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Trans women can't be women so they settle for being huge pussies

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House Racist Founder

Trans women can't be women so they settle for being huge pussies

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Capeshit actor who plays well-liked woke character refuses vax. Marvelcels foam at the mouth.

We've got a category 5 seethenado on our hands folks.

San Francisco sub drama never stops being funny to me.

Reddit ageplay mod arrested for various sex crimes against children

The sub in question that everyone refuses to name for whatever reason is /r/f_stop_fitzgerald https://web.archive.org/web/20181110005413/https://old.reddit.com/r/F_Stop_Fitzgerald/

Video of nanny dogs shredding a fucking car, pibble sneed in the comments

List of women getting their arms fucking ripped off. Contains stories of pibbles being "absolutely psychotic on a hair trigger" and MUH CHIHUAHUA-posting

When is the last time, in a western nation, that you have seen a verifiable story of any breed of dog removing more than a finger/toe?


Here comes Reddit's anti-pitbull brigade. There's obviously an animal inside the body of the car the dogs are trying to get at, I'm concerned with the number of you here that has seemingly never seen what the average dog can do to a chew toy or furniture when left to their own devices. This is a car, not a person just because a dog chews on plastic doesn't mean they'll chew on a person. Honestly some of the dumbest commentary I've ever read.

Some foid brags about letting her kid get eaten

More in comments!

Original post

Choice quotes:

The 3rd quarter of the year ended yesterday so I'm switching seats again. This time I decided to give all the kids a little note card and have them write down people they'd prefer to sit next to and I added that they should write down if there is someone they are not okay with sitting next to. For most of the periods this all went smoothly until my second to last period of the day. Every single kid in the class wrote down that they didn't want to be seated next to one boy who I'll call Nick.

Nick is pretty socially awkward and I've noticed that the other kids typically don't like being around him. They're never actively mean to him but just aren't very friendly. My stepdaughter is in 9th grade but knows some 8th graders and I asked her if she knew if Nick had done anything offensive or that would make other kids dislike him, she said he's generally kinda weird. He doesn't pick up on social que's well and makes people kinda uncomfortable around him.

They judged her "asshole." Lots of sneeding all over the place.

Some kid copypasting all over the comments saying she's going to give him an eating disorder because he was an obnoxious cute twink in school and then also got an eating disorder or something r-slurred.

Your gonna give him a eating disorder. I was a socially awkward kid. And cus of my best friend I got a lot better. No one wanted to sit with me, so when I turned 9 I got a eating disorder. That was a few years ago and I've gotten better because I was kinda forced to interact with others and now I have a lot of friends.

YTA don't ruin the kids life


A lot of you gave me advice on how to handle this. Most of which consisted of "The other kids can suck it up and deal with it." but I still felt bad doing that. I thought for a while on how to handle it. Eventually I made a decision for what to do but it was still kinda risky.

I went up to him before school started the morning after I wrote that last post. I told him that one girl in the class said she really wanted to sit alone and since there were an even number of students that would mean someone else had to be alone too and asked him if he wouldn't mind. I said there was no reason I asked him specifically, just that he was the first kid in that class I ran into that morning. He said okay and that was it.

It's been fine so far, this way of choosing seats has proven to cause the least amount of drama of any way I've tried it so far, and the kids like it much better. Thank you so much whoever replied to my original post, no matter what the judgement was. I did read every reply and took a lot of it to heart.

The sneed on this one is amazing.

You think he doesn't know? He knows. He said yes to keep you happy. He's more socially aware than you. You are just to lazy to work to help him. Middle school is horrible and cruel to some kids and the wrong teachers in those grades can allow kids to be traumatized because those teachers are too apathetic to do anything about it. You'll forget about this next year but he'll remember this and your lack of caring for the rest of his life.

People hissing and spitting because another teachercel in the comments did the opposite:

I remember I did something like this when I was student teaching 5th grade. I had 34 students, and jesus the seating chart was a NIGHTMARE. I only asked a few select kids who they did and did not want to sit next to, kids who were struggling or had other factors, and one kiddo said they did NOT want to sit next to just one kid I'll call Kyle.

...I ended up sitting them next to Kyle and I didn't realize it until too late, so as I was walking the kids into class that day I went to that student and said "I'm so sorry but you know what I have faith in you." They gave me one horrified look when they sat in their new seat, but honestly? It ended up being a GREAT arrangement. The student who didn't want to be next to Kyle is our most social, extroverted student and just a ray of sunshine that always made the other kids (and me) laugh. They are also our strongest reader, while Kyle was our lowest reader. Kyle was also.... Sneaky, malicious, mean, but did it all without teacher's noticing, then tried to tell on other kids before anyone could say anything.

We had to read a book one day our loud, and I walked up to Kyle and the extroverted student and asked extrovert to read the book aloud TO Kyle, and they were just like "Oh, okay!" and just started reading out loud, using their finger to show Kyle where they were, reading with tone inflection and just... It was so great. I went to visit again recently and they were still seated next to each other, so my master teacher must have decided it was a great arrangement.

Nick will never learn social skills if every teacher he has continues to sweep him under the rug.

"But I was an annoying r-slur as a kid and it made me sad!"

I feel so bad for Nick! He is already being bullied by his classmates, and now his teachers aswell! Just cos you didn't see the bullying dosen't mean it dosen't happen! I think teachers need to be screened for empathy before becoming teachers!

From comments kid is definitely a total asshole:

he makes them uncomfortable, that makes it even more of a difficult situation because “uncomfortable” could mean anything from “i think his eyes are too close together and it weirds me out” to “he makes creepy comments about sex or violence but we’re 13 year olds and don’t know how to deal with it”.

I'd say more like the second one. For example once a girl with an NJ tube started drinking juice in class. Everyone was working and he randomly pointed at her and yelled "Look she's faking!" I think he expected people to laugh but everyone just sat there embarrassed and I took him out in the hallway to explain how that was rude and inappropriate.

And last but not least, the bestofredditorupdates post!

This comment section is more reasonable in general but there's some good'uns in here too.

OOP is so cruel. I was this kid. I had a teacher do this exact thing to me. I knew it. I knew why. I hated that dick. I wish I could send him the bill for my hospital stay from my last..attempt. Moving on..

This is a bad teacher. Randomly assign the seats. She obviously wants to be liked more than she wants to do her job. If you don’t want to help a kid like me, fine, just stop being a horrible teacher and change jobs.

This teacher needs to switch jobs.

:marseypedo: :marseytrain: crypost about getting dunked on by a lesbian chad gets screencapped and shared by transmisc bigots, sneeding and pedophilia accusations ensue


Train posts massive L. Original |Archive/unddit bc jannied

First post and sorry if its a little all over the place and scrambled, Im just kinda shaken up and upset. A group of friends invited me to join them at a lesbian bar called Roxys in my hometown, and being a single lesbian, I thought it would be fun and said I would go. So we go on Saturday night, and were just drinking and talking and having fun and all that jazz and I see this one girl sitting by herself at the bar and I thought she was pretty cute which was weird because she looked like a total tomboy and I usually am only into feminine girl because I like my partners to look like girls and butches and tomboys make me feel kinda dysphoric. My friends hyped me up to go talk to her so I did. I sat in the seat next to her and literally just asked her how she was doing. She takes one look at me and downs the last of her drink before literally saying "fuck no" and getting up and going into the bathroom. I felt so fucking embarassed. My face was burning and I was trying not to cry as I went back over to my friends. I kept an eye on the bathroom and she came out a little while later to pay at the bar and leave and on her way out she gave us a dirty look. I feel so fucking horrible about myself and Im still upset about it and dont know what to do with myself

Post gets brigaded to fuck. Also gets screencapped and shared on GC twitter who proceeds to have a sensible chuckle about it.

🚂🚃🚃 cryposts about the mockery Original|Archive/unddit bc jannied

I just found out one of my posts got screencapped and posted on tumblr by a radfem. Im now getting flooded with absolutely vile shit from new accounts, Im assuming were made just for the purpose of harassment. I keep reporting the post on tumblr but it hasnt been taken down or anything. Im so upset. We cant have anything can we? Cant have a safe place for ourselves. Its not fair.

Now, if you've clicked these links, you may notice some users bringing up some unrelated libertarian accusations. It turns out this user is twenty-nine years old and a regular contributer to /r/teenagers because "I never got to live as a teenage girl and I want that experience".

Some example comments of xyrs:

All the transphobia in the comments :/

Man ur 29 get outta this sub


You really shouldnt shame people for having sexual feelings its weird. If a 15 year old wants to talk about sex and their interests I think theyre old enough to do so

Why are you, a 29 year old man, here at all let alone encouraging minors talking about sex on a public form

Im not 29 and im not a man

You literally deleted your age from your profile. You also have a post about drinking in a bar so yeah you're not a teenager. Creep.


Girls being confident and sharing selfies > obviously rotoscoped animation from notlikeothergirls girl


Like thats a really gross assumption, Im getting sick if hearing this shit when Im not doing anything wrong


One particular mad user /u/sapphicsweets has a pinned post on xyr profile with screencaps of his profile before he deleted his age


I'm amazed how entitled people can be sometimes. I remember during one meeting that we were talking about work from home, a guy asked the question if the free coffee and snacks that we got in the office can be reimbursed since we are working from home.

You can snark all you want - it's effectively a pay cut for working from home. That's part of the compensation. Are you for employers giving pay cuts to people who work from home?

Edit: it’s hilarious how folks are pro pay cut and giving their employer free rent.


Companies can stop shoveling money into offices and start putting some of that money into supporting their employees.

It would be a pittance in comparison. They really need to abandon the sunk costs those buildings represent.


Good. WFH is a scam if my house is small I must be compensated to give up space for work

Does your employer not offer the option to go back into the office?

Oh I never left but I think this is the newest way jobs are screwing over workers. They’re saving money on this and need to compensate for it


I am using one room in my 3 bedroom townhouse as the home office. I am paying $4500 per month for mortgage + electric usage for monitors, laptops and work stations. The combined cost (electricity + the hidden cost of office taking space) is at least $1000 per month.

EDIT: I am not pro-RTO. I personally still enjoying WFH even it means that working setup takes my personal space. I just want people to be aware that companies also save money by letting people WFH. No office leases, no electricity and maintenance worker etc.


Most competent rescue organization attempts to find a foster for a ten year old pibble-wibble

Taken from one of my communities post in hopes someone can help out

"Meet ❤️Niner ❤️, a 10-year-old 60lbs Pitbull Mix who was saved from euthanasia back in November but then the rescue that pulled him out of the shelter put him in a boarding facility where he has been since 12/3! And now the boarding facility will change owners at the end of March and the new owners are known to make dogs “disappear”- so really, how safe is he from euthanasia?? So we are trying to get him out of there by 3/31!‼️‼️Plus, the hard, cold floors of a boarding facility is NO place for a sweet senior dog like him to spend his old age at!

According to the shelter’s volunteer who got to foster him for a bit, he is an EASY foster. He is neutered, car-trained, house-trained, and leash-trained. He needs a foster who does not have any other pets or kids in the house and who understands dog-reactivity (that he needs space from other dogs). He is currently in Patterson, CA.

If you are interested in fostering Niner, we will pay for most of his expenses. Please check out our foster general eligibility and, if you meet that, fill out our application: https://www.barkrescueca.org/foster/

If you are not a good fit for Niner but would still like to foster a dog, we would still love to learn about your lifestyle & what you are looking for in a dog so we can find another dog that would be a better fit for you! There is a lot of dogs in shelters that need a home "

So the "rescue" pulled him from a shelter and dumped him in some random boarding facility they don't control? Nigga wat.

Someone states the obvious

He needs a foster who does not have any other pets or kids in the house

Everybody should know that this sentence means that this dog is dangerous and has probably attacked someone or another pet.

Followed by :soycry:

Her boyfriend then accused the victim of being racist and putting her finger on the :marseykween:s nose and that's why she was chimped out upon

Whole thread is :marseysneed: but here's a few good comment chains.

This guy no longer believes in progressivism

I went to a show at a theater in the TL on Wednesday night, it was really great and the venue ws packed. Great to see everyone out having a good time.

And coming home I saw two (what looked like) dead or dying people/bodies.

One, on the sidewalk. Guy laying down in the middle of the sidewalk, with a needle and what looked like rigor mortis, stiffened.

Two, an accident might have been a fatality (car crash, on the way home to East Bay).

No TRUE progressive would let the city fester!

Oh for fuck's sake stop blaming Reagan!! Cali has had a Democrat super majority for decades, so why haven't they reinstated these institutions?? We have a budget surplus, so money is not an issue.

Sneed-and-forth about what to do with the mentally ill (my favorite exchange here tbh)

I don’t care drug addicted or mentally ill, lock him up somewhere. Enough of this shit.

So full of compassion you are. You realize the reason this persists is because the services he needs don’t exist, they were removed in the 70s and 80s. Locking them up only makes it harder for them to get back on their feet, and is literally the opposite of solving the problem. But hey, I guess it sates your emotions, so that’s okay right? Stop being so damn reactionary.


Iowa governor bans the Stunning and Brave from foid sports, extreme :marseysneed: in the comments

Just click around in all the replies to the tweets in this thread for more sneed

Cuck (female) virtue signals and/or copes about her husband telling an ex he loves her
Deranged foid tells husband she's vaxmaxxing the kids behind his back, and now she's losing custody of them

My (f33) husband (m34) has dual citizenship. We have kids (3 and 5). I told him after he got back from his trip, they’re getting vaccinated, now he won’t come back with them

So I contacted a lawyer, and they said I’M PROBABLY GOING TO LOSE?!?

A smattering of slapfights:

This lad calls her an asshat, hoes mad

Poster encourages OP to kidnap them back, sneeding in replies

Chain of fights about whether Sweden will send Swedish kids back to America

Commenter thinks OP is lying about something

Whole thread is slapfights about whether the vax is experimental or good for kids or w/e

Boyfriend (ftm, 26) is grossed out by my afab dick (enby, 27) [NSFW]

The title honestly needs no editorialization.

So what I’m getting here is your both lesbians but with extra steps? You’ll be aight.


I'm sorry for you but I have absolutely no idea what the hell any of that means

Two women in a lesbian relationship that have drunk the pronoun soup.

Histrionic foid screams at gay men. It's not very effective.

Ooh she's triggered. That time of the month hun?

Henni, we don't wish to understand you either. You and your hysterics on steroids are not our concern, nor you're the center of our lives.

lmfao no. being homosexual is innate and no gay male wants pussy and no homosexual female wants dick.....

a heterosexual female can never be a gay man.

And the best yet

I’m not reading all this



Video interview post

“I got mine, now slam the door behind me instead of lift up others who might follow me.” The gold medal for selfish hypocrisy goes to Caitlyn Jenner.

Fox News post with much sneed

Enormous sneed feed

I hope this article gains some traction. I'm seriously tired of hearing how unsympathetic people are towards the unvaccinated post-mortem. That was someone's family member, that person had people who cared about them. (-36)

I'm out of sympathy for people who decide to kill themselves in slow motion. If it happened where no one else was affected, sure. But these people waste valuable resources, the energy of health care workers, and will be a big reason why cost of health care will accelerate. And the worst is almost all of them have done this because of fucking politics.

This legit could be word for word about fat people lmfao

And the reason they're pretending is to avoid the criticism, not because they follow some disinformation agenda.

When your loved one dies, the last thing you want to hear is "well maybe they would live if they were vaccinated", even if it's true.

Maybe antagonizing anti-vaxxers doesn't do us any good.

anti vaxxers use people who don’t antagonize them as jizz rags.

:marseyhmm: :marseyhmmm: what did he mean by this

He actually has one shot lmao he's just not "fully vaxxed"

Bonus: her entire post history is rants about how much she hates her children

TX Governor announces hostages are safe, tw*tter users take exception

Some samples

You are personally responsible for some of the hatred boiling over like this in your state and well beyond.


Prayers answered… but by whose God?

And if they all died... would you blame god? I am seriously curious.


Back to the Hateful rhetoric. What a world you have created for your children.


Not true you’re still in office my atheist prayers haven’t been answered yet


Context: Jamie Lynn Spears said Britney scared her with a knife or some shit in an interview about an upcoming memoir as if anyone gives a shit about the life of Jamie Lynn Spears lmao

A collection of twitter seethe about the Supreme Court striking down the vax mandate

Just ignore the Supreme Court bro!

Rig the court!

This day has been absolutely HORRIBLE (I can hear the foot stomp accompanying this one)

This is fucking infuriating. SCOTUS held these arguments remotely due to 2 COVID positive antivax lawyers. Gorsuch refused masking, which forced Sotomayer to be remote. But no such protection for the workers in America.

The Supreme Court just murdered millions of people with this precedent.

Just a long and diverse seethe thread

SCOTUS blocks big business vaccine mandate so now you can die at your job while your vote doesn’t count.

Some rightoid seethe that the health care mandate was not blocked

The Supreme Court just blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for large businesses. Wow! Clarence Thomas wants you dead. Amy Coney Barrett wants you dead. Brett Kavanaugh wants you dead. The SCOTUS wants you dead.


Rightoid smugging about voting for Trump, frothing rage in the replies