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"I was born, and it was over." -St. Hamudicel

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"I was born, and it was over." -St. Hamudicel

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User ID: 2616

Coins spent: 40394

True score: 28927

Slot winnings: 12400

All-Seeing Eye Beta User Bug Chaser Marsey Artisan Verified Email Halloween 21 Little Big Spender Idea Maker Patron of the Arts Low Roller Grinch Sidebar Artist Holly Jolly Marsey Artist Unblockable Unironically Retarded Christmas 21

There is currently a classical chess tournament going on, with many of the best players in the world attending (including the world champion Magnus Carlsen). One of the Russian players (Daniil Dubov) was asked to wear a face mask after someone on his crew tested positive with the coof. Dubov refused to wear the mask (he did take a coof test, it came out negative). As such he automatically forfeited the game. Dubov was part of Magnus Carlsen's crew for the world championship and is regarded as one of the best players in the world.

Sergey Karyakin, another Russian Grandmaster who challenged Magnus Carlsen in 2016 for the title comes to his defense.

Jannoid subhumans already locked the thread but the good stuff is still there. :marseyjanny: :marseymini:

Wear. The. Mask. :marseymask:

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Brenton Tarrant Marsey



Requested by @carpathianflorist

edit: another attempt with a gun this time:


G*mers seethe at the ever-increasing cost of sand.

This poorcel is really mad. :marseyrage:

Nakamura is a Grandmaster and dramanaut who found great success on Twitch and Youtube. He's a bit of a dramanaut so naturally he has a large amount of haters and fanboys. He's very good at chess when played using the faster time formats (called Rapid, Blitz and Bullet, with each format progressively getting faster) so this is what he specializes in mostly. There is currently a World Chess Tournament going on (in Poland) which is played with two of these faster time formats, with many heavyweights attending including the classical chess world champion Magnus Carlsen. The chess-equivalent of FIFA is called FIDE, the governing body which organizes the tournaments and is also responsible for awarding prestigious titles such as Grandmaster.

Nakamura complaining about the lack of proper coof testing:

Meanwhile...FIDE cannot setup private COVID testing for the hundreds of participants in the event, and everyone is stuck in a mile long line at a public testing facility. Hopefully nobody forfeits their 1st game today or misses a flight tomorrow.

r/chess reacts

Moments later he announces that he has tested positive for the coof:

Wasn't feeling well before the Rapid, told @FIDE_chess, got tested - was neg and I played. Needed to take a test today to fly tomorrow - it's positive. I cannot finish the tournament and now am worried for all my opponents. Will be seeing you on stream doing commentary, I guess.

r/chess reacts

The best part is that this tournament is being played in Poland, so he's likely stuck there for weeks depending on Polish flight regulations regarding the coof. He also traveled around with many other Grandmasters at the tournament while feeling sick :chadasian:, including Magnus Carlsen I believe (not sure about this one though). I don't know if he's gigavaxxed, but he probably is because I'd imagine it's a mandatory requirement in order to be able to enter tournaments. Then again he's Nakamura so it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't.

Award idea: the trap card


Let us buy a "trap card" that has a completely random chance of activating whenever someone gives you an award which restricts your ability to post (Marsey award, Pizzashill, 1-day ban, Grass etc). If the trap is sprung, the negative effects of the award are also reflected back to the user who gave it. So if I were to agendaposter you, there's a small chance I would end up agendaposting myself as well. The chance would have to be small to make it fair, but high enough to instill fear into the person whose giving the award. It should only work for negative awards that affect a users ability to post. This also helps induce paranoia in people who constantly throw negative awards at more active users.

:marseytroublemaker: :!marseytroublemaker:

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[not drama] Honest feedback from a desktop chad

The new bit on the right side is causing all of the posts to appear off-center on desktop, which is very annoying especially on ultrawide. I don't need to see the links to the Fistmas stickies every time I come here, this should not take up so much space. The "Submit drama" button can be moved to above the user posts, same with the "Day" and "Hot" drop- down stuff. That way everything is centered again like before. Also the picture of the cute twink can be moved somewhere to the top (centered as well) like with the :trans: emoji flag on the old design.

It's the only thing I really dislike, the rest I can get used to (assuming the coffee theme makes a comeback later).

:#marseybye: emoji


Ever since the lockdowns began there has been a massive surge on electronics, far exceeding chip production capacities. Chip manufacturing is very complex and expensive, making it impossible to increase production on the fly. This has resulted in one of the worst semi-conductor shortages in history, with losses estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars, especially in the car industry. Gaming was also hit hard. Graphics cards and game consoles use large chips, and there are only two companies in the world that have the machines capable of producing them (TSMC / Samsung). As a result prices have gone crazy, and scalper chads started buying up the limited stock so they could flip it for profit. Crypto chads then started using graphics cards to mine crypto currencies (notably Ethereum), thus worsening the shortages even more. As you can imagine, g*mers are not too happy with this situation and have lost all patience.

Chip designer NVIDIA just announced that they'll start bringing back older discontinued models (RTX 2060's) that can be manufactured on older machines, and earlier this year they also introduced a crypto-mining limiter on their newer 30-series models to try and dissuade people from using these cards for mining. The older cards however do not have this limiter, meaning miners will likely start buying them all up. Prices are already higher than the original launch price from years ago, and stock is virtually non-existent.

  1. Reddit NVIDIA sub seethe
  2. Seething at miners on Videocardz.com, scroll down to see comments
  3. NVIDIA sub not too happy about new models being introduced when current ones are so expensive and already hard to find
  4. Same as above but different thread

Lmao are we just gonna accept that the marketing department at least tried their best at damage mitigation since this is just straight up a mining card. At least when crytpo mining (hopefully) dies in the next two weeks years anyone will be able to pick up a 2060 on ebay for $200


Spotted a few antiwo's as well.

Marsey died on December 23rd 1944. While it's not mentioned where he died, the date suggests Marsey died roughly seven days into the Battle of the Bulge. This is confirmed by the fact that Marsey was attached to the 7th Armored Division, which was engaged in this battle at that time.

:marseysalutearmy: :marseykneel: :marseykneel: :marseykneel: :marseykneel:

Looks like the cookie loving patriot judge has generated quite the seethe from angry pantifa's.

Judge Bruce Schroeder has been receiving threatening emails, faxes and other messages, according to reports.

The messages also include accusations of racism against the judge and demands that he withdraw from the case, according to the Washington Examiner.


"Your Honor, I didn’t know that under your black robes of justice you wear a white robe of the klan," another message said, according to the outlet. "There is no way a fair trial can be heard under your supervision. Better yet, resign."


"Make sure and tell Schroeder what a worthless piece of s--- he is," said a third message, which claimed to be from "Jesus Christ," according to the Examiner.


"One day hope his kids become victims to the most heinous homicide known to man so he feels the pain. … Racist b-----d god will pay u back for ur statement."

So much seethe.

The judge claimed during the week that he planned to "deal with" those who’ve sent him the threats, according to the Examiner.


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Vietnam Marsey

Marsey joins the U.S. Army to help stop the spread of communism throughout Asia.

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Please add badges to the mini-profile so we can dab on poorcel badgelets (example included)

:soycry: :marsoy: :marsoyhype: :marseysoypoint: :!soyjackwow: :!soyjak:

When our people ever decide to kill these fuckers, that's when it will end. It will never end before that. PERIOD.


Replenish the tree of liberty... with commie blood tho pls

:!marseyshooting: :marseycomrade: :marseydead: :marseyshooting:

The only peaceful alternative is decentralization/balkanization

Secede from the Feds, Secede from the State, run your own affairs locally.


Violent secession might be acceptable in a minecraft setting

MDEcels join the server

Secession is not inevitable, but the destruction of the cities by the numerically, geographically, ethnically superior population is inexorable.


I don’t want a peaceful alternative. No tyrants gets left alive. I’ve got a list.


We are living under colonialism. Tiny shithole cities set the rules for all the rural people in the other 90% of the state.

The other way around would be fine, no doubt.

This is why they push for so much shithole third world nation migrants because being tossed into an American shithole city is far better than their own nations shithole cities.

:marseymutt: :marseymutt: :marseymutt:

Look at the major cities. Chicago, new york, LA. Seattle, St. Louis. They're all absolute shitholes.

Where's the lie? :marseysmug2:

But wait, there's more:


Is election fraud legally considered treason? And if the punishment for treason is hanging, then if one person is convicted of treason, and hanged publicly, I think election fraud would cease. They need to start the prosecutions.


Firing Squad or Guillotine. My preference us firing squad. All this lethal injection shit has to end. It is actually inhumane ironically.


Let's go medieval old school....drawn and quartered!

Right arm in Alaska, Left arm in Maine, Right arm in Southern California, Left leg in Florida

Let the torso rot on a plinth in Chicago, and put the head in a pike in front of the US Capitol!


Death to all election fraud criminals!


Yea violence is absolutely the answer though.

Hanging traitors is not violence, is JUSTICE.

Things have definitely gotten a bit more heated since the days of r/The_Donald. Can't wait for 2024. :marseylovedrama:


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Suggestion: replace upvote arrow with thumbs up Marsey (see example)

Might reduce clarity too much / look too cluttered.

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Marsey is John Carpenter's THE THING