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I like cute things and yummy things o(≧∀≦)o










Everyone here is my friend ^3^

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My exploration of fringe political spheres on Roblox was sparked by coming across a Roblox rally for the American Valkist Party on YouTube. This spun me, I was unsure of who this group were and stunned to see political organisation overlayed with nationalist marching music in a game that I considered as bootleg Mine*raft.

This was of course a LARP and based in a role play Roblox group, but I was still interested. In going down this rabbit-hole I came across a whole ecosystem and spectrum of political groups participating in a variety of activity. And whilst a rightwing presence in Roblox is well documented I hadn’t expected a group with such a small following to have established such a clear identity with its own manifestos, marching songs and developed political philosophy.

With Roblox being a massive service having around 43 million daily players these niche political corners are minute relative to other communities but harbour very keen participants who throw themselves into the groups. It’s important to understand that Roblox isn’t a game but instead a platform in which players and groups can create private or public games and experiences. It provides a virtual world to LARP and sandbox fringe, niche, or transgressive politics. The way Roblox groups are structured seems to favour this political factionialism as a group is able to display their allies and their enemies. For example, anti-fascist Roblox group The Fifth International lists their allies to be the Anarchist-Communist Combatants and the LGBT Anarchist Society whilst their enemies are The Right Arm Revolutionaries (a Roblox milita) and the Anarcho Capitalists. :marseyfacepalm:


The Valkist party name originated from an alternative history mod called the Fuhrerreich for the game Hearts of Iron IV(HOI4), a strategy wargame that focuses on World War II. In this game the player may take control of any nation in 1939 and lead them to victory or defeat against other countries. The Fuherreich was an alt history mod that built on top of a pre-existing alt history mod, the Kaiserreich mod which is very well established. The Fuhrerreich mod creates an alternative history for what is already alternative history and is a speculative scenario where people of the Kaiserreich universe (where Germany won the first world war) contemplate what a German loss in the First World War might have led to. In this mod the Valkist beliefs are essentially ‘diet fascism’, instead of following a race science they were Cultural Nationalists who believed their culture was superior to other cultures. :marseyrightoidschizo:


After the American Valkist Party manifesto was posted to the Fuherreich subreddit, the reaction was shock :marseypearlclutch: and confusion at seeing a name familiar to them break the boundaries of their game. A debate ensued as to if this ideology that originated from the mod now ‘existed’ and if it was serious with many who previously dismissed it as a troll now having second thoughts after reading through the manifesto. To the Fuherreich players coming into contact with a manifesto expanding on an ideology local to their game blurred the lines between alternative history, role play and the real world.:marseylain:


From this the American Valkist Party was born with a mass of activity in mid 2020. A mix of symbols associated with paganism and nationalism went alongside the use of Wojak memes and fashwave :marseyunpettable: to craft a clear identity for the party. This followed its politics which at this point appeared to be largely similar to the ideology presented in the Fuherreich mod. Debates were held in private groups and in the public nUSA server rallies and marches took place brandishing Valkist flags and uniform in an effort to recruit.



The manifesto seen by the subreddit was also covered in a video by ‘Chief’, the leader of the Valkist party, reading through it. It’s now been removed from YouTube, but it outlined the politics of the Valkist Party at this point in time. The video was titled ‘What is Valkism? An In Depth Explanation’.


The 'Chief' of this party seems to be a man/child/man-child named Aaron Morvaec, who used the @ AhrennMorvek on his socials.

https://rblx.trade/u/AhrennMorvek [Banned]


https://twitter.com/ahrennmorvek [Deleted]

https://youtube.com/channel/UCnrk6Nyy-1h7xbcujpbtZYA [His YT channel, seems to be abandoned]

At some point the Nazi LARP got out of hand and moved to unironic fascist belief and aesthetic, including adopting 'black shirts' :marseyauthright: as their ingame uniform.




In the period following the new manifesto and aesthetic the Valkist party came under increasing pressure on all sides that threatened its existence. This started with attacks on the Valkist Discord and the leaders personal Discord from Patriot Imperium (another neo-nazi Roblox group that had previously not got on with the Valkist leader) resulting in these getting banned. At around the same time the group's Roblox page was also getting reported along with the accounts of members. This resulted in Ahrenn getting banned and the Roblox group getting locked. Finally, the nUSA Discord server chose to ban the group effectively excluding them from the role play space.


You'll notice in these screenshots that 'Chief' says he wants to focus on finishing highschool, meaning this guy is literally a kid who got radicalized into Nazism by playing too many video games :marseymanysuchcases:. /r/BanVideoGames vindicated once again.

Bannings had happened before and were a common occurrence for these groups with many getting banned and then resurfacing under a different name whilst holding the same views. But it seemed the pressure from multiple angles hit the leader hard and left them with little other option but to put the group on hiatus and stop playing Roblox for the time being.

So, what came after this? The leader took a break from Roblox saying goodbyes and that they wouldn’t be returning to nUSA. Some time later they formed a new party, the American Union Movement which appeared to follow Falangism, an authoritarian conservative ideology originating from Spanish fascist groups in the 1930s. :marseysigh: This Roblox group was very short lived and had very little content put out for it. A return to nUSA was then promised on Twitter followed shortly by this tweet.


This was on 6Nov2021, however his roblox account seems to have been deleted and it's unknown whether he came back under a different name.


This group is on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

This scenario goes on to show how much influence social media and the internet has on zoomers, to the point where they are literally unable to form any independent beliefs outside of their little bubble. The ironypoisoning that takes place in these communities is because in the absence of any constructive interaction the users rely on shock and extreme beliefs to push each other over into more wingcucked territory. The HOI4 community seems to be filled with some of the most neurodivergent people on this planet. Remember how the Supreme Gentleman mentioned in his manifesto he couldn't get girls in high school because he was too busy playing World of Warcraft? HOI4 is this generation's WoW. We're going to see a wave of 'ironic' mass shootings done by nihilistic zoomers who have never had a single sincere opinion because they're too busy LARPing on the internet.

Sourced from here with added links and more context


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After a hiatus of two years due to the raging Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese President recently attended the 22nd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), held this time in Uzbekistan. Strangely, however, despite being a founding member of the eight-nation influential grouping, Xi Jinping maintained a relatively low profile. He attended the summit, no doubt, but he did not indulge in one-to-one meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin nor with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Xi hurriedly left the SCO meet on 16 September after perhaps getting an inkling of things to come in China. He skipped his informal dinner with the Russian President once again citing Covid-19 concerns. Local reports suggested that Xi was worried about something back home in China and did not even wait for the SCO summit to be officially declared over before he left for his country.

On his arrival, the Chinese President was detained at the airport and is believed to be currently under house arrest in Zhongnanhai’s house.


Flights in and out of Bejing have been cancelled, apparently bus services are suspended too.

Two Large Snakes Mating
<div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;height:0;overflow:hidden;"> <iframe allow="autoplay" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="100%" src="https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x2yzody?autoplay=1" style="width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px;overflow:hidden" type="text/html" width="100%"> </iframe> </div>

Welcome to Historical Dramanauts, a series where we discuss individuals who would be considered dramapilled or who created and continue to create drama through their eccentricities and drama-tik behaviour! This will be the first (and probably last since I'm lazy) article in a series to revive the /h/istory hole.


Not much is known about his (((early life))) although he might have been forging things since his teenage years. His first big catch was a fake biography of Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini that was more fiction than fact, containing persona entirely made up by Nicotra and imaginary conversations :marseyschizo: that seemed to have been inspired by his own life. It was a very popular book in the United States. In fact, in 1932, he returned to the United States leading a salon orchestra impersonating Riccardo Drigo, an Italian composer who had died in 1930.

His forgeries of composer autographs were described by Harry Haskell as "convincingly executed".  He achieved this by visiting libraries in Milan housing historical manuscripts, and tearing out flyleaves (blank pages at the front or back of books) on which he would then add autographs:marseybigbrain:.  He wrote on said pages taken from those old manuscripts with a quill using iron-gall ink, which gave the forged documents an air of legitimacy by making them seem aged:marseynotes:.

He also hoodwinked the U.S. Library of Congress into buying a fake Mozart manuscript in 1928. :marseykneel:

In 1934, he was finally arrested by the Milan police:marseycop:, who found a virtual forgery factory in his apartments, strewn with counterfeit documents that appeared to bear the signatures of Columbus, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci:marseypainter:, George Washington:marseyfloyd:, the Marquis de Lafayette, Martin Luther:marseyluther:, Warren G. Harding and other famous figures.

When interrogated about his motives for forging, Nicotra said “I did it,” “to support my seven loves.”:gigachad: In addition to forged documents of historical figures, investigators also discovered 'shrines' dedicated to seven of his mistresses:marseybride:. These included paintings, sketches and photographs of various women — one of whom was said to be a “novelty dancer:marseytwerkinit:,” and another an “expert swimmer :marseyliathomas: ” — with fresh flowers in front of each. The pictures in some cases displayed their physical attractions with "frank earnestness" :marseycoomer2: , investigators said.

That's right, not only was he on the grindset :marseybuff:, he was also a coomer with seven waifus :marseycatgirl:

Nicotra cast a wide net in the types of documents he counterfeited, and seems to have possessed real talent and learning. He forged a poem he claimed was by the Italian Renaissance poet Tasso, musical manuscripts by leading composers, and accidently started a major international incident by creating a fake Columbus letter identifying his birthplace as Spain:marseyflagspain:, not Italy, prompting the mayor of Genoa to write a lengthy rebuttal reaffirming Columbus’ Italian ancestry:marseypizzaslice:.

On 9 November 1934 he was sentenced to two years in prison,  based on testimony by Arturo's son Walter:marseywalterwhite: Toscanini and librarians from Milan whose testimony described him ruining manuscripts in their libraries :marseyrage: .

However this free bird still had some flight:marseyplane: left in him.

In 1935, Nicotra was paroled early by the National Fascist Party led by Benito Mussolini:marseycatgirlhomofascist:, who were so impressed by his skills that they made him forge signatures for them, turning him into the official forger of Italy.

Recently, the University of Michigan Library announced that one of its most prized possessions, a manuscript said to have been written by Galileo around 1610, was in fact a 20th-century fake. The discovery of the fake Galileo leaves open the question of what happened to the many other forgeries Nicotra created, which he was quoted as saying could number as many as 600. Article.

What have you done to equal this guy, rdrama?

Woman gets husband ‘married’ to his transwoman lover :marseypajeet::marseytrans2:

Which one of our :marseytunaktunak: dramanauts is this?

In a script that can certainly fit in for a Bollywood movie script, a woman sacrificed her five-year-old marriage and got her husband married to his transwoman lover in Odisha. The woman not only gave her consent for the marriage, she even stays with them under the same roof.

The incident reported from Dhurkuti village under Narla block in Kalahandi district has become the talk of the town.

The 32-year-old man Fakir Nial was married for five years and has a two-year-old son. However, he fell in love with the transwoman Sangeeta over the past one year.

"We are all happy for both and wish them a prosperous life in the future," Kamini told TOI over telephone.

Femboy is a transphobic slur

"F*mboy" is a slur that has its origins in pornography and is used to misgender and fetishise trans girls. If you are a feminine boy just call yourself a roseboy or flower boy or just feminine boy it's not hard.

Petition to rename House Femboy to House Roseboy

Lol apparently I'm a hate account for not wanting people to use slurs. So true



Official statement by Nigel Farage regarding Big Chungus:marseychungus:
New political spectrum dropped:marseygrilling2:
On Cats:marseyexcited: and Human Nature

I do like cats. They are so unconsciously amusing. There is such a comic dignity about them, such a "How dare you!" "Go away, don't touch me" sort of air. Now, there is nothing haughty about a dog. They are "Hail, fellow, well met" with every Tom, Dick, or Harry that they come across. When I meet a dog that I know I slap his head, call him all kinds of names, and roll him over on his back; and there he lies, gaping at me, and doesn't mind it a bit.

Fancy carrying on like that with a cat! Why, she would never speak to you again as long as you lived. No, when you want to win the approbation of a cat you must mind what you are about and work your way carefully. If you don't know the cat, you had best begin by saying, "Poor pussy." After which add "did 'ums" in a tone of soothing sympathy. You don't know what you mean any more than the cat does, but the sentiment seems to imply a proper spirit on your part, and generally touches her feelings to such an extent that if you are of good manners and passable appearance she will stick her back up and rub her nose against you. Matters having reached this stage, you may venture to chuck her under the chin and tickle the side of her head, and the intelligent creature will then stick her claws into your legs; and all is friendship and affection, as so sweetly expressed in the beautiful lines—

 "I love little pussy, her coat is so warm,

 And if I don't tease her she'll do me no harm;

 So I'll stroke her, and pat her, and feed her with food,

 And pussy will love me because I am good."

The last two lines of the stanza give us a pretty true insight into pussy's notions of human goodness. It is evident that in her opinion goodness consists of stroking her, and patting her, and feeding her with food. I fear this narrow-minded view of virtue, though, is not confined to pussies. We are all inclined to adopt a similar standard of merit in our estimate of other people. A good man is a man who is good to us, and a bad man is a man who doesn't do what we want him to. The truth is, we each of us have an inborn conviction that the whole world, with everybody and everything in it, was created as a sort of necessary appendage to ourselves. Our fellow men and women were made to admire us and to minister to our various requirements. You and I, dear reader, are each the center of the universe in our respective opinions. You, as I understand it, were brought into being by a considerate Providence in order that you might read and pay me for what I write; while I, in your opinion, am an article sent into the world to write something for you to read. The stars—as we term the myriad other worlds that are rushing down beside us through the eternal silence—were put into the heavens to make the sky look interesting for us at night; and the moon with its dark mysteries and ever-hidden face is an arrangement for us to flirt under.

"Tis vanity that makes the world go round." I don't believe any man ever existed without vanity, and if he did he would be an extremely uncomfortable person to have anything to do with. He would, of course, be a very good man, and we should respect him very much. He would be a very admirable man—a man to be put under a glass case and shown round as a specimen—a man to be stuck upon a pedestal and copied, like a school exercise—a man to be reverenced, but not a man to be loved, not a human brother whose hand we should care to grip. Angels may be very excellent sort of folk in their way, but we, poor mortals, in our present state, would probably find them precious slow company. Even mere good people are rather depressing. It is in our faults and failings, not in our virtues, that we touch one another and find sympathy. We differ widely enough in our nobler qualities. It is in our follies that we are at one. Some of us are pious, some of us are generous. Some few of us are honest, comparatively speaking; and some, fewer still, may possibly be truthful. But in vanity and kindred weaknesses we can all join hands. Vanity is one of those touches of nature that make the whole world kin.

~From Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow


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QuadNarca's comment - https://rdrama.net/post/92197/my-partner-keeps-deadnaming-and-misgendering/2455638?context=8#context

LLM's ban post - https://rdrama.net/post/92060/landlord-messiah-has-finally-been-completely



Federal anti-terrorism agents claim Alejandro Richard Velasquez Gomez,who turns 19 on Friday, made a credible threat against participants of the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa and that he aimed to go to Florida to carry it out in late July.

The FBI office in Phoenix alerted the FBI in San Antonio to Velasquez’s social media posts. Agents here found that his Instagram page featured the warning, “July 22 is the day of retribution the day I will have revenge against all of humanity which all of you will pay for my suffering.”

He is charged with making threatening interstate communications and possession of child pornography — the latter count related to images found on his phone.

:marseytime: Like clockwork, Latinx incel manlet gets arrested for threatening to blow up TPUSA events, police discover CP on phone. :marseymanysuchcases:

Various reactions from certain corners of the web

Graf - https://poa.st/@graf/posts/AMfvfZ7dvqqIvcWn68

Pictures of Alejandro with Fuentes, Milo and Baked Alaska - https://nitter.it/VHS_Archive/status/1560625612401909761#m


Fuentes reacts - https://nitter.it/VHS_Archive/status/1560634319634419712#m

Mister Metokur - https://nitter.it/QuarantinedCoof/status/1560614692833353728#m

New Zealand Agriculture forum thread - https://kiwifarms.net/threads/alejandro-richard-velasquez-gomez-latinxzoomer-mestizozoomer-indiozoomer.101641/

Blowing up on twitter - https://twitter.com/search?q=latinxzoomer&src=typeahead_click


The figures announced by Mr. Chebukati are null and void and must be quashed by a court of law. In our view, there is neither a legally and validly declared winner nor a President-Elect.

Deputy President William Ruto has been declared the winner of Kenya's presidential election amid dramatic scenes.

He narrowly beat his rival, Raila Odinga, taking 50.5% of the vote, according to the official results.

The announcement was delayed amid scuffles and allegations of vote-rigging by Mr Odinga's campaign.

Four of the seven members of the electoral commission refused to endorse the result, saying it was "opaque".

Kenya's history of disputed elections in the past have led to violence or the whole process election being cancelled. Following the 2007 vote, at least 1,200 people were killed and 600,000 fled their homes following claims of a stolen election.

Let's go:marseyflamewar:

Cherera later said that one of her main claims was based on a mathematical error. She had originally highlighted that the vote percentages for the race's four candidates added up to 100.01%, saying the additional 0.01% represented 142,000 votes, enough to potentially sway the election.


Responding to a Reuters query, Cherera later acknowledged that 0.01% of the 14.2 million votes cast was actually 1,420, but said the tally still showed a lack of quality control of the data.

It's over for arithmeticels :marseyschrodinger:

“Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues & have begun ongoing treatment. I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior," Ezra Miller says. "I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life."

Good to see them getting the help they need ^_^

/r/entertainment thread



What medical tests should I get done before marrying my cousin? : /r/pakistan



It is allowed in Islam and it's not gross

Did you know know the chance of you're child being born with a generic disorder is higher if you give birth after the age of 30 than it is getting married to your cousin? So far the only thing holding your view together is subjective reasoning, you find it gross, hardly empirical.

Incest defenders


Oops..... I remember you now lady..... wanna have a chat? A decent one this time?..... I'm gonna dm you now and we're gonna clear the air..... would it be good with you?

Least horny Pakistani

An IQ test because why the fuck would you marry your cousin

Its his choice and its allowed in Islam. He also didn't specify if this has been going in the family for generations


Majority of Pakistani’s are extreme virgins who have 0 experience in talking to females outside besides their family members or cousins. That’s why they just marry cousins en-masse. Even the ones overseas like in the UK end up going back to Pakistan to marry because they can’t get a girl in the UK.

Cousin marriage is the same as incest. No wonder the state Pakistan is in right now, when most of the country is inbred.

Wow so rude :marseyannoyed:

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Good morning \\^o^/

:marseyjanny: locked thread

I just got banned from /r/witchesvspatriarchy for taking offense at the fact that they were saying abortion rights are a "uterus owner issue". I personally find it degrading to women. I do believe people are awful to trans people online but if "trans women are women" , why call us brithing people

Against. It feels very utterly dehumanising to me. Why we never see ejaculators or sperm havers? Penised individuals? Extremely misogynistic with a little more work.Birthing people has got to be the one that gets on my nerves the most. Say people who can give birth if you think you cannot say women. But using “birthing” as if that’s our only function, or saying uterus/vulva haver is 🤮

I will continue using women.

So if someone has a defective uterus or had to get it removed due to medical reason, then they are not women anymore???!! 🤔/s

not all but so many of you are so transphobic. i agree that the term birthing person or whatever is extremely weird and dehumanising but you don't need to put down trans people's struggles to get the point across. as a gender fluid person who can give birth, it's so disheartening to see these comments :/

Cis queer woman here, I'm so sorry you have to read through some of these comments! I always thought this sub was supportive of trans/NB people but this discussion has completely eroded that belief. So many comments saying "I support trans rights BUT... " and then going on to make a transphobic comment.

"Birthing partner" is also a term used among lesbian parents to refer to the person giving birth. It doesn't mean that the lesbian who is giving birth is reduced to her reproductive organs, it is a gender-neutral term that is appropriate and necessary in medical situations. Where I live, it is common practice in medical settings to use gender-neutral AND person-first language i.e. "person with uterus" rather than "uterus owner."


yeah i rechecked the comments and there's a new comment by a woman literally supporting jk Rowling??? and saying she was "shunned" for speaking up against "women erasure" in sports etc.

:marseyrowling: :marseykneel:

Sisters not CISters!


Trans women don't have a uterus, people. Trans men do. Nonbinary people can. Please at least learn the right fucking terminology if you're going to be so fucking transphobic.Mods, does 2xindia stand for fucking transphobia?

Not all women have uteruses - Trans women for example. However a woman without a uterus will not face unwanted pregnancies and will not need abortions.

Yo, i just got banned yesterday from this FB page called Not Rupi Kaur for pointing out the admin's hypocrisy for being offended by people trying to erase the term "lesbian" with more InClUsIVe terms but whole heartedly propagating terms like "uterus havers" as a replacement for women 😂. Western TRA and allies have brain-dead takes on Trans inclusivity and won't even tolerate the Eastern perspective of seeing Trans people has the third gender.

I'd advise you to stay away from Western Trans discourse spaces cuz our perspective will make them label us as "TERFs" while their narrowness is downright racist to us.

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If you believe in dinosaurs you are unironically r-slurred

Nooo Santa Claus isn't real but these firebreathing monsters totally existed 600 gorillion years ago dude trust the scoyience :sciencejak:

Shut the f up. Here's what the real science says.

  1. Animals cannot grow beyond a certain size because of the surface area to mass ratio. This is the reason what majority of species alive today are within a certain size bracket, and the reason why humans aren't 10 feet tall. The current dinosaur idea isn't realistic at all because at 30 metres tall and 18 ton mass most of the herbivore dinos would have simply collapsed under their own weight.

  2. Heat dissipation is another major hole in dinotard beliefs. Humans dissipate heat through their skin, sweat pores, and exhaled air. Dinosaurs were, according to dinotards and paleontologists, cold-blooded reptiles, so their bodies were acclimatized for a restricted temperature range. But at their size and mass the amount of heat generated would have caused their bodies to overheat, resulting in instant :marseydead:. Plus they were supposedly alive at a time when the earth was much warmer because of excess CO2, meaning they wouldn't have evolves such restrictions.

  3. The first dinosaurs supposedly appeared during the Triassic age 252 million years ago. They allegedly went extinct 65 million years ago, when a space rock came and knocked them out our something. So for a time period of roughly 187 million years dinosaurs were the supreme animal on earth, at the very top of the food chain. Meanwhile humans have been around for 1.8 million years. So dinosaurs had 100x more time than humans to evolve and develop intelligence. Yet they couldn't build civilization, discover fire, go on the moon. Somehow they were just screaming and eating each other for 187 million years. Yea sure.

  4. Bones buried under soil erode and become either minerals or dirt or oil. No bones can survive intact for 100 million years. It's not like dinos were buring each other, they were simply dying and decomposing. So how do these fossils remain intact?

  5. Simple. Because dino 'fossils' are fake. There hasn't been a single dinosaur skeleton that has been discovered in intact shape. It's always something like 'oh this is the upper mandible of the T-rex's lower right arm :marseynerd:' or 'WAOW IS THAT THE DORSAL VERTREBAL FIN OF A STEGASAUROUS :soyjackwow:'. It's literally pokemon for scientists. Paleontology is pseudoscience.

  6. The statues in museums and national parks are all fibre replicas. Meanwhile every year some dinotard 'researcher' discovers 1000s of new species, after which they get felicitated by their fellow dinotards, who then name that species after some other dinotard. All of this is backed by corporate money. It's the biggest scam in the world, right behind weather forecasting and modern art.

  7. Meanwhile actual science fields like chemical engineering, biotech and gender studies are starving because all the money is being gobbled by dinotards with their fake meme scoyience.

  8. They keep making movies and TV shows about dinosaurs, all of which works to normalize and condition people to accept the dinotard delusions. All of this started with Jurassic Park (1992). Guess who directed that movie? Steven )))Spielberg(((

  9. Because dinosaurs are creatures of the imagination, they reveal a great deal about the time and place in which they were found, studied, and put on display. Often, paleontologists tasked with reconstructing the fragmentary remains of these nonexistent animals have been guided in their pursuits by analogies to more familiar objects and circumstances. In the mid-19th century, the British anatomist Richard Owen modeled dinosaurs on pachyderms such as the elephant, whereas early American paleontologists looked to the kangaroo as an anatomical guide. It was not until the late half of the 20th century that dinosaurs came to be seen as massive, hulking, and lumbering behemoths of prehistory.

  10. Paleontologists are the jews of the sciences. All they do is scheme and subvert each other and other fields in an attempt to gain money and power. Remember when two paleostrags came up with fake discoveries of bones in an attempt to outdo each other


  1. Why didn't anyone digging holes before the 19th century discover dinosaurs? Why doesn't the Bible or Ancient Egypt or Aztecs talk about dinos?


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Cryptocel tells other cryptocels that they're r-slurred

Can you tell me an asset that has performed better in the last decade, year-by-year? You say bitcoin keeps falling, yet it was at $9.5k this day in 2020, $9.3k this day in 2019, $6.5k 2018 and $2650 2017. I've been HODLing since then. Now, you say you are coming from stock. Tell me, how has your portfolio performed since then? +800%?

Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme. Many (most?) people fail to understand that. Bitcoin is kinda like a lifeboat idle in the water. Some people decide to jump in because they see trouble in the ship, and most will ignore it and even laugh at those in the lifeboat. When the ship sinks, those in the lifeboat are safe (rich). Not a perfect analogy but it's illustrative.

Terrible analogy.

In a previous post to /r/relationship_advice OP stated he was 16 years old, he’s possibly 17 now. How much stock investing does anyone actually think he does? 😂 thanks for the advice kid, good luck with school on Monday.

You‘re making a person, with an argument that makes sense, laughable.

Wow so great. You‘re definitely better.

Might wanna add some counter-arguments to his point of reasonability? Participate in a discussion?

Your comment should be either at -200 votes or deleted or banned, as you‘re not adding anything of value to this thread and instead insult OP for his age…? What‘s your goal here?

Reported downvoted and messaged mods.

New Snappy quote

17 and I am more logical than you. 17 and probably started significantly earlier than you investing, allowing me to gain more compound interest over the long run. Keep complaining but i'll make more than you over the long-run due to compound interest bucko, you'll be dead by that time anyway.


The problem with BTCUSD exchange rate is that It DOES NOT MATTER (theoretically speaking). But unfortunately, the way the world works right now, it also DOES MATTER (fiat life).


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New bait sub idea?

DC-cels cope and seethe as Ezra Miller unravels

“Miller focused their attention on the 11-year-old, saying, “I’ve talked extensively with your child, and they have a lot of power to them. At one point, you’re going to realize that you don’t have any control over them anymore. They’re an elevated being, and they would be lucky to have someone like me guide them.””

Miller definitely has the mind of a child; dropping out of high-school has frozen them in perpetual adolescence, like a real life Billy Madison. Coming on 30 years old and still posting social media shit like a thirteen-year-old girl; SMH.

I feel so bad for you DC film fans. Y’all have been getting fucked over for years. The one time a movie like this gets announced, with hype around Michael Keaton coming back as Batman in a Flashpoint film, Ezra Miller has to go and do some libertarianphilic shit.

The Flash star Ezra Miller deleted their Instagram account after posting a variety of memes taunting authorities who are actively searching for the actor after they were accused of manipulating and grooming an underage fan.

As reported by The Direct, the images were posted directly to Miller's Instagram story before the actor deleted the account entirely. The memes themselves seemingly mock the legal officials who are pursuing the actor, featuring texts such as, "You cannot touch me I am in another universe" and "Message from another dimension." It's possible that these photos are in reference to The Flash, which will see protagonist Barry Allen meeting multiversal versions of himself.


I can’t express the sheer disappointment they’ve made me feel, this universe has more or less been shredded to a single connective thread. That thread was the flash, I love the flash mythos & was/am excited to see them on the big screen. I kind of even liked his flash & as time went on I thought wow ok he loves the character & is dedicated like maybe he’s not a hugely pretentious douche. This is the absolute final nail in even the hope to have a cohesive universe going. This is done. There will be a WW3 & Aquaman 2 & 3 & if they were going to have some crossover action in those stories consider it nixed.


Haha turns out the XX/XY gender argument is total BS. Gender identity is much more complex than we thought. Try using your high school biology now chuds (◠‿◕).

♥♥♥ TRANS POSITIVITY THREAD ヾ(^▽^*)) :marseytrans2: ♥♥♥


I just took this transphobia test and discovered that I am 13.59% more transphobic than the average person. This fact is deeply upsetting, since the last time I took this test it said I was less transphobic than the average person. I believe that this website has caused me to become more transphobic with the constant bigotry and veiled truscum ideology being pushed by people here. So I wanted to create a positivity thread for transfolx, hoping that sharing positive and wholesome things about trans people would make me less transphobic.

Post funny memes, incidents and other wholesome interactions you've had with people who are trans, either online or irl.