230 lbs at the average height is only moderately curvy.

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230 lbs at the average height is only moderately curvy.

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Slobs of antiwork discover the 100% serious grindmaxxing. [tw: retards]
sandbasketballs simp over scarsely clad fatty, but is she doing scatology?

Feel like I’m scrolling through an art gallery. So much beauty

Man eats [video]

watch me "say the N word" on my Patreon: https://patreon.com/NikocadoAvocado.

absolute mad lad

If you want to see the other fem hating subreddit seethe, see here https://old.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/pu0u7x/my_toddler_is_trans_an_article_that_popped_up_on/

Did master baiter Kyle Rittersport flash nazi symbols? The professors of r/law discuss

small teaser :

Woah woah woah ANTIFA isnt a militia. That’s not accurate. They’re just anyone who doesnt like fascism. Just cause they were in conflict with actual militias (who support fascist police tactics like attacking peaceful protests) doesnt make them one.

is used unironically

Trains whistle and eggs crack like firework when adult moid is groomed into becoming a troid
🦀Clubs shut on Covid lockdown, gavedancing takes its place 🦀 people of tweet share their culture of kindness

I am getting a bit IRL angry reading the replies, but still extremely good drama.

It sucks that ICU beds are wasted on people that don’t believe in science.

Quotes for you lazy dramapedes:

You see the post on r/LeopardsAteMyFace about the married couple that died from COVID and orphaned their 4 kids? People are so fucking selfish. I got the vaccine for my kids, my wife, and my mother who has health issues, then for me.

Happy for you. Welcome back to civilization.

Finally, a shady grift intended to fuck over the customers that I can actually get behind. More businesses should do this.

They won't give you your money back if you want to attend a game naked either.

I wish the jaguars would do the same. Got a game in Sept and I'm worried af now since floridians are dumb mouth breathers. [...] Just get the vaccine and you'll be fine [...] I don't know about that. I got vaccinated in March/April and the most they said that the vaccine efficacy is atleast 6 months. Beyond that they don't know if it would be effective especially mixed with the variants and with being high risk I'm not so sure.

Do you still have to wear a mask? [..] Yes ffs. Come on people!

Wife gives hubby a heckin reward for hard earned good boy points
Pastry chad absolutely smashes a bong, wins by decision of olympic j-slurs. Bongs seethe out of control


Old nun goes on a date with a sexmonster. Rejects the caveman, but does not know how to stop the simping

OMG, he wanted LE SEX! Can you believe it, LE SEX??? He has not even proposed yet.

if he asks I'm mostly just flattered

There's nothing to be flattered about. Most men will have sex with just about anyone, even if they don't like them or don't find them attractive. It's not a compliment.


who cares what men think if you're relationship material or not. does he have the qualities that you look for in a man and is he showing that to you via his actions?

honestly, men who are that forward on a first date are generally looking for hookups. i ignore them so I don't waste my time but if you like this guy and are looking for a long term relationship, hold off on sex and watch his actions and you can gauge better what he's after.

Just 👏 peg 👏 that 👏 bussy

Okay, which one of you r-tards made this profile?
Drama classic: The working class try to pass a resolution [2019]

If you have not already had the please of watching the absolute carnage of politics, have a good time with this. Please do not comment in all caps, for the rdrama users with sensory and auditory sensitivity. Thank you. Please also avoid gendered language.