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House Vampire Founder

Proud straight cis married mom (man of mayo)

2552 coins   0 marseybux   7 followers   follows 1 user   joined 02 Nov 2021

This profile is a safe space for all mayo and mayo affirming people

Awards received

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User ID: 6887

Coins spent: 17465

True score: 27350

Winnings: -7750

Little Big Spender Christmas 21 Duterte's Most Wanted (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor TRAIN 2022
read me: 196 is going private. : 196

50 years of precedent have been undone. In protest of the overturning of the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade, we're going private tonight at 9pm Eastern time.

Marriage Equality and the national ban on Sodomy laws are next. Over 350 anti-LGBT bills have been introduced this year, taking away access to lifesaving medical care for trans kids to censorship in schools.

Fuck America. Go protest (peacefully).

Donate to Planned Parenthood, National Network of Abortion Funds, Human Rights Campaign, and American Civil Liberties Union. Seriously, donate money to your defending institutions.

Chuds get fucked.

Edit: yes, the sub will come back. this is temporary. like our rights if we don't act.

Gonna chud post there some until they lock it up. Knowing the :marseytrain: zoomers that run that sub, it probably won't be gone more than 24 hours

Workaholics are worse for society than lazy people : unpopularopinion

I thought for sure this would be your average /r/antiwork -er but turns out he's some ricecel who sugar daddies for white foids :marseylaugh:

Antiwork or not, still pathetic. I'll leave that for someone else if they're interested.

We're at the point where we don't need to squeeze any more productivity out of the average person. We need to collectively embrace work/life balance and actually shame workaholics.

What the fuck does this even mean?

A lot of the work that gets done actively makes the world a worse place. People worship working hard without specifying whether that work makes anyone's lives better

Now this is the antiwork / latestagecapitalism poster I expected

Nah. I want a boat. Ill put in the extra hours thank you very much.

That's called being a hard worker, not a workaholic

The realization that so many people think workaholics are just hard workers has been pretty eye-opening

Nooo you're a heckin workaholic :directlypointingsoyjak:

:marseylongpost: by antiworker pretending to know labor economics

This is what lazy people say to themselves to justify their behavior.



Blizzard has been hard at work de-:chudsey:-iffying all of their games. This is solely to distance themselves from the decades of sexual harassment and the resulting lawsuits. From replacing scandalous paintings :marseyohno: with paintings of fruit bowls, to the addition of a incubus so warlocks wouldn't be forced to use a succubus. They even renamed "The Knicker" to "Blackrock Slicer" :marseywtf2:

They've just launched the beta for WotLK Classic and renamed the ability "Every man for themselves" to "Will to Survive". While this does seem like a perfect example of virtue signaling from a company desperate to distance themselves from a history of sexual harassment, redditers can't help but make smug posts and comments about it. OP had the :!marseybigbrain: idea to crypost about people crying about a name change. Lots of I AM SILLY vibes

Thought "every man for himself" was a saying, didn't think it meant literally "man" as in only guys

it never meant as only guys in ANY language. its just fake virtue signalling as always

Virtue signaling in a game that is predominant played by guys with fragile egos such as yourself.

This guy is unironically right even if he doesn't know it.

Instead of virtue signaling with changes like these Blizzard should try not to sexually harass their employees.

Found the guy who didn't read the right text..


Redditers will flipflop between hating blizzard for not standing up to China, and threatening to quit and :!marseysoypoint: over their next shitty video game.

But... but OP that's basically what you're doing..

Or he’s using it as bait for all the other people. As seen by the comments.


I am someone as far left as you could possibly be, and this change honestly just pisses me off. The fruit and incubus too. It's such transparent corporate pandering and what the term virtue signalling was made for, just a shame it's been taken over by right wing idiots, because this is exactly what Blizzard is doing. Like, oh thank you so much Blizzard, this really makes everyone forget about all the sexual assaults and suicides. Good for youuuuuuuuu!

It was a cool fucking name, just stop abusing your employees.

Lots of sneed in this chain :marseyagree:

Ah yes, true diversity. Great job, Blizzard. Pls congratulate yourselves on this great example of inclusivity /s


This same guy who loves Woosh posting

That would be hypocrisy, not irony.

Irony means you're saying something the opposite of the intended meaning on purpose. Like for example if you get a speeding ticket and you're angry as fuck and you say "Thank you Officer."

Long chain of people arguing if it's ironic or hypocritical.

This is only 4 hours old, so it is still ongoing. You need an account 30 days or older to comment if you want to participate :marseywave:

GME bag holders group cope thread #84,729 :marseywallst: with research and memes of course

GME is trading above the 20 day average price, 50 day average price, and is currently flirting with the 200 day average price - yet the media bleats to sell and forget the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad stock.

Just waiting for the squeeze to be squoze!

Commenting because people really need to know what is happening. This is the bit in the film where everyone realises Reddit is correct and the world is about to know it.

people like you have been prophesizing crazy shit for years at this point with absolutely nothing happening and here we are with you still thinking you're in a movie

it's just so sad

It's also hilarious :marseyagree:

GME can't be shorted as much anymore. The price is steadily climbing and definitely a sign that it's pretty over for the hedges.

They've tried and they've failed. All we have to do it relax and wait.

We will likely see a huge run up in the coming weeks.

Say the line, Marsey

Most people seeing a thread like this for the first time would assume we're selling something. What kind of human being do you think would read that title and think "hmm, interesting," and not "fucking scammers"?

This is Shilling 103. Pretend to be part of a group and obnoxiously support their cause in order to drive away any actual support.

How can I bag hold like these guys :marseyconfused:

I refuse to look at my Crypto. If it wasn’t for my Mom and Dad constantly calling and texting me about it (I convinced them to buy ETH a year ago at the peak) then I wouldn’t know where it is at.

I still feel like GME is the way tho. I don’t get why people will pour their hard earned money into a crypto yet won’t spend 80 to 140 bucks on a GameStop share. Makes zero sense

Hahaha holy :marseyl:


I’ve been a diehard fantasy fan all my life, but I am so constantly frustrated by series like WoT and Night Angel that simplify women or use them to make men look cooler. I wrote these a while ago and thought I’d share. Would love additions!

The list is long and it's mostly just foid nonsense, check out the post itself!

If I ever write a story I'm absolutely going to describe the size of a woman's breasts, her shapely thighs and tight buttocks, right beside my description of the curvature, girth and size of a man's bulge, his stately, broad shoulders and his own right buttocks. How every swing of his sword sends his member swinging almost in parallel, every step jiggling his butt, the way his muscle glisten and gleam with sweat, and how the sweat itself runs in rivulets between his chiselled abs.


I’ve completely stopped reading fantasy by men for a while and it really has seemed to decrease my frustrations with the genre, including but not limited to all the things you mention. Plus my TBR has never been longer than it is right now once I completely stopped trying to have interest in all the “big names” that seem to be mostly men 🤷‍♀️

Edit: If you’re really going to comment telling me I’m wrong for choosing to read only women, consider two things 1) there may be very valid reasons - systemic issues - behind a woman choosing to pause reading men, some of which are outlined in this very post. Take a second and listen/learn what those issues might be. and 2) I’ve already read plenty of men. Most of my education was reading men. Time to focus on other voices/experiences/persectives.

I've got systemic reasons, okay?!?

One in four women have not been raped...That is a false statement, at least not according to the commonly known/accepted definition of rape.

A lot of these points are great but some feel redundant as a female author will also write her book according to her perspective/worldview. That being said a great author should be able to give all their characters depth regardless of gender/race. The better an author is, the less one dimensional the characters will be. It even goes for male authors who write all their characters as buff men with superhuman like strength. What about all us skinny/short guys or the dudes who are emotional wrecks etc? Men also want to feel like characters reflect themselves as real people or as the person who they want to be (given the condition that the character in question struggled to actually get there).

Argument about rape statistics

Always weird when you have these posts telling writers what they can and can not do.

If it's not for you, you can just not read it? There are plenty of books that use characterizations and tropes that I don't like so i just avoid them.

What if these "characterizations and tropes" are industry-wide problems of misogyny and poor representation? And calm down, OP is literally just pointing out sexist tropes and asking writers to be a little more thoughtful, not forcibly stopping anyone from writing their shitty misogynistic book.

industry-wide problems I can manufacture an industry-wide problem too

People buy books = more books like it are written. What books have you been reading that is misogynistic? must be alot

This causes an absolute sneed spree as a janny has to come in and scold the naughty poster :marseyjanny:

Please drop it, both you. Warheadjk please take a break from this post, thank you.


My work here is done

r/Ottawa hustle and bustlecels sneed about rent

From our OP

how do you divide a month into 160 hours full time? most sites say 30-40 hours per week is full time, so 130 per month is considered the "average"

What do you mean I can't afford an apartment downtown working 32.5 hours a week :soycry:

Centretown’s average household income among property owners in between 85k and 90k.

In 2020 the household median income was 66k.

So yeah, Ottawa is quite a prohibitive market. So are the overwhelming majority of major cities in the country. It’s a real problem.


Using one bedrooms as a gauge for where min wage should be would not work, everyone would need to make 60k ish to be able to live on their own comofortably, and thats about double min wage. You cant just double min wage without wrecking everything.

maybe i'm a wacky leftist but... good? lets make everyone get 60k?? why not?

If you read anything in this thread read this chain, truly the peak of reddit financial literacy.

If you work for minimum wage sorry, you shouldn't expect to live on your own. Not in today's world.

What the actual fuck am I reading. If you've been dealt a bad spawn and bad cards at life, you 100% deserve to be able to live somewhere and alone. I've found yet another reason to hate our society. Can't believe people like you actually exist. Cannot live alone because you make min wage wtf???

Oh and before you label me, I make 75k a year so no I'm not someone else who is making min wage and trying to leech the system.

Being born a leaf is tantamount to being griefed every day of your life :marseyagree:

Reported by:

This show has been making fun of conservatives since the beginning. : TheBoys

I don't watch whatever this capeshit show is but there's some sperging out here.

To be clear this isn’t meant to specifically bash anyone directly because I know that’s against the rules, but you gotta understand the show absolutely is taking sides and if you don’t get it the writers probably wouldn’t like you as a person.

Not trying to bash you, but the costals who write this show fucking hate you and everything you believe


Please shut the fuck up with the "actually both sides!" shit.

But it’s correct. The show has made fun of the left plenty of times. The most obvious recent example being the theme park, which was clearly a Disney world reference. If you think Disney isn’t on the left you’re crazy.

Disney is not on "the left." The left want to dismantle billionaires & smash corpo-fascist power. Disney wants to make as much money as it can, however it can, & they've correctly determined that catering to old conservative people is not a long-term viable model. If they were "on the left" they'd cut executive pay, raise worker pay, smash themself into smaller companies, & fund leftist causes with their largesse.

Not openly hating gay people is not "leftist." Including some non-white main characters is not "leftist." It's bare minimum social centrism, at best.

That scene satirizes corporations who pretend to be leftish & appropriate popular movements. They're not mocking BLM, they're mocking companies that appropriate BLM &, well, Disney-fy it into something they can commoditize.

Wingcuckery and no true leftist awaits you further in that chain

Here's me thinking this sub was the TheBoys but now seeing its r/Politics, guess I need to find a other sub..

When rightists elected Trump, it thrust politics into every American's face non-stop 24/7. It doesn't stop until you guys dump him.

Ball's in your court, but keep in mind the rest of us aren't as sensitive as Republicans when it comes to discussing politics because we don't have anything to hide. As Republicans you guys probably get tired of having to explain why your sexism, bigotry, racism and hatred of LGBTQ rights is okay and justified so I could see why you would get tired of discussing politics.

I just wanna watch capeshit for God's sake :#marseygrilling2:

Oh hey, another post complaining about random people.

Ugh, god, I know, right? Can't we go five minutes without bashing racists? /s

Maybe we could actually discuss the show and not fuckwits tangentially related to it?


Barron Trump : AbsoluteUnits


I don’t know anything about this kid. Is he super tall or is that lady super short?

Barron is about 6'7" (200.66cm) tall


Yeah I’m just throwing this out there… Donald ain’t his dad… trump is 6’2, his mom is 5’11. That’s some euro league basketball players kid

redditers will project their cuck fantasies onto anything they can

I wonder if he is forced to imitate his father. He is dressed and groomed with that ridiculous haircut, suit, white shirt and the tie, which hangs long, just like dad's. Makes me wonder.

Literally groomed, sad!

The liberals and poors are out in force on this one.

Will it ever occur to you that you, too, aren’t super well-off, and thus, simping for billionaires is a dogshit move bc like… they’re not gonna give you anything lmfao. SEETHE and COPE fkn MAGAtt


He got bigger hands than his dad

He genuinely seems like a sweet kid. I hope the best for him.

Peak reddit humor

r/science :marseyairquotes: social science :marseyairquotes: post about mayo moids in stem. 95% removed

Unddit link

someone has been hard at work


This paper uses “Latinx” a lot… I thought that term was offensive?

Bad faith :chudsey: detected

Is this another study where Asians are considered white as well?

With survey data. R/science is the biggest garbage subreddit on the site these days

The article differentiates between white and Asian men. So you guys will have to come up with a different theory for why you’re going to deem this research not credible. Unless of course just your say so alone is all anyone should require.

The last reply is one of the 5% undeleted too :marseyxd:

Yes, and it's worse than that. The "able heterosexual white men" are all self-reported. I can guarantee that some respondents reported themselves as normal just not to be screwed with. I encountered so many people on the spectrum in mech engineering and CompSci.

It's anecdotal experience, sure, but don't underestimate the lengths that a spectrum introvert will go just to get the interaction over with. ESPECIALLY if the other person is overtly pushing a narrative, or otherwise confrontational. I've been in those shoes, and it takes days to recover social energy after an incident.

social energy :marseyhmmm:

research shows dangers of secondhand cannabis smoke - : science

weedcel cope below

This study measured NOTHING about how smoking cannabis affects humans. The study took some measurements from a particulate detector in a smoke-filled room. THAT's IT. One cannot make any inferences about human health from this study at all. Given that it was done by a student and supported by an activist organization against smoking makes it biased to boot.

Does this count for vaporizer smoke? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

Edit: quickly learned the difference between smoke and vapor lol high brain.

It doesn't have to be burned and inhaled to be consumed. We banned smoking in public not tobacco. Cannabis is even more versatile in terms of consumption methodology.

:#marsey420: dude weed lmao

Edibles, for me, are a game changer. Never tried them previously but within the past year I've gotten into them. I was a social sshhhmoker but now I can just pop a piece of candy after a long 12hr shift in the sun and just chill out and play dominoes with my 4 year old

Finally I can enjoy interacting with my child

What are the health effects of being put into prison or being jailed or fined for smoking? I'd be willing to be that the negative effects on health of cannabis being illegal are greater than the effects of its use

Where are all the deaths/illnesses from weed if it is truly carcinogenic?

Propaganda at its finest. The study’s that should be in the forefront is what the rampant nicotine vaping is doing to people. The coil in those things turns black with a quickness. It leaves a film on windows and walls. It has zero benefits to offset its negatives, unlike cannabis. Jus sayn

I dont believe this at all. If no one gets cancer from smoking cannabis second hand can't give you cancer anyway. Of the people I know who are lifelong cannabis smokers none got lung cancer. About 40% of the tobacco smokers i know died from throat and lung cancer or strokes.

How is this study at all relevant when there are far more critical issues facing the planet.

LMAOOOOO keep trying to find negatives about weed and the best they can do is second hand smoke

:#soycry: not my heckin weederinos!!!

Reported by:

  • ANTI_BARD_BOT: Unironic (((them))) posting in this comment section
Just got circumcised and wanna kill myself : teenagers

Just got circumcised and wanna kill myself

This morning I got circumcised, all went well for the rest of the day until now. It’s 3 AM and im sitting in a fetal position crying from a night time erection. I’m in a intense amount of pain right now and my pain killers are yet to kick in. I will literally die in this bed right here right now. Pray for me.

Hurry post about it on reddit :marseyzoomer:

bro bro, my advice for you is to wear a skirt for a week or so, it's the best thing ever and always take your painkillers bro


The doctors didn't give you any anti-boner pills, really?

There are pills that cause erectile dysfunction on purpose for a specific amount of time? Damn.

I got them after my circumcision tho for all i know it could have been cuz one of the nurses is my dads gaming buddy.

hahaha what

Wow dude I literally went throught the same exact thing at age 25 almost 4 month ago I got the snip.

You got this dude

The pain WILL stop, you will be able to get a boner and have sex with out pain I promise.

You did the right thing by enduring this pain now.

Take time to just lay down and do nothing.

Kinda funny you and I experienced the exact same thing lmao

Phimosis can suck it.


Are cops really that bad in US as shown in internet.? : TooAfraidToAsk

Another brave redditer asking the real questions

Two of my relatives are police officers in a major city. One I believe is a decent person. The other is abusive and controlling to his own family so I shudder to think how he tested people on the street.


That we know of

It doesn't matter where you fall on the political spectrum in America, we've all got our statistics :marseysaluteusa:

I think one of the biggest problems is that the profession attracts many people that should not be in a position of power. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone else. The people that were bullies in school became cops. They could still push people around but now they had the power of the law behind them.

Agreed, AJAB :marseyjanny:

Some "ex-journo"' redditer's worthless opinion about one bad apple spoiling a bunch

At Least here in India we just get beat up with a stick.

Good morning :marseytunaktunak:

I’ve always wondered how it would go if we were to take a few of the police from a country with typically favorable opinions of their police and supplant them in a few of our cities throughout the US. I’m very curious what their impressions and perspectives would be. I think it could be quite telling.

Dutch police would probably end up being shot to death or having a nervous breakdown after a month. In big city/high crime areas, that is. I definitely prefer our police over some of the US police, but US police do have way more to deal with.

I tell this to Europeans constantly. There are many things European cops don't have to worry about over US cops. Western European cops are overall probably better trained, but European cops in US cities would also find it a very difficult time

This chain generated a ton of sneed, worth a look :marseyagreefast:

I'm a mixed black woman. I've had guns pointed at me twice. One there was an active shooter with the description white male and I was so scared I was holding my laptop as a shield. The cop said, "Put the weapon down!" And aimed at me. A white woman said quietly, "That girl doesn't match the description at all." I ended up having to throw my laptop in the grass and after the whole ordeal picked it up later.

Definitely happened

Of corse not. That’s like saying all minorities are thugs and terrorists.

False equivalence. The cops are an institution, it’s a system. And it’s hard to disagree that the american judicial institution is bad.

When bad cops don’t get fired, the institution corrupts. A corrupt institution is inherently bad.

And it’s like saying that all whites are fat, ignorant, gun toting hillbillies who don’t bathe properly and are ridiculously entitled. Oh wait…


Stop reading theory. : Anarchism

Stop reading theory.

Youre all getting lost in it. Google bookchin, no don't google bookchin, marx this marx that, bread book, stop it. Theres a reason the right is winning and its because they have broad wishes for society and will see them through.

I dont need theory to tell me how fucked we are. At some point youre just getting lost in the anarcho sauce. For all the theory, what organizing have you done? What awareness of your beliefs have you spread?

Left unity is obnoxious and I'll never side with tankies, but over convoluting our message of anarchism both internally and externally reduces any action you might actually take to words on paper written by a long dead philosophist.

Simplify your views a bit, its necessary for reaching the masses, who dont give two shits about theory and just want their life to not suck anymore. Telling them about bookchin or chomsky or kropotkin or so on isnt going to materially help them. They wont hear you.

There is work to be done, and it doesn't involve reading and getting lost in copious amounts of theory and at this point im thinking theory is just the opiate of the anarchists.

This seems to have upset some of you, but I stand by it. Im not saying, "Never read theory." Im just saying dont get lost in it.

:marseylibleft: stop trying to understand anarchism, destroy some federal buildings already!

Everyone else says anarchists are crazy, deranged terrorists, and are wrong. The whole use of the word had been twisted to make people react darkly to it. We read the theory so we can debate it's merits and understand it's details.

It's complicated, but I think it's both interesting and useful.

But yeah, don't get too caught up. We should all be meeting in person where possible and discussing these ideas

And more importantly, implementing our ideas. What’s annoying is when people are theoretically on board but can’t seem to turn into consistent real world action

Look at the consistent real world (online) action this xerson is involved in


Counterpoint: Read a little theory. It's enriching and will give you some new perspectives and insights. Don't get hung up on it. Then, go outside and make sure all that stuff in your brain doesn't go to waste by turning it into praxis.

All may read theory, none must, some should.

Knowing the basics is important so you don’t get suckered into red-brown shit, or “left unity” or “libertarian unity” scams, but it isn’t sufficient in and of itself to know all the theory to be a revolutionary.

They talk about touching grass, but never do :#marseygrass:

Learn -> Implement -> Learn -> Implement

Everyone seems to be stuck in the learn phase

The death of an anarkiddy

Exposure to humorous memes about anti-vaxxers boosts intention to get a COVID-19 vaccine : science

Reddit thread because it didn't link for some reason

The science :marscientist: 1 chuds :chudsey: 0

Some of the memes in question






The rest of the memes are here

Did the memes really help or was it just the type of person who liked those memes also was more gun-ho about getting vaccinated?

It wasn’t based on who liked what memes on social media vs who got vaccinated.

They were randomized groups shown specific memes then asked their opinions.

The researchers designed six studies involving a total of 1,584 residents of the United Kingdom. In each of these studies, participants were randomly assigned to either an experimental or a control condition. The experimental group viewed a series of eight vaccination-related internet memes that had been collected by researchers using Google Image Search, and the control group viewed control images. While the memes varied slightly depending on the study, the majority of them expressed sarcasm toward anti-vaxxers.

After viewing the images, participants were asked whether they intended to get vaccinated against COVID-19. A combined analysis of all six studies revealed that exposure to the vaccine memes increase participants’ intentions to get vaccinated, even after accounting for gender, age, and political orientation.

:marseybong: strikes again

I think the terrifying flipside to this is "humorous" memes most likely influence people into stupid things too, and my social media friends spamming them tend to lean towards the stupid.

Of course... This is how Propaganda has been going nuts the last few years and why some people believe JFK's son was going to come out of hiding and say "I'm alive again!"

Do you not remember 2016 and how Donald Trump was, at least in part, "Meme'd" into the white house?

Yup. Earnest public ridicule is probably the best tool there is to generate compliance in a group, for better or for worse.

Humorous memes sometimes turn people into murder spree nazis

Pick your :marseybrainlet: take

Yes this is called "propaganda". I'm not anti Vax or anything I got the jab. Buy this style of info is very propaganda-esque

The nazis found that delivering propaganda through fictional movies was much more powerful than doing it overtly. Kinda same deal.

Not a comment on my level of support for the vax, but this is the definition of propaganda

smartest redditers need to remind everyone they are very good at spotting propaganda

In also true news...exposure to humorous memes about vax mandators boosts intention to not get a covid-19 vaccine, study would find if it was run.

You assume that, without any proof. Even “obvious” things require proof, because sometimes the answer surprises you. Nothing is stopping you from running your own experiment and posting the results.

But it sounds like your intention is more malicious than scientific.

Run your own literal meme studies before you post misinformation on reddit :soyjakanimeglasses:

This is why peer-bullying still exists in our societies and might need to be differentiated from picking on someone which is always bad.

The difference would be peer-bullying makes people aware of social norms and allows them the freedom of choice without negative consequence, whereas picking on someone singles out an individual and makes their lives hell and is done by an individual or small group of people with the intention to hurt.

Yep- It's the difference between norm enforcement and torture/sadism. Culture literally wouldn't exist without a coherent set of shared philosophies established through norm enforcement. That doesn't mean a society needs to beat up and drag through the streets any nonconformist it sees. Control and enforcement exists on a spectrum and not all of it is good or bad.

redditers making up specific scenarios where bullying is okay instead of a blanket endorsement :!marseydisagree:

Reported by:

Why So Many Long COVID Patients Are Reporting Suicidal Thoughts : Coronavirus

COVID munchies post their :marseyl:

Covid was by far the one event that has impacted my physical and mental health more than anything in my life so far. A year of chest pain and fatigue and now crushing brain fog. It all makes sense why people would feel like this.

Is the chest pain a persistent dull ache that never really goes away?

My wife has had this for the past 6 months, finally going to the doctors about it.

Edit: Also she has had the fatigue and regular headaches. She's 22....

We have never officially had covid or tested positive but we suspect that we may have had it a year ago while away. ( we isolated dw)

/r/starcitizen poster and active in NFT/shitcoin subs. This guy is a bagholder in every sense of the word :!marseylaugh:

Post-viral syndromes are no joke. I moderate a sub for chronic health issues that are commonly post-viral (including a subset of long covid) and there are a ton of posts about feeling suicidal.

lol this guy is a mod of /r/cfs and a 15 year old account. Probably deserves his own post.

I don't feel suicidal (yet).

I do however hate life, and feel like nothing matters and nothing will ever improve now.

I'm 29, triple vaccinated. Caught Covid in March, now on month 3 since positive test.

I still have: headaches, brain fog, fatigue, chest pains, muscle atrophy, weight loss, loss of sex drive. This all leads to anxiety and an inability to do much outdoors. For a previously healthy 29 year old, that sucks.

Wow, very troubling that a previously healthy 29 year old who posted about weighing 130kg (286.6 burgers) at age 15 is feeling these effects

To be fair it seems like they were at a healthy weight before COVID, but still.

Its not just that its very painful and extremely debilitating but also that no doctors are willing to treat the symptoms and society refuses to help anyone with the condition to make their lives easier. The fact is long haulers have been abandoned by society and the medical profession completely and they are in astonishing levels of disability and pain the likes of which we only see from people in their final days of cancer, where we would normally provide lot of aid and pain medication.

But its the same way ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Gulf War syndrome sufferers have been treated for 80 years at this point so its not new, its just appalling.

Long COVID just as bad if not worse than terminal cancer, many such cases :marseycry:

What do most people not realize can seriously f*ck you up? : AskReddit

Some hot (based) takes from controversial


A large percentage of transgenders actually regret transitioning, and can often have suicidal thoughts due to it.

Less than 1% regret transition eat shit asshole

This is way longer but I'm not going to post the whole thing. Safe to say :chudsey: wrote it though


Communism and socialism

The eternal struggle


Weed. People believe weed is completely harmless and it’s not. It is physically and psychologically addicting if you aren’t careful.

It definitely can lead others to stronger drugs and addictions

Also one bad trip can fuck you up mentally

Just be safe and stay educated...

:marseyrasta: what

COVID, still. I wish people understood what it does to your immune and cardiovascular system but they just don't and won't.


Asking a girl out on date if you have ADHD(if you get rejected, cut a working month off your calander because you are going to be in depression for a good period of time before you can get back to normal, we are too damn sensitive to these things)


Skipping your breakfast. Just like for diabetics, not enough sugars induces a hypo, which is very bad for your organs. You literally het organ failure if you do not regularly eat. The same is true for diets like intermittent fasting. You're just killing all your organs.

Surprisingly not a :marseymutt:


I second this. Been a regular consument since I was like 15 and eventually got myself addicted. Now I literally can't look at any woman below the age of like 35-40 without sexual thoughts popping into my head. Getting fashion ads on YouTube has become a nightmare for me because my mind instantly goes places I don't want to go. I can't for the life of me get away from it

that’s called being a normal male my dude kek. Unless you want to be gay of course.

High test :coomer:

There is no article, or substance besides the thread title and a picture of Chuck Schumer pointing. OP is probably just schizo posting and it pisses off some redditers.

While I agree, OP is annoying as shit. Constantly spamming the sub. You don’t need to post this 5 times in 30 minutes. It’s annoying and only makes people dislike you.

OP stop spamming for God sake

I thought this OP was a schizo but he's just based :marseykneel:

The sad truth is we have a country which is at war with eachother and there is no signs of bridging the divide. We literally have lost touch with being brothers and sisters, and now we just want to attack others who disagree with a political policy.

Tim Pool has been saying for months a cold civil war is occurring. I tend to believe we are above open conflict but abortion policies and 2nd amendment policies might be a tipping point.

Probably Tim Pool posting about himself

Apply the law equally to both sides and you will see how fast all the gaslighting would end.

Not even sure what they're getting at :marseyhmm:

This is the real insurgency, being commanded and carried out through our own government. Schumer wants chaos and destruction. He doesn't care who gets murdered as long as it is done.

wtf I love Schumer now

Anyone fill me in on what Schumer said to inspire this post?

I understand the reasoning and sentiment behind the post, just am not aware of what was said specifically.


lol this post reminds me of the headlines that you'd see on The_Donald back when the internet's meme magic put Trump in office


Uhm didnt various Republicans incite a riot last year?



TW: my ex is posting about me online and sending it to me : BPDlite


Unfortunately I couldn't post this to /r/BPD because of their r-slurred rules

As a 6'2, 200lb brick shithouse w/BPD I can think of a few lessons I'd like to teach these dweebs.

This thing is, though, arseholes like this create their own misery and are best left to it. Remember that.


Wow these men (you can tell they’re men immediately) are sad and I’m sorry for them. The guilt of spreading malicious information as an ego defense must feel truly pathetic


I had to Google "foid," yuck. I hope you can bring yourself not to dwell on this.


I know this is asking a lot, but try not to ruin the post immediately. It is a smaller sub, so it will naturally have less attention. Maybe just some upmarseys so it hits top of the month :marseywave:

post thumnail
This is Mike (Cerno)vich
Ricecels sneed on r/aznidentity

I came across this ad on my Facebook and of course it shows a couple of white dudes and smack dab in the centre is a a tiny Asian girl. Of course there are no POC men here. How many pervy men are going to sign up to be hosts to some unwitting young Asian women?

I get where you're coming from, but let's be real here. The parents of the East Asian international student are not sending their daughter to an Indian, Middle Eastern or Black family's house.

They're getting sent to a White person's house with the parents blessing. There are a ton of parents in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau will entrust their kid to some random White family.

And these guys know that.

Built for BWC? :#marseyagree:

Yup. Where's WF hosting AM?

they banned that shit harder than titanium. Lots of WF's even wanted to travel to asia to host AM's as governesses aka english teachers but that shit was shut down like a mf by lu tiger mothers who mateguard their own sons (but paradoxically encourage their own daughters to date WM). i posted about this in my post about the new upcoming movie "the governess".


getting fetishy sex slave vibes from this ad. the message: "get your very own asian sex slave now and gangbang her with the rest of your family!"

r/leopardsatemyface smugposts a totally real comment from r/conservative
Dota 2 slavs piss of redditers again

After getting redditers mad by drawing Z on the mini map VP the russian dota 2 team does it again.

I'm not even sure why redditers are so mad this time

Lol what even is the point of this tweet

Like how can you be so inept

I must be missing something here. Is this a jab at the recent school shooting in the US? Surely not?

Kicks off a :marseylongpost: thread about America and school shootings, most drama filled part of the thread.

Just guessing, but maybe it's about VP's current situation in Dota right now? Can't play in international tourneys, their player fucked up big with his minimap shenanigans and it looks like there's no way they're going to be able to attend TI at this rate.

So suicidal mood maybe? That's how I'm reading it at least

Too rational of a take for dotards

Yeah me too. Im ready to cancel them in my twitter but still looking for proper justification.

:#marseybluecheck: Yep, that's more like it. I had to look through this guys profile because i was almost positive it was ironic, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't.

3 Years HRT - I can't even recognize my old self : MadeMeSmile


HRT is goddamn magic.

Edit: Did the transphobes show up or something? Why is the vote count fluctuating wildly?

Well, I always play mage, so maybe I am a sorceress! But yes, seriously, it's magic.

Was your husband looking for transgender or did you have to telp him after?

Dota2 foid posts her :marseyl:

This comment section is disappointing. You guys are tripping if you think that regular flame is the same thing as immediately getting told to uninstall, threatened with rape, etc, as soon as you go on mic regardless of your performance. The number of people in the comment section just telling OP to mute or get over it is telling of how accepted this kind of shit is in the community

Get over it

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