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Kristallmopt Bug Chaser Lab Rat Little Big Spender Halloween 21 Christmas 21 Nword Pass Fart-Free Alpha User 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor 1 Year Old 🥰

my mom sent this to my sister i’m genuinely sobbing. i’m going to admit myself i can’t take this. i haven’t even used my OF in a year and i don’t have the link anywhere anymore. i did it at the beginning of covid bc i was broke from getting laid off and waiting for unemployment. https://t.co/O4f63QPYpJ


The proof they provided:

take your “proof?” tweets and go somewhere else. if i show the rest it’s too much personal info. https://t.co/QNiYUfZWMw


Breakdown of what happened:

She posted a pic of her shaking her flat ass in a g string and it went viral because someone said she needed a government mandated bbl. Some other people posted her gofundme for her bbl and only fans acct.

I don’t think it was necessary to put “flat”, you could had just simply put she didn’t fit into societal standards

now you got people laughing at the fact that an innocent person literally got their address and private info leaked and victim blaming that is weird

Victim blaming is always fun:

All I got from this is you put out whatever adult content online for anyone to see or save and it came back to hunt you. Sad to say but don’t make OF if you aren’t prepared for things like this.

dont do of

Have you read the rest of the thread. It was a last resort after getting laid off and being unemployed during Covid and she hasn’t touched it since

Short version:

>Zizek's argument, in brief, is

>(1) Russia & Ukraine is analogous to the US & Iraq; both invasions are brutal and violate freedom

>(2) if Russia controlled Ukraine, regional leftists would shift the focus toward opposing Russian occupation and away from opposing capitalism



Lowkey blaming Jews is the foundation of left wing politics:

The article is pretty good actually, though I don't think that Ukraine is really fighting for "global freedom" as he stated at the end. Especially since Zelensky and previous Ukrainian govs support Israel.

I believe he's reffering to the fact that the consequences are hugely consequential to global freedom, and in that if they lose Russia's imperialism will be emboldened and cause immeasurable harm. It's not about Ukraine's politics, it's about them being unjustly invaded.

America using military action is peak freedom and democracy chud:

we do not need more western imperialism to counter russian imperialism

no, NATO is part of Western sphere. Without NATO, its members are not going to oppose US anyway, because US is too powerful. Russia has its version of NATO, it is small because nobody wants to be friends with Russia. NATO has kept peace in Europe since WWII

USA doesn't need NATO for imperialism. Never even used NATO for imperialism. The only thing that makes country join NATO is enemy that only USA can protect from. Dissolve NATO and every RU neighbor will make bilateral alliance with USA, giving USA more power.

Which flag will you display modern man?:

I maintain that once Russia is Liberalised (tm) NATO should be dissovled in favour of a more general western alliance that can extend reach into the pacific and africa as well as just europe



Ngl I love it when leftards go full based:

This twitter profile is the best example of why Americans shouldn't be allowed to talk about foreign affairs

You’re a vassal state for the US lol you should know your place

Americans know what they're talking about and should be allowed to continue speaking. Poles like yourself on the other hand are genetically destined to be stupid and shouldn't be allowed to talk at all, about anything, politics or not. You do realize Zizek is Slovenian, right?

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Chuds be fuming and meming.



Not that dramatic just nubians reacting using quirky memes.

Eat his children for nourishment:

And these little buggers are call chontacuro or coconut larva, taste like smoked bacon butter balls with a crunch on the head (optional) Great with a little picante and soja

Scroll up to see what they look like.

This is the ultimate move to end the hustle and bustle menace:

Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Florida would make a great country. Oil, gas, agriculture, ports. Everything you need.

3/4 of commiefornia too. Carve out LA, SF and SD and leave those for the left. The rest of us would be on board.

It's not my fault you're too lazy to start your own country:

If Texas secedes, Republicans will never win the White House again. We need Texas's electoral votes to help offset the automatic commiefornia and New York electoral votes that the Dems get.

Sounds like a personal problem. Texans deserve the right to secede. If you don’t like it, secede yourself or move to Texas.

There's no right to secession. Constitutional republic, representative democracy, pick your colloquialism, it's all Federalism in the end. This has already been decided once before.

Rightoids now in favour of aborting helpless, infantile things:

DC, IL, MN, OR, WA, MI, PA, MA, MD, NoVa need to be added to that list. These states are consumers and long ago stopped adding to the nation... Except debt, crime and bad policy.

I'm not sure if any of these Twitterinos have actually thought this through:

Seriously though NH has been trying to secede from the Union for years. Think about the Power those 3 states would have. The biggest Militia, plenty of space to grow food as well as other raw goods and energy. We would be a powerhouse of a Union!

Wrong. Texas companies corporations like SpaceX, Tesla, Hp, would no longer pay a federal tax to the us treasury. The revenue flow would invert.

DDD is the rightoid version of Voldemort except they see voting for someone else as a battle:

I'm not sure about this. Don't we need Texas and Florida fighting against Brandon's regime and setting an example. What happens when Texas succeeds against the United States.

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  • HotHogLLC: Mom said it's my turn to join the circlejerk

Nice try chud:

>How about we just use highly technical medical terms, preferably in Latin, for all diseases?


Statistically speaking he reacted appropriately.

The founding fathers were also sexist for not calling it the 2nd awomandment:

Why do they think 2A is about overthrowing the government? From a founding father’s perspective it makes no sense. They wanted the country to go on.

And there's the sticky point in your argument. Government does not equal country. The people are more important than a government. If a government became rotten, the Founders were OK with it being overthrown and starting over. That's what they had just done with the Crown.

Ngl watching a platoon of fat rightoids on scooters roll through would be hilarious:

[My son (ex-military) is worried. He’s got his finger on the pulse and he says in uprising is imminent.

The guys are forming militia and they aren’t playin](https://https://twitter.com/LaughlinDebora/status/1534243606923399169?t=SPLZ3QQeYlPbFmVhPixhDA&s=19)

The people plotting and promoting civil war aren’t in financial straits, they see their white, male, Christian power slipping.

Black women girlboss culture is just code for terrorism:

What is it about people and guns ? Are plastics affecting mens testosterone levels that they feel the need to arm up with weapons that were meant for war situations ? I’m so sad about what our country has become.

The largest purchaser of handguns is currently african American women. Fyi

Maybe, but AR type weapons that kill are bought by men.

What's the point of having guns if you aren't flexing 24/7:

Yep. Had a brief discussion with new neighbor. “Have to hold on to our AR-15s in case we need to overthrow the govt., children be damned.” They prominently display gun paraphernalia in their garage window.

To watch 3 months of unmanned drone domination & satellite-guided precision munitions bulls-eying OTH bunkers, but then not see the outdated pointlessness of a long riffle in a 2nd civil war. Think Sherman’s March from coast to coast w/ predator drones, NSA data, cell pings, AI .

One BIPOC decides mayo culture is superior, others clapback:

When a people conquers and colonizes, then they can do whatever they please. I'm not shock. I guess we gonna have to conquer and colonize what was conquered and colonized from us. It's better than tweeting and debating about it: https://t.co/LrDM9CniB1

Where are you and your family uprising or colonizing? Let us know

Go for it. Enjoy the fbi visit

Mayo immigrants need to be sterilized to prevent anchor babies:

As long as she was born in Haiti 🇭🇹 what’s the problem?

Smh I been to Haiti many times, saddens me every time I visit. White and Asian own all the nice supermarkets while Haitian natives have dirt floors and unfinished brick walls. If you don’t see why this a problem then you 🦝 is more lost than we think, absolutely unreachable.

Never forget the real enemy are those insidious African Americans:

The Haitian people are probably fine with it to.. smh

They got all the smoke for #FBA but when it comes to this nonsense they quite asf…🙄😒

No discussion about race is complete without some thirsty mfs rolling thru:

I wonder what gym she goes to... Those calves are poppin!

Longer 5 min video.

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Just stunning says Yahoo article.




First comment:

He's right. Its not.

And the fact that gas prices are hitting new highs WORLDWIDE would indicate that Biden policies are not responsible for the increase.

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of this right-wing conservative circle-jerk that /r/economy has become. Keep putting those stickers on the gas pumps you donuts.

Immediate longpost response:


Followed by protracted arguing:

Poeple shit conservatives because everyone else from all other political spectrums will actually try to hear them out, yet conservatives refuse to do the same. They are the definition of bad faith actors.

That's a whole lot of words to say some stupid both sides bullshit

He might be a redditor for 3 months, but it shows you’ve been a redditor for 9 years. You’ve swallowed the whole reddit metaphorical dick and balls to the point that others can’t differentiate you from your typical redditor. Lost behind a keyboard.

Says the gme guy. Gurgle gurgle indeed.

"but with a recession looming ". Why do you assume a recession is looming Because of artificially high gas prices or because Elon has a "super bad feeling".

You really play this whole anyone that disagrees with me hates minorities card.

If anyone is super into the oil industry or arguing about it there's a lot going on in there.

Everyone else in here is also probably a r-slur:


This was during the George Floyd riots in Tampa Florida. I live about 10mins from that Walmart. Large quantity theft is not uncommon at this Walmart, but this night was insane.

Real? Fake?