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love is love

black lives matter

trans rights are humans rights

lgbtqia+++ is the truth

israel is our greatest ally


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House Femboy Founder

⚠️This is user is a registered sex offender. Learn more about our safety policy at rdrama.net/rules

4591 coins   165 marseybux   35 followers   follows 30 users   joined 01 Sep 2021

love is love

black lives matter

trans rights are humans rights

lgbtqia+++ is the truth

israel is our greatest ally


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User ID: 4989

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True score: 18354

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Verified Email Beta User Idea Maker Marsey Artisan Renthog Unironically Retarded Little Big Spender Grass Toucher Halloween 21 NFT Artist Sidebar Artist Christmas 21 Certified LOSER Columbine Enthusiast (TEMPORAL FLUX EDITION) 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor
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Holy shit I found proof of the ROBLOX child porn ring I talked about - PART 1

I mentioned somewhere around here that I used to play ROBLOX back in 2010-2014 when I was just a spud. I had wild claims that one would attribute as attention-seeking hearsay.

Until now.

ROBLOX blew up in popularity around 2015 when twitch streamers advertised shitty Call of Duty and Battlefield clones, bringing forth millions of new users many of which weren't even children. Around 2017, ROBLOX would suddenly shut down the forums and by extension kill the Clans and Guilds scene at ROBLOX. This was almost certainly to prevent the exponentially increasing possibility that the child porn ring ring in the ROBLOX forums would be discovered by the media, which could kill ROBLOX's future.

For the uninitiated:

Back in ye old days, one of ROBLOX's biggest attractions was not the games. While there were many fun games back then, Robux (ROBLOX's currency), could not be exchanged into the US Dollar. There was no profit motive in making a ROBLOX game, and so games were primarily made by individual children of generally poor coding abilities. No studios, no companies, no groups. In the absence of AAA clones and games with more microtransactions than gameplay, there was the social scene. Instead playing the games for their own merits, users would play games to interact with others, make friends, and join communities.

While at the beginning (circa 2006-2009) this was innocuous, the social scene would rapidly develop alongside the hormones of its user and become focused on... uhhh :marseysus: "ODing", or Online Dating. No longer were you going to the "Town of Robloxia" to make new pals, you were there to attract the opposite sex too. New places - what users then called ROBLOX games - popped up to fill a market need. Strip clubs, bars, and cafes became the most routinely popular games. "The Iron Cafe" and "Club Christie" were infamous for horny singles desperate to get in a relationship and have virtual sex. Where a need for erotic satisfaction arose for a growing generation of ROBLOXians, so did a need for glory. :marseysalutearmy:

Groups was a public function available to all users, in which anyone could found a group and recruit followers. While this may have originally intended to be so that you could create a group of friends, the overwhelmingly popular usage of the Groups function was for the creation of Clans and Guilds. Militaries with byzantine ranks and extensive lore grew to dominate the social landscape of ROBLOX. In addition, to execute their wars (larpfest) new places were designed as fortresses, headquarters, and arenas. At this time, some of the most prominent militaries were: F.E.A.R, Roblox Assault Team (RAT), United Clans of Roblox (UCR), Vaktovian Empire (VAK), and the X-101st Legion.


The size of these Clans and Guilds were massive, numbering in the tens of thousands. Yet there was a constant race to maintain growth so that no one clan loses dominance. While aggressive marketing was one way of doing it, some Clans and Guilds had another more.... effective way. :marseypedo:

Underaged girls, in addition to Robux, became a widely traded currency; ODing its mechanism of inflation. Places like The Iron Cafe became hot spots for Clans and Guilds officers and recruiters, who offered free promotions to female users that would join. Girls swelled up in the ranks of the Clans and Guilds, and a new wave of enthusiastic recruits engorged the rank-and-file conscripts, with luxurious promises of effortless dating.


Due to the nature of ODing, relationships were often """passionate""" but shortlived, its users promiscuous. One female recruit could pass through twenty officers. This resulted in a phenomenon where ROBLOX users maintained massive collections of nudes of their underaged girlfriends. Nudes themselves became an auxiliary currency in which the treasuries of Clans and Guilds balanced like a budget sheet. While all Clans and Guilds practiced trading sexual favors for recruitment and promotions to some degree, none were as notorious as the X-101st Legion.


The X-101st Legion was led by a user by the name of LordNathan, the Jeff Bezos of child pornography. While not enjoying as many public wars as FEAR and VAK, nor the exquisite technology in RAT's Fort Celeste and Fort Borealis, X-101st put all their eggs in one basket so to speak with recruiting. If you wanted women, there was no better clan to enroll in than the Legion. :marseypedobear:


X-101st was well known for their progressive gender equality among their HR's (High Ranks, commissioned officers). Bullets and babes were aplenty for Nathan's most loyal soldiers. But Nathan had a rule: ALL soldiers were the property of the Legion. Much like Fidel Castro, Nathan profited from his position of power and became one of the most wealthy ROBLOX users - in the form of an astoundingly massive stash of child porn. Although he had a rapacious sexual appetite, Nathan was also in a high profile, long-term, committed relationship with the Princess of the Legion, a 12 year old by the name of Katt4Ever.


Although Katt4Ever was uniquely off-limits to the other High Ranks of the Legion, Katt and Nathan were also known for their public.... displays of affection. :marseytwerking:

![](/i/l.webp) ![](/i/l.webp) ![](/i/l.webp) ![](/i/l.webp) ![](/i/l.webp)

This was the Golden Age of ROBLOX, no clan could secure a clear advantage, all groups enjoyed steady recruitment rates, the Robux was valued at 1 : 1,000 Tix, and the underaged sexual marketplace was booming. With economic prosperity and an uneasy multipolar peace, a blossoming community culture began to take root. Unfortunately, these days would not last. As ROBLOX began to grow its userbase, the admins became more wary of negative media attention. Televised scandals with Club Penguin Neopets bore an omen.

The admins began making widely unpopular changes to the site that would mark the beginning of the end. In addition, high profile scandals erupted among ROBLOX celebrities, such as the feud between XiaoXiaoMan and Christina, and the leader of F.E.A.R caught red-handed in a Robux laundering scheme. Things would take a turn for the worse as the value of the Robux would crash after ROBLOX introduced two tiers of Builder's Club membership that provided monthly stipends, triggering runaway inflation.

As if things couldn't get worse, the sexual marketplace went into disarray as child porn became overwhelmingly prolific to the point that the value of the nude collapsed. Leaks and trading between individual collections were the norm, crippling the dominance of the Clans and Guilds as they could no longer afford to maintain recruitment rates. The popularity of ODing centers like The Iron Cafe diminished as games like Survive the Natural Disasters and Call of Robloxia took their place. Users had to adjust to a stark new reality that games should be made for fun, not for sex. :marsoy:


As the influence of Clans and Guilds dwindled, ROBLOX users sought other forms of community. The activity of other subforums such at Let's Make a Deal (LMaD), Roblox Talk (RT), and Off Topic (OT) would begin to match that of C&G. Of the largest clans on ROBLOX, Nathan's X-101st Legion began to fade into irrelevance as the war between DonkeyO4's RAT and Vaktus's empire consumed all C&G attention. That is, until the nudes of Nathan's 12 year old girlfriend were leaked.


In one of the largest scandals in early ROBLOX history, Nathan, a legal adult, would be imprisoned on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography. His Legion would go on to be headless, while Katt4Ever would emerge from the darling princess of the X-101st to the whore of the C&G forums. Katt4Ever continued to use ROBLOX and enter/exit relationships with various clan officers, and spread her nudes as much as demand necessitated it. Meanwhile the ROBLOX admins would begin one of the first of many coverups in an attempt to keep the site clean for customers and shareholders alike. :marseycapitalistmanlet:


The Katt4Ever incident was the first of its kind, but certainly not the last. The forums became rife with child porn exchanges, leaked nudes, and an increasingly off-site presence. ROBLOX forumers found respite in nightly video chatrooms such as TinyChat. While ROBLOX cracked down on imgur links, that did not stop users from finding ways around the imgur filter, or bypassing it altogether by hosting their collections on ROBLOX's own servers, by uploading them as decals. None of this would limited to C&G, other subforums fostered their own cultures with their fair share of scandals...

To be continued... :marseythumbsup:

EDIT: Part 2 has been released!

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Holy shit I found proof of the ROBLOX child porn ring I talked about - PART 2

Part 1

Remember your old friends you'd play online games with? Halo, CoD, Runescape, back when you were happy? When unbridled optimism led you to believe that no matter what happened, things would always get better? It felt like it would never end. Then one day, they disappeared. "Dinner" or "chores" you'd hear, yet never again would the status glow green. Years would fly, and the whole world unraveled. Suddenly, you were alone.

"What am I doing here?"

"Where did it all go wrong?"

You read your old chat histories as scenes play out from the past. Maybe they're still around. Maybe. If you send a message, will they send you one back?

Welcome to Part 2!

Featuring a new cast of (underaged) characters!

Yours Truly - a 12 year old who unknowingly stumbled into a Law and Order SVU episode and lived to tell the tale

bunnywumpkins - the quintessential 16 year old emo that found themselves at the center of the next ROBLOX sex scandal

ArchitectOfEden - a dastardly stranger who disappeared just as quickly as he came, with a knack for photoshop and drama!

IDTalk - the "hero" of this story, a 15 year old gal who slutshamed before it was (un)cool!

As Clans and Guilds lost prominence, other subforums flourished. One of these was Off Topic or OT for short. After washing out of R.A.T, yours truly found their way shitposting as an OTer in 2013. One of the more "libertine" communities on ROBLOX, OT had nightly video chats where kids of all ages - yes ALL ages - would play games together, reveal their identities, online date... and strip.

ODing and sharing nudes with your partner (and eventually having them leaked) was not only ubiquitous across all of ROBLOX at this point, but accepted as a fact of life for any user. Anyone who had some sense left and called out this degeneracy for what it was would be near-unanimously ridiculed. Let people enjoy things! OT was no exception. Countless OTers would find themselves in an equally astonishing number of relationships, inevitably leading to every inch of their bodies being so well-known in their communities that threads would be hosted where users would attempt to guess the identity of a child in a CP post (and get it right!!!)

If Satan was on Earth, then ROBLOX was his domain. Few grasped the utter depravity of the situation. Fewer still had the guts to stand up for what they believe was right. IDTalk was one such person. Our young heroine never kept quiet on the virtues of (underaged) chastity, and when she stumbled upon OT in 2013, the rabble-rouser would threaten to shake the very foundations of OT's longrunning pro-CP culture.

bunnywumpkins was an already established OTer. Well liked by the community for her easy going demeanor, she also occasionally moonlighted as a child stripper in the OT chatroom. How fate led her down this path, I do not know. But her ROBLOX career would be forever changed on one fateful night: March 30th 2013, Easter Eve.

As coincidence would have it, bunnywumpkins would hop on the OT chatroom on TinyChat, and put on what she called a "show" for the audience. Well received as usual, bunnywumpkins would take a break before promising to do another later that night. Our Joan of Arc IDTalk caught wind of her second show and decided that enough was enough. "I will put an end to this"

Unbeknownst to bunnywumpkins, IDTalk advertised the second show across OT. Interest in Part 2 (wink wink nudge nudge) grew, and OT chatroom's turnout exploded. Everything going as planned, IDTalk joined the chatroom with a couple of like-minded friends, and made ROBLOX history.

Within mere hours, the OT forum descended into absolute chaos. Dozens of children (ostensibly) had watched in horror as IDTalk slutshamed bunnywumpkins in the middle of her show, driving what was no doubt an already emotionally-troubled 16 year old into taking a knife and self-harming in front of her audience. Post after post expressing inexplicable shock at what had just transpired. Accusations were thrown, rumors were spread. As if things couldn't get worse, our boy ArchitectOfEden comes in.

So mysterious, that even I couldn't even find proof of his existence other than references to his name, ArchitectOfEden appeared in OT out of nowhere, bearing only one message: "I have notified the FBI, you are all pending investigation"

ArchitectOfEden supplemented this omen with a single picture, that of a printed FBI document acknowledging that ROBLOX would be investigated for the production and distribution of child pornography. The OT forum, still reeling from witnessing someone self-harm on livestream, exploded into a wildfire of terror. OTers crying themselves into sleep as the witching hours of March 31st passed. Users, especially those who participated in the OT chatroom that night, were genuinely fearful that the police were going to knock on their doors and take them away. By the following morning, ROBLOX admins woke up to the potential media-disaster in the forums and censored the crap out of it. Nearly all posts that night were deleted, mentions of the now-christened Bunny Incident resulted in account bans. ROBLOX admins were NOT playing around.

24 hours after the Bunny Incident, OTers would calm down to a more conversational level as they held civil discussions. They would figure out that ArchitectOfEden was no more than a troll, his FBI document a forgery. ROBLOX would not be under investigation and everyone was safe. But someone had to be blamed. Who was responsible for the chaos?

Unfortunately for our hero, IDTalk bore the weight of OT's anger. Even though she had her supporters, she would be driven out of OT, not to return for some time. However the damage was done. IDTalk's actions marked the end of an era, as all OT chatrooms were shut down permanently, and child stripping would cease forever.

As time passed, the events of March 30th - March 31st would be cemented in OT consciousness as the Bunny Incident. The event was so significant that ROBLOX users would create and name games after the Bunny Incident as a memorial (or something, I don't know these fuckers were weird). Stories were written and passed down, sometimes literally.

Too literally.

Three years had passed since the Bunny Incident, and while things had changed for the better, ROBLOX was still back on its old shit.

IDTalk would return to OT from her exile as MuffledSpeech and amour_eternal, though her identity was well known. She became an infamous legend among the ROBLOX forums. But her reputation did not precede her.

She would go on to amass a following and use her influence to bully libertarians off of ROBLOX. One example was the mini-celeb of 2015 by the name of "moris", a 19 year old who was proud of his relationship with a 13 year old. Coming under fire from IDTalk and her followers, moris would amass his own following and publicly denounce as IDTalk as "the bitch who caused the Bunny Incident." Seeking to take advantage of ROBLOX's historically libertine culture, he rallied the forums and used IDTalk's past against her.

But it was not enough. Despite moris' best efforts, IDTalk / MuffledSpeech / amour_eternal would face him in the arena of public opinion - and win

moris would be bullied out of ROBLOX, though he would not be the last. Although IDTalk's reputation was still marred by her role in the Bunny Incident, she would finally begin to be rehabilitated.

IDTalk would reminiscence on that night in a 6-page Tell-All. Here is the highlight.

Four years later, on the eve of ROBLOX's shutdown of all forums, IDTalk would prove successful at changing public perception at large.

IDTalk, at long last, had won.

Moral of the story? Don't let your children use the internet.


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  • jesus: Death 2 gaymers
  • Lur: I thought this site was only for bad posts. Why is this here?
Attack On libertarians: How an INFAMOUS SmashBros LIBERTARIAN and BESTIAL CUCK infiltrated the edgiest anime community on reddit (and was BTFO'd!) :!marseyshook:
If you are an animecel and know what Attack On Titan is, skip this first section

Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin, is a hit manga/anime thriller following Eren Yeager in his ruthless pursuit for freedom. While originally, the show began as a post-apocalyptic "Humans vs Monsters" ontological mystery, it is revealed in the last quarter of the story that the entire cast are not humans but descendants of a race of monsters; the titans are of the same race, but in their true form. The real humanity has not only avoided extinction, but is thriving in a mirror-Earth circa the 1920's, and the reason they tried destroying the last city of monster-titan-people (called "Eldians") is because their ancestors once ruled the world and enslaved / raped / genocided humans. Humanity wants to exterminate the Eldian race out of hatred and vengeance, as well as out of fear that they will rule the world again. The plot shifts from Humans wanting to exterminate all Titans to Titans wanting to exterminate all Humans. At the final arc in the series, the main character begins his plan to genocide all of humanity so that his race may live.


The Tale of Yeagerbomb

So why does the story matter here? Once just shonen-cute twinks and mecha-fans, this somewhat controversial plot twist attracted a brand new demographic to the series: /pol/tards :marseyreich:

Nationalists and Nazis identified the Eldians with the white race, and Eren Yeager with Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile humanity was the brown/yellow horde that wanted white genocide after what craKKKas did to them throughout history.

In comes r/Yeagerbomb. Originally made two years ago as the r/GriffithDidNothingWrong alternative to other AoT subreddits where you could tell off-color jokes, r/Yeagerbomb fell victim to Poe's law as it was flooded by unironic Nazis near the very end of the manga, led by a heroic user who went by the name "Lars" - a former femboy who saw the evils of feminism and became a committed National Socialist! :marseyking:


He also had a romantic side! :marseylove:


Tensions grew between the original members and the new Yeagerbombers who gradually drove out anyone who wasn't racist enough. Some were there to crack a couple racey jokes, others were there posting essays on how women evolved to enjoy being raped. :marseyyikes:


A shitty climax was reached when the best friend of r/Yeagerbomb's founder and head mod u/neurodivergentDolphin - a chick - had posted a photo of herself from her instagram. She was promptly harassed for being a whore before someone printed out a picture of her and recorded himself taking a shit on it. :marseygivecrown:

The Rising of Cake

Enraged, the head mod had enough of cesspit he founded and thus deleted the server then resigned from the subreddit. In the wake of this destruction, a new user by the name of u/AetherCakes appeared out of nowhere, became head mod, and created a new server for r/Yeagerbomb. Promising civility, tolerance, and acceptance, the mysterious Cake ended up banning nearly all of the unironic Nazis of Yeagerbomb - including Lars - and replaced the r/Yeagerbomb mod team with Jews, women, and 🚂🚃🚃s. Denazification had commenced! :marseymerchant:


Fortunately for us in the peanut gallery, with the guidance of their Führer, our heroes never fell for Bolshevik propaganda! :karlmarxey: :!marseyno:


A several months-long "Cold War" between the exiled Nazis (who themselves kicked out the natives), and the progressive new regime had begun. Lars' Yeagerbombers - once a proud people - were made refugees in their own "homeland". Founding their own Paradisrael r/EldianEmpire, the chuds-in-exile would plot over and over to depose Cake and "take back our homeland", to no avail. u/AetherCakes, having established a reputation as an honest, respectable, well-mannered guy, was untouchable. :marseygigachad:


That is, until he slipped.

You Are (Not) Alone


In what was supposed to be a private DM, u/AetherCakes admitted to a member of r/Yeagerbomb that he was actually in hiding, that his interest in Attack On Titan and his charismatic "Cake" persona was a fabrication to cover up his REAL identity: a Smash Bros libertarian :marseypedo:





This member turned in the information to Lars and the racists-in-exile at r/EldianEmpire, leading to the discovery that /u/AetherCakes was Sabi. :marseyohno:

SmashBros: Sabi 150 page document about his recent allegations

Sabi was a leaker who temporarily rose to fame in the Smash Bros community for successfully leaking new characters, game patches, and console updates. However, after losing his sources due to relentlessly bullying them, he quickly lost his ability to give accurate leaks. Eventually, Sabi disappeared outright when a 150 page MeToo manifesto titled The End of Sabi written on him and his wife's activities was released to the public - the accusations ranging from grooming minors to indulging in bestial cuckholdry. :marseykink:


Little did anyone know that Sabi had returned as none other than the untouchable Aether "diversity is our greatest strength" Cakes.

Enemy of My Enemy

Our racist heroes contacted Sabi's mod team in secret. Anti-semites and Jews, incels and women; Fate had them meet as foes, but with a common enemy the Right and the Left put aside their differences and banded together in an unprecedented Alliance. :marseyauthleft: :marseyauthright:


Sworn enemies now friends, the Nazi resistance and the Jewish jannies made their first move by doxxing Sabi, then using the information to make an arsenal of memes of him and his wife.

The plan? Have Sabi's mod unban everyone, then have Lars' followers invade the server and spam the anti-Sabi memes non-stop as a cover while the jannies set up and fire a bot that would ban everyone and nuke Yeagerbomb.


Although some members of the Alliance were content with just retaking their homeland, others - the firebrands and mavericks - would settle for nothing less that revenge. One such man was the Lone Wolf Otti, a chaotic good frenchman with a penchant for devious mischief. Our dark hero Otti would strike fear right in the heart of Sabi by sending him pics of his own house! :marseyohno:



Diabolical! :!marseydaemon:

Although Sabi tried to play it off like it definitely wasn't his house, underneath Sabi knew the end of the line was near...

This Is The Hour

After all preparations were made, the Nazi-Jew Alliance was ready to commence the operation. The Attack On Yeagerbomb had begun!


SubredditDrama: Yeagerbomb mod, aethercakes, is revealed to be the infamous supersmashbros leaker sabi who was accused of domestic abuse, bestial cuckholdry (?) and grooming. Yeagerbomb revolts to remove them from their position and succeeds

AttackOnr-slurs: YeagerBomb in open revolt: head mod aethercakes was found out to actually be a fake identity to hide his past as SABI: an extremely leaker and eceleb infamous for leaking over 90 games accurately before dropping off the map due to allegations of domestic abuse; grooming.

Yeagerbomb: aethercakes has been ousted from the subreddit and discord within 24 hours after the community learned that he is in fact Sabi from Smash Bros, undercover for the last year

Let's just say that the last anyone has seen Sabi since was him running away with his tail between his legs. Just like in dogshit ending of the manga, the Alliance had won. :marseywholesome:



Moral of the story? libertarians can make anyone get along. Maybe there is hope for the future...


I feel like someone could make a gay but workable rDrama parody of the theme song from Steven Universe

Especially because the show is about an neurodivergent 🚂🚃🚃 coming to terms with their transition and their promiscuous gay aunties.

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Anyone up for a Game of Bingo?


If you are a baldcel, find an asian massage parlor... NOW! :marseyblops2chadcel:
Gentlemen, Ladies, after a month of waiting, I proudly present to you this finished art commission: Marsey the Cat

One month ago I wanted to commission an artist to draw Marsey the Cat. Initially, I sought to enlist our very own talented @Dramarama, however due to concerns over maintaining privacy in exchanging real money (not dramacoin), I had to look elsewhere. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go with the first choice artist voted upon by you guys because they never even replied to my emails. However, the artist that did answer the call - Yunann on DeviantArt - did such a wonderful job that I think we were blessed to have ended up with her.








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  • ANTI_BARD_BOT: :brainletchair: "stop metadrama!!" he complained unironically
  • snallygaster: He's STARTING metadrama! Stupid!
  • MrPenny: Wtf happened to scrolling by a nigga u dislike tho ffs pussies
  • volcel: 8========D

@JoeBiden was (nearly) permanently banned for far less. He has an neurodivergent infatuation with an anime girl. Even though he would make worthless spam posts over it, his obsession was simple and heavy into the spectrum. Should he have been banned? Yeah sure, he wasn't exactly contributing.

@Soren and @schizocel however have plagued this site with an increasingly intricate inside joke that the majority of users do not understand, and would certainly be opaque to all would-be users. What was the worst that @JoeBiden's anime spam done for us? Single images that are easily ignored with comment sections spitting it straight and blunt. Even if you have no interest in Cirno (I'm sure almost none of us do), this gimmick is clear on its face, and the comment sections equally as readable with half the people saying "keep yourself safe pedo". It invokes ire from some users, but ultimately does not dramatically change how users speak. I would assume it would have an inconsequential effect on how many people visit and stay on this site, considering it was always contained in singular topical image posts.

Entire comment sections have been spawned due to users trying to "get in" on the Soren / schizocel joke, propagating it, and creating this baffling style of posting that is completely impenetrable to anyone who isn't at the center of it all. It isn't easily dismissed, because unlike @JoeBiden's mundane image posting, this is not contained within individual posts. It's everywhere, even in comment sections of posts that are completely unrelated because of this reddit-y desire to obnoxiously prove you are "part of the group". There are people PRETENDING to know what the Soren / schizocel joke is and playing along because it has become that central to the site.

People have been saying it for months that reddit-y behavior is becoming apparent now, but I believed it wasn't that serious until now; it is beginning to contaminate more corners of this site and cannot be handwaived anymore. Beyond the inside jokes, what happens in discord is becoming more important that what is on rDrama. The back-and-forths are not necessarily the problem, it's that all communication is not done here, but in a myriad of exclusive private discord servers formed by tight knit fart-huffing cliques. No one should have get into private discords in order to understand what the hell is going on.

When visitors come to the site, what will they see? @schizocel's untranslatable annoying garbage on the front page. Power users posting leaks from their private friends club that you will never join or have an opportunity to join. Absurd volume of self-referential humor in the comments. How is this attractive to anyone? There is less of seeking out drama, and more of this insular clique of close friends that recursively eats itself, shits it out, and calls it "drama".

Why does @JoeBiden get actioned when @Soren and @schizocel get a 100% pass on far worse - low quality content that actually harms the user experience?

Every user here should make an effort of unironically telling these people to kill themselves and fuck off, until they are banned or their accounts are deleted and their names scrubbed. This is incredibly annoying.

The Edge - Texhnolyze - Simple piano+strings piece, but it is hauntingly Beautiful. One of my favorite piano compositions from non-traditional sources.
Contemporary Movement - Duster - ??? Prog rock? Unsure, but the album is a great listen. Thoughtful, down-to-earth introspective music :marseyjamming:
Apartment - Young the Giant - Indie rock, mellow, upbeat but tempered
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield - Generic pop song, but emblematic of that colorful bliss that was the 90's / 2000's
I Remember - deadmau5 - Progressive Electronic, really smooth, angelic voice, nostalgic :marseyjamming:
Okey Dokey - MINO via Show Me The Money 4 - Korean rap, a bit goofy. I don't care for this one but it was especially popular in Korea :marseychingchong:
Better Days - Basick via Show Me The Money 4 - Korean rap, this one has a classy R&B vibe
The 3rd World - Immortal Technique - old school Communist Rap :marseyblackface: :!marseymao:
The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance - Emo Rock :marseyemo:
Introspection - Jocelyn Pook - Classical, short but romantic (does anyone else recognize the melody?)

Not sure if its just me, and it's certainly a coincidence, but the melody appears to bear some similarity to this song here:

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What REALLY happened in Genesis (scrotes BTFO!)
It's so beautiful.... Inischlaken: The Curragh, by the Irish Chamber Orchestra - a romantic piece of Irish classical music.
:marseyrage: Based has reached the normies and they don't even know what it means :marseydeadinside: :!marseyrope:
Magdalena Bay - Chaeri - Synth Pop, has a nice mix of retro and futuristic sound
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This Is Cirno
It's over for stemcells
I lied on my Tax Return. What are the chances I'm gonna get audited and assraped

I made about $14k USD last year. I did dabble in stocks and crypto (and lost $8k) but due to the wash sale rule I couldn't even get the max $3k deduction. So for my crypto stuff I just lied by filing as a single statement instead of a summary of statements, added the deposits together as the cost basis, then added the withdrawals together as the proceeds. So I now have the max $3k capital loss deduction.

Because I'm a poorcel, surely they won't find out. Right? All this did was increase my refund by about $200 USD.

I need a Korean :marseychingchong: speaker right now to be my Liason to hire Artist 1 for commission. Will pay good Dramacoin.


As Artist 1 was second place, I looked to reach out to her. Not only does this Korean do commissions, she has a phenomenal portfolio with a surprsingly affordable price. @Redactor0 you were right on the money about this one.



Here's the thing, she is Korean. I do not speak Korean. And contrary to what everyone else has said about using Google Translate, I still do not trust it enough to rely on it solely, especially after consulting a Japanese speaker here.

Therefor I am canvassing for people who can at least partially understand Korean, and either act as a liason or counsel me on my communications with this woman.

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