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enjoy a little break from the abortion agendaposting with this kind of mediocre drama:


Not even trying to diss christians or people who like christmas, I love christmas myself.

All I'm saying is brands will take advantage of literally any festivity, sometimes, for longer than a month.

Ya'll are just homophobic and NPC's if you keep repeating the "Brands love pride month" thing lmao

Christmas is a pagan holiday and a, cash grab for companies.

Won't be celebrating trash holidays anymore.


But it celebrates the birth of Jesus

That’s not an important event for a lot of people.

non-christians exist so christmas is unimportant apparently

well X-mas isn‘t about anus pounding though [removed]


Doesnt compare not even close......find a better meme this one sucks......just makes u look stupid

You are so angry over a meme about santa claus lmao, right wingers are snowflakes, smh

Edit: oooh, he is a crypto bro, explains why he is so obsessed with fantastical concepts

Lmao sorry I like to make money? Look at SHIBs chart and tell me u aren't jealous 😂 and no we're not angry memes like this just make u look stupid because u think you made a good argument but it's moronic......so you think bringing kids to a drag show at a bar is ok?


This is like comparing apples and oranges.

Both of those are fruits, just like both of these are yearly celebrations brands use to market themselves, and getting angry over any of them is NPC behavior and cucked

One is for a holiday (one day long), which you can decide not to participate in. The other is being forced on us by the politically correct team (a month long). And one is a majority of the population, while the other is from a very small minority of the people . Since when does a small part of the population get to tell the rest of the population how to feel or react to something.

"Politically correct team" LMAO

You can be as politically incorrect as you want without being a bigot my guy, your undersanding of politics is just so limited you think being an asshole makes you a rebel

Edit: made a joke originally but thought it'd be easier to put it this way:

Repeating the same "dRaG BaD" shit is NPC behavior.

Drag shows don't have to be inherently sexual

Cope more

I'm OP of last night's meme that obviously triggered this one.

My two cents: No one's 'angry' at Pride Month. I'm only pushing back during June just for fun; I'm already tired of it but, if I see good memes, will still post 'til July. Everything I do is tongue-in-cheek. EV-er-y-thing. Discovering this thread is surprisingly delightful. Lulz abound.

And I, a fundy Christian who was raised as a JW, do nOt celebrate Christmas. Its roots are pagan; the JWs got that one right, and most Christian truthers abide by that fact and don't celebrate. Not to mention that Jesus likely wasn't born in Dec anyway.

I also don't fall for any type of group shill or, if I do (fomo), it's for the experience (ie: crypto, stocks) and then out... in a timely manner.

Soooo, yeah. Meme fail. Nice try though.

God bless you. Peace. 💕

the "meme" in question:


What does Christmas have to do with deviant sexual acts?

Sorry, forgot some of ya'll are virgins

God you are pathetic, take your crusade elsewhere you are not changing hearts and minds, only solidifying opinions, way to go jackass

My only crusade is trying to troll homophobic snowflakes, and it seems to be working, lmao

Exit: this man plays 40k but gets offended easily? Sad


Triggered much?

Where did you pull that from, your ass?

The only person here that's triggered is you, the one who made a low-quality meme in response to another low-quality meme on this very subreddit, and then you even included the same title and added "indeed" to it like you're making some kind of a point (You're not. You're actually telling the world how much of a submissive little brainwashed child you are.)

There is no dominant male in you. You are but a beta-male that can't get a woman because you're so mentally fragile that you fear embarrassing yourself by talking to any female in an intimate way. Combine that with years of not shedding your skin and we get a person that slowly made themselves believe and feel they are gay and are attracted to men (mostly because you're just desperate for sex, but also because you ate up the conditioning propaganda which was allowed to seep into your mind).

More proof that you're the only one who's triggered here: You keep responding to comments after hours passed since the initial post, trying to defend whatever "dignity" and "image" you may have in real life and on social media, like your existence and reputation on this subreddit depicts the rest of your life.


Idk who likes any ad marketing campaigns tbh

Costumers love them, that's why they are done every year, that's the point of marketing campaigns.


OP, this is not making the comparison you think it is.

You are basically admitting that woke corporate profiteering of LGTBQ pride month is a religion.

Sort of

LGBTQ pride is a religion, Christianity is a religion, and you can claim to support both, depending on the Christian church

Pride month is taken advantage of by corporate profiteering, Christmas holiday is taken advantage of by corporate profiteering

Not wanting gay people to be thrown into camps isn’t a religion…

Edit: My apologies. Taking away LGBT rights and treating them as subhuman isn’t the same as concentration camps.


idk who this guy is but lots of sneed and doomposting in the replies as well


Feeling *actual depression* from the loss of r/TiA

I know this is the most stereotypically Reddit thing to say, but I'm honestly devastated so much of my life's work got deleted yesterday and I'll never be able to see it again.

I was legitimately proud of my critiques of social justice. Being a former SJW, I felt that I was (and still am) uniquely qualified to comment on their insanity, given how much I'm able to empathize with the people I'm criticizing.

comments, many of which were essay-length rants like this one, which I put a great deal of thought into. If a thing like that got even one upvote, I would be legitimately proud of it. In hindsight, I was a lot more proud of the things that I said than the threads that I started.

I dunno, I'll get over it eventually. But this has been the latest in a long series of realisations that the things I enjoy are dominated by the people I hate. If was just Reddit, or just one or two genres of publishing, I could ignore them and move on. But with the way things are, I can see myself being trapped in this thought pattern for a while. And when I described it to my dad, he said it sounded like depression.

(It has also not escaped my notice that the Reddit admins are pushing me, an neurodivergent queer, into a state of mental illness. But that's to be expected.)


Jesus Christ. This isn’t an unpopular opinion it’s just an ignorant one.

It's just a weirdo using a sub to vent his petty issues

Like this isn't a opinion it's just a dude upset he tried to get cheap labor under the table and it bit him in the ass

weirdo posting his opinion on /r/unpopularopinion

This is an unpopular opinion because it's ignorant and flat out wrong.

your opinion is incorrect sweaty :soyjakanimeglasses:

Yeah? How many homeless people have you housed and or put to work only to be robbed and have your home destroyed??

Yeah honey how many have you? You said three earlier; there are thousands and thousands of homeless people, 3 do not speak for all of them.

you just haven't met the good ones chud

Most fat people are fat for reasons they can change, but refuse to.


This isn't an opinion yr just a POS


I like the lack of elaboration XD /lh

this!!! /lh /j /s

Wow you are complete bullshit.


Until you house homeless people and they rob you, stfu

Maybe don't house homeless people if your not a rehabilitation center eith actual help and a way tonrender necessary rehabilitation not just cash for work to save you some money


I thought redditors said all they needed was housing and they'd instantly do well once they got it

This sounds personal, if you're letting homeless people live with you and they betray you, it's your own fault.

:marseyhesright: imagine letting random addicts into your house and expecting things to go well

Same goes for poor and pretty much everyone else who cries. Poverty's a practice and a mindset, not a status.


Theoretically no one (at least in my country) has to be homeless. But there are homeless people, many of them. There are plenty of reasons for that, and often, it's not the fault of the homeless.

> I don’t have the energy to type out what has reaffirmed my belief (actually is proof!)

Translation: I have nothing to back this up, but trust me bro.

Actually, I hired them to do work. Payed for all supplies. They used my supplies to rebuild their trailer and ran out of flooring in the middle of my bedroom and kitchen. Destroyed plumbing and left mounds of trash in my yard

lol did OP hire random hobos to renovate his house :!marseylaugh::marseygigaretard:

In other words, you tried to get cheap renovations by hiring an unqualified person(probably paying under the table too) and are now upset that your shenanigans bit you in the ass.

Actually, I paid them very well. Fed them. Gave them clothes, household goods, even babysat the kid.

None of that makes them qualified to do the job you hired them to do.

And stealing building materials to fix their trailer, while shitty, sounds like the thing that may have been of the most help to them, which is what you were trying to do in the first place.

lol redditors justifying stealing

This is not a good answer, come on.

You help them by letting them rob you?

It might not have been seen as robbery. She's got a big pile of materials and is sharing stuff, you fix your urgent trailer needs, work on hers and realize you don't have enough. I've worked several jobs where taking stuff that's surplus to requirements is totally above board, and might even be part of the pay.

Some randos who don't know much about renovation could well think we have enough for everything, and then realize they didn't.

We are only getting one side of the story, after all.

they didn't know they were stealing bro

You’re right, this is an unpopular opinion because it is just flat out wrong. Sorry your personal experiences have given you such a bias towards people in need but most homeless people are victims of an environment that lets too many slip through the cracks. Still, this post follows the rules so here’s my upvote😜


If you're barely keeping your nose above water, it's extremely hard to take on the time and expense of moving to another country. It's not like moving to the EU is cheap or easy.

This. The people in charge know that the vast majority of the population is trapped within the borders of the U.S. Any Western country worth moving to will have set the bar so extraordinarily high for emigration that 99.999% of U.S citizens will never make the grade, and knowing this the U.S elite has been preying on the U.S population, knowing that there's no way to escape the late-stage capitalistic hellhole that is modern day America. You are the Elite's own personal piñatas, there to be hit until can drop no more, only to be discarded on the trash heap of Capitalism once you've lived past your usefulness.

Finances. We're barely paid enough to keep a roof over our heads and just picking up and leaving simply isn't feasible. Seems that's by design.

I don't have a financial situation allowing for that. From my research, I could possibly claim dual Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis, so that may open up possibilities for me to get access to a better welfare system, but I also would wanna learn Italian.

The thing with the US is that it's relatively easy to get papers anywhere in Western Europe. And unlike the US, two people working minimum wage can come by just fine (rent, food, some saving up, vacation etc) [-40]

Well, my situation is a bit more complicated with disabilities I have. I generally am unable to hold even minimum wage jobs here, that's why I probably need to claim Italian citizenship first to have access to benefits before emigrating. But believe me, I very much want this for both a chance at a better life and I love irony. My Italian ancestors left Italy to America ~100 years ago and barely dodged fascism. I intend to do the reverse for the same reasons, so the irony motivates me to try to do this too lol

Prospective cognitive scientist with her own cognitive issues who loves irony. I am: pansexual, anti-hierarchy, INTP, eccentric,neurodivergent, nerdy, philosophical, introspective, empathetic.


Everybody is saying money, but that's not why I'm stuck here. It's really hard to get visa's in developed nations. I always assumed that as an American it would be easy but then I looked into it. Nope.

It can be done if you are young and you also have training in a needed skill or industry. I'm retired and would love to bail out - I'm scared of where this country is going and I wish to God I could bail out before our democracy collapses, but it just isn't feasible for older Americans unless you have 5-10 million dollars. At that level you can qualify for various "investor visas" but even then there is a catch in the form of pretty strict rules about how you invest your money.

I always wondered why so many Jews didn't flee Nazi Germany. Now I know - even when you see the Nazi's coming, and you understand they mean you harm, it's really hard to get out of their way.

Edit: If anyone knows otherwise, please post a response or DM. I really want to get out of here!

Don't have the money or privilege to do so, got family here. Hoping to bag some Nazis in the coming civil conflict, make myself useful

You and me both on the bagging Nazis. Clowns think they’re gonna walk all over us.

Had a few show up on Saturday at the local mall. Police were worried and it made the local news. All three of them were funny to make fun of and mock. Everyone stayed away from them. Good times.

I'm trying, dude. You cannot just move to another country, they don't want us. What visa do you want me to get? For which country? Show me the easy path and I'll do it.

No because I want to see the revolution happen

Like where? Neoliberal ideologies exist in all the countries I would move to and other countries have just as shit social justice issues

It’s really not that easy, jackass. Immigration is heavily discriminatory towards the financially-challenged.

Great, if it's not right-wingers telling leftists that if they don't like it why don't they move to a socialist country, it's now leftists. It's not an option for the people for whom the system is most unbearable.

Pastor Mark Burns, a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump and a Republican congressional candidate, said earlier this week that parents and teachers who communicate with children about LGBTQ issues pose a "national security threat" to the United States and added that those found guilty of "treason" should be executed.

"Because there's no such thing as trans kids, there's only abusive parents. Period," Burns said. He suggested jailing parents "for abusing their child's mind" and added that teachers who are "teaching that LGBT, transgenderism, furries, you know, the groomers, any sexual orientation communication in the school system should be immediately terminated" and "held for abusing young children."

"That is 1922 Nazi Germany all over again when they were indoctrinating children before Hitler came to power in 1933," Burns said. "They were children in 1922, and they were indoctrinating those young minds then. They are doing the very same thing here in America."

While Mark Burns' threats also target Republicans and Democrats who support gun control legislation and any other piece of legislation that he personally believes would serve as an attack on America

so it's just an unhinged rightoid you don't need to take seriously, right?

his threats come at a time when the transgender community in particular is facing genocidal threat after genocidal threat from public figures, hate groups, and politicians alike as well as countless pieces of legislation intended to turn us into second-class citizens in every respect and compel us to commit mass suicide.


The fact that he feels comfortable saying this publicly alone is worrying, but as of now he doesn't seem to have a shot at winning any election. He also thinks Mitch McConnell is a "traitor" for supporting any gun regulation. Dude's completely fuckin out of his mind. Still, he's helping to normalize this rhetoric.

The Nazis didn't campaign on exterminating Jews. But the radicals who were calling for it definitely helped it happen.

yes when the chuds take power they'll thank some rightoid pastor for the inspiration

Everyday I'm reminded that I'll never be safe, this is the worst one yet, something tells me it's only going down hill from here because minorites can't do shit against these big political people that makes billions and hate trans people for no reason and use the bible and stuff like that to say "trans people are bad!" When in reality god would love trans people just the same.

You can be safe though, the US isn't the only country in the world. Many countries in Europe are way safer.

Yeah I'm aware and I plan to move but I'm 16 and pre everything and I still feel extremely unsafe especially with what people say in my school

unfortunately Socialist Utopia Europe is also being taken over by the chud menace - r/mtf - Advice: if you're looking for good trans care (especially informed consent), do NOT come to the Netherlands.

He's calling for the extermination of people yet calling us Nazi's. I'm getting tired of acceptance being viewed as grooming, it's just sick

it's just acceptance chud, move along

Hey, so like, any of us with the mental capacity to safely be armed probably should be.


I always had a policy of not wishing death on people, but Reddit has made me break that policy so often it's not really a policy anymore ☹️

I hope this guy gets hit by a bus on his way to work.


Another example of religious people being the most violent, vile, hateful trash on earth. This piece of shit should be put on a watch list not a ballot. Fuck this guy.

> This must be stopped. Permanently.

What do you suggest?


Pretending to not have emotions was pretty easy because I could barely feel my emotions.

how is that pretending

My problem came when I started to have now what I understand as trans feels I did not understand and it started with intense jealousy of girls and girls clothes. I thought it was odd but never did anything about it or told anyone because I did not understand what I was feeling.

jealous of others because they look good? well, :marseyeggirl::marseytrans2:

I grew out a beard. Went to seminary.

Still rockin it unfortunately, it got hella white tho after hrt

taking hrt but didn't bother shaving?


Watched sports ... so boring Played sports... that was ok Own, collect, and shoot guns... pretended for long enough... still need to sell them and buy more outfits haha Grilled and smoked... not so bad either Yardwork and sweat... seriously, couldn't stand it Pick up heavy things for people... ugh, annoying Helped people move furniture... also annoying would rather be in the kitchen helping organize and pack Kept my hair short and macho... hated it Maintained a bushy beard... couldnt stand it Pretend to be a proud man... what a charade lol

literally all stereotypes, also implying women can't do these things :chudsey:

Saaaammmmeeeee. Although for me,I tried to be like the men I was attracted to. Drove my ex wife crazy, she knew before I knew. Wasn't something I was aware of, my childhood was a blank slate of experiences among other things. Looking back now, I laugh at some relationships I had with old friends, and realize I was just into them. 😕

that just sounds like gay in denial, wonder why he got convinced it means he's a wom- "I feel like I may be neurodivergent, and if so, it would really, really explain a lot." oh.

I did a shitty job hiding it so I really didn’t. I never liked most of the typical masculine things like watching sports or whatever makes men happy and i never even pretended to. Since that’s how men bond and make friends, I never had many friends because I wasn’t like them.

lol again just stereotypes

Literally abandoned all interests and focused on any and all things I was told to do...

men can't have interests

Joined the Marines.

women can't be in the military

I always felt very uncomfortable taking my shirt off. But when swimming I convinced myself that other men probably also did


Like being in "boy mode"? Well I was born a boy, my parents and society told me I was a boy my whole life. I tried to come out to a teenage love of mine, but her response was not great to the question so I fully came out as an adult.

It sounds kind of weird, but I've had to be a boy my whole life. In some ways I default to it. I usually have to try harder to pass and not be like a boy.

so close to noticing things

BBC Article in question

Archive of original edit

reddit post that went nowhere

twitter post that also went nowhere

I guess there's a reason some people call the UK, TERF Island.

Also, it's sad to see the BBC going downhill the way they are, and not just on this matter.

I get it, tories don't care that they destroy the BBC's reputation if it gets them some short-term advantage, but it's still sad to see.

What do you expect from a transphobic company like the @BBC

Happy Pride month.
To kick it off, the BBC announces it isn't transphobia to declare that accepting trans women in society is sexual assault.

People need to keep going and do the Ofcom complaint. I know it's exhausting (is it the 3rd or 4th time writing the same thing? I lost count), but we need the BBC to own up to its transphobia and publicly acknowledge the article was transphobic garbage and apologise to us.

Please complain to the BBC first. The BBC’s regulator Ofcom may later consider a complaint but only after the BBC has replied in full. If so we’ll tell you how to contact Ofcom. The exception is for a complaint about alleged unfairness or infringement of privacy to you (not someone else). These can be made either to the BBC or Ofcom first, but not to both.

they did, and the BBC "Executive Complaints Unit" responded :marseylongpost2: here

The Head of the ECU found that the article, though a legitimate piece of journ*lism overall, fell below the BBC’s standards of accuracy in two respects: the headline gave the misleading impression that the focus of the article would be on pressure applied by trans women, and the treatment of the survey conducted by Get the L Out did not make sufficiently clear that it lacked statistical validity. He also found a breach of standards in connection with one contribution to the article (subsequently removed) which he considered to have been appropriately addressed by an update added to the article. The complaints were therefore partly upheld in relation to accuracy and resolved in relation to the deleted contribution.

post here about this: Lol. Remember that BBC article about lesbians getting raped by “lesbians”? Turns out BBC editorial staff altered direct quotes from the victim to change he/him references to they/them to respect the lesbian rapèr’s pronouns. :marseytrain::marseytrain::marseytrain::marseytrain:

obviously that wasn't good enough for the women (new edition) so they're escalating their complaints

Trans activism UK responded and encouraged the anti-hate soldiers to go to ofcom. Wait, who? Their twitter account has 6,308 followers :marseydicklet: and the "official response" is hosted on what I assume to be the one person behind this "organisation"'s blog:

TL;DR - My name is Laura, and I've spent the past several years working as a full time video game critic, video creator, podcaster, author, and all around maker of things. You may know me as a co-host on the Podquisition Podcast, a cast member on the D&D Podcast Dice Funk, half of Queer & Pleasant Strangers, or as the former News Editor at Kotaku UK, Former UK EIC at Destructoid, or a freelance contributor to Polygon, IGN, Vice, Rock Paper Shotgun, The Guardian, and a bunch of other places.

Alternatively, you might know me because of my upcoming published books, Last summer I published the autism and LGBT status centric memoir Uncomfortable Labels, and in 2021 I'm publishing the silly video game butt centric Things I Learned From Mario's Butt, as welkl as an anthology of gender affirming stories titled Gender Euphoria.

all valuable work :marseyyass:

The BBC argues that there is not enough consensus on what does or does not constitute transphobia, and therefore due impartiality doesn’t require them to deplatform transphobic groups in the same manner.

chuds at the BBC amplifying hate speech :marseybeanangry:

The BBC claims that it is not misgendering to refer to a trans woman as a “biological male”, or to describe their body as “male”, and that doing so in no way contradicts a trans woman’s status as legally female, which is honestly a ridiculous claim to make.

BBC journos need to take the advanced biology course

With regards to the inclusion of Lily Cade in the article, the ECU denies that the BBC or Caroline Lowbridge were aware of Cade’s sexual assault allegations prior to the piece’s publication. However, it does not address that these allegations were public knowledge, that they failed to spot them before publishing the article, and that they were incredibly slow to remove her from the piece.

lol apparently the BBC had included an interview with a lesbian (legacy) male feminist

Speaking more generally, the BBC ECU response seems to take the stance that the article did not contribute to perpetuating or increasing a belief in harmful stereotypes about a minority group. We believe that this is easy to disprove, as the comments on social media where the piece was posted on Twitter and Facebook were overwhelmingly filled with commenters using the piece as “evidence” that they were right to believe most trans women were male feminists, and as such should have fewer legal rights.

The piece was celebrated by anti-trans hate groups, using it to legitimise their views due to it having been published by such a renowned broadcasting company, which we believe contributed to harmful stereotypes held against trans women.

While the BBC acknowledged many of our serious complaints about the piece, they have refused to take the story down, they have not made significant changes to alert readers today of the flaws in the piece, and they have not amended the piece to make its flaws and biases clear to readers.

The piece as it currently stands still platforms groups like Get The L Out and the LGB Alliance without context, it still cites a statistically insignificant survey, and it still does not contextualise that one of the interviewees, a cis lesbian, admitted to the very crime the article suggested trans women were at risk of committing.

The lack of amendment and correction can still cause harm, as can the failure to truly explain the dangers of the misinformation that remains within the article.

harmful speech and dangerous misinformation, can't believe how far the BBC has fallen :marseysad2:

they then go on to encourage people to report it to the uk media gigajannies, and the no-name "transgender journ*list" redditor did, in that medium post:

The BBC report that the group responsible for this poll, Get The L Out, demonstrated at multiple Pride marches.

What they don’t include is that this group invaded London Pride march in 2018 with signs specifically designed to make others feel unsafe and unwelcome; such as “trans activism erases lesbians” and others which dogwhistled their exclusionary politics.

how is that a dogwhistle it's quite direct lol

The piece by the BBC continues its platforming of transphobic conspiracy theories with its take on ‘the cotton ceiling’. Where the BBC assert things like “cotton is a reference to women’s underwear” however that is not true. This is a misrepresentation by anti-trans activists specifically to characterise transgender women as predatory men. The cotton does refer to underwear, yes, but the cotton ceiling as a concept is not exclusive to transgender lesbians and is instead an umbrella term referring to all of the ways in which our prejudices and biases can impact our sexual relationships.

"however that is not true" or "the cotton does refer to underwear, yes", which is it :marseygigaretard:

Changes made to the article since people began complaining about it include; changing the title slightly, adding a small paragraph about Get The L Out’s study not being statistically significant, adding some extra comments by trans people who oppose the narrative being manufactured and removing the section on Lily Cade. This quite simply does not cover the fact that this article exists solely to launder the views of anti-trans activists and make them appear justifiable.

so true, transmisia of any kind is never justifiable!

This wasn’t journ*lism. At best this was hate-fueled gossip. Hate-fueled gossip which, coming from our state broadcaster no less, has the power to do untold damage to the health and safety of the marginalised community I belong to.

What do you think will happen?:

I look like a woman, am weak like a woman, and an scared like a woman.

no pics :marseysad:

But you could beat me in public and all it would take is one ‘that’s a guy!’ and it’s fine to beat me.

do they really believe this

I can’t even scream for help because my voice would just make it worse.


It's not okay to beat anyone where I live. Except maybe Nazis and even that got quite a few people riled up.

time to tell the police that the guy I'm assaulting is a nazi so it's ok

It is quite sad that some people would actually not care if it’s a guy or whoever getting beat, bystander effect be damned

I’m fine with Nazis getting their shit pushed in


Listen to me. You have to be able to protect yourself.

Prepare yourself to throw hands. Get a VR headset. Get Beat Saber. Get wrist weights. I started with six pounds on each wrist.

3 songs, water break, three songs, water break, take off the weights, three songs, drink water and shower. Every other day. Go up on weight and do harder songs to progress.

You can train yourself to move more fluidly, build strength and endurance in a practical way, along with hand eye coordination, range of motion, and reflex. Change map sets often.

beat saber combat training

Go for falsetto. Like just scream highest You can...

I go the opposite way and put on my man voice "You funking want a go cunt" catches people off guard


In my country, being robbed on the street is very common. words words


I find carrying a long screwdriver is my go-to defensive tool. Attackers may look at you funny when you pull it but they won't be laughing when you thrust it in their ribs.


I carry a very bright flashlight in a very accessible spot in an outer pocket of my purse.

You can't hit what you can't see. If I can't get away fast enough and hands are on me it becomes a lateral cranial impact enhancer.

imagine this person just standing there trying to blind you with a flashlight

Lol [-8]




Rip [🧹]

They probably will off themselves and the media will blame it on public acceptance when they really were never happy with themselves to begin with.


I see two beautiful, happy women ❤️


No one's questiong that. Shut up.

Best come with respect when you speak to me from your mothers basement.


If, after 11 years of marriage, one cannot accept one’s spouse, the marriage existed only by law imo.

Sexual orientation is a real thing. How did progressives get so homophobic?


How broken... [🧹]

Oh no! They’re happy! How terrible!!!

All i'm saying is every since my second uncle took his own life after gender reassignment surgery its changed my opinion on this stuff

I’m about 99% sure that wasn’t a result of the reassignment surgery.

His note said otherwise

dangerous misinformation about life-saving treatment


When I was 12 my brother who came home from leave while in the Army tried hooking me up with someone who he thought was a woman online. My pic was used on the profile he was using. Came to find out they were a predator in their 30s MTF. They had a sexual relationship with my friend Ryan who was also 12 at the time. That was wrong then and it's wrong now. [🧹]


MODS - please clean up this thread! This is meant to be a positive, happy place for everyone, and half the comments rn are a big cyclone of transhate and bigotry. And to anyone posting insult or hate - how empty is your life that you need to spit on 2 people in love?? Who do you think you’re making look bad here - them or you? [deleted by user]

true, the mods should be doing more to combat dangerous hate speech

But, who makes the sandwiches now? [🧹]

reddit humor

I know a couple who went through the same thing. It wasn’t all roses but they are still together in an open marriage


I get this is nice and shit, but does this mean that they were married for 11 fooking years and she didn’t know the person used to be a gal?

lol someone's confused

Man folks will put up with anything to keep a marriage in tact lol

Well, he could wear the pants or the dress, but she’s still the one with the ovaries in the family.


MadeMeVomit [🧹]

You must be fun at parties


My madre came out as trans after a decade of marriage with my step mom. It’s been over year and they are still together. I think this is evidence that the soul really is more important than the appearance.

So your OG dad became another mom? I'm sorry I wouldn't be able to deal with thay ur a better person than I am

It’s the same person as before, but with a metamorphosis. It would be sad to lose the connection with your parent just because you’re uncomfortable with their change and want them to stay as they were in the past, unfulfilled.

I'm sorry.. I could accept literally any other person (friend, son daughter whatever) but accepting my dad becoming a chick/mom becoming a guy would just be Farr too far for me to accept.

from /u/My21stBanEvasion, now suspended

Humans need, want, and crave love.

Everyone needs friendship, companionship, and love.

Love is a human right.

incels should complain to the un about their basic human rights not being respected

Aroaces dont need nonplatonic love tho just throwing that out there


Made my sad

Why sad?

Probably because they will never find someone as awesome as the wife, who will support them through thick and thin.

:marseyyass: so true!

Doesn’t this mean husband just likes to dress as woman? Or does trans mean he wants to be a woman in totality? Not trying to be offensive I just don’t understand the differences in labeling

Trans-woman means they gender identity as a woman this is not wanting to simply dress as a woman that people often think it is… this is identifying your gender as a woman.

Some people choose “corrective” surgeries and often hormonal therapies to become society’s expectations of what a “woman” is but trans women are women regardless of hormonal therapies or surgeries. Gender is a social construct so anyone can identify as whatever gender they want.

true and valid

Which one is trans?

The fella on the right with a wig obviously 😂 [🧹]

it makes me sad that your life is so miserable that other people being happy makes you mad. And no, don't play dumb. There is logically only one reason someone would make a "joke" like this and it's that your jealous that even someone that has to fight for their existance to be accepted can somehow still be more happy than you.

Hope you figure it out.

Do you guys realize how traumatic this would be for most women? 11 years of marriage and then your husband becomes a woman. That would fuck so many people up emotionally.

Oh look, found the transphobe!


How many women become traumatized after finding out that their husband is gay? Is that homophobic? I don't think it is, its just what happens when your s/o reveals something to you after 11 years of marriage, thinking they were one thing and then you find out they aren't that at all. Just saying, I have enough life experience to know that there is far more to this story than it appears.

Sounds exactly like what a transphobe would say.


That's not the point of this story. This is /r/Mademesmile.

They're happy and it worked out. It's a feel good story.

a million bucks says they voted for and still support joe biden.


This is why everyone makes fun of republicans. Stop hurting your own cause.

Oh you’re just going to assume I’m a republican? How about anti government? Can I be that? Can I not trust anything the government and their media tells me. Am I allowed to reject that? [🧹]

That's awesome! It's great that it worked out for them :)

Having said that, If you're in this type of situation you're not in the wrong for leaving if your husband comes out as a woman. itIt's ok to leave if you're not attracted to women and not ok with continuing the relationship. Only saying this bc I think some people forget this.

I don't think anyone is forgetting that actually. The trans community gets that all the time

some :marseycoomer: moments, because can't escape that anywhere on reddit:

i would make them suck my dik at the same time

while sharing the same butplug [🧹]


I kinda want to be in the middle

and a :marseyjanny: mystery:

Ha gaaaaay!




You're objectively wrong, sorry


pride flags are stupid and kill the point of rainbow flag [mopped]

The OG pride flag was supposed to stand for everyone, now I go to the coffee shop and it looks like the front of the UN headquarters with all the flags, it seems like everyone who felt left out by it really didn't understand it's point

"why do individual countries in europe have flags when the EU represents all of them????"

"why do individual states have flags when the national one represents all of them???"

"why do towns have flags when the state flag represents all of them???"

try harder next time dude

what a comparison

I will never understand why our corporate overlords decided to add black people to the gay flag.

It's the progress flag and specifically made to put a finger on the issues of disrespected folks both outside and inside the community. Transphobia is an issue, as is especially bad treatment of LGBTQ+ people of color. The message of the progress flag is basically something like "if you want it or not, they are indeed part of us".

Btw, the black stripe is a sign of respect to the people who have suffered/died from AIDS, while the general society just looked away, hoping it would just get rid of "the gays" on its own. words words words

Guys, take a look at OP's comments here. The guy clearly is abusing the guise of "I don't like these flags designs" when in actuality he doesn't like the meanings of the flags. He has some of the most generic "Unga bunga me no like that color" responses.

literally none of the OP's comments imply this lol

I call myself pan instead of bi because of the colors on the bi flag. The colors hurt my eyes. [deleted by user]

couldn't handle the downvotes :marseygold:

Wait till you see the 2022 Dublin Pride Flag


posted here multiple times but I still can't believe it's real

I agree I just had a conversation with a lesbian woman regarding this same topic. I am a straight white male.

I agree with you, she also agreed with us. And I asked her about a ally flag and she wasn't aware of one.

So is the last one #15 the ally? Cause I would really love get one.

I think I'll just say it at this point-- the trans flag looks basic af and is really really overused (more than even the rainbow one) to the point where im so tired of seeing it

But the color scheme is great

if you look at the flags of countries and stuff, you'd see they're way darker and appealing to look at. The blue on this flag is fine, i guess but that pink. OOooooooghhh that pink. I HATE that pink.

colour theory dictates the trans flag is a great designed one thought, personal taste is well and all but colour theory is real

the fuck is a color theory? i don't really care, though. it just looks--- like--- shit


I just wish I could fly an anti trump flag that wasn’t lbgt shit but I can’t think of one.

There are plenty of leftist and liberal political banners that don't involve LGBTQ pride.

Which have flags tho?


They are supposed to be protest flags ==> supposed to be very loud designs

Mona Lisa Monday — [MLM]

  • Photos with a primary focus on one person staring, looking or thinking, without any other interesting action are limited to Mondays (Midnight - Midnight, UTC).
  • Photos of people in a state of action, reaction or interaction, or share their focus with an interesting setting or background, employ some unique photography technique or have exceptional / atypical styling (hair, makeup, studio setups) are not subjected to this rule and are allowed throughout the week.
  • Mona Lisa Monday submission titles must include the [MLM] tag.

removed comments are a mix of :marseycoomer::

Only angle you took? Smart way to get someone to stop though.

Definitely more photos :-). This one is most decent / anonymous.

Well, she's quite lovely.

Very sexy way how to stop a car. I guess there were many volunteers ) nice picture

Smart girl ) I would immediately stop and help

What's her @

Think i have watched this porn

But is she claims to be sexually assaulted no one will blame her for it regardless.

and people annoyed at how shit the post is:


they jannied a comment saying "meh" :marseyxd:


This is pretty trashy.

And I'm saying this as someone who loves art nudes otherwise.

I’m so tired of every post in here becoming a boring version of “look! naked woman!”

the unjannied comments are also mostly people shitting on it:

What did you try to achieve with the photo? I feel it's very flat aside from the fact the girl is naked, and it doesn't tell me much

Men like cars and naked women, Right?

It was just a story which built in my head seeing the drama as i drove around.
Looking at your IG, i would say you too like simple, yet dramatic scenes which tells a story even when it is not really a shakespeare... [OP]

Jesus wept.

Where to start?

Why is she standing in tyre marks?

why is her plate not visible but vans is?

where did she walk from?

Her being naked adds nothing to this except for a creepy element to help bolster attention to the image

I don’t know what it is but the editing just feels off and flat

Why are so many of these ITAP of naked people?

i think naked people are the most artistic and interesting subject. Barely overtaking cats and sunsets, but still. [OP]

Is this a prank? why is she naked? She obviously did not do this for Reddit karma (or she'd be really desperate)..so the question is, why.

https://www.google.com/search?q=nude+hitchhiker+in+art [OP]

Am I missing something? What's with everyone in this comment section hyper-analysing this picture. It's just a funny pic, why is it full of self proclaimed intellectuals??

Hyper-analysing photography is precisely the point of this sub dude. Go to r/funny or just straight-up look at porn if titillating your senses is what you want.

internet is full of nice people with time on their hands and urge to do something they do not enjoy [OP]

and a wordwordswords analysis of this coomer bait: https://old.reddit.com/r/itookapicture/comments/v0vanb/itap_of_a_stranded_girl_mlm/iak3hbl/

OP's entire profile is of course posts like this and there's a linked website with an onlyfans link:


As a trans woman, it is incredibly sad to experience how much less freedom I have to move safely while out and about. I feel I have to be constantly vigilant to potential danger from people who are verbally aggressive about demanding my attention, and I can't go for long jaunts alone at night anymore.


imgur reupload:

Constant condescension from my coworkers. Especially when it comes to lifting or moving heavy things. It’s like I’m literally not allowed to strain myself physically even though I’m clearly stronger than most of them because it emasculates them or something. There’s even a slightly butch cis lesbian on my team that’s constantly coddling me when it comes to physical labor. Like I know I’m “smol” and all that but can’t you guys see my thicc ass legs? I could literally yeet one of them through a brick wall with a single roundhouse kick if I wanted too. Fuck off and let me do my job lol.


imgur reupload:

I love my femme compliments as much as the next girl, but being called things "good girl" by old dudes everytime i help them at work gives me the icks and makes it hard to accept any other compliments from other people


imgur reupload:

Dealing with men in general has become an absolute nightmare. Today I had to deal with a creep just fucking checking out at a grocery store and it happens frequently anywhere I go. I constantly have creeps in my dms. I get treated like an object by men or like a freak. Ive been assaulted and harassed. I thought it was going to be shitty dealing with men but its so much worse than that and lately i want nothing to do with them.


imgur reupload:

Children and animals love me, My wife says its a kindness visible in my eyes that makes them feel happy to see someone who understands them. But now I've had had two instances where I've seen parents tug their child closer to huddle below them. And I can't tell if they're just being "nice" and trying to make sure their child doesn't touch the well dressed business lady. OR if they're pulling their child away because they think I'm trans and feel like I'm a predator. It hurts me to the core anyone would think I could be like that.


imgur reupload:

When my boss stopped listening to me because he saw me as a girl now...

![](https://i.imgur.com/uOZ1OLr_d.webp?maxwidth=9999&fidelity=high) ![](https://i.imgur.com/YcFi0RE_d.webp?maxwidth=9999&fidelity=high) ![](https://i.imgur.com/8mE8ZEt_d.webp?maxwidth=9999&fidelity=high)

I miss long solitary walks at night. I looked fairly intimidating as a guy, definitely miss that privilege now. Totally worth it obviously, but still


imgur reupload:

I should start by saying I'm pretty priviledged. I sorta pass so I don't think I experience too much direct transphobia, although I'm always concerned someone will clock me.

The most annoying thing is how people will often times talk over me. I haven't had a chance to voice training yet so I have this mix between a very whiny white woman and raspy vocal fry. I can't really speak loudly with this voice so it's super easy for others to just overpower me in a conversation and steer it where they want. It's super frustrating because it isn't just men like I thought it would be. Women do it too. Family members are probably the worst about it because I don't wanna be a bitch and complain.


bonus ftmanlet cope:

being called short king [165cm/5′ 4.96″]

Having to worry about cops being called just for going for a walk.

:marseythinkorino: same poster:

Mentor or Father figure - /r/transadoption

If anyone needs a supportive adult I am a 41 y/o FTM. I know what it is like to have no support and everyone of you deserve support. Even if you are older than me if you need support feel free to message. I may not get back to you right away I am on vacation and get horrible signal but I will message back. 💙

edit: fixed broken images

Ratatouille is trans - r/MtF

The first time I watched Ratatouille, at 16, I cried and had no idea why. I was just so happy for everyone. Cut to 30 y.o., 6mo into HRT, rewatching it with gf

"I'm sick of pretending to be a rat for my dad"

"Dad, I don't want you to think I'm choosing this over family. I can't choose between two halves of myself.."

Dad: "You can't change nature" Remy: "Change is nature, Dad"

The whole movie is Remy's transition. I cried at the end of it again, but this time I know why! It's wild how I knew even when I had no idea why I felt stuff...

Big reccomend from me 💗🐀💙🐀💗 love you byeee


This is one of my favorite movies. I wonder if it's because it's just a great movie, or because of the trans allegory that was hidden in plain sight, which my subconscious saw and enjoyed.

In other words, I gotta rewatch this movie.

my subconscious picked up the subliminal messages that trans lives matter

Fun fact: all the female coded rats are the same size as Remy.

Remy is a trans guy!


It's funny because if you look at Remi's physical traits it's pretty clear that he IS trans.

This means that his dad can be like "OK so you're a boy rat. Cool, I have another son!" but also somehow refuses to accept that he wants to be a chef instead of eating literal GARBAGE.

Ratatouille is amazing and still somehow underrated.

rudely assuming someone's trans because of their looks and biological differences :chudsey:

No he isn’t, he’s French, let things be for fuck’s sake.


"StOp hAVinG fuN!"

let people enjoy things


I am a trans woman. I know who I am, what I am, and what I am not. I do not harbor any delusion.


However, cis people can only see you as either a woman or a man, and once they know you are a trans woman, they can't unsee the guy in you. I wrote a post about cis people lying about clocking you and making up the stupidest shit as to why they clocked you.

the post in question: Woman said she could tell I was trans because of my hands, but she NEVER saw my hands!

Years ago, I was stupid and naïve and thought that my best friendships would be with people who knew about my transition and accepted me and loved me for who I am.

being accepting isn't good enough, chud

No matter how loud they proclaim to see you as nothing but a woman, at the first sign of disagreement, they will remind you that you are a man or female impersonator. I have witnessed innumerable types of microaggresions, almost imperceptible types of disrespect that all add up cumulatively.

One lady who swore up and down that she saw me as a woman, expected me to pay the bill every time we went out to eat, to carry heavy stuff.

Or some people would expect me to work for free because I am trans (they would call me asking favors that would mean hours and hours and hours of free work).

can't be other reasons for those, must be because of being trans

Another friend who saw me as a woman would blame my transition and my XY chromosomes any time I disliked a movie that she loved, or vice versa.


I had to become a bitch as a survival mechanism. Now, my bar is set very high and I cut people off at the first sign of gender invalidation.

sounds lovely to be around

I’ve solved this problem, I have no friends! Weeeeee!!!

I have cats. They love me unconditionally and don't care about my gender. I am their mom.


I guess that's made it easier for me. Being neurodivergent I don't have a lot of people that stay close. My egg cracked and I basically came out to everyone I know within six months. I won't meet anyone new as my dying name.


I love seeing how gender expectations which in a cis/het context would already constitute sexism can bleed into transphobia. Trans people know all sorts of intersectional bigotry, from misogynistic transphobia to homophobia and man-hating transphobia.

trans people don't enforce gender expectations in any way

Yes this is true unfortunately. Among all the grand benevolent validating gestures from supposed allies, it's the seemingly small behaviours that give away their real perceptions they have of you.

fuck those chuds trying to be supportive but sometimes slipping up

Well I'm only 20 and after highschool I either fell out or lost contact with my friends, and after that all my friends have coincidentally been LGBTQIA+ so I haven't had to cut anyone else out besides some transphobic family members so I'd count myself pretty lucky!

so lucky getting into a comfy echochamber

Omg this post💜💜💜💜💜 specially the part when they already can and have seen the girl/woman but as soon you do something to piss anyone off, you're a man.

Omg so true as I’m reading this, a very close friend who says she only sees me as myself a woman just say I need help with bills, or every time we go out or clubbing always gets my card, lol actually she just hold onto for the night. I’m like why don’t you get one of your cis GF card instead of mine every time.

Yeah I wouldn’t do that.

It’s so hard to break old habits instilled into are brains over a life time. Most times I don’t even think about it til after the fact.

evil "friend" only doing that because she's a chud and not because it's what you've been doing for years

My friend group back home has a bunch of trans and queer people in it, but I still feel uncomfortable around most of them because they know and they treat me differently because of it.

My other queer friends are also wonderful, but they treat me as a queer woman. And I guess that’s fine, I suppose I’m queer regardless of the fact that I’m trans, but it also gets to me.

I only realised I felt this way after my work colleagues treated me with kindness and respect. They had some of the typical “what’s your deadname” cis idiocy, but nothing malicious.

lol the other trains trying to remind you of how hecking valid you are reminding you that you're different more than the normies trying to be polite

I consulted a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills over some facial fillers. This happened in 2018. I got a bit emotional during the consultation and teared up while recounting what I had been through. The surgeon instantly became patronizing an when he was walking me out of the door, he told me, in front of other patients and in front of his stuff, "You are more feminine than real women." He made sure everyone in the waiting room heard it. Can you believe it?


you can't expect me not to take advantage of double coin with a low effort trainpost

Reported by:

Edit: A couple of commenters gave the perfect answer to this question and I would like to share it as a way to help others to combat the transphobes:

What is a woman?

Woman is a gender identity. Most commonly held (but not limited to) adult females, and is associated with certain traits and behaviours that can vary depending on the culture. In American (and many westernised cultures), identifying as and behaving as a woman, is generally associated with things like femininity, child-raising, emotional sensitivity, etc. However, people can identify as a woman without adhering to specific traits because how someone chooses to express their identity can vary from person to person.

so it's something most commonly held by adult females but not exclusively, that's associated with certain things but someone can be a woman without said things :derpthumbsup:

There is no response that you can make that will lead to a satisfying outcome rather than just more nitpicking of the vocabulary in whatever you responded with. I am somewhat prepared to go down the "a woman is a person who is recognized as a member of the social category of women" path, but there's really no way to win.

no way to answer, no way to win

"You don't" is indeed the correct answer, because it's a bad faith question designed to put you in a position where they can pick apart your definition to invalidate trans identity. But if you must play their game, I say treat it like one and fuck with them.

"Anyone who feels like they're a woman is a woman, even if they don't have a penis."

"You're trying to tell me I'm not a woman and you don't even know what one is?"

"Aren't you a little old for the 'birds and the bees' talk?"

"A miserable little pile of secrets. Have at you!"

:marseysnoo: bad faith question :marseysnoo: reply with these epic reddit comebacks

You don't. It's a bad-faith argument. You don't play games with conservatives, and certainly not by their own rules.

what is a woman

Someone who genuinely, in good faith, identifies as such

bad faith good faith

adding on to "you don't" - no word is defined by strict reasoning. we understand words through associations with concepts, images in our heads - this is called prototype theory (in linguistics). so if you're trying to define anything it gets weird. there's not really a good answer

linguists can't define words

Definitions like "adult human female", for instance, are paper-thin and no better at encapsulating all women, and only women, than any other.

does not elaborate on this point further

"What is a woman?", said the transphobe.

"Baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me", said the trans person.

The transphobe attempted to respond to this, but the trans person cut them off saying "no more".


amongst the redditors saying bad faith and making shitty jokes someone did actually try to answer... in 1400-ish words, read here if you care

r/mtf - Well I'm officially a prostitute now...

God I feel like shit. I sucked off this guy for $80 so I could pay for my laser hair removal, HRT, etc... Thank you very much my entire direct family for refusing to put a single cent into my transition. Really couldn't have done it without you all. Especially on my mom's side since everyone in that entire half of my family already disowned me.

I feel so fucking disgusting, but I am going to transition no matter how much my family fights me on it, and no matter how dirty of jobs I need to take to do so.

The only disgusting thing about it is that you are left with no other choice.

only two ways of getting money - family handouts or sucking dick

All work is selling your body for money, the only differences are how much you sell and in what way. There's no shame in sex work.

All work is selling your body for money, at least sex work is up front about and pays well.

It's only considered degrading or bad because of the patriarchies resentment of women.

all work is like prostitution chud

I think you've got real fucking guts to do whatever you must in order to reach your end goal.

You may think you're morally dirty for doing this, but imo you're a lot cleaner than your family is.

Word of advice, if you're not keen on the physical aspect of being a prostitute, you should consider looking into an Onlyfans. That being said sister, you've got guts. You're not dirty or disgusting, always remember that

not giving a family member money for hormones and hair removal is morally worse than prostitution, apparently

Cannot second the OnlyFans recommendation enough.

There are a number of "big" Twitter trans girls who make serious money through OF. I think if you're open, authentic, and interesting, there's a lot you could do with it.



Honestly the biggest thing that's making me feel bad is that I'm having to be a manipulative piece of shit to get the money to do so... Like... He was some skinny (very clearly) austistic nerd type that has never been with anyone else, and was in a very very high class neighborhood and I knew that I could get a lot of money out of him if I play my cards right... And I just feel completely disgusted with myself...


Sex work can be beautiful if you enjoy it, but yea, the reality most people won't mention is that sex always sucks if both parties aren't into it, even if it was consensual.


don't be too hard on yourself, you're a good and valid person, ur family is disgusting for doing you wrong.

Hey now.. Sex workers are just as valuable as the rest of the work force. There was a service provided for a fee.

Please be kind to yourself, you are still a good person.

It is fully okay to be a prostitute and you are valid

hecking cute and valid!

More from OP:

![](https://i.redd.it/wt3tiy9e8kz81.jpg) ![](https://i.redd.it/b22jhdrz3hx81.jpg)

So I'm pre-everything, but I own thousands of dollars in custom made, imported dresses.

truly desperate with prostitution as the only option, wonder why the evil family isn't funding this transition

So my dad basically ended up telling me I'm too young to want to transition, so he can't pay for it in good faith, but if I pay for it he won't stop me.

lives with xer dad, he hasn't kicked xer out just isn't willing to pay for hormones, what a piece of shit for forcing a desperate xueen into prostitution

So I've managed to raise about $800 in donations to pay for Plume until I can get an appointment with a local clinic that offers HRT for almost free. (It's an 8 month wait time)

And so like... It makes me so upset that my parents aren't proud of me for managing to raise that type of money... If it were for any other cause I'd have endless praise heaped on me about it from them... But because it's for my transition they don't care and it makes me really sad...

why aren't my parents proud of me ebegging for titty skittle money? if I'd raised it for charity they'd have been proud, the chuds

Will going on HRT make my cat not like me?


Being except from running in gym class because of tucking...

😩💨 ah yes... Nothing is better than having to explain to my teachers that I tape my penis between my legs and that it would be incredibly uncomfortable and possibly risky for me to run a long distance, and then be forced to walk the track while everyone else runs, and having everyone wondering why she doesn't have to run...

trans rights are human rights

That said, when I see trans women dressed excessively girly, inappropriately or almost in a costume (school girl outfits, Princess dresses, etc. etc.) I have trouble relating. It feels like this is enforcing negative trans stereotypes, and harming us as a group.

Logically, I know what other people do is unlikely to affect me, and my reaction is probably due to some remaining transphobia. Just a bunch of girls and women living their best lives and doing the things they always wanted to do but couldn't. I just have trouble squaring this away with my own feelings.

No hate on those enjoying themselves, I really am tempted to chalk this up firmly as a 'me' problem.

The TL:DR is that yes, it's a me problem. Trans women are beautiful and unique, it's our business what we wear, and haters are gonna hate anyway so I need to get over myself. And I promise I'm working on it.

OP trying so hard not to offend the hugbox, wonder what the commenters have to say:

I'm in my early 30s and dress like the goth girl I wanted to be when I was like 14. Fuck the haters.

so brave!

Transwomen are just women. Cis women will dress up in girly outfits and school girl outfits to feel sexy, transwomen will do the same thing for the same reason. There's no difference between the two.

none whatsoever I'm sure, might as well drop the cis/trans labels

Also trans women often never had the chance to wear silly/princess outfits when they were younger unlike most cis women, so it's only fair they get to experience them while they have the chance, especially if it's something they've always wanted to wear Also I don't know if this is true, but trans girls going thru their second puberty because of HRT probably means sometimes they'll just act younger since they're experiencing their true adolescence for the first time, even if they're a few years older

hormones make you young again!

On your first point, I’ve been struggling with this so hard the last week or so. I just think of all the stuff I missed out on growing up. I can never get it back, and if I try people will see me like OP. Some over performative old dude trying to be girly. I’m not upset about the post or at OP, but I think you hit that head on.

learning to accept that you can't get your childhood back and moving on? nah, wear the outfit xueen

This is why trans only spaces online are so important. We need to be able to play in that space and gas each other up without taking shit from cis assholes.

need safe spaces without c*s chuds telling us we're being "creepy" or "inappropriate"

Trans women not transwomen. Trans is just an adjective. You said cis women and not ciswomen, you should do the same for us.

It's a bit of a terf dog whistle implying that trans women are somehow a different type of woman.

It's clear this wasn't your intention, I just wanted to bring it to your attention, especially because of the difference in referring to trans and cis women in your comment.


That is a good point, thank you for sharing. In the privacy of a trans sub, what's the harm?

I think my issue is when I see this out and about, it isn't what I'd expect cis women to do. Of course, I've probably passed a hundred trans women without realising before I see one person like that... and again, it's really not any of my business. But I worry that when I dress feminine it'll just be seen as a costume.

op is noticing things

Don't fall into the trap of worrying about how the actions of others may affect the perception of the community as a whole. People know that stereotypes are bullshit.

This "performative hyper-femininity" is often used as a way to work through trauma from not growing up as their true gender. Its a way to make up for things they missed out on.

it's just trauma, chud!

I am a cis partner to MTF and I think some of this is stuff I've wrestled with personally. Some of the things my partner worries about or talks about related to physical appearance are things that 13-14 year old me would have resonated with but mid-30s me finds annoying. I'm also in recovery from an eating disorder and have had to really work on "ignoring" the parts of my physical appearance I am not crazy about. It's hard to be supportive when I'm having those feelings but it helps to remember she a) won't be going through this part of transition forever and b) didn't get to do it the first time.

mids 30s, dressing 13-14, perfectly valid and normal!

Literally the best thing about three queer community is acceptance. Any queer who doesn't get that is doing it wrong

Respectability politics ("they make us look bad") is complete trash and is the biggest reason for marginalisation of trans people in queer spaces and in LGBT activism. At its worst, it is masc 4 masc white gay men disowning trans women of colour for "looking weird" after the trans women did all the hard work getting rights for them. It's selfish, it's ahistoric, and it's bigotry, pure and simple.

not wanting creepers to represent you is bigotry

also, many (cis and) trans women feel they have to overperform femininity to be treated as their gender.

cis women need to pass too

For many of us that's the only way to get gendered properly in public. If I wear anything short of high femme they look right at me and call me a man even when my appearance has plenty of indicators. When I dress high femme is pretty much the only time I get to feel beautiful.


I get the sense that a lot didn’t have many female friends throughout their lives and that they mostly have their view of femininity from media.

So when it feels overly performative, that’s because it’s exactly that.

This is why I always very strongly think that people who want to be more feminine need to start by making and maintaining close meaningful relationships with cis women. Because that’s going to do more to develop unforced femininity than anything else will.

edit: english translation from the replies


Once again it's as if we've reverted back in time and the communities I'm apart of, both irl and online (all politically leftist spaces) have had a major, major shift in tone, specifically silencing/speaking over trans women ever since the abortion debate has come to the front again.

All of sudden I'm being spoken over and even told I have no voice in the matter because I'm a male and I need to let the "women" speak. No joke, some have even reverted to excluding trans women from the word woman now and while I've always had difficulty with being gendered correctly because I don't pass, I've been referred to and called a male and a man more times in the last couple weeks than ever before.

smh those foids should do better and listen to the valid non-passing male when she's speaking

Of course, whenever I stand up for myself and eventually grow frustrated, then I'm told I'm an attention seeker and worse, detracting from the discussion, and because I have no idea what it's like as a woman with the reproductive anatomy of a full fledged female, I should stop trying to infiltrate these spaces and stop demanding things of their spaces.

I'm not taking it word for word on that last but the underlying message is clear: Trans Women don't belong.


So far I haven't noticed it. But I also only hang out with queer and other trans woman. So I can't really say what the general public thinks of us now. I don't really hang out outside of LGBT groups because I feel like I have to pretend everything is ok

"my trans echochamber hasn't become transphobic"

The socialist groups in my city (in the bible belt) have been leading trans rights protests and are very accepting. Maybe get out of liberal spaces and into socialist groups?

socialism is when trans rights

I second this! We are speaking in sweeping generalizations here, but liberal spaces tend to skew much more right than those who are willing to self-identify as “socialist.”

The democrats are basically right wing at this point

They always have been compared to the rest of the world

the democrats would be fascist in europe!

Any call-out that you're "not a woman" is derailing the conversation, so call them out as making it a trans issue when it's a bodily autonomy issue. Then hammer on that point:

The original ruling was not that abortion is protected, it was that bodily autonomy is protected. Yes, it was heard in the context of abortion, but the ruling was that bodily autonomy is a form of privacy protected by the Bill of Rights.

Overturning Roe v Wade affects everyone, whether they can grow babies or not. All forms of modification that aren't medically necessary are on the chopping block: HRT, SRS, yes... And also vasectomies, cosmetic surgery, even tattoos can be legislated against if bodily autonomy is not a protected right anymore. Sure, they're saying this is only about abortion, but so much of American law is based on precedent. If there's a precedent that bodily autonomy is meaningless, as they're setting now, we're all in danger.

tell those chuds that it's not just about their abortions but also about meeeeeeee

I very much agree and sympathize. We were the Canary in the coal mine, warning people they were coming to take your rights and then when they actually did now we are to outside the mainstream to be part of the conversation. 😮‍💨

this is the literal wheel of trans history☸️

behind every right you have there's a trans woman who fought for it, chud

It depends upon how you define 'leftist spaces,' I think. In communist/socialist spaces? Not so much. Most of my comrades are in full support of my right to not only to exist, but to thrive.

:marseyrevolution: :marseytrans2:

Sometimes I can tell people use my pronouns because they want me to see they tolerate me

rare hint of self-awareness

I would speak louder. But Im hella passive aggressive lol.

Drowning out the voices of people with uteruses when discussing abortion is as inappropriate as cis people drowning out trans voices when discussing trans issues. (jannied)

Having a voice in a social matter is not drowning out anyone. Telling people they don't get an opinion is. Her body, her choice. Im a trans women, that's my voice and no ones silencing me.

You said “speak louder.”

Sounds like drowning out to me. Also, sure, you can have an opinion. You can also have the sense to know when to keep it to yourself.

This isn’t the time for your voice. It also isn’t the time for wealthy voices.

nope. speak louder means refuse to be silenced. I will speak if I want to and you can't stop me.

lol biofoids can't have shit

I've been suspicious of the quantum leap in trans acceptance; specifically the claim that "trans women are women". Because it's been obvious as hell to me that it was an insincere fad that would eventually boomerang.

nothing can ever satisfy these people

Reason number 2761 that Liberals aren't leftist

Progressivism without intersectionality is just tribalism. Transphobia is never justifiable.

Any leftist spaces that exclude trans folk - aren't leftist spaces.

If you don't support trans people, then as far as I'm concerned you're an enemy of the revolution.

There are two answers I can give here:

1. I am a member of the CPC (Communist Party of Canada), and I am treated with nothing but respect and dignity by my comrades. Everyone uses my correct pronouns, my new name, and listens to me with comradely regard. One of my fellow comrades is a non-binary person, and they are treated just as well as I am.

In short, your concerns are false and defamatory, and do not reflect actual leftist organizational attitudes in any way, shape or form. On the other hand, I cannot speak to liberal political organizations, but I would expect them to exhibit all of the bad behaviours which you complain about, and more; liberals after all being little more than conservatives with better manners.

2. How is it down in Langley this time of year, miss agent provacateur?


replies and quote tweets not happy for some reason

Someone makes post laughing at :marseyscooter:, :marseychonker:s seethe

Hey at least he's living his life

not for long

Homie probably can’t wipe himself properly

:marseychonker2: :marseylaugh:

This isn’t a public freakout, it’s a guy riding a motorcycle and you decided it would be funny to pick on him because he’s fat. Maybe delete this and go fuck yourself.

OP, I'm a big guy, not that big but I know the side-eyed looks, for all big people, but especially that gentleman, go fuck yourself. No lube. Sandpaper dildo.

Hey OP, how does it feel to be a piece of shit?

Jeez OP is a douche

Can you leave them the fuck alone? What the fuck is wrong with people?


Get it? The joke is that he's fat

So… this post is just making fun of the guy?

It’s funny cause he dared to be fat in public.


don't be fat then.


What the hell is this? Where is the public freakout? This guys just living his life and you think being a dick is going to net you internet points? No. This is ridiculously mean and a waste of this subs time.

This sub is full of waaaaaay more offensive and cruel things than this and I don’t see anyone really objecting. The guy is very big. I found his image sort of cool given the outfit and visual but it’s also incredibly sad to be that big.

That doesn’t mean making fun of someone for just living Is a moral or wise thing. It’s in fact, a dick move. Because this man did not do anything unethical. Living, simply living, should not earn our condemnation. We condemn that which is wrong and laud what is good. Everything else should be given no value outside of ambivalence.

making fun of fats is always morally correct

Come on its not that dangerous.

That's gotta be the only motorcycle with an airbag saftey rating higher than a prius.

not kidding, replied to all comments


What I love about the chromosomes argument is that really doesn't change anything your telling me that your Gona do a DNA test for every women you go out with purely because you hate trans people that much?

Also does that mean trans men who get a double mastectomy and have his uterus removed and get a phalloplasty does that mean he's a real man?

Oh also biological men can lactate it's a proven fact.

Oh also also biological men can get Breast cancer

Oh also here's a few links that show being trans is natural and that trans men are men and trans women are women

> Gona do a DNA test for every women you go out with purely because you hate trans people that much?



"But currently, most genetic tests take 24-72 hours,"

I doubt anyone would be willing to wait that long just to have a 3 min fuck

Pre-marital sex is a sin.

Redditors trying to detect satire (they can’t)

I'm neurodivergent

Don’t worry, we can tell


Some of us don’t live in a delusion like you.

What's that saying about those living in a delusion tend to call other out for living in one instead of being told their wrong?

"no u"

You are literally playing make believe and dress up like a child. Things just don’t become fact because you think so. It’s a harsh reality but you need to grow up or you’ll be left behind in the world.

Weird that's exactly what I was going to say!

Anyways you got any evidence for are you just Gona keep complaining

got a source for that opinion?

You’re only ever your birth gender/sex (the terms are Interchangeable in this context) and anything else is mutilation and a farce

So boob jobs are mutilation?

Plastic surgery is mutilation?

People have a very strange understanding of mutilation

So transition surgeries are only cosmetic. Are you reducing sex/gender to mere fashion?

Sex and gender are two different things and gender is how you dress/act so yeah that's what I'm doing like literally everyone else has

did this person really... just agree with the chud on transitioning being only cosmetic?

So it is all fashion. Okay, so it's all a choice. Got it.

Well it's a good thing that trans people and cis people agree that sex is a concrete understanding


Science, on the other hand.

Also agrees! 🙏🔫😔🦏🇬🇧💝

Afraid not, then I suppose that depends on how you define a woman, which until recently was widely agreed upon.

Yeah it was agreed that if you identify as a women you are one but then the Christan conservatives came and ruined everything


No...I'm afraid not. Men and women have been separate since birth culturally since at least ancient Greece, women are generally capable of giving birth and have an XX chromosome.

Really? Since Greece? Because there's evidence to suggest trans gender people have existed before Greece and during it

Thats a womans penis.

And that's a male clit

Your point?

chud owned

holy fuck dude this kid has no gd life at all!! He responded so much!

Is it not normal for people to respond?

Also it's my few months off till I go to collage full time so yeah I do have free time off

Its not normal to respond TO EVERY COMMENT! You're straight weird dude.

Kewl 😌🦏😔😘🙏😭🇬🇧

I didn't know it was posted yesterday but I'm keeping it up because I don't want people thinking they won an argument over the internet that's completely pointless

need to reply to everyone so the chuds don't think they've won

Literally posted yesterday

I'm Gona be honest I didn't even steal it from here I took it from r/196

Bro I do get therapy and nothings changed stay mad 🦀🗿😨🇬🇧💝🤡😎🤑🔫😢😿💰😨🤡😲

You're a lost case. but seriously, you should stop.. You're only making trans people look more crazy with how you're acting

Whaiienbwhajen crazy mere?????? Jshwjqiqjhs 🍟😲😌😲😌💝😔🦏🤡🐝🇬🇧🪙💸😳😔🙀💀☺️🐝🗿🍟😲😔🤮🔫🙀💀😨🐝🤡😊

most effective therapist

also because you chuds love to make fun of people's appearances, here's OP:


you should be ashamed of yourselves :marseydisagree: