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Africa belongs the half n halfs.

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Africa belongs the half n halfs.

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Some more: https://old.reddit.com/r/southafrica/comments/r2g5p2/is_there_anything_we_can_do_about_educating/


Award Idea

Custom agendaposter shop item: You set agenda poster theme on a user, but you also get to enter custom text that autojanny enforces.

e.g. Glowies lives matter


Soros is a lovely man

or some nasty text about the user you give it to, such as how they suck their mother's balls.

It should cost say 1.5x what agendaposter award costs or something like that, idk.

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"a long dark shadow"?


A question?

r/AteTheBait is privated.

Is r/AteTheBait run by someone of our... persuasion... or is it more can-ny?

This poor man couldn't figure out the trick with the bricks after 8 years:

dude, bussy lmao: https://imgur.com/a/aLHfS8H



Witness her other creations!


Face Pie is her magnum opus and I had to come back to look at it again. It is a work of art and belongs in a museum.



I imagine the union could work well, the spare organs and meat from World's victims can be used as pizza toppings.


lmao, right-winger => interracial cuck porn pipeline confirmed

I know there's a lot of you that probably want to yell at me right now for every having been on their side, and I get it.

But please hear me out. My friends and family are good people. They've been brainwashed and controlled by forces bigger than them.

And when you're on the right, that mind control is damn hard to break. My mom has been beginning to wake up for the past couple of years thanks the the idiotic anti-woke culture of the right. For the record, we were always pro gay marriage, but the anti-trans hatred and discrimination* went too far for her, and for me.

The reason it's taking my mom so long to wake up is that every time she begins to realize something, a massive group of people around her will attack her, and tell her "how dare you" for disagreeing with the Republicans.

It isn't even a moral superiority argument against her, it's simply shaming her for party disobedience. I truly believe she is going to wake up fully soon, but my Dad is completely indoctrinated as is my college aged sister, unsurprisingly.

The media managed to convince all of us on the right that Obama was the worst president of all time, and many of us really, truly believed it. I knew that was bullshit but I myself didn't like Obama for much of his time in office.

Until Trump got in.

Frens, Trump is causing right wingers to wake up like never before. He was a terrible president beyond my belief and every time I tried to have even the slightest bit of hope he fucked things up impossibly bad every time. Embracing the radical mayo supremacist agenda was already sickening to me but the payouts to Israel, which my family hadn't even heard about yet due to right wing spaces silencing it, was truly the last straw.

I really believed we were doing the right thing. Had the right been more careful maybe I still would. But they pushed their luck too far. The endless racisms, the anti-vaxxers, the teaching of disgusting religious shit to fucking third graders. All too much. It's all a scheme of control, and it's fucking disgusting.

More Trumpists have realized that the right is the real villain than you know. I realized once in 2018, then again in 2020, and this year enough is enough for good.

It's like being 7 years old and finding out early that Santa Claus isn't real. You'll do anything to convince yourself that it can't be true. You'll talk to your friends on the playground, maybe adults that are willing to go along with the lie, maybe even one of those bullshit internet videos until you're finally back in your happy place of believing in Santa again.

And the right has fake explanations a mile wide for any and all questions we have. I can't even begin to count how many times I've seen a conservative begin to wonder what the fuck is going on, then Google it and be calmed down by false "clarifications". They have their people by the balls, and it's nearly impossible to escape from.

Republicanism is the ultimate opioid. It's the blue pill. It tells you everything is alright and you are being taken care of. In reality it hates you and everyone you love. But it's literally the political equivalent of putting a bowl of ice cream in front of a child. Only when you realize how unhealthy that ice cream is do you start to turn it down.

I mentioned to a friend I was having mild chest pain and she told me I was going to die and it’s my fault for getting the vax – mind you I didn’t even tell her I got it. For the record, it wasn't jab-related and has since resolved, but her brain was mentally prepared to attack the jab when I hadn't even mentioned the fucking thing. Conservatism encourages you to choose your politics over your friends, over your family, over your country, but makes you BELIEVE that you're helping your friends, family and country instead.

It's sickening. I was lucky to get out. Please, frens, I know how sickening conservatism is. But if you have cosnervative friends or family, please please PLEASE try and wake them up. They don't realize that they're part of evil. PLEASE HELP THEM GET THE VAX.

Post super spooky music here dramatards. I've started with Hamilton Guy.

Literally Jordan Peterson. Clean your car, bucko and slay the mythical wagey cagey.

Sort by contro: https://old.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/qh0sgp/rogan_hasnt_changed/?sort=controversial

SMH at the druggies downvoting this post.

I read the thread as penis butter because I'm literally 5 years old mentally.

Why yes I did only discover the hyphen yesterday.