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rdrama unpopular opinions thread

This is a datamining thread for new bait material.

People should have to take an exam to get a pet license, otherwise no pet for you! There are way too many r-slured owners who have no business owning a living breathing creature. + there are too many feral animals fucking up local wildlife.

I would like to go to my Holy Lands. One is Cambridge, England where the greatest human prophet, Mr. Charles Darwin, first published the actual bible of the human race, "On the Origin of Species". Then I would go to Stratford-On-Avon, England to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare, who plumbed the depths of human intellect and emotion regarding war, power, ambition, tragedy, comedy, history and romance from every human perspective from the lowliest clown to the most powerful king.

I would suggest that you fill your life with science and the natural world. The only power religion has is its promise of an afterlife. The only way to combat the fatigue religion and myth creates is to fill your life with the rich diversity of nature and with facts instead.

Since when was "rdrama.net" viewable again? Chadmins lose when they allow the domain and they lose when they ban it.

Dramatards keep winning!

I found out from elsewhere that posts on r/averageredditor are being autojannied. Lots of people are complaining their posts are getting removed. The sub j-slurs say it isn't them and that it doesn't look like it is Reddit Anti-Evil Ops either.




My post was automatically removed about 45 mins ago. And Reveddit shows all posts are auto-removed.

Says removed by automod, however automod is not set up to be able to remove posts like how it is and the removal icon on these posts is not an automod removal icon. Something is definitely up, I didn’t know there were that many gone

Lots of users think it's covert ploy against them by the admins. I don't blame them, I've never heard of anything like this before.

It's a satire sub. I hope this doesn't become yet another dead horse like transparenttranskids being spammed all over this sub.

Def not satire, there are discord leaks to prove it.

Reported by:

  • fuck: First time rdrama makes the news I don't even get a sticky?!? Ummm I think I hecking deserve one :-/

You might remember that I made a bait post on r/Witchcraft, thanks to (probably) SRDines it seems to have made rounds over the internet. A blue checkmark twatter user posted about the earlier thread and my bait post which has led to some hilarious results

First of all it has somehow made the news lmfao: https://dailydot.com/debug/reddit-witchcraft-taliban-hex/?amp&__twitter_impression=true

/pol/ also found out about the debacle through twitter:




Let me know if I've missed anything, I just got back and I'm shocked at how effective this bait was. Oh and of course Bardfinn is also a witch

Witches vs Talibros: Part 2

Unfortunately I missed yesterdays thread, however the opportunities on that sub seem endless. So I harnessed all of my chuuni and muslamic knowledge to create new bait.

Btw, don't fuck it up and refrain from posting dumb shit that even r-slured magical larpers can pick up on or the thread will get ya'lled again (it's worth flairing up as a Witch). I was going to leave it a few hours more but SRDines are incoming onto the sub.

Something funny I noticed is that the top level comment is an SRDine who is a member r/SASSWitches, a sub that seems to be for STEMcel witches who are only 50% deep into their r-slured magical delusions. They just now made a thread seething about my post on the main witchcraft sub:


"Even seen today a thread warning about how extremist groups have their own counter-curses..."

Who knew such a small change could cause this much seethe. Buy passu.

"don't directly link to 4chan"

here you go: https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/4644876/

at least it's stickied right now.