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she really *is* dancing!

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she really *is* dancing!

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The album for Pearl Jam's 1992 performance on MTV Unplugged released in late 2020! At the time, it gave me enough of a live music experience that I temporarily didn't feel like blowing my brains out during lockdown. :#marseycontemplatesuicide:

Here's the video of the performance:

I think the audio in the video's scuffed compared to the album release. If you want the album audio to sync with the video, start the video ~0:06.

Eddie Vedder looking pretty good here :marseybooba:

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office running over your puny Tesla

Was that a speed bump?


woman so useless at work, no one noticed she died

Antiworkers totally aren’t braindead, guys. Completely believable story.

Sad if true, but there’s a dark humor to someone turning to HR after experiencing a sex crime.

“Yes, I’d like to talk about my retirement benefits and oh, yeah, Mary raped me while I was blackout.”

Jeff Rosenstock - Scram! [punk/indie rock]


eels eat pizza

eels eat pizza

post thumnail
dentists and OPEC *hate* him!!!
drunk on a tuesday cat thread

Post kitties. Riot if mods put me in a hole.

What’s her name?


−•−• •− −
Madonna - Borderline

Happy Friday! :marseyexcited:


Why are you scared, isn't this what you wanted?


Yeah, this dude’s definitely losing babes because of his job and not because he’s posting this on /r/teenagers

Ur not gay ur just confused. Eat meat, workout and quit jacking off. Being gay is an abomination and cannot be justified.

Or this in /r/circumcision

it was the worst experience of my life but I’m glad it’s over. I waited years to get it done and that caused me major problems. I had phimosis and it literally took 2 mins to piss the hole was so small.

Tell me that this guy isn’t radiating alpha masculinity and sexuality.

Good morning, I hate the government.

Ban sugar drinks. Ban alcohol. Ban cigarettes.

You will eat the bugs and you will practice sobriety and you will be happy.

Big Thief - Simulation Swarm

This song’s chorus has been stuck in my head for weeks. You all must share my fate.

country music fans stay losing

First, country music sucks for 20 years. Now this? When will the persecution of rednecks end?

If your dog attacks mine unprovoked, you better say goodbye to your dog right there.

Yeah, if it was my dog nothing stopping me from putting a bullet in that pitbull’s head.


I’d be choking that Mfker to death not like those guys. And I absolutely love animals and pitbulls but if you can’t control it I will.


if that happened to my dog I would enter a blind rage and kick that dog until it let go.

Watch out, guys :marseybadass: All these Reddit soyboys would definitely gouge out a dog’s eyes and cave its skull in if they were in that situation. You know they also would’ve stormed into that Texas school and 360 no-scoped the shooter.

it’s legit fucked, no one’s stepping in and actually doing anything coz they’re scared of getting hurt. I could never hear a dog scream and cry like that dog was and not help it.

Unpopular opinion: but I value my own life and having all my fingers more than the life of a random fucking dog.

How I sleep at night knowing that I didn’t have a pitbull latch onto me :marseysleep:

Mothers come and go but the approval of Reddit autists is forever.

King Princess - Hit the Back


bunch of children slaughtered, nurses most affected

That's right. Confronting a gunman is LITERALLY THE SAME as treating a COVID patient. Educate yourself.

Really? What are these Barney Fife motherfuckers going to do with their handguns? Stephen Paddock brought enough guns and ammo into that room to arm a militia. Do you see a tactical team in this video? A hotel security officer had already been shot through the door at this time. All the officers in the video would be dead today if they had tried to breach that door and the body count would only be higher.

Also, bear in mind, the entire mass shooting incident took place in the span of ~10 minutes and then Paddock blew his brains out. Even locating the shooter within that timeframe is a feat.

Also the shooting was in 2017, dumbasses.

I thought good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.

Exactly. No good guys here, just cops.



Hey everyone,

I listen to entire music albums on my daily commute but I’m going through a dry spot. Give me recommendations! Doesn’t even have to be a deep cut. Just something you enjoy.


  1. Full albums. EPs acceptable.

  2. On Spotify.

Thanks! Love you! :marseylove:

Kero Kero Bonito - The River



Let’s see what Reddit comes up with.

Honestly: Racism.

I didn't notice that it was a problem here until I went to Portland, OR for the first time. Everyone there smiled and said good morning and was so friendly. I relayed this experience to a white friend, and he pointed out that when he walks around central FL, people smile and say hello to him. The only thing really different between him and me is that he's white and I'm not.

From that point on, I started to notice it. White people in Florida are friendly and have "southern hospitality" to show towards other white people, but not to us.

I don’t smile at strangers on the street so they don’t feel encouraged to ask for money or cigarettes. I certainly wouldn’t want to smile at this clearly developmentally disabled Redditor.


If you didn’t vote for Hillary, you’re culpable for every COVID death. Keep yourself safe.

child calls out saggy naggies, Reddit responds

He boobs look just fine if you ask me. For a moment I though she was gonna land that frying pan on that obnoxious kids head, but she didn't. She clearly is the smarter one :)

I will protect you from your child, my queen :coomer:

As a woman with larger breasts that hang a little lower than typical, fuck this kid.

Imagine getting btfo by some random kid. :marseylaugh:

Condoms are an amazing thing.

A condom won't fit over the child, I suggest a garbage bag

Yes, kill the child :marseyface: