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:marseyagree: My pronouns are These / Those :marseyagree:

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:marseyagree: Resident Leaf. Slightly fucked in the head. Marsey aficionado. :marseyagree:


@Aevann, @Dramamine, @carpathianflorist, @The_Homocracy, @Landlord_Messiah, @moose

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Buddy has no sympathy that KKKyle murdered the peaceful protester Rosenbaum(RIP King) who just happened to be a MAP. Like KKKyle knew when he pumped that poor little king's body full of lead (after crossing state lines)?

So all you libertarian supporters can fuck off. We need more like Kylie TRUMP 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Did KKKyle know Rosenbaum(RIP King) was an MAP? No because Rosenbaum didn't have his arrest history printed on his shirt. Also, Rosenbaum (RIP King) served his time and was a free man. KKKyle didn't consider or know any of this he was there just to kill antifa / BLM peaceful protestors.

I really hope I never encounter any of you sick twisted douche turds, your not liberal your something else.

:!brainletmaga: :marseykyle:

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Someone posted the Pibbles guide on Public Freakout

Mixed reactions so far. Seems like most people are appreciative but some have a hint of suspicion:

It’s an informative guide for sure. Does kind of read a bit “anarchist cookbook” especially where it says if your ntent is illegally shooting/hunting dogs.

This literally has recommendations for "stealth" techniques to murder dogs with. What in the actual fuck op?

Wtf is wrong with people? The option of very first resort is shoot the dog?

Others immediately recognize the value of the Pibbles guide:

all shitbulls are one split second of wrong scent in the air from mauling a child

What an unbelievably stupid comment. Do you honestly believe that any reasonable person should pause and consider the well-being of a dog if said dog is actively trying to fucking kill them/someone else?

Hats off to @gigavaxxinator for his guide, he should spend less time fucking around with faggy VR racing sims and more time writing drama guides.


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This boss is fucking hard core. Of course the tankies and lazy slobs in anti work are seething hard:

Boss daddy got there like all bosses do, hand outs and nepotism:

This is absolutely egregious. He doesn't want to admit he had it easy his whole life cause of daddy's money and influence.

This guys way smrtr anyway:

Bragging about a 125, and from an online test. Big oof.

IQ isn't real anyway

Also IQ isn't real. It's the original Myers-Briggs.

And, naturally, calls for violence against Boss Brainiac:

I bet his score would go down if someone smacked him in the dome with a tire iron.

No bonuses for you this year you dumb, antiwork slobs!


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Ultimate American Chad. Told to wait 10 minutes for a pizza by some punk 16 year old foid, leaves store, comes back in with his AK 47 and is given a free peperoni pizza by another customer.


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Not much of a cape cute twink myself but gotta admit I’m always down for a good kung fu movie and Shang Chi delivers in spades. In fact the majority of the movie is voiced in Chinese with subtitles.

Great stunts, visual effects, loveable characters but I noticed something really odd for a Marvel / Disney movie - not a single heckin person of colour. I mean, not one. There are some mayo characters but there aren’t even any black characters in the background even with the first half of the movie being staged in America.

I’d give it an 8 / 10 but I’m going to knock it down to 7 because there’s no black, latinx, or LGBTQ2SS characters like at all.

Heckin Disney I mean it’s {Current Year}. All the other Marvel properties are so diverse what happened?! So weird.


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I was submitting a comment about how Trump is a chud and I somehow sql injected the server (my 12 yo nephew is a hacker and he taught me that term). Are there any code-cels out there who can decipher this gibberish and use it for us all to print Drama Coin?

Also using EXIF data to dox me is strictly forbidden

And paging @Aevann I don't know if this is legit something concerning.


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They're complaining that MtF transpeople (aka valid women) are going to rape them or put them in some other kind of danger. Redditor masterminds squabble over solutions like

Making sure their weenies are completely cut off before they get access to foid jail, and build dedicated jails to hold them until the weenies are gone:

I love you Scott Wiener but fake transgender inmates wanting to get with the women are the threats. Wait until they fully transition before moving them. Keep them in a 3rd prison while transitioning.

We need to care about criminal's feelings more!

How do you expect people to change behavior (for the better) and successfully re-enter society after spending years where no one cares about their feelings?

Gender's a heckin' social construct-arino anyway, even the WHO says so!

Gender is often seen as a social construct, entirely dependant on the society you grew up in. If gender and sexuality were binary, we wouldn’t have trans people to begin with - hell, it totally discounts intersex people, who are born with both reproductive or sexual anatomy. Even the WHO describes it as such, varying from society to society.

Trans women need to be in foid jail because they need access to.. mamograms?

Transgender women can have functioning breasts, and therefore would require mammograms

Lot's of triggering potential here and some really big brained opinions.

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Thanksgiving Classic: WKRP Turkey Giveaway
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USA site admins are busy jerking each other off right now over turkeys and america football so now's the perfect time to talk about how inferior the USA and US culture is compared to what we have going on at home. I'll start:


First off, let it be known that Canada invented Thanksgiving, we celebrate it in October and the first recorded Thanksgiving feast was between Samuel de Champlain and the Mi'kmaq natives near what is modern day Québec City in 1606, this was 15 years before Plymouth Rock settlement. So, Yankees you are ripping off our holiday which isn't surprising considering how you basically steal and appropriate everything else in your "culture".

Some other notable wins for Canada:

  • Universal health care. You can grow as much cancer as you'd like in your body, you won't get a bill after doctors cut it all out of you.

  • Subsidized higher education. I don't know anyone outside of MDs and Lawyers how have massive student debt loads. Also you can get student loans through the government who don't charge massive interest amounts.

  • We speak English and French, not just the "American English" that Yankees speak

  • Nobody here says "Aboot", that's just a r-slurred American joke that we go along with while laughing behind their backs

  • You won't get shot and killed here for jogging or for peacefully protesting

  • We don't burn our cities down when we get pissed off about something

  • New parents get 1 year paid maternity / paternity leave

  • Legalized gay marriages in 2005, tens years before the USA

  • Decriminalized / Legalized cannabis federally, you won't go to jail for 25 years for pot charges

  • Way lower obesity rates

  • Our life expectancy is longer, murder rates way lower, poverty levels way lower, education and literacy levels higher, less suicide, lower infant mortality

That's just the start of it. If you want to here's an article with 99 reasons why we have it better than the USA: https://macleans.ca/news/canada/99-reasons-why-its-better-to-be-canadian/

I'd say the only area where we have it shit is with 2 weeks paid holidays to start - but that is because our economy is so tied with the Yankees we have to be labour competitive with their stupidity.

Anyway, please do share how your country is better than the USA below. And, Happy USA Thanksgiving to our American pals!

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Lib-tards point out the hypocrisy of Right-oids singing a known libertarian molesters song while Right-oids are notoriously obsessed with pizza consuming Democrat libertarians.

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Man teachers today have it tough, they're the real heroes of the modern age. Sure they get like 4 months of holiday per year and only have to work from 9 - 3:30 but look at some of the cope and seethe these fuckers have to endure. Here's today's highlights;


My kids don't feel safe in my class. How could they with a kid kicking everything in sight and throwing furniture? I called the office and no one came.

How could they with a kid kicking everything in sight and throwing furniture? I called the office and no one came.

Imagine being tasked with caring for children and being expected to do it alone. She totally should've been able to just curl up like a fetus in the corner and let the little monster smash the classroom up until a male principal came in to deal with the situation.


My husband who works in finance told me this morning that even though I (a high school teacher) make a shit salary, it evens out because I get a pension and good benefits. I’m shook. I couldn’t even find the words. Can you guys please comment below and share your struggles and show him how wrong he is?

She can't even defend herself and needs her peers to argue with her husband because, deep down, she knows he's wrong and teachers aren't fairly compensated despite their short hours, long yearly vacations, pensions, training allowances etc. But, maybe she's right:


I quit. I am a Second year teacher, I teach SPED RESOURCE 9-12. I turned in my resignation. The problem: I work as a waitress 3 nights a week and make more from that than I do teaching.

3 night shifts as a waitress nets more pay than full time teaching? :marseylaugh:

Most dramatic last.


Nearly 2 years into COVID, the kids have gone feral and teachers are their prey. Overwhelmed faculty members are pleading with parents to help the kids to stop acting like sociopaths and relearn basic social skills

Feral children running around preying on teachers! Like Lord of the Flies only with the Library as the killing field.

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I've uncovered what I think must be the most pathetic reddit profile I've ever encountered. Foids and moids I present to you:


✔Lame stereotype username about Atheism who "doesn't believe in ANYTHING" (https://old.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/qd72ch/anyone_else_feel_like_they_never_chose_not_to/)

✔Girl friend left him for another woman (https://old.reddit.com/r/stopdrinking/comments/q7rpjm/been_working_my_ass_off_to_do_everything_i_can_to/)

I know it’s lame as fuck, but I was madly in love with my ex after 6 years of being together. I wanted to get sober last year so I could propose

Then she talked to her girl, told me they were just going to hang out, told her it was a bad idea, and she gaslit the fuck out of me when I told her that despite her best intentions of just having a friend, I couldn’t trust that this girl wouldn’t try anything. Long short, I caught them in bed,

✔Works fast food despite being in his later 20s (https://old.reddit.com/r/KitchenConfidential/comments/n1ifyg/i_never_see_the_same_app_delivery_driver_twice_in/)

✔Smokes so much weed he can't afford to pay for other things like Christmas (https://old.reddit.com/r/trees/comments/e7z7tv/cant_afford_a_christmas_tree_this_year_on_account/)

✔Owns a STADIA (https://old.reddit.com/r/Stadia/comments/qwk5yn/stadia_gods_can_we_please_get_that_killer/)

✔Drops shrooms and LSD on weekdays (https://old.reddit.com/r/shrooms/comments/qdx0sw/absolutely_nothing_off_two_grams_of_golden/)

✔Plays with GUNDAMS that he buys thanks to gift cards (https://old.reddit.com/r/Gunpla/comments/9fvhfo/very_first_build_havent_bought_the_finishing_bits/)

✔Dog he was tasked with watching died because it "got off it's leash" when he was walking it to go buy more weed (https://old.reddit.com/r/stopdrinking/comments/i5myvg/im_almost_2_weeks_sober_after_3_detoxs_over_the/)

I already went to the store and bought 3 nips. I’m holding one in my hand but I’m trying to call everyone and do anything I can. But I am fucking broken right now, I fucking loved that dog, and I had to watch my girlfriend’s dad break down. He said it was like losing a child. I fucking got his dog killed because I showed him that my girlfriend was coming back from across the street to us. He got so excited, and broke the clasp free on his collar. Car came at the perfect time, he didn’t die immediately, but died in my arms shortly after.

✔Was so alcoholic that he drank himself to "bone death" in his hips (https://old.reddit.com/r/stopdrinking/comments/pw9wu5/152_days_sober_today_here_with_a_warning_to_the/)

Just got diagnosed with avascular necrosis, or osteonecrosis of the femoral joints in my hips. Turns out brutally heavy drinking can cause bone death in your hips and possibly knees, causing chronic debilitating pain.

I have literally never seen anyone post so many hard Ls to their public profile on Reddit. Of course I ran into this guy cheering the virtues of Communism on the r-slurred Warhammer thread that was posted here last week. He's unironically very pro-Commie, anti-Work and just probably the biggest loser I've ever seen on Reddit which is pretty hard.

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I've grown fond of these critters too thanks to all you r-slurs. But they're SCAREY! They're invading towns in Argentina now and it's no joke.

Look at these beasts. They've also been known to injure doggos. Here's a doggo below that was bit by one of the invading Capybaras.

It's not joke. Anyway, beware the invading giant rodents and make sure to lock up your pets!


BONUS : After party!

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I wish I could be a stripper. Seriously before I got into the corporate world I was in a furniture warehouse and it was the same thing. If you had a problem with a guy you could tell him to fuck off or meet you in the parking lot.

First off I have no doubt you could be a stripper.

I don't think men like overweight middle aged strippers don't be so sure.

Before marriage I used to go to a strip club for lunch when I worked downtown- they had great food, good prices and nice people. Got to know a number of dancers, many who were going to college and were very smart.

Strip clubs are cornerstones of the community, high dining and full of intellectuals.

You could probably post this in r/antiwork, too. If you wanted to. A lot of support and corporate hate over there.

And of course, anti-work is sympathetic to ex-strippers who are now forced to gasp write polite emails!

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Guy asks for 2 hours of her whore time, she's happy, guy asks to see more recent photos to verify what he's paying for, she obliges, he promptly cold cancels. Whores seethe that men are scum.

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The moderators are deleting comments that mention the fact that the deceased hostile assailants in the Rittenhouse case were convicted felons, one of which was a convicted serial child male feminist.

probably because those people didn't get a trial due to Rittenhouse murdering them. Just a thought.

Self defense.

If you have a tiny dick, I guess I could see that POV 😂 who TF brings guns to a protest other than incel wannabe fascist fucks?

I really hope the jury takes a long time. Kylie is the best thing to happen to thee drama economy in a long time.

Edit: this shit is a powder keg waiting to explode. It's going to be glorious meltdowns from every side. We could really use one of ours on the scene.


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Chuds won't accept one of their own.

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Unusual coping and seething on both sides of the vaccine debate in Canadaland. War veterans and unknown soldiers BTFO.

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“She” is a two x poster but also has like 80k karma so I just asked the obvious questions. Aren’t women supportive of the trans movement?

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Kids these days just have no respect for other people's property.

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