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I am going as Kanye West, please rate/critique my costume idea

Edit: really fascinating discussion guys, I am proud of you all. @Aevann I think this very important thread should be stickied to further facilitate this riveting dialogue.

This shitty sub fucking cracks me up. It’s one of the only places left on Reddit where unironic and occasionally hilarious rightoid memes are allowed, and they on their own are usually worth looking at and frequently actually make me laugh (like this one).

The best part, though, is the completely brain dead leftoid NPCs that then fill the posts with robotic comments about how unwoke, scary, and/or r-slured the meme was. You truly get all of the best (worst) content from both sides; it is a r-slured radical centrist’s paradise.

:brainletpit: vs :brainletmaga:


It would help me waste much more time while I’m grindmaxxing if I could tap the lines and collapse comments. Please baby.

Attached high quality photographical autistic rendering.

I’m so tired :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead:

Not really drama, I just thought the ridiculousness of this juxtaposition was funny.

This is the third time the communists have brigaded my thread. I just wanted to share a personal win, why do they have to be so hurtful? :marseycry:

I need fellow dramacels to help me bully. If someone can find the original thread there is 100 dramashekels in it for you

This foid doesn’t have much of a post history but it’s pretty wild.

“How can I tell what’s real?”


”My husband has invited a literal whore to live with us. AITA?”






I raise my own free range meat, and slaughter it ethically.

Please do explain how you ethically slaughter a living being? Would the holocaust have been ok if the Nazi's were just a bit nicer and called them Ethical Deathcamps?

Fucking disgusting. What would George Floyd say?

Zoloft… start with Zoloft. Seriously- I was getting so irrationally angry with people! I told one former friend who is an anti vaxxer (who has asked me for medical advice MANY times) that I would talk to her when she “winds up with a tube in her throat” That’s when I knew I needed to start medication!

Are people being mean and having wrong thinks? Just put yourself into a drug induced haze and start a lifelong addiction to our benevolent cartel overlords! All this and more in my new favorite subreddit.

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This isn’t really drama but it made me laugh

Take note, poorcels of proper phone posting from someone who has their shit together:

-Latest iOS version

-Full bars 5G

-Fully charged battery

This is what being a functional adult looks like.

Am I out of touch?

No, redditors are just r-slured.


This has literally just happened in the last hour so the seethe is still brewing. The average creeptocorn poster doesn’t wake up before 3pm and so they haven’t seen that their life savings of chicken tenders caught on fire at market open.

I bought 20k of eth at 3110 45 minutes ago and am currently up 3k on it because I don’t hold my spaghetti like a sperg. Stay mad you fucking nerds

Update: sold my corns for $2750 realized gain. AMA

Except no part of his story makes sense. Watch r/gaming discuss

I wonder how long it will be before subreddits like r/gainit and r/loseit are banned for medical misinformation?

Stuffing my face does NOT make me fat, and all fatties I know eat a maximum of 0.5 carrots per day. CICO is FATPHOBIC, period.

Honestly, this animesexual libertarian has me sneeding with this comment. I unironically hate all redditors.

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Dude marsey lmao

As someone who talks to a lot of eggs, do you know how hard it is to actually convince a trans person they’re trans?


Edit: wrong link in OP


Are redditors too dumb to troll? I really didn’t think I was being subtle, but I guess I took it too far lmao

Check my username you bunch of bigots.