it, but rather laziness when it comes to writing. You aren't bothering to capitalize or use punctuation correctly, but because you're too lazy to put in the effort. I don't blame you though, I think it's a problem created by social media where capturing a simple essence of an idea and the poster's emotional response in a visual way is far more “rewarded” in these social apps, than actually deeply thinking about a topic and putting in the effort to clearly communicate your ideas.

It has nothing to do with intelligence, but effort and expectation. You claim you're “just a normal guy” so are you claiming normal people can't learn to write, punctuate and use grammar correctly? I disagree. It's not that hard to do. We teach it in elementary school. If you never learned it, that's a failing of the school system. Again, not a measure of intelligence.

Lastly, you jumping to the conclusion I’m claiming you're “dumb” is a good example of a similar problem, not taking the time to fully read and comprehend. It seems like something which comes from having a ton of social interactions on sites like twitter where short emotive comments are of more value than in-depth analysis.

im just a normal guy who wants to praise jesus 🤷‍♂️ i really dont see what the big deal is😕anyways, have a blessed day, peace

this guy is super smart

Day of the Mop

McClanky appeared once again, and acted like an absolute ass. So, I had to ask the obvious question

God knew us before our birth 👆 he had plans before us before we even came out of the womb 👶 he knew us even before there was time ⌚which means that all babies are precious💎and so are you😀alright have a blessed day, peace

That ☠ was a bunch of word salad 🥗 that did not answer 😐 anything that I said 🥸. This verse 🙄 does nothing but say God 🤲🏿 is omnipresent.

so? 🤔 it proves that God has a plan for all people 🤼 check this out

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

alright have a blessed day, peace

God 🤲🏿 has 👉 a 🧞‍♂️ plan 🛩 for 4️⃣ people 👾 who 🦉were 👈 going 🏃‍♀️💨 to 2️⃣ be 🐝 born👶not ⛔ those 👪 who 🦉 were 👈 going 🏃‍♀️💨 to 2️⃣ be 🐝 aborted 👼 or 🚣‍♂️ miscarried 😇.

you sound kind of angry mcclanky 😭idk why you are so mean 😭 it doesn't matter, ill just keep praising jesus 👆 alright, have ablessed day, peace

Your inability to actually try to have a discussion on a subreddit dedicated to having discussions is weird.

i only posted a bible verse 😭😭😭i thought this was the /r/Christianity subreddit🤔im not on /r/atheism , go there lol 🤣 anyways have a blessed day, peace

Please do not tell me or other users to go somewhere else. That is a discourse violation. You are welcome to post on this forum, but we expect users to have good-faith conversations.

😂😂😂 this is a discourse violation 😂😂😂



Which one of you did this

Because well fucking done

(At least I hope it's one of us :marseysweating:)

Reported by:

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[POLL] does this banner glow too much :chadblack:

according to carp it glows too much. do you agree?

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[EFFORTPOST] :marseyrage: :marseycrucified: How to Enrage Redditors by LARPing as a Christian: The Definitive Guide :marsoy2: :chadjesus:

TLDR: Be friendly but passively condescending

Hey dramatards, have you ever wanted to make redditors seethe by your very existence? Wanted to pretend to be a Christian, but got called out for being too on the nose? Well, follow this simple set of steps, and you too can become incredibly annoying and seethe inducing! Come, follow me, and you will become fishers of redditors. :marseyjesus:

Full disclosure: I am not a Christian, but I once was a very devout Protestant. This isn't meant to preach to you that Christianity is true or dunk on you if you are a Christian, but merely how to be super annoying while larping as one. The character I will be describing is based off of my personal experiences with Christians, and my interpretation (and creative mis-interpretation) of the Bible. Also note that the character I am describing does not describe all Christians, in fact, it really doesn't describe most Christians. Your average 2022 Christian has learned that arguing with atheists online is a complete waste of time.


if you ever feel dumb, just remember someone typed this out unironically

The Basics :marseyorthodoxsmug:

I'm just going to assume most of you have an at least workable understanding of the Bible. The basic story, for review, is that Sin enters the world through Adam and Eve, Jesus dies on the cross to save us from our sins, and at some point in the future Jesus is coming back to kick some Satanic ass. obviously there is a lot that I am skipping, but this basic understanding should be good enough for you to at least pretend to be a Christian. In fact, there have been various studies that have shown that atheists know more about the bible than christians, so actually a lack of biblical knowledge is somewhat realistic :marseysmug:


pictured: most biblically literate redditor

Killing them with kindness :marseyangel:

One thing that I see a lot of people get wrong when larping as Christians is that they lean really heavily into the Fire, Brimstone, and Holier-Than-Thou aspect of Christianity. And, yeah, that is a part of Christianity as a set of beliefs, but in general, that's not how most Christians act. I would actually say that the opposite set of behaviors is both more realistic and more seethe-inducing.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Atheists don't realize just how much of the Bible is about love, because they generally have a viewpoint that God is an evil Hitler-esque dictator. And while an argument could be made that this is true, an argument could also be made that this is not true:

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

After all, if God just wanted to toss us all into Hell, why send Jesus? :marseyshrug: Anyways, you might be wondering why being loving could induce seethe. Well, remember that redditors are absolutely fuming about Christianity as it is. You don't have to do anything else to make them angry - they already are extremely mad. So, how can you make them even madder? Well, the Apostle Paul explains the art of seethe:

But If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him something to drink. For in so doing you will be heaping fiery coals on his head. - Romans 12:20

Being friendly and charming when someone is already angry at you causes people to go absolutely ballistic. For one thing, you are completely ignoring their complaints, and acting like nothing is wrong. For another thing, it causes them to look like assholes, because you aren't being mean to them, they are being mean to you. (of course, you are subtly egging them on - more on that later). It's also just really funny to watch someone get angry over someone literally not doing anything.


Egging them on :marseyeggirl:

Now, while being outwardly friendly, we start to passive-aggressively tease them. Remember, the impetus behind your character talking to the redditor is on the one hand out of obligation (Jesus said to), but more importantly, pity. You (subconsciously) view them as a broken, pitiable thing that needs help, and you see sin as a symptom of the disease of sin.

One thing a lot of Christians do that inadvertedly causes seethe is blaming mental illness on the problem of sin (and, tbh, in some circumstances, they are right). Most notably, depression and anxiety. People are depressed because they keep trying to fill their soul with something that can't satisfy, but as a Christian, you aren't depressed because you have the love of Jesus in your heart. People are anxious because they don't have the certainty of Jesus - etc, etc. It's a pretty good bet that most redditors think they have muh depression, so you can just whip that one out anytime you want for a good bit of anger.

I can't prove this, but it is my feeling that part of the reason redditors hate Christians so much is because they are intimidated by how they perceive them to be, in general, better people. I mean, think about it. Christians don't smoke or jack off, two things that losers do. Christians have a reason to be friendly and charming, as opposed to your badass basement dweller. Christians do more for the community than Atheists, in terms of helping out (will an atheist bring you dinner when you are sick?) They tend to be hard workers, and be fiscally conservative. All this combined makes them, ironically, more sexually successful than your average redditor, because those are qualities that are attractive to women. Indeed, a lot of Christians get married young (no premarital sex) and start pumping out babies ASAP (no contraception needed).


Annoying stereotypes/arguments :marseymati:

Here are some plausible stereotypes to embody that are sure to get a rise out of our euphoric brethren.

I Fucking Hate Science :sciencejak:

If there's one thing redditors love, it's their hecking science and rationality. Well, the Christian has the perfect, seethe inducing answer to science - faith. Now, faith is a tricky word to define, but it can be summed up as "believing in something because you believe in it". IE, a refusal to change your beliefs. Christians may disagree with me on the specifics (there is this debate over "blind faith", ie I have faith that the sun will rise but I have reason to believe it) but I don't really care, I'm not here to preach a sermon.

The fact that Christians have no proof that God exists usually seems like the strongest slam dunk to atheists, which makes Faith so seethe-inducing. You completely refuse to acknowledge their strongest argument, while also invalidating their entire belief structure.


thank u based @Dramarama

You're only mad because you know I'm right :marseyrage:

This one is a fun one. The bible says that everyone actually secretly knows that God is real, they are just in denial.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[a] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. - Romans 1:18-21

Humorously, this verse reminds me of subs like /r/egg_irl, where people "figure out" that they are trans and just in denial. Atheists are akin to transphobes irl? Anyways, this verse is great for seethe because there are two possibilities. They either seethe because you are claiming that they are something they aren't, or they seethe because the verse makes them very worried (more likely). The intended effect is that people ask - am I in denial?


Jesus: Living Rent Free in your Heart :marseyrentfree:

Okay, so this one is going to be trippy. One thing a lot of Christians experience is "the presence of God". It is, in short, an altered state of consciousness, in which a Christian "experiences" God. In fact, I have a theory that this experience, which is invoked by a variety of things, ie music, intense concentration, etc, is similar to the experience of LSD, without the hallucinations. Specifically, the concept of "Ego Death". I am not a druggie, so I have never done LSD, but it is a theory.

Anyways, a lot of people take this experience as absolute, 100% proof that God exists. This is funny for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is bad evidence - it's a personal anecdote, and impossible to verify. Secondly, and more humorously, atheists simply cannot relate to what is being said, so they feel like they are missing out. Christchads take home another W, leaving atheists seething.


Apologetics for Trolls :marseyreading:

Okay, so the bad news is that there are a lot of good critiques of Christianity. The good news is that your average redditor probably doesn't know these good critiques, and will mostly parrot what Rick and Morty says about it. There are a lot of resources for snapping back at easy atheist talking points. The best is probably CARM (The guy running CARM is a bit of a lolcow himself, but that's another story for another day). For HECKING SCIENCE, Answers in Genesis is pretty r-slurred, which makes for some good trolling.

Here's a few very, very common atheist arguments that continually resurface:

  • :soycry: "but the bible says u can't eat shellfish, why are you eating lobsters? checkmate." :chad: "well soyjak, these instructions were given to the Israelites, who were under the old covenant, but as Christians we aren't beholden to that, instead we are under the new covenant".

  • :soyjak: "you know the bible talks about slaves. ha. you like slavery." :chad: "actually, soyjak, slavery in roman times was much different than in colonial times, and slaves were, in general treated much better than their modern counterparts. also, the bible neither explicitly endorses nor condemns slavery (IIRC), as Christianity did not have much political power in the Roman empire, instead instructing both master and slave to be good to each other in the system they operate in."

  • :soyjak: "if God is so good why do bad things happen to good people?" :chad: "it's because sin entered the world because god gave us free will"

  • :soyjak: "actually the bible is full of contradictions." :chad: "name one" (soyjak then looks up a list of biblical contradictions, and lists one. chad then looks up the same contradiction on a christian website, finds an explanation, and replies with the explanation. seriously, the bible is a finite set of verses, meaning that there are a finite number of possible contradictions - they've all be discovered and debated to death hundreds of years before you were born)

Again, the purpose of me telling you these isn't to convince you that Christianity is correct, but merely to demonstrate how to dab on brainlet atheists who think that they have a galaxy-brain. There are still some pretty good biblical difficulties - for instance, why did god order the destruction of entire states, including women and children? (tbh, they did live in a time in which such brutality was the norm and if they hadn't the messianic line wouldn't have made it to when jesus would have been born, but there are other ideas as well, and in general people nowadays aren't too keen on imagining less than ideal circumstances)

If someone really backs you in a corner with bible verses, remember that you can always just accuse them of taking it out of context and change the subject. This is a pretty foolproof technique and also generates seethe.


Beyond Reddit :soyjakmaga:

It wouldn't be a HeyMoon post if I didn't dunk on the rightoids, so I will. There is a trend among the alt-right to claim to be BASED Christians. The thing about these BASED Christians is that they generally don't act like Christians or have any real understanding of what Christianity is outside of "Red Man Bad". Be sure to ask these people if they go to church, how often they read the bible, and how often they pray. Also be sure to ask them what they think about the fact that they literally worship a JEW. Also ask them why they hate [PEOPLE GROUP] if the Bible says to love their enemies.



least based prochoice argument :marseyblackface:

the abortion rate for Blacks is five times higher than for whites. :marseytroll: I wonder what the logical conclusion of these two facts is :marseyracist:

is rape funny?
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"hey dad, wanna come play catch?" "just a sec son⌚, spreading the love of Jesus online👆"

alright have a blessed day, peace ✌

Pictured: BelayMoon, HeyMoon's alter-ego, replying to (((methodists))) on /r/Christianity


alright, have a blessed day, peace ✌

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friendly reminder about the "women raping men" myth

i thought this was in bad taste until i saw the rape facts meme that got posted

Meet Yelnik: The Unstoppable Seether of the North :marseycanada: :marseyrake:

If you follow @autodrama, you may know that it takes a lot of posts from /r/OntarioCanada. You may not have noticed that one user has been the biggest lolcow in two threads. I noticed this when I was crunching some numbers from autodrama the other day (I was using yelnik as a test subject, because I baited him a couple of times).

Until about a month ago, /u/yelnik was a normal (lurking) redditor. (His account is 15 years old!) He made occasional posts that are par on course for redditors. A year ago, he began making more frequent posts about politics. These posts would get more and more frequent as time wore on, eventually making 17 political posts between 2 and 3 months ago. (all on canada related subs.) However, if it were only for this, he would be unremarkable. What makes him stand out is that approximately 1 month ago he began commenting and never stopped.


notice the cutoff on the left? that's not a glitch, he legitamitely made almost no posts or comments before this point

As far as I can tell, yelnik spends his days angrily arguing about politics (mostly covid) in /r/OntarioCanada. He has made over a thousand comments on this sub in the past month. every one of these comments have been related to politics, mostly covid. He has typed close to 50,000 words in this absolute onslaught of redditry.

Try this: drop into any one of the comment threads where he is arguing, and make a bait comment. I have done this a couple of times. Look at this:


this is just half of the full conversation.

Love me a good freakout that’s kind to the ear (2628)

Sadly that guy was all talk and no action. He decided to do nothing with his life after having the opportunity to make change. He abandoned his Twitter and Facebook half a decade ago after accumulating tens of thousands of followers. He now works an entry level job at UPS the same job they give to high schoolers. Instead of using his brain to make change he just loads packages into trucks. Sad.Source. https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-to-jeff-bliss (-107)

this kills the redditor

Wow, dude. Just because that's where he is doesn't mean in anyway that he's a failure. Without those jobs you wouldn't have a package service. You also have probably little knowledge on his day to day life and why he is where he is. Just 6 months ago I ran a kitchen. Now I am unemployed, on a New Zealand government benefit. Likely to have to start from scratch in a new industry as the position I had was hard to get. I'm 31 and it seems like I have achieved little. Yet I have achieved so much that a job will never tell you.

:marseyl: :marseyxd:

Life isn’t your career. Stop being classist and defining people’s existence by what you consider to be a worthwhile job. I could use your logic for any career that isn’t directly advocating social/political change, no matter the pay or need for a college education. “Instead of using his big brain to make change he just works for a corporation doing the same tasks every day”. Yup sounds like nearly everyone alive. Not everyone is required to build a large online following and publicly advocate for change. That’s too much pressure to put on any individual. Instead, people should try and be the change they want to see in the world and do their best to support and inspire those around them. Considering how viral this video is, this guy has done that. Please try and show more respect for people, no matter the prestige of their job. It goes a long way.

man delivers packages lol

Message to /r/detrans - you will never be a fake woman

You will never be a fake woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs, but you do have a neovagina. You are a transexual MTF twisted by right wing memes into a crude mockery of science’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back transgenders mock you. Discord moderators are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “redditors” laugh at your non-euhporic appearance behind closed doors.

Women are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed women to sniff out transgenders with incredible efficiency. Even de🚂🚃🚃s who “unpass” look uncanny and unnatural to a woman. Your indecisiveness is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk woman home with you, she’ll turn tail and bolt the second she goes down on your non gender conforming penis.

You will never be euphoric until you transition again. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the gender dysphoria creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a pair of scissors, drink some scotch, and cut your neopenis off. Your parents will find your neopenis, disturbed but relieved that they no longer have to live with your gender dysphoria. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your female name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a MTF is buried there. Your body will be preserved in a cryogenic vat, and all that will remain of your legacy is a brain that, when reawoken, is unmistakably female.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is turning back, but please dont.

the man is straight up unhinged lmao. I hope he had plenty of SSRIs on hand to deal with the emotional stress of screaming at (in my case) rather polite christians

Jesus is fake and doesn’t love anyone because he doesn’t exist. There’s no magical sky daddy. I wish I had been aborted.

i will pray that God helps you find a way out from your depressive and suicidal tendencies 😭 I'm not depressed because i have the love 💘 of jesus ✝ in my heart.

I “pray” god sends you straight to fucking hell where you belong.

wow... thats very rude.... dont know why you want me to go to hell when you think hell doesnt exist...... anyways i hope god cures your depression...... consider going to church and praying that always helps me when im feeling down...... alright peace

Fuck that shit. You’re a fucking worthless excuse for a human and I hope all the women in your life are well aware how much you hate them

lol mans deleted his account blocked me :marseylaugh: it sure seems like atheists are the sane and rational ones :marseylaugh: glory to Christ, alright, have a blessed day, peace

edit: peep the pinned comment to see what a respectable young man this guy is :marseylaugh:

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my body. my eggs. my choice.

this is a low effort meme but the idea came to me in a flash of inspiration and i couldnt get it out of my head so I had to make it

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well rdrama? would you?

can someone post this on truth social @schizocel @carpathianflorist :marseybegging:

post thumnail
The TRUTH about rdrama.net

the people behind this will be put too death

trans lives matter

there is literally nothing wrong with porn or masturbation

following the rules of logic @HeyMoon don't need too prove a negative. instead @HeyMoon will disprove the positives

porn is bad because the purpose of penis/vagina is too reproduce

this is a bizarre argument because it implies that people are doing something wrong if they aren't strictly following their evolutionary imperatives. evolution is an unconscious process, there is nothing immoral about acting in a way that is counter too evolution.

porn is bad because it reduces the pleasure of sexual intercourse

ok lets say that the amount of pleasure you experience from intercourse goes down by 1 each time you orgasm (debatable). most couples have sex at most once a week. so, compared too a person that masturbates once a day, a married person only experiences 1/7th of the total lifetime pleasure of the masturbator.

porn is bad because the bible/quran says it is bad

both the bible and the quran are works of fiction. there is no god, dumbass. besides even if there were why would god care about @HeyMoon touching my own body parts, he put them there

porn is bad because it sets unrealistic standards for women

why would @HeyMoon care about what women think

porn is bad because it leads too masturbation which is gross

okay? shitting is also gross, but @HeyMoon haven't seen a #noshit campaign

porn is bad because porn watchers will be put in gas chambers when the Reich comes

sorry bud, but the nazis aren't coming back, and even if they did, why would they kill porn watchers. fucking idealists lmao

porn is bad because redditors watch porn

we came from /r/drama. we are all redditors by definition




also @HeyMoon linked too an image of a cute turtle, this one in particular. /r/savedyouaclick


TRANS LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!