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Y'all can't behave (Xe/Xir/Xirs)

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Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?

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Y'all can't behave (Xe/Xir/Xirs)

194 coins   0 marseybux   16 followers   follows 0 users   joined 26 Oct 2021

Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?

Awards received

x2 x1 x2 x3 x1 x3 x1 x3 x2 x5 x2 x2

User ID: 6749

Coins spent: 750

True score: 6066

Slot winnings: 0

Verified Email Grass Toucher Halloween 21 Christmas 21
Gift me 999 dramacoins for country club, 499 for a checkmark

This is a one-time offer.

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  • dramaqueen: the website is trying to steal my credit card information
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ATTENTION: 4chan has come out with a new hate symbol

The hand sign of pointing two separated fingers up, formerly known as the peace sign, is now a hate symbol. 4chan Nazis are using it as a way to express the false, transphobic idea that there are only two genders. Please spread the word and make sure to cancel anyone who uses this sign!


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Rdrama users go mask off on transphobia

The transphobic developers of Tabletop Simulator get rightfully called out, and rdrama users respond to the serious situation by engaging in blatant transphobia. Some choice quotes:

lol based mod. I also liked the part where he just kept linking the rules, pissing the tr*nny off even more

[email protected] (+58)

[meme depicting a reviewer praising queerphobia as a gigachad]

[email protected] (+105)

are you suggesting that being trans is a fetish or political?


[email protected] (+33)

Based devs removing degenerates

[email protected] (+41)

having a gaymer πŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒ for a dad

Poor kid. It never even began for him.

[email protected] (+11)

Going to leave a positive review because they are transphobic

[email protected] (+11)

I can't believe that after all the work I've done to deradicalize users of this site, they have fallen back into unbashed, mask-off transphobia. All of the comments I listed above were heavily upvoted and were not challenged by any users. And the worse part? They're still up. That's not even an exhaustive list of all the transphobia in the thread. I just gave up because there were so many, so you are by no means off the hook if your name is not in this post. Shame on Aevann for allowing such hostility to trans people to fester. If Aevann wants to show that he has any sort of moral backbone, he must do the following immediately:

-Remove the thread

-Permantently shutter all the accounts that left transphobic comments in that thread (including their alts)

-Hire a task force of moderators specialized in identifying and removing transphobia

-Double the wages of all moderators

-Institute a strict word filter such that anyone who says a transphobic slur is instantly banned without appeal (including "tr-nny", "tr-in", and "tr-on"

I do not say this lightly. Trans lives are at stake. All replies to this thread must be constructive and avoid the four Ds, Deny, Dismiss, Defend, and Derail.

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  • chiobu: re-re-re-reeeeeeeeeeeepost
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I can't believe I almost read this out loud. This is yet another shameful attack on the BIPOC community, and just three days after January 6!

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Incels are NOT welcome on rdrama

I've noticed that a lot of incels have been posting here lately. For anyone out of the loop, an incel is an adult male virgin. If you are an adult male, you must verify that you are not a virgin by having one of your past sexual partners (male or female) vouch for you in this thread. If they don't have an account, they have to make one. Anyone who fails to do this will be banned. Thanks for helping make rdrama a more inclusive place!

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This is what happens when you let chuds on the internet
(changelog) Reddit links are now disabled


We've found that the ability to link to Reddit has been abused. Users have been engaging in vote manipulation and brigading, both of which are violations of the Reddit Content Policy. As such, we've disabled the Reddit domain. Please link to Twitter or a screenshot with usernames censored instead. Thanks!

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2nd official trans appreciation thread

If you read the previous thread, you'll know that it was full of backhanded hate towards trans people. Since then, we admins have been much more vigilant against transphobia. Transphobic comments and posts get removed as soon as they are reported, and any transphobe who lets his mask slip gets banned. As a result of this campaign, rdrama is now much more accepting of trans people! So let's show the world how trans positive we are and put the final nail in the coffin of this site's bigoted past!

All comments in this thread must praise trans people in some way. That's all!

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My ancestors. We beat fascists once, and we'll do it again!

What's the Equity Multiplier? It's a number that represents the amount of adversity and oppression your demographic faces. So the Equity Multiplier will multiply your dramacoins to correct this oppression in the name of equity. Unsure what yours is? Check this guide.

Your multiplier starts at the base of 1. For each demographic you are in, multiply your multiplier by that number.

White: x0.25
Black: x3
Latinx: x2
AAPI: x1.5
Native American: x3

Male: x0.5
Female: x0.75
Non-binary: x4

Straight: x0.25
Gay: x2.5
Lesbian: x2
Bi: x0.75
Pan: x3
Asexual: x1.5
Aromantic: x1.5
Trans: x4
Cis: x0.5

Christian: x0.5
Jewish: x1.5
Muslim: x3
Hindu: x2
Buddhist: x1.5
Sikh: x2.5

So for example, a Muslim aromantic pansexual non-binary trans womxn would have an Equity Multiplier of 648, while a Christian straight white cis man would only have an Equity Multiplier of 0.0753125. Equity!

If you haven't already done so, please tell us which demographic you fall in so we can update your Equity Multipliers.

There needs to be an anti-Marsey award

Marsey is a racist, sexist, transphobic dogwhistle. If there were an award that stopped people from spamming that stupid cat, I'd buy as many as possible. Do you guys agree with me? (say yes or get banned)

New rule: EVERY comment and post must say "trans lives matter"

In order to counteract the rampant transphobia on this forum, we are requiring everyone, not just agendaposters, to include "trans lives matter" in every comment. Slip up once and you're permabanned, so don't test me!

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We're going on strike

We moderators will stand for no more harassment, ban evasion, or low pay. We are going on strike effective immediately. Our demands:

-$35/hr minimum wage

-Internet-wide ban of the slur "j*nny" and other forms of hate speech

-Mandatory ID verification for all accounts to unmask trolls and ban evaders

Until these demands are met, we will refuse to do any moderation! You chuds will realize how important our contribution to society is after watching the internet collapse due to our refusal to work.

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How it feels to catch a chud's ban evasion account
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Some fact checks about KKKyle

Saw some chuds around here spreading misinformation about KKKyle's trial, so I thought I'd set the record straight with some fact checks.

Claim: KKKyle didn't shoot any black people.
Rating: Mostly false
Explanation: While this claim is technically true in the literal sense, it misses the broader point of the trial that KKKyle would have certainly gunned down innocent black bodies had he the chance to.

Claim: KKKyle acted in self-defense
Rating: False
Explanation: He shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Claim: KKKyle did not travel far to Kenosha.
Rating: Pants on fire!
Explanation: He crossed STATE LINES.

Now no one has an excuse to spread more misinformation about this white supremacist, so I will be a lot more vigilant on cracking down on it from this point forward.

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Official reparations thread

This thread is for paying dramacoin reparations to the BIPOC bodies on the site. If you're BIPOC (excluding white-adjacent Asians and Hispanics), please indicate such in this thread. If you're wh*te, find someone to donate dramacoins to. The minimum donation amount is 20% of your dramacoin balance, so pay up!

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Why yes, I do ban everyone who disagrees with me, how could you tell?
Petition to make me an admin

Quite frankly, the current admins have been VERY negligent when it comes to policing hate on this site. It's about time that someone step up to the plate to defend vulnerable identities from the bigots on this site, and I have the skills, experience, and commitment to do it. Refusing to make me an admin would be complicit in the literal violence being committed against BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ bodies on this site.

So who's with me? xInternetCustodian

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Just received my paycheck. Read it and weep, NEETs.
Pronouns are now required to be in your flair

In order to confront the misgendering crisis, I am now requiring everyone to put their pronouns in their flair. Failure to do so will result in a ban. Misgendering another user will also result in a ban. Thank you for helping us strive to be a more inclusive community.

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It's about damn time
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These two users are in BIG trouble

@chiobu and @Dramamine, you guys have a LOT of explaining to do. What are you two doing on this hateful site? Is rdrama not hateful enough for you??? I am especially disappointed in @Dramamine, who I thought was on my side in exposing Marsey identity extremism. I think I have no choice but to give out permanent suspensions for this disgusting behavior.

In case you are wondering what I was doing on that alt-right hellhole, just remember that there isn't a corner of the internet outside the realm of my moderation!

Say something nice about trans people

Hopefully, this will put you guys on the path to deradicalization. So say something nice about trans people. It can be anything, really. Bigots/trolls will be banned on sight, so don't try it.

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List of confirmed white supremacists

These are the people who have admitted to saying the n-word in my poll:

Name and shame 'em, folks! If you would like to have your name taken off this list, simply send me your full name, address, and place of work/school.