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54 coins   0 marseybux   7 followers   follows 9 users   joined 04 Sep 2021

Awards received

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User ID: 5188

Coins spent: 4750

True score: 7928

Slot winnings: -900

Marsey Artisan Beta User Halloween 21 Dinner Grinch Christmas 21

The latinx have discovered who is pumping you full of 5G

Is he a modern playboy who quickly loses interest in any woman who he sleeps with or is it an intricate marketing scheme by a furniture company? https://twitter.com/jasonosia/status/1484947083241172997

The runner clearly doesn't speak english, or at least speak it well enough to be comfortable commentating his run, which is a shame because what little he does do to entertain the viewer is actually pretty good (hiding behind a blanket, holding up Sailor Moon toys to the camera, ect). Now this wouldn't be cringey by itself, but his commentator sounds like he's about to cry, commit suicide, or has simply lost the will to live. It's made all the better by how honest and happy the Japanese man running comes off as.

Honorable mentions:

Yugioh Forbidden Memories: One of the runners, notorious for being unable to finish runs loses and does not finish his Yugioh race. He proceeds to break down on twitter about it. 1 2 3 Bonus! he has one ball

Super Mario Land 3D Land: The casting couch tries to have banter with the runner (clearly their friend), which causes one of the marathon's employees to have a sperg out on twitter about what a good speedrun commentary is. Original tweet whining about the run here, screen cap of the follow up reply here. Spikevegeta, the employee complaining then responds on reddit and drops a pastebin to say he's sorry he was mean.

RITE: Not really that good, but lots of people liked how the runner didn't do much but say "nice jumps" or something. I didn't watch this one.

Final Fantasy XIII: Trans runner sings badly, it's a long run and again, I didn't watch. Not gonna comb through for timestamps.

Three Dirty Dwarves: Unfunny runner talks over possibly comedic game

Risk of Rain 2: Only relevant if you know the game, but a low skill run where the player loses and the run was regarded as low quality

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Runner doesn't talk and commentary couch kinda sucks. It's clear the runner is just reading an FAQ on how to complete puzzles, though I'm sure it takes skill, it makes for a bad viewer experience.

Meegah Mem II: Game that could have been funny for a few minutes takes far too long to be finished. Kazoo = comedy gold.

Wave Break: While the run wasn't bad, the announcer keeps hyping up a WEEZER CONCERT (!!!!). The song is pretty good though.

Now some good runs!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Done blindfolded, very impressive!

Halo: Combat Evolved - Just a generally enjoyable run, nice!

Subnautica - Surprisingly good run, pretty fun

PAON - Meme run by a japanese game in a costume. Just kind of funny, also his estimate was completely made up

We Love Katamari - Japanese Vtuber keeps saying ROYAU RAINBAU, good run

SNOLF 0 - Cool sonic game made in the Doom 2 engine (I think)

Resident Evil Village - I thought this was a pretty enjoyable run, pretty high skill, but nothing special. funny body swaps, though.

Marble It Up - Great looking game, high skill run, would recommend even if just for the marble asmr

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Holy shit, I didn't know this game was this broken, but not surprised. Lots of amazing tech and the runner ignoring everyone to watch the end cutscene because he really likes it

And finally! It Takes Two - Personally, probably my favorite run. Really enjoyable to watch and the game looks pretty cool. I'd recommend this.

I didn't watch it all, so obviously some stuff is missing, but this covers most of what I saw or saw discussed.

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Anime is and will forever be racist. Sorry. K-on is racist. Nagatoro is racist. Monster musume is racist. Attack on titan literally apologized for the holocaust. You cant win. You can produce as many shitty netflix shows by jaden smith as you want. Nobody watches it.

Go wyatt go!

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I expect nothing of interest until the late night streams

I dont even know how to start with this since I'm not reading everything, but it seems there was a rightoid discord at Activision and it got leaked and some twitter lefties were mad: https://twitter.com/ntcquinn_ow/status/1476252365577728011

Official esports Autist King Thorin decides to step into the ring with some hot shots at people invovled. https://twitter.com/Thorin/status/1476137097299992578 https://twitter.com/Thorin/status/1476362013395886086 I'm not looking into this any more

Get well soon

(Hint: it's because they're bad).

Background: ESL, a company that puts video games tournaments, in this case Counter-Strike, released a calendar of women only tournaments. They typically run these every year but I don't think they did last year. Women generally play in the 3rd-4th best men's online league when they mix genders.

Man who dresses like a cute twink tweets out asking where the more prestigious "men's" or open tournament is.

Angry foid who works for ESL responds.

He responds.

Goes in for a random dunk on a "reporter" who is simping.

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We back?

Or is it still over?

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