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Wow, WOW. Did you just really use a copypasta to respond to me? Instead of giving a proper response or ending the conversation like a sane person, you just use a copypasta and think you're a smartass? Guess what, i'm the one who is smart and you are the one who is an ass; because you just think copy and pasting something will get you to be in 1st place. Fucking speak to people properly instead of using one of those shitty lines of text.

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Anarcho-Syndicalist-Trotskyist-Stalinist Cuban Revolutionary ✊✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🏳️‍⚧️

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Marsey Pride Project:

Marsey Sticker Pack for mobile apps:

Wow, WOW. Did you just really use a copypasta to respond to me? Instead of giving a proper response or ending the conversation like a sane person, you just use a copypasta and think you're a smartass? Guess what, i'm the one who is smart and you are the one who is an ass; because you just think copy and pasting something will get you to be in 1st place. Fucking speak to people properly instead of using one of those shitty lines of text.

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:marseyilluminati: Marsey is Illuminati confirmed :marseypharaoh: (fixed Marsey-ness and reposted) :marseypostmodern:

:marseyilluminati: Marsey Worship was inevitable :marseyilluminati:


:!marseytwerking: original submission wasn't Marseyish :marseytwerking:

:!marseyshy: pssst... Marsey wants to show you her most favourite thing in the world :marseyshy: :!marseyshy: (love you & drama? versions inside) :marseyshy:

because some of y'all were sending Marsey to chicks so she decided to help out

however Marsey requests for you to post any ensuing drama here if you send it

tfw you forgot Marsey's eyebrows

drama? version

:marseysigh: POV: Marsey being a poorcel in college who could only afford ramen :!marseysigh:

Spare some change for Marsey?

Yikes! Marsey goes to a liberal arts college

Will Marsey be angry forever?!!

:!marseyshy: TFW someone falls for Marsey's bait :marseydicklet:

Marsey when another journo falls for bait

🇸🇬 Marsey the Merlion says hello from Singapore! 🇸🇬

Marlion maybe?

:marseyonacid: Marsey took too much acid and took over Edward Hopper's Nighthawks :marseymorph:

:marseyspecial: sorry i know it's retarded :!marseyspecial:

The Marsey from Hell



Konichiwa! Marsey sending you luck from Japan
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Marsey cosplaying as a Maneki Neko

Enlightened Marsey feat Carps

no not that carp

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:marseytankushanka: ☭ Мы должны захватить средства про изводства «Марси» ☭ :!marseytankushanka:


Marsey spent too much time on reddit... :marseyfacepalm:


what should replace the poptart on Nyan Marsey??? ( variants in comments! )

Marsey is a diversity expert!!

Superstraight Nyan Marsey thanks to @Sylveon 's suggestion!

also Marsey saying plzzzzzzzzz

i spend too much time on Marseys :marseycry:



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Are we all Nobitas and Marsey our Doreamon?


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🐲 Marsey prepares to welcome the CCP with a traditional Chinese lion dance! 🐉

Marsey is prepared in case the CCP takes over the world :marseymaoist:

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Drama cultural appropriation:


:marseypopcorn: Marsey knows that good snacks are essential for Drama watching :marseyramen: (Stages of Seethe Cope Dilate in post)


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Saint Marsey gently reminds you sinners to go to church today

Marsey says that you've all sinned and need to seek penance

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winners don't do drugs


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What would Marsey be vibing over?

Also Marsey demands drama (or dramacoins)

edit: Marsey is still undecided on what to vibe to!

shocking leaked footage of border patrol Marsey



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Yikes! Leaked images of Marsey doing Blackface during the 40's!!! Should Marsey be cancelled!?


oh Marsey.. what were you thinking?!!?

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:marseylove: Marsey salutes all Dramautists and thanks you for bringing Drama to Marsey! :!marseyexcited:

Blue Lives Matter version

TRA version

:marseycop: (2 month old drama) r/stoicism mod goes against stoicism and tags a depressed redditor's rant as hate speech for using "pussy" :!marseypearlclutch:

this was drama i found from before i entered the dramaverse, a redditor was upset with his life so he ranted on r/stoicism

I have been working for Indian Multinational Companies for 13 years. During these time, my life has been a total mess. I get cheated by my colleagues and my girlfriends. I have changed 4 companies till now and I have been bullied by managers everytime from this companies. I can't afford to resign from jobs because I am a complete pussy. I can't go against my parents who are opposed to it. I am 35 years old and still I need others validation to resign. I am a moron with no self respect. Till now. everyone has been abusive to me. My ex girlfriends who cheated me by spending away my savings with her new boyfriend, managers and colleagues from all the companies I worked for abused me . I even got cheated of 2000 dollars from a mentally deranged guy. I am such a fool that even deranged people dares to bully and cheat me off my money. Dear Stoics, how can I bring my life back to normal, I am such a pushover, How do I survive in these dog eat dog world?

he used the word pussy in the title so the mod did an average redditor and tagged it hate speech

I apologize, but I am adding the Hate Speech tag to this post because of the post title's use of misogynistic language. I will not remove it, as I think you do need advice to help you through this time. But please be more mindful of that in the future.

subreddit members get pissed off because getting emotionally affected by a word pussy goes again stoicism itself apparently

edit: googled the definition which makes what the mod did even more lol - The word "stoic" commonly refers to someone who is indifferent to pain, pleasure, grief, or joy.

"Pussy" has nothing to do with vaginas nor misogyny. But since that's your (incorrect) interpretation, can we expect to see the "hate speech" tag applied to any post calling anyone a "dick", as well?

This is the core issue with mentalities like yours - you deal in absolutes. You make up your mind about one thing and are so sure of yourself, that everyone must then think exactly like you and the world must change in the way you want it to, because you are absolutely right - to the point of labelling an innocent post like this 'hate speech.' Is saying "he was being a real dick!" sexist towards men? Will you also label posts that contain that word/phrase 'hate speech' or will you not? You're absolutely free to believe what you want to and I know you are most likely coming from a good place - but this type of virtue signalling on a post like this, in a subreddit like this, and being so certain of yourself for it, means there will be a certain level of disagreement with you. I hope you're willing to at least take a fraction of it on board.

j-slur tries to defend their use of wikipedia as a source for their argument

However, I will defend my position and will definitely continue to use Wikipedia as a source for defenses despite what some people may say is bias. It is unfortunately the best online aggregator of information and is typically well-sourced (especially regarding more academic topics).

my first thought was the same as this redditor, imagine being suicidal and posting a rant for it to be called hate speech lol

Imagine calling the suicide hotline and the person on the other side said: woah there buddy, cool it with the hate speech. This is a highly inappropriate action by the mod and really, really tone deaf. That could be enough to push someone over the edge.

meta discussion about the incident


i wonder sometimes if j-slurs have indirectly actually caused the death of people because of their hypervigilant jannying, i've seen articles that might actually help someone suicidal be caught by automod since i think many j-slurs filter the word "suicide"

i see the reveddit page for my country's sub and it's just sad:

:marseysob: r/brianlaundrie bites the dust too :!marseysob:


the ban reason is BS tho

in memoriam r/friendsofbrian too


:marseykink: redditor finds out boyfriend is a chaser and pays for trans onlyfan content and more :marseypopcorntime:

10 month old account but it's the user's first post so there's a little sus but from her comments and response it looks legit :marseyhmm:

I first want to say I didn’t look through his phone. I was helping him with expenses and saw onlyfans charges and this is when he came clean about the trans fetish and showed me his account and that’s when I found the messages. I do not care about the type of porn he is watching. I understand it is normal and that trans women are women. I am not judging him in any way. I obviously initially had some questions about what this means about his sexuality and if being with a cis gendered woman is really what he wants deep down. If this is just a fantasy or something more serious for him.

He said he has never actually engaged in this type of sex but he does ask me to use a strap on which I don’t love but I want to make him happy.

I understand lots of straight men are interested in this type of porn. What I’m upset about is the messaging. He wasn’t trying to meet up with any women just more along the lines of calling them gorgeous, flirting etc. I am hurt that he is messaging other women. We also have sex everyday sometimes even more than that so I don’t really see the need to be fulfilling himself elsewhere. Im angry over the messages but he is carrying so much shame and embarrassment over this I don’t wanna traumatize him and make him feel like being attracted to trans women is something to be ashamed of and hide that part of him even more. Is there anyone with experience with this who can give me some advice? I am really hurt, confused and struggling to digest this all.

I will share that I was super into trans porn from about 13 to a few month ago (I'm 33) and then came to realize that I'm looking at them bc of admiration and awe. Well long story short, I realized I'm actually trans myself (started transitioning and all that) and as soon as that occurred the "fetish" subsided to almost nothing. Turns out I was probably just super jealous. Not saying this is the reason your bf is into it. For most men it is a fetish but wanted to share that perspective bc I thought u may find it interesting.

Just curious, did you imagine yourself as the trans girl? I’ve always imagined myself as a trans woman, whether in my fantasies or watching trans porn. I’ve seen a lot of posts about people being disgusted with trans porn, and I understand why, but it’s the only thing I’ve been into and it’s the only way of exploring my sexuality, not having had sex. It’s led to where I am currently and that’s questioning.

Extremely high sex drive is another flag. I don’t know why, but my trans-dar is tingling on this one. It’s worth a deeper discussion.

Now with his shame and embarrassement, I'm going to speak from personal experience. I too watched a lot of transgender porn, and I always felt a certain shame afterwards. It made me question myself a lot, and I'd deny myself the opportunity to ask those questions which led to more embarrassement. I'm not saying this is necessarily the case with your SO, but it might not be unthinkable that there's some similair reason for his embarrassement. Watching trans porn isn't necessarily hetero normative, so to say. (Not saying he's gay or anything btw)

lol redditor think it's normal and fine

I kindly disagree with this. I think its all about the intention of texting. I.e. If he is texting to a birthing person friend in a non sexual contexg it would be no problem. Question is, why did he text other girls? He doesnt intend to meet them so its not necessarily physical sex he is after. And if he is only vomplimenting them its also no personal/ intellectual connection. My bet is, the texting is just a more direct form of affirmation of his sexual interest in the whole transeomen porn thing. Anyway i think the important point is to figure out what his intention really was.


:marseysob: MarseyIsMyWaifu tries to console the inconsolable Marsey after r/friendsofbrian was banned :!marseysob: (:!marseyparty: 20000th post!! :marseyparty:)
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tfw when wake up to see r/friendsofbrian banned

literally animal abuse by reddit admins



edit: sorry had typo and wrote Marcus earlier

:marseysigh: netflix ceo pays lip service and says he screwed up defending dave chapelle :marseyblackface::marseysoypoint:

once again :marseytrain: are superior to :!marseyblackface:

i think it's paywalled so here it is

Netflix Co-CEO Says He ‘Screwed Up’ When Defending Dave Chappelle Special

‘I should have recognized the fact that a group of our employees was really hurting,’ Ted Sarandos says in interview

Netflix Inc. Co-Chief Executive Ted Sarandos said he “screwed up” in his efforts to communicate with employees who were upset over “The Closer,” a recent comedy special by Dave Chappelle in which he made remarks that some viewed as offensive to the transgender community.

In emails to Netflix staff after the special’s debut earlier this month, Mr. Sarandos defended “The Closer,” citing its popularity on the platform and the company’s commitment to creative freedom. He also said the company believed “content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm.”

In “The Closer,” which was released earlier this month and is currently among the most-watched programs on the service in the U.S., Mr. Chappelle said “gender is a fact” and said he identified as a “TERF,” an acronym that stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” He also compared the transgender community to people who wear blackface.

“What I should have led with in those emails was humanity,” Mr. Sarandos said in an interview Tuesday evening. “I should have recognized the fact that a group of our employees was really hurting.”

Mr. Sarandos said his remarks on content not causing real-world harm was also an oversimplification and lacking in humanity.

“To be clear, storytelling has an impact in the real world…sometimes quite negative,” he said.

A Netflix transgender-employee group is encouraging all employees to take Wednesday off as a form of protest against Netflix for its decision to continue to work with Mr. Chappelle and its reaction to their concerns.

Mr. Sarandos, who is also Netflix’s chief content officer, said he isn’t second-guessing the decision to carry “The Closer,” nor are there plans to remove it from the streaming giant’s platform.

“We have articulated to our employees that there are going to be things you don’t like,” Mr. Sarandos said. “There are going to be things that you might feel are harmful. But we are trying to entertain a world with varying tastes and varying sensibilities and various beliefs, and I think this special was consistent with that,” he added.

Standup comedy is “designed to stir up emotions” Mr. Sarandos said. And while Netflix prides itself on having an inclusive staff and programming featuring a range of diverse voices, “sometimes inclusion and artistic expression bump into each other,” he said.

“The Closer” is currently among the top 10 most popular Netflix shows in the U.S., and it was as high as No. 3 earlier this week. Mr. Chappelle has made several specials for Netflix, and all have been among its most popular offerings.

Criticism of the “The Closer” put Netflix on the defensive just as it was riding high from the success of “Squid Game,” a South Korean dystopian drama that made its debut last month and quickly became a global phenomenon.

In the interview, Mr. Sarandos said Netflix has spent an enormous amount of money creating content for and by the LGBTQ community and would continue to do so.

“I’m firmly committed to continue to support artistic freedom for the creators who work with Netflix and increase representation behind the screen and on camera,” he said, noting these goals may at times be in conflict with each other.

“We have to figure out how to navigate those challenges,” Mr. Sarandos said.


edit: y'all are right he didn't really cave lol


:marseydisagree: redditor should have had come to rdrama to ask how to be better :marseyshy:

:marseynyan: trans 👏🏿 rights 👏🏿 are 👏🏿 human 👏🏿 rights :!marseynyan:

except bardfinn that motherfucking inhuman cunt

@Dramarama you king :marseygivecrown:


Hello all, I'm 19F lesbian and I am having trouble trying to accept trans people, specifically transwomen. But I really really want to. I just want every trans person who reads this to know that I want to learn about you and embrace who you are, and I want to dispel any fear or trauma I may have.

Now personally I believe gender isn't a real thing, but sex is. There are two genitals, however they are not related whatsoever to what that individual identifies as or what pronouns they use to identify themselves with. But this completely conflicts with my transphobia. Why do I feel so afraid of a MTF when they approach me? Why do I want to avoid them, even though they are just folks trying to live their life?

To me it's the fear of sexualization. I have faced a lot of hatred myself for liking the same sex, even men who thought they could "fix" it for me. Needless to say, I'm afraid of biological males and the organ they forced on me. My theory is that my fear of male sexual attention coincides with my transphobia. I see transwomen as men who are trying to "fix" me, or infiltrate my woman-only space. And it's... so painfully illogical and stupid. But it comes across my mind anyway. It's like my logical mind and my traumatized ape brain at war with each other.

Logically transwomen are women simply because that is what they say they are, regardless of how they look. And 99.9% of the time its because that is what the label they feel comforts them the most- and it's absolutely none of my business. But.... why am I so afraid, then? How do I dispel my fear of transwomen?

Is OP transphobic for not wanting cock?

what's the difference here?????????????

So it's not transphobic to not date trans women with penises, it's transphobic to just get on the internet & say that. It's transphobic to ask someone if they would or not. It's transphobic to cite that as a reason for turning down a trans woman, especially if you don't know she has a penis or not.


:marseyfeet: turns out Quentin Tarantino is a dramacel :marseypopcorntime:

i keep seeing dramacels ask for feet pics so i'm guessing that's what dramacels like???

also this Marsey exists


not drama but drama meta :marseywheredrama:

Quentin Tarantino Defends Inclusion Of Feet In His Movies

In a recent interview, Quentin Tarantino has finally explained why he includes shots of feet so often in his films

Quentin Tarantino stands next to Steven Speilberg and Martin Scorcese (and very few others) as one of the most recognizable and influential auteur directors making films in today's Hollywood. His films scorch their viewers with fiery cinematic passion, telling bold stories with a tongue-in-cheek tone and skilled handling of film techniques. But the filmmaker has a tendency in his films that fans have been eager to point out throughout his career: a pattern of including shots of the characters' feet—especially the feet of birthing person characters. And in an interview with GQ, Quentin Tarantino has finally explained why he includes shots of feet so often in his films.

Tarantino is a director that doesn't need an introduction. He has directed some of the best modern films, with his extensive resume including Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Inglorious Basterds, and Django Unchained (the latter of which being believed to have inspired Red Dead Redemption 2). Tarantino is a two-time Oscar winner in the Original Screenplay category and is often regarded as an influence by many filmmakers working today.

In the interview, Tarantino explained that the stylistic tendency to include shots of actors' feet is an element of filmmaking that he's borrowed from many other accomplished directors—he directly cites figures like Luis Buñuel, Alfred Hitchcock, and Sofia Coppola as directors that also utilized shots of actors' feet. From his point of view, shots of the actors' feet are an example of "good direction" and something that doesn't need to be taken as seriously as it is by many critics.

Tarantino has yet to announce exactly what his tenth and final film is going to be, but speculation exists that Kill Bill: Volume 3 might be his next film—fans believe that it would be a fitting end for his filmmaking legacy. Another project rumored to be in the works is Django/Zorro, a crossover between the titular hero of Django Unchained and the legendary Spanish swordsman Zorro. Tarantino also remains influential in the sphere of Hollywood as a whole, even giving Edgar Wright his next film's title, Last Night in Soho.

Tarantino may or may not cease his rampant penchant for imagery of feet, but the directorial quirk certainly doesn't take away his accomplishments, and it certainly doesn't detract from the quality of his films. If anything, it is one of many reasons his films have remained endearing to fans and will remain so for generations to come.

more feet pics to satiate you:


:marseydisagree: redditor said no one takes rdrama seriously :marseycopeseethedilate:



Coulda been 10x Gab, but admins had a total dumbass moment, followed by a complete failure of backbone, and lack of cojones.

Bullshit about the Nazis, they were manageable, just needed better policing on the front page. Non political guilds were there, and had some good growth. Coupla really interesting nonpols, including a dude who made building a pinball cabinet damn interesting. Some good thoughtful OC, even in the pol guilds.

Agree about letting obvious troll fuck their shit up. Obvious troll now running a Ruqqus clone, that nobody takes seriously. Had his 7 1/2 mins of fame, now back in wannabe mode. Trying to drum up drama on Reddit after he got permabanned, until some powermod shops him to the admins, and then crispy burnt bread in Snoo-land again.

Shame, but cookie crumbled like that.

:marseyblackface: minor drama as redditors seethe when the "Let's Go Brandon" rap song hits #1 on the iTunes hip-hop charts :!marseybiden:

Ah, so much more classier then. I thought Republicans want politics out of sports though?

You got some horse paste on your chin.

Pretty sure all this proves is that conservatives are the only people dumb enough to still buy music on iTunes. Song only has 50k plays on Spotify.

I’m boggling at the idea that conservatives listen to hip-hop. Do you not know what hip-hop is? Its history, creators, and subject matter are in opposition to conservative ideology. Thus my surprise that a conservative call-sign has made its way to #1 on the hip-hop chart.

rapper's a black face of white supremacy to the average redditor probably


:marseytrans2: Netflix trans employees and allies release a list of demands ahead of the heckin' brave and stunning walkout :!marseysjw:

black 👏🏿 trans 👏🏿 rights 👏🏿 are 👏🏿 human 👏🏿 rights 👏🏿

they formatted the ransom letter this way, don't be ableist sweaty 💅🏿

Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that there are many places where Netflix

still has to grow when it comes to content relating to the trans and non-binary

community. The Trans* Employee Resource Group, which includes trans and

non-binary colleagues as well as our numerous allies, wants Netflix to immediately take

the steps below to begin to repair the relationship between the Company, our

colleagues, and our audience. Specifically, we want the Company to adopt measures

in the areas of Content Investment, Employee Relations and Safety, and Harm

Reduction, all of which are necessary to avoid future instances of platforming

transphobia and hate speech, and to account for the harm we have caused and will

continue to cause until the below measures are put in place.

Content Investment

Create a new fund to specifically develop trans and non-binary talent

○ This fund should support both above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line

(BTL) talent;

○ This fund should exist in addition to the existing Creative Equity Fund;

Increase investment in trans and non-binary content on Netflix comparable to

our total investment in transphobic content, including marketing and


Invest in multiple trans creators to make both scripted and unscripted programs

across genres;

Revise internal processes on commissioning and releasing potential harmful

(“sensitive”) content, including but not limited to involving parties who are a

part of the subject community and can speak to potential harm, or consulting

with 3rd party experts/vendors;

Increase the ERG role in conversations around potentially harmful content and

ensure we have best in class regional support on complicated intersectional

diversity issues;

Hire trans and non-binary content executives, especially BIPOC, in leading


Employee Relations and Safety

Recruit trans people, especially BIPOC, for leadership roles in the company

(Director, VP, etc.) and promote an inclusive environment for them;

Allow employees to remove themselves from previous company promotional

content (e.g. allyship and diversity videos, etc.);

Eliminate references/imagery of transphobic titles or talent inside of the

workplace, including but not limited to murals, posters, room names, swag;

Harm Reduction

Acknowledge the harm and Netflix’s responsibility for this harm from

transphobic content, and in particular harm to the Black trans community;

Add a disclaimer before transphobic titles that specifically flag transphobic

language, misogyny, homophobia, hate speech, etc. as required;

Boost promotion for Disclosure and other trans-affirming titles in the platform;

Suggest trans-affirming content alongside and after content flagged as


We are employees, but we are members, too. We believe that this Company can and

must do better in our quest to entertain the world, and that the way forward must

include more diverse voices in order to avoid causing more harm. The Trans* ERG

looks forward to working with the Company to make this a better, more entertaining

place for us all.


Trans* Netflix

:marseyghost: scottish dramautists have deemed the word "spooky" to be offensive due to its spooky oppressive connotations :!marseyblackface:

ripe for r/ukpolitics or r/scotland seethe :!marseyderp:

but they're so cucked they might agree that it's offensive


Theatre takes fright at using 'spooky' this Hallowe'en over fears it could be racist

The National Theatre of Scotland said it would “always interrogate language choices” for “historically oppressive connotations”

The word 'spooky' has been censored at Hallowe'en by a major theatre company over fears the term could be seen as racist.

The National Theatre of Scotland said it would “always interrogate language choices” for “historically oppressive connotations”.

During the Second World War, American servicemen began using the term to refer to black pilots, and use of the word has caused some controversy in the United States.

However, Prof Sir Geoff Palmer, Scotland’s most prominent black academic, claimed the publicly-funded charity was “doing more harm than good” and that he had never heard 'spooky' used as a racial slur.

A source told The Sunday Mail that while nobody had complained to the National Theatre of Scotland about the word, there were concerns that its continued use might cause problems in future. It was identified by the organisation as an offensive term, the Scottish newspaper reported.

Prof Palmer, 81, who was installed as the new Chancellor of Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh at the weekend, described the arts body’s intervention as "an irrelevance" and claimed it had no right to interfere with our use of language.

'Doing more harm than good'

"This seems to be another example where organisations think they are doing black people a favour,” he said. “They are not.

“I have never heard of ‘spooky’ being used as a derogatory term for black people and I am a black man. It has always meant to me to be something that’s scary or frightening.

“Therefore, if it is not a racial slur that is part of our culture, these people have just ensured that it becomes one. I think there are enough negative images around race without looking for more.”

Jamaican-born Prof Palmer, who also serves as president of the Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council, added: “If they want to do something about race, let them put on a play about it and explain its origins. Otherwise, they are doing more harm than good.”

The term ‘spooky’ was last used by the theatre five years ago in ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Old Kirk in Kirkcaldy, in Fife, which it described as “a spooky location”.

The theatre source said: “There’s been a lot of training and meetings since the Black Lives Matter movement and how NTS should change.

“There might not be many people who know that ‘spooky’ can also be used as racist but even if it’s one person who is offended, it’s one person too many.”

According to the ‘word watch’ website Code Switch, which monitors and advises on racially-offensive language, ‘spooky’ originates from the old Dutch word for ‘apparition or spectre’.

It says the word “lived a relatively innocuous life” until the war when US servicemen began to use ‘spook’ to refer to black colleagues.

An NTS spokesman said: “The company has not banned the word spooky from being used on National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) website or marketing materials.

“However, following the commitment by NTS to becoming an anti-racist organisation, the company will now always interrogate language choices on all materials to try to ensure that no offence or hurt is caused by inappropriate language or by words that have historically oppressive connotations.”

bait idea - faking opengraph data to lure people into something totally different

so basically you can put whatever you want in the metadata and it will show up on social media sites as such:

opengraph preview

but the contents might actually be totally different like in this example

i actually did something similar using a fake shortlink domain, making unrelated or offensive images to show up and appending 1337 code at the back, so maybe like an article talking about Brian Laundrie becomes

it worked for a few weeks on a 300k member sub but eventually someone noticed the preview image being different from the linked article and the urls so i got banned from the sub lol. it was a brand new domain and it seems that reddit spam filters dont catch those too

:marseysmug3: lol Guardian posted a femcel article i'm not making this up :!marseypearlclutch:

it's not on mainstream reddit yet and the only sub that has comments is r/foreveralonewomen but it seems too mean to link it and not much drama there anyway

‘I feel hurt that my life has ended up here’: The women who are involuntary celibates

What is it like to go without a partner when you long for one – and when even a fleeting sexual connection feels impossible?

When a woman named Alana coined the term “incel” in the late 90s, she couldn’t have predicted the outcome. What started as a harmless website to connect lonely, “involuntary celibate” men and women has morphed into an underground online movement associated with male violence and extreme misogyny.

In 2014, Elliot Rodger stabbed and shot dead six people in California, blaming the “girls” who had spurned him and condemned him to “an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires”. There have since been numerous attacks by people who identify with incel culture, including Jack Davison, who killed five people in Plymouth this summer, before turning the gun on himself. In the darkest corners of the internet, incel groups have become a breeding ground for toxic male entitlement, putting them on hate crime watchlists across the UK.

But it is not just incel men who struggle to find sexual connections in the modern world. Some young women are turning to online “femcel” spaces to discuss the challenges they face as involuntary celibates.

Theirs is a non-violent resistance. Rather than blaming the opposite sex for their unhappiness, as some of their male counterparts do, femcels tend to believe their own “ugliness” is the root cause of their loneliness. Posting anonymously on platforms they have designed for themselves, they argue that they are invisible due to their abnormal appearance, and that our beauty-centric, misogynistic culture prevents them from being accepted. There is anger and open grappling with self-esteem, but no extreme hatred and no sense of entitlement within the community.

Meanwhile, a far greater number of women would not describe themselves as femcels, but live unintentionally celibate lives. They share many of the femcels’ concerns.

Caitlin, 39, doesn’t call herself a femcel, but she hasn’t had sex for almost eight years and doesn’t think she will find another sexual partner. “I’m not conventionally attractive and I never get approached by men,” she says. “They don’t look at me. I’ve had therapy to try to address these issues, but dating feels like a barren wasteland. It’s worse as I get older, because I’ve missed that short window to marry and have a family.”

I feel that a man who didn’t find me attractive straight away would never learn to become attracted to me

She never tells people that she is celibate, because it makes her feel “abnormal” and inadequate. “I feel a lot of anger and hurt that my life has ended up this way. I struggle to cope with the fact I may never find a partner. Society makes it harder because, after a certain age, people tend to pair off and form their own insular units and life gets lonely for single people.”

Although Caitlin is not morally opposed to casual sex, it is not an experience that feels right for her. She has had two short-term relationships, which ended in heartbreak. There is a popular notion among incel communities – and even in wider society – that women are privileged because they can get sex at any time. Not only is that untrue, as many women will testify, but also, as Caitlin points out, not all sex is enjoyable. “Generally, men who aren’t in a relationship with you don’t make it a pleasurable experience,” she says. “The risk of rejection afterwards is high, which makes the sex even less enjoyable. As a woman, you want to be desired, not treated like a piece of meat.”

Caitlin is aware that men also struggle with self-esteem issues linked to appearance, but believes the pressure is greater for women. “I’m not especially drawn to someone’s looks or height. I prefer to get to know someone and develop an attraction. But I feel that a man who didn’t find me attractive straight away would never learn to become attracted to me. I see lots of beautiful women dating men who aren’t good-looking, but rarely the other way around. Men have more ways to attract a partner than looks.”

Appearance-based discrimination, termed “lookism” by femcel communities, is not the only reason that some women struggle to find a sexual partner. The risk of male violence has always been a concern, but the semi-anonymous nature of app-based dating has increased these fears for many women.

Jane, 49, has been single for eight years and celibate for five. Although she would love to have a sex life, she is not prepared to compromise her principles by seeking a casual relationship with someone she has just met online. “I don’t want to invite someone I don’t know into my home, as you never know the risks.” She was once followed home by a man after their date. “I saw his car behind me and he said he was curious about where I lived. It made me extremely uncomfortable.”

In addition to safety concerns, Jane says apps make it hard to find the type of connection she is looking for. While this is also true for men, she believes they tend to be more comfortable with the “fast-food”, casual-sex nature of online dating. Dishonesty is a common theme; she says it is impossible to build trust with a man who lies online. “Pictures will be 10 years old, or not an accurate representation of the person,” she says. “I look for men who take care of themselves physically, who are emotionally available, open and honest. You can’t see that on a profile.”

Since giving up on apps, Jane has stayed active through a walking group and has tried many other activities in the past few years. “I meet a lot of great women, but I never meet single men at classes or events. It’s hard to meet men who share your interests.”

This is also Mary’s experience. She is 53 and has been celibate for five years. “A lot of us feel that we’re not expressing ourselves sensually. It’s important to use the word ‘sensual’, not ‘sexual’. For women like me, it’s not about the act of sex. It’s about having the intimacy of emotions, as well as physical experiences.”

Like Jane, Mary has little interest in casual flings, but misses physical intimacy. She has even considered using escorts. It is a far cry from the close relationship she desires, but she would feel more comfortable with the idea of a no-strings sexual encounter if she knew exactly what it entailed. “I’m not really sure that safe, secure sex-worker services exist, but in a way it would be preferable to one-night stands. At least it would be a safe, secure transaction for which you and the man involved knew exactly what you were signing up, with no risk of violence, STIs or emotional hurt and confusion.”

Article's too long so i'll put it in the comments, which brave soul is going to post this on mainstream reddit?


🚩🚩🚩 :marseyfeminist: Women in Singapore does a heckin' FDS and start a private chat group and online spreadsheet to share misdeeds of men :!marseyderp: 🚩🚩🚩

TIL 🚩🚩🚩 was a trend

edit: false accusation's a problem here because recently a man was cleared of sexual assault charges after spending almost half a million and 4 years to fight it, and the identity of the accuser is still sealed and no repercussions for her for perjury (

An influencer made a controversial suggestion via a TikTok video on Sunday (Oct. 17): a group chat for girls in Singapore to discuss their experiences with guys on dating apps, as well as an excel sheet to collate information.

The idea was apparently executed shortly after, in the form of a Telegram group chat and a Google Sheet, which collated names of individuals, short write-ups of their alleged misdeeds, and even links to their social media profiles.

This happened even while a flurry of comments and reactions were still streaming in on the original TikTok post, both for and against the suggestion.

Group chat would "save everybody some time"

Koh Boon Ki, the influencer who first mooted the idea and a recent pharmacy graduate from the National University of Singapore, explained in her TikTok post that a group chat for women on dating apps to discuss their male counterparts would "save everybody some time", since most people were likely talking to the same dating app matches.

They would thus be able to share information about potential dates to save each other the trouble of "finding out the red flags" on their own, Koh said.

"Imagine the Excel sheet we can make", she added.

In the caption of her post, Koh asked for her viewers' thoughts, and remarked that "the guys have worse tele groups anyway".

The post attracted both support and criticism.

Support for the idea

Those in favour of the idea pointed to the truth of Koh's caption that "guys have worse tele groups".

There were also several users who said that they would be happy to share their past experiences for others' benefit.

Many appeared to be asking for a link to join the group, or for an update when the group was actually created.

Other supporters suggested that Google docs could be used for the purpose so that contributions could be accepted from "everyone".

Criticism of the idea

However, many voiced concerns about such an initiative, saying that there was potential for biased or false accusations to be made anonymously, as it would be difficult to verify some of the claims made.

Another critique of the idea was that it did not leave room for people who had genuinely changed for the better.

Others said that something similar, where guys discussed their experiences with girls, would definitely be unacceptable.

The risk of things escalating into harassment and defamation were also raised as reasons why the idea should not be carried out.

Group chat and Google sheet appear

Hours later, links to a Telegram group chat and a Google sheet were circulated on messaging apps and social media in the evening on Oct. 17.

The Google sheet was titled, "Dating Guide SG", and had two separate tabs labelled "Blacklist" and "Avoid", and each tab contained fields for names, reasons why they were listed, as well as links to their social media profiles.

The reasons provided were quite varied, and included accounts of sexual assault, abuse, voyeurism, and infidelity on the "Blacklist" tab.

On the "Avoid" tab, other misdemeanours were listed, including staying on multiple dating apps while dating someone, being "desperate asf" and clingy, sending inappropriate sexual messages, only talking about themselves or cryptocurrency, or even being an "avid gamer".

Viewers of the sheet were able to remain anonymous to one another.

"What if the guy got falsely accused?"

One recipient of a link to the Google sheet took to TikTok, calling it "toxic".

"yes girls shud unite together, esp against trashy guys but like this is q toxic imo cuz what if the guy got falsely accused..💀" wrote a TikToker in her TikTok post's caption.

This, however, did not deter commenters from seeking out a link to the document, with many asking for it so that they could share their own experiences.

The sheet appeared to have been taken offline sometime in the late evening on Oct. 17, however.

Meanwhile, a Telegram group chat titled "f*ing 🚩🚩🚩" gained over 100 followers.

Conversations in the group included the sharing of experiences with particular guys, similar to what was found in the Google sheet.

The group appears to have been closed down as of Oct. 18.

The name of the group is an apparent reference to a recent trend where social media users share examples of what they consider to be red flags in various interpersonal interactions, accompanied by the "🚩" emoji.

Koh's original suggestion, as well as a similar Telegram group, apparently named "sg dating adventures ☕", was spotlighted by TikTok user @g1ennice, who said that it was a "great idea" in theory, that she predicted would "go south really really fast" as the group grew.

She acknowledged that men had created groups like SG Nasi Lemak, where explicit photos were shared, often without consent, but contended that creating a group chat for girls to talk about their experiences with guys could seem hypocritical, when much had been done to stand against the practice of guys talking about their experiences with girls.

She said:

"Creating such a damaging group chat, even when it's not on the same level, it just makes it seem like we are condoning this behaviour because we are doing something similar."

She also highlighted the potential for innocent guys to be falsely accused using doctored screenshots, while not having the opportunity to defend themselves.

"I think it's important [for girls] to stick together and be a strong community, [but] not in this way," she said.

It is not clear whether Koh was the creator of either group.

However, on her Instagram page (@bimbiboon), Koh posted a story on Oct. 17 at around 3pm, saying that she was "now a GC [Group Chat] admin".

An update on Oct. 18 at around 3am stated that the group was "now closed", along with the statement that "talking about guys is as problematic as talking to them".

:marseycope: journ*list seethes at IRL versions of r/friendsofbrian who created Brian Laundrie halloween costumes :!marseyderp:

which dramacel made these?


IN BAD TASTE Sick trolls create Brian Laundrie Halloween costumes with Tide detergent, laundry, and flowerbed after Gabby’s autopsy

AS Halloween approaches, sick trolls have taken it upon themselves to dress up as Brian Laundrie for the holiday.

Images of people wearing laundry baskets and flowerbed costumes have surfaced online poking fun at Laundrie who’s fiancée Gabby Petito was killed.

“Found my Halloween costume! I’m going to the house on Halloween!!!” read one post.

The man in the photo had a laundry basket wrapped around his waist with a bottle of detergent wedged inside.

On the photo was the text: “My name is Brian”

Another photo on a different website featured a man in a green morph suit with a flower mask on top.

A flowerbed was edited on the image with the title: “Brian Laundrie’s Halloween costume this year”

The sick joke refers to an internet theory that Laundrie is hiding in a secret bunker underneath a flower bed in his parents’ backyard. ( hilarious)

Hours after Gabby’s remains were found in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, listings on Amazon and Etsy had merchandise featuring the vlogger being sold.

T-shirts with the words “#FindGabby” and “Praying for Gabby Petito” with pictures of Gabby were up for grabs from Amazon sellers that were either based or linked to China.

On Etsy, apparel memorializing Gabby were also being sold with some stores claiming that “ALL PROCEEDS” were being sent to Gabby’s family.

Gabby died from strangulation, according to an autopsy. Laundrie remains a person of interest.

:marseypearlclutch: card game makers printed out a heckin' homophobic stranger things card :!marseydisagree: (potential bait idea though :marseyshy:)

if you've not read the article try to spot it, this is the heckin' homophobic card

they fixed it here

idk, i wasn't able to spot it without the article :!marseyshrug:

i dont play magictcg so i'm not sure of the sentiments there but i tried looking for the article or similar ones on r/magicTCG but found nothing

bait idea: fake offensive trading cards? people will probably seethe without even checking it nowadays and generators are available to ease the process (

Wizards of the Coast has had to change the art to one of its Magic the Gathering: Stranger Things x Secret Lair cards, after it was noticed that it contains a homophobic slur.

The cards, which were unveiled earlier this week, take characters from Netflix's Stranger Things and turns them into fully functional Magic cards, complete with their own mechanics and art. However, one of the cards had to be quietly changed shortly after it was announced, as players noticed it contained an unfortunate (and presumably unintentional) homophobic slur.

Will the Wise's art shows Will, as played by Noah Schnapp, stood in front of a Homecoming banner. The problem was his head blocked out the E and the C flags, leaving him with a massive slur above his head. The art has now been changed slightly, simply to change that last O into an M.

In an article by Wizards of the Coast outlining the Stranger Things x Secret Lair release, only a cursory mention was made of the art being changed, and no explanation as to how it got through to being revealed was given. However, the lettering was so faint, had a reasonable explanation in meaning to read as "HOMECOMING", was illustrated by an artist whose first language is German, and slipped past multiple art directors and editors within Wizards of the Coast. Assuming any intent on artist Pauline Voß' part at this point would be incredibly uncharitable.

In the last few years, Wizards of the Coast has been carrying out a major push to make Magic the Gathering more diverse, inclusive, and respectful of marginalised identities. In 2018, it reworked the rules text of the game, replacing all instants of "his or her" on a card with they, them and their pronouns. In 2020, it announced it was completely removing seven racist cards from the game, including the notorious Invoke Prejudice and Jihad. It also introduced more queer characters to the game in 2021, with the planeswalker Niko Aris being canonically non-binary, and a number of queer characters in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (like Varik, Astral Archmage).

Secret Lair is Magic the Gathering's limited-edition, direct-sale range, that sees alternate art (and sometimes unique cards, like this) be available for sale for only a short time. The Stranger Things drop comes as part of the wider October Superdrop, which sees it release alongside things such as anatomical illustrations of famous Magic creatures, pixel-art artefact lands, and collections based on classic horror movie posters and pulp novel book covers. None of the cards are actually printed until the sales window has closed, meaning none of the original versions of Will the Wise will ever see release.

:marseycolossal: extremely pointless mod drama :marseywheredrama:

spoiler: it was resolved amicably

even a sub that doesn't really have user engagements like r/incremental_games can produce drama! this is like r/friendsofbrian level of upvotes/comments and they have over 100,000 subs compared to the 1,000+ on r/friendsofbrian!!

On Thursday, u/the_muffin added u/zwinky588 to the mod team. u/the_muffin is an absentee mod, he has done essentially zero mod work here for years. The addition of zwinky588 was done without discussion with the other mods. While we were surprised, we gave the_muffin and zwinky588 the benefit of the doubt. However, in the short time since he was made mod, zwinky588 has undone our moderator actions multiple times and made comments that clearly go against the standards that we have in this community.

oh no turns out the new mod's a racist :marseyblackface:

Oh no. First is a stonks cryptobro. Second is "ironic" conservative. Isn't there a better sub for such trash to infiltrate?

Second is also a white guy that uses the n-word casually. Good times.

Makes sense the cryptobro would be okay with that. They go hand in hand.

head mod (who's called out in the post) is disappointed with the white moderate

I too am gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I am not one. I can be okay with this person because I know that scorning them and pushing them away will do less to change their view than challenging them on it. Not that changing another’s view is anybody’s obligation. It would be entirely right for a person to cut off a racist friend or acquaintance if that is how they felt they should handle it.

a redditor asks something i was wondering about

Im confused, what actual moding is needed on this subreddit? its not like its a subreddit that attracts drama, just deleting the occasional spam surely?


some stalking takes place

rest of the post is probably too many words and it got boring

:marseywords: :marseylongpost:

can't imagine mod drama on big subs


:marseyblackface: :marseykween: brave BIPOC kween gets offended over literal words words words in word game :!marseykween: :!marseypearlclutch:

not on reddit yet but potential drama if posted on r/books or r/scrabble or r/boardgames or something?

Article exceeds the word limit for posts so some choice paragraphs:

Emotionally drained after watching the trial of the police officer accused of murdering George Floyd, she fretted about what the guilty verdict would mean for the Black men in her life. Well past midnight, the corporate attorney turned crossword creator reached for her phone and opened “Typeshift,” a word game that carried the Merriam-Webster brand.

She flicked her thumb across the glowing screen, dialing letters up and down to find all the possible word combinations in that day’s puzzle. Within minutes, the grid of mostly brown squares turned turquoise, accompanied by a click signaling success.

Seven white letters had appeared: “Lynched.”

“It was unbelievable,” said Buckner Walker, founder and president of Kids Across Parents Down, a Chicago-area company that creates crossword puzzles. “I thought, ‘Are they trolling African Americans?’ Why ‘lynched’?”

The New York Times crossword began running puzzle clues and answers past a diversity panel this year after controversies involving the use of words such as “beaner” and “illegal,” which are racial slurs that also have innocuous meanings.

Yet Buckner Walker said Merriam-Webster officials were slow to rid “Typeshift” of demeaning terms even after she alerted company executives in December to the appearance of the slurs “Negress” and “darkies.” (The computer-generated anagram game challenges players to form as many words as possible using the letter combinations dealt each day. Players who click on the found words are directed to the Merriam-Webster definitions.)

Even after Buckner Walker spoke to Barlow, disparaging terms showed up on the website version of the game that the company does control. The transphobic slur “tranny” appeared on May 19. The racial slur “coons” appeared on Sept. 13.

Players on the mobile app, meanwhile, received credit for finding “slave” on July 19, the antisemitic term “hebes” on Aug. 31 and “bitches” on Sept. 24, among other racist, misogynistic and homophobic words observed by The Post in screenshots and in real time.

In the Scrabble world, players expressed confusion and outrage over the list of 259 words characterized as slurs to be banned from competitive play. “Redneck” was blocked. “Redskin” was not, because it also carries a benign definition as a variety of peanut. “Faggot,” despite being a homophobic slur, remains eligible for play because of its archaic meaning of “a bundle of sticks.” Players were also mystified by the exclusion of “Pepsi,” which is used in Canada as an insult against French-speaking Quebecois.

Ten days later, on Oct. 6, the racial slurs “chinks” and “chinky” appeared on the updated app.





:marseyobey: word policing is everywhere!! :marseyobey:

edit: not exactly related but lol just chanced upon this heckin' racism :!marseyblackface:

:marseybiden: "Biden links China policies targeting Uygurs in Xinjiang to the Holocaust" = [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] :!marseyreich:

Some of the deleted comments really seem mild to be honest

A campaign comprised of forced assimilation and heavy handed security measures is definitely happening in Xinjiang. The 1990's and 2000's saw the region slowly becoming more violent. By 2014, violence was weekly occurrences in the region, and were starting to spill out into the rest of China. A massive increase in state security apparatus followed with draconian measures put in place. Essentially if the cops suspected you had links to extremist thoughts, they could put you and your family into a re-education camp for a few months to rehabilitate them. These camps are not pleasant places, and abuses are rife. With that said, they're not death camps either. Vast majority of those who enter are released back into society eventually when they are deemed to have rehabilitated in thoughts. The situation is nowhere as rosy as the Chinese government paints it to be, but it is also nowhere as grim as the genocide accusations coming from Americans and its Five Eyes partners. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

And haven't we been calling forced comparisons to the holocaust antisemitic for like a year? How is this not downplaying the holocaust? They haven't systemically murdered millions of Uighurs. I guess that's just for silly covid comparisons.

argh, there're so many removed comments reveddit is too laggy on my poorcel chromebook


i guess yet another example of astroturfing done by china


i miss removeddit though, it wasn't as laggy as reveddit

:marseybrainlet: reddit has a new update and somehow finds a way to become more annoying :marseysipping:

We’re running a test to ask people who are logged out but going through a comment thread to log in or sign up to comment when they click a “X more replies” link.


Fuck off.

Here is my eloquent feedback: No, no, fuck no, no, stop it, do not fucking do this, no. I mean seriously, how many sites do you visit where you go "gee, I wish this site nagged me to sign up or log in while I'm trying to read something"? Honest answers only.

Could you reply to the many comments regarding why you think nagging people to log in when they aren't, is a good idea?

Why are you ignoring everyone's complaints? Why even bother announcing horrible features that everyone hates? You idiots ignore us every time you make a post like this. Why do you hate your userbase so much? Why don't you have any competent developers?

Stop fucking doing this, it's annoying. Why can't I use your site from a web browser because I'm a phone is fucking just being an asshole for the sake of it. Also you're not being honest here, this "test" has been active for at least 2 months. once again proves to be the superior product


Although I would prefer some proper Reddit merch. Like actual Gold and silver awards. Maybe you would need some form of eligibility to be able to purchase them (like having received one on your account? But mainly a reddit hoodie. u/SrGrafo had a really cool design back in 2019 for a cool hoodie I wish I would have been able to buy

:marsoyhype: :marseysnoo: :marseysoypoint:

:marseyohno: CͨOͦMⷨEͤ РⷬLAͣY WIͥᴛⷮнⷩ uͧs͛ :!marseyscared:


A̴͔̘̙̽̚N̵͙̘͒͐̓͜D̸̢̝̺͒̀̕ E̴̘̟͊̓́͜V̴̡̠̺͒̿͐E̵̡̺̼̔̾͒R̸̪̼͔̈́͆̈́!̸͓͎̞̈́̔͊

A̵̙͓͆͑͊N̸̘̟̻̐̓͝D̸̞̞̼͐͠ E̸͖̫͇͑̓͝V̸̞͎̪̓͌͌Ë̸̡̼̻́͒̈́R̵͙͍̦̀̕͝?̴̘̼͖́̀͘

M̽̔͝a̿̕͝R̽͋͊s͌̔͘e̐͐̚y͒͊͘S̒͛̈́ w̒̕͠Ä́͒͋ǹ͘͝t̔͒͘s̿͑̐ p̈́͛͘l̀̾̿a͒̚͠y͋̔͝Ś͝͝ w̓͆͌i̿͐t́͋͠h́͑̾ y͒̾́O̿̒͆u͐̀̀


:marseyvaxmaxx: were these posts made by a dramacel? :!marseyderp:

i only joined a month ago so i might be late to the punch :marseybrainlet:


maybe that's why I've not seen similar posts recently

i remember seeing someone submitting a photo of themselves finally getting the vaxx and getting ripped on by redditors for not getting it earlier, will update if i find it


:marseymugshot: Incel culture should be classed as terrorism, leading human rights barrister Miss Proudman warns :!marseytaliban:

leading barrister:

someone share this on reddit please, my new account cant post on major subs for being too new :!marseyseethe:


Incel culture should be classed as terrorism, leading human rights barrister warns

‘Incel culture played a huge role in his murderous decisions,’ says Charlotte Proudman during an exclusive virtual event held by The Independent

Incel groups “glorify” violence against women and should be classed as terrorists, a leading human rights barrister has warned.

Dr Charlotte Proudman, an award-winning family law lawyer, said incel groups are a growing problem yet the authorities wrongly see incidents as being “isolated one-offs” rather than joining up the dots.

An incel, which stands for a combination of the words “involuntary” and “celibate”, is a heterosexual man who desperately wants to have sex with women but fails to do so, consequently heaping blame on women for their own inability to form sexual relationships.

Speaking at an event about violence against women hosted by The Independent on Thursday, Dr Proudman said a belief in incel culture was a critical factor in the massacre carried out by gunman Jake Davison in Plymouth in August.

Davison, a self-proclaimed Incel, shot dead six people in the port city on the south coast of Devon - with his mother and a three-year-old girl among his victims - before aiming the gun at his own head.

After the tragedy, it emerged Davison had previously uploaded videos referring to himself as an “incel” and lamenting the fact he had not lost his virginity as a teenager. Davison’s murder spree was the deadliest mass shooting to take place in the UK in over a decade.

“Incel culture played a huge role in his murderous decisions,” Dr Proudman said in the panel discussion hosted by The Independent’s women’s correspondent Maya Oppenheim. “It is not just him. There are many people.”

The barrister noted incel groups are particularly prevalent in the US - adding that it is an ideology that sees men assert their “right to sex” and vent their frustrations about the fact women are “supposedly withholding it” from them. “How dare we,” Ms Proudman quipped.

“Involuntary celibacy has been going on for 30 years,” Dr Proudman, who specialises in violence against women and girls, added. “It has been going on for decades. In my view, it is a form of terrorism.”

Dr Proudman, who was joined by Cristel Amiss, a life-long activist from Women Against Rape and Black Women's Rape Action Project and Rebecca Hitchin from the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said incel culture needs to be incorporated into conceptions of radicalisation and fundamentalism.

The lawyer, who campaigns for domestic abuse victims to be gain protection in the family courts, added: “If someone were to use this type of language and they were from an ethnic minority background or had so-called religious views, then they would be seen as terrorists.

“Then why is it not the same for misogynists? Then why is it not the same for men who are holding these radical views of hatred of women, which have become a glamorous subculture? It is glorifying that violence.

“These types of murders are seen as one-offs, isolated incidents, they are not joined up. They are not seen as part of a larger movement which is taking place online.”

Dr Proudman warned incel culture is an “enormous problem”, concluding: “It needs to be defined as terrorism in short.”

Incel men, who are affiliated with far-right, neo-Nazi movements, victimise themselves and attribute their dearth of sexual and romantic relationships to problems with society.

Incel communities, which have grown in recent years, have sprung up on Reddit, Facebook, 4chan and on websites established by incels themselves. Members of the dark community spout misogynistic abuse about all women on online forums, as well as making vitriolic comments about the women who reject them - even plotting against them.


should yield drama on reddit i reckon


:marseyderp: :marseytaliban: worldnews thread about France honouring teacher killed for showing Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) cartoons y'alled for probably heckin' islamophobia :marseyniqab: :!marseyderp:

first off this is unrelated but a couple of really reddit moments from 15 minutes of browsing reddit:

redditor with almost 1 million karma calling someone terminally online for citing rotten tomatoes (

reddit's version of Godwin's Law i guess (

ok back to the France post, initially saw another reddit moment there when a redditor made a reference to Singapore in it (related post:

True, why should nonmuslims follow islamic rule, that made no sense at all. Maybe next time the French should follow Singapore's law where drug users are executed. Ridiculous.

but it's mild in comparison to the many comments against islam that i'm surprised arent deleted yet (Archive since deletion is inevitable I guess:

Is it just his face? Like if I draw Muhammed’s ballsack is that just as offensive

How many Islamist extremists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, they blow themselves to Kingdom come and light up the place.

Militant muslims are fucking stupid and should be killed, they have a special place in hell reserved for them, no innocent person should ever be killed regardless of their faith

I’d argue the (local) islamic culture is the problem, not the religion itself. There are plenty of these examples for other religions, too.

Is that supposed to be an ultimatum? Why should it encourage it in the first place? If Muslims are such a productive part of our society, why should this turn them into terrorists? Are you so devoted to your prophet that mocking him gives you grounds to kill? Fuck off with that fundamentalistic bullshit.

Fuck you and fuck Mohammad (PBUH)

and I guess to no surprise it got y'alled soon after


:marseymerchant::marseycoin: Marsey got luc.. I mean invested wisely and stonks and to the moon and stuff :!marseycoin::marseybux:

Diamonds version

I suppose it's better than her antiwork phase yesterday...

edit: crap this head feels more smug