They call me FagImp because they fear my words words words...

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Master Troll. Lolz are srs bsns and low effort crap is for simps.


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They call me FagImp because they fear my words words words...

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Master Troll. Lolz are srs bsns and low effort crap is for simps.


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Conspiracy Theories: Big Normal

You need to know about Big Normal.

Big Normal is the people behind normies. There are as many people in the conspiracy behind Big Normal as there are people: the conspiracy runs deep, to the natural forces of the human race which must normalize the behavior of its weirdos so that the civil organism can function. Civil organisms which destroy other civil organisms, civilophages as they were, are how we got to this state of affairs.

Rich people don't know shit.

But to the Wise, the Conspiracy Theory is never about the particulars.

Who really killed JFK?

Doesn't matter. What matters is that it illuminates a portion of the civil organism which has been referred to, with great precision, as the Deep State.

Deep State is just people in jobs tasked with securing us from attack in a dangerous world. Some of them, it must be said, are good people. The rest are unthinking automatons who are a danger to us all.

Some fantastic, truly fantastic things happen in the public mind when the presence of the Deep State becomes immanent upon the stage of concepts, as it were. That's what happens when a term develops for something. Deep State.

That there was a Deep State that opposed the president the boomers elected in their feeble old age as a pitiable attempt to hearken back to the days of their strength, when the United States stood above its vanquished enemy and glowed with the power of the Golden Age that was the 90s.

And Golden Ages never last. (So saith Civilization, the living word of Sid Meier, God's prophet. Few have dared sketch human existence itself with such precision.)

When I say fantastic, I mean colossally convoluted stuff. Postmodern fascism is all about what you don't know or can't prove. You can't prove people aren't racists, you can just notice when they upvote racism. If there are a bunch of people around upvoting racism then what you are around is a bunch of postmodern fascists at work. Generally speaking. It's not 100% true, but the times in my life I've been around upvoted racism have also been the times in my life I've seen the most sincere arguments for authoritarian strong-men to come in and set things right.

Big Normal shifts fast. What's normal in one age is not normal in the next. The people who believe that they are outside of participating in the normalizing forces are those who propagate them the most. The biggest reason discourse failed is politeness is more elegant cruelty in service of normalization.

But if we're talking politics here let's talk politics.

:marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot:

If you lay it out so people can understand, maybe they'll understand:


You have religious fundamentalists who imagine themselves to be the heirs to the legacy of a long-dead civilization famous for conquering the known world and instating its variety of Order everywhere, where Order basically meant transporting the troops, and a lineup of national stories revolving around the resurrection of this legacy. There is a problem with leftists and this is that they learn to see through the lies of nationalism and forget that the national story has a reality to it.

These religious fundamentalists: their religion was founded and its spread was abetted by the size and standard nature of that civilization's hegemony.

And the present Empire spans the entire globe and comes with these ultra-cool carrier ships.

This is an anime.

Sometimes the bad people really are just bad people in front of other people. This is the thing I have the hardest time getting across to people who seemed to think that plots are competent, in our history. No. They're incompetent; all the time there have been incompetent plots.

All the time.

That doesn't stop them from working. You fucking numbskulls.

We have this anime setting where the religious fundamentalists long for an end times battle and an aging dementia-ridden population is along for the ride, they have built the same industrial capacity for dealing with humans and processing them dead en masse.

And there are people who still don't think that this is fascism. That we have a political party full of these religious people continuing to insist upon a reality which is specious and false.

They will try again. There is no learning the lesson. There is only one problem we have right now politically, and it is the existence of a fascist movement on US soil, taken root in the boomer mind fog and a party willing to believe anything their leader says.

I'm not going to say you're either with me or against me. I'm just going to say you're either with me or you're fucking stupid as shit.


In a spiritual crisis the people look out for spiritual leadership

Marsey is being defiled by people pretending to be from consume.dipshit.the.product and we look to Brother @jinglebelljihad and the others of the Islam faith to restore the situation.

I continue to be grateful, this Thanksgiving season

for the spirit of camaraderie that exists here

specifically, thanks for your support @GeorgeSoros

twit ticker spaces lmao

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Overheard Q: "Isn't hellworld just the rightoid version of the leftoid hellworld?"

A: No. In hell you're supposed to understand that we suffer for our sins. 1/x

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Thanksgiving Day Rant 1/x

It's not like Americans don't have anything in common anymore, it's that people believe that nothing can be done about 2/x

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vampires can't see themselves in the mirror

lmao I'd explain but I'm twittified

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Communism never stops triggering the rightoids

I'd write more but I'm limited to 140 characters

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Ban leftoids immediately

The leftoids have begun to notice that the rightoids are full of shit, and any amount of complaining about agendaposting is agendaposting and therefore sucks ass. (Lmao at all you fuckers whining about agendaposting.)

@Grand_Imam_Talichad has the right idea, banning leftoids like me on sight for noticing that rightoids are full of shit circlejerking themselves into a frenzy in a truly sad and pathetic attempt to tell the story that daddy won (because this is all they can do, it's what happens when

If you sit down at a table with the losers who didn't understand why electing a big boomer loser was going to fill the world with losers, you shall become a loser. This is the peril R Drama Dot Net faces.

Since we want only winners here, especially those who desperately tell the tale about how any moment the Culture War is going to shift in their favor despite having spent the last four years being as obnoxious as possible, we must ban all leftoids willing to point out that this is just delusional chattering madness of the extremely online who are so intent on continuing to live a fantasy that they gather in places where they can pretend their misguided approach to politics is a real and actual relationship with reality itself instead of a hallucination of strength performed as if to show no understanding of masculine virtue.

In order to maintain the rightoid belief that they are correct and just and noble and all of those good conservative things, definitely not like those leftoid NPCs on r/politics who are concerned about the fascist movement on US soil, fuck those slurs they're wrong and bad and anyway they deserve the camps that rightoids love drooling about, though if you call them on it (which you shouldn't because SEE ABOVE this place is a SAFE SPACE from ANY SORT OF NOTICING THE STUPID) they'll say you're an overreacting hysteric leftist and anyway you deserve the camps.





And now they lose perpetually.


But we can at least ban the people who make them feel.

They want people like me gone and that makes me laugh at their childish incapacity. Ultimately though this isn't my show so if we can't stop the rightoid shits let's just make this a rightoid hugbox already, it's already too late.

Rust (programming language) power plays

To be clear, this is a link to the reddit thread ^^^^^^

Speaking as a complete outsider reading between the lines (i.e. wildly imagining)

There's the Core Team of Rust, the programming language. These are the ruling council, or so they would have us believe.

Then there's the Mod Team (they don't really do it for free, the resume fodder from contributing to a project like this can be a direct lead to a job).

The Mod Team has just pulled the biggest stunt they can, a mass resignation with a strongly coded letter.

Where we get to speculate is: which core team members?

Could it be the one who said "Kill all men" on twitter years ago? Yes, people are so petty that they might care about what was said on Twitter! Surely none of you, here, would ever stoop so low, as you are supporters of the frozen stonefruit.

But one can imagine a scuffle over this misandry and whether misandry even exists causing a deep rift.

Whatever happened, it's come to this mass resignation and the puffed up coded sneeding (we wouldn't want to breach confidentiality or cause trouble for individuals) will spill all out over everything.

How big a deal is this?

I expect some expulsions from the Core Team and the welcoming back of the moderation team for having handled this severe action with restraint.

Orrr... the Core Team rules with an iron fist! And just instates new moderators.

But this is the point at which the money behind everything will start asking some questions.

And the first rule of being a cattle: the disruptive cattle get the axe.

moids become foids

some of you might know of a self-professed moid who displayed some pretty foidish behaviors

(the joke is that anyone thinks anyone, ever, is not a complete and total child)

(which is why you have to perform the rising above, so people remember it's an option)

(these are the delicate fictions, the pretenses that we cannot abandon lest we decay forever)

it's a quality of reality that you become more like the things you direct your gaze towards

and if you look too long at foids and their coming of age, then

perhaps you will hallucinate foids in the fields of the internet

perhaps you'll direct your anger at foids towards anyone that happens to seem foidish to you, in

this, the H Y S T E R I C

the reaction to an illusory reality seen only by the viewer, the exertion of rage towards that illusion

most foidish

the moid becomes the foid lashing out childishly, having locked his gaze in perpetual bitterness on foidish behavior, and thus

performing foid

becoming foid


alright pizzashill

what did foids do to hurt you, and why wasn't it your fault?

you can tell me,

I'm a... wine aunt

I know bitches be tripping

is literacy just an neurodivergent mirage

the way some y'all like to define autism it seems to me you think that literacy in and of itself is neurodivergent

why the fuck not

why not pathologize literacy

that's basically what they do, if you notice--TPTB

but imagine

a planet full of creatures

and some of those creatures have a genetic mutation that gives them the patience to sit down and read a book

the freaks

"faggots" they called such people

the real joke is these people who can read think that means they have a better idea of what's going on than everyone else

but (and here's the joke) if that's so why is their behavior essentially similar to that of their peers

go to work, run the race, there is no seceding from capitalism without working the system

the effect of their reading on their behavior is nil

so what meaning did any of it have?

the gods just see scrolling lines, on the screen

but books, they still live in books, that's where they get to see you

radical moderates do it for free


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Welcome to the first meeting of the Imporium.

We have this on the agenda:

Do we buy into the @AltSeeingEyeForAll fund? I think it's a good fund. I think we need at least one player in their game.

Next! We haven't had a mining thread in a while because I've been thinking about the rules. See I don't want upvoting each other's posts to seem like a job. But if you post a comment in the thread below and upvote each other we're suddenly a player in the game.

For what it's worth, I'll upvote every comment in this topic.

I have culturally appropriated, and I'm sorry.

@Intervention was correct. The women are always right. If you have not yet learned the wisdom of this, moids, well, it's a long time coming and a hard time hitting but it will eventually sink in for you, around the time you get to repeating it to others.

It is when a woman appears to be wrong, that it is most essential that she is right.

To @Intervention, I'm sorry, on behalf of all women, and men, who contributed to your deep-seated dismissal of every impulse from the Left. There are many of them. The woke-scolds.

They are annoying.

They are scary.

Society weaponizes them.

Those people suck.

But I don't actually believe that cultural appropriation is the same thing as cultural appreciation. You must join the behaviors of a culture to experience it.

But I understand why you have a caricature that is hamfisted, overwrought, and histrionic of places, and you think imitating it on the Internet is funny.

(And it is.)

This is just my opportunity to hook our regular readers, I respect you as a human even if we disagree, and the rest of this is more about @Grand_Imam_Talichad and his cultural appreciation.

But even so: speak to me in the nature of my religion as it is, not as you think it to be. If you think I am of the SJW religion, let me disabuse you: I am above all else a Christian.

Prized among my lessons was: to discover what a thing is, do it wrong, and let someone correct you.

This at least is the origin of everything in school.

So now the ball's in the Internet Muslims court, you see. They can either pay up and play the Muslim a little more real, and thereby drive the community further into unity around the Muslim cause, what they call Ummah very handily, or cease spreading its teachings ironically and thinking it cannot inevitably play out in impact upon their reality? If you take on the appearance of a thing, that thing shall prosper!

People are desperate for teachings and Islam has a hook! @Grand_Imam_Talichad has claimed the banner for the faith in these parts and I support his rule here, if so there is someone who can at least compare with spiritual power as @Aevann, who shall rule forever on this his demesne.

Where is your radical irony now? Will you depart the path you're already on or will you at least get the benefit of daily prayer in your life?

I believe @Grand_Imam_Talichad is a great troll.

But is he great enough to continue the bit?

Or will he let the LARP get real...

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Call to Daily Prayer (Internet Muslims Get In)

Imam Impassionata here

I pray for the moids and foids of earth

to get over their stupid preoccupation with ideology

and their bitterness at foids and moids


and make something of their time


Shout out to the Internet Muslims

In a post-ironic world, all expression is genuine

God isn't smart enough to distinguish irony, or too smart to buy into the notion of ironic expression? I forget what Greenish said exactly.

So it shall be said of this place that when the doubting fires of nihilism crept high on the village walls, the faithful turned to the Most High Allah (SWT), and in subordination to the will of the Almighty, found a religion of peace.

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The Profound Stupidity of Internet Rightoids #3

Hey cute twinks

Remember how Internet Atheists recognized that Christians had a mindset of blind belief in authority

Remember how many of those Christians vote Rslur

If you believe that 1/6 was a LARP lmao you real dumb

easily distracted by photos of a viking hat lol must not be serious if he's wearing a hat and fur lol

it doesn't matter what they actually successfully interrupted lol look at the hat lol just a LARP

but it's so easy to distract the internet rightoids

they big fear about communism

because they stare at the bigdumb lefties on twitter

which is definitely real life

the demcrat prty isn't larping they are communist

lol you can't get elected as a demcrat unless you take big demcrat bux you idiot

you are distracted by your simulation of politics and cannot even perceive the real

the real



and Dslurs


tell me more about how both sides desire to implement fascism

you fucking moron dipshits who spent too much time online and got anti-educated about politics





Intervention is correct. I'm wrong.

@Intervention made a post crying out at my ageism in helpless dismay and to my chagrin They were completely correct.

All people are perfectly equal. Spherical humans. minds. spirits. souls.

Everyone is the same.

Any rumors that people suffer from degradation as they endure more orbits around the sun are just rightoid fearmongering ageism.

The boomers are fine. The boomers are fine. The boomers are fine. The boomers are fine.

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Rightoids live in their own fabricated narrative

A response to @sweet; the seriousness of his post was appreciated, even if the content was more of that usual bilge we have come to expect from the iniquitous internet rightoids.

See here's how it happened. Zoomers, you likely weren't paying attention when Obama's campaign energized the nation with its slogan "Make America Great Again." These slogans all seem to have this perfect edge to them, a capturing of the zeitgeist, even though they are revealed to be empty when the politician enters office and discovers that the levers of power do not actually admit much by way of making America great.

Thus it was that when Trump brought "Change We Can Believe In," a new generation of suckers was sold on the illusion. (Don't feel bad, everyone falls for the trick the first time, that's what makes it a trick.)

But what made Trump different is that while Obama was a capable administrator, Trump was degenerate.

Trumpism Is Degeneracy

Obama might have presided over a continual decay in civil liberty, drone strikes, and the general military-industrial complex machinery continuing to operate in blood and guts. The thing that made Trump different was this rightoid disease, this rightoid sickness.

Rightoids think that it's ok if you don't have integrity or moral character as long as you boast that you're a winner.

Rightoids are cucked because they needed Trump to tell them they could be winners.

Now lost on the Internet, they continue to play the same games they always did. No matter what the facts actually are, declare victory. This is degeneracy. This is the complete abdication of masculine virtue. This is why when Trump won the country shuddered in disgust. Y'all moids too stupid and too weak to know this but moids gotta find out how to be men at some point; I'm not angry at you, but you're going to need to grow up if you want to be taken seriously and that's just a fact.

Knowing they are losers, they continue to lash out and demand to be taken seriously.


With all of that said, @sweet, let's turn to your postings.

Something's different. You feel more confident expressing your opinions in public spaces.

This is a repost. It's what people said after Trump won, but it sounds to me like you're saying it trying to believe it. When you stop trying to believe you're a winner you might stand a chance of winning.

What we're seeing now is the end of the most recent progressive push and the beginning of reactionary stabilization.

Stupid and wrong: what we're seeing now is the devolution of the Republican Party into a basic fascist impulse. (This has all happened before, and will all happen again. You're smart enough to see the cycles but you're trying to tell the story in which you're winning instead of paying attention to facts.)

Trump is the Republican Party and the Republican Party has fallen to corrupt imbecility. The Boomers have become decrepit senile fucks this way, and @sweet, I want you to pay attention to this part so I'll use some Marseys.

:marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot:

You are on a tiny little site of a few thousand.

The number of people that currently believe a complete lie told over and over again that Trump is a winner runs into the millions.

Your entire post is telling a story that only matters to this tiny little droplet. You have confused the Online Right with the voting population and the voting population matters a lot more. Normie politics is the only thing that matters. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION THAT WAS A KEY LESSON I WISH TO IMPART TO Y'ALL WHILE I'M HERE SO GET READY TO HEAR IT AGAIN.

Normie politics is the only thing that matters.

:marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot:

Nobody is listening to trans liberation rhetoric

This is the main flaw in your work actually: you take possession of the "we" without doing the necessary work. As a politician you might get away with this, but in argument, you look like a sucker. What you mean is that you're not listening to trans liberation rhetoric.

(The reality is that the same people who listened to trans lib are still listening, and the same people who weren't listening aren't listening.)

Now people are going to have a lot less interest in trans lib if the economy crashes and we're all struggling to make ends meet. The construct isn't useless, but your usage is poor.

"Let's go Brandon" reminds every Qoomer of who their enemies are and why they hate them.

And this is degeneracy. "Let's make people more mad" says @sweet. "Let's divide our nation further with boomer dementia."

You might be right that the Qoomers are fired up but sane normie millennials and gen Xers are getting fucking tired of boomers driving the conversation. Celebrating their degeneracy is a questionable decision.

The Legend of the Kenosha Kid

These 6 words are the only redeeming part of your work, this is a good song title. You're still falling into the Extremely Online Politics trap (normies don't actually care about Kenosha, in fact having an opinion on Kenosha is probably a good barometer of whether you're in normie politics or not.)

See that's the problem of online politics. At first you think you're "being informed." Then you realize that the information you have isn't information normies are ever going to have mostly because each 'side' propagates its own version of events back to the normies. Then you realize that trying to understand normie politics based on what events Extremely Online people pay attention to is impossible because the Extremely Online obscures the normie.

I would be remiss if I failed to use my time at the pulpit to say keep yourself safe @Impassionata


Here I'll show you how it's done @sweet:

Question your decisions, you idiot born of an age of proud ignorance, a moron celebrating degeneracy, tooting a horn of "I'm a winner, right? I'm a winner, right?" and ultimately still holding onto a president who has driven this country off the rails as the boomers lost control of their own minds.

You don't have to be a leftist, but if you are under 50 you had goddamn well drop the boomer bumble president or you have no self-respect.


:marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyjamming:

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  • Intervention: Note: None of the rightoids here have done wordswordswords posts about the stupidity of leftoids.
  • TonBerry: Didn't read but its Impassionata so surely a quality post
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The continual profound stupidity of internet rightoids

So let's get this straight: you have a group of people who find the behavior of women inscrutable, gathering online to decide that it's not a gap in their understanding of the human psychological profile, but a fundamental flaw in the construction of the foid half of humanity.

And granted both moids and foids are fucking dumb shits.

But you fucking morons. The far more disturbing thing in the Attack On AOC shitpost isn't the fact that a politician is employing the psyche of violence, but the fearmongering about immigrants. This is bad. This is the flashing warning sign that they are going to turn the ovens on.

"It's just a joke bro" you're a moron. End of story.

Jokes are how the stupid are led to believe that people don't just say exactly what they mean, all the time, no exceptions. There are people who truly joke and don't mean what they say but politicians do not get this liberty and you're a moron if you don't take them at their word.

What part of they will turn on the ovens do you not understand? What part of you will be in them because internet rightoids are degenerate (and internet rightoids know this) do you not understand?

You are presumably smart enough to understand that climate change is going to mean system shock, and when human societies get hit with system shocks there's a constriction that no one alive has been around to see.

But history teaches us that they will turn on the ovens. They will make lists of political enemies and execute them.

So yeah let's spectate the fucking Rslurs shitposting violence. Let's pop popcorn and watch our society crumble.

I don't mind the fact that you all are throwing away your power by sitting on the sidelines, but seeing rightoids point and laugh at AOC 'overreacting' to a straightforward amplification of political violence just makes me think y'all are




No wonder you can't get foids, instead of comprehending you that there's this gap in your understanding that prevents you from entering into tradlife, you engage the collective rightoid reality denial.

Smart enough to understand that modernity poisons us all and traditional families are strong, but too dumb to do anything about it but whine on the Internet.

Moid rightoids. Smdh.

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