Genetically dilated axe wound

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Genetically dilated axe wound

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Antiwork results are in

orange is rrrrdrama

Also sub thread:

eta: They have over a million subs and only got a little over 10k responses, so probably 90% of their subs are ban evasion accounts. lol

r/antiwork poors will never get my dramacoin.

Either this kid is serious like the Parkland shooter or about to get a visit from the FBI.

ugh it came out blurry. Here is what it says:

Hey had to make a new account so nobody could find me but I will be shootin Harrison highschool next Wednesday in teh afternoon at 12 and will shoot anyone I see because I am tired of BIPOCs testing me and I'm tired of gettin bullied.

Looks like r/detrans is also jumping ship.
Only a powermod would do these things.

The filthy g*mer in me just grouped with this player and I LOL'd.

For real, he's cheating on her for sure though.

The greatest thing to happen to SRD was Lawlz becoming a mod.

Reported by:

  • jasongrace999: Carp, please make an alt without the words carpathian and florist.
  • christmaspathianflorist: It’s “carpflo” it has neither word, there’s no way they know it’s me
r/FragileUnpaidRedditor :(

As a j-slur of this prestigious sub, it saddens me that I must break the news that all my hard work has been crushed by paid capitalist scum admins.

His fat VP does an hour-long crypost video defending the dude for calling a client a "300 pound fat cottage cheese woman." lmao

He continues to dunk on the fat lady and "Biden supporters" in a long series of Facebook posts.

He then says he applauds all the men for using her as a test drive and says all his haters are fat. lol

Here are the images in case they don't view well on reddit mobile.

Bonus drama: They are getting woke on the free labor j-slur issue for a billion dollar corp

When I put the URL into the submission form, it directs me to a 29 day old thread.

Hungover Sunday. Who's up for hair of the dog?

Good afternoon, cute twinks. I come with advice for hungover Sunday. If you're not hungover, then have sex, you damn incel.

Kratom or hair of the dog will immediately get rid of the hangover. Running does too but I know none of you are chad runners like myself who runs while hungover.

Meanwhile, in rural Georgia at 2am

I live in an area where your typical average white women (think annoying twatter poster) are migrating here, so you can buy a 3000 sqft house for about $500k. So middle class white women can feel wealthy here, but the surrounding areas are trailer park people who have been here for decades. There is an area that's the known meth farm not far from these half million dollar homes. So, I get to see these videos on my NextDoor and I LOL.

White woman privilege problems

I was happily running up and down the beautiful suburbia hills in my neighborhood enjoying the runners high and the burned calories when I got a call from the salon that their power is out and I can't get my hair done today. I get my hair done in the city because nobody in this slack-jawed yokel town knows how to do hair, so I had to seek out a gay man. Only gay men know how to do hair. But today, I was told that they have no power and a bullet was lodged in their computer so they can't even schedule a new appointment.

My whole day is ruined. Just ruined.

I've come here for comfort and advice. Sometimes, my white privilege can't help me and I'm kinda bummed I can't use it today.

Haitians all have AIDS

You can't keep DDR down for long! He's making a comeback.

Some redditor met a reality star sexy Indian dude and posted pics for karma

Her shirt is ugly af but there are these posts

She's fat af but there are these posts

She's wearing barely any makeup, but there are these posts

I'm not saying you have to be mean. You can just not comment on that stuff.

If a bunch of woke women tell you that you look good, you know you look like shit.

If they tell you that you look like shit, you look really good because woke women will hate on anyone who looks better and has more money and just call it punching up.

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  • Arran: Vaccine misinformation
  • realDonaldTrump: Baiting journos is too easy, they'll pretend to get trolled to get a story.
Another r/FriendsOfBrian Score

I may or may not be one of the posters they are talking about. 😎

I do and I don't want to be a j-slur here

Because I, unlike these imposters, am a radical centrist.

Chris Chan got a continuance, so no good drama

Any lawyercels here? Is it true that attorneys do this to drag out the process on purpose? I am a little more educated on the civil side of things because my dad was a small business owner and had plenty of them, but I don't know much about the criminal side of things.

At least, he looks white to me and him being white with a tupac hoodie and nigga knocking is funnier. Dude is causing outrage on Nextdoor and I am LOLing.

Chris Chan's mom is back living in their home.

The autists on the farms went to the house and ran into Barb. For anyone watching this story, I thought Barb was mentally unable to take care of herself, but according to the autist who went there, she got into her car and drove off. KF is discussing.

Will the Teflon r-slur actually stay in jail this time?