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I have no answers, but i do have questions

Do icthibk its accurate?

No its a fucking poll.

Do I care?



I was looking for based/fedpost meme and found this instead.

Is this forum a potential lolcow pasture?

Also can anyone post the meme in the comments, i need it so i can send pic related to someone


Redditor decolonizes cleaning your asshole

That whole sub is fucking wild:


post thumnail
The diversity of dramatards: an NFT

At least post funny reacts like this



I see the previous white women post and I raise


Your move

Can @pizzashill please explain how this is anything more than a strongly worded letter?

Yes, its youtube comment drama

But its good

:chudsey: :marseyunpettable:seething as glomph is finally finished

Jk its your regular :marseysoypoint: :marsoy::marsoyhype: :marseycuck: :marseybluecheck: :marseygigaretard:

Ivanka and Junior can't be far behind.


The best is yet to come!

What the fuck does this even mean?

Lawyer #1: "What does Eric's record show?"

Lawyer #2: "Well, his misdialed his dad's number..."

Lawyer #1: "That's not unusual. Anyone can make a mistake..."

Lawyer #2: "...thirty-seven times in a row."

I too make fake conversations between people regarding the son of my ideologicao opponents

What will be next for them? Genuine question. Like I know the wheels of justice take their time, but man I want to see progress. I know we just saw those seditious conspiracy charges and that is great! I just ugh am so sick and tired of everything. Seriously all I want to do is quit my job and run across the country. I am so sick of this. Of work. Of my fucking medical bills. My younger brother feels the same way. I feel like I need to do something to help this country bit wtf do we do? The Lil guys. People with no influence. I am just tired. Sick and tired and lacking sleep. Fuck this. This is off topic but I feel better idk. Fucking tired.

-End Rant

Tfw your life is so pathetic that you seek solace in politics.

I'm too lazy to validate with research, but I feel like there have been a few instances now that the committee has subpoenaed someone and then immediately afterwards leaked some info about them having access to some texts or phone records. My guess is that this specific story about Eric and Lapdancey-McCokeFace is meant to scare Rudy, Boris and Kraken somehow.


Why do all of them think they are jonh oliver?

I assume as close to fall as possible so this stuff is everywhere during the midterms. I could be wrong, of course.

Not a political trial though

Lots of :marseylongpost:from enlightened redditeurs :wolfmeditate:

Bernie mad when dementia man says no refunds
Psyops are good actually chud
Criminally underutilized marseys

I used rdrama.net/marseys to find the 10 most underutulized marseys in hopes of bringing them into more use

Question 1:

What goes on the wall?




Question 2:

Who was kangz and shiet?


Question 3:

Who would get mad if I CCd this thread?


Question 4:

What are redditors?





What country in the americas is a worst shithole?


Favourite marsey nft?


Bonus round:

:marseyroo: :marseychemist2: :marseychemist: :marseydylan: :marseyeric: :marseymummy2: :marseymicrobus: :marseybang: :marseygangbang:

Hoss goss on the dramacel political party :marseytrain:

There is a split on the LP that i wont explain because its too long, but suffice to say new losers are trying to usurp old, dried up losers.

This split came to a head when someone employed by the party criticized the new losers. New losers wrote a petition asking for a re election.

Old losers, led by a hecking valid woman, who held elected positions proceeded to kick 50 people out of the party in a meeting with closed doors and having excluded all of the new loosers from voting.

Hoss goss:

Old loser podcast

Old loser weirdo

New loser vice chair candidate

New loser caucus

New loser chair


Edit:should i explain previous drama on a separate series? They have a conference comingup so surely more drama is comming

Biden should just get a new dog and name it Brandon and be done with this childish code-word BS

Hoes still VERY mad

Award suggestion, getting kipped

Award where you can browse and post on rdrama normally, but for a period of 24 hours any link you click has a 10% chance of redirecting you to kips asshole

Fatboy is still seething about us.

Brief mention at about 1:40

Hoea still very mad

Turning point LGB

People still thinking drumph is finished a full year into a biden govt make me want to fedpost

The rdrama manifesto

Since people are now getting to know this community we call home, we would like to clarify some of our political positions

NFTs are legitimate and good for humanity and the arts

Crypto is the way of the future

Homesexuality must be state mandated

Cat Pictures are what the internet is made for

Trans rights must always be supported and Trans lives matter

TERFS are a problem because they are feminists

Reddit is a conservative hellhole and a blight on society

The GOP must be eliminated

The indutrial revolution and its onsequences led to the 19th ammendment

The january 6th rioters were fighters for the voice of the unheard

Hilarry would have been the best president in us history

We must secure the existence of our people and a future by eliminating white "people"

The democratic party is the only way to save democracy

There is one god and he is Allah (SWT) (SWT)

Dude bussy lmao

Most subtle dramatard hops in the NFT Train
Leaf nurses mad at chad hospital CEO

At least she looks fuckable and is mostly in tune