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Beta User Halloween 21 Christmas 21 Certified LOSER Columbine Enthusiast (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor

Don't worry though it's all a conspiracy to make Igbos look bad




Every time they try one of these new names they always somehow manage to make it sound worse than the last one

Makes me feel safer already knowing there's not a chance some ISIS peanut butter or a Taliban snow globe makes it onto my next flight



How many kids do we reckon the police accidentally shot then?

Don't think I need to add anything to that

It just keeps going and going









They managed to get 2 of them on there. I can't even think how it would even happen, it's a float celebrating old norf soul singers


The odd massacre here and there is a small price to pay for chud removal services. Ukraine would be wise to remember this too




Guess that explains why he was trying to claim he's about to be smeared for his political beliefs the other day

Developing Drama:




Every attribute is given a score from 1-10.

Reactions range from annoyed to mainly just baffled as Activision Blizzard once again stick their foot in it





And they're going to team up with Trump, China, North Korea and Russia to do it


Possibly least self aware tweet of all time


Masterclass in how to make a legacy bleeder issue all about :marseytrain:


Can't believe these chuds would want to get in the way of adults exposing themselves on stage in front of children (for solely educational purposes of course) and encouraging them to look up bestiality porn

:#marseysjw: :#marseypedo:


(And as a criminal who has compromising pictures floating around but ignore that part)

They're a conservative too so interesting to see how the :marseytrain: community take it.

Not much drama yet, mainly just 'stunning and brave' posting from opposition politicians

🚨New Details🚨

He's not even changing his name or pronouns lmao, deflection tactic confirmed https://twitter.com/JamieWallisMP/status/1508984487102844931?t=-L5f8qcm-kDHhRuj8xfF1g&s=19


Reported by:

:#marseykingcrown: :#marseywalking: :#marseysjw:


Honestly have no clue what they were going for with this. Only 3 likes and 150+ quote tweets has to be one of the biggest ratios I've seen

:#marseybackstab: :#marseyyass:


Every reply calling it reckless or stupid has been hidden by him

For anyone who doesn't know him he's a shitty sci-fi author currently in massive amounts of debt from trying to sue the O&A forums for making fun of him and can't stop himself from responding to every single attempt at trolling him.


Truly us people of land will take the brunt of the punishment for this war, but much like the struggle to save up for your first deposit renthogs would never understand the meaning of sacrifice.

:#marseycapitalistmanlet: :#marseycapitalistmanlet:


Really he just wants a fresh supply of twinks to get through

:marseyfemboy: :marseychefkiss:


Bonus seethe in the replies when someone complains about nothing being done about porn on the platforms https://twitter.com/Glamourgirl9109/status/1493631778480742400?t=FamI_vxCkQRZ8qXrYyqnUA&s=19

:marseyrpgcharacter: :marseysjw:

Remember to allow the local Albanian gang to pimp out your teenage child or you're just playing into the hands of those evil Christians

:marseyjesus: :marseypedo:


For too long short kings have had their pain ignored but worry no longer, time is running out for these bigots



Happy day 8 Choco Fans! Noticed something different in your calendar today? Yep, it's empty.. And why? 'Cos at Tony’s we use our products to tell the story of the choco industry – an industry unequally divided and choc-full of inequality. Read on..🧵#chocolate #impact

I may be in the minority here, but this was a devastating blow to me today. My children are also confused, my youngest close to tears. I don't think this was a great teachable moment. Hard Fail.

We had tears this morning I’m afraid! Tony’s is life in this house and the calendar is being shared, one child on odd days one on even days, as we’re trying to consume less “stuff”. Great message but if we’re already buying your choc then safe to assume we’re already on board.

:marseysob: emoji :marseycrying: emoji :marseybaby: emoji :marseywhirlyhat: emoji

Turns out there's nothing on the actual calendar actually saying that's the reason either lol

We realise now from choco fan feedback that to try to communicate our mission in this way on the calendar was inappropriate and has caused confusion and disappointment amongst our youngest fans and neurodivergent people. We’re not perfect so this feedback is essential to us.