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I'm so confused why this millennial generation of korean men are to misogynistic. Why are you going backwards not forwards?


This post shows exactly why feminism is needed.

A post from a pathetic anti-feminist. No surprise.


OP's actually a legit feminist, lol. After having read through her profile, I can conclude she's a real Korean feminist, but she's just bad at it.

This sub looks more and more like a real korean sub. This is a good thing.

lmao, they're becoming self-aware

Reported by:



30 months felony probation (can live anywhere he wants)

plus restitution and fees

Jussie Smollett says that he is not suicidal and that is innocent


Exactly how is that covering it up? I mean if it looks better, it looks better. Should I grow my easy to manage hair that takes me 10 minutes every two weeks to shave just so I can prove I'm not insecure about being bald? Sounds awfully insecure. I also have a full beard. Been with this style literally since the year 2000. I like the way the beard compliments the fact I don't have hair elsewhere. I like that it gives the illusion of a stronger jawline. I'm hiding and insecure!!! So basically what you're saying is by actively choosing to play up strong points and downplay weak ones, a person is insecure. Welcome to the human condition. It's amazing you've escaped such fate as everything about you is always 100% natural all the time.

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Yup. I know a woman who went to therapy with her husband. He didn’t change one tiny bit and whenever she asks him to help with the kids/house/do anything other than sit on his ass and play video games he weaponises the language he learned in therapy against her, ex: “I can’t talk to you when your expressing your emotions like this, talk to me when you’ve calmed down.” He does it ALL THE TIME no matter how calm she is when she asks him for help.


All of the men I’ve met who’ve reported going to therapy have been the most manipulative, abusive people I’ve ever met and rarely held themselves accountable. They would just use therapy jargon to excuse their vile behavior. As much as liberal feminism wants to push the idea that therapy will lead to better men, the answer is not that simple. Therapy is only as good as the character of the person going for therapy.


Don't you know that therapy doesn't work for the type of people who actually need it?

Men can go so far as to label themselves "on the spectrum" or "neurodivergent" because they know they can use PC tone policing on you if you dare call them out on their shit.

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Sort by controversial, lots of scuffles

Hahaha yeah, people just need to lighten up and have a laugh. Misinformation is so funny.


Anyone got a good nickname for Elon? All I've got is Elon Husk, which is ok but not great.


Keep your day job


Some Chinese consumers complained after the local snack brand Three Squirrels featured advertisements for noodle products on its Weibo microblogging account showing a Chinese model with eyes they said looked slanted. Critics accused the company of spreading Western stereotypes.


“In response to the feedback from netizens that the model’s makeup does not conform to publicly-accepted aesthetics standards and caused discomfort, our company apologizes,” [Three Squirrels's] statement read. “The page has been replaced and arrangements have been made to check other company pages to ensure that this situation will not happen again.”

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The model featured in the Three Squirrels advertisements has spoken out against the criticism. “Just because my eyes are small, I’m not good enough to be a Chinese person? I don’t know what to say to these comments … I’m really helpless,” the model said in a Weibo post under the handle Cai Niangniang. “I hope people online would stop messaging me with personal attacks. I’m not a supermodel nor am I a public figure, I’m just someone who loves my motherland and a law-abiding citizen.”






This thread, this, this, and this are all the same post.

It's just that one is the post on default sorting, one is on controversial sorting, and two are links to comments.

I have to search





before posting a thread, and even then, I still can't check for directly-linked comment threads

Stop putting up with it - put your foot down. Every time someone mentions his paternity you hang up or leave or kick them out. They shouldn't be allowed to keep badmouthing your wife like that. You need to prioritise the wellbeing of your wife and son over their conspiracy theories.

This!! Your poor wife!!


Will somebody PLEASE think about the cheating wife?

Tell your mum maybe it was her cheating and the genetics came through now.


My white aunt married a man who was half black. One of the kids is darker than him but looks a lot like my aunt. Another is blond and blue eyed with skin so white they didn't feel comfortable applying for the same scholarships their sibling did. Genetics!!

Yikes. That says a lot about our society

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I had an old boss who said something like this when she had laryngitis. “My husband is was so happy.” I reactivity blurted, “EW, your husband doesn’t like when you talk?!?!?!” Needless to say that was the beginning of her harassment and subsequently firing me.

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I was so angry when I saw these misogynistic pictures. Then I send it to a friend and she thinks it's funny. I'm not sure how to proceed with the friendship now

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Bottom text

Also, a master list of all obtainable badges would be helpful. Thanks.

I had an LVX who would go on European vacations with his LV bros but not with me… because he was a stockbroker and I worked retail. Did I mention we lived together for four years?

Yes, honey. He was the low-value person, not you

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They even do it to me in my mobility scooter. These things aren't small, either.

Omg, there was this white lady at this job I worked. She would always expect me to move. So one day I didn't. She bounced right off me because I'm big and I have boobs the size of Texas. She never did that again. She would always get out of my way after that.

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Not really white ppl because I’m in Canada. But, Indian ppl since the population of them is so high here. They’re just as bad here and feel like they’re above you. I never move. Keep walking straight till they move because I’m sure as hell ain’t. They also don’t like to say excuse me when they need to get by you. That’s when I turn and look them dead in the eye with a stank face. Make them feel stupid. 😂

As I fellow Canadian, I agree. I would say Asians in general, “excuse me” is not in their vocabulary and I’m over it. Also, if you’re in line for a bus or something, they literally walk in front of you like you don’t exist.

:marseyagree: Indians and Asians are just white people with bad manners

This is why I love having a big dog, they either have to cross the road or stay behind us 😁

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This sounds like a guy who'll nitpick someone to no end and become someone's personal food cop, which is an extreme form of controlling behaviour. Told on himself there and weeded himself out. Block, delete, next!

t. u/BBQCoolRanchQueen

Okay thanks, that was a nice chuckle… I had a hotep type dude ask to split a $24 bill. We both got 2 beers. He was the “grand rising” and “you beautiful black kween” type, you know bragging about how superior blackness is but is on a “date” with my light skinned biracial ass lol yeah, that type… He said, and I quote, “let’s go Dutch. It’s equality.”


We're splitting the bill, kween

I’m pretty sure he’s joking. A few months ago, there was a trend on Twitter where people were arguing about whether or not it was appropriate to eat the free bread at dinner as soon as they offer it or do you have to wait. Someone said it’s tacky to do that, which I think is ridiculous. But he’s poking fun at that.

Oh shit, did I just fall for satire? I better not make this pos-

Do you see how that doesn't make this message any better?


No 👏 person 👏 is 👏 dirty 👏

No 👏 person 👏 is 👏 clean 👏

Are you saying if one of your significant others from more than a decade ago moved in next door then your wife should be worried?


She dated him before she met you, then she met you, then she married you. You won.

What if the neighbor/husband dumped her?

Then he's an idiot, and probably has a TIFU post somewhere back in 2008. OP is still the winner.

You fucked my wife? Jokes on you, I'm the real winner.

Really weird how Brian Stelter is reporting on this like they just heard the story from somewhere


Leave him alone, you say?

There's nothing wrong with someone enjoying himself if he's not hurting anyone?

Well... even he disagrees

Reported by:

  • TrailerParkBride: I haven't opened this yet but I'm willing to bet it's an antiwork t-slur thing

It's just shitty micromanagement for the purpose of flexing your authority on the business you own.


My Mother once rang HR at her job, they asked what her number was, as in payroll number, she told them that and her name, and the HR person responded "I'm not interested in what your name is. I only need your number".


I am well past the straight crush phase in my life but I feel like that’s an unnecessarily harsh view. I have seen plenty of posts asking what’s the appeal of going for the straight one? Let’s set aside the fact that clearly they’re not entirely straight and set aside the fact that the gay party should be prepared to ruin the friendship if they’re gonna go there- don’t go catching feelings. What’s the appeal? I have hooked up with plenty of gay dudes most of whom probably barely remember the encounter. If you have a sexual encounter with someone who goes on to live a heterosexual life, you know they remember that. They think about it when they’re banging their wives and can’t get off. They jerk off to the memory. They can be watching TV and their mind wanders to that day, and suddenly they’re hard thinking about it. Thinking about you. They hold onto this secret until the day they die and it excites the fuck out of them that they got to do this naughty thing and can never tell anyone. It’s kind of special in a twisted way. A gay man just gets back on grindr and looks for the next one.

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Pretty certain that irresponsible ownership is the root of dog attacks, otherwise I'm owed my tuition back.


What did she major in?

What about at McDonalds? How much should I tip for a $5 meal?

Wait, you guys haven't been tipping your McDonalds drive-thru cashier 15%?

please explain why Ineed to voluntarily give my hard earned wages to someone else who chooses to remain in this profession?


Tipped workers are the ones holding back wages because they can make much more as tipped workers. And why should the waiter who carries the food to you get 20% of the total, while the cook who prepared the food and the dishwasher who washes the plates and the cleaner who cleaned the place get 0%? This is just ridiculous entitlement.

Yep, thanks guy - there's a reason servers don't fight harder for eliminating tipping. Most days they can barely put in an order correctly, why did anyone ever expect class solidarity?

RIP antiwork

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