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🔬 Confirmed 57% Male :marseyfemboy:

1671 coins   0 marseybux   6 followers   follows 11 users   joined 25 May 2021



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User ID: 881

Coins spent: 15300

True score: 9784

Winnings: -1100

Alpha User Idea Maker Sk8r Boi Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Christmas 21 1 Year Old 🥰 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Y'all Seein' Eye
RDrama is getting worse by the day! :marseysob:
Don't Be Rama Rama [Deuxrama Offical Song]
The 4chan AI bot's repo has been disabled citing hate speech :marseyjanny:

Given its research scope, intentionally using the model for generating harmful content (non-exhaustive examples: hate speech, spam generation, fake news, harassment and abuse, disparagement, and defamation) on all websites where bots are prohibited is considered a misuse of this model. Head over to the Community page for further discussion and potential next steps.

The bot developer's response

Some random guy giving his 2 cents:

Given that you've tweeted "AI Ethics people just mad I Rick rolled them." in response to valid criticism about GPT-4chan, it's hard for me to believe you're operating in good faith in trying to get this model restored.


Kansas - Dust in the Wind

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

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Just trying to make some innocent changes to my bio :marseysmug3:

I was trying to do a HTML <alert></alert> popup for anyone viewing my profile. Looks like basic script kiddy protections are in place, I didn't even know cloudflare offer it.

My phone just farted in public......

Within 20 minutes carp got his first victim.

Literally the update just went live and my phone let a big one rip. A few people looked over, I swear they thought it was me lmao.

That’s what I get for browsing this gay site in public with the volume up. :marseycry:

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Tired of copy and pasting?
Sick of clicking through profiles?

I bet most of you are smarter than this and have been using a tool like https://camas.github.io or https://pushshift.io to hunt /r/stupidpols nazis. But it's not enough.

Still getting bored of reportmaxxing?
You deserve better!

The latest cyber weapon in SDTA warfare just dropped


With this simple python script, you can now search through a list of users with a list of nono words and have that comment (with it's link) print out in a terminal.


  • Custom list of naughty words
  • Custom list of users to search through
  • Define max characters of comments to filter out long comments
  • Naughty words are highlighted for convenience


  • Doesn't search posts
  • Pushshift
  • Still need to use reddit to make report
  • IDK I got bored someone else can improve it :marseyshrug:

Link to script: https://pastebin.com/iByfBHeC

Run the script in terminal or cmd like this python script.py no arguments or anything.

Here is the list of slurs I'm using:

['r-slurs', 'r-slur', 'cute twink', 'cute twinks', 'cute twink', 'cute twinks', 'BIPOC','BIPOCs', 'nigga', 'niggas', 'nigs', 'nig', '🚂🚃🚃', '🚂🚃🚃s' ,'punch', 'kill', 'smash']

I had to remove them for pastebin to accept it :marseyeyeroll: Make sure to add in at least one slur or the script breaks.

:marseynotes: [GUIDE] How to reportmax from your SDTA-1040 account :marseytroublemaker:

I'm not the first person here to discover this, but I thought I would document step by step how to do it. This should work for any suspended account. Just confirmed it with that r/punk thread from yesterday. 8 nazi punchers warned and 1 temp banned. :marseyreich:

Step 1:

  • Copy link of rule breaking comment
  • Go to old.reddit.com/report
  • Select 'This is abusive or harassing'
  • Select 'This threatens violence or physical harm'
  • Select your choice of 'At me' or 'Someone else' and paste in the link

Step 2 (Important!!):

You should've received a message from reddit saying something like this


Reddit thinks you're trying to get your suspended account back and automatically closed your request. :marseywtf2:

But don't worry! simply reply to this message with anything and reddit will reopen the request. I have personally confirmed that this works!


Step 3

Enjoy your :marseytroublemaker: while not needing to risk one of your alts.

Happy reportmaxxing :marseygigavaxxer:

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Таинственная машина
Honey wake up :abusivewife: kyiv is getting air raided :doomer:

⚡️⚡️⚡️Kyiv citizens must get to the nearest shelter now.

Heavy air raid expected

— The Kyiv Independent

This better not be disappointing

Live stream (explosions heard):

Backup stream:

This ones looks good too:

[Deuxchad Exclusive] Watch WWIII 🔴 LIVE Ukrainian Webcams :marseyjourno:

Unless you’re on Russia’s side, respect UKR op-sec by not sharing videos of UKR soldier locations or any other such classified intelligence you discover or witness online.

Stolen from Reddit :marseytroublemaker:


Great Twitter list for verifiable sources and voices on the ground: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1383431779751657480&t=5wPgK2Avlo8ygp8uANSSFQ&s=08

Lvyv Live Cam:

Kyiv Live Cam:

Kyiv 2:

Maidan. Sq. In Kyiv:

Maidan Square (w/sound)

Kharkiv Live Cam:

Mariupol Live Cam:

Mykolayiv Live Cam https://youtube.com/channel/UCJvMQvqpxZvIakq4VgcooNQ


Odessa 2:


Kalanchak, a border town whose checkpoint is reportedly under attack:


Link to all major cameras in Ukraine:

Agenda Free TV Live Coverage:

Huge list of live cams: https://old.reddit.com/r/warinukraine/comments/scc5hl/request_webcams_and_live_feeds_in_ukraine_or/

Live news agencies -


CBC (Canada):

Al Jazeera(Qatar/UK):


Godspeed Ukrainian chads 💙💛

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:jawdrop: LEAKED DMs BETWEEN @SeetheFarmer AND @carpathianflorist :marseyohno:
Server roll back!


Time to block new account signups :marseydab:

Is this about Ruqqus :marseylaugh:

Cope more righty :marseycope:

[suggestion] Badges for the number of people who block you

So you can get a badge for 5 blocks, 10 blocks, etc. There should also be a 5000 dramacoin minimum for who counts towards it (because poors aren’t people).

Bonus: special badge for getting blocked by LLM and Pizzashill.

Ruqqus user discovers @carpathianflorist is a AHS Troll.

popular right-wing guilds like +TheMemery have been taken over by @carpathianflorist (and others like @l1terally_h1tler) who defaced @milkit's guilds and permabanned tons of right-wing people - including me for a comment that I made 2 freaking months ago...


... blatant trolling and harassment of right-wing users from some sort of progressive cabal of AHS users on Discord that's apparently being led by carpathianflorist.


These people get off on trying to stir up as much drama as possible on this website


Some Ruqqus history that a lot of you missed out on. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the seethe our favourite janny managed to create.

Someone should do a full writeup before it’s lost forever. I’m too lazy :marseysleep:

carps POV

It's time to get rdrama.net properly categorized!

After reading about how someones going to get fired for browsing this site at work. I had a brain wave.

How do the current web content filters actually view our site? If you don't know what they are, content filters pretty much categorize most sites on the web, allowing you to easily block certain categories you don't want in your workplace. Some of them allow you to look up a site for free and even request to have it changed.

Let see how WebPlulse owned by Symantec™ views rdrama:

Political/Social Advocacy

I think i'm going to be sick :marseypuke: No time to waste we need to correct the record immediately.

Another site is Fortiguard Labs:

Category: Entertainment

Close. But I don't think it truly captures what the site is about.

Cyren Website URL Filter:


Yeah that filter is terrible. At least it got more categories to choose from.

Feel free to post more sites below. The sooner we can get this site universally recognized as an LGBTQI support group, the stronger @SpaceMilk discrimination lawsuit will be.

How it feels to get an exclusive rdrama badge

A 10 year old video of 🏀 French immigrants was uploaded depicting them giving a foid what she had coming. Naturally the rightoids of r/Noahgettheboat had a few things to say.

Ah, cultural enrichment at its finest.

Left-wing women in Europe getting what they ordered. It's a shame everyone else also has to lose their stable and successful societies for them to learn a lesson too late.

.... the Natives of Frances are getting their cities destroyed by Illegal immigrants,their women raped and their Streets turned to Camping grounds,so when a Frenchman or any other kind of Native European complains about them and goes into “racism” it’s because they are watching their Native homelands Burn.

Juicy Thread 1

Juicy Thread 2

Juicy Thread 3

A quick look through OPs profile and he’s a big time rightoid agenda poster. Boring 😴😴


Poordroid user freshly mints us a new pasta
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This is what they're keeping from us!
Finally feeling brave enough to upload a picture of myself

After John Mcafee’s murder, it has felt like a bad omen to use him for my profile picture. So I finally decided to show you all my beautiful face.

To everyone laughing, just remember who’s the one hiding behind a mask 😇