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I am become pizzashill, the bane of holes.

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Man is neither angel nor brute, and the unfortunate thing is that he who would act the angel acts the brute

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I am become pizzashill, the bane of holes.

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Man is neither angel nor brute, and the unfortunate thing is that he who would act the angel acts the brute

Awards received

x5 x3 x2 x1 x6 x1 x2 x4 x3 x2 x1 x1 x1 x10 x1 x9 x1 x3 x6 x10

User ID: 2424

Coins spent: 20160

True score: 38329

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Beta User Halloween 21 Grass Toucher Little Big Spender Christmas 21
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[suggestion] Bear spray award

An award for belligerent rightoids that fills their screen up with annoying orange graphics to simulate being blinded by antifa at a portland riot.

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Why are foreign rightoids that post about American politics so dumb on average?

Don't get me wrong, American rightoids are dumb too, but there's like a special kind of retardation with foreign rightoids.

Why is a bong here trying to argue to me the civil war wasn't over slavery?

Girlboss Sinema has likely ruined her political career

Anyway, I posted this because multiple rightoids tried to argue with me and claim I was wrong and Sinema was totally fine and popular among Arizona dems.

I claimed Sinema was in a lot of danger, because she isn;t Joe Manchin. The DNC is gaining ground in arizona and can't ignore the left-wing activist bloc or they risk sinking turnout in the state.

Surprise surprise, this is the exact reasoning the state party is now rejecting Sinema:

But she faces political dynamics unlike the other Senate moderate thwarting Democratic ambitions, Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Representing a state that former President Donald Trump carried by nearly 39 percentage points in 2020, Manchin is unlikely to face a progressive challenger who would gain traction.

In Arizona, however, Democrats are ascendant. Joe Biden was the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1996, and the party is eager to build on that success. That makes it harder for a Democrat to simply ignore the left here, particularly in a primary election.

Hitman get's taken out by obese granny.
New house because the available houses suck: the enlightened.

Essentially this is a house for my fellow intellectuals that hate women and also blacks.

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Way too many foids allowed on this website.

Basically, whenever foids are allowed to enter a community and obtain a decent ratio the community either dies shortly after or melts down due to PC culture.

Foids can't handle the intense and volatile nature of a male community like r drama net.

I have a good relationship with the foids of r drama net and I don't want to ruin that but someone has to say it. Despite what foids say, diversity is not a strength.

What was futurama trying to tell us?


Hell yeah brother
28 days til I leave society.
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What's even the point?

The jews have completely ruined western society. You can't do shit without sucking up to the hebrew ruling class. Make one holocaust joke? kiss your career goodbye. Dare question the narrative? kiss your career goodbye.

You go on a tinder date with a woman and reference jewish media domination to see if she's woke? You aren't getting a second date.

The jew has completely fucking captured society and anyone that dares speak out against them, notices things, or fights back at all quickly finds themselves crushed under the heel of the golem.

What the fuck is the point?

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Declaration of Jihad against /r/stupidpol

I'm sick of this shit. Watching stupidpol fall to rightoids is like watching unwashed barbarians take over a cultural center of some advanced country.

The rightoids must be thrown out by force. Who here will join me?

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Can stupidpol ever recover?

I still read the sub from time to time because there are like 1-2 people there that post ok comments still, but I've noticed the rightoid infestation has gotten worse and worse.

Of course I'd love to help them solve the rightoid issue but I got banned for dunking one of their mods in an argument over corn subsidies.

I have a hard time taking conservatives seriously.

The constant screeching about "cancel culture" and "censorship" conservatives have engaged in over the last 6 or 7 years seems to be completely without substance, and primarily about an aesthetic above all else.

For example - what has driven this sudden interest amongst conservatives isn't their undying love of free speech, but that the tables have turned on cultural conservatism.

For most of modern American history, conservatives weaponized corporate power to suppress the political left, non-Christians, and pretty much anyone else that challenged the status quo.

Of course once liberals captured elite culture (the tech industry helped this quite a bit) all of the sudden conservatives found themselves on the losing end of social and cultural backlash.

Keep in mind most book banning pushes in America are still primarily driven by conservatives:


And it wasn't even that long ago conservatives went ballistic over the dixie chicks daring to question George Bush for launching the Iraq war:


After the statement was reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, it led to backlash from American country listeners, who were mostly right-wing and supported the war. The Dixie Chicks were blacklisted by thousands of country radio stations, received death threats, and were criticized by other country musicians. The backlash damaged sales of the Dixie Chicks' music and concert tickets and lost them corporate sponsorship. Maines issued an apology, saying her remark had been disrespectful; in 2006, she rescinded the apology, saying she felt Bush deserved no respect.

And one of the first things Trump did upon taking office was to send someone out to talk about changing the 1st amendment:


The point is, conservatives have no real concern for free speech, they themselves are the foundation layers of American "cancel culture" and they are the ones still pushing censorship of books at the state level.

So knowing all of this, what else are we to conclude other than conservatives are lying and using the concept of "cancel culture" and "censorship" to score political points amongst the politically illiterate and misinformed?

Guys I'm not leaving until feb and am going to Portland first for a bit

Anyway, I've shown the tickets in discord so this is w/e, but I am going to Oregon on feb 1 and will go to Alaska from there after I handle some business.

Just an update.

post one

I'll start it off:

Hyper foidism: chapter 2.

Remember these foids are in no specific order, the last one was about my first real girlfriend, a BPD foid that thought she was special for getting a masters in psychology.

Our next story is about Amanda: The foid that created the first crack in the wall and exposed a little bit of blackpill.

When I was 15 my best friend had a white trash girlfriend named Brittiany, Brittiany had a friend named Amanda that lived about an hour away from us but was staying with her for the year.

My friend approaches me one day and tells me about an attractive foid his girlfriend knows that was "here for the next year and looking to maybe date."

Naturally being 15 I was very into this idea and I thought it'd be fun to hang out with them and maybe fuck this girl. The first time I met her my friend set up an interesting encounter - he fucked his girlfriends moms van up she had to drive us around in the smaller car and Amanda would have to sit in my lap.

Looking back on this it was sketchy as fuck and I can't believe I told him it was a great idea when he revealed it to me. We're on our way to see spiderman at the movie theater and Amanda is in my lap and right away I realize I'm dealing with a skank because she's grinding around and clearly trying to troll me or something.

When we get there some of our other friends are waiting for us, and one of them has another foid with him (also named Brittiany, known as fat Brittiany from this point on, she's the subject of another foid exposure post.)

Fat Brittiany comes on to me and Amanda is instantly jealous for some reason even though I displayed no interest in the fat one and is pissed off for the rest of the night. Looking back on this the signs were obvious: she was going to retaliate against me for the imagined slight.

During the movie Amanda literally slaps a candy bar out of my hand when she decides I'm not paying her enough attention. I remember thinking to myself "I've known this bitch for 2 hours and she thinks she owns me."

I now know this to be foid entitlement, but I didn't at the time.

After the movie we decide to go get high and hang out at skate world.

We arrive at skate world and get high outback before going in. After skating around for a bit Amanda and Brittiany decide it'd be totally cool if they made out with each other and charged the 13-year-olds admission, I was skeptical at first but they manage to pull in like 50 fucking dollars with me and my friend running security. (foid attention whoring has always been profitable.)

I decide Amanda is high enough and in a good enough mood for me to make my move and I go for it. She responds with "what about fat Brittany" and straight-up rejects me, and then decides to go make out with some toothless r-slur, all to piss me off.

There's way more in relation to this foid, but it'd take 200 posts to fully capture the essence of her insanity, this whole thing ended with me moving to Florida and Amanda spam calling me talking about how much she totally missed me.

In this story all of the classic foid traits are on display:

  • attention whoring.

  • unfounded jealousy.

  • sexual baiting.

  • unhinged mind games when you're finally out of their reach.

Our next story will be about fat Brittany, the girl that got me banned from a movie theater for trying to blow me in the bathroom.

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  • Sal: Too many words brain hurty
  • Intervention: Just me. Rent free in your head and in your reports.

The other day @Intervention posted something along the lines of "I remember when the gays were accusing Fauci of killing them."

This was in the context of some r drama conservatards (intervention literally being from r/conservative, the most r-slurred sub on reddit) trying to claim Fauci somehow failed to respond to the HIV epidemic.

The problem being, of course, is it wasn't Fauci, the CDC, or the NIH that failed. It was the Republican party and Ronald Reagan. It's not even remotely shocking intervention is unaware of this because she's a poorly educated moron and perpetually wrong about everything, but still.

Intervention, after another rightoid gave me an award to prevent me from dunking him, responded with this:

STFU wacko. I was alive to remember it and it's easily searchable.

Indeed bitch, it is easily searchable, and had you done so you'd have found this:


during the 1970s; by 1979, health professionals began to recognise an epidemic.9 In June 1981, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published the first official US report on the new disease. Over the following months, AIDS took a swift and devastating toll on urban gay communities, with the hundreds of cases diagnosed that year representing only a tiny fraction of those already infected.10 However, the political climate deterred any proactive federal response. In keeping with his agenda of trimming federal government, the new president, Ronald Reagan, had cut budgets at the NIH and CDC. The social conservatives who helped elect him recoiled from a disease publicly associated with gay men—a strongly marginalised and stigmatised social group.11 Federal agency leaders expressed mounting frustrations over the next several years, as the administration blocked congressional appropriations for AIDS-related programmes and impeded the CDC’s attempts to mount prevention campaigns. Medical research at the NIH was relatively less affected by government recalcitrance, but for those already infected or at risk of contracting HIV little federal help was forthcoming. In 1983, activists succeeded in having AIDS designated a disability under Medicaid—but most AIDS patients died before receiving any benefits.

This is a common tactic you see Republicans engage in - they fail to respond to or block a government response to a serious issue, and then years later try to spin the failed response on other people - in this case Fauci.

In 30 years you can be sure the failed covid response will not be Donald Trump, but everyone else, just like somehow Fauci is to blame for Reagan failing to respond to HIV.

The lesson here, you dumb bitch, is that just because you lived through something doesn't mean you have any idea what you're talking about.

Anyone blaming Fauci for a failed HIV response is objectively fucking wrong and warping history.

r-slur #2.


Yeah, moron, not only do people act as projectiles inside the vehicle when unbelted, you can easily be flung out into traffic and cause more accidents:



There's way more here, but it isn't actually worth trying to argue with people claiming seatbelt laws are tyranny or that they only protect the individual.

Does anyone know if they ever did a "name study" using white trash names?

I was thinking about this recently during a wokie rant about how black names are hired way less - but in all of the examples that were cited, it was always comparing fairly normal/strong "white names" to the most r-slurred "black" names possible.

I never saw any examples of Cleetus or Bubba being looked or other white-trash names.

How did stupidpol become such a shithole so quickly?

Stupidpol was a sub I used pretty often until I was banned for dunking a mod in an argument over corn production.

What I've noticed however is the sub has basically decayed into nothing other than crude antiestablishmentarian bullshit and right-wing idpol.

Seemingly people that position themselves to deal with left-wing idpol invariably fall to right-wing idpol they can't even identify really. At this point the sub seems to exist exclusively to strawman the DNC while steel-manning the GOP.

It's not uncommon to see comments there claiming Tucker Carlson is a man of the people, or Donald Trump "cared about working class people." Even more bizarre is how they'll twist and distort themselves into knots trying to attack democratic policy they'd otherwise support - I saw more than a few comments claiming the infrastructure bill was bad for various reasons they never fully explained.

Other times they'll work themselves into a frenzy trying to explain how socially conservative rurals neck deep in white idpol are somehow more in line with their views than urban liberals.

It's like the sub is just infested with social conservatives that also enjoy healthcare and weed.

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State of the plan.

As I posted a while back I had planned to spend at least a month in Ohio before spending 5 months in Alaska. I never revealed my reasons for going to Ohio but I will now.

Basically, I had planned to travel to Ohio and gather the guns I didn't have access to in Florida (they were stolen by a family member and I never bothered getting them back.)

On this list:

  • a knight's armament sr-15.

  • A barrett.

  • A Benelli M4

But this wasn't the only reason, I had also planned to use Ohio for survival training in colder climates. I am an experienced swamp dweller but my experience in cold weather is lacking.

My family caught wind of my planned Alaska trip while I was in Ohio and staged some kind of intervention under the idea they didn't think I'd survive.

I managed to get my guns back though, and am now back in Florida. I will make another attempt at Alaska when the heat dies down and my family isn't on my case.

[suggestion] r drama singles connect.

As we all know dramatards are essentially undatable except by other dramatards. I think it would be a good idea to create an r drama singles room where dramatards could mingle and find a life partner.

post thumnail
I've won my battle for dramatard rights.

Sometime last week a malicious individual of likely Jewish origin handed me a touch grass award.

Every day people came to me and said "but pizza, why won't you just touch grass, it's easy." They didn't understand what I was fighting for.

Why didn't Rosa parks just change seats?

Why didn't MLK just shut up?

Why didn't Nelson Mandela just accept the status quo?

What I did, I did for all dramatards. Not just myself. It will be a cold day in hell before I touch grass.

Told you I'd find you gigavac


writers like Heinrich Schurtz propagated the ideology of the band of brothers through a variety of publications, but it had its greatest effect in areas such as the youth movement, in which young, mostly middle-class men devoted themselves to hiking, communing with nature, singing nationalist songs around camp fires and pouring scorn on the staid politics, hypocritical morality and social artificiality of the adult world. Writers such as Hans Blüher, strongly influenced by the youth movement, went to even greater extremes in their plea for the state to be reorganized along anti-democratic lines and led by a close-knit group of heroic men united by homoerotic ties of love and affection. Advocates of such ideas already began to found pseudo-monastic, conspiratorial organizations before the First World War, notably the Germanic Order, established in 1912. In the world of such tiny secular sects, ‘Aryan’ symbolism and ritual played a central role, as their members reclaimed runes and sun-worship as essential signs of Germanness, and adopted the Indian symbol of the swastika as an ‘Aryan’ device, under the influence of the Munich poet Alfred Schuler and the race theorist Lanz von Liebenfels, who flew a swastika flag from his castle in Austria in 1907. Strange though ideas like these were, their influence on many young middle-class men who passed through the youth movement organizations before the First World War should not be underestimated. If nothing else, they contributed to a widespread revolt against bourgeois convention in the generation born in the 1890s and 1900s.

The government finally recognizes the zoomers are in crisis