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This sounds like a guy who'll nitpick someone to no end and become someone's personal food cop, which is an extreme form of controlling behaviour. Told on himself there and weeded himself out. Block, delete, next!

t. u/BBQCoolRanchQueen

Okay thanks, that was a nice chuckle… I had a hotep type dude ask to split a $24 bill. We both got 2 beers. He was the “grand rising” and “you beautiful black kween” type, you know bragging about how superior blackness is but is on a “date” with my light skinned biracial ass lol yeah, that type… He said, and I quote, “let’s go Dutch. It’s equality.”


We're splitting the bill, kween

I’m pretty sure he’s joking. A few months ago, there was a trend on Twitter where people were arguing about whether or not it was appropriate to eat the free bread at dinner as soon as they offer it or do you have to wait. Someone said it’s tacky to do that, which I think is ridiculous. But he’s poking fun at that.

Oh shit, did I just fall for satire? I better not make this pos-

Do you see how that doesn't make this message any better?


No 👏 person 👏 is 👏 dirty 👏

No 👏 person 👏 is 👏 clean 👏

Are you saying if one of your significant others from more than a decade ago moved in next door then your wife should be worried?


She dated him before she met you, then she met you, then she married you. You won.

What if the neighbor/husband dumped her?

Then he's an idiot, and probably has a TIFU post somewhere back in 2008. OP is still the winner.

You fucked my wife? Jokes on you, I'm the real winner.

Really weird how Brian Stelter is reporting on this like they just heard the story from somewhere


Leave him alone, you say?

There's nothing wrong with someone enjoying himself if he's not hurting anyone?

Well... even he disagrees

Reported by:

  • TrailerParkBride: I haven't opened this yet but I'm willing to bet it's an antiwork t-slur thing

It's just shitty micromanagement for the purpose of flexing your authority on the business you own.


My Mother once rang HR at her job, they asked what her number was, as in payroll number, she told them that and her name, and the HR person responded "I'm not interested in what your name is. I only need your number".


I am well past the straight crush phase in my life but I feel like that’s an unnecessarily harsh view. I have seen plenty of posts asking what’s the appeal of going for the straight one? Let’s set aside the fact that clearly they’re not entirely straight and set aside the fact that the gay party should be prepared to ruin the friendship if they’re gonna go there- don’t go catching feelings. What’s the appeal? I have hooked up with plenty of gay dudes most of whom probably barely remember the encounter. If you have a sexual encounter with someone who goes on to live a heterosexual life, you know they remember that. They think about it when they’re banging their wives and can’t get off. They jerk off to the memory. They can be watching TV and their mind wanders to that day, and suddenly they’re hard thinking about it. Thinking about you. They hold onto this secret until the day they die and it excites the fuck out of them that they got to do this naughty thing and can never tell anyone. It’s kind of special in a twisted way. A gay man just gets back on grindr and looks for the next one.

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Pretty certain that irresponsible ownership is the root of dog attacks, otherwise I'm owed my tuition back.


What did she major in?

What about at McDonalds? How much should I tip for a $5 meal?

Wait, you guys haven't been tipping your McDonalds drive-thru cashier 15%?

please explain why Ineed to voluntarily give my hard earned wages to someone else who chooses to remain in this profession?


Tipped workers are the ones holding back wages because they can make much more as tipped workers. And why should the waiter who carries the food to you get 20% of the total, while the cook who prepared the food and the dishwasher who washes the plates and the cleaner who cleaned the place get 0%? This is just ridiculous entitlement.

Yep, thanks guy - there's a reason servers don't fight harder for eliminating tipping. Most days they can barely put in an order correctly, why did anyone ever expect class solidarity?

RIP antiwork

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I actually agree with them that Joe has become yet another terminal rightoid. Doesn't make their antics any less funny. More here and here.

Am I heaving dejavu or did op repost this again? Guess you didn't like the feedback

OP's reposted the same thing every day for nearly a week.

Repetitive Behaviors in Autism


Bruhhhhh I can’t sign into Reddit without seeing the word “Autism”


I don’t think you understand what being in the closet means. Often, the individual themselves doesn’t understand they’re gay. When coming out, you often have to come out to yourself first.

When I was a teenager and found out about that, it blew my mind. I realized every straight person under the Sun, doesn’t know for sure they are straight until they’ve tried same sex activities. So, by that logic, I went to my bi best friend and was like “you down?” “Sure.” And we tried it.

Nope. I’m straight as an arrow.


The rest of the thread is shaping up to be a fun shitshow as well.

Today is National Sardines Day

How are you celebrating?


I saw a Kuwaiti woman slap and spit on her Filipino servant girl at the Sheikh Saad airport about three years ago. Was really a disgusting thing to witness.


This is very similar sounding to 1984, where simple glances and looks on faces were used to communicate with others that they were rule breakers

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Some straight up Handmaids Tale shit. So sad for those women.

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Thanks for sharing man. It affirms what we all know in the world. Women are people and not our possessions. It is hard for me not to conflate Islam with this culture of Sharia law.

You're not conflating anything. islam is quite literally like this. Like the actual quran and hadiths are like this. islam is so misogynistic that it's anti-women. The cultures merely reflect the shit in the religion. I'm an exmuslim from Iraq, believe me I know

Ah yes, the typical “I’m an ex-Muslim so I know better.” It doesn’t, dude. Most ex-Muslims like you are people who unfortunately had terrible experiences and instead of gaining knowledge, you leave the truth. I’ve had terrible experiences with Muslims and now I’m an even bigger believer in Islam.

He's right though. The quran and islam are both fucked. Yes, there's good muslims, obviously. But they're good in spite of their religion. Certainly not because of it lol

They’re only fcked in his eyes and ideology. We Muslims don’t believe it is fcked at all, and in fact, it is superior to every ideology out there. It’s a matter of perspective. We have our religion/ideology, you have yours.

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Got called a F*****g idiot for following policy and managers gave the guy a gift card.

This was about 8 years ago, and is my go-to story for how "the customer is always right" is gaslighting.

I used to work at Olive Garden. Anyone who works there knows the breadstick policy. The amount of breadsticks the table gets in their first serving is the amount of people at the table plus 1. The customer can have as many refills as they want but the amount you bring for refills is the number of people at the table.

The reason they give for this is that it reduces waste and ensures the customer gets fresh and warm breadsticks. We all would have ignored this rule because it's easier to bring more, but management monitored and enforced this STUPID rule.

One day I have a table of 2, so I bring the first serving of breadsticks, and when they ask for more I bring 2, per this dumb policy.

The total a** of a customer says "What are you a f*****g idiot? We asked for more breadsticks and you give us 2?" I quickly explained we bring them based on the number of customers at the table, and that I'd be happy to grab him some more right away. He says "No, get me your manager"

Ok.... so I grab my manager and I expect him to explain the policy, and hopefully stick up for me. I had told the manager what the customer had said to me.

From the server station I could hear the man again call me a "f*****g moron" and ask for a different server.

My manager comped their bill, gave them a $50 gift card and made me go to the table with a mound of breadsticks and apologize for THEIR POLICY which was enforced by THEM.

Customers are rewarded for being awful. Employees are punished whether they follow policy or not.

That's my rant. Don't eat at Olive Garden. Mostly because their food is basically Chef Boyardee.

I don’t judge cis-women, but when I was early in my transition to help me see no one perfect, I used to play this game where I would see a cis-woman and say to myself she’s trans why dosen’t she pass? It helped me see even most cis-women have some male features. Xx

Ugly foids can't catch a break

I started looking at women I presumed to be cis with the same beauty expectation that society holds trans women to and it turns out that almost no one “passes”. Trans misogyny is just repackaged misogyny and it’s dangerous as hell

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I have lost all of my former false confidence that I would be able to tell if someone was cis or trans. It's like I learned to focus my eyes differently and I can switch between seeing someone as potentially cis or trans or something else. Sometimes I think I see a fellow enby I want to give a friendlier class of nod to, but I really never feel sure.

Imagine how it would feel if you're walking down the street and a train looks at you and gives you a knowing nod.


"We enbys gotta stick together, hun"

I enjoy doing the dishes


my wife loves being the jetpack (what we call when she's the big spoon). It's the best.


I got a big ass

Prove it

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Never in my life did I hear a guy brag about giving a rimjob until it became popular on reddit, nor did I ever hear about women desiring a rimjob. The closest thing is guys talking about receiving anilingus.

I just find it so bizarre how of all the things that redditors could use to signal their supposed sexual activity and sexual prowess, it's giving women anilingus.


I found around $2000 in an an envelope when I worked a temporary-hire job at Costco. There’s no cameras and no one saw me pick it up. I brought it to the manager, she said they would “try to find who it belonged to”, I was laid off after christmas season a couple weeks later.


A long time ago I worked at uhaul. I actually enjoyed the job until the last manager I had. We had this contest going between stores to see who would get the highest sales for a month. Our store won, and the manager took all the money knowing I was working so hard to put money back for my wedding.


When I worked at Home Depot, I found $100 on the ground once. Turned it into management and they said I couldn’t keep it or it was considered stealing. It was put into the managers dinner fund.


I’ve been feeling ill all day. But this poster pushed me over the edge and I finally vomited. Such evil must not endure.

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Women now outnumber men in med school…




Why isn't there an option for witch? :(

Same reason there isn't an option for necromancer or werewolf

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