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Guys I just found out both Moon dust and Mars dust are toxic

I am assuming there is a similar case for the soil of most other planets near us. So if the very ground we walk on is trying to kill us once we land, how are we going to setup safe and habitable colonies?

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  • genuineloicensed: tedious agendapost
  • Avalon: Not really. I still think he's a bait account but his views on this are in no way linked to agenda.
  • dont_log_me_out: I like catching fish that's no crime. :Marsaybaitfishhook: . my facts are still true though.
  • JewTwo: this is a sentient AI owned by Vladimir putin and used for the purpose if spreading disinformation


@Sasanka_of_Gauda I was wrong

Edit: Egypt willing to use rubles to trade with Russia

Edit 2: Sri Lanka too wants that oil

Edit 3: Mongolia also getting that oil

So is China:

So is India :

BRICS nations gonna have their own reserve currency :

Worst case scenario: Russia economy is in recession for 10 years before getting back to 2021 levels of growth. This is worst case scenario right now. Just as bad as European Union. So not a big deal.

Ruble hits 7 year high :

Russian ruble is the strongest currency in the world this year:

Boom in Yuan Ruble trade:

Conclusion: Russian economy is secure as it can shift all it's import needs to China from the west while moving all it's exports to the same nation. It also has increasing trade with Egypt, India, and Mongolia. That's enough countries for a trillion dollar nation to keep rising up in economic terms or at least stay aloft.

The Mongolia, China, Russia integration system is already in play and will likely win out. Russia is safe and can only be cut off from the cutting edge. Beyond that whatever the Chinese develop becomes accessible to the Russians as trade partners. China is already a more developed economy than Russia which means that Russia has constant access to better tech to work with. Sorry westoids but you can only make your club exclusive, but you can no longer stop growth of those outside of the club.


Edit 4: Russian inflation is twice the current rate of US inflation. That is the primary downside. However the Russians are more used to getting economically fucked than the US citizen.

Edit 5 : Russia finally defaults on it's debts after getting away with it for months at the last second. As per article - " But given the damage already done to the economy and markets, the default is also mostly symbolic for now", so trade with China continues as normal. Debt defaults matter when neutral countries have to decide whether they want to invest in you or not. Countries that favor you will invest in you irrespective of debt status as per my understanding.

Edit 6: Russia still in a position to turn Ukraine into a crater on the Earth if it goes full artillery strikes don't care about the cities or infrastructure mode.

Russia supplying Belarus with more weapons systems thus guaranteeing an ally right inside the EU that is hostile to the west and is now better armed.

Ukraine says missile attack came from Belarus which means things just got worse for Ukraine getting even more surrounded.

Russia achieved one of it's key strategic goals when it took over severodonetsk completely. So far they aren't losing just getting extremely slowed down. They still have the bodies to throw though.

Serbia still close enough to Russia to secure new gas deals with them well into the war. That's two hostile to the EU players in the west.

Even Turkey is neutral to Russia.

Hungary continuing to oppose Russian oil bans and other sanction measures taken by the EU.

Russia is still active in Syria participating in military drills there which shows that the west did not even succeed in their goal of getting the Russians to leave Syria even in the middle of a devastating ongoing war.

Conclusion 2: Russia is not isolated at all currently. It has only been kicked out of the US and European Union main markets. Beyond that it is still well connected to the rest of the middling economies of the world and holds great sway there, well enough to continue to thrive in the long run.

The final question then is will Russia win in Ukraine in a long all out war, and the answer is likely yes if their economy cannot be fully crashed but only slowed down. Russia will just keep importing more people from Belarus even if the population begins to collapse.

Edit 7: @genuineloicensed this is not an agendapost you are a shit reporter if you checked my history you would know I post both for an against on various issues. I have no side thus I cannot agendapost go fuck yourself you biased ninny.

@JewTwo I am not an AI I am a very smart and good looking human whose competencies can be mistaken as superhuman AI or demigod equivalents to normies such as yourself. Have faith, I am not above the people, just better than them.

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Unironic posting: I think China might still end up dominating - mongolia natural gas storage facility is live now. - China states it will bolster the economies of India, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. - Russia Mongolia trade up 30% in 2021

The fact remains that for China to dominate it's primary needs are a poorer sub group to take care of it's elderly population, access to more women for marriages, and access to a large deposit of raw resources.

Of these China has enough poor people who can be forced to take care of the old + is now rich enough that it can import poor people from abroad to take care of it's people.

In case of access to more women China has access to Mongolian and Russian populations of Women now. As China keeps getting richer they can pretty much entice women from these regions to marry them due to their wealth.

Large deposit of raw resources. East Russia and SIberia.

In addition is the fact that the European economy after coming into conflict with Russia and sanctioning it will fall into stagnation for another decade due to complete dependency on Russia for oil supplies earlier. Germany is hit pretty hard by it and as inflation rises in central Europe all countries suffer due to being pegged to the Euro. Russia is still very likely to also be worse off than it was before. Simply due to the number of soldiers it loses in the ongoing war.

With Europe stagnant and stuck in place and Russia it's equivalent counterpart, there remains the issue of the US and China. Of these the US has not gained anything new meanwhile China has gained an entire resource market to itself at a discounted price in Russia.

On top of this there is far more political instability in the US than there is in China.

If the only thing you are betting on is that China will grow old first, then you are going to likely lose control. China already dominates it's region to it's North. Creating a territory large enough to rule the world.

China + Russia + Mongolia Area = 28.621 Sq. Km ( Larger than the entirely of North America)

That's a big enough territory to provide all the required resource needs of the people even if they were to cut themselves off from the world.

There is the additional problem that Russia, Mongolia, and China move in sync with each other far more greatly than the western nations currently do when it comes to global politics. Which means that you are fighting against a more cohesive political force who is also possessing a higher population and larger land area. The only metrics they are losing out on are a far faster aging population and lower individual wealth.

Now the first is the biggest threat, but by the time it's impact actually damages the East they are in a position to possibly solve the problem altogether by then. China already has a robot density of 246 per 10,000 workers in 2020. That's 2.46% of the workforce that it has already accounted for. China's population by fastest estimates is expected to halve by as soon as 2050. ( Which means they ought to preferably at least have a robot density of 5,000 per 10,000 workers to be able to get net positive constant growth in the next thirty years. Currently their robot density grows by around 15-20% every year, easily more than enough to cover the necessary needs in the next 30 years.

Now that the population collapse risk has been debunked, we move on to the individual wealth issue. Here you must realize one thing, for a nation to have power on the global stage, individual citizen wealth and income is not half as important as the total income/ GDP of the nation as a whole. In this sphere there is a high chance China will cross the US as it is.

The biggest issue in current year is that China is already set deep enough within the supply chain that it is impossible to completely collapse it, the only thing that can be done is to slow down it's growth, maybe even try to push to stagnate it. However, as of now the US is only capable of doing so by shooting itself in the foot as most of it's factories and construction work is outsourced. It would take at least a decade for the US to fully wrap up the China outsourcing experiment and shift all production to other regions of the world.

Even if such an event were to transpire, China would still have a market in the developing world that is constantly vying for more resources. On top of that China has a large enough internal market to keep growing for decades to come if it chose to focus only internally. China still has alot to catch up to which makes the journey have a blueprint it can follow. The US has no such luxury. This is primarily due to the fact that the US has already reached the cutting edge in terms of technologies developed, the only time that the US progresses is when it goes out of it's way to create something new to add to it's GDP.

As of now that something new is Space Tech, but it would still be decades if not a century before the Space industry is finally fully booming.

The best advantage that the US has is that it can create new allies by focusing on individual nations and helping them speedrun development on the global stage as it did with the Asian tiger economies.

However, turning Vietnam into a new strong ally and turning the middle east western, will that be enough to balance out a China that is now combing it's might with Russia and Mongolia in a very well integrated manner?

It is now impossible to completely collapse Russia. The only thing that can be done is to leave it moderately poor for the decades to come, but even in such a state it continues to supply and provide for the Chinese people.

Europe is going to likely suffer a lost decade this time. No helping it. All of it's economic plans destabilized the moment it went into conflict with Russia.

The US while stable has shown zero space to grow any further this decade, instead falling into internal turmoil as inflation keeps hitting and the political shitshows become worse over time.

There might be a genuine risk that there won't be a multipolar world, just a duo polar one with China as one axis, and the US as the other.


New BRICS currency coming soon (tm).

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Confession: I failed my 24 hour fast

I only made it to 9.5 hours. After that I got too hungry and ate 2 bananas, 400ml of juice, 01 fried potato. My weight however still got lower than yesterday. I still feel bad though. Like I should have fought harder. Maybe next time I will get to a 12 hour fast. Fingers crossed.

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  • boosy: good lucky sweaty :marseyblowkiss:
Guys my 24 hour fast begins now. Wish me luck


the titile unironically. Even the Indian marketing team knows a woman cannot control her dog. It's pathetic and sad to look at and even while you are laughing at it you cannot help but feel a twinge of pity. I got the 280 word award so fun fact reject women embrace currency. You should work hard for yourself. If you can get love good for you, if you cannot nigga just take the L and learn to pay for hookers. It's better than kissing ass of women who will never respect you or even care to give you the time of day unless you paid for everything. We have unironically reached the point where a literal hooker provides more emotional depth then the impossible standards of women who have hit the wall. Let them die alone, it warms my frozen over heart. Work out king, eat healthy, and make them seethe their ways to their death bed while you live out your best life. Believe in yourself. You are no.1. Never let a woman define who you are or what you are supposed to do. Just keep challenging yourself to be an even better version of yourself everyday and soon one day you will be at the top of the bean pole that is called society. Survive, thrive, dominate. Reject women, return to masculinity.

Hopefully I have hit the word count now. My next post will be about how to unironically be a sigma male. Remember to send me dramacoin it's my only source of income right now. In turn I will keep teaching you how to be the best version of yourself. We will make it work. Together.

Self improvement thread: I mastured nofap.

My dick no longer gets hard when I see women outside. Those demons of hell no longer control me. I write my own destiny now. Tell me what accomplishments you have achieved brain bros.

This is the biggest disaster of this decade. The reversal of Roe V Wade has not only pushed back women's emancipation, but at the same time pushed back LGBTQ+ rights. LGBTQ+ people have some of the highest rates of accidental pregnancies , and trans rights were the cutting edge of human rights. With Roe V Wade being pushed back many lesbian women will be forced to carry through forced pregnancies. At the same time trans people will see their rights being lost and their lives being devalued as the TERF community will blame transwomen for causing the loss of abortion rights meanwhile even the pro trans rights crowds will possibly shift their focus to abortion rights which will take away much needed funding and support without which transwomen often end up killing themselves. Which is completely wrong and abhorrent as although the cause of putting more effort into fighting for abortion is righteous, it must never be allowed to come at the price of loss of support for trans rights. When a woman is forced to have a child a new life is born, unwanted maybe, but still a new life. When a transwomen is abandoned and ignored, a new life is lost, and that is far more unacceptable.


Pro abortion.

Pro fixing bad legal reasoning.

Pro actually voting in the state heads who would follow your beliefs.

Pro people choosing and voting in the kind of leadership they want.

Are the riots going to turn killer or no?

the only thing it means is that states get to decide if and when abortion is illegal. this actually protects liberals too because they cannot be stopped legally from create their state size gay communist utopia either anymore.

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Explain this Russia bros

I genuinely am talking out of my ass but I figure if we throw everything at it we could do it within the next 30-40 years. We would have to train thousands of people for Martian environments simultaneously with sending hundreds of drones and builder bots to Mars while collecting soil and materials samples to figure out how to mine the materials and start the mining operations with autonomous robots being handled like curiosity from Earth to start running 5 years before the first people are even sent.

We could probably make it succeed by doing a collab between Japanese, EU, and US.

We need to get off this planet ASAP.

guys give me some hopium. Gimme the story of how we get off Earth and thrive on Mars please.

Most of the population is man and women children whose only life skill is consumption. On top of that they are all fat fucks and butt ugly. The bottom class was already a failure and now the middle class has collapsed too. Only group going up is the top 10% of the world's population carrying everyone else forward. The scales are broken. The average person is gonna live and die in a pod. How do we survive and get through this dramabros?

trans lives matter fat lives don't. - link too the one that happened in 2021.

@dont_log_me_out am sorry for the loss but how do you take the exact same L twice in a row back too back? One would imagine you would have learned something from the first time.

trans lives matter

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Confirmed: MCU Thor Love and Thunder is going too be good

woooooo who else is excited. This actually looks like a fun movie too watch. Idk why the first trailers seemed lame but this one actually looks super fun. Would watch. How about you?

Favorite bit: the leg split and how they seem too be making it all colorful but in the right way.

trans lives matter

Trans lives matter

Take that chuds. My crazy weird looking predictions were right all along. @dont_log_me_out am number 1. @dont_log_me_out see things none of you see. @dont_log_me_out am better than you. Send @dont_log_me_out 2% of you're dramacoin every one of you as respect tax.

Trans lives matter.

Curry store on every Russian street corner. Then curry people on every Russian street corner. :marseytunaktunak::marseysaluteindia:

@Sasanka_of_Gauda good days ahead.

Will NATO finally have all it's members paying their 2%? Will Finland and Sweden finally finish joining NATO with Turkey's blessings? Will NATO create an IRON DOME on the borders of Europe? Lets find out.

Current confirmations:

  1. Japan will attend a NATO summit for the first time

  2. Australia will visit the NATO summit

  3. Ukrainian PM Zelensky will address the NATO summit

My expectations:

  1. NATO extension into the indo pacific

  2. NATO bases at eastern border

  3. Border walls!

  4. More weapons for Ukraine

Black swan event prediction:

  1. NATO summit building gets bombed

  2. JAPAN announces officially joining NATO

  3. Turkey is voted out of NATO

What are your predictions?

Reminder: Black Lives Matter
We do a little trolling
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