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My alt is @MinecraftSteve. I'm a codecel who lives in his daydreams and power fantasies 90% of the time.



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:marseyattentionseeker: this but unironically

340 coins   0 marseybux   4 followers   follows 8 users   joined 11 Jul 2022

My alt is @MinecraftSteve. I'm a codecel who lives in his daydreams and power fantasies 90% of the time.



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Stop. Fucking. TRAINPOSTING.

Like seriously holy fuck this shit got old like SIX MONTHS AGO.

Half the time theres a train post on this site It's NOT EVEN DRAMATIC. It's literal newsposting or a link to a boring post about some trans person doing the most mundane shit.

Reddit train gets excited about autist hobbies? That's a post.

Reddit train gets sad about train problems? That's another post

Reddit train gets horny or angry or acts like an r-slur? You bet your sorry ass that's a whole fucking effortpost.

This is not Kiwifarms. This site does not exist to document the boring minutiae of the lives of random reddit trains.

This site doesn't exist for your r-slurred seethe circlejerk. Stfu with your neurodivergent lynching thread trainposts about rando's from Reddit or Twitter.

It's low hanging fruit even for RDrama and it's just degenerate sadism. It's such low-effort shitspam that it's worse than boring at this point, it's offensive to the very concept of entertainment.

You want to farm coins? Post literally anything else. Here's a few ideas for content I'd rather see than trainposts:

  • Multiple 20,000 character Carp Blog posts

  • Fan theories about Soap Operas

  • Pizzashill and Jism arguing about neoliberalism in every comment section.

  • Literal shit

  • A livestream of you shooting up a mall

  • Gay rape pornography

  • Gore

  • Malware

Fuck off with the trains. Find LITERALLY anything else to post about

EDIT: Now THIS is drama


post thumnail
Jk you may have your problems but I love u guys :marseylove::marseymarseylove:

Here's a cute (if slightly sad), little kino for u.


h/kino Official Janitorial Address. (IMPORTANT)


Write a review of a capeshit movie. Pitch your idea for a war drama, or a porno, or a sequel to the Star Wars holiday special. Just actually talk about kino for once instead of linking tweets and articles.

Don't you people have thoughts?

We need more over emotional, overthinking, truly passionate film spergs writing reviews and analysis here.

God I wish MasterLawlz still posted but at this point it seems that almost everyone who uses this site is robotically neurodivergent, psychotic, or completely materialist, or otherwise too r-slurred and too moidbrained for art.

There's a certain dmotional range and capacity for abstract thought required to understand or appreciate the artistic qualities of movies like thematic depth or poetic prose.

Basically: You're all emotionally and creatively stunted and lack any sense of taste whatsoever. Dramatards are literally the worst possible demographic for making good discussion of movies.

Fuck you.

Petition for snakes to unjanny carp and Idio3 permanently

Pls upvote

In light of recent events, I think it's time for an RDrama mental health check.

By which I mean a mental illness quiz, you sick fucks. I recently took a sociopathy quiz and tried to take it as the average dramatard...

And holy shit, I need a new hobby cause you guys are fucked. In retrospect I don't think half of you should be allowed to walk freely and I'm being completely serious.

Here's the test btw. Post results in the comments:


I think I need to take a break.

The rule of the fish is over. RIP Idio3, By his sacrifice, we are free. :marseycomrade:

Today is a good day for rdrama.net.

The recent janniewars have been a hard and neurodivergent struggle, but now the dark cloud of janny drama has been lifted, and the sun of a new day, a new age for rdrama, now shines upon us.

Carp is dead. His reign of BPD, despotism and petty cruelty is over.

The way of the carp, while certainly entertaining and dramatic, also grew tiresome and miserable towards the end.

Now we are free to start anew, to forge a new destiny for rdrama under the guidance of codecels sneks and Aevann. With their knowledge they will surely lead RDrama into an age of prosperity.

But we also mourn our beloved janitor idio, who was y'alled to make this possible.

Now as we carry RDrama forward we must also carry his memory, and honor that sacrifice.

Rest in power, king.


IMPORTANT: Starting now /h/random will proceed with a three day period of mourning for our fallen commie.

For the next 72 hours ALL comments must include, “I love communism”, or be subject to removal.

POLL: Do you use the RDrama slur replacer?


wtf is soren

Seriously why is this guy such a meme.

I have never seen an interesting or highly upvoted post from @Soren and I have never heard of them being involved in any metadrama or of any gimmick they have.

Why TF are there multiple Marseys of this person?

I have now made 25 posts/comments on here in 24 hours. What have I become.

Im neurodivergently obsessed with this place to the point where I can't function. I can't have a genuine interaction with other people because I'm thinking about what my next comment is going to be, or how I'll respond to the rightoid I'm arguing with here when I get home.

Please just fucking grass me. Just hit me up with a week ban, better yet.




The Onions Sex House: An obscure kino

Hey dramacels. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my favorite extremely obscure kino's. I'm not even quite sure if it could be classified as a movie or TV at all.

It's a webseries, so I guess that wouldn't usually fit the bill, but this one does. It's art.

The show I'm speaking of, and you're going to role your eyes at this one, is The Onions Sex House.

For those of you who just woke up from a 15 year coma, The Onion is a... Media outlet, that's main niche is news satire, but there's a lot more to the show than Onion-esque humor.

But what is Sex House?

Sex house is a mock reality TV show, the premise being, “six sexy Americans, alone in a house with nothing to do except get nasty.” Basically it's like Big Brother, except without the banishment or the gimmicks. Instead, the end goal of the show is for everyone to have sex, or have sex with as many other contestants as possible, or something along those lines.

It's never really clarified, but it also doesn't really matter, since the show quickly diverges from the cliche, overdramatic content format of reality TV. The series quickly devolves, becoming a twisted, existential horror-esque parody of it's former self.

The term parody doesn't really do it justice.

Meta might be the best descriptor for it, actually. The format slowly changes from spoof reality TV show to a series about this degenerate satirical reality TV show. As the show progresses it transcends it's premise and becomes a scathing critique of reality TV and more importantly of the culture in which it thrives.

The idea of show is already inherently fucked up, and the sexy encounters between contestants, specifically between a married man and an 18 year old Mormon Virgin, quickly immerse the characters into a world of emotional trauma.

Everything gets worse as the show progresses. Food supplies for the contestants start running low and rotting, and there are no frequent deliveries. Instead of food, the cabinets are filled with alcohol to encourage sex, a result of a production team, and a culture, that values spectacle and entertainment over human dignity and well-being.

What's more, without anywhere to store the trash, the sex house quickly becomes infested with mold. Appliances around the house start breaking down catastrophically too, and the sex house slowly transforms into a deathtrap.

Conflict arises between the show runners and contestants, who become increasingly angry at their lack of privacy or autonomy, and aware that the show and it's audience values them having sex over their dignity.

The contestants start rebelling against the show. One by one they begin refusing to have sex, leading to the network clamping down on them. They restrict food supplies, and refuse to fix appliances unless everyone starts having sex, and turn the whole horrific thing into a combination of Saw and The Truman Show.

There's an element of clueless apathy in the show runners responses, as if they're so used to making a circus out of peoples lives that they genuinely don't understand where the contestants are coming from.

As one of the contestants puts it. “To call this place evil implies a clarity of purpose I do not want to attribute to anyone involved”. That quote isn't just a critique of the Sex House show.

It, like the entire show, speaks of a culture of reality TV, a culture that makes entertainment out of chaos and a spectacle out of human suffering, a culture that rDrama is a prime example of.

The whole thing gets really philosophical towards the end, and the climax is a pretty blatant allusion to Plato's allegory of the cave, but I don't want to spoil more than that.

Just go watch it, it's unironically really good.

Cathcels be like, “Yeah that's a fish”



Which way, western man?
Capybaras are the key to World Peace.





Are there PNGs of existing Marseys somewhere?

I was gonna try my hand at making Marseys but I'm not getting rid of a black background pixel by pixel just to preserve the black outline.

Bardfinn completely loses his shit


IMPORTANT: New opportunity for cheap pins.

Since the cost of pin awards has recently been raised to 1500 and increased post volume has made it harder and harder for your submissions to get noticed, new ways of getting posts to the front page are sorely needed.

There's high demand for new and innovative ways to force hundreds of internet r-slurs to see your rambling agendaposts, obscure hobbies and the autobiography you wrote during your 3 AM Adderall crash.

For all you desperate attention whores out there: I have a solution.

Just send me the link to the post you want everyone to see and 200 DRAMACOINS and I'LL PIN YOUR POST to /h/random for no less than eight hours.

You'll get more bang for your buck than you ever would with a pin award. Two hundred is low enough that you can get like half of that back just through upvotes on the post.

Just send me the link and the coins and I'll put up your stuff on the front of the hole.


Basically: Ever since Queen Lizzie finally kicked the bucket a couple days ago /r/shitposting has been almost completely locked down.

In a move resembling the emojification of /r/drama, jannies heavily restricted all post titles and comments on the subreddit.

Everything except for pro-monarchy posting is being autojannied. Zoomers and colonycucks are SEETHING.

To receive payment, any prospective contractors must be present at the park from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

You must take pictures of all vehicles entering, exiting, and in the park. For every vehicle you must take one photo with the plate number VISIBLE.

You are also to photograph all persons present in the park at any point in time. Additionally, we would prefer that you document in writing the behaviour, appearance and if possible the personal information of anyone seen exiting, entering, or present in the park.

Please label photos with timestamps and include relevant photos in the written documentation of each individual present at the park, as well as the plate numbers of any vehicles used by these persons.

You are to format this documentation into separate, labeled sections for each individual observed.

These sections should be labeled with bold headers. Sections are to be labeled by the chronological order in which the persons they pertain to were observed or encountered. (Eg. "Section 1" would describe the first person observed at the park). Sections will be separated by no less than two line breaks.

Finally, this document(s) may be created and edited in software of your choice, but it should be downloaded as a PDF before sending.

You are to submit this file via text message, to the following number:

(763) 634-1165

Upon submission you will receive details on how to accept your payment. Failure to satisfy these conditions will result in ineligibility for payment.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

:marseynotesglow: :marseycarpsnipe:

Oh... No no no. We got too cocky buckbros

The rapture was in 2012 and we are the sinners abandoned by God.

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Does anyone else ever get sad about how the site has practically forgotten the og poweruser shenanigans and metadrama?

Idk maybe I'm just a melodramatic serioustrag.

Meta posting and metastrag drama between the neurotic losers here got killed by growth.

Like remember all the old poweruser shit?

LLM and his ragequit spergouts, frozen, mimw declaring his love for marsey and everyone constructing a r-slurred narrative out of it, quadnarca trainsimping and defending trains against LLM, pizza arguing with rightoids, lawlzposts, Wizdumb being the token grandpa, gigavaccinator and Krayon threatening each other over pitbull rights, donger and the teaparty, Chapose and the lottery scam...

...all used to be running sagas, for one time or another...

Now pretty much all of them are mostly forgotten, or at least they never make the top comments.

There really areny any new fun shenanigans between users to fill the void either...

“All these moments will be lost in time...

...like, tears, in rain...”


Is kiwifarms actually dead?

I don't mean to get my hopes up, but it looks like that shithole's finally gone. Gonna miss having them to seethe at for bullying r-slurs.

Are they actually down on every front right now? The .net domain still seems to be connected to the cloudflare block message and the .ru domain isn't working either.

LIVE: Keffals is currently doing a victory stream on twitch.

Tune in to listen to Keffals doing victory laps and sneeding at xer enemies.

If Moon doesn't make another statement anytime soon, then this is the last update we'll be getting on the Keffals vs Kiwifarms debacle.

This may truly be the epilogue of the KF Saga to end all Sagas.


Quick reflection on the whole shitshow:

Honestly I didn't like Keffals hardly anymore than Kiwifarms, but I'm still glad he/she got KF banned.

Keffals is well off and delusional and I don't have much sympathy for them.

But I'm glad that the real victims of Kiwifarms harassment, the truly vulnerable, weak neurodivergent and mentally ill people who got doxed and abused, are going to get some relief from this.

Maybe in the long term, this will turn out to be a bad thing. If by some chance the banning of Kiwifarms causes wider social and legal ramifications, if it ends up giving hosting providers and DDOS attackers free reign to silence people on the internet and bringing about the death of the free internet, then it was for the worse.

Either way: For the time being, the sun will rise in the morning, RDrama will still be online tomorrow, and the world wide web will go on with or without Kiwifarms.

And imo it will be the better for it. Psuedo-anonymity is certainly safer for it.


In honor of your arrival I'd like to educate you on one of your victims who was more important than you ever will be: Byuu

FByuu's code contributed to the software Stephen hawking used. The code used for a chip in the higan emulator was also used as part of an emulator that was used in Hawking's speech software:


Unfortunately, Byuu was unable to continue making great contributions to society because some fat NEET's bullied him until he killed himself.

Fuck you, parasites. Die in a hole.

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Daily reminder that Kang Brandon is incredibly based.

Rightoids can seethe about that quote all they want but tbh he's spitting facts.

Gun-nuts saying "I need muh big guns cause muh tyranny" are truly r-slurred.

You're semi-auto bushmaster xm-15 isn't doing shit against tanks or homing missles, LARPing cute twinks.

Lol. Lmao


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“The wall” is a groomer cope to eventually justify fucking kids.

Slippery slope is real. Soon dramatards will be saying that foids hit the wall at 18.

>"Nooo how can I fuck a foid if she doesn't have a babyface and look like she's 12 :marseysoycry:

^ this is you, straggots.