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Gay 4 pay

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The WNBA finals recently happened and I assume some team based in some city won.

rNBAcels get heated when people suggest that lesbians failing to dunk has very little to do with the nba.

I watched the second half, other than a couple missed layups, it was great basketball and an amazing comeback from Chicago

Remember that it was the finals where the 2 best teams square off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad there’s not a bunch of 13 year old incels in here, but did some of y’all really watch it or nah.

“Y’all” 🤠

A dramanaut gets put down here:

And all 12 fans went absolutely nuts

A brave feminist responds:

Oh yeah u/lardbiscuits is an alt righty on top of having takes fresh out of the nut house

I also got attacked by a petito potato. Make sure to brigade.

Sort by controversial:

Some great lolcows:

The only WNBA these neckbeards ever watch is WNBA fails compilations on YouTube. If they used more than 2 braincells they would be able to comprehend that you could put together an NBA fails complication that would dwarf any WNBA one. Instead all they see is gender and get turned off by it. These people aren't just satisfied with not watching WNBA, which would be completely fine. It's the fact that they go out of their way to hate it and try to push it down.

Damn this has so many downvotes. Yall some incels fr. Touch grass. Get some help.

Imagine when your employer finds your reddit account

Foid dating strategy is private

Sad boy hours

a lot of seething in the comments

FDS gets baited

Post below

Leave it to women to make a movement about men avoiding masturbation about themselves I guess


Mayofoids have literally made gay pride about troids. LGBs BTFO

JFL at all the socialists talking about “ableism”. I’m sure that inclusivity of disabled people is why socialists don’t leave their house and instead spend their days sneeding on the bird app

We need to be donating to the hidden history museum

🐶 💊

Many such cases

Remember to brigade

It’s literally murder to move on from a pandemic that is pretty much contained to the Deep South sweetie 💅💅💅