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im in rehab rn bros



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TITLE: American Institutions Are Not Taking the Threat of Right-Wing Violence Seriously Enough


They are run...

By the same opportunists...

Just like Weimar republic in the 30s, rather than raising taxes on the rich to fix the country, go full fascism.

People think that it can't happen here. We have somehow convinced ourselves that there is something inherently evil or stupid about the German people that allowed someone like Hitler to rise to power and murder 11 million people. Instead of learning from history, we are convinced that we are better than that. So many fables to show the dangers of hubris and yet here we are.

Lol. Rentoids in the comments too:

We literally have enough money to house every person that ever dreamed coming to America. The estimates are about 900 million. We'd still have more lovable land area than China and an order of magnitude greater wealth.

We literally have so much surplus food we burn it for fuel and yet a gallon of milk costs $3.50 because the government subsidizes the farmers.

The wealth is tied up in the fucking walls. It's all fucking real estate. My money goes to my landchad, my family's big house? Banks and lanlords. The value of the dollar goes far but not in the US because of our landchads.


Title: There's nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man

Some comments:

I’m a white guy and lemme tell ya….there ain’t a thing to be angry about. I feel zero oppression, I’m not really scared of anything (In an existential/political sense, Piranha fish scare the poop out of me). I’ve never had a negative interaction with the cops, I’ve used the old “college educated white cis guy” network to get jobs, buy a home and take advantage of other opportunities. No one is “coming for me,” I can assure you. There’s no “assault on my freedoms.” People who have wanted their slice of the pie are getting it and I can’t do anything but be happy for them and offer my help and support.

There are people out there who want what I have as easily as I’ve gotten it. They want a little of the hegemony that I’ve enjoyed. That’s fair, it’s human and it’s what’s right. The stage has to be shared because at the end of the day we’re all just people. If you are a white guy and you are angry you are actually just scared and too greedy to share the stage with people who don’t think mayonnaise is too spicy.

Yikes. It’s seems like you care enough to complain about other people for starters. Are you pissed that the media reported Kylie hanging out with Proud Boys and flashing a white nationalist sign? Nobody made that up. He’s also associated with a local militia, and has been witnessed itching to use his AR on protesters. He’s a little proto white nationalist who got his gun and went off to see who’d fuck with him and get shot. But again, the article is about the response to the ruling. Why wouldn’t you be concerned about that? Let me guess- you’re more concerned about anti Rittenhouse protesters than the douches who are definitely going to show up to protests armed and assuming immunity for “self defense” shootings?

I'm a middle aged white woman ,when my kids were small and i had a stroller and 3 kids in hand on the bus it was always young Black men who would offer and carry the stroller off the bus for me not white men .The white men sat there as i struggled to get on and off the bus but young Black men were gentlemen.

a few random comments:

Yeah. I’d rather fucking not go from being able to pay my bills and MAYBE save 200 bucks a month to living paycheck to paycheck JUST TO PAY THE INTEREST on my loans thank you very much. I left college for mental health/financial/family reasons and I have 20k in loans that I’ll likely never be able to pay off. I work BERY hard to survive and I’d rather not drown right now.

So we all in agreement to band together and boycott voting in the midterms if they dont either A) Permamently set the interest rate to 0% or B) Forgive 50,000 or more? Cause that'll for sure get the Dems to do something as the demographic that mostly votes for them will just not show up for them.

Biden could wipe it all away with a stroke of a pen but will not. Good luck in 2022.

> Most of the people whining about this predicament seem to think blaming their choices on other people misleading them is a valid argument. Sorry, if you’re smart enough to get into college you should have been smart enough to understand you couldn’t afford it.

This isn't exactly a fair statement. These are often 18 year old kids that lived a life being told "Go to college, get an education, you'll be better off!" without any actual qualifiers applied to it. It's easy to look in hindsight and go "Should have known"... but when you're brought up being lied to, it's not that easy. People don't just "learn" this stuff without going through the hard lessons. Sustained conditioning throughout your life is hard to overcome.

> Not sure what to tell you. It sounds like your parents lied to you and you’ve still got remnants of those unrealistic expectations with regards to the challenges life hands all of us. Have you brought this up with them? Maybe they’ll bail you out? Mine pushed me out of the house and into the military at 17, because my grades weren’t good enough when I left HS to get into college on a scholarship. Life ain’t fair, and we’re all dealing with our issues. Start being a bit more realistic and stop blaming others for your own self-inflicted wounds would be my next piece of free advice.

I literally told you that I don't have student loans, so you can stop going full old man yelling at the clouds with me :)

It's called empathizing with others and the issues they face, as well as taking a nuanced look at why certain conditions exist. That's not the same as assessing "blame". Why so many people are obsessed with that word is beyond me, but simple thinking brings simple answers, I guess.

Some free advice for you - read the conversation you're having instead of grandstanding and thumping your chest at people.

Have a good evening.

The amount of people I've gotten into arguments with over student loans on here is insane. I love how everyone is like "you picked the wrong major/school" or "You knew what you were signing up for deal with it!" My parents paid for my college, I have no dog in this fight. I just don't understand how people are such assholes about this. People are getting hurt by this and it seems like some people are happy to watch them drown.

im in rehab haha

finally moved out of residential after 4 months and get to use my phone now, what have i missed? bardfinn still on his meth binge? masterlawlz post any more feet pics? L4L still a good lolcow farm? thoughts on israel? etc. thanks

you guys already know which $175,000/yr ($0.00) salaryman this is. gotta respect the dedication to being internet hall monitor though, not even i am that neurodivergent

Burglars do give a shit about your week schedule. At least the ones who wish to not be caught red handed.

For example the car in this post is a perfect example. As said by the guide, a would be burglar would know at a glance that multiple days per week there is only one person at home, most likely the wife, and that this person would be out from 4pm to 7pm leaving the house unattended to go pick up the kids and bring them to their sports club.

Additionally, the burglar would know to bring a trailer to steal the bike. But most importantly, he knows there are guns in the household: one of the most prized burglary items as stolen firearms are always in high demand.

A quick look on FB would most likely yield even more information.

Burglars (at least the successful ones) do use info before targeting a home. A number of people have had their house burglarized while vacationing because they had the bad idea of posting photos of them while away on holiday on a public profile on facebook.

This is not paranoïa.

> “They’d know to bring a trailer” lol watch out honey, the burglars are here with the u-haul

You know some people have had their four tires stolen in the middle of the day in plain sight of everyone. Even for someone quick that takes at least half an hour.

There have been burglaries where the burglars have pretended to be a moving company and have burglarized entire homes using moving trucks.

Heck there are even stories of people stealing entire houses in trailer parks.

If you think that bike thieves / burglars don't steal bikes with trailers, you are in for a rude awakening.

yeah, real home security chads keep their bike in their home's walk-in bank vault when theyre not home to keep it safe from the trailer-burglars, its just common sense. Day of the Rude Awakening™️ when, vaultbros?

The whole Trump thing was just Russia making a fool of us, and unfortunately a lot of people bought into it. A majority is more than 50% and more than 50% didn't buy it.

Furthermore, Russia will pay dearly for what they have done and continue to do.


as we all know, rPoliticalhumor is nothing but smug text-wall seriousposts devoid of all humor as seen here. just look at all the words holy shit, no way am i reading all this

I wanna state that regarding right-wing ideologies, I studied a Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Commerce and I worked my ass off to achieve distinctions/High distinctions. I studied about 80+ hours a week for the first 18 months, then dropped to part time whilst working full time and still studied 40+ hours a week for years in order to understand the logic behind all the economic theories. Basically all they taught was free market ideology, which I believed at first, but I began to notice discrepancies between the real world and what we were being taught.

Economics sold out to the right and created this entire dilemma. 40 years ago there used to be a dichotomy between the working class and the business owners. Inequality was the lowest level since at least the 1800s, public debt was low, global gdp growth was higher despite no globalization or the internet and China being in poverty, unemployment was lower across the entire English speaking world (I think America was actually one of the few outliers, countries like Australia and England had unemployment rates averaging below 2% for 40 years), houses were affordable, wages were rising.

Then, despite the fact there was no economic theory in support of it, populist governments held unemployment below the natural rate of unemployment, and the Vietnam war resulted in the American government spending too much money. There was an oil price shock and suddenly there was stagflation.

A problem that wasn't even caused by economists at the time was blamed on their economic model by people like Milton Friedman, Frederich Hayek and the Mont Pelerin society. They preached that we should lower taxes on all members of society (which particularly effected the rich), that we should eliminate all economic regulations (thus increasing corporate profits), the government should stop trying to manage the economy and leave it up to the private sector via the 'invisible hand' a.k.a. Economic's version of God. Given the outsized influence the top 1% tends to have on politics, the obvious benefits of this type of policy to them and the presence of an inflationary crisis, they managed to change the economic system we're in. Now mainstream economics basically only teaches their theories.

Now data has proven all of their theories wrong. It turns out the Post-Keynesians were right (not to be confused with Keynesians, who tend to combine Keynes's general theory with classical neoliberal ideology). Ever since adopting a new system global gdp growth has been lower, inequality has trended up to the highest levels seen since at least the 1800s across the Western world and is growing, unemployment has been higher across most of the Western world, from an average of 1.9% to over 5% in Australia, public debt/gdp has been growing, interest rates have trended down to their lower bounds which has pushed up the cost of housing (and today's youth completely missed out on this boost in wealth given to the Boomers, interest rates can't keep falling), real wages have been stagnant for 40 years despite productivity (real output per unit of work) steadily trending upwards, bank loans/GDP have grown to twice their WW2 peak, the entire financial system looks like it will collapse within the next 10 years. If you follow post-keynesian economics all of these effects were easily predicable consequences of neoliberalism. Yet the economics community refuses to admit they made a mistake, and these problems remain invisible to those who trust in the free market.

They teach the Economic equivalent of right-wing propaganda in almost every economics degree in the English speaking world. They teach the crap in high school. They teach it so, whether they intended it this way or they're just ignorant, people vote in politicians who support policy that damages their own life, e.g. private healthcare/no minimum wage/lowering estate taxes. They teach it because Universities get funding based on their journal rankings and all the top journals support free market ideology. Researchers who support free market ideology tend to receive more funding. Graduates who disagree with free market ideology will struggle to find work in their field. It's the dumbest shit in the world, Economist's nowaday's are less accurate in their predictions than a fucking coin flip, yet they refuse to admit their models must be wrong. But yeah, this free market ideology bullshit tends to favor right-wing politics and is part of the reason why right-wing idiots support shit like privatized healthcare and lowering the taxes of the rich, because they've been brainwashed by credible sources. Peter Schiff has no idea how the economy works.

When plutocrats can hire enough Congresspeople to block any changes that would benefit the public at large, this kills any possibility of just laws or legitimate, democratic self-governance.

The GOP, AKA the capitalist-racist-criminal alliance, is hired to inflict as much poverty, suffering, and disenfranchisement on workers and black and brown people as possible, in the same way that slave owners inflicted enormous socioeconomic abuse on slaves in order to maintain slavery.

The more impoverished and disenfranchised the working class is, the more wealth and power the plutocrats have.

They need to continuously cultivate racism and unfathomable stupidity to have enough votes to be viable.

This arrangement is killing our country.

You can't have "bipartisan" democratic deal-making with the GOP, because the GOP is hired to advance racism and plutocracy over sensible democratic self-governance.

Our institutions are well overdue for a 21st century update/overhaul if we want to remain a viable country.

Citations for your outlandish claims please.


> Overall sub is extremely centrist, with people dedicated to making fun of people who create drama or engage in drama. Everything is ironic there, nothing is sacred

So right wing then, yep. If you punch up and down equally, then practically you punch down. It's like saying "Hey I punch handicapped people just as much as I punch fully abled people, why are you saying I'm hurting anyone?"

powerful srd moment

words*300 trigger warning legit though, jfc this is way too many words

The issue is “colorblindness”.

"Colorblindness” is a massive, misguided gaslighting effort against people of color. It’s little more than a really weak attempt to invalidate the concept of systemic racism. That’s why the political Right won’t let it go, even though social scientists abandoned it a long time ago.

Let’s all acknowledge that no one is actually “blind” to race. We all see and unconsciously recognize the physical and/or cultural markers of race when we see a human.

Seeing those things is not racist. It would be absurd to claim that acknowledging and appreciating the diversity of the human experience is racist. What’s racist is choosing to be ignorant of the cultural and historical contexts that have a material impact on the lives of people unlike yourself. The simple fact of the matter is that society hasn’t and doesn’t treat everyone the same.

On an individual level, we all have unconscious biases. Even if you don’t think you’re racist. Whether you choose to accept it or not, they do impact the way you move through the world.

Rules aren’t colorblind, either. Schools across the U.S. have dress codes that specifically ban natural Black hair and hairstyles, deeming it distracting or unprofessional. Is it “colorblind” when children of one race are told that their natural features are good enough for school, while children of another race are told that their natural features are unacceptable and forced to commit time and energy to altering themselves in order to gain access to an education?

Redlining. Crack vs cocaine. Racial biases in hiring.

Pretending colorblindness is a thing is a massive slap in the face to the people who have been affected by these and other systemic inequities.

Social scientists moved beyond colorblindness decades ago. Just because the general public has been held back by right-wing talking points doesn’t mean we need to entertain these outdated nonsense concepts.

Reported by:

> Can we stop focusing on Trump now, please? We could probably just have a sticky called "Old Man Yells at Cloud" and link to whatever stupid thing he said today, and keep the rest of the sub for topics that are actually important.

I know it's tempting to let the failed fascist fade into obscurity, but he's still extremely relevant and dangerous. Look at the Beer Hall Putsch. That was the Nazis' version of the 1/6 attack, and they didn't succeed either. Hitler went to jail for it. Then he dictated Mein Kampf and returned to take over the country.


Reported by:

Ugh fine. You are letting tribalism cloud your judgment. Fox is making bold claims with little evidence. The reason there is little coverage of conservative views is that they are fucking wrong. “You can’t do abortions that baby is a soul it’s murder” ok prove there is a soul! The typical response is “god something something religion the Bible” well prove god is real. You can’t. Just because a book says it’s real doesn’t mean it is. “Just because you have never seen him doesn’t mean he isn’t real!!” Is the response I get from 5 year olds telling me unicorns are real. Seriously stop it. “Give us guns” what purpose does giving firearms to random people serve? Self defense? No. If someone tries to mug you and you have your gun freedoms they are gonna use a gun. If they see you pull a gun out they are gonna shoot you. You could also hunt wildlife I guess. Yeah the gun and ammo are totally gonna cost less than buying shit at the supermarket. You only need a gun if you are gonna live in the woods and hunt for survival. Not to carry it with you at all times. Oh what about terrorists? These Mexicans are terrorists in disguise! No they aren’t. That is paranoid beyond belief. Not all Muslims are terrorists! That is a stereotype! I bet you feel offended when you hear people American stereotypes like how fat and stupid they are. Think of that but having a physical impact on you when you are stuck in your terrible country because America is convinced you are a murder trying to bomb them.

The core problem is that well reasoning is meant to be a social tool and not actually help us reach truer conclusions and also that people’s emotions and personal thoughts are being confused with fact.


I just find it interesting that a, say, cis woman who is attracted to trans women and cis women regardless of genitals is considered a bisexual to most cis people. That's odd to me but then again I don't understand cis sexuality more generally. Whatever, more bi people is good, I guess. Seems counterintuitive because they are always decrying "lost lesbians" yet actively pushing some lesbians to label as something else. I'm a okay with increasing the bi+/multi sexual people's numbers, though. Maybe now we will get more resources because by this definition Bi+ folks are almost all of the acronym.

the fuck does any of this even mean lol

welcome to the wonderful world of homophobia, transphobia, acephobia, etc.

first of all:

we are proud of our sexualities and gender identities. maybe we make it the whole focus of our identities at pride events, and that’s- about it. if that.

second of all- straight cis allo people have the privilege of- knowing, and not experiencing literal oppression/hate.

third of all- pride events are a way of celebrating our past, how far we’ve come, and remembering those less fortunate then us and seeing how far we’ve got left to go.

fourth of all- many of the cis straight allo people who say we “make it our whole identities” would be fine with us if we never brought up our orientation ever. like- they would be okay with us; as long as they can ignore a BIG part of who we are- and how far we had to come.

finally- i’m proud of who i am: a bisexual, transgender man. i’m gonna look as queer as possible, wear gender non-conforming clothes, as well as gender conforming clothes. i’m gonna be happy, and i’m gonna be proud of who the fuck i am; how much questioning i’ve gone through, finally figuring out who i am- and i’m gonna try and ignore all the slurs i’ve been called, the cigarettes i’ve had dropped on me, the spitting i’ve had done on me, the shouting; the “conversion”, the laws passed against me in my own country, the isolation, the loneliness, the being hot snd slapped and stuff, and everything that’s happened to me because i dared to be different and live my life in a way that made me happy.

reddit spots an anatomical inconsistency

> Bro. She has a penis.

A lot of women do, it's called being transgender.


Now the republicans are anti education and anti military and only support police officers who are not protecting Washington DC… The police officers protecting Washington DC are obviously socialists. I just don’t understand how my friends are still Republicans are even interested in being Americans anymore

i wish i could have such wild fantasies and be taken seriously. reddit sure is somethin

Home ownership is lower amongst minorities. Then there are 'food deserts' etc where such areas are underserved by stores, hospitals etc. So lots of apt bldgs with little critical infrastructure due to redlining in the past and other effects of racism. Even if racism ended ( it hasn't ) the effects live on and have knockon consequences. Thus the term 'Systemic Racism'.


We would jail someone if they put swastikas on synagogues. This is equal protection under the law. So they ARE punishing him for the crime, it just so happens his opinions are ignorant and lead to people being harmed.

"sending people to prison over victimless crimes is bad ... also it should be a felony to leave tire marks on the road where we painted a rainbow 💅"

LGBTQ people are a protected class in the United States along with lots of others including Race. Color. Religion or creed. National origin or ancestry. Age. Physical or mental disability. Veteran status. He committed this case of vandalism because of his personal hatred of a protected class. If he was just doing a burn out on a random street, or graffitied over signs that’s one thing; however his intent is what makes this crime especially heinous. He intended to do harm to the LGBT community by defacing a mural, a lot like when in Jim Crow racists would attack black churches, or how during the 1860s people would attack Irish people and deny them work. They were attacking them and their iconography because they are apart of that group. That’s an incredibly dangerous mentality to have because it leads to worse and worse Events against that community if nothing is done to curb the aggression. Take Krystalnacht for an example of what happens when personal hatred of a particular people group gets out of control. I agree with you, we’re not the thought police, but it’s not the thought that was the crime, it was the action with the intent that makes this man dangerous enough to imprison under felony charges.

this is literally the same as krystalnacht from the holocaust, sweaty 💅

> Are there any incentives for the people who had to continue working through the pandemic and were able to pay their rent?

This is so weak… like being jealous of a homeless man getting a free meal “but but but where’s MY free food?!” 🙄

-Someone who worked insane hours through the pandemic and I’m not jealous of people who lost their jobs because I’m not a sociopath lol.


> And for those of us who have been paying rent in full so we wouldn’t fall behind even though it was stressful, no reward.

You had the reward of not worrying about your paychecks. This is going to help people, stop complaining.


> ...i never should have paid my rent for the past year then...I guess this is what this is teaching me

You get what you vote for!