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fuck literacy lmao

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Transmisics and creepjacketers.

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fuck literacy lmao

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Transmisics and creepjacketers.

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Verified Email Beta User Bug Chaser Renthog Little Big Spender Halloween 21 All-Seeing Eye Unblockable Fish Christmas 21 Fart-Free 1st Birthgay Bash Survivor Punching Down 1 Year Old 🥰
This is what straggots tolerate for a crumb of pussy

>She loves implying I am too fat, saying things like “Be careful not to sink the boat” when we get on a boat.

>Once after we had sex, she said “I have to say the dildo is bigger”

>I asked her last time why she is being a little cold sexually to me, she said“depends on the guy”


Never Google anything trivial

This is just an agenda :marseylongpost: post from me, possibly up to 1000 characters.

Stop Googling random shit. You don't need to know facts, facts are for r-slurs. Oh, the moon is only a hundred metres away from the Earth? I'm not going to question you because it's a fucking boring piece of information nobody cares about, so I believe it. That rules, lets build a ladder to the moon in my backyard tomorrow.

Sure, if you're a doctor or a nurse practitioner (the higher ranked doctor) you may need to know medical facts, and if you're an engineercel you may need to memorize some formulae or whatever. It's the insistence of finding out every tiny bit of boring-ass minutae that makes the average person so fucking insufferable. Just hang out and shoot the shit, knowing things just makes it worse.

When I was a kid we had the actually guy who would always be like 'actually no the queen of France didn't wear purple' or w/e when we made a joke about my buddy being a queen (gay but also royal), and everyone hated him, we never invited him to anything. Now all of society is the actually guy, and it sucks dick, I hate it. Stop Googling stupid bullshit to Fact Check it you fucking r-slurs.

Redditors respond appropriately.

>Sounds like the teammate hopefully learned to shut her mouth

Same redditor: "That’s funny well since that’s the case I’m glad I don’t tell men I’m trans"

>I would’ve back handed the bitch. You expect people to not be reactive when we live in a reactive society. All I hear is one girl got tired of hearing it and defended herself. Happens all the time.

This beautiful and sane woman is fighting chuds.

>-99 karma someone really is a bitch

oh no, what will the chud say?

>reddit points dont matter in the real world

disgusting, but our heroine has the last word

>Not if I keep downvoting 😉


I farted

:mar#seyorthodoxbrap: :mar#seyorthodoxbrap: :mar#seyorthodoxbrap: :mar#seyorthodoxbrap: :mar#seyorthodoxbrap:

Barry Dutch

This dude is one fat leftoid (but I repeat myself).

I'll be posting the funniest parts of his comics here, feel free to join in or w/e.

Fat moment
Reported by:

  • 2DBussy: Literally mushoku tensei :marseylaugh:

Least delusional foid.

Throwback Thursday: Animesexual Oppression

What are animesexuals? Here's an explainer

Thought I'd occasionally post some threads from some of the supportive ALGB+ communities I've been part of over the years. This one in particular was great, so was the Vietcel seething thread.

The trans seethe thread was amazing. From people angry about China, the Vietnamese again, beautiful and valid trans women (they're in the + in the ALGB+ community), Bardfinn shows up as a beautiful animesexual, and even the last remnants of the SuperStraight community.

@Landlord_Messiah pulled a real classic here

Surprisingly it's still around, though naturally the 'Lovefor' prefix is pretty much played out and any above average Reddit IQ (140) realises it's a troll.

What an amazing piece of Drampire history.

Mentally stable moid is buck broken by racist foids
Crazy BIPOC foids sneed about the mayo menace
Argument Pyramid


Just need to iron out a few BIPOCs


If someone told me 15 years ago trans people would be the absolute pinnacle of intersectionality and any word against them was like blaspheming Allah himself, I would've thought it'd be pretty funny.

But the troid > heckin' valid enbies > gays (male) > BIPOC > muslims >>>>> birthing incubators (female) > whitoids hierarchy is pretty well established these days.

I did not see it coming. Ten years ago when people were like 'can we bitch at Muslims for hating gaylords or is that heckin's Islamaphobic?' it was funny, but people were mainly mad about sexism and I figured it was mostly straggots simping for women for a crumb of pussy, and women simping for poor BIPOCs because we kept blowing them up for lulz.

Instead, Mohammedans got kicked to the kerb by progressives, womb units are shut down immediately if they don't want the girldick, and even a disabled black muslim woman is nothing in the face of the oppression even the most sexually aggressive British Railways train suffers in the eyes of the world.

Idk why though because I'm r-slurred.

Fortune Telling Thread

As rdrama's only real internet psychic, I will do fortune readings here. Ask me your life questions and I will be able to give you answers that will help and enlighten you like the pack of r-slurs you are.

Sneerclubbers sass and sealion seethingly

idk how you get this bad at making fun of nerds lol

foid: crazy

@Garry_Chess i stole ur foid, b/c there was enough shit here to do a deep dive

Does your attraction to others increase after you quit porn

>My boyfriend is open to quitting porn or trying to but I’m afraid that will just increase his attraction to other females he comes across in person because their revealing skin will stand out to his mind more than before. What do you think?

In the beginning of my relationship, my boyfriend told me all about how he fetishizes asian women and large breasts and made it obvious about what his type is. Complete opposite of how I look. He even told me I wasn’t his type physically. Yes, dumb of him to ever say that he knows that too. With things he’s said in the past it makes me feel insecure about myself when I know hes watching porn with asian women and large breasts as i am literally a brown girl with small breasts.

This bitch invalidates animesexuals and the entire ALGB+ community

This foid's boyfriend decides to try quitting porn for her

>He said there’s no reason not to try decreasing our porn use if it only means good things for our relationship, connection, and both our mentalities and mental health. i’m very happy with how it went. we were honest in which we know it will not be easy as we’ve been so used to watching porn for over 14 years so cold turkey is difficult but mini steps are a great start. I hope to see improvement in my mentality and our relationship as a whole :) Step one: communicate and express our feelings. both in agreement to try decreasing our porn usage until we stop watching completely. step 2, lets see how it really goes!

Moid doesn't want to quit le porn

it wasnt until i physically saw him jerking off to another womans face as she sucks dick after we just had sex that i felt absolutely sick to my stomach

holy shit what an L post

>the fact that he pulled porn out within 10 seconds of me walking away doesn’t sit right w me

she doesn't put out? time to coom

holy shit lmao

>I’m uncomfortable with my boyfriend watching porn bc of this incident that happened last month and i spoke to him about it last week. He’s agreed to try stopping and has admitted it is difficult which i know it is and he knows it was an addiction. Because I’m aware he gets tempted, I’ve been sexting him and sending him videos when I don’t really want to and its purely bc im anxious and afraid that if i dont, he will go online to watch some other woman satisfy his wants.

"I want my moid to stop using porn, but I don't want to send nudes."

This is fair tbh, straggots deserve it.

Time to block porn on his phone

Coomer has sex once, foid doesn't want to go out, immediately whips out pornhub and dick lol

The self-esteem on this fronthole is astoundingly low. Why stay with this disgusting straggot? I don't get it.

My moid jerks off two to four times a week, how do I prevent him from pulling the pud?

>it sucks that i cant even feel attractive in my own relationship knowing he had a fetish for asian women, likes blondes, and huge tits with “b cups” as the “perfect size” (i know this not from overthinking but bc he shared it with me) even though im an A & south asian tan

My moid tells me he values a fetus over me

Take the hint holy shit

Stay with a woman who needs to constantly watch your internet history

She starts to get it

This straggot looked at hot women in a movie

i looked at him bc usually we look at each other during naked scenes and he usually looks away but he didnt this time. he just stared. he just watched. then after 30-40 seconds he turns away saying oh i cant watch that im not gonna watch that but like- you just did. without turning away. i was upset and told him not to bother and to just watch it bc i cant forever control what he watches and then he was upset by my reaction/response and watched the entire scene. i was bothered and never brought it upto him. still bothers me to think about it but not worth mentioning as it would be “my fault”.

After all this she trolls for compliments, her moid doesn't want to give them

My partner called me a 7/10

This seems unrealistic, nobody is putting up with this shit for a 7/10 unless they have a 0% chance of getting laid otherwise.

My partner uses the g*mer word

>yeah. thats what this is about. my partner and i are in constant disagreement with this topic. He is latinx and believes that bc he works in a black “hood” area and grew up in the city which he calls the ghetto, he has every right to say it. i disagree.

>He said he only cares about the opinions of black people who are from poverty areas because they’re oppressed the most so he’d care only if they did.

>i told him he’s literally excluding every other person’s opinion including every black persons opinion if they aren’t from the “community he’s specifying” and he sees zero issue with this. he just kept saying he doesn’t care if they aren’t from his community.

>he’s also against using people’s pronouns bc it goes against freedom of speech like how fucking narrow-minded are you? and told me he’s careful around my family bc we’re “uptight” about things like this.


his excuse is that the dude is a part of his gaming friend group and that he doesn’t actually agree with what this dude says but it bothers me so much and he just doesn’t get it. its been like 5 months now and i swear every single week he mentions how “oh its so fking crazy ___ is saying such sexist shit” and sexist can be replaced with any of the other categories listed in the title. and these jokes are detailed and ongoing. it’s truly disgusting.

Women are objects.

Women are objects btw, but you're a disgusting straggot if you use them for sex. Love can only form between two men.

he asked me if i hated him. or ever did. i don’t know if i wasn’t supposed to be honest and if its one of those things you’re “supposed to leave unsaid” when you’re moving on but i wasn’t going to lie. today marks 90 days of being clean and our recent days have been lovely. but he asked and i answered truthfully.

I posted this past wk being triggered by seeing a romantic film with nudity in his watched section on netflix to later find out he shared his netflix with two of his cousins. Now before i even asked about the movie, i ran my own “tests” and realized he didn’t even watch what was in the “recently watched” like stranger things. and when i was with him and when he’s gaming, his acc would show shows going from ep 2 to 3 and to 4 which proved it wasnt him. I wish i had talked to him rather than assuming the worst earlier.

After all this, the Moid Strikes Back.

I (21F) has noticed my partner (M22) speaking to me in an attitude or with a rude tone now and then but it really showed up as a problem on my birthday which ended with me crying. I understand that everyone can give a bit of attitude sometimes unintentionally but it happened 3 times on my birthday and I dont know if it only stood out to me because it was a day i wanted to go well or if i just havent noticed all the instances and pushed it away.

He gets even madder.

fast forwarding to the end of the day: We had a sunset picnic which was my idea bc i love sunsets and since its my birthday i knew he would let me have this one. I have a playful personality and made him to this “complete the story” activity with me just for fun where i would say a few sentences and then it’d be his turn to decide where the story goes and so on. he was reluctant the entire time and it was clear that he found it stupid and couldn’t have fun with it. eventually after 5/10mins he ended his turn saying “the story is over its done” and i said “it cant end like that!” and began to continue the story for fun. this whole time im smiling and it looks like hes having a hard time to enjoy even a second with me. He then interrupts me by sticking his phone into my face and says “its 8:57(pm)” and says something along the lines of “we still have to stop by the store and clean up” in a really stern rushed tone. i was hurt in this moment since the entire time i was just trying to have fun and enjoy a sunset and just made some laughs so i started to clean and couldnt help but have tears fall from my eyes which he instantly switched from cold and stern to soft and apologetic as the guilt kicked in.

now for some unfathomable reason he starts looking for other women lol

The moid in question searching for new poon

After this, she finds out about his cooming habits once more.

he’s been crying a lot about us and i dont even feel bad. i used to. but now i dont. i dont know if that means that a part of me is officially done with him but thats that.

tbh this coomer is so incredibly pathetic

imagine staying with this woman wtf lmao


he looks so festive

my cat has come to give me a hug

I am happy, thank you kitty

cancelled request

sry im r-slurred

Beautiful women thread

Post your beautiful women here, folks! No legacies, please.


One of the cutest and most valid foids.

Upmarsey if you love trans women! Downmarsey if you're still supporting the gross and old legacy version

:marseychonkerfoid: What I eat in a day as a fat person :marseyscooter:
Rightoid thread

if u are not a left hander post here

sinistrals OUT