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Honestly most of the comments are about as pro-landlord as reddit can get but I just like calling people landphobic.

She originally was awarded $1 million a few months back but GEICO just said no and took her to court again so they got fucked worse than she did.


They looked like this without the other two guys sitting on the couch.



Working at the WaPo must suck

Here is the original tweet with a lot of :marseysneed:


follow the money


He said he got this hate for calling out BTS because they have a song on their album with credits to a writer who was indicted for sex crimes. He deserves this for being the Asian entertainment reporter for the AP. Also does the stupid thing of saying "oh normally they are nice but here is the dark side"


There is a bunch of 12 year olds in here laughing at this guy for crying about mean words. Someone called him a yellow monkey and to kill himself :marseylaugh:

Imagine getting dunked on by BTS stans. Journos stay losing and posting something like this is just asking for more DMs.

Just to give you an idea on the kind of person he is Jason is the problem with academia


Honestly just go through his twitter he is flipping out on Wesley Yang who is some rightwing guy with a substack. He has multiple threads bitching about this guy I have never heard of.



This is my favorite response about him. The zoomers might not know but SNL used to be funny : :boomermonster: .


Everyone has seen the video of her crying and has seen the multiple posts about her doxxing libsoftiktok. But libsoftiktok deserves it for being that dumb with her private info and the way they were getting a little big for their britches. Taylor didn't even find it other people on twitter did and then Taylor just combined it all and made an "article". Also it caused a lot of drama and seething so :marseythumbsup:

The real reason is here


Ppl do not know what to do with a woman in her mid 30s whose persona isn’t being married with kids. Is she young? Is she “almost 40” the min she hits 35? What if she wears bright colors, then she’s “trying to seem younger than she is.” Wild to watch men’s brains break over this If they subconsciously find u hot then find out ur age it breaks their brain even further. A an attractive woman?? Engaging with the outside world and pop culture? But she’s in her 30s? Can’t be. They think life for women ends at 30, at which point their wither into old hags

Now I am not going to say she is ugly but she needs to get some humility she ain't breaking people's minds with how attractive she is. And she 100% tries to seem younger than she is. Half of her job is following zoomers online.

And this tweet led to a lot of :marseywall: cope in the replies.

There's a caveat to this: I have friends who went into bdsm as a career choice in their late 30's because of the growth of men who want to be dominated. Yes, I have pitched this as an economics story and have been turned down.

Yes straggots are going to straggot. Honey boo boos mom had 3 babys and multiple straggots willing to have sex with her that means nothing. When even newspapers are shutting down your foid-empowerment piece take a hint.

I think I just started getting hot at 30!!! We just got here! Make way!!!


Don't fret, once you get past 50, married or not, with children or not, you just ... disappear. It's very freeing.

That happened before you hit 50

I do think women in their 30s are harder for men to put in a box then women in their 20s (young) or 40s (middle age). They can be powerful like single men in their 30s and this creates a sense of fear. Just my take (I’m 47).

No one fears women in their 30s grandma.

It's very American. I remember seeing 2 European women on vacation here and MY brain almost broke, seeing them be cute/stylish/fun AND late 40s. An inspiration, actually

Your brain has long been broken. I swear twitter can find ways to suck off Europoors for anything and now their post-wall foids vacation better.

Huge 🚩 if you find a single attractive women in mid-30s Instinctively men thinking “how has another man not married her? Is something off? She must have plenty of offers or boyfriends” No other way of looking at it. Biology

It isn't that deep. Women that age are more likely to have babies that grow up to be rdrama users

This radicalization process, from anime messageboards, to memes, to nationalism and far-right extremism, has been gradually making its way into the West as well, following similar paths. In January 2016

Anime links to Trump. So now the insurrectionists are going to come on here.


It's not just anime.. Fandom has always had that weird 'hard-right' swing. It appealls to the order of things. The proper stations of the canon. Stories with heroes, rather than victims. Everything in its proper place place. Respect for traditions and forebears. We are seperate from the outside....

See g*mergate, comicsgate, and other bullshit. Like even if g*mergate unsupported claims where true, it would still be a massive overreaction, just like the ones they claim the “SJWs” have all the time.

And of course g*mergate is at the heart of the whole issue. Do we really need more g*mers here.


White supremacists have found inspiration in the ultraviolent, ultrapopular saga.

If white supremacists can find inspiration in that anime then they can also find inspiration in whatever trap is being posted on here.


Media thinking it proves them right all along https://twitter.com/AGHamilton29/status/1458890391776858115

Before it was deleted: https://imgur.com/JiRrVyk

Someone said that this was all over the former j-slur getting their meme of the score in a game being 69-69 removed.