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Bussy blaster supreme-o. Resident Leaf. Marsey aficionado. :marseyagree:

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Drama occurring in Nunavut where city officials continue to be perplexed as to why and how diesel fuel is in the cities water (hint: some asshole pumped diesel fuel into the water supply) their best guess is because of Climate Change(tm).

City officials have good news in that at least it isn’t Benzene - benzene can give you asshole cancer where diesel just makes you barf and pass out.

It’s not ideal, of course. It caused those headaches and stomach issues people around Iqaluit have been reporting for the past few weeks but, says Patterson, ingesting these chemicals is not known to cause long-term health effects in humans.

No biggie just like a bad buzz and hangover. At least it’s not Benezene.

Cost to repair the water system for the city of approx 35,000 is estimated to be 130-150 million. Meanwhile people are drinking water out of the nearby river while all businesses and even Hospitals are closed.

Related reddit seethes blame Colonialism even though whitey doesn’t live up there because it’s too shitty.


Reasonable Mayo asks:

The people living there have made a choice to stay there, and try to make a home / life out of it. I really struggle to understand how that's the responsibility of government.

People have lived and survived up there for thousands and thousands of years. They had to find sustainable water for that to happen. How did they manage in the past? Why is it now the governments responsibility to provide this water?

Fuck you whitey! Whitey came and fucked up their lives, so help us you mayo prick!

They were able to live and flourish up there and all over canada for that matter before the europeans came.... and then their way of life was corrupted to the point where there are too many external forces hindering their ability to survive.

The eastern Canadian Chipmunk is a member of the squirrel family. It differs from the squirrel in that it is smaller and that it has large cheek pouches capable of storing a large quantity of nuts or seeds which it stores as it retreats back to its burrow. Eastern Canadian Chipmunks are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day and sleep at night. They have litters of 4-6 kits during the springtime and work tirelessly over the summer months to accumulate food stocks to last through the winter months while it hibernates.

Please enjoy our government produced video documenting the Chipmunk in this episode of Hinterland Who's Who.

Suicided husband, small town life with judgemental fundies, no car, no money, living in a campground... I'd feel badly if I didn't think this was all bullshit and expect the inevitable GoFundMe plug to fleece bucks from naive reddit retards. Some choice text:

We have been at the campground since October 1st and have been going to the township for dinners every night. The township is going to be closed for a week to “covid clean” so I needed ideas on how I could stretch a dollar.

Choice trolling response:

The first post had too many rude trolls telling me to feed my kids pennies and to end my life too so my kids would go to a “proper” mother.

Replies are expected mix of "America sux", "fuck christian churches" and "feels bad man". I'm waiting for the GoFundMe which should come any minute now.

I think something is seriously broken in this lolcows head. Perfect stereo type - believes the science and is le superior intellect even when debating morally grey subjects like if it’s OK to inject meth while pregnant (his scientists(tm) say it’s NBD).

Edit: Fucking pig won't stop replying. I'm honestly testing how far reddit will let you reply to a thread before telling you to fuck off. I think I'm going to spend the rest of my life with this guy.


Update 2: He now says that trans is mental illness and needs to die.

Wait, hold on, so you're against me acknowledging that trans people should have better access to mental health services


Interesting trend in subs like public freakout. Anytime anyone gives a cop even the slightest break the probability of a Reddit Resistance™ member calling you a "boot licker" inevitably reaches 1. I've noticed that it's become very fetishized for some of these scumbags. Examples.

User says it's a dick move to film the inside of a cop's car, standing inches away from the passenger door:

Why are police allowed to assault people for no reason you boot licking piece of shit?

Lick those boots. They were exercising their constitutional rights. That pig should've complied with the law.



User asks if it's better to use non-violent noise cannon to deal with protestors rather than water cannons and riot sticks. Gets boot-slut shamed:

Shut the fuck up and go back to licking boots. Enjoy the boots!


This one's particularly good and you can see how this Resister™ has clearly fetishized the boot thing as he compares it to fellatio. When a common sense user suggests that the video is cut and there may be more important context:

Lol. You think cops are innocent until proven guilty but not protesters. Do you gargle boot polish before you deep throat or do you spit shine after?


They're clearly employing a kind of slut shaming technique against common sense people that they themselves have clearly fetishized, they're boot-slut-shaming, and they really should get bullied for it imho.

It gave me a stoke... feel better now though.

Go to ruqqus home page I can’t re submit the link as a post.

Carp rubbing salt in the wounds of seething ruqqoid righties and incels. I might read it next time I have to shit.

Why watch documentaries when he could be raiding neighbours recycling for cans and playing switch tho?

Just when I thought Reddit couldn't get any gayer.

He’s been following and replying to every post I’ve ever made absolutely seething about our grindmaxxers lifestyle.

I've had friends who came from India who were appalled to learn how unbelievably conservative the US is. The legal forced child marriages, culture encouraging sexual assault, and intense sexism that pervades American culture was something they'd basically never had to encounter before coming to the US

Users post replies explaining that India has bride burnings, a super rape problem and an oppressive caste system but "his Indian friends" know better and pulls race card somehow.

I've never been to India [but] I know when my source is an Indian. I have no reason to justify their upbringing to you and your racist caricatures.

Redditors falling over themselves to pat based sexy Indian dude government on the back for tax-payer funded bussies while blasting oppressive America.