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Black Fighter Jets of Allah

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Apparently, some british streamers decided to track him down with the express intent of beating him up

Praise be to Allah.


It is not possible for anyone, no matter who he is, to change the creation of Allah, may He be exalted, from male to female or vice versa. Whoever Allah, may He be exalted, has created as a male can never become a female who menstruates and gives birth!

Yes, the doctors may tamper with him to satisfy his perversion so that he will think that he has become a woman, but he will never be truly female and will live in a state of anxiety and worry, which may lead him to commit suicide.

Reported by:

Analyst I 1000% disagree with you, Ukraine has had very few (if any) successful counter attacks since this war began, it’s far more detrimental towards Ukraine’s military and their morale as a whole when they try and fail to take snake island back for example and lose a couple of jets and helicopters with 50 troops or so being killed in 2 days trying to land on the island, the US even already admitted this so don’t try to deny it. It’s a huge red flag to me when the Ukrainians Best method of slowing down the Russians is to use Human shields, it has nothing to do with Ukraine putting up a good enough fight to stalemate Russia as you imply, with railways recently being targeted and destroyed in western Ukraine, Troops, ammunition and so on will be far harder to transport.

There’s no conceivable scenario in which Ukraine starts retaking territory back and retakes Izyum. If by some fluke, cosmic chance that actually happens, the US media would never let us hear the end of it, Russia losing territory to Ukraine???? The media hasn’t acted like that not once in this conflict, wanna know why? It’s because Ukraine sucks at launching counter attacks.


The Russians got so many troops to back up. They got heavy weapon and air superiority. I guess it’s a trap…


Seems like tactical retreats are a good vacum for the enemy,knowing they are more than holding their own at the first defense line after the beaten offensive,what does this mean? Well they are making tangible but otherwise hard earnt progress acroos the rear of the cauldon,and thats where the ducfks gut of the stronghold ukraine forces rely on,so don’t be a dumb pollock bollox wannabe general,use you head and understand that weapons shortage is the least of Russias problem MR RAN OUT OF TANKBUSTER$ YELLEN FLOGG$!


AFU can counterattack because Russia let them. It’s on purpose. Easier to mop them up, when they come out of their nests.

How can one man remain so based while surrounded by such cringe?

Twitter seethe by the usual suspects:



https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/1524861965511933956 (ngl this one in particular is giving me an overriding urge to fedpost)

Politics thread:


Featuring the least flexible leftoid mental gymnast:

Bernie said it best: "We should always have a debate [about military spending], but the problem is that Ukraine is in the middle of a very intense war right now, I think every day counts, and I think we have to respond as strongly and vigorously as we can."

Maybe we could tax corporations more to pay for this tho instead of continuing to fleece the American people to line the pockets of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

Account set private, of course


Everyone's favorite senator does it again

Twittoid seethe:







Redditor seethe:




  1. The operation against kiev is over. The job is done … Ukrainian army is fixed in place without the fuel, supplies, vehicles and kiev has lost unified command and control of their forces.

  2. How will Kiev send troops to Donbass without fuel, vehicles and with holding all the roads into the Donbass under fire control?

  3. The war will be fought until Russian objectives are met. Show me one statement from the Kremlin stating the Russian objective is the destruction of the Ukrainian state and occupation of Ukraine.

  4. Sending more weapons is irrelevant. Ukraine no longer has the ability to fight on a strategic level … perhaps sending more fuel or perhaps bicycles?

  5. Actually the signs point to Russia finishing this on their schedule. If you listen to what the kremlin’s stated objectives are instead of what some talking head on Fox news says they are you’d understand this. Consider that we are only 41 days into the Russian campaign. At this same point in the Gulf war the USA was still bombing Iraq and didn’t hold a square inch of Iraqi occupied territory

  6. Destroy Ukraines ability to project power militarily and interoperate with NATO at NATO standards. 2. Get revenge on the Ukrainian nationalist militias that terrorized Russian native speaker in Ukraine since 2014. 3. Drive Ukrainian forces from LPR / DPR …. however it looks like Russia’s going to keep a little beachfront on the Black Sea / Azov Sea.

The Kremlin did say they were going to Odessa to hunt down the perpetrators of the house of trade union massacre and Odessa has a very important Russian history so perhaps Russia is going to take Odessa as well.



Chomsky does it again

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous so we’ll call them John and Jane, would raise or lower the basketball hoop to fit whomever came by to play, making it easier to use. Around 7:30pm on Monday night, April 11th, as dusk slowly fell, four kids showed up at the back of the house. One was reportedly as young as 10, one was pushing a stroller, and two were older teens. One older teen was wearing a black sweatshirt with a white rectangle, the other older teen in a yellow jacket.

“John went out and adjusted the hoop for them as he often does as a kindness, and got out the basketballs we keep on hand,” Jane said. “He asked them to be sure to stop playing at dark so he could get our daughter to bed without noise. At 9:30 they were still playing, so when my daughter complained about the noise, John went out to ask them to stop.”

Jane says her husband is of slight stature, not an imposing presence and is soft-spoken. He reportedly walked halfway down the stairs to the alley and calmly asked them to wrap it up, as the noise was keeping up his daughter.

John fell or was pulled from the staircase, unconscious, and the kids allegedly proceeded to kick and stomp on him. “He doesn't remember anything after that first punch,” Jane said.

“John is just a very calm guy,” Jane said. “After he asked them to stop playing, the bigger of the teens came at John on the stairs, yelling ‘What did you say to me? Why are you coming at me?’ The boy then rushed John and punched him [in the head].”

John fell or was pulled from the staircase, unconscious, and the kids allegedly proceeded to kick and stomp on him. “He doesn't remember anything after that first punch,” Jane said.

On a video recorded by a neighbor’s security camera, the teens can be heard exclaiming how the video on one of their phones was still on and recording during the assault. “I had my phone still recording!” one boy says. “You ain’t move it?” the other asks. “Yeah,” the first boy responded. (Petworth News verified the audio from the security footage — though the video did not capture the assault.)

While MPD showed up quickly, the responding officers told the couple they shouldn’t have spoken to the teens, but called MPD to remove them.

“The last thing we wanted to do was to call the police on four Black kids playing basketball in an alley,” Jane said. “My husband had already spoken to them, had set up the net for them. Everything seemed fine. Then this attack happened… it just seems so ruthless to attack him, leave him bleeding on the ground as they calmly walked away.”

Bonus sperging on /r/chomsky: https://old.reddit.com/r/chomsky/comments/tyvi4l/a_left_response_to_the_russian_invasion_of/

Nuclear Bait Sub Idea: r/VonlunteersForRussia

Speaks for itself, really.

Spotify to remove Neil Young's music

Horsepaste chads triumphant Where will I listen to Cortez the Killer, literally his only good song, now?

/pol/ baiting championship

Sup r-slurs and welcome to the first /pol/ fishing championship, also known as the "taking candy from a child" event. You'll be able to participate in two events:

The bait thread cup

The rules for this one are simple. Create a bait thread, post it and link it here as soon as it's up. Your score is the total number of replies (excluding replies by (you) and general samecute twinkging) the thread received before it 404ed.

The (you) cup

Here, you'll be fishing for (you)s inside threads made by others. The number of (you)s received until the thread 404s is your score. Again, no samecute twinkging. and no posting in threads made by you.

Prices The winners take it all. Winner of the Bait Thread Cup get their score times 10 in dramacoin, and winner of the (You) Cup get their score times 100 in dramacoin. The competition opens as soon as this thread goes up and lasts 48 hours. Prices are only paid out if at least 10 people participate. Good luck.

Pledge to stop posting about burger politics until the 2022 midterms

I hereby pledge to stop posting about United Statesian politics until the so-called "Midterm Elections" (where all house seats and all but one of the senate seats are contested) are to take place. This pledge includes drama surrounding:

  1. Tweets by United Statesian Politicisans
  2. News Articles about United Statesians Politics/Politicians
  3. Reddit Posts about United Statesian Politics/Politicians Exceptions may be granted if the topic under discussion concerns something usually divorced from politics. such as a a tweet by a politician about their favourite type of pasta. I encourage other rDrama users to sign this petition with me. Thank you.

Reddit threads to watch: https://old.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/rjy7qj/manchin_says_he_is_a_no_on_bidens_domestic/

Kick that fucker to the curb. Strip him of all committee assignments, shun and ostracize him. Literally no member of the Democrat party should speak to him, answer his calls, emails or messages. Take away all of his privileges. The entire party should turn their backs to him whenever he enters a room or speaks.


If they don’t expel him from the party I’m not giving a dime, time or a vote to the Democratic Party nationally again. :marseycope:


He lied to all of us. He fucking lied. He waited until the "bi-partisan" bill passed, and then on a slow news day right before Christmas, he suddenly lets it drop that he can't support this bill? No, this was his plan from the start. He lied to all of us.

Foid goes out clubbing, forgets to run her country