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Everything I do, I do it for the drama.

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Mainly here to bully furries and post drama about furries.

Please don't contact Discord (my place of work) and tell them about my problematic comments here :(


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House Vampire Founder


Everything I do, I do it for the drama.

5456 coins   2580 marseybux   39 followers   follows 11 users   joined 21 May 2021

Mainly here to bully furries and post drama about furries.

Please don't contact Discord (my place of work) and tell them about my problematic comments here :(



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User ID: 152

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Alpha User Verified Email Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Low Roller Duterte's Most Wanted (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) 1 Year Old 🥰 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Sigma User Unblockable Fish Christmas 21 Fart-Free Patron of the Arts God Save The Kween OwOified

Posting this ancient classic because the recent Antiwork shitshow gave me sudden déjà vu of this old dramatic happening. EncyclopediaDramatica also seems to be dead again so I figured it'd be nice to re-archive all this somewhere.


Way back in 2009 when the culture of the "old internet" was on its last legs with the advent of social media, a Washington furry couple known as Tomcat :marseyblops2cel: and Chewfox :marseychonker2: decided that it was a great idea to accept an offer to appear on the Tyra Banks show, which for the uninformed non-burgers here was pretty much a televised lolcow viewing session. Their segment only lasted about three minutes long, but in that time managed to completely spill the beans regarding the truth about depraved furry degeneracy to a massive audience of normies - causing previously untold levels of sheer seething within the furry fandom. Highlights include the host asking if they get turned on at Disneyland, an explanation of "strategically placed holes" (SPHs) in their fursuits that allow them to do the dirty, and awkward denials of bestiality.

This is the only clip on the internet I can still find of the interview, so forgive the 90's VHS tape levels of quality and the hilarious asshurt furry commentary dubbed over the clip:

The comments are also full of angry furries to this day lmao.



Similarly to the Antiwork initial reaction, the wider furry community was out for blood when this brutally honest interview was broadcast on national daytime television. Furries tended to close ranks and at least make an attempt to pretend it wasn't a "sexual thing" back then to avoid being bullied (or "fursecuted") by those damn normies, so it was seen as a complete stab in the back that Tomcat and Chewfox would expose them like this to such a massive audience.

Chewfox took to FurAffinity to write a blogpost in the immediate aftermath of the segment being aired - which seems to be totally wiped from the internet now, but it was pretty much just an attempt at trying to explain to the angry mob why she did the interview and why she thought it would bring more people into the fandom. It didn't do a great job of placating the crowd however, since the post got so many angry replies and views that it crashed the whole site for an hour. Incensed by both the interview and the subsequent DDoSing of his website, FurAffinity's libertarianphile owner Dragoneer AKA Neer decided to personally step in and janny Chewfox off the site completely. :marseyban: The following message is what would be displayed when trying to view her profile:

This account has been closed due to the following reason: User has brought shame to the entire fandom for their own personal self gain. Trolling shouts or otherwise harassing comments against this user will result in action being taken against your account. What happened has happened, but further trolling and attacks against the user will not be accepted. Please refrain from shouting on her shoutbox at this time. She is not able to defend at this time and it's considered spam. :marseylaugh:

This was later rescinded however once the drama had temporarily lulled, with Dragoneer putting up the following apology post.


It was claimed that her appearance on the show supposedly cost a few furries their jobs to due being outspoken furries in the workplace (and assumedly who's bosses weren't aware of what that really implied until then), but this was never verified. Outside of that though, it seemed like the drama was pretty much over.


Moving into 2010, Chew Fox was suddenly banned yet again from FurAffinity a few months later, with the following reason provided:

Banned Mar 27, 2010 - threatening legal action against Fur Affinity, harassment, intentionally causing drama. -Neer

The reason for this? Chewfox was spotted wearing a shirt at an Atlanta furry convention bragging about their involvement in the previous year's drama, pictured below.


Her account has remained permabanned to this day after this incident (which unfortunately has very little information still available outside of the photo itself), but the contents of the account has remained open to the public view, leaving it nothing but an ancient relic of internet drama to gawk upon. If you really like looking at furry diaper porn, I guess.


It wasn't until 2016 that Chewfox and Tomcat would resurface yet again, this time in the award winning documentary (no, I'm serious) Fursonas, which I pirated and suffered through just for the sake of finding interesting drama to post about here. :marseydepressed: They don't really add much to the story, except that A. they now have a kid together who they're already trying to groom into being a furry and B. she still has zero remorse for what she did. One interesting thing that was talked about here though was this ventpost from Dragoneer where he literally calls Tomcat and Chewfox worse than libertarianphiles because of how much they damaged furries' reputations - this warped line of thinking isn't really a surprising position for Neer to take though, given that he himself enjoys and has commissioned furry child porn art involving his own digimon fursona. :marseypedo:

Chewfox and Tyragate

I really don't know what to say about chewfox that hasn't been said already. Suffice to say, she sold out the fandom for her personal gain. She got her 15 minutes on national TV by showing herself to be the very kind of person we all like to pretend doesn't exist, and she did it by taking a collective shit on the rest of us for a few dollars, and her moment in the limelight. I was less embarassed over the Allan Panda libertarianphile issue than I am this shit. [Editor's note: Allan Panda was found to be sexually assaulting children]

I hope it was worth it.

I thought about posting my thoughts about this to FA, but the grim reality is anything I'd have to say regarding Chewfox as "Dragoneer" would be laden with four letter words accompanied by my screaming. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS FANDOM YOU RAGING !%#!%$!%$!%$!%$#!!" But there are reasons I do not resort to such things. There are only two people who could ever enrage me to even saying such things in public, and Chewfox doesn't (and won't) get the credit of being one of them.

There are many things I'd like to say to her, but none that I really could say without an overwhelming feeling of disgust.

Chewfox fucked over the entire fandom, and the sad part? She's proud to have done so.

There's nothing sadder than that, at all.

To inject my own personal take here, as embarrassing as what Chewfox and Tomcat did, it's amusing to see the zoophile and libertarianphile top dogs of the fandom come out of the woodwork to try and pin this couple as the reason the community has such a negative reputation, and not - y'know, all the zoophiles and libertarianphiles.


Furry couple go onto a talk show, proceed to furpill everyone on national television, get exiled from the fandom forever for being too brutally honest about what furries are actually into. If nothing else, just watch the interview for yourself.

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post thumnail
COUNTRY CLUB FACT CHECK: carp paid for 76 ghost awards and printed 20 COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERS ONLY

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

At least that's one benefit of the sanctions that Putin will appreciate.


Deleted OP by /u/Bad_Habit_Jackrabbit:

Asking just for the fun of it I want to see what my fellow furries think of real fur fursuits.

A list of some of his (now jannied) comments:

I mostly disagree with the 'fandom will hate you' That's mostly depended on the quality of the suit, remember that famous fursuit made put of plushies? no one would know him if that suit was half decent looking instead of horror material. Furry conversations are full of far worse suits.

Animal fur is cleaned, softened, fleshed (extraneous flesh is removed), and stretched. The skin is tanned by a process called leathering so there is no 'roting', rest of your comment is way too hostile to be worth of my time

Seek help yourself, it's just fur, been used since like ever

Well Im eating the rabbits first so it's survival in your definition right?

Meat is not necessary for survival, eat sum nuts for that protein, probably every chemical you have ever bought was tested on animals.

I love how people like to act like they care just to feel good while being hypocritical.

OP also seemed to be a genuine furry with a lot of activity in subreddits like /r/furry_irl and even modded the porn sub /r/altyiff, but it seems like some assumedly vegan chadmin suspended his account last night. :marseysalad: :marseyban:

So for some reason, it's taken Google until current year to figure out that maybe furry inflation porn isn't something they would want to showcase to their advertisers or shareholders - and have thus started demonetizing videos and striking channels that post furry fetish content such as vore and inflation that aren't appropriately tagged as adult content. Of course, furry Youtubers being the neurodivergents they are, see this as a personal attack on their community which is totally undeserved since the videos are "technically SFW", in that no genitals are ever shown despite that the content is unambiguously intended to arouse weirdos. They're also generally happy to let minors stumble upon this sort of content and watch their weird kink videos by hiding behind this excuse. :marseygroomer:


Leading the charge is Zaros, a self-described furry balloon :marseyyikes: with over 20,000 Youtube subscribers where most of his videos have a focus on... fursuit inflation. After finally getting a well-deserved termination from Youtube (later repealed) for posting this degeneracy without properly tagging it as "not for kids", he posted the following sob-story screed on Twatter.


Note that he paints this as an "attack on furry content creators" whilst omitting the key part that the actual reason for termination wasn't for the videos themselves (unfortunately), but because he kept stubbornly marking them as "for all ages" despite being warned and striked about it repeatedly. He also uploaded a video where he brought up pretty much the same shit, but I doubt most people here want to suffer ten minutes of a fursuiter whining on camera. The comments from his butthurt furry fans about the whole incident are pretty funny though so I'll link it anyways.

Also, here's a developing post on the furry lolcow ranch /r/RealFurryHours regarding this drama.

Interestingly though, after digging a little deeper on this Zaros guy, it also surprisingly turns out that this fetish Youtuber who thinks his content should be exposed to children... has also had recent allegations of libertarianism thrown at him for acting inappropriately around kids online. What a twist! :marseypedo:


He also supposedly attempts to dox and sends his personal army of inflation kinksters to spam/flood anyone that points out his creepy groomer behavior in the comments of his videos - which he considers to be cancel culture gone mad if you dare do this to him.







To conclude, this was supposed to be a quick funny write-up about YouTube bullying furries but I ended up falling down a rabbit hole with this guy and I guess it turned into a semi-effortpost documenting Zaros's mayo groomer nonsense. This drama still seems to be developing since he intends to take up arms against YouTube and he's currently filming more videos about the horrible fursecution he's facing, so stay tuned for those.

As special bonus content, check out this guy's account and have a scroll through his posts - they're really something.


It's well and truly over for furry artists :marseyitsover:

It's time for fully automated luxury gay space furry porn, chuds. Better learn to code. :marseysmug2:

[HAPPENING] Margorie Taylor Greene swatted, culprit claims it was done in the name of Kiwifarms

A potential false flag attack from the train army of the fart-queen Keffals herself? Things sure are heating up.

In related news, Keffals also got hit with a 12 hour Twitter y'alling for harassing Cloudflare employees. :marseylaugh:

Kiwisisters... I don't feel so good :marseynull:

Something something Project Trainology :marseyhacker: :marseyanon:

I hope to Allah (SWT) that she (not he, chuds) goes through with this and it all gets caught on film.

Zoophilia Pride March in Germany :marseypuke::marseyzwei::marseyfurry:




A furry ASMR lecture on herpes, narrated by Max the big gay tiger

I stumbled across this so now you have to see it too.

The hospital threat:


The Kiwifarms thread I shamelessly stole this news from

The rundown on Sappho and xer depraved shenanigans

Furry convention drama: should calling the cops on a trans person be treated as a murder attempt?

TL;DR: Some furry in the group chat for Denfur, a Colorado furcon, decided to drop some lukewarm takes on gender in the convention group chat - a r-slurred decision considering the average furry demographic, but dramatic nonetheless. The usual suspects demand this Nazi be exiled from the con and wider fandom for life, but in a twist of fate, the convention staff decide to boot the complainers for screaming and spamming in the chat instead.

The text that was supposedly the last straw before they got jannied, likely for melodramatic shit-stirring:


The woke faction of the wider furry community is now up in arms, branding DenFur a Nazi convention because of all this. I'm on vacation so can't pick out too many highlights but that thread is choc-full of funny furry seething. Enjoy! :marseythumbsup:

Bong Supreme Leader Resigns :marseybong:
First they came for foids, now they're coming for the bussy lovers
Russian police raid Moscow furry meet – fandom sees rising oppression :marseysaluteussr:

Moscow meet was an ordinary fursuit walk that has been covered on Dogpatch Press from close contact with organizers. It’s a social event in public places that follows Russian law in staying apolitical, not even displaying identity. There have been attempts to frame such gatherings. At one, a provocateur tried to jump in photos with a pup mask to get them in trouble. And an anime fan gathering was framed by someone giving them rainbow flags for photos that led to arrests. Those incidents presage this one.

Yeah, I'm sure the weirdo in an animal fetish costume was just a deep-cover agent trying to make furries look bad. :marseyhmm: :marseyhmmm:

At this walk, police picked people for searches and claimed to find antiwar items in someone’s bag, causing them to detain a lot of members.

The person blamed for bringing anti-war leaflets wasn’t known to anyone in the group. His social media was deleted and it’s unknown if it was a real name, and they’re unable to find a police report in his name.

Gottem :marseytroll:

[RESULTS INSIDE] How should I destroy the official rdrama Discord server


Thank you all for voting! It was all in vain however, as my terroristic threats were successful in restoring my beloved mop. Discordcide has officially been postponed until I find something else to throw a tantrum over in the future. Remember kids, blackmail always gets you what you want! :marseyagree:


Long story short: I was randomly given ownership of the official dramacord a while back by virtue of nobody else wanting such a shameful title. :marseyjanny:

Skipping forward to today, I've discovered that my very precious and important janny position from the community I've been a part of for over 7 years was suddenly removed last night - severely inhibiting my ability to arbitrarily bully furries whenever they wander into our little corner of the interwebs. In retaliation to this sudden and unprovoked attack I intend to nuke the official discordcel server, and you guys get to decide how I do it. How fun! :marseyexcited:

I'm also welcoming suggestions, so hit me up if you have a more dramatic idea to btfo the discordcels :marseythumbsup:

Should I:

Baby Fox Tickles

Requested by @Aevann


r/worldnews post about violent neo-nazis removed by admins. Why is Reddit protecting fascists?

I assume this was a mistake either by an outsourced sexy indian dude or a poorly trained AI programmed by a sexy indian dude, but that won't stop Redditors from freaking out and dunking on the admins for protecting Nazis. :marseytunaktunak:

Theories in the comments include:

The admins are neo-nazis

One of the neo-nazis arrested is friends with an admin

Admins were paid off by a Nazi group to remove the post

Spez himself unilaterally removed the post because he wants to use Reddit as a platform for radicalization

What do you think, rdrama?

This just in: if you hate furries, you're not only anti-queer but anti-black too

This is a blatant agendapost, but I'd love if furries started pulling the "we wuz kangz" card more often because it's fucking hilarious. :marseypharaoh::marseycapypharaoh:

This was deep within a thread in regards to John Oliver posting furry porn on main, and a group of "furry scientists" :marscientist::sciencejak: who exclusively publish psychology papers sucking off the furry community decided to jump in and shill themselves. I'm sure their work is as trustworthy as a paper written by Pepsi executives about how sugar is totally good for you.

A popular biofoid fursuit creator got caught grooming little boys back in 2020. Now her victim has stepped forward with receipts.

Backstory stuff

Original callout thread


Infamous furry lolcow Sparx calls the victim an attention-seeking liar


Current happening

Original confirmation from the victim


Skye tweets some lame generic apologies that carefully avoid mentioning what she actually did. Her simp army comes in to console her.



Will update if I find more juicy info.

"my dad financially cut me off because I went to a furry convention" :chad:

Apparently this 18 year-old :marseytrans2: snuck off to a furry convention and their chad father heavily disapproves.

Some choice quotes from the linked thread:

Father said furries are “the worst of the worst” called me a freak, a deviant, screamed at me to my face


Refuses to acknowledge furries aren’t a sex thing because his ego is too high to dare EVER be wrong

This is verifiably true though :marseyconfused:

Edit: they even posted this last month :marseyyikes:


My dad so far has: cut off internet access, cut cell service, blocked my phone from using the internet

The proper course of action if a parent discovers their child has been groomed into being a furry. Uncle Ted was right.

They also posted some funny videos too for Twitter clout which are in the linked thread, and of course, they waste zero time jumping on that grift.


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Even when off-site we continue to give Reddit well-deserved bad press.

(Our bait made it onto local television!) No, Austin ISD isn’t teaching students about furries, despite what a viral post claims

Youtube link:

Redditors discuss, with a couple of users giving the hot take that while furries aren't being taught about in schools, they should be:

[HAPPENING UPDATE] Libs of Tiktok is hiring a journ*list to do an exposé on us! :marseywtf:

In case you missed it: Mashable explained rDrama and our gayop several hours before DC published this pearlclutch

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  • SaI: delete dis post before a journoslur sees it. :marseysal:
  • snus: Holy fuck this is smazing, too bad unapprovedcels can’t see this lmao
  • rape: freaking let me in !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DuckPioneer: old news, they doxxed themselves *ages* ago


:#marseysmug2: :#marseyoctopus2:

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Will you be #CoomingForCancer at the next furry con, rdrama? :marseyfurry: :coomer:

Amazingly this guy has reached a level of degeneracy where even other furries are dunking hard on him for this in the quote tweets.

I'll give him credit though, cooming and cancer are what immediately come to mind when I think of your average furry convention.