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Master Troll. Lolz are srs bsns and low effort crap is for simps.


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Mess with the lolbull, get the lolhorns

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Master Troll. Lolz are srs bsns and low effort crap is for simps.


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User ID: 5800

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Bug Chaser Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Unblockable Christmas 21 BADASS OUTLAW 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor God Save The Kween 1 Year Old πŸ₯°
Want to see what true power looks like? [Elvis Presley] [Performers Worth the Watch]

Before devolving into a joke or a punchline, Elvis Presley was probably the single greatest performer of the 20th Century. While Freddie Mercury's capacity to capture a crowd remains as captivating to present viewers as Mercury's lyrical and emotional prowess, Presley had the patience and self-control to make his display seem utterly nonchalant.

This is a man who feels deeply, but never loses control of the energy passing through him. Look at him sweat, this isn't a fucking beauty pageant it's a performance and he is a heavy hitter.

What I love about Elvis is you get this sense of him that he knew his job was to fucking hit it out of the park with all eyes on him, and all he had to do was stay calm and shine.


There are a few key technical moments to point out.

The rhetorical function of this piece is that of the unifying politics. Savvy viewers of this nationally televised event (in a nationalistic society, all performance is nationalized) would have understood the undertones.

So we have a few verses of Dixieland segueing immediately across the discursive boundary to the Battle Hymn which should be top of mind, anyhow, are you doing your part? I am, this is nationalistic propaganda, if you weren't savvy to that lmao read more books on media and propaganda.

The thing I want to point you is the smoothness of the eidetic gesture for the three stings after "Glory Glory Hallelujah," specifically 1m34-1m36. Your generic frontman will puncture those stings but Elvis has this oneness with them that does not prescribe nor describe. This is a master sync with the organism of the gestalt of the piece: one mind many bodies. Both energy transfer and energy synthesis, which is a massive multiplier. The payoff for this, in my view, comes with the invocation of the trumpets at 1:47ish.

There's the interlude which is a clear moment of silence for the dead of the Civil War. A touching flute solo for the fallen South, then: the big buildup.

The specific thing I want to point you to is that Elvis Presley's mastery of background and foreground is superb. During this buildup Presley employs a sublime stillness, the wellspring of masculinity itself. (And if you have wondered at my deepest gender, it lies in sharing this stillness.)

But Presley isn't repressing here. He is soaking. The tension has begun to break, and the same trumpets which Presley invoked earlier now cry out, and Presley becomes filled with the power of the moment. And in that moment of genuine performance, in the wilding of the mass gyroscopic of the raw force of human energy, you see the man simply reflecting on the reality rushing by.

And it fills him up and he feels good, and then this energy is all rushing into him because... it's time to sing the chorus. And he turns, and taps in and sings.

He does his job, the organism performing has turned the knob up to 11. Presley is unfazed, but yet moved: this is the job. To channel this much energy in a moment without breaking.

So yeah this is my way of asking if we can get a :marseyelvis: in here. There is a manliness beyond chad and incel, beyond alpha, beta, or sigma. Elvis had it.

It's why so many people loved him. He saw that whatever was happening was just rushing by, it made as much sense to anyone as it did to him, but so long as it's there, you take it and you run.

SA_MATRA why are you still a thorn in my side

I know you created an account here. What gives? Why are you still following me? Why are you claiming to be me still? I told you already I don't care about your stupid writing club!


some notes on social cohesion

the more time a group of people spends together in the same place the more time there is for division and conflict to build.

thus: a political party will gather only rarely, often to elect new leaders or audition new talent. (Obama's first major speech, for instance.) and the gathering will be governed by formalized customs of civility for the duration.

a community which is based on a perpetual 24/7/365 activity will necessarily struggle. this problem is very hard but the Internet is still new to humanity.

when people are conjured up for a purpose, they can be bound to a temporary accord for the duration of that purpose (this is the conjuration).

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petition to make @HeyMoon a janitor here

Either he'll learn some fucking responsibility or he'll flame out with a mass banwave that would also be dramatic, but right now he's just pitiful mad cope whatever.

bit of autism whispering

I am an autism whisperer: I understand human socialization effortlessly but I also have a literal mind so neurodivergent people love me because I can tend to articulate the principle they're missing.

Some autism chauvinists like @sirpingsalot theorize that if they could get a bunch of autists in one place and convince them of something they'd be I dunno super powerful acting in concert or something. What they don't get is that this is also just true of normal people. The act of convincing a person is the same whether or not they're neurodivergent. Logical arguments work on people who are logical. Emotional arguments work on people who are emotional.

So it's batshit deluded to think that neurodivergent effluvia online is somehow superior to normie shit. Mostly y'all need a place to violate the taboos and violating the taboos is good practice but don't let that delude you into thinking you're powerful instead of just crippling your message for normies. (Don't fucking complain about being misunderstood ever. The message received is the one that matters, not what you think you said.)

I'm on board for: this is neurodiversity, brilliant and exciting differences between people. neurodivergent chauvinism is fucked up though. Like people who are missing a sense claiming to see more than others. It falls down pretty hard.

where's the horoscope at

need me some divination

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I don't know how to tell you this, but shut up and die. [Impassionata Cakeday Post]

My cakeday was yesterday but it hardcoded the hat so here's the real day and I get my real birthday hat lmao.



you know how the bankers run the government

while people are distracted with sideshow politics and culture war stunts pulled by people who get instant media coverage because of their willingness to pull culture war stunts

you know how this system that keeps corporate power entrenched

in an oligarchy that makes a mockery of our ideology?

(true capitalism has never been tried)

let's elect a big distraction

let's just put that distraction in office

that'll show them, the bankers and politicians

if we're more distracted

feels. like. winning.

and then!

we'll tell the story of how we're rebels against the mean machine

dissident right

proud of their distraction

proud to huff boomer farts and call themselves a movement

where's the dissident right now

is it with the republican theocrat fascists?

or is it still trying to pretend that this distraction isn't simultaneously an actual threat to the stability of our nation (that's what makes it such a good distraction) and a continued success for the bankers and politicians who want us divided?

your politics is failed. You have no power here. Shut up.


I don't ask that this place be free of rightoids, but if this is a true counter-cultural intellectual e-magazine for sexually confused teens (18+ lmao) to be groomed by sexually confused adults there need to be standards.


Mostly it's temporary as you realize other people's gender confusion is not all that interesting after a while. That teacher sure was something! I got no problem with that kind of bullshit being posted here, that's the kind of true weird I'm here to see.

And maybe I need to run up my own flag as a r drama dot NETTT alt-lit site or let's hit politics or something.

But I'm sick and tired of the goddamn rightoids.

The online right is in a really dark place right now in the sense that the ones that are still talking aren't smart. If you seriously thought Trump was a brick in the windows of the system you are exactly the person who smashes Starbucks windows and calls that winning (Portland people actually understand that violence undermines the message because they experience its effects directly).

So you're stuck constantly in the same narrative loop that carried you through 2016-2020 (LMAO THERE ARE HOMELESSP EOPLE IN CITIES AND WHERE ARE HT EPOLICE CHECKMAITE LEFTOIDS) without being able to take any of the responsibility that typifies true political action. You're neutering yourself. Stop cutting off your goddamn balls and/or ovaries.

You notice how the Canadian teacher was a non-story? People have moved on from trans politics.

:marseysigh: I'm annoyed because I want to drag other people here who are a little more normie fucked up Internet than full out rainbow nazi Internet and I don't think rainbow nazi is doing the work, in a consequentialist sense, of advertising that countercultural/transgressive elements which are punished by corporocrapic intrusion has found a place outside of Reddit. I think it's also functioning as a secret signal for the fascists among us who are perfectly willing to hide behind the irony of others while believing Rainbow Nazi Catgirl Marsey is representation SLAY QWEEN.

I don't pretend this is an easy problem to solve, I don't know what wings to clip because once you begin clipping wings you continue clipping wings and then you end up with an alien grub that can't fly it can only mop. But I do know that refusing to clip wings simply out of stubborn idealism isn't any smarter.

My annoyance comes in because I participated in an op that could have, in the Spectacular sense, altered the narrative of the countercultural revolution that is (not, on our present course) happening here. Instead it merely cemented rainbow nazi catgirl marsey as an ineffectual symbol. An arc where a marsey catgirl defends her swastika tattoo is different from one that performs adoration of the nazi military uniform (because she cannot don without performing the adoration of the worship of being-military). And the military vibe suits the Showdown but Marsey needs a transformation sequence.

Performing the meaning in discourse and then acting smug when you aren't understood is just masturbation and self-love is the foundation of a healthy life but the real world consequences are:

  • Lotta rightoids right now.

  • Lotta posts performing the ritual adoration of trans people.

  • Kiwifarms explosion mighta sent some people are way who don't really believe that Trans Lives Matter.

A bunch of people on the Internet are not any authority on what women or mtfs feel when they get horny. Who cares? If you're here to shout loudly about how mtf is a fetish I just want you to grow a pair. The reason our politics is focused on trivia is because you are focused on trivia.

I'm not saying that you should subscribe to magical thinking about how altering a symbol in story-telling alters the reality. No wait. That's exactly what I'm saying. One of the good concepts that floated around leftoid professional culture is the idea of 'intentionality.' Do you want to be another has-been voat? Or do you want to actually take the very real opportunity of the Internet's counter-cultural readers gathered in one place? I don't know exactly taking that opportunity seriously means but if it can't be here I'm going to do it elsewhere.

Marsey's already, in sorcerous lexicon, a god: she is a spirit that has taken human form, visually. That's the hard work.

It's been a fun year. And maybe this will always be a hellspace I can accept that, but I don't actually want to spend as much time in hell. I'm here very seriously because smart people trick themselves into performing nihilism and could use a sharp word out, but there's no law that I need to suffer the spiritual degradation of gross ineffectual politics forever. Do the good you have while you can do it and then move on to the next thing, that's life.


ATTN: The Tower of Babel is a Prophecy

If you're still on "magic don't real" you need to revisit your assumptions.

remember: this is fascism.

Trumpism is fascism. It's a movement that will use violence to take power.

It's not more complicated than that.

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Christians believe that those who think they have the best seats in heaven must necessarily have the worst or close to it. God sure is a Joker! Lmao ahahahahaha


But wait!

Hinduism has this very great wisdom about it, that the inherent divinity of the bovine is heavily emphasized. Learn the lesson well, my spiritual brethren.


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  • HeyMoon: fascism, antisemitism,
  • rDramaHistorian: Who reads these? I'm genuinely more concerned about the intended audience than Impassionata

Surely no one these days would contest the notion that the rich are a parasitic and obsolete elite functioning only to drain our society at a crucial turning point in our history.

At previous times the death of the rich and their children would be a foregone conclusion at the hands of a starving angry mob. One can understand the natural impetus for such a course of action, as of a river overflowing its banks and sweeping away all in its path, without agreeing with the moral implications or endorsing violence.

But make no mistake: the rich, who are entrusted with the wealth of the nation, have squandered it. And a balance must be paid, not in cash.

Therefore as a more sensible and civilized alternative to the anger which simmers quietly despite the best efforts of the rich to remove it from the public square -- I have maintained a collection, it's not hard to see the taboo broken if you watch carefully -- let us suggest the following theory of capitalism and its relation to the State.


Capitalism is the application of money-as-energy to the activity of the nation-state. The Baby Boomer generation was engaged in an ideological conflict with a purportedly anti-capitalist polity, and the trauma of this conflict locked them in an ideological death spiral. Unable to conceive of any reform to the functioning of the United States as anything other than Marxism or Communism, they became beholden to ideas of fair markets, fair play, and corporate freedom to such a bizarre and extreme extent that they became unable to recognize the collapse of their society into a mirror of the Communist dictatorships: the elite formed a Party which constituted an oligarchy.

Now oligarchy is not without its benefits. Some amount of centralized decision-making authority is necessary for the State to function.

But for the same reason that the Media is always necessarily an appendage of the State (because the Media must report on what People desire to hear and Americans never met a war they didn't like), Capital is also an extension of the State. When Capital becomes divorced from this essential function, it believes that it controls the country when it has merely been entrusted with decision-making authority over some portion of its resources.

If they make bad decisions their decision-making authority should and must be revoked.

Formally this comes as a seizure of their assets. Anyone with more than 10 million in assets simply shouldn't have it anymore.

The alternative is war upon the rich. Not because we want it, but because it's simply in the nature of the mass human beast. I do not advocate for violence simply by observing its inevitability.

What does the government do with those assets once they've been seized? A variety of redistributive measures may be considered, but I merely ask you to agree to the necessity of the seizure.

Remember, the State doesn't have to be fair. The State must employ the fact of its violence strategically to solve the problems faced by the People who, in a Democratic Republic, constitute its purpose.





R Drama Dot Netttt will always be smut!

and that's as it should be.

Agree/Disagree don't forget to hit like/dislike engage my content follow my r drama dot net!

are there any goddamn men on this godforsaken site

or are you all boys

radical centrism requires a certain amount of anti-politics

assault the image with the image

looks like I'm shedding some followers

good riddance

if you subscribed to me expecting a short and coherent journey instead of the tones of the bathroom scrawl, you were misled by your own expectations, whatever they were

but while I have you, follower poll, what would you like to see:also taking suggestions lmao

a sharp knife

the cat gods and goddesses are there for you when god itself seems out of reach

hail Marsey


hail Marsey


I face a crossroads: the more I write under Impassionata, the more something of me fades away. "Own your words" they instructed writers, in school.

But over time you come to understand the value of, and necessity for, anonymous speech.

Now I lean on the weaponry I have developed these many long years,

since Occupy.

Our world would be no less ugly, if we could not comment about it.


I've got a sock down below, I'm committing to the bit.


More than anything else I think about anger. Like men, I have a complicated relationship with anger.


There hasn't been an articulation of a plan but that must come. A spot where the free minds of both political persuasions yet gathered in instinctive rejection of t h e e n e m y revile it freely because thou must. The spectacle, some have called it. Do not be blinded by the lies of the spectacle, Just because the devil walked freely in America the land of obscenity, holy was its blessing...

Cassandra laughed, too...!

Just because the devil walked freely in the US of A didn't mean the devil needs the help. they all have their limits...

But there is a logical point to launch a concentrated media blast if that were the sort of thing one might entertain, to grow the site

for the lulz

maximize drama

It is her holy command




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Quit being so easily baited, dramaslurs.

This is supposed to be a top troll's nest not a bunch of easily baited children.

It's simple: first you make a bunch of allegations about r drama dot NETTT.

This draws eyeballs to the website.

And like the bunch of fucking chumps you are, you, as if on cue, emit all your misgendering dossier bullshit.

The smart thing to do would be to flip the narrative and make the site, for a day or so, about how wonderful that particular reddit jannie is. But you're not capable of that kind of thinking.

I've been saying for a while that the bot counting mention of your Trans Goddess that you worship with your spite wasn't enough.

It's not that I don't want people to be angry at r drama dot NETTT for our UNUSUAL AND PROVOCATIVE ANTICS.

It's that if they're going to be angry at r drama dot NETTT, it better not be because a minority of the site, mostly rightoid eggs, are still obsessed with a reddit moderator. This isn't unusual or provocative, it's just kneejerk failure.

You are being successfully trolled.

No bait is too obvious...


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I want a badge for the number of times I just got rage-spammed by the racist lolcow

It was over a hundred.


how are we going to drive engagement

how are we going to drive engagement

the engagement

the more clicks

engagement is drama

drama is users

users are eyeballs

engagement is money


when are we going to start grooming

no wait

let me rephrase that

what fucking moron thought /r/teenagers was a good idea?

but also

they've got to collect somewhere.

what's a good education in 'being online?'

I say

straight to goatse lmao

I'm kidding I think about goatse. Admins took my plea seriously for my 1-year anniversary: I have already bought the hat.

We grew up in a different age of Internet. Goatse is probably tame compared to whatever it is kids wander around finding now.

I want to tell kids that school doesn't matter, friends do. But that it's wrong that school is inflicted on us. There has to be a better way.

I want to tell kids that they need to prepare to save the world. It is always needing saving. This is the day the Lord has made.

At what point is telling kids they will live in radically difficult times indoctrinating them with leftwing views?

This, then, is the grave offense of boomer ideology. That it obscures reality with its partisan bitterness.

These midterms are going to be a reckoning.

Dark Brandon!



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One purpose of the Monarch is to measure Deep Time. Mourn the ending of an age and the beginning of a new one.

Rejoice ye who yet retain an element of humanity: that ye mourn a page turning in Deep Time, which is at the upper limits of human perception due to the brevity and levity of our lifespans in comparison to the centuries which unwind in the turning of the celestial spheres.

The denizens of the United States could and should be characterized by their short term thinking which was the disease of their culture's rot. It's not insignificant to think that this has some connection to the absence of any formal measurement system for Deep Time. The best that can be said is for periods of 8 years of their most prominent leader. Even the pseudo-dynastic form of the presidency as occurred infrequently do not truly merit any sincere or useful evaluation of Deep Time. Sure, Bush II invaded Iraq as did his father before him. This could constitute planning in the scope of time as deep as a decade or so, but this is but a single drop in the seven-drop lifespan of human-as-ant.

Take a trip back. The last notch in Deep Time was 1952.

Then: 1901.

Then: 1838.

Then: 1831 (there are some blips in this measurement technique)

Then: 1820.

Then: 1761.

And further back into Deep Time. Dwell Now Ye Gathered In Awe, and pour one out for our homey Queen Elizabeth II, Long Was Her Watch. At the end of the day, it becomes a gift of God embraced, that there was a human there with eyes to see and a heart to feel, at the center of the declined imperium. Rest Now, for it is a turning of the age.

And mark ye: this, to 1761, is the entire span of the United States. Lacking any sort of ceremonial clock, the United States is fixated on short term gain. The jockeying of its nobility for advantage is played out entirely in fiefdoms of corporate supply chains. To be a great house, as in Dune, is to have been granted by taking the function of the State to provide material. An aristocracy is a natural, if regrettable, outcome of human biology. Trimming the aristocracy becomes a complex problem.

God Bless the Subjects, for they be Objectified by the State Regardless of a Crown or Lack Thereof.

:#marseysalat: :#marseyimmaculate:

Impassionata's Labor Day Massacre.

On Monday, September 5th, Impassionata started a topic with their usual moderate liberal whining. Upon responding, many hundreds of Dramaslurs who stood in their path suddenly faced the wrath of multiple awards raining down on them from Impassionata, whose total would grow to include several bans at their extremely capricious whim.

Subsequent investiations revealed that Impassionata seemed to have an improbable amount of access to the shop, though the precise mechanism by which Impassionata acquired such an armament remains a mystery.

In any case, I, Impassionata, have no regrets. For the lolz: they were had.

In toast always to the people of this place, who were foolish enough to be wise, and daft enough to be foolish. Happy Labor Day. I have deflected a ridiculous amount of awards.

who do I have to flirt with to get that rainbow text

shit STOP IT ABORT ABORT I have deflector on lmao

is it time for Vampire's Log again? lmao

Can't post to /h/femboys to flirt with them, anyone know one who'd oblige? THANK YOU TO THE TWO WHO HAVE I'M SORRY

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  • Losercel: Just take 5 showers and watch captain marvel 20 times
Rule 1: Be Attractive [I'm breaking into the wine] [and the whine]

Now @Unbroken is on me to tell y'all how to flirt. It's not actually easy to flirt and if people make you feel bad for your flirtatious failures that's on them, but you've got to learn to improve. It's a skill like any other.

The thing is, flirting won't work if you aren't prepared.

The first rule of flirting is: be attractive. I don't mean physically attractive. I mean be a psychic attractor. Be a person people admire.

Mostly that means: get to the fucking gym.

Did you think this was supposed to be easy? Did you think that you were just supposed to have women wander onto your dick without you putting your dick out there?

If you have never been to the gym, go now. Find someone to help you or watch some Youtube videos. Or just do pushups.

Every time you think "I should go pay Marsey a visit" you do 10 pushups. Marsey wants you to be happy and healthy lmao that's just the wine talking Marsey is a cat

Build a positive relationship with your body.

From there you mostly just have to listen real hard and endure the rollercoaster of a relationship.

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Former President Trump is an Enemy of the People of the United States of America

From 1378 to 1417, there were two popes.

Right now, there are two presidents.

Legitimacy in its purest form is indifferent to official designation. The purest form of legitimacy is belief, and there are two incongruent beliefs about two presidents in the United States.

One of these presidents was duly elected. One of these presidents lost that election.

And the one who lost has been an enemy of the people of the United States from the very beginning. From the very beginning Trump has executed divisive tactics; in fact, he was lauded for them by his sycophants.

Now our country is divided. Was it worth it? Have the libs been owned? Or are you destroying your country in order to still feel alive?

Trump reached out to foreign nationals for assistance in an election. This was the act of an enemy to the people of the United States.

Trump declared the media to be the enemy of the people which is one of the most fascistic acts of speech ever committed to history books.

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, the people behind Trump attempted to perpetuate a hoax on the American people, a knowing lie: they were to submit 'fake electors' to steal the election. They are an enemy to the people of the United States.

Trump gave a charged speech to a mob which went on to interrupt the procession of the peaceful transition of power. In this way he and the mob who follows him constitute a grave threat to the people of the United States, whose interest in remaining free from illegitimate Republican rule is threatened by the force of violence.

Even now, Trump declares the existing president an enemy of the people. If he is to bend us towards war against one another, there is no case of averting it by avoiding bald language which strips discourse of its nattering uselessness.

This is fascism.

This is a schism in our politics come to fruition.

No house divided against itself can stand. If you have thus far clung to the former president despite the warning signs, for reasons you alone know, you must now face the choice: indulge the boomer dementia mania as it declares, "We are domestic terrorists" and commit yourself wholesale to the destruction of these United States.

Or choose the simple sanity that has been here all along. Trumpism has always had fascistic elements and now those fascistic elements are in full bloom.

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  • Unbroken: I am contractually obligated to agree with Scott Alexander on any topic on which his opinion is know
  • JohnnyAppleSneed: why dont u marry the motte if u love it so much
  • of_blood_and_salt: im already married.... to justice
post thumnail
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Free Dramacoin Inside

There's another post at TheMotte boggling at how the President would dare point out that there's a dude claiming to be president who has violent followers and they're talking about doing violence if you want free dramacoin. I can't walk that beat too often, I'll get cynical.


So we got some Kiwis coming in. Probably not that many. Where was I?

The principles of governance are as follows: what a community forbids, it will prevent. What a community allows, it will create. This is why I learned not to shed a tear for another woe-begotten mess of mongrels cast out of their home for getting too ornery. Yes you did in fact deserve it. You're the exception that proves the rule.

Just because the idea jumps into your head doesn't mean it is a good idea, even if it's funny.

So an internet of adults, or presumed adults, must have certain intelligence tests in place.

Otherwise you get boring shitty drama.