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Master Troll. Lolz are srs bsns and low effort crap is for simps.

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Master Troll. Lolz are srs bsns and low effort crap is for simps.

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Portland Causes Seethe

Man oh man I have never been so downvoted on this site (thanks for the coin chums) than when I defend Portland,

city of shitty angels and more demons than you can count

Just a city, but for some reason this city makes rightoids mad.

Addicted to the idea that things suck, just cities sucking everywhere. CALIFORNIA SUX LOL ALL THOSE LIBRULS MAKIN THEIR PLACES SHITTY

Because it has to be somebody's fault that life is hard.


is why the fascist rhetoric works on you people, you rightoids, you mayo moids.

Blame the left. Blame the left. Blame the left.

SJWs are why you didn't get that job, not because you couldn't keep your goddamn mouth shut about politics at work. (Yes there's a double standard, but man up about it fuckers, or at least be the change you want to see)

It's not that hard to color within the lines of polite speech you know. But you gather online in arenas where you can commiserate with the other fuckers who can't learn what's rude and what isn't and you blame it on anything, aaaanything other than your own goddamn selves.

Party of personal responsibility my ass.

And here we are five years after 2016 and that's five years of young adults thinking this is how politics has always been. It wasn't always this way: the boomers are going senile. That is literally what has happened.

They went insane and the bitterness of their years showed us the future and it is grim, motherfuckers. Losing the capacity to reason, a generation of boomers glued to Fox News and huffing ragebait all day, and a familiar face gave them what they wanted and the rest is boomer history.

Where I don't get it is this: why the fuck are millennials falling for this shit?


Let's go back to the French Revolution.

:marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon:

It's the 1780s and people are pissed. The salons and coffeeshops of Paris are filled with high-minded talk of common people tired of the monarchy. In those days there was a complicated chain of logic to the oligarchy involving God and Jesus and the Divine Right of Kings. (Today the complicated chain of logic around our oligarchy is that God created man which created money which is better than communism so the rich people get to buy all the politicians and we have a fragile pretense to democracy.)

And this kind of place is the underground. It's too soon to start a movement in our time, but the underground is where the truth can be spoken because things are only official after they've already happened... but now's a good time to plant seeds, because we failed with Occupy and zoomers, it will be your turn soon. You need to see the path. You need to see our wrong turns.

Robespierre is well known as one of the main ideological architects of the French Revolution. And when the Revolution succeeded in France, the assembly of citizens was faced with a conundrum.

The divine right of kings had led to inexorable sequences of wars. If you run across someone who claims to be a monarchist, laugh in their face. Monarchies lead to wars of succession. Go ahead and look up how many wars of succession there were, and see if you think it's a good idea.

Now the problem the citizen assembly faced was that they could depose a king, but man by his nature is weak and seeks a ruler. As long as there were royalty and nobility around with this so-called royal blood, there was always the chance of the monarchy re-establishing itself.

So this very real conundrum led to the guillotine.

And once the bloodletting began, it was impossible to stop. This was the Reign of Terror: some thousands of people were given death sentences in the pursuit of a perfect Republic. Ultimately Robespierre himself would fall.

Why am I telling you this?

Because where the fuck is the Communism?

If all you can see in politics is the danger of Communism, your history education has failed you. The danger of revolution isn't Communists. It's revolutionaries themselves.

You morons.

Karl Marx was born in 1818.

:marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol:

This is the failure of boomer ideology. This is why our politics is fucked by the boomers who can only understand the history they lived directly: the Cold War, in which revolutionaries installed a small group of people who then had to keep control of their government and executed or exiled or imprisoned the people that got in their way.

You don't have to like SJWs. You don't have to like Critical Race Theory.

But the degree to which Karl Marx succeeded is that Republicans themselves think in terms of class. You think Boomers in their heyday weren't smart enough to read the ideology of their hated enemy? You think they didn't read Marx?

And thus the politics of the 90s revolved around Rush Limbaugh's illustration of the media-university complex as class markers. This is all old politics at this point.

My point with Marx is that if you have ever considered a university degree a class marker, you're a fucking Marxist by philosophy. This is the power of philosophy to change the way you think about the world.

The delusion of those who tear down their government only to construct a new state is in its idealism absent practicality.

Communism is a scary story told to boomers by Fox News to lull them into voting Republican. It's not real. At worst it's a phase leftists go through as they behold the terrible reality of the machine.

But if you can recognize that the forces of mankind are inexorably expansive, consuming all available resources through no single individual's will, that 'capitalism' the nature of the human macro-organism is likely to drive us to extinction? That doesn't make you communist.

It just means you can do the math.

So I just don't want to hear it anymore. I'm tired of this boomer rhetoric being spouted confidently by people my age who should fucking know better.

You want to know my greatest fear, as a millennial? My greatest fear is becoming Gen X. Gen X had punk. Gen X had style.

And Gen X gave up and just lived under the shadow of the boomers for the rest of their lives.

It isn't just communism. It's any time people think that what's needed is a new set of people in charge, to wipe away the old and begin anew, to take power by any means necessary.

Like it or not this rickety system is what we've got. And I will not abide traitors to the constitution, and January 6th showed you what the Rslurs have become. (At least, if you aren't a boomer making excuses for the clear and obvious fascism.)

:marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2:

We are on the brink of catastrophe in this country because we can't get the boomers to shut up about the past.

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:marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2:

THE STUDENT AS NSLUR (required reading)
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~ Impassionata presents:







(This has been Impassionata's preface to the text. What follows has been bowdlerized because y'all got no chill. This essay contains the only valid use of nslur in High English as far as I'm concerned and if you're still angry that society doesn't want to hear a word, grow a pair and move on.)


Students are nslurs. When you get that straight, our schools begin to make sense. It's more important, though, to understand why they're nslurs. If we follow that question seriously enough, it will lead us past the zone of academic bullshit, where dedicated teachers pass their knowledge on to a new generation, and into the nitty-gritty of human needs and hangups. And from there we can go on to consider whether it might ever be possible for students to come up from slavery.

First let's see what's happening now. Let's look at the role students play in what we like to call education. At Cal State L.A., where I teach, the students have separate and unequal dining facilities. If I take them into the faculty dining room, my colleagues get uncomfortable, as though there were a bad smell. If I eat in the student cafeteria, I become known as the educational equivalent of a nslurlover. In at least one building there are even rest rooms which students may not use. At Cal State, also, there is an unwritten law barring student-faculty lovemaking. Fortunately, this anti-miscegenation law, like its Southern counterpart, is not 100 percent effective.

Toy Governments

Course in Slavery

What school amounts to, then, for white and black, alike, is a 12-year course in how to be slaves. What else could explain what I see in a freshman class? They've got that slave mentality; obliging and ingratiating on the surface but hostile and resistant underneath. As do bjack slaves, students vary in their awareness of what's going on. Some recognize their own put-on for what it is and even let their rebellion break through to the surface now and then. Others - including most of the "good students" - have been more deeply brainwashed. They swallow the bullshit with greedy mouths. They honest-to-God believe in grades, in busy work, in General Education requirements. They're pathetically eager to be pushed around. They're like those grey-headed house nslur you can still find in the South who don't see what all the fuss is about because Mr. Charlie "treats us real good."

College entrance requirements tend to favor the Toms and screen out the rebels. Not entirely, of course. Some students at Cal State L.A. are expert con artists who know perfectly well what's happening. They want the degree or the 2-S and spend their years on the old plantation" alternately laughing and cursing as they play the game. If their egos are strong enough, they cheat a lot. And, of course, even the Toms are angry down deep somewhere. But it comes out in passive rather than active aggression. They're unexplainably thick-witted and subject to frequent spells of laziness. They misread simple questions. They spent their nights mechanically outlining history chapters while meticulously failing to comprehend a word of what's in front of them.

Self Hatred

The saddest cases among both black slaves and student slaves are the ones who have so thoroughly introjected their masters' values that their anger is all turned inward. At Cal State these are the kids from whom every low grade is torture, who stammer and shake when they speak to a professor, who go through an emotional crisis every time they're called upon during class. You can recognize them easily at finals time. Their faces are festooned with fresh pimples, their bowels boil audibly across the room. If there really is a Last Judgment, then the parents and teachers who created these wrecks are going to burn in hell.

Students at Cal State are politically disenfranchised. They are in an academic Lowndes County. Most of them can vote in national elections ~ their average age is about 26 - but they have no voice in the decisions which affect their academic lives. The students are, it is true, allowed to have a toy government run for the most part by Uncle Toms and concerned principally with trivia. The faculty and administrators decide what courses will be offered; the students get to choose their own Homecoming Queen. Occasionally when student leaders get uppity and rebellious, they're either ignored, put off with trivial concessions, or maneuvered expertly out of position.

A student at1 Cal State is expected to know his place. He calls a faculty member "Sir" Or "Doctor" or "Professor" - and he smiles and shuffles some as he stands outside the professor's office waiting for permission to enter. The faculty tell him what courses to take (in my department, English, even electives have to be approved by a faculty member); they tell him what to read, what to write, and, frequently, where to set the margins on his typewriter. They tell him what's true and what isn't. Some teachers insist that they encourage dissent but they're almost always jiving and every student knows it. Tell the man what he wants to hear or hell fail you out of the course.

Lobotomized Students

More discouraging than this master-slave approach to education is the fact that the students take it. They haven't gone through twelve years of public school for nothing. They've learned one thing and perhaps only one thing during those twelve years. They've forgotten their algebra. They've grown to fear and resent literature. They write like they've been lobotomized. But, Jesus, can they follow orders! Freshmen come up to me with an essay and ask if I want it folded, and whether their name should be in the upper right hand corner. And I want to cry and kiss them and caress their poor tortured heads.

Students don't ask that orders make sense. They give up expecting things to make sense long before they leave elementary school. Things are true because the teacher says they're true. At a very early age we all learn to accept "two truths," as did certain medieval churchmen. Outside of class, things are true to your tongue, your fingers, your stomach, your heart.

Inside class things are true by reason of authority. And that's just fine because you don't care anyway. Miss Wiedemeyer tells you a noun is a person, place or thing. So let it be. You don't give a rat's ass; she doesn't give a rat's ass.

The important thing is to please her. Back in kindergarten, you found out that teachers only love children who stand in nice straight lines. And that's where it's been at ever since. Nothing changes except to get worse. School become more and more obviously a prison.

Mr Charlie

The teachers I know best are college professors. Outside the classroom and taken as a group, their most striking characteristic is timidity. Just look at their working conditions. At a time when even migrant workers have begun to fight and win, most college professors are still afraid to make more than a token effort to improve their pitiful economic status. Professors were no different when I was an undergraduate UCLA during the McCarthy era; it was like a cattle stampede as they rushed to cop out.

And in more recent years, I found that my being arrested in demonstrations brought from my colleagues not so much approval or condemnation as open-mouthed astonishment. "You could lose your job!" Now, of course, there's the Vietnamese war. It gets some opposition from a few teachers. Some support it. But a vast number of professors who know perfectly well what's happening, are copping out again. And in the high schools, you can forget it. Stillness reigns.

I'm not sure why teachers are so chickenshit. It could be that academic training itself forces a split between thought and action. It might also be that the tenured security of a teaching job attracts timid persons and, furthermore, that teaching, like police work, pulls in persons who are unsure of themselves and need weapons and the

:marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseyauthright: :marseyauthright: :marseyauthright: :marseyauthright:

To continue reading, please deposit 5000 dramacoin.

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Those of us who were queer in that age--in that age, if you were nonbinary-ish or just very uncomfortable with heteronormativity you had queer theory laid out before you, which basically just says you can relax because gender is performative and who gives a fuck.

Those of us who were queer in that age, me at least, loved the apache helicopter joke. An apache helicopter is pure power. The throbbing of the rotors. The maneuverability.

The rockets. The machine guns.

Cold metal... there's nothing sexy about it at all, and yet... THOKKA THOKKA THOKKA here I am, an apache helicopter.

I never actually identified as an apache attack helicopter, even at the time, but damn if I didn't think it was funny.

Then the damn morons used it as a club to make fun of nonbinary people. Ruined the joke. Ruined the meaning of the joke. That's one purpose of jokes, to discuss the serious meaning behind the obscuring force of the taboo.

Get used to it. There are people who think that this euphemism treadmill, this abuse of language rendering the previously spoken freely into a social faux pax is the result of some ideological monstrosity. In truth it's just the dynamic cycle of the social human being. The ideology is in viewing it as a hostile ideological force instead of as a turning of the seasons of our words.

Yes it sucks but don't be mad at leftists because the helicopter joke is done. Jokes have shelf lives and that's just a fact of life, don't make that the foundation of your politics or you'll be an oNline Political Character.

only autists think that stating facts carries no agenda
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what you think you can just spew crime stats or whatever and people won't recognize you as an agendaposter? smh morons

The most dangerous game is that which is designed from the ground up to prey, in turn, upon you

the adult birthing person, vicious in her wile and competitive intellect

Billy Joel said it all, so I'll spare you my usual length

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Zoomers you don't remember the end of the Cold War. The beginning of the 90s is the important part.

My parents lived under the constant fear of nuclear annihilation. It was in comprehending that the Cold War had ended in my lifetime that I felt the glorious horrific shift you are in history and it matters what you do.

Most millennials remember the 90s as a time of undiluted joy, or joy comparatively, of childhood. What I remember is that peace had been won and we were thankful.

This, the Cold War, is the only orienting event of boomer politics. They can't get off of communism and capitalism, and now the words have stopped mattering. It's just frothing boomer rage and we need to figure out how to shout them down or this bickering will end us.

Here's what happened: the leftist academics took a look at the lengths the US tentacle-monster had gone to maintain control in the Cold War and asked a scary question: are we no better than the Communists? Is this not just the great beast Imperialism? (Yes. The US is an Empire. I am a firm believer in maintaining the pax americana, such as it is.)

Ultimately two great superpowers organized around the words and direction of a small number of men. Why would you assembled here, take seriously that it mattered whether those men believed they were capitalist or communist?

But it does matter: it matters to us, the people who would rather have full supermarkets. I just mean that you shouldn't take the label too seriously. Morons who think China is meaningfully communist are the worst. (China is empire ascendant, empire is in their history and they act as their empire always has: they've got an emperor who, as a god, cannot be portrayed negatively or be perceived to have failed and a mass confucian-style bureaucracy based around preventing that emperor from being blamed.)

This was a battle over what good and evil were. And Communism lost but as men who went to war in Vietnam and could never trust an Asian man again, the boomers bay like dogs at night at communist monsters imaginary and nonsensical.

And anyone who points out that the mechanic of capitalism is putting us on a path to destruction is somehow a leftist.

Some of you were here for 9/11. But you're too young to understand what it broke. That we had that illusion of the end of history. It's important to understand this because it's important to understand: the boomers are still there, in that end of history. They're getting dragged into the nightmare and they're desperate to go back to the dream.

The answer is no. You may now celebrate your break from having to read in the comments.

How dare you mock me

well the Internet makes it easy to link posts on the interface for this amazing and cool web club

How dare you mock me

well it's easy, it's the Internet and the interface for this site is hilarious and amazing

look at this guy making fun of me.

Sell all your stocks losers
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  • BasedGod: Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger
  • BrokeBackBuck: Please stop abusing your amphetamine prescription

Ammonia factories in Germany shut down because of rising natural gas prices so Europe is going to take a hit and you'd be a fool if you thought similar wasn't going to happen here.

A crash is certain to come once knock-on effects of the rise in price of one commodity are now slamming another commodity. Ammonia factories will re-negotiate their contracts with a higher price, and every subsequent industrial process which requires ammonia will see its costs go up as well, and so on down the chain, until the raw materials have been processed into supplies for purchase with State Credits at your Communist Supply Depot of choice.

This is a domino falling because another domino has hit it. Chain reaction. It's only the beginning: everything that requires natural gas to create will rise in price.

So I sold all my stocks this morning. It's better to be out at the approximate top than to go for the high score and miss and end up with nothing.

The crash is inevitable, and the point at which it is clear that it has begun to happen is the point at which the crash is immanent. (And therefore, imminent.)

I am a dramaslur and this is not investment advice, it's a fantasy world where points in computers go boop and serious people pretend to understand the laws of equivalent exchange.

Poor Zoomers. They have no idea what's coming. They think they know what a crash is because of 2020. (The oldest Zoomers were 11 in 2008, so says Wikipedia.)

A crash casts a long shadow. Hell I could only see just how much damage the crash did to my pocketbook in retrospect.

There will not be jobs. For a long time. The jobs there will be will not pay well.

See the rich people are playing their own game on us, and the rounds are measured in economic crashes. Bell goes "bing" and we see whose positions are covered and who gets cast out of hell to join the commoners in wage slavery as human chattel. Then the banks were bailed out in 2008 and a fundamental property of the universe was broken.

Death was denied his due.

This was bad, and we knew it at the time.

It's like crossing the Avatar: at some point the eyes are going to glow and you are going to have it explained to you via gruesome example that you have violated the natural order of the universe and the degree to which you are powerless shall be made dramatically clear. Child learns the parent is stronger than it, and the child cannot defy the fundamental nature of this order.

This was of old the criticism of the Communist Ideology, not the joke one I inter into the tomb of capitalism to try and shake you from your pursuit of that spook, but the actual Communists who attempted to implement Communism: that it was as an act against the nature of the world, to define the reality perfectly by whim of man, when it is better to yet the universe keep track of how much a postage stamp should be. This is what was meant by Communist Godlessness, that because Communists had set themselves up to remake the state in their desired image, they had misunderstood God.

But we had the opportunity to be capitalists again, in 2020! And we blew it.

See when the corporate spirit runs out of mana you should let it die. It's occult theory 101. If you feed a nether spirit mana it will burn as a nether drake but this communistic necromancy keeping corporations alive is an affront to capitalism proper, not the ideology, but the theory itself.

But the Americans were materialist in their philosophy, and the in-the-earth-not-of-it Evangelical Christians regarded the corporate world as a thing to be endured as part of the apparatus of Caesar whose rule the Evangelical Christian welcomes. (It is the Catholics that understand that when hell is comprehended it must be opposed, so as to defend the holy name of God.)

So the spirits run rampant because most humans don't understand they'd best start believing in faerie tales, they're in one, and those that do see the wacky spirits get that this isn't the sort of thing that can be made clear to those without eyes to see.

But what's coming, Zoomers, is this:

A stock market crash means money, which is fictitious and sometimes vanishes, is less available to companies, who have to cut expenses dramatically, including staff. That's a lot of people who thought they could pay their mortgage and can't. So they sell their house, but the mass sell-off causes a correction in housing prices.

The banks might be better prepared to handle some of the debt they own turning bad than 2008. Crash might end then.

But when a crash hits, that's just the beginning, Zoomers.

There will not be jobs.

Many of you will end up at home. If you're not already there!

And you will look out at a world that does not need you.

And they will say the same things they told us about finding work.

But time will pass and the economy will slowly regrow, unless we really off ourselves. (Which we might, who knows.)

And your pocketbook will be forever scarred by the years you weren't making money. Just by being born at a specific point prior to an economic crash, you get wrecked pretty hard.

And you must look at your footsteps, and understand: you are on your way to where we were.

You are on your way to OWS.

And when you feel the call, I urge you to go. Or forever be one who walked away from the burden of a man. (Or woman.)

Don't be the person who talks about how protests don't matter on the Internet.

OWS did one thing, which lingers today. It created a general consensus that wealth inequality was a huge problem, and do not discount the great importance of that accomplishment in this age of polarization.

We are the 99%.

And we can sell our stocks just to beat the rich out the door, if we all sell now. Just to make them hurt. Just to bring death into the room like a gallivanting howling dog to gobble up the spirits we have summoned whose time it is to die. Let's have some capitalism for once, and not have so many say: true capitalism has never been tried.

Some people were insistent that I show them my blog, which I barely update and I'm looking to sell.

If you want to post to it, I accept dramacoin. Pitch me your essay and I'll tell you how much it'll cost for me to post it.

Zoomers get in
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Someone mentioned "Code is Law" in some thread. Millennials might understand the reference.

I don't know if Zoomers understand: there used to be cause for optimism.

There was actually a period of time where working at a startup to change the world for the better was something sincerely believed. I believed it. Took my first startup to disabuse me of that notion, but the dream lived on for a while.

I don't know if I'm making it clear: people with independent minds and people who abhorred the corporate state had this option to go through some soul-searching, come back from it to say very seriously, "I think I want to start a company or join a company which is just getting going because I want to change the world for the better" and your family would be proud of you.

That was a thing that happened to people.

It makes me laugh too!

But all of these websites were going up and these industries were actually having their asses kicked.

The years turned. The corporate world recovered.

And the corporate world was let in by one group of people. One detestable group of people.

I am of course seething at the bleakly horrible individuals of YCombinator, whose extrusion online is known to the Wise as the Orange Site.

Never forget that it is a bastion of the enemy.

They provided the corporate state with its inroads into the old Silicon Valley, which I never saw, being a Millennial and now Internet Old Fuck. And they found every corner of value and they made a mockery of the creativity and power which resided there.

The way it works is this: you pitch your idea, and they give you a dab of money in order to work nonstop for two years to build a company, and they take a small cut of the ownership. You'll hardly notice the first cut, but you should have walked away rather than enter into a deal with an Investor.

Because Investors... they are not human. And you must never, ever forget this fact.

It is the terrible truth of money that if you possess enough of it (and it's hard to say how much exactly), your soul collapses into a black hole and joins the Eldritch Horror which rules this land and acts through meat suits, and if your soul collapses into a black hole that is when the meat suit is fully occupied.

It's hard to say how much exactly it takes because people sell their souls, if they're not careful, to get even a touch of the money black hole. One touch might be enough to feed you and your family for the rest of your lives... but it also might be the touch which drags you down to hell.

Such was Life in America.

The first cut is how they get you used to the cutting, and that first dab of financial solvency is the delirious anesthetic taking hold.

The next cut is called a Series A. They already own you. You took their money. And if you take a little more your company will be more impressive, have more grand ambition.

So you sign away another piece of the pie.

Founding a company was a good way to get rich, if you were as good as you thought you were. But make no mistake: you are being had.

It's their company: they're just paying you to work it.

Every Founder is a serf. It's only after they walk away rich that they become barons: freeholding individuals. Until then, if they make it, they're sharecroppers working a virtual field. The parameters of that field are well defined, which is how the corporatism comes in.

If you're Series A, you're ready for your little minion of Magog, your Gog-spawn, to EVOLVE, and your pal the Investor knows the right tricks for your minion to perform to train it up a level. Some of the first people involved might see baron-level wealth, but they'll be driven out or replaced by the entrance of the corporatism: that's the point of making you apply for a series A.

Series A, then B, then C. Each an evolution, and if your fell contraption born of financial wizardry does not starve it emerges full-fleshed into the light with a C tier of executives and suits.

The system reproduces the elements of the system: that's how there got to be this system everywhere.

Baron-level wealth is really where the line of having your soul collapsed lives, though it's hard to pin down exactly where within: you have enough money to get more or less anything you want but you are a piece on the board at best and if you play your cards right you can exit the game altogether because you're mostly the uber-consumer. There are wealthy barons with pure-ish souls (for humans), and there are poor barons who are possessed entirely by torturing demons. They cannot be saved but by the destruction of their wealth, and this their wealth will. not. allow. (This is the first command of money, the god of capitalism: thou shalt not waste money.)

UMC isn't baron level wealth. If you live in a suburb you are not wealthy. If you live in a nice suburb you are not wealthy.

I'm going to hit UMC and grow my own food. If I've made it in time. If things turn out just right. "Buy the dip."

Might even disconnect the Internet. Who needs it? I have a duty to discharge what I might, but that's it.

UMC wealth isn't hard to obtain provided you are capable of reading books, which you might not be. Access might be going out of sight for a while. Key to UMC wealth is having a career. Complete dolts can have a career if they can be reliable workers in a trade. People need to pay other people, not because a machine can't be trained to do the work, but because people trust other people. The best defense you have against starvation is being useful.

But true wealth is being at the other end of the table: investing in companies. Some barons try their hand at the game. Angel investors. Some of them made it to true wealth that way.

And they enter the generational game, bound by the dragon Azmodeus to the clan of their birth. Feuds which play out over generations. Brilliant drama, all locked up behind silence bought with pricy lawyers. Fiction only contains normal realities.

Thus did the optimism of the early Internet die, caught captive on walled gardens operated by the fell egregores of the Ministers of the American State, servants only to almighty capital. You don't have to hate capitalism but you also don't have to perform oral fellatio on it online. The left may be full of self-righteous egotists but at least they can identify that which is righteous.

"Code is Law." The code that defines a space comprises the law of the place. Pay your homage to @Aevann the Even-Handed, for he crafts the law of this place and is a god unto himself while within this demesne. "Code is Law" read Satoshi before he wrote the code that became Bitcoin (I fucking guarantee you he read it) which led, incredibly, to the minting of some new barons.

"Code is Law" said the wise counsel Lessig, whose journey before the Judicial Council of the land was a major drama for those with the eye to watch, as were his regrets that he failed to make his case to the old relics of the institution that would prove stronger, in its overbearing inexorable sweep, than the Internet could be.

You still look to hope?

Well of course you do. Here there still lives some fragment of that old Internet, and what I want the zoomers to understand, though, is that hope isn't enough.

Optimism will just lead you down the wrong path.

We had hope and optimism then, when "Code is Law" came out.

And we ended up here.

We had hope and optimism then, when OWS rang loud.

And we ended up here.

Excuse me stewardess, but I speak autistic

neurodivergent people often suffer from symbolic blindness. They can see the statue, they can see the statue defaced, but they believe the statue's symbolic meaning is fictitious and therefore fake or irrelevant in some way. Being unable to operate within the fictions of others is a sort of fundamental trait of autists.

Comparisons to religious iconography are a pathetic and sad attempt to understand the symbolic narrative through comparison. In reality it's as simple as people care about the symbols which they relate to, whether those symbols be religious or political or Marsey. It's not smart to notice that people behave similarly when a symbol is defaced, it's revealing of your blind spot.

Moronic neurodivergents develop neurodivergent chauvinism: they think that they are in some way superior to the normies despite lacking a social sense which causes them to wildly misunderstand social situations of extreme importance and relevance.

If you're reeing on that people care that a statue got defaced, if you're perpetually expressing gawking emotions at the reactions of people to symbolic stimuli, maybe you should think about how you're different from other people in that you lack an understanding, and realize that you're in a jungle full of people who are operating by a very real complex of communication.

Sometimes things come around the social mind that whack the people who don't duck, and the reason it's important to be able to interpret symbolic narrative without reeing (good god the reeing here) is so you can duck like a normie, because otherwise you'll get thwacked when the normies duck and you don't. Don't be chauvinistic about the fact you need special help to learn when to duck.

If you suffer from this symbolic blindness, you might (WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! SINCERE SUGGESTION APPROACHING LOOK OUT IRONY POISONED DRAMASLURS) actually benefit from reading some Lacan. Even the wikipedia page will point you to the gap in your perception: his symbolic order seems to be the hole in neurodivergent perception.

Every day there are people that go online and post

They post about how waterfalls are bad. They articulate the many flaws of waterfalls. They cheer when another person comes up with a particularly apt criticism of the nature of the waterfall.

The waterfall is a process of nature. If you are living in a fantasy world you might be surprised to find that in the real world you can't climb up a waterfall, there's just too much water. So that's what these people complain about is just how hard it is to climb up a waterfall. They spend all of their time criticizing a waterfall for being what it fundamentally is.

Women and men are both bizarrely impotent insane creatures, but if you spend all of your time bitter about a natural creature throwing literal shit you should maybe grow up.

Like I like this place, but I'm too old to really be interested in this shit. Men go through a period of being online and bitter at the fact that surprise the woman was a woman. You must abide them their faults, for their abide yours.

And like it's great that so many of you are still lingering in this period, but you don't want to be the people who stay in that period for the rest of their lives.

Enjoy the waterfall. Appreciate the waterfall.

Don't drown in it, don't complain endlessly about nearly drowning in it, just because your expectation of the world didn't line up to the reality.

How to handle moving

Listen up dramaslurs the real test of your manhood is if you can pick up everything you own in boxes and get it to another burrow. (Your mammalian instincts run deep and we are burrowing creatures, not tree rats.)

The second you think you are moving, you will direct yourself to your nearest Communist Supply Distribution Center (don't buy the fucking lies that burgerland is a capitalist society, the communists own everything, Party Membership is defined by money ownership and they get poors to believe in the free market, satisfying them with enough cheap plastic crap and plentiful moo food to prevent them from rising up against Communism to put true capitalism back in charge) and you will purchase a hundred boxes.

You don't want workers coming into your house and handling your things. You want everything wrapped up and ready by the time the Hired Guns show up. They lift boxes, they carry boxes. If they have to handle delicate shit you've failed, these are people who get paid enormous amounts of money to work out, I repeat they get paid to work out so they're smarter and stronger than you, but not the kind of smart that necessarily handles improvisation or initiative.

It's best if their job is to lift and move heavy shit.

I repeat the second you think you might be moving you need to start putting stuff in boxes. Most of your stuff should be in boxes anyway, if you're not moving the best chadly thing to do is to go to the Communist Supply Distribution Center and get a bunch of plastic tubs. Is there something loose in your apartment? Put it in the tub. When you realize you've gotta move then 50% of the work is done if you've got most of your loose shit in tubs.

For the advanced class, you can even sort what goes in which tubs, and use labels, an ancient piece of technology involving the use of words to describe the contents of a container.

Every. Single. Day: Pack a box.

Are you a wimp? Are you a wuss? Are you prepared to drive a truck or have you been feminized by the communist indoctrination centers?

Renting a truck is dead simple if you've got a driver's license and a capable motor neuro system which you may not. If you struggle to parallel park pay a professional. Otherwise rent the truck, have movers fill it up with your prepackaged belongings, and have movers unload it at the destination.

If your move is a disaster there's really no one else to blame but you.

race baiting
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The thing about Black people is you meet enough of them and they stop being a monolithic entity

this is why diversity is important

literally just

forcing you to meet some Black people

derealization of race

It's true that problems of poverty seem, from the outside

to be self-inflicted.

And sometimes they are, for some of the problems, some of the time. (Depends, too, on your point of view on matters of addiction.)

But whatever

Tell me more about Black on Black crime, mayoid

New Feature Testing: Block Me for 20 Dramacoins

If I were to succeed as much as I did yesterday it would take me 16 days to make the leaderboard, which sounds like too much serious internet so I'm going to give away my coins to people who block me lest I get too wrapped up in online points.

At ~1200 dramacoins, I can afford to bribe 60 of you to block me.

This place is a little sad.
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Like whoa man.

The incredible part is the interface is really good, but you're too busy being weakly horrible to capitalize on that.

This place is for simps imitating chads because they were bullied once and bullying is the only form of online communication you know.

Top kek man. Top kek.


I fought in the Online Atheism Wars for the pro-religion side.

I once performed a forum jedi mind trick.

I have no life and no social connections whatsoever, just like most of you.


This place is cooler than the people repping it on Reddit make it seem. Heck it almost makes me think the modchildposting is funny, but you gotta stop playing the low end of your intelligence so much.

And the attachment y'all have to SRD is just a little bit like a tiny lolcommunity sucking on the teat of a bigger lolcommunity and frankly I think you need to drop the butthurt that SRD doesn't want you throwing trash around, or you're never going to wean yourself and develop into a lolcommunity of your very own.

The problem isn't that the online bullying isn't funny. The problem is that it's boring. Trolling will get boring if you keep the difficulty level at "post obnoxious thing and get called obnoxious."

Yours, Convivially, Et Cetera, Pluribus Unum



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