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Boston Drama Roundup with QTwink

I religiously read the Boston subreddit sorted by new. I'm a news junkie, and also they used to post about me. Currently there's a moratorium on reporting anything I do in Boston on the internet or news, for fear that I will be given a platform to express my opinions or boost my Gay Rabbi brand. They hate that brand.

So I can provide the best Boston Reddit drama and explain all the really townie pahts:

Up first we have:

Boston Police report officers arrested seven people and seizing seven guns at Elizabeth and Astoria streets in Mattapan last night after gang-unit officers arrived there last night in search of one Brockton man they believed was in possession of a gun.

By the time the area was cleared out, police had called in backup officers from across the city and shut Norfolk Street between Morton and Babson streets to try to restore order.

Police say gang-unit officers arrived at 17 Elizabeth St. around 6:15 p.m. looking for Tyshawn Cater, 20, of Brockton, who they say tried to run away after tossing a gun into a parked car. Police say officers quickly nabbed him and the gun. But then:

As the officers attempted to secure the suspect for transport, a large and unruly crowd began to gather around the arresting officers. Citywide units were called to help secure the scene at which time, six other firearms were located in the immediate area leading to the arrest of three more adult male suspects on firearm related charges. Three other adult male suspects on scene were placed in custody on charges of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

Police say all the seized guns were loaded, with between 5 and 29 bullets in them.

Boston has great police, made even greater by how incredibly well they handled protests and COVID. They controlled this melanistic crowd without shooting anyone, and they look wicked cool finding all these guns. Here are the words that mean "probably black": Brockton, Mattapan, unruly crowd, adult male

Even Redditors can't fault them for anything. Oh wait:

Comments making wild assumptions about the arrested people, and worship of the cops for arresting them. If this was any other neighborhood, people would be doing backflips to give benefit of the doubt. Itโ€™s almost like a lot of the people in Boston have deep seated assumptions about certain people living in certain neighborhoods. Boston is a great city, but sometimes the people who live here are fucking terrible.

Context: Boston's neighborhoods are segregated by race and ethnicity. And class. Starkly.

Most of it is just rightoid and leftoid "these people" comments, horse-shoeing together.

From the right:

There'll be a massive police presence the next time the gang unit tries to arrest someone. Then the community will be up in arms about the police presence.

It concerns me that this happened because these people are becoming more brazen and these incidents are going to get worse, not better. Police will also become more aggressive, too, and I don't blame them.

From the left:

ITT: A bunch of white people making fun at sick adults who needs therapy. Keep on treating criminals like sub humans everyone! We looooove that New Jim Crow!...

From the center, with 113 upvotes:

BPD has systemic problems but it's a hard fucking job dealing with situations like that.


In lighter news, a recently unionized Starbucks went on strike:

BOSTON, MA - More than 30 Starbucks employees and supporters rallied at a Brighton Starbucks in Cleveland Circle Tuesday morning in the chain's first unionized Boston strike, citing unsafe working conditions on Memorial Day.

Pic related:


Protester Rafi McCoy (seated) held a sign while employee organizer Willow Montana, (dressed in black) led the group in chants demanding fair wages and safe working conditions.

The sign says "Starbucks: I won't choose between unionizing and comprehensive trans health benefit"


They chanted:

As she spoke, the growing crowd chanted, "Baristas united! We'll never be divided."


They were told to keep serving coffee as the roof leaked yellow water onto them and the beverages, several employees told Patch.

"This is our first unionized strike in Boston so far," employee organizer Willow Montana confirmed as she held a microphone in one hand. "We became a union shop as of two weeks ago."

"When baristas are under attack, what do we do?" she yelled.

"We fight back!" the group chanted.

"I was told not to come in yesterday," Montana said, noting she works the closing shift. "I don't think it's fair that we're losing out on pay."


Honestly, it does sound like a problem, but it also sounds like the most neurodivergent solution. I'm so proud of them.

"I came in yesterday, and there was water all over the ground," said Corey Miller, who had come in at 3 a.m. because he was in charge of the shift for the holiday." It went from a trickle to a stream. I called the manager as I was cleaning it up, and I put down a bucket. He just told me, 'So put down another bucket.'"

So there was nothing for it but a strike!

"We were getting splashed by this yellow water," Miller said, noting that the flooded floor made it unsafe for customers. Harris came to assess the situation but told employees to keep serving drinks at the door. Miller said Harris then called the district manager, who "told him to shut it down."

"I'm not trying to slam him," Miller said. "But there was no way our district manager would want us to serve coffee covered in yellow water."

There were other reasons for the strike, he explained, including what he said were unfair wages and a breakdown in communication between employees and management. But this situation was the tipping point for Miller.

"I tried calling my manager and the district manager three times to see if we should open today," he said. "They wouldn't take my calls. So here we are."

They couldn't possibly take the day off, they had to strike on the side of the road! They were being attacked by having their calls ignored. They are doing a great union and I'm so proud of them.

Reddit is too:

19 points:

โ€œHey hey ho ho. Leaky roofs have got to goโ€ chanted the coffee pourers.

31 points:

Every time I go here I feel bad because every worker looks insanely stressed. They move at the speed of light. Thereโ€™s one or two guys who always try to do a really great customer voice but you can just feel the stress everywhere.

My brother used to work at Starbucks and liked it but that was years ago. Seems like store management has gone downhill across the country since then.

38 points for townie references to local neighborhood race/ethnicity/class status. Cleveland Circle is White Jewish/Executive and Rich.

Cleveland Circle and you're telling me they can't afford to just down for the day to fix the roof. Tear management a new one.

The unsympathetic are downvoted, -14:

Reasons people went on strike 100 years ago: child labor, mass death from unsafe work conditions

Reasons people are striking today: leaking drop drop from the ceiling ๐Ÿ˜ข


And last but not least, my own personal drama roundup: Six Simple Rules For Being a Cool Dude. Scores are out of ten:


Final score yesterday: 7.14

The plan for today: Clean the kitchen, essential shopping, update my budget tracking, do yoga and ballet

Yesterday I was downtown dancing in my Captain America costume, which you can see hanging to dry behind me in today's selfie. There were several great moments, but my favorite was when an old hippy with terrible teeth tried to tell me I look like a "Joji", whatever the fuck that is, and then assured me that it was a compliment and he is totally down with what I'm doing because his pronouns are "nemo". I told him that was ridiculous, his pronouns are he and him, and he was being obnoxious and aggressive with his terrible politics. He walked away and called someone on the phone to report me for something.

Society really is ending lol.

See you tomorrow!!




Boston itself is not very large, but due to the subway system, the surrounding towns enjoy many of the things that make a liberal city truly great. One of these towns is Somerville, right next to another town, Cambridge, home of Harvard and MIT.

Homeless orgies around Davis Square

I work late nights and often walk through Davis Square at night. Not once, not twice, but THREE times in the past week I have stumbled upon groups of homeless people appearing to have public orgies in alleyways (not very well hidden from the street at all).

I have called 911 and 311 on each occasion. However it doesnโ€™t seem to be doing anything to stop the orgies. Has anyone else seen this?

The replies explain how much the OP is overreacting:

Upvoted for this being the most interesting post I've seen here in a while. Generally, I agree with most people saying, "Don't involve the authorities unless someone is actually in danger" but if I saw this happening I would also be rather flummoxed.

Nothing dangerous about late night public fucking

there's a group that's been hanging around behind the davis T stop for the past few weeks / months. When I first noticed them around, the needle debris was absolutely out of control, however thankfully that has not been as much of the case recently. I really wish more resources were available to these folks. I don't begrudge anyone their late night alleyway orgies lol but uncapped sharps littered around is not cool. What ever happened with the safe injection site that was maybe being planned?

Need safe injection sites to prevent needles on the ground obviously.

thereโ€™s actually a meeting happening tmrw to discuss the safe consumption site planned for somerville! gotta fight some nimbys to make the case for substance use disorder services.


After always identifying as a YIMBY I think Iโ€™ve discovered the one thing on the planet Iโ€™m a NIMBY about, and itโ€™s โ€œplace that invites homeless drug addicts to come over 24/7/365 to take heroinโ€

Iโ€™d be fine with a skyscraper or a bar. Hell, I wouldnโ€™t want a homeless shelter or suboxone treatment center but Iโ€™d accept the sacrifice I was making as worthwhile. But if not wanting this as as my neighbor makes me a NIMBY, I guess I am one.

Sorry sweaty, you are just a hypocrite:

I get how you feel, but itโ€™s gotta be someoneโ€™s neighbor. If you support it as a concept but donโ€™t support it where you live, itโ€™s at least slightly contradictory.

Still, I get it. There are more appropriate and less appropriate places to put a facility like that.

And they're sick and just need help:

those "homeless drug addicts" are human beings facing a very difficult disease. addiction is a disease. those in the throes of addiction deserve care. they are someone's child, parent, sibling, and friend. many people with opioid addiction started with a prescription from their doctor. addiction could literally happen to anyone.

if that doesn't resonate, consider the economic argument: those with a safe place to use are less likely to overdose and end up in the ED. when an unhoused person without the means to pay (via health insurance or personal funds) enters the emergency department for care, that care will be paid for by public dollars. each time we support services that prevent overdoses, we save money in healthcare expenditures.

people with addictions will use whether it's safe or not. why make things harder for them to survive this disease?

And it's capitalism's fault:

If you have lots of homeless drug addicts, you are going to get occasional homeless drug addict orgies. Same thing used to happen in Central Square back in the day.

I kind of feel like it's just a symptom of widespread homelessness/ late stage capitalism/ general societal collapse, and until we get a grip on the root causes you can't do much about the symptoms.

Just ignore them, and feel guilty for not offering to blow them personally:

I mean. Theyโ€™re homeless. What do you want them to do, be celibate because they canโ€™t fuck in private? If you can ignore them asking you for money, you can ignore them having sex.

One King Chaddeus provides his based take, and is downvoted:

I don't know what'll happen here, but here's what'll happen if we follow the Seattle, Vancouver and SF playbook for dealing with a nascent drug/homelessness problem:

A) You'll be scolded for taking these problems seriously, or told that there is no problem,

B) Public drug use and its attendant problems will get worse,

C) Advocates will insist on "harm reduction" techniques that don't actually reduce harm, and that don't take the rest of the community into consideration at all,

D) Some of the addicts will figure out they can post tents, and then that they can shoplift with impunity,

E) You'll be scolded for taking these problems seriously, too

F) Others will see the tents, shoplifting, orgies, etc. aren't being punished and will join in,

G) The rest of us with families and or a desire to live in a functioning city (like those in Europe and East Asia) will be out of luck - having to decide between "walkable urban living BUT with massive social problems" or suburbia,

H) Drug-related deaths overall will increase, but so will "lives saved" by Narcan, safe consumption sites, etc., since those are typically measured at the intervention (not population or longitudinal, level)

I) Eventually the majority of the community will lose patience and call for a crackdown, but by then the problem will be so large and entrenched that it'll be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle,

J) Every politician forever on will campaign on "ending homelessness" - which will manifest as spending more and more money while the problem just keeps getting worse for everyone,

K) The bulk of the homelessness problem - as distinct from the more visible drug/mental illness problem we see in Davis Sq - will continue to quietly get worse as housing costs increase.

This other King is at -40:

The group that hangs out in Davis Sq are degenerate losers. Perfect example of addict scumbags that donโ€™t want help, they want free shit and to keep using drugs. They will exhaust all the โ€œhelpโ€ you give and ask for more more more, itโ€™s a bottomless pit.

They arenโ€™t harmless either, they are loud, vulgar, publicly intoxicated, the police have been called on them for harassing people, now this.

Boston gon' be lit af this summer!

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He keeps removing my awesome post sex pictures tonight!


Carp Is Angry I Had Gay Sex And Keeps Removing It

He's removed it like four times lol. What.a pathetic sad loser.






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Reported by:

Edit: Carp keeps removing my awesome post anniversary sex pictures because he's a nazi, so I'm adding them here.

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Original post:

I'm taking a few minutes out of my busy schedule to explain something to you miserable meth-addicts:

I'm not here randomly. I'm here because you're scum, you're sick, and you have an astonishingly inflated sense of your own "aw shucks deep down we're good guys" bullshit.

You're not good guys. There's no valor or coolness here. You're sick, in the body and the brain, and the way you express yourselves is disgusting and damaging to society.

Other people's sickness or injury that you point to does not change this fact. Finding flaws in other people doesn't make your gaping wound horror-show life any less raw, painful, and pathetic.

You won't succeed in insulting me away, and I couldn't possibly give a fuck if you get tired of me, like me, want me around, or enjoy my content. Your insults are tired and repetitive because really, every single one of you is a piece of shit who has nothing in your life except cycles of self-loathing and excess.

You're worth nothing, and you get excited at the thought that a mass murderer gave you attention or notoriety. You're evil pieces of shit.

I'm here to show your audience that you don't have the secret of anything, not even the secret of true insults, or expert bullying. Your shitty discourse is philosophically bankrupt and your theory of mind is wrong and a few hundred years old.

Respond however you want, and I'll be back later to laugh about how once again, the angry impotent hate-ragers you all enjoy are not only sad, but ruining your life, when all you really need to do is take a shower and clean your room.

Just think about how many of you actually killed yourself and just stopped posting, while everyone else failed to notice or were simply glad you disappeared. I hope it's you next. You're all a worthless drain on society.








Food post alert! I dressed up these dollar store chicken sandwiches

They're like Burger King level quality now.

Did you know most cheddar cheese has zero lactose? Says so right on the package: 0g of sugar per serving.

Food post alert! I dressed up these dollar store chicken sandwiches

They're like Burger King level quality now.

Did you know most cheddar cheese has zero lactose? Says so right on the package: 0g of sugar per serving.

My day yesterday was great. Let's check out my scores:

๐Ÿ† Great job, lookin totally hot af. 10/10

๐Ÿค— Great food too, feeling great 10/10

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Got some new underwear, wicked sexy 10/10

๐Ÿงพ Finally completed that task, successfully 10/10

๐Ÿ”ฎ Cleaned up throughout the day, after meals. Also installed slow hinges on all my upper cabinets 10/10

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Did ballet, and running, but no yoga or gym. 5/10

๐Ÿคช had a great day acknowledging and expressing my feelings. 10/10

Final score: 9.2/10

Hell yeah, what a difference a little paperwork can make.

The plan for today:

๐Ÿ† Nose hair

๐Ÿค— Banana bread

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Do a load of laundry

๐Ÿงพ Do that task

๐Ÿ”ฎ Sweep and mop

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Ballet, yoga, gym

๐Ÿคช Today is my seven year wedding anniversary.

Ciao Adios!




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Trans lives matter





BOSTON โ€” Police are investigating after a group of teenagers allegedly attacked two men outside of an MBTA station in Boston on Monday morning, officials said.

Officers responding to Shawmut station in the cityโ€™s Dorchester neighborhood just before 12 p.m. learned that two men, ages 69 and 47, had been assaulted near a bike rack, according to the Transit Police Department.

Police say the teens surrounded the men, produced a knife, asked them for money, and then โ€œpunched them about their headsโ€ when they did not comply.

@SeriousPostingCuteTwink told you they were out hunting. @SeriousPostingCuteTwink is glad @SeriousPostingCuteTwink got too see what these animals look like. They had a full Lord of the Flies vibe.

Trans lives matter

I was just almost murdered by the Boston child gang terrorists

A group of young, extremely loud and rowdy race-unspecified tweens got on my orange line car and started making a commotion. First they exclaimed over the cameras, then one girl screamed "they added these cameras because of us!" Then they started swinging from the bars and a boy said "I just want everyone on this train to know that you're going to be okay"

There were like seven of them, with at least three girls.

I made no sudden movements, and exited the train at the next stop because these were the most feral humans I have ever encountered.

They were hunting.

Rdrama is Salvation, And The New Rules Is Ruining It

RDrama is a beautiful website with the most cutting edge philosophical discussion of modern cultural ethics and norma that can be found. It attracts courageous intellectuals from across the globe due to it's daringly ironic engagement with taboo discussions. We Revere philosophers of old who gathered under the influence of stimulants to question everything and create entirely new discourses based on aesthetics and ethics, and I Revere you all just the same.

Rdrama is above the need for a crude structuralist rule like no rightoid posting. You created the rightoid, you control it, you are it, you post it.


Cilantro Alert! Check out my killer b-fast

Chipotle guacamole with cheddar and fried rice scrambled eggs, hot sauce, salsa, and too much cilantro ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿงผ๐Ÿงผ๐Ÿงผ๐Ÿงฝ

I already ran 3 miles and did thirty minutes of ballet. How's everyone's morning going?

#gay #gayboy #gayman #instagay #cilantro #gaybreakfast #brunch #whatsthedifferencebetweengaybreakfastandbrunch



Whatup FitFam! QTwink is in the hizzouse

What up bromoflexuals, it's time for another daily update according to the rules of my patented trademarked system "Six Simple Rules For Being A Cool Dude" and you know what's coming next:


The keys to life in six emojis!

Let's see how I did yesterday:

๐Ÿ† Personal Grooming

After a minor setback I had a great day where I shaved, showered twice, and prevented sunburn 9/10

๐Ÿค— Eat Good Food

breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a protein shake. One shot of Tequila with lunch, two with dinner. 7/10

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Keep Your Clothes Lookin Fly

I did a load of towels, and I didn't let that wet shirt sit in my backpack after the beach. 10/10

๐Ÿงพ Do Ya Homework Son

I did nothing, messed up nothing. 1/10

๐Ÿ”ฎ Clean Your Space

I actually cleaned twice, so I woke up today and everything is already clean. Cleaning at night before bed is better. 10/10

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Exercise

I did half an hour of ballet and then tai chi at the beach and then some free weights after LLM said my dick was small. 8/10

๐Ÿคช Express Your Feelings

I did indeed tell my secrets to the ocean (peed in it) 10/10

Overall Score for yesterday: 7.857/10

The Plan for Today:

๐Ÿ† Trim my nails, buy a nose-hair trimmer

๐Ÿค— Make banana bread

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Buy Underwear

๐Ÿงพ Do your task

๐Ÿ”ฎ Clean your car

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Yoga, Ballet, Fitness Boxing, Gym

๐Ÿคช Write down my fears about monkeypox on a piece of paper and burn it

Then I came home and had amazing sex.

Being gay is the best choice ever.


Hey There FitFam! It's ya boy QTwink here with a daily update ๐Ÿถ

Hey Broskies, Hoeskies, and Thoseskies, it's a beautiful day to be writing an update according to my patented system, "Six Simple Rules For Being A Cool Dude"โ„ข so let's smash that go pedal.

The categories are!

๐Ÿ† Personal Grooming

Yesterday I didn't even take a shower. Gross! 0/10

๐Ÿค— Eat Good Food

For sure yesterday was a great food day. 9/10

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Keep Ya Clothes Lookin Fly

I had all the proper attire and when i look around the only socks I see lying on the floor AREN'T MINE, BOOYAKASHA 10/10

๐Ÿงพ Do Ya Homework Son

I did a little bit of this, but none of that or that. 3/10

๐Ÿ”ฎ Clean your space

I perfected my new dollar store off-brand swiffer technique, did all the dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. 10/10

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Exercise

I danced until both legs were cramping, also a little bit of free-weights at the gym. 10/10

๐Ÿคช Express Your Feelings

That thing where you write your feelings on a piece of paper while pooping and then burn it is great! I also enjoyed celebrating Shabbos with all of my dramatic friends.

The Plan for Today!

๐Ÿ† Shower. Soon.

๐Ÿค— Bring Snacks to the Beach.

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Do Some Laundry

๐Ÿงพ Start that task

๐Ÿ”ฎ Keep it up

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Tai Chi at the beach

๐Ÿคช Tell my secrets to the ocean

Pic related: What if God Was One Of Us? In The Boston Garden.

Here's a song about the Jewish Sabbath from my formative years (0-18)

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat! Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shabbat, Shabbat Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shabbat, Shabbat Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shalom


Predictive text learned that song very quickly, good ai :marseyfuckoffcarp:

The Hebrew in the title is the blessing for lighting the Shabbos candles, so by clicking it you're now celebrating the Jewish Sabbath. But by using a computer you're violating it. But if you're not Jewish that's fine, in fact it would so great if someone could turn that light switch on. But if you are Jewish I caused you to sin and now I'm cut off from God oops.

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

In my house Shabbos meant leaving the oven on at 350 for 24 hours. A perfect example of why you shouldn't allow converts, even male ones.

ื•ื™ื”ื™ ืขืจื‘ ื•ื™ื”ื™ ื‘ืงืจ ื™ื•ื ื”ืฉืฉื™ ื•ื™ื›ืœื• ื”ืฉืžื™ื ื•ื”ืืจืฅ ื•ื›ืœ ืฆื‘ืื•ื ื•ื™ื›ืœ ืืœื•ื”ื™ื ื‘ื™ื•ื ื”ืฉื‘ื™ืขื™ ืžื›ืœ ืžืœืื›ืชื• ืืฉืจ ืขืฉื” ื•ื™ืฉื‘ื•ืช ื‘ื™ื•ื ื”ืฉื‘ื™ืขื™ ืžื›ืœ ืžืœื›ืืชื• ืืฉืจ ืขืฉื”

And it was evening and it was morning, the sixth day. And they were completed, the heavens and the earth and all their hosts, and he was completed, the powers, on the seventh day from all his work that he had done, and he was laid to rest on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.

That's the beginning of the invocation of kiddush, said over wine on Friday night to sanctify the sabbath meal. It reminds us why we rest: because resting is the final completion of hard work. As the yoga teachers say: Shavasana.

The Sabbath, Shabbat, Shabbos (all just different pronunciations of the hebrew letter ืช) is a time to read Torah. Each week we have an assigned portion. This week is "Behar":

Leviticus Chapter 25

1 And the LORD spoke unto Moses in mount Sinai, saying: 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: When ye come into the land which I give you, then shall the land keep a sabbath unto the LORD. 3 Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the produce thereof. 4 But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of solemn rest for the land, a sabbath unto the LORD; thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard. 5 That which groweth of itself of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, and the grapes of thy undressed vine thou shalt not gather; it shall be a year of solemn rest for the land. 6 And the sabbath-produce of the land shall be for food for you: for thee, and for thy servant and for thy maid, and for thy hired servant and for the settler by thy side that sojourn with thee; 7 and for thy cattle, and for the beasts that are in thy land, shall all the increase thereof be for food. {S} 8 And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and there shall be unto thee the days of seven sabbaths of years, even forty and nine years. 9 Then shalt thou make proclamation with the blast of the horn on the tenth day of the seventh month; in the day of atonement shall ye make proclamation with the horn throughout all your land. 10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof; it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family. 11 A jubilee shall that fiftieth year be unto you; ye shall not sow, neither reap that which groweth of itself in it, nor gather the grapes in it of the undressed vines. 12 For it is a jubilee; it shall be holy unto you; ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field. 13 In this year of jubilee ye shall return every man unto his possession. 14 And if thou sell aught unto thy neighbour, or buy of thy neighbour's hand, ye shall not wrong one another. 15 According to the number of years after the jubilee thou shalt buy of thy neighbour, and according unto the number of years of the crops he shall sell unto thee. 16 According to the multitude of the years thou shalt increase the price thereof, and according to the fewness of the years thou shalt diminish the price of it; for the number of crops doth he sell unto thee. 17 And ye shall not wrong one another; but thou shalt fear thy God; for I am the LORD your God. 18 Wherefore ye shall do My statutes, and keep Mine ordinances and do them; and ye shall dwell in the land in safety. 19 And the land shall yield her fruit, and ye shall eat until ye have enough, and dwell therein in safety. 20 And if ye shall say: 'What shall we eat the seventh year? behold, we may not sow, nor gather in our increase'; 21 then I will command My blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth produce for the three years. 22 And ye shall sow the eighth year, and eat of the produce, the old store; until the ninth year, until her produce come in, ye shall eat the old store. 23 And the land shall not be sold in perpetuity; for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and settlers with Me. 24 And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant a redemption for the land. {S} 25 If thy brother be waxen poor, and sell some of his possession, then shall his kinsman that is next unto him come, and shall redeem that which his brother hath sold. 26 And if a man have no one to redeem it, and he be waxen rich and find sufficient means to redeem it; 27 then let him count the years of the sale thereof, and restore the overplus unto the man to whom he sold it; and he shall return unto his possession. 28 But if he have not sufficient means to get it back for himself, then that which he hath sold shall remain in the hand of him that hath bought it until the year of jubilee; and in the jubilee it shall go out, and he shall return unto his possession. {S} 29 And if a man sell a dwelling-house in a walled city, then he may redeem it within a whole year after it is sold; for a full year shall he have the right of redemption. 30 And if it be not redeemed within the space of a full year, then the house that is in the walled city shall be made sure in perpetuity to him that bought it, throughout his generations; it shall not go out in the jubilee. 31 But the houses of the villages which have no wall round about them shall be reckoned with the fields of the country; they may be redeemed, and they shall go out in the jubilee. 32 But as for the cities of the Levites, the houses of the cities of their possession, the Levites shall have a perpetual right of redemption. 33 And if a man purchase of the Levites, then the house that was sold in the city of his possession, shall go out in the jubilee; for the houses of the cities of the Levites are their possession among the children of Israel. 34 But the fields of the open land about their cities may not be sold; for that is their perpetual possession. {S} 35 And if thy brother be waxen poor, and his means fail with thee; then thou shalt uphold him: as a stranger and a settler shall he live with thee. 36 Take thou no interest of him or increase; but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. 37 Thou shalt not give him thy money upon interest, nor give him thy victuals for increase. 38 I am the LORD your God, who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan, to be your God. {S} 39 And if thy brother be waxen poor with thee, and sell himself unto thee, thou shalt not make him to serve as a bondservant. 40 As a hired servant, and as a settler, he shall be with thee; he shall serve with thee unto the year of jubilee. 41 Then shall he go out from thee, he and his children with him, and shall return unto his own family, and unto the possession of his fathers shall he return. 42 For they are My servants, whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt; they shall not be sold as bondmen. 43 Thou shalt not rule over him with rigour; but shalt fear thy God. 44 And as for thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, whom thou mayest have: of the nations that are round about you, of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. 45 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them may ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they have begotten in your land; and they may be your possession. 46 And ye may make them an inheritance for your children after you, to hold for a possession: of them may ye take your bondmen for ever; but over your brethren the children of Israel ye shall not rule, one over another, with rigour. {S} 47 And if a stranger who is a settler with thee be waxen rich, and thy brother be waxen poor beside him, and sell himself unto the stranger who is a settler with thee, or to the offshoot of a stranger's family, 48 after that he is sold he may be redeemed; one of his brethren may redeem him; 49 or his uncle, or his uncle's son, may redeem him, or any that is nigh of kin unto him of his family may redeem him; or if he be waxen rich, he may redeem himself. 50 And he shall reckon with him that bought him from the year that he sold himself to him unto the year of jubilee; and the price of his sale shall be according unto the number of years; according to the time of a hired servant shall he be with him. 51 If there be yet many years, according unto them he shall give back the price of his redemption out of the money that he was bought for. 52 And if there remain but few years unto the year of jubilee, then he shall reckon with him; according unto his years shall he give back the price of his redemption. 53 As a servant hired year by year shall he be with him; he shall not rule with rigour over him in thy sight. 54 And if he be not redeemed by any of these means, then he shall go out in the year of jubilee, he, and his children with him. 55 For unto Me the children of Israel are servants; they are My servants whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus Chapter 26

1 Ye shall make you no idols, neither shall ye rear you up a graven image, or a pillar, neither shall ye place any figured stone in your land, to bow down unto it; for I am the LORD your God. 2 Ye shall keep My sabbaths, and reverence My sanctuary: I am the LORD. {P}

And that's how you go from "on the seventh day god rested" to "you can enslave nonjews forever as property but Jews have human rights and can only be indentured servants"

However, if the culture at the time was already inclusive of forever slavery, it seems progressive to establish human rights within the in-group. Here we undeniably have a structure to insist that even the poorest and unluckiest deserve eventual redemption from debts, and that the entirety of one's humanity cannot be subsumed into a monetary sum like non-Levite property.

If one is Jewish of course. #that feeling when you have fewer human rights than a Levite's front yard :marseyraging:

Also here we learn the origin of the well known wisdom: "Buy from an Ephraimite, Rent from a Levite"

Here are some more pictures of Downtown Boston yesterday, Shabbat Shalom everyone!




How To Be A Cool Dude patented tm daily update

Hey there FitFam!

Today is a great day to keep up with my patented system, "Six Simple Rules to Being A Cool Dude"

Let's remind ourselves of the six rules:



Let's score my performance in the last 24 hours:

๐Ÿ† 10/10 picked up that sunscreen

๐Ÿค— 8/10 need to drink less

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ 9/10 I need sweatpants

๐Ÿงพ 7/10 it's fine

๐Ÿ”ฎ 10/10 clean enough for the five second rule

๐Ÿ˜ˆ 1/10 I was busy

๐Ÿคช 9/10 that writing the truth and burning it while pooping thing works great

Overall score: 7.7/10 A score a millennial can be proud of.

The plan:

๐Ÿ† Keep it up

๐Ÿค— Sandwich menu

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Sweatpants

๐Ÿงพ Paperwork

๐Ÿ”ฎ Keep it up

๐Ÿ˜ˆ ????????

๐Ÿคช Burn more truth notes on the toilet

Pic Related: Classic Boston Genius on His Motorcycle with Open Backpack.



P.S. Does anyone else think You has an unreliable narrator and it's really the sequel to Gossip Girl?










Final score: 6.857/10

Plan: Same as yesterday Pinkie!


Day 3 Fitfam! Feels like a week

If you missed it, this post is part of a series based on my patented system "Six Simple Rules To Being A Cool Dude" โ„ข

Here are the 2 previous introductory posts for this series:

Alright broskis, let's hit it and quit it before all this long-posting kills my motivation:


๐Ÿ† I did what was necessary for the day, but forgot a couple minor things like moisturizing before bed. 8/10

๐Ÿค— Food was good, included a protein shake, a lot was made from fresh ingredients, but some wasn't. I didn't make that food diary but I thought about making it, which is almost the same thing given its purpose. 7/10

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Clothes were great, I had everything I needed, but shoes still could be cleaned and I should have brought a spare pair with me. 9/10

๐Ÿงพ I finally went through the bills, and did some of it, but there is still a lot left. 5/10

๐Ÿ”ฎ I didn't clean, but the apartment was clean, and it stayed pretty clean. Just gotta get back into it today. 7/10

๐Ÿ˜ˆ I did an hour of yoga and then two hours of dance practice. It tired me out, but it's still not where I'd like to be. 6/10

๐Ÿคช I expressed my feelings pretty well, but I forgot that shower thing. 8/10

Final score: 7.1 Breakin' into the Cs baby! "Cs get degrees" my mom always used to say as a professor at a community college.


๐Ÿ† Shower, shave, find that SPF moisturizer.

๐Ÿค— Workout before cleaning so I get hungry faster. Cleaning is infinite since we discovered the concept of sanitizing things. Maybe sketch some ideas for a sandwich menu? I seem to really like sandwiches wrapped in wax paper with a special sauce that is really just something mixed with mayonnaise.

๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Go through my closet and discard things, store winter stuff.

๐Ÿงพ Do tasks A, B , and C (I'm not telling you what they are)

๐Ÿ”ฎ Inventory everything stored under the bed and in the closet. We marie kondo'd everything eight months ago but now I don't remember what brought us joy and what we threw away. Maybe re-kondo-ize my stuff?

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Ballet. Ballet. Ballet. Yoga. Gym.

๐Ÿคช Start a personal written journal so I can express my feelings. Whenever I fill a page, I will burn it afterwards, so I can write the truth.



Pic related: it's the Holocaust memorial in Boston and it's made of fragile glass, situated across from the unassailable brutalist palace of Michelle Wu, Queen of Boston.

Great day to hang out naked in the wood fam! This nude pic has no bussy or dick.


It's a shame i need to add this, but some of you are reacting like hysterical bitches, and it needs to be said: walking around in the woods naked is epic chad return to monke libertarian freedom and if you don't see that's what this post is about then you are probably ugly and suicidal and don't need to mouth off and let everyone know that.