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You're probably here because you're jelly of my 114 IQ

If you are a bong or a leaf and you're reading this: you are subhuman, no one loves you, and you should KYS ASAP

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You're probably here because you're jelly of my 114 IQ

If you are a bong or a leaf and you're reading this: you are subhuman, no one loves you, and you should KYS ASAP

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And she's causing s to seethe left and right because she's a strong independent

She's now been trending for a few days

This is where it started:

Then it blew up like deez

And she clapped back at some huffingcel

Then some TV chick with a ton of makeup started talking about her:

Turns out she wasn't supposed to expose deez, uh oh

Then she anally rapes some britbong

And offers to put deez on TV

And then she got even more attention when she retweeted another TV dude

And now she's running for president:

Could she be our next Queen Azealia?

Gun range owner spergs out at redditors who leave him negative reviews

Recap of the 2021 Battle of Portland

So yesterday was Portland's annual large street battle. There are a bunch of smaller brawls going on in Portland every month or so, but once a year a few hundred rightoids and leftoids from Oregon, Seattle, and California get together to beat the shit out of each other.

Here's the flyer for the "summer of love" event (which is a joke about the CHAZ)

Rightoids initially planned to get a permit for the event in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, but at the last minute moved it to a k-mart parking lot several miles away. Leftoids got to the park around 1PM and played around there for a while before realizing that rightoids were somewhere else.

Then there was the usual threatening and attacking street preachers downtown as leftoids were waiting for the rightoids to show up:

There were some verbal arguments at KMart (which you can see on the streams) but nothing too crazy happened before this.

Then the leftoids figured out where the rightoids were and marched to the KMart, and that's where the streamers pick up the rest of what happened. First, the leftoids gathered around the entrances to the lot, blocking them off, and then the van leading the black bloc (leftoids) drove into the parking lot, which is what kicked off the battle:

The rest is caught on stream. Rightoids BLM the van, there's some fighting for 7 minutes, leftoids retreat as rightoids advance, then rightoids regroup at the parking lot. Leftoids attack journ*lists for 9 minutes, then rightoids come around the edge of the gas station. Rightoids push leftoids back for 8 minutes until they get to the lot where the leftoids parked. Rightoids BLM some supply and getaway cars for a few minutes before giving a statement to the media.

Oh and sometime after that there was a fun little shootout which no one knows anything about right now other than what we can see in these videos:

for more juicy drama as the case develops:

On October 5th, The New York Times published Who is The Bad Art Friend? that went viral. It's not a short read and as it turns out later, there are some omissions and misrepresentations, but the basic gist, as it is told, is this:

Dawn Dorland, a writer, donated a kidney as part of a kidney donation chain and created a private Facebook support group with family and friends, where she later posted a letter intended for the final person in the chain. (Jun 2015)

This Facebook group includes her friends from GrubStreet, a non-profit writing center, and Sonya Larson, another writer friend. Larson is also part of a group called the Chunky Monkeys, some of whose members overlap with GrubStreet. Dorland notices that Larson hasn't been reacting to her posts, so she reaches out to Larson, who then acknowledges the donation. (Jul 2015)

About a year later (Jun 2016), Dorland hears from another friend that Larson wrote a short story about a kidney donation - Dorland asks Larson if she can read it. 10 days later, Larson acknowledges having written a story about a kidney donation, partially inspired by Dorland's act but says it's based on narratives and themes with no relation to Dorland. Dorland asks why Larson didn't mention it earlier, to which Larson essentially replies she didn't think her support (or lackthereof) was important.

Dorland expresses feelings of hurt and questions their friendship. After several days, Larson eventually apologizes for Dorland's hurt feelings while insisting she has a right to write about what she wants.

"People panic about burning books, but we’re talking about millions of books that have negative images of indigenous people, that perpetuate stereotypes, that are really damaging and dangerous."

Among them are classic titles, such as Tintin in America, which was withdrawn for its “negative portrayal of indigenous peoples and offending Aboriginal representation in the drawings.”

Also removed were books that allegedly contain cultural appropriation, as well as outdated history books, such as two biographies of Jacques Cartier, a French explorer who mapped the St. Lawrence, and another of explorer Étienne Brûlé.

The book-burning story took an unexpected twist on Wednesday, with Radio Canada reporting that Kies might have not had the aboriginal roots she claimed to have. While Kies claimed that one of her parents was of aboriginal origin and one of European origin, the outlet cited civil status records suggesting that her father was born in Luxembourg and her mother was French.

Dominique Ritchot, a genealogical researcher cited by Radio Canada, concluded the “knowledge keeper” had “no aboriginal ancestors for at least seven generations.”

Joe Rogan ANALLY RAPES CNN host on live TV
Giving away all of my dramacoins

Comment a number between 1 and 1000, gonna drop my child sex doll (no I'm not a libertarian, I just wanted a really short one to make my dick look big) off at the neighbors and I'll award when I come back.

If you are reading this after Oct 13, I am probably dead. I had been in a rough spot for a while now, my aunt-in-law had contracted terminal autism due to the pfizer vaccine, I was getting downvoted multiple times a day on reddit and now, i spotted my japanese (ex-)gf Asuka with someone else. That was the final straw in my life and I have decided to end it. I am already high on benadryl and those pills should do it for me. I have un-privated my profile so some rando can stumble upon my profile in 2045.

Goodbye and thanks for the lulz.

pedophile records himself getting y'alled

hibernerians 🤮🤮🤮

Also here's the drama:

dude bussy lmao

this is why we need mayocide
Politician posts pro-*ike-genocide propaganda
Bussychad BTFOs a creepy straggot
Obnoxious r*dditor spergs out IRL

Her comments:

Not OP, but some random white knight:

coalburner gasses the *ikes
Guy drinks 750ml of everclear and literally dies
[not drama] vaginally confident