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My grandmas dog got attacked by a pit bull yesterday.

She lives in a poor neighborhood where these dogs are everywhere. Cute little pug mix she’s had forever and it was her only friend left. I hate this fucking breed so much.

Communists HATE this one simple goy trick!


Red or Black


Lucas is my favorite player because of those Ajax goals and he makes redditors mad what a guy.

This kid is cheat codes, it's looking like the EPL may be a one horse race for the foreseeable future.

Dumping some of my favorite goals.

This is a classic and really just peak Bale. I remember where I was for most of these goals, this one I was sitting on my neighbors porch bumming wifi with a pirate stream open on my moms shitty laptop. Bale did this so often that final season, the definition of a one man team.


EPL Prediction Thread

Use this thread to document your final table predictions. Whoever comes closest at end of season I will gift 1000 dc.

  1. Tottenham

  2. Manchester City

  3. Liverpool

  4. Chelsea

  5. Arsenal

  6. Manchester United

7-17. Who Cares

18 Aston Villa

19 Wolves

20 Bournemouth

I think I’m done with stims.

Ryan Cohen dumps bags on Reddit apes.

The past few weeks the apes over at WSB and other meme stock related subs have been trying to squeeze BBBY (Bed, Bath & Beyond), due to a few reasons. First the stock was heavily shorted, even at near all time lows, next the cheap price meant it didn't cost much to buy a few dozen shares or so, perfect for the 17 year olds on Reddit stealing their mothers credit card info, and last but probably the biggest reason, Ryan Cohen had disclosed a purchase of 7.78 million shares and a shit ton of call options with far out the money strikes (around 80$ iirc).

This mattered greatly to apes because as we know Ryan Cohen is the current CEO of GameStop, and the God King of the cult of GME. If you don't know about the absolute batshit insanity based around GME just take a look at (, in short Gamestop was another heavily shorted stock that got squeezed two years ago causing a global sensation, but while some made life changing profit on the run up, others "held the line" and "hodled" until red. These bagholders then spun some grand world spanning conspiracy centered on evil hedge funds conspiring to keep the dying brick and mortar funko pop stores stock down to prevent the "real" short squeeze from happening.

Anyways the BBBY squeeze was looking good for the apes. The stock had run from around 5$ to over 25$ in just about two weeks, the apes celebrated their win over the evil hedgies with many memes and shitposts such as ( or (

Many of these posts no doubt hit /r/all, giving BBBY exposure to more potential bagholders ready to FOMO in at all time high prices, such as ( or (

Everything was going great for the r-slurs, the stock was rising rapidly and showed no signs of letting up....until it wasn't. Wednesday afternoon, following another 20%+ gain for BBBY the unthinkable happened, it started to tank in the after-market. This was due to Ryan Cohen filing a form 144, this is a form the SEC requires of executive officers, directors, or affiliates of a company when placing an order to sell more than 5,000 shares of a company. The apes reacted with denial, after all this form did not mean Cohen HAD to sell, or even that he wanted too, this could just be another of his 5000 IQ chess moves against the hedgies ( / (

This was obviously just more FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) being spread by the elites (

The price fell for most of the day today, at a steady pace, but nothing too crazy, that is until Dear Leader Ryan Cohen filed another form, this time confirming the selling of his entire stake in BBBY (

The stock has now fallen almost 50% in one day and is still drilling in the aftermarket. Reactions have ranged from

coping (

seething (

crying (

denial (

And of course conspiracies (

As for me I bought some puts when the stock was hovering around 10 dollars two weeks ago thinking this kind of thing may happen, unfortunately I got the timing and the strike all wrong and will be lucky if I can make even half back by expiration tomorrow assuming it keeps falling, but still watching Reddit r-slurs lose money with me does take the sting out a little.

Also BB and Better Call Saul are shit.

entire innings go by without a single run, 9 times out of 10 when someone does finally hit the ball it’s a foul.



Slow, boring, gay ass sport. I left during the seventh inning stretch, that fucking song sucks too fuck you.

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Incel trait- Your afraid to shit in public.

You walk in the bathroom at a restaurant and you see someone in the stall but they’re not making any noise 9/10 they waiting for you to leave so they can go back to pooping, I like to fuck with them and take my time, make em hold it then pretend your leaving but then pop right back in like you forgot your keys or something so they gotta stop mid turd.

Alpha males like me shit with the stall door open.

The destruction wreaked on a Russian battalion as it tried to cross a river in northeastern Ukraine last week is emerging as among the deadliest engagements of the war, with estimates based on publicly available evidence now suggesting that well over 400 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded.

And as the scale of what happened comes into sharper focus, the disaster appears to be breaking through the Kremlin’s tightly controlled information bubble.

Perhaps most striking, the Russian battlefield failure is resonating with a stable of pro-Russian war bloggers — some of whom are embedded with troops on the front line — who have reliably posted to the social network Telegram with claims of Russian success and Ukrainian cowardice.

“The commentary by these widely read milbloggers may fuel burgeoning doubts in Russia about Russia’s prospects in this war and the competence of Russia’s military leaders,” the Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based research body, wrote over the weekend.

On May 11, the Russian command reportedly sent about 550 troops of the 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 41st Combined Arms Army to cross the Donets River at Bilohorivka, in the eastern Luhansk region, in a bid to encircle Ukrainian forces near Rubizhne.

Satellite images reveal that Ukrainian artillery destroyed several Russian pontoon bridges and laid waste to a tight concentration of Russian troops and equipment around the river.

The Institute for the Study of War, citing analyses based on the publicly available imagery, indicated that there could have been as many as 485 Russian soldiers killed or wounded and more than 80 pieces of equipment destroyed.

As the news of the losses at the river crossing in Bilohorivka started to spread, some Russian bloggers did not appear to hold back in their criticism of what they said was incompetent leadership.

“I’ve been keeping quiet for a long time,” Yuri Podolyaka, a war blogger with 2.1 million followers on Telegram, said in a video posted on Friday, saying that he had avoided criticizing the Russian military until now.

“The last straw that overwhelmed my patience was the events around Bilohorivka, where due to stupidity — I emphasize, because of the stupidity of the Russian command — at least one battalion tactical group was burned, possibly two.”

Mr. Podolyaka ridiculed the Kremlin line that the war is going “according to plan.” He told his viewers in a five-minute video that, in fact, the Russian Army was short of functional unmanned drones, night-vision equipment and other kit “that is catastrophically lacking on the front.”

“Yes, I understand that it’s impossible for there to be no problems in war,” he said. “But when the same problems go on for three months, and nothing seems to be changing, then I personally and in fact millions of citizens of the Russian Federation start to have questions for these leaders of the military operation.”

Another popular blogger, who goes by Starshe Eddy on Telegram, wrote that the fact that commanders left so much of their force exposed amounted to “not idiocy, but direct sabotage.”

And a third, Vladlen Tatarski, posted that Russia’s eastern offensive was moving slowly not just because of a lack of surveillance drones but also “these generals” and their tactics.

“Until we get the last name of the military genius who laid down a B.T.G. by the river and he answers for it publicly, we won’t have had any military reforms,” Mr. Tatarski wrote.

Western military analysts have also pored over the imagery and say the attempted crossing demonstrated a stunning lack of tactical sense.

They have speculated that Russian commanders, desperate to make progress, rushed the operation. Some also suggested that it was a reflection of disorder in the Russian ranks.

If the estimates that hundreds of soldiers were killed or injured prove accurate, it would be one of the deadliest known engagements of the war.

There were more than 500 sailors aboard the Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva when it was struck by a Ukrainian missile in April. The Kremlin at first insisted that all the sailors were rescued, later saying one was killed. But even as the families of missing sailors have publicly demanded answers, the Kremlin has largely kept up an official silence on the fate of the crew, part of a larger campaign to suppress bad news.

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I hate the whole sport. If I didn't love citeh so much I would probably call it quits and never watch it again

Your club has won 15 trophies in the last 10 years you whiny bitch.

Big summer needed, bye raheem

You have a big summer every fucking year r-slur, you just spent 100 million on a bench player.

I can’t keep taking this pain year after year… My heart hurts.

tfw you only might win the league for the fourth time since 2017 this season my heart breaks for you :(

I had to stop watching as soon as that second Rodrygo goal went it. I've never turned off my TV that quickly. My mental health simply is not strong enough to deal with that level of disappointment, so I missed extra time where of course we lost because how could we possibly recover after that.Instead I went and had a shower, put some music on and for the first time tried to think about what my day at work will look like tomorrow, what might happen in the new Doctor Strange movie, literally anything other than football. Really helped me calm down.I said in the pre match thread that this was our biggest psychological test of the season, and how Real Madrid have insane magic in the UCL. The worst part was we were passing the test with an A grade for 88 minutes, but we went to an F in the last 7 minutes.I said how Psg bottled it in 20 minutes well we bottled it in 3 minutes, if that.Congratulations Liverpool on winning the Premier League and most likely a Quadruple. There's no way on Earth we can mentally recover from such a colossal embarrassment. I fear this could effect the club for years to come in the Champions League, 3 minutes that could haunt us for fucking years.I'm so fucking destroyed like I'm sure most of you all are right now. I think I have to tap out for the season because my life is depressing enough as is, football was my favourite escape. I can taking City losing but not like this, this was something else.Wishing everyone else a speedy recovery too guys.

Imagine turning off watching your club going into extra time in the CL semi-finals, it's suppose to be difficult you absolute spoiled pussy.

Just fell to my knees in a Walmart. This hurts so much. Idk, for Pep's sake, I hope last season is his last with us. It's so hard watching this keep happening to him.

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

I’m proud of the team, even more so now. The ref was against us, the whole world is against us. We came back all the way from the 3rd division, camel back to seal our first league title when the odds were stacked against us. We will come back again.

Oh yea a real Cinderella story you are, fuck off.

Thanks Manchester city , I won't be watching football for a very long time now just like after tottenham defeat. I really want to punch something right now. Millions of dollars wasted on defense. I wish that they lose the EPL now and compound our misery. Defense was disgusting.

My club might only win one major trophy this year, so sad, were all praying for you.

Barca fan here, became a City fan too since not too much ago, heads up boys, City played good and against Madrid there is sorcery, I know it... They call it mentality but it is always the same, good players wasting clear chances like grealish x2... Madrid too crosses and two shots and two goals, no logic explanation... Look at the second goal of Madrid, asensio touches the ball slightly and even like that, Rodrigo is still in his place and suspended in the air... Now lets hope for the premier and next year more to come... No blame for guardiola, or the players... Cityzens be proud!

Jesus Christ.

Antiwork user gets Tom Sawyer-ed.
My husband called me a fatfuck.