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AHC is now a facist sub
The dark knight rises introduction, edition
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= bane, = CIA agent, = masked men, = CIA soldiers, = Bane's 2nd in command, = Dr.Pavel, = bane's plane mercenaries

duh duh duh duh da duh duh duh da duh duh duh duh

"Dr Pavel Im CIA Bill Wilson"

"he wasn't alone"

"Uhh, you dont get to bring friends"

"They're not my friends"

"No worry, no charge for them"

"And why would I want them?"

"They work for the mercenary, the masked man"



"Alright get em on board ill call it in"

wheeeeeeeeeeeehm (plane noises)

"The flight plan I just labeled with the agency lists me my men and dr pavel here"

"but only one of you!"

cocks gun and gestures for guard to open plane door

"First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft!"

CIA agent grabs masked man and forces his body halfway outta the plane door with a gun pointed towards his head "who paid you to grab dr pavel!?"

BANG, the gun goes off NEAR the masked mans head

"he didn't fly so well, who wants to try next?"

grabs a 2nd man and does the same thing "Tell me about bane! Why does he wear the mask?! Lotta loyalty for a hired gun!"

3rd masked man speaks up "well perhaps hes wondering why someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of an airplane"

"at least you can talk"

"who are you?"

"it doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan"

CIA agent slowly unmasks the 3rd man, who is revealed to be BANE

"no one cared who I was until I put on the mask"

"If I pull that off will you die?"

"it would be extremely painful"

"youre a big guy"

"for you"

"was getting caught part of your plan?"

"of course!"

bhwyuuuuuuum a big white plane soon appears over the CIA plane

"Dr.Pavel refused our offer in favor of yours, we are to find out what he told you"

"nothing, I said nothing!"

the big white plane's cargo ramp begins to open, and causes the CIA plane below it to start rumbling

"well congratulations, you got yourself caught"

"uh sir"

"now whats the next step of your master plan?!"

"crashing this plane"

mercenaries, all connected to the white plane via a cable, jump out of the ramp and towards the CIA plane

duh duh duh duh duh (epic hans zimmer music)

"with no survivors!"

bane's hencmen land on the CIA plane and starts shooting thru the windows, and bane breaks out of his ziptie and punches the agent

] >


] >

] >

pew pew brrr pow pow


pilots yell "mayday mayday"

cool shooting and action plus hans zimmer music

2nd masked man (now unmasked) prepares to fasten his cable, bane stops him

"no brother, they expect one of us in the wreckage"

"have we started the fire?"

"yes, the fire rises"

bane grabs and secures dr pavel, who is screaming in fear

"Now is not the time for fear doctor, that comes later"

bane detaches the now destroyed CIA plane, dropping it to the ground, while he dr pavel and the mercenaries fly in the air attached to the big white plane

The end

found the bardfinn alt
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funny image so this passes also we need a poll feature pls

Found a based but dead sub